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Lake Tahoe Summer Activities

A freshwater lake that lies along the border of Nevada and California in the USA, Lake Tahoe is a
popular tourist attraction. The lake is known for its crystal clear water and recreational activities in
the summers. The area that surrounds the lake is known as Tahoe and is connected with
Sacramento and Carson City, the capitals of California and Nevada respectively. The beautiful
scenery and the mountains are the prominent features of the Tahoe region.

Lake Tahoe Summer activities

There many summer activities in the Lake Tahoe region to choose from. These include skiing,
hiking, rafting, etc.

Long trails are available for hiking into the wilderness in the Tahoe region. The trails used by the
hikers are monitored by the Forest Service Department of USA. The short hikes in the region that
are popular among the tourists are the Eagle Falls, Loch Leven Lakes, Emerald Bay, Vikingsholm,
Lower Lola Montez Lake, Glacier Meadow Loop and many more.

It is one of the most preferred activities among the tourists. A number of marinas around the lake
offer services such as gasoline supply, sundries, and boat restoration. The Lake Tahoe
Aquasports and Tahoe Adventure Company offer boats on rent. The Lake Tahoe Aquasports
Company is located in Kings beach and Tahoe city.

There are many camping and backpacking options available for tourists near Lake Tahoe. The
area near Nevada beach, which is along the highway no.50, is popular among tourists for
backpacking and camping. One can see sunsets over Mount Tallac from the camping sites which
makes backpacking a fun-filled activity.

River Rafting
White water rafting is a fun activity that is available for tourists in the Tahoe region. A seven mile
guided tour close to North Lake Tahoe and Reno is also popular among tourists.

In the Lake Tahoe area, the tourists undertake biking along the local bike paths and also in the
mountainous regions.

The entertainment and recreational facilities available at Lake Tahoe are unlimited. Following is a
short account of the fun activities at Lake Tahoe.

Casinos located in North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe of Nevada, are open for gambling
and other recreational activities for tourists. The Lakeside Inn & Casino, Harvey's Resort &
Casino, Biltmore Tahoe Lodge & Casino, are a few of the many casinos in Lake Tahoe.

Different locations near Lake Tahoe offer a wide range of shopping for visitors. The Olympic
Valley, Boatworks Mall, Cobblestone Center and many shopping complexes are flooded with
tourists during the peak season.

Many different museums exhibit a variety of things to satiate the curiosity of tourists. Museums are
located in many different localities including Carson City, Tahoma and Truckee. The Nevada State
Museum and Stewart Indian Children's Museum are a few important museums located in the
Carson City.

The major events that are organized during the summer are the fireworks on the 4th of July, the
Music Festival, Concours d'Elegance Wooden Boat Show and the Shakespeare festival.

The scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe, various somekeyword and most importantly the fun-filled
summer environment, makes this region a worthwhile place to visit.

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