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Costa Rica Travel Guide

People who love to travel, love to travel to Costa Rica. Holidays spent away from home and in an
exotic country can create memories that last a lifetime. Colaye Hotel is a great place to begin, and
end, a trip to Costa Rica as folks usually fly into Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose,
and the hotel offers a terrific Costa Rica Travel Guide. Featuring the best packages, tours and
Costa Rica destinations, the Travel Guide from Colaye Hotel can direct the vacation traveler to the
best restaurants and nightlife in San Jose and around the country, as well as the most exciting and
rewarding activities and eco-adventure tours.

The Colaye Hotel experts can help you and your family put together a travel package in Costa
Rica that will help you get the most out of your Central American vacation. An exotic trip can be
the most amazing kind, but its always best to have some guidance from professionals that know
the area so that you dont miss a thing!

Manuel Antonio may be one of Costa Ricas best-known tourist destinations. Manuel Antonio
National Park is deservedly the most popular National park in Costa Rica with beautiful white sand
beaches surrounded by emerald waters and jungle. Manuel Antonio and Quepos also offer a huge
array of choices when it comes to dining and there are plenty of great options for after dinner fun.
Casinos, discos, beach clubs and more, nightlife is an adventure all in itself.

For those who prefer the cloud forest and cooler climates, Monte Verdes Santa Elena Reserve is a
must on your travel itinerary. Amazing canopy tours, horseback riding, waterfalls and bird watching
are just a few of the exciting eco adventure activities to be had in this stunning ecological park.

Ready for a little Rastafarian flavor? Head for the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and check out the
amazing surf in Puerto Viejo. A little coconut flavored rice and beans, rich coffee and the beat of
reggae all create an ambiance that is not to be missed.

In the Colaye Hotel Costa Rica Travel Guide we provide ideas for an exotic trip that allows you to
see a variety of sights and experience the best of Costa Rica. The perfect way to find out different
Costa Rican holiday ideas is to look at the many travel packages, which are available on our
special packages page.

From our Costa Rica travel packages you can plan your holiday itinerary. As you look at these
vacation packages you will find that you can choose from cultural tours, which will allow you to see
the many wonders of the country.

During your stay in San Jose both on your way into and out of the Country, Colaye Hotel offers a
variety of accommodations depending on the needs and length of stay of each of its guests.
Featuring with daily breakfast, free wireless Internet access, adventurous packages and more the
Colaye also offers great discount rates for Facebook Fans.

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