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					                                                                                                                                ISSUE 12

                                                                                                                                   April 2010

                                                                                                                            Inside this issue:
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        STRANDED!                                                                                                           Sporty bits         4

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 For accurate helpful information for stranded passengers see page 6
Who would have thought that one volcano in Iceland could cause so much trouble?                                             Wise Wendy          6
At the time of printing, thousands of travellers are still trapped on Mallorca and many more have been unable to get
here to enjoy their holidays. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled due to the ash cloud that closed airports in the      Travel info         6
UK and much of the airspace over northern Europe. Palma airport is operating at approximately 70% capacity but
none of those flights are heading to the UK! In contrast the ferry services are struggling to cope with demand and          Marketplace         7
increasing their prices.
The repercussions of the lack of flights are many and various. For some individuals the situation is inconvenient, for      Star Letter         7
others it means a re-think of plans. Spare a thought for Juliet and Steve who were due to get married in the UK or
Richie Prior who was planning to run the London Marathon this coming weekend, neither seems likely now. Here                Recipe              8
on the island the International Organ Festival is just one of the events that has been postponed whilst fear grows for
the forthcoming Mallorca Beach Rugby Tournament and the Pirates Charity Premiere which are both due to take                 Whats On            8
place on the first weekend of May.
Many visitors are stuck here on the island, some without accommodation or cash. Others have been put up in
                                                                      hotels, apartments and, in some cases, kind-                     S
                                                                      hearted residents opened their homes to help           WILLY’
                                                                      displaced travellers.                                  WISDO
                                                                      As word spread about people stranded at the                     s like
                                                                      airport with no food, drink or cash, locals here in   “Time flie
                                                                      Calvia , lead by Adam and Steff Goodfellow               an arrow;
                                                                                                                                          like a
                                                                                                                              fruit flies
                                                                      from Central Auctioneers, began organising
                                                                      relief trips taking food and other supplies to
                                                                      them. Volunteers from the Mediterranea Charity
                                                                      set up a help group at Son Sant Joan and many
                                                                      people responded to an appeal for food, drinks
                                                                      and toiletries. More info on page 6.

                       Angels Nursing and Babysitting Agency
                               Multilingual Professionals in home care. Island wide.
                                        Tel. Office: 971 104 289 or Mobile 619 070 100
WILLY’S word
I am as happy as an X-Factor judge
with a new contract! Lots of people
have already signed up to take part in my little
walk at the end of May to help local people with
cancer. Why don't you? Take a look at details
below! Others are not so happy with travel
chaos affecting so many. You will find good
advice for stranded folk on page 6.

                                           LOCAL EVENTS
                                                                                       CALVIA CUISINE FAIR
                WALK FOR LIFE
                                                                                            Each Friday in April enjoy a fixed price meal at
                                      Willy's charity walk to raise awareness               one of the restaurants taking part depending on its
                                      and funds for the Cancer Support                      „Fork Rating‟.
                                      Group here in Calvia is gathering fans    1 fork = 7 euros
                                      daily. Some ´walkers´ are doing it in     2 forks = 10 euros
                                                                                3 forks = 15 euros
                                      honour of someone that they have
                                                                                April 23rd, 6 in Cas Catala, Bendinat and Portals Nous
                                      lost to cancer, others for someone        April 30th, 19 in Son Caliu, Palma Nova and Magaluf
                                      who is battling the illness now, and
                                      others just because they want to           CALVIA AGRICULTURAL FAIR
                                      show their support .
The walk is just 5km and the participation fee is 5 euros with children                                               Calvia village was taken over
walking for free. Go-Logo in El Toro have offered to provide pink T-shirts                                            by fluffy and hairy creatures
which will be sold for 5 euros . All the funds go to the Cancer Support                                               during the Goat & Sheep
                                                                                                                      Fair. The annual event
Group which provides practical and emotional help to people suffering
                                                                                                                      attracted hundreds of visitors
from cancer here in Calvia.
                                                                                                                      who enjoyed the displays of
Local entertainer Arron Reece is going to record a CD of songs which                                                  falconry, traditional dancing,
will be available to purchase and Mood Beach Bar has supplied the                                                     music and more. Stalls sold
CDs. Arron would like your suggestions which songs he should record.                                                  local produce, crafts and the
Is ´Walking on Sunshine´ too corny? Send your ideas to Willy and he will                                              good weather brought plenty
pass them on to Arron. The ´Walk for Life´ will take place at 11am on                                                 of thirsty customers to the
Sunday May 30th, starting and finishing at the Mallorca Cricket Club in                                               local bars.
Magaluf. To register to take part email .

                                                                                                      Like many airline passengers,
                                                                                                      dance instructor Ian Pickles has
                                                                                                      been grounded! He has badly
                                                                                                      strained his ankle falling down
                                                                                                      some steps. Classes at Pickles
                                                                                                      Ballroom in Magaluf still continue
                                                                                                      as normal, however, the Not So
                                                                                                      Strictly Dance Competition
                                                                    scheduled for Saturday 24th April has been postponed to a later date.
                                                                    If you like dancing the Sa Taronja Centre in Andratx are starting
                                                                    intensive tango courses to be held on 24th and 29th April. More
                                                                    details from Silvia Medina on 629 049 017 or go to

 Page 2
Em ail willy@willy
            LO CAL NEWS…and                                                                                                       BIRTHDAY
                                     er in Ca
                                                                   r now that the coun
                                                                                        cil has launched th e
                                              lvia should be easie ather stations, in Santa Ponsa and at
                                                                                                                th                   BOX
              Predicting the weath atory of Calvia. The two we                             ovidin g information to
              Meteorological Ob
                                    serv                               ather as well as pr
                                                    and record the we                                                                              Congratulations to
               Galatzó estate, aim is to monitor                                                            lar radiation
                                                                                       s, anemometer, so                                           three special ladies
               residen ts and visitors.                   rature an d humidity sensor                  ll supply
                                     a rain gauge, tempe ted at the top of Puig de Sa which wi                                                     who celebrated their
               Both stations have             a Ponsa is situa
                                         Sant                                      a.
                  nsor. The station in of Calvia, and all mariners in the are                               on the island!                         birthdays in the past
sensor and UV se                           s                                          weather forecaster
                   e users of the marina curate as Stormin´ Norman, the best
accurate data to th                      as ac                                                                                                     fortnight. Keri
                   the stations will be
 Willy wonders if                                                                                                                                  Ledwidge turned 18
                                                                        .you are                  on holiday                                       with a fabulous
   RESIDENCIA CARD PETITION                                     Shhhhh…                                                                            party for family and
Not so long ago all European foreign residents                                                                                                     friends at Burlington
living in Spain were issued with a smart credit-
                                                            Imagine the is 11pm on the Punta
                                                                                                                                                   Berties Bar.
                                                            Ballena in Magaluf. A gang of lads from
card size identity card called a Residencia                                                                                                        Kate Mentink had a
                                                            Bradford on a stag night are having a great
Card. It was laminated, carried a photo and                                                                                                        quiet one (this time)
                                                            time outside one of the bars drinking, laughing
signature of the holder and fitted neatly into              and listening to music, when suddenly… the                                             and Laura Brunton
any wallet or purse.                                        music is turned down, the doors to the terrace                                         (Miss B) had a fab
In 2004 a European Directive stated that                    are shut and the street becomes deserted.                                              party at Mood Beach
Europeans living in Spain did not need to have              Amazingly that is how some people at Calvia                                            Bar to mark her 30th.
Residency Cards and this became law in                      council want things to go!
Spain in 2007. However, just as all Spanish                 Some bars have already had a visit and been
nationals must carry identification so must all             told to comply with a European directive that                              She was only a whisky
foreign residents in Spain. Instead of the                  states that doors and windows to terraces                                  maker, but he loved her still.
Residencia Card foreigners are now issued                   must be shut at 11pm and noise levels must be
with a green paper certificate stating their                kept to a limit of 65 decibels.                                  Tucked away in Palmanova is the aptly
name, address, nationality, identity number,                The association of local bar owners (Aloc) is                    named Hideaway Café. Regulars know that
and the date of issue. This piece of paper has
                                                            campaigning against these restrictions which                     this is where you will find the best bacon
                                                            will severely limit the way that businesses
the nasty habit of being stolen (along with the                                                                              butty and cup of tea in Calvia! There is
                                                            operate. There is a clause in the law that
holder´s identity), refused by banks and shops                                                                               always a cheerful welcome from Lisa and Ian
                                                            allows a dispensation to areas such as holiday
as viable proof of identity and falling apart at its        resorts where the local council has the power                    and a full menu at very reasonable prices.
flimsy seams.                                               to impose its own levels at different times of
The association Europeos por Espana (Epore)                 the year, i.e. for tourist resorts.
is campaigning for the return of the plastic                Representatives of Aloc planned a meeting
Residencia Card. It is actively asking people to            with the Mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, to
sign a petition which will be presented to the              discuss the situation but the meeting was can-
Spanish Prime Minister, Sr Zapataro. If you                 celled and as yet has not been rescheduled.
wish to sign the petition, or have petition forms           Therefore, the association plans to stage a
in your business for others to sign, email                  demonstration at the next Council meeting.
                                                            For details please contact Javier on
                                                            607 336 871.

                                                                                                                                                        Page 3
     Issue 12
                    WILLY´S SPORTY BITS
                          CRICKET CLUB
                       Last weekend the scheduled
matches were affected by the flight cancellations caused
by the volcanic dust cloud. Only five of the visitor team
arrived on the island but the MCC made up the numbers
for a game on Saturday. The Sunday fixture was
cancelled. There are doubts about the upcoming fixtures
but hopefully the following matches will take place.
                                                             Is Lewis the MCC´s youngest recruit?
                    24 & 25 April    MCC vs Beehive CC
                     1 & 2 May       MCC vs Freshfields CC

                            rs        The tennis depa
                    n runne                            rtment at Cou
           Maratho                    Ponsa have de
                                                     cided to re-sta
                                                                      ntry Club San
           with bad           of     committee. If
                                                    you would like
                                                                    rt their tennis
                     e agony                                          to take part, th
            suffer th                meeting will ta
                                                     ke                                e firs
             de feet.                1p.m. at the Clu place on Thursday 29th Apr t
                                                      b                                   il at
                                    on the commit Restaurant "El Portón". P
                                                   tee will be lim                    laces
                                    people who co                  ited
                                                   ntact Head Coa to the first 8
                                    on 971 693 63                    ch, Hernan M
                                                   4                                 artínez

                                                         WILLY´s SUDUKO
                             The Mallorca
                              Golf Academ y
                          Junior Academy
is restarting its popular
                           m the 9th May.
on Sunday mornings fro
                           en to members
The 6 week course is op asses last for
 and non members     alike. Cl
                             at Golf Santa
 one hour and take place
                            interested should
 Ponsa II & III. Anyone
                             Ledwidge at the
 contact Peter or Linda
                          book their place.
  earliest opportunity to
                            t MUST be paid
  The cost is only €60 bu
  up front on the start da
              Call 669 188 050

The Lions Club of Calvia are holding the Presidents Cup
Tournament at the mini golf course at Golf Fantasia on Friday 23rd April at 8pm. The
money raised goes to Mamalena, a charity that helps to improve the lives of serious ill
children on Mallorca. €22.50 gets 54 holes of golf, a meal, wine and entertainment.
There will also be a raffle with great prizes.
Calvia Lions Club gives financial and practical support to a variety of
charities and also to individuals on the island. If you want to take part contact
Emily Saunders on 696 508 372 or Tom Pettigrew on 678 788 098. for more information.

                                                                                                    Page 4
 Issue 12
      WILLY’S WINDOW on Calvia

Burlington Berties
                     Golf Tournament
The British Consulate in Palma advise that you contact your tour operator or airline. You can contact the British Consulate directly for
help with your situation. Phone number 0034 971 71 24 45 or 0034 971 71 60 48 Website

Information for stranded travellers is available from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Website Advice line 0044 207 008 0000.

If you have specific medical needs your UK prescription is not valid in Mallorca but many medications that are prescription only in the
UK are available over the counter here. If you know the name and dosage you may be able to get them from the nearest pharmacy.

If you need money transferred from the UK the is relatively cheap and more or less instant.
The closest Western Union offices to Palma airport are:
         C Padua 1, Palma De Mallorca, 07610.         Tel: 0034 902197197

         Avda Bartolome Riutort 4 E, Can Pastilla, 07610,      Tel: 0034 902010701

         Marbella 22, Palma De Mallorca, 07610,        Tel: 0034 902199121
If you need accommodation some hotels in Magaluf are offering special rates (€27 per night all-inclusive). The Tourist Office in
Magaluf will advise you which hotels are offering special rates. The number is 971 131 126. Open until 6pm. After that the Hotel Magaluf
Park (next to the House of Katmandu) has rooms available or can advise which other hotels can provide accommodation.

                              WISE WENDY answers your worries!
 Dear Wendy,                                                                                    Dear Wendy,
                                                 Dear Wendy,
 My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has                                                       Last week my husband and I were driving
 cheated on me from the beginning. When I        Please could you settle an argument: is five
                                                                                                home from a party when the car broke
 confront him, he denies everything. What's      times a week excessive?                        down. Steam was pouring from the engine.
 worse is everyone knows he cheats on me. It     Undecided                                      My husband has never been good with
 is so humiliating! I told him it was over but                                                  practical things but he decided that he would
 he wants me back. What should I do?                                                            try to fix the car himself. As he was bending
 Clueless                                    Dear Undecided,
                                                                                                over the engine I saw to my horror that he
                                             Are you talking about washing your hair or
                                                                                                was wearing a pair of my knickers. I
 Dear Clueless,                              having sex? Many of us would regard it as          confronted him and at first he denied that he
 No need to ´Fight for the Love´ anymore,    the minimum, otherwise we look and feel            had ever done it before. I didn't believe him
 concentrate on eating a good meal and being                                                    and finally he had to admit that he enjoyed
 nice to that Simon Cowell.                  terrible. Nor does it have to be the perform-
                                                                                                the feel of silk against his skin. I don't know
                                             ance it used to be in the days before central
                                                                                                what to do can you give me any advice? D.
 Dear Wendy,                                 heating, constant hot water and a plethora of      Es Capdella
 My problem is an unusual one. I feel        handy electrical appliances. Washing hair,
 different from all my friends who all                                                          Dear D
 think that I am weird. What started out on the other hand, should not be done more             It sounds like you have a leak from the radiator.
 as a joke is now a real issue. I don't like than twice a week otherwise you’ll go bald.        Get it to a garage as soon as you can.
 chocolate! What is wrong with that?
 Why do I feel that I am the only person Dear Wendy,                                            Dear Wendy,
 in the world who doesn't like it? J.                                                           I am a single living in a downstairs
                                             Is cheating ever okay? G. Palmanova
                                                                                                apartment. What can I do about the noise
 Dear J,                                                                                        made by the man on top of me every night?
 We are all different which is what makes    Dear G                                             G. Portals.
 us so fascinating, but in your case you are Of course. In Scrabble it is positively
 taking it too far! Have a Milky Way and                                                        Dear G,
 get over yourself!                          essential!
                                                                                                I wouldn't complain if I was you!
       Page 6
            WILLY’s Marketplace
  Put your classified advert here and on the website by following the instructions at, or email €5 for 20 words.

ACHES & PAINS?                                    BURLINGTON BERTIES & BERTIES KIDS
Mallorca Physiotherapy - Island wide              CLUB Santa Ponsa Ramon de Moncada -
service - Fast, effective treatment at            up the ramp. Open from 12 midday every day.
competitive prices - Call Lauren today on 971     Wireless internet . Snacks available. Pop in
558 832 / 679 226 435                             and say hello. 971 69 54 37

Thanks to this column The new                     Babysitter available Calvia area. Own
 hairdressing and beauty salon “A Touch of        transport. Reliable with references.
Class” in Palmanova found a stylist to join the   Tel: 665 714139
                                                  HANDYMAN no job too small,
American Baked Cheesecakes delicious              reasonable rates. Anywhere in Calvia region.
made-to-order cheesecakes. Different sizes,       Reliable, responsible and tidy. Tel: 634533101
toppings, flavours etc. Call 871 932778 /
671406065                                      ANGEL CARD READINGS Get help and
                                               inspiration from the angels with a card reading. Visit our          Private, personal, confidential and always
online baby shop. British baby milks and foods uplifting. Let the angels give you a lift.
delivered to your door.                        Call 62 000 44 61

    STAR LETTER                                               Willy’s
Dear Middle School,                                       Whispers

God bless you for the beautiful radio                   Would the new athletics
that you gave me at the recent senior                   track in Magaluf make a
citizen's luncheon. I am 84 years old                   better swimming pool due
and live in an assisted home for the                    to the bad drainage??
aged. All of my family has passed
                                     Who decided that if you are
                                     stuck in Andratx you may
I am all alone now and it is nice to
                                     as well make the most of it
know that someone is thinking of me.
God bless you for your kindness to   so they organised “The
an old forgotten lady.               Volcano Golf Tourna-
My roommate is 95 and has always
had her own radio, but before I                         Who is already baring all to
received one, she would never let me                    sunbathe nude on the
listen to hers, even when she was                       rocks?
napping. The other day her radio fell
off the night-stand and broke into a                    Where in Calvia can you
lot of pieces. It was awful and she                     get your bits cleaned and
was in tears.                                           rubbed all over?
She asked if she could listen to mine;
                                                        Who got home at 6.30am
and I said f**k you.
                                                        after dancing for 10 hours
Life is good.                                           non-stop?

                                                           Got a whisper for Willy? Email

  Issue 12                                                                                         Page 7
                                                Log on to My Mallorca
                                       for lots of                   FILMS IN ENGLISH
                                                useful information
                                                about the island.
                                                                                                  PORTO PI
                                                                                 ALICE IN WONDERLAND … Tim Burton's latest
                                                                                 odyssey starring Johnny Depp and Helena
                                                                                 Bonham Carter.
Fri 23 April Calvia Lions Mini Golf Tournament at Golf Fantasia,
Fri 23 April St George´s Day
                                                                                 FIVE MINUTES OF HEAVEN...Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt star in the
The Crew Show at Mood Beach Bar, Costa dén Blanes                                story of former UVF member Alistair Little.

Sat 24 April to 2 May Palma Boat Show
                                                                                 THE GHOST WRITER…Ewan McGregor stars as a ghostwriter hired to
Sat 24 April Arron Reece performs at the opening of the Bridgeport               complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister. He uncovers
Restaurant in Andratx port.                                                      secrets that put his own life in jeopardy. WILLY fell asleep!

Sat 24 April Intensive tango course at Sa Taronja centre in
                                                                         DVD RENTAL
                                                              TOP CALVIA
Andratx. Also on the 29th April.

Sat 1 May Pirates Charity Premiere in Aid of Great 1.
                                                                          Harry Brown
Ormond Street Hospital. Pirates Theatre, Magaluf 2.                                    t Saga ...New
                                                   3.                     The Twiligh
Sun 9 May Europe Day massive street party in                                              Citizen
                                                4.                         Law Abiding                e
Palmanova with 90 stalls, music and much more.                                           avellers Wif
                                                5.                         The Tim e Tr
                                                                           The Hurt Lo
Sun 30 May WALK FOR LIFE Cancer charity Walk. 6.                                    y Truth
                                                 7.                         The Ugl                     3
11am at the Mallorca Cricket Club followed by a                                          of Pelham 12
                                                                            The Taking
Spring Fayre                                     8.                                        Case  of Benjamin
                                                 9.                         The Curious
                                                                    10.      Zom bieland

                                                                                    WILLY´S SUMMER SIZZLER
                                                                             Turkey escalope             By Les Webber of American Baked Cheesecakes

                                                                           8 thick turkey or chicken    Fry mushroom and crushed garlic in a little of the butter
                                                                           escalopes                    until soft and then set aside. Coat escalopes evenly with
                                                                           8 slices of ham              seasoned flour. Add remaining butter and olive oil to the
                                                                           8 slices of gruyer cheese    pan and cook the escalopes on a medium heat for 5
                                                                                                        mins each side. While they are cooking bring the stock
                                                                           or similar
                                                                                                        to the boil and keep hot.
                                                                           150g button mushrooms
                                                                                                        Top each escalope with a slice of ham in the pan and
                                                                           75g butter
                                                                                                        spoon over a layer of mushroom and garlic, season with
                                                                           1tbsp olive oil              salt and pepper and sprinkle with parsley. Place a
                                 at is happening on Mallorca               black pepper
  Still the only place to hear wh                                                                       cheese slice on top of each escalope and pour over the
                                  Marrat xi every Saturday and
   English is on 92.9FM Radio                                              6tbsp chicken stock          hot stock. Cover the pan with a lid and reduce the heat.
                                                listen online at
    Sunday from    10am till 1pm. You can also                             2 cloves of garlic crushed   Cook for around 10 mins or until the cheese has melted.
      www.englishradiom                                                    1 tsp dried parsley          Serve hot with either new potatoes, pasta or a crisp
                                                                           seasoned flour               salad.

                                                                          That’s it for another gem stacked, info-packed sexy                 is-
                                                                          sue of WILLY’s. There’s more in two weeks so
                                                                          tell me stuff! Just send me an                              swee
                                                                          email and                        com
                                                                          I’ll do the rest! Hasta Luego!


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