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					- A Basic Overview
           What is Health Insurance?
 Health insurance is an insurance policy that covers
  the risk of medical expenses at the situation of any
  unfortunate crisis.
 One should estimate the overall risk of expenses that
  would be incurred for your health care. Later an
  insurer can develop a finance structure for the monthly
 The health insurance policy is offered by central
  organization such as a government agency, private
  companies, or an insurance agent.
       Types of Health Insurance Plans
 Group Health Insurance Plans

 Individual Health Insurance Plans

 Family Health Insurance Plan
            Group Health Insurance Plan
 These days, many companies offer their employees group
    health insurance plan.
   The employers may pay their bill for some of the
   Buying a health plan at your workplace depends on your
    out-of-pocket budget.
   Generally the group medical insurance plans offered at
    your workplace will cost you less than a health plan that
    you were supposed to purchase on your own.
   If group insurance coverage is offered at your workplace,
    you should definitely take the best advantage of it.
   In case, this is not offered at your workplace, you could
    suggest them a group health insurance plan.
       Individual Health Insurance Plan
 Individual health insurance plan means buying a
  health policy for personal benefits.
 Currently there are many health insurance plans
  available in the market across India.
 This plan is very helpful for individuals who have no
  dependents in their family members.
 The cost of buying health plan depends on individual
        Family Health Insurance Plans
 Family health insurance plans are designed for families
  as a whole.
 Since the plan covers more than one person, the cost of
  buying these health plans will be higher.
 Additional factors like age, gender, habits like
  smoking, drinking, etc. will make the plan more costly.
 However, these plans add multiple benefit to you and
  your family when you have to provide health care
  facilities to many people at same time.
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