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					- A Brief Overview
               What is Life Insurance?
 Life insurance is a source of providing a strong financial
  support for your family members even after you pass on.
 It is an integrated part of sound financial planning.
 The aim of different types of life insurance plans is not only
  to protect you and your family members financially but also
  help you achieve your important goals.
 In professional terms, life insurance is mutual agreement
  between the policy holder and the insurer. Here the insurer
  on some factors agrees to pay an expected sum of money to
  the owner after some unfortunate event or critical illnesses.
   Why should you have a life insurance?
 Protection

 Financial Planning

 Tax Relief

 To achieve important goals
             Types of Life Insurance
 Term Life Insurance

 Endowment Insurance

 Whole Life Insurance

 Unit Liked Insurance Plan
                Term Life Insurance
 In case of term life insurance, sum assured is payable
  only in the case of unfortunate event (death) during
  the term.
 In situation of survival, the contract ceases at the end
  of term.
 Types of Term Life Insurance –
  - Increasing Term Insurance
  - Decreasing Term Insurance
  - Renewable Term Life Insurance
           Endowment Life Insurance
 Endowment insurance is an investment oriented
  option which pays in the event of death and also on
  survival at the end of term.
 Types of Endowment Life Insurance
  - Joint Life Endowment Plan
  - Money Back Endowment Plan
  - Marriage Endowment Plan
  - Educational Endowment Plan
               Whole Life Insurance
 Whole Life Insurance is also termed as Permanent Life
 This plan covers death for an indefinite period.
 Types of Whole Life Insurance –
   - Ordinary Whole Life Plan
   - Limited Payment Whole Life Plan
 ULIP is known as Unit Linked Insurance Plan.
 ULIP is a smart combination of investment and
  insurance policy.
 The premium value is invested in stock market and
  this returns better income on the period of maturity.
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