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					- A Basic Overview
               What is Child Insurance?
 For every parent, their child is very special. To fulfill their
    dreams and aspirations, they just can't stop finding the
    best options and solutions for their child's needs.
   Primary education, higher education, marriage, extra
    spends and more are all part of responsibilities for your
   Here, child insurance plans come into picture.
   Child insurance plans help you plan your child’s career and
    future milestones in a structured manner.
   These plans take care of your child’s dreams in the event
    after you pass on.
      Tips to choose child insurance plan
 Premium Payments – Depending on your budget, choose a
  plan that will meet your child’s requirements easily.
 Risk Coverage - Some child insurance plans give more risk
  coverage aspect. Kids today are highly interested to
  different activities like sports, dance, etc. and as a parent
  you would definitely be concerned for your kid’s protection
  Policies with good risk coverage would definitely have a
  high premium charge but the strong protection that it will
  provide will leave you tension-free.
 Money Back Plan – In these child plans, policyholder has
  to pay the premium amount regularly and the insurer
  agrees to pay an assured sum of money at the time of
  maturity of the plan
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