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Lake Tahoe A Perfect Winter And Summer Getaway

If you are planning to spend your vacation time around the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe, make
sure that you rent an accommodation that offers a lot more than just adequate lodging.

If you are an admirer of snowy mountains and crystal waters then the best place to visit is Lake
Tahoe. The natural beauty of Lake Tahoe is reason enough to visit the destination. Visitors from
around the world come to Lake Tahoe to experience the calm and serene surroundings. If you are
interested in activities like skiing and snowboarding, Lake Tahoe has numerous excellent ski
resorts to visit. Over 400 inches of annual snowfall at the ski resorts makes the Lake Tahoe area a
winter wonderland for Alpine and Nordic skiing. Apart from the memories of a great trip, you may
want to bring back souvenirs which are available in the many towns and villages surrounding Lake
Tahoe. You will find everything from designer clothes and shoes, to outdoor gear clear for
mountain activities.

Fannette Island, the only island of Lake Tahoe, offers an enchanting look of the woods and the
mountains. Regan, Ski run beach, Tallac picnic area, Baldwin beach, Marina beach, Connolley
beach, Emerald bay beach and El Dorado beach are some of the best attractions of Lake Tahoe.
Most of these sites offer activities like camping, parasailing, tennis, volleyball, water skiing and
fishing. On Marina beach you can go boating, paddle boating and kayaking. You can even rent a
boat house or a yacht to experience a smooth sailing experience. Restaurants, barbeques and
various bars offer a variety of beverages and food.

Grover hot springs state park, Tahoe paradise park and Emerald bay state park offer great
opportunities for fishing in the calm waters of the lake which is also perfect for water skiing. In the
land area of the park, you can find basketball courts, playgrounds for children, volleyball fields,
swimming pools and a picnic area. The best attraction of Emerald bay is Vikingsholm Castle, an
exemplary example of Scandinavian architecture, which can be toured during the summer. The
Taylor creek visitor center has an underground chamber which features a cut-away of the stream
so that a variety of fish can be viewed through glass. Desolation wilderness incorporates hundreds
of glacial lakes, valleys, forests and high peaks.

You can easily find a number of resorts and homes around Lake Tahoe. Vacation rentals are a
better option for many vacations when compared to hotels. These rentals are located at
convenient places close to various tourist attractions. Renting a house for your family is a viable
choice as these are not as expensive as hotels which typically require multiple rooms for a family.
You can cook a few or all of your meals in your own kitchen which saves the extra expenses that
would incur in a hotel. Apart from a homely feel and convenience, you get many other facilities like
a private pool, hot tub and garage, wireless Internet, TV and DVD. You enjoy your vacation with
more privacy and freedom in a vacation rental without the restrictions of a hotel room. You can get
more features in a fully equipped house than a hotel and that too for a lower price. Vacation
rentals offer you great accommodation with various facilities according to your requirements.

If you are planning a perfect vacation at a beautiful and enchanting place, you can search the
Internet and find companies that offer convenient and spacious Lake Tahoe rentals that ensure a
great accommodation for you.

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