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T    African-American Studies . . . . . . . . . . . 3                     Literary Theory & Criticism . . . . . . . . . 43
A    African Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3            Literature, Poetry & Drama . . . . . . . . . 45
B    American Studies & Politics . . . . . . . . . . 4                    Medieval & Renaissance Studies . . . . . 46
L    Anthropology & Archaeology . . . . . . . . 7
                                                                          Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies . . . . 47
E    Architecture & Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
     Art & Art History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10               Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
     Asian & Pacific Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16                  Natural History & Environmental
O    Classical Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17               Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
F    Special Section:                                                     Philosophy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
        Library of America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19               Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59
C    Cultural Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30              Political Philosophy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60
O    Eastern Religion & Philosophy . . . . . . . 30
     Economics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31           Political Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
N    European History & Politics . . . . . . . . . 33                     Psychology, Psychoanalysis & Cognitive
T    Film & Media Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37                     Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64
E    Food & Cooking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37                Religion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
N    Health & Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38                 Russian & Sovet Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . 67
T    Historiography & General History . . . . 38                          Science, Technology & Mathematics . . 68
     History & Philosophy of Science . . . . . 40
S                                                                         Sociology & Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70
     Jewish Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
     Latin American & Caribbean Studies . . 41                            Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71
     Law & Legal Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42                 Urban Studies & Georgraphy . . . . . . . . 71
     Linguistics & Languages . . . . . . . . . . . . 42                   ORDER FORM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . back cover

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                       New to Catalog     ✪038772 PABLO PICASSO:
                    Authors or Editors    Gauss, Ulrike, ed.
                                          Presents Picasso’s complete litho-
                                          graphic oeuvre (855 items), mostly
                                          from the Huizinga collection,
                                          assembled over more than 3
                                          decades. 303pgs. • 2000
       Page Count • Year of Publication
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           AFRICAN-AM ERICAN STU DIES                                                                                                     3
                   121247 CROSSING THE CONTINENT,                   104332 THE NEW NEGRO: Readings                                        A
                   1527-1540: The Story of the First                on Race, Representation, and African
                   African-American Explorer of the                 American Culture, 1892-1938                                           F
                   American South                                   Gates, Henry Louis & Gene Andrew
                   Goodwin, Robert                                  Jarrett, eds.                                                         R
                   Nearly three centuries before Lewis and          Collects more than 100 essays published                               I
                   Clark's epic trek to the Pacific coast, an        between 1892 and 1938 that examine
                   African slave named Esteban Dorantes             issues of race and representation in                                  C
                   became America's first great explorer and         African-American culture. These readings                              A
                   adventurer -- the first pioneer from the Old      -- by writers including W.E.B. Du Bois,
World to explore the entirety of the American South. Drawing        Paul Laurence Dunbar, Carl Van Vechten, Zora Neale Hurston,           N
on contemporary accounts, long-lost records, and research in        and Richard Wright -- discuss the trope of the New Negro, and
Spanish archives, here is a riveting true story of physical         the milieu in which this figure existed, from almost every con-
endurance, natural calamities, geographical wonders, and            ceivable angle. 608pgs. • 2007                                        A
strange discoveries. 432pgs. • 2008                                                        N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $18.98
                    N • HarperCollins • C • $25.95 / $6.98                                                                                M
                                                                     % 130363 THE STRUGGLE FOR BLACK EQUALITY
 % 125940 GOD'S LONG SUMMER: Stories of Faith                        1954-1980                                                            E
 and Civil Rights                                                    Sitkoff, Harvard                                                     R
 Marsh, Charles                                                      A history of the civil-rights movement from Brown v. Board
 In the summer of 1964, as the turmoil of the civil rights           of Education, through the growth of strife and conflict in            I
 movement reached its peak in Mississippi, activists across          the 1960s, to the major issues of the 1990s. Sitkoff offers          C
 the political spectrum claimed that God was on their side in        not only a brilliant interpretation of the personalities and
 the struggle. Through the emotionally charged stories of a          dynamics of the movement but also a superb study of the              A
 wide range of activists, Marsh invites us to consider the           continuing problems that have made economic progress
 movement anew, as a powerful yet protean religious force            for the vast majority of blacks an elusive goal. 288pgs. •           N
 driving social action. 312pgs. • 2008                               2008
                      N • Princeton • P • $23.95 / $14.98                                 N • Hill & Wang • P • $16.00 / $7.98
118503 HOKUM: An Anthology of African-American                      % 038604 WATER FROM THE ROCK: Black Resistance
Humor                                                               in a Revolutionary Age                                                T
Beatty, Paul                                                        Frey, Sylvia R.                                                       U
A liberating, eccentric, savagely comic collection of the funni-    The era of the American Revolution was one of violent and
est writing by black Americans. Selected and introduced by          unpredictable change, and the dislocations of the period were         D
acclaimed novelist and poet Paul Beatty, it features under-         most severely felt in the South. Frey reveals the dialectical rela-   I
ground classics, rare grooves, and timeless summer jams,            tionships between slave resistance, Britain's southern strategy,
poetry and prose, juxtaposed with the blues, hip-hop, political     and the white independence movement, and shows how these              E
speeches, and the world's funniest radio sermon. 496pgs. •          relationships transformed religion, law, and the economy dur-
2006                                                                ing the postwar years. 376pgs. • 1991                                 S
                       N • Bloomsbury • P • $16.95 / $6.98                                   N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $17.98

                                  AFRICAN STU DI ES
127314 CRUDE CONTINENT: The                                                            120650 A RAINBOW IN THE NIGHT:
Struggle for Africa's Oil Prize                                                        The Tumultuous Birth of South Africa
Clarke, Duncan                                                                         Lapierre, Dominique
A leading strategist on global oil explo-                                              In 1652 a small group of farmers sent by
ration turns his critical eye to Africa's oil                                          the powerful Dutch India Company landed
prize in order to produce this definitive                                               on the southernmost tip of Africa. Their
account of the issues and misconceptions                                               saga -- bloody, ferocious, and fervent --
surrounding Africa's oil and gas game.                                                 culminated three centuries later in one of
720pgs. • 2009                                                                         the greatest tragedies of history: the estab-
                 N • Profile Books • C •                                                lishment of the apartheid regime.
                                                $69.95 / $14.98     Lapierre's epic account of South Africa's history portrays the
                                                                    men and women -- famous and obscure, white and black,
111365 A CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Everyday                            European and African -- who lived out the story. 320pgs. •
Deception and Popular Discontent in Nigeria                         2009
Smith, Daniel Jordan                                                                          N • Perseus • C • $26.00 / $8.98
E-mails proposing an "urgent business relationship" help
make fraud Nigeria's largest source of foreign revenue after        124841 TIMBUKTU: The Sahara's
oil, but scams are also a central part of Nigeria's domestic cul-   Fabled City of Gold
tural landscape. Smith's probing but sympathetic account illu-      De Villiers, Marq & Sheila Hirtle
minates the dilemmas average Nigerians face every day as they       Founded by Tuareg nomads, Timbuktu
try to get ahead -- or just survive -- in a society riddled with    became a nexus of the trans-Saharan
corruption. 263pgs. • 2008                                          trade, enriched by salt from the deep
                        N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $13.98         Sahara, gold from Ghana, and money from
                                                                    slave markets. In its heyday, the city's
                     % 114284 LIVING AFRICA                         schools and libraries attracted scholars
                     Bloom, Steve                                   from Alexandria, Baghdad, Mecca, and
                     This volume of more than 200 color             Marrakech. Using both historical sources and interviews with
                     photographs of Africa's peoples and            modern-day residents of the city, the authors have produced a
                     wildlife encapsulates the vibrancy of          spectacular portrait that brings the city back to life. 320pgs.
                     tribal traditions and the beauty of the        • 2007
                     landscape. Here are Mozambican                                N • Walker & Company • C • $25.95 / $6.98
                     miners who endure harsh working
                     conditions nearly two miles under-
                     ground; Ndebele women running                   %   New to Catalog
 community workshops; and many others across the conti-              N   Publisher's overstock - like new
 nent. 336pgs. • 2008                                                I   New from the publisher
          L • Thames & Hudson • C • $75.00 / $32.98                      Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
                                                                         top or bottom of binding

                                                                               w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
A                     043917 ACID DREAMS: The Complete
                                                                          105050 BASEBALL IN BLUE AND GRAY: The National
                      Social History of LSD: The CIA, the
M                     Sixties, and Beyond                                 Pastime During the Civil War
                      Lee, Martin A. & Bruce Shlain                       Kirsch, George B.
E                                                                         As the Civil War raged, Americans from homefront to bat-
                      The complete social history of LSD and the
R                     counterculture it helped to define in the six-       tlefront played baseball as never before. George Kirsch
                      ties. From the clandestine operations of the        shows that the game was a vital part of the lives of many a
I                     government to the escapades of Timothy              soldier and civilian, and that the growing popularity of
                                                                          baseball was inextricably linked to surging American
C                     Leary, Abbie Hoffman, Ken Kesey, Allen
                                                                          nationalism. 145pgs. • 2007
                      Ginsberg, and many others, provides an
A   important and entertaining account that goes to the heart of a                             N • Princeton • P • $17.95 / $8.98
N   turbulent period in our history. 345pgs. • 1992
                          L • Grove Press • P • $15.00 / $5.98           104348 CHANGING THE WORLD:
                                                                         American Progressives in War and
    105035 AMERICA IN OUR TIME: From World War II to                     Revolution
S   Nixon--What Happened and Why                                         Dawley, Alan
    Hodgson, Godfrey                                                     Brings together domestic and world affairs
T                                                                        to argue that American progressivism can-
    A history of the turbulent years between the end of World War
U   II and the fall of Richard Nixon. Hodgson pioneers the idea          not be understood apart from its interna-
    that in the 1950s a "liberal consensus" governed American            tional context. Focusing on world-histori-
D   politics, by which conservatives accepted the liberal domestic       cal events of empire, revolution, war, and
                                                                         peace, Dawley shows how American
I   policy of the welfare state, while all but a few liberals shared
                                                                         reformers invented a new politics built around progressive
    the conservative foreign policy of Cold War containment.
E   590pgs. • 2005                                                       internationalism. 424pgs. • 2005
                            N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $12.98                                 N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $17.98
    050556 AMERICAN CRUCIBLE: Race                                       127620 COLONIZING HAWAI'I: The Cultural Power of
    and Nation in the Twentieth Century                                  Law
&   Gerstle, Gary                                                        Merry, Sally Engle
    Is the United States a social melting pot, as                        Reveals how indigenous Hawaiian law was displaced by a
    our civic creed warrants, or is full citizen-                        transplanted Anglo-American law as global movements of cap-
P   ship somehow reserved for those who are                              italism, Christianity, and imperialism swept across the islands.
    white and of the "right" ancestry? In this                           The new law brought novel systems of courts, prisons, and
O   sweeping look at 20th-century America,                               conceptions of discipline and dramatically changed the mar-
                                                                         riage patterns, work lives, and sexual conduct of the indige-
L   Gary Gerstle traces the forces of civic and
                                                                         nous people of Hawai'i. 364pgs. • 1999
    racial nationalism, arguing that both have
I   profoundly shaped our society. 454pgs. • 2001                                                 N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $16.98
T                           N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $12.98
                                                                                            091694 A CONSPIRACY SO IMMENSE:
                                                                                            The World of Joe McCarthy
                                                                                            Oshinsky, David M.
    Influenza of 1918
C   Crosby, Alfred W.                                                                       Reveals the internal and external forces
    The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and 1919 claimed 25 mil-                                that launched McCarthy on his political
S                                                                                           career, brought him national prominence,
    lion lives worldwide, yet it is all but forgotten. Crosby recounts
    the course of those panic-stricken months, measures its                                 and finally triggered his downfall. More
    impact on American society, and probes the curious loss of                              than the life story of an intensely ambitious
    national memory. This edition includes a new preface dis-                               man, A Conspiracy So Immense is a fasci-
    cussing recent outbreaks of diseases such as the Asian flu and                           nating portrayal of America in the grip of
    SARS. 352pgs. • 2003                                                 Cold War fear, anger, suspicion, and betrayal. 624pgs. • 2005
                          N • Cambridge • P • $27.99 / $14.98                             N • Oxford University • P • $24.99 / $6.98

                        % 131458 AMERICA'S ROME                          054910 DEBATING SLAVERY: Economy and Society in
                        VOLUME 2: Catholic and                           the Antebellum American South
                        Contemporary Rome                                Smith, Mark M.
                        Vance, William                                   Even while it existed, Americans debated slavery. Was it a prof-
                        An exploration of the influence of mod-           itable and healthy institution? If so, for whom? Emancipation
                        ern Italy on American culture. It address-       did not end this debate, which still remains among the most
                        es American attitudes toward Rome's ear-         hotly disputed topics in American history. This volume sum-
                        liest attempts at democratization, toward        marizes the contending viewpoints and weighs the relative
                        its aristocratic social structures, and          importance, strengths, and weaknesses of the various inter-
                        toward the political changes that                pretations. 117pgs. • 1999
    occurred after World War II. 544pgs. • 1989                                                  N • Cambridge • P • $25.99 / $7.98
                                 N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $24.98
                                                                         125509 EVANGELIZING THE SOUTH:
    110409 AMERICA'S THREE REGIMES:                                      A Social History of Church and State in
    A New Political History                                              Early America
    Keller, Morton                                                       Najar, Monica
    An entirely new way to look at our past, our                         Touching on the creation of a distinctive
    present, and our future, packed with                                 southern culture, the position of women in
    provocative and original observations                                the private and public arenas, family life in
    about American public life. Keller groups                            the Old South, the relationship between
    America's past into three long regimes:                              religion and slavery, and the political cul-
    Deferential and Republican, from the colo-                           ture of the early republic, Najar reveals the
    nial period to the 1820s; Party and                                  history behind a religious heritage that remains a distinguish-
    Democratic, from the 1830s to the 1930s; and Populist and            ing mark of American society. 264pgs. • 2008
    Bureaucratic, from the 1930s to the present. 336pgs. • 2007                            N • Oxford University • C • $60.00 / $9.98
                     N • Oxford University • C • $99.00 / $6.98

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% 116297 FROM WORLD WAR TO COLD WAR:                                                                                                 5
Churchill, Roosevelt, and the International History of
The 1940s
                                                                              NEW YORK CITY
Reynolds, David                                                    125735 AMERICAN MODERNS:                                          A
An examination of the Second World War and the origins of the      Bohemian New York and the
Cold War from the vantage point of two of the great powers of      Creation of a New Century                                         M
that era, Britain and the US. Reynolds explores the social and     Stansell, Christine                                               E
cultural implications of the wartime Anglo-American alliance,      In the early 20th century, an exuberant
particularly the impact of nearly three million GIs on British     brand of gifted men and women moved                               R
life, and reflects more generally on the importance of cultural     to New York City, not to get rich but to
issues in the study of international history. 374pgs. • 2007       participate in a cultural revolution.                             I
                N • Oxford University • P • $39.95 / $23.98        Stansell eloquently explains how the                              C
                                                                   city's mixing of old and new worlds,
                        126865 THE FUSILIERS: The                  politics and art, and radicalism and commerce helped              A
                        Saga of a British Redcoat                  shape modern America. 432pgs. • 2009
                        Regiment in the American                                       N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $12.98           N
                        Urban, Mark                                082911 AMUSING THE MILLION: Coney Island at the
                        From Lexington Green in 1775 to            Turn of the Century                                               S
                        Yorktown in 1781, one British regi-        Kasson, John F.                                                   T
                        ment, the Royal Welch Fusiliers,           Coney Island: the name still resonates with a sense of racy
                        marched thousands of miles and             Brooklyn excitement, the echo of beach-front popular              U
                        fought a dozen battles to uphold           entertainment before World War I. Kasson examines the his-
 British rule. Their story, one of the few untold sagas of the     torical context in which Coney Island made its reputation as      D
 American Revolution, sheds light on the war itself and            an amusement park and shows how America's changing                I
 offers surprising, at times unsettling, insights into the way     social and economic conditions formed the basis of a new
 the war was conducted on both sides. 400pgs. • 2007               mass culture. 128pgs. • 1978                                      E
             N • Walker & Company • C • $27.95 / $7.98                                 N • Hill & Wang • P • $16.00 / $8.98
111795 GOD AND RACE IN AMERICAN POLITICS: A                                           % 101110 THE CHINATOWN TRUNK
Short History                                                                         MYSTERY: Murder, Miscegenation
Noll, Mark A.                                                                         and Other Dangerous Encounters in              &
Shows how a common evangelical heritage both supported                                Turn-of-the-Century New York City
Jim Crow discrimination and contributed powerfully to the                             Lui, Mary Ting Yi
black theology of liberation preached by Martin Luther King Jr.                       In the summer of 1909, the gruesome            P
In probing such connections, Noll takes readers from the                              murder of 19-year-old Elsie Sigel sent
1830 slave revolt of Nat Turner through Reconstruction and                            shock waves through New York City and          O
the Jim Crow era, from the civil rights movement of the 1950s                         the nation at large. Through the lens of       L
and 1960s to "values" voting in recent presidential elections.     this unsolved murder, Mary Ting Yi Lui offers a fascinating
232pgs. • 2008                                                     snapshot of social and sexual relations between Chinese and       I
                         N • Princeton • C • $22.95 / $9.98        non-Chinese populations in turn-of-the-century New York
                                                                   City. 320pgs. • 2007                                              T
049917 HELLFIRE NATION: The Politics of Sin in                                          N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $15.98          I
American History
Morone, James A.                                                   % 081888 LOW LIFE: Lures and Snares of Old New                    C
Framing four centuries of American history as a struggle           York                                                              S
between moralizers and social reformers, Morone shows how          Sante, Luc
moral crusades inspired abolition, woman suffrage, and civil       A portrait of America's greatest city, the riotous and anarchic
rights even as they also led Americans to hang witches, enslave    breeding ground of modernity. This is not the familiar saga
Africans, and ban alcoholic beverages. 575pgs. • 2003              of mansions, avenues, and robber barons, but the messy,
                              N • Yale • C • $40.00 / $15.98       turbulent, often murderous story of the city's slums; the
                                                                   teeming streets - scene of innumerable cons and crimes
112384 HOME FRONTS: A Wartime                                      whose cramped and overcrowded housing is still a promi-
America Reader                                                     nent feature of the cityscape. 460pgs. • 2003
Foley, Michael S. & Brendan P. O'Malley,                                    N • Farrar, Straus & Giroux • P • $18.00 / $9.98
Even as American soldiers have fought                              % 026095 NEW YORK JEWS AND
overseas, war has profoundly influenced                             THE GREAT DEPRESSION: Uncertain
almost every aspect of society on the home                         Promise
front. This collection includes wartime let-                       Wenger, Beth S.
ters, song lyrics, poems, editorial car-                           Wenger shows that Jews of the
toons, newspaper articles, leaflets, and                            Depression era not only worried about
government documents from the Spanish-American War and             financial stability and their security as a
World War I to the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, and the      minority group but also questioned the
war in Iraq. 656pgs. • 2008                                        usefulness of their educational endeav-
                         N • New Press • P • $27.95 / $7.98        ors and the ability of their communal
                                                                   institutions to survive. 269pgs. • 1996
                    055539 INVENTING THE "GREAT                                               N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $12.98
                    Lambert, Frank
                    Beginning in the mid-1730s, support-
                    ers and opponents of the evangelical                            111814 LINCOLN ON RACE AND
                    revival known as the First Great                                SLAVERY
                    Awakening commented on the extraor-                             Gates, Henry Louis Jr. & Donald Yacovone,
                    dinary nature of what one observer                              eds.
                    called the "great ado," with its extem-                         The man who would be immortalized as
                    poraneous outdoor preaching, news-                              "the Great Emancipator" enjoyed racist
 paper publicity, and rallies of up to 20,000 participants.                         humor, harbored grave doubts about the
 Frank Lambert offers an overview of this important episode                         intellectual capacity of African-Americans,
 and proposes a new explanation of its origins. 320pgs. •                           and for many years advocated the voluntary
 2000                                                                               "colonization" of freed slaves in Africa and
                    N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $14.98           elsewhere. This book -- the first complete collection of his
                                                                  important writings on both race and slavery -- explores these
                                                                  contradictions through Lincoln's own words. 408pgs. • 2009
                                                                                         N • Princeton • C • $24.95 / $12.98

                                                                            w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
6                     101111 MORNING IN AMERICA: How
                      Ronald Reagan Invented the 1980's
                                                                      122263 SLAVERY AND THE COMMERCE POWER: How
                                                                      the Struggle Against the Interstate Slave Trade Led to the
                      Troy, Gil                                       Civil War
A                     Highlights the contradictions of Reagan's       Lightner, David L.
                      conservatism, with its emphasis on wealth       The great cotton boom required human labor to bring new
M                     and glamour on the one hand and, on the         lands under cultivation, and many thousands of slaves were
                      other, an ascetic streak that recoiled at       torn from their families and sold across state lines. Shocked
E                     excess. The Reagan that emerges is less the     by the cruelty of this practice, abolitionists called upon the fed-
R                     captain steering American culture than a        eral government to outlaw interstate commerce in slaves. This
                      symbol whose strength lay in placing his        groundbreaking book unravels the complex story of the
I   finger on the pulse of the American id. 448pgs. • 2007             decades-long debate and legal battle over federal regulation of
C                          N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98        the slave trade. 240pgs. • 2006
                                                                                                       N • Yale • C • $48.00 / $8.98
     and Memory                                                       129938 SOUTHERN HONOR: Ethics
N    Truettner, William H. & Roger Stein, eds.                        and Behavior in the Old South
     Images of village greens surrounded by neat, white-framed        Wyatt-Brown, Bertram
     houses, country stores, and church spires evoke New              Slavery was the root cause of the Civil War,
S    England, though much of the region was industrialized long       but, according to Wyatt-Brown, it was honor
     ago. This fascinating book examines pictures of Old New          that pulled the trigger. By claiming honor
T    England created by diverse artists between 1865 and 1945         and dreading shame, Southern men con-
U    and examines how Americans treasure and maintain these           trolled their slaves, ruled their households,
     images. 272pgs. • 1999                                           established the social rankings of their kin-
D                              N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $24.98         folk and neighbors, and responded fero-
I                                                                     ciously to perceived threats. 640pgs. • 2007
    075212 A POPULATION HISTORY OF NORTH AMERICA                                        N • Oxford University • P • $19.95 / $6.98
E   Haines, Michael R. & Richard H. Steckel, eds.
    Covering the populations of Canada, the US, Mexico, and the       % 038524 SUBURBAN WARRIORS: The Origins of the
S   Caribbean, and including two essays on the Amerindian popu-       New American Right
    lation, this volume takes advantage of recent progress in         McGirr, Lisa
    demographic history. A statistical appendix summarizes basic      Broadens our understanding of the roots of popular conser-
&   demographic measures over time. 760pgs. • 2000                    vatism by introducing us to women hosting coffee klatches for
                        N • Cambridge • C • $116.00 / $29.98          Barry Goldwater; members of anticommunist reading groups
                                                                      organizing against sex education; new arrivals drawn to
P   106813 PROVIDENCE AND THE INVENTION OF THE                        Orange County's mushrooming evangelical churches; and
    UNITED STATES, 1607-1876                                          other elements of the conservative "base." 395pgs. • 2001
O   Guyatt, Nicholas                                                                         N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $19.98
L   Making sense of previously diffuse debates on manifest destiny,
    millenarianism, and American mission, this volume surveys          126241 TEN HILLS FARM: The Forgotten History of
I   the origins and historical development of the idea that God has    Slavery in the North
    a special plan for America. 352pgs. • 2007                         Manegold, C. S.
T                           N • Cambridge • P • $26.99 / $8.98         The saga of five generations of slave owners in colonial New
I                                                                      England. Settled in 1630 by John Winthrop, governor of the
    127769 REMEMBERING                                                 Massachusetts Bay Colony, Ten Hills Farm, a 600-acre
C   SCOTTSBORO: The Legacy of an                                       estate just north of Boston, passed from the Winthrops to
    Infamous Trial                                                     the Ushers, to the Royalls -- all prominent dynasties tied to
S   Miller, James A.                                                   the Native American and Atlantic slave trades. 344pgs. •
    In 1931, nine black youths were charged                            2009
    with raping two white women in                                                          N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $14.98
    Scottsboro, Alabama. Despite meager and
    contradictory evidence, all nine were                             122260 THEODORE ROOSEVELT: Preacher of
    found guilty and eight of the defendants                          Righteousness
    were sentenced to death. This volume                              Hawley, Joshua David
    explores how this case has embedded itself into the fabric of     In this compelling new study of the 26th president, Hawley
    American memory and became a lens for perceptions of race,        plumbs Roosevelt's political thought more deeply than ever in
    class, sexual politics, and justice. 296pgs. • 2009               order to arrive at a fully revised understanding of his legacy.
                             N • Princeton • P • $28.95 / $16.98      He finds that Roosevelt galvanized a period of national reform
                                                                      that permanently altered American politics and Americans'
     % 039852 THE RESTRUCTURING OF AMERICAN                           expectations for government, social progress, and presidents.
     RELIGION: Society and Faith since World War II                   336pgs. • 2008
     Wuthnow, Robert                                                                                 N • Yale • C • $35.00 / $9.98
     A fast-paced narrative that answers numerous questions
     about what is really happening as religion and politics                                031974 THOMAS JEFFERSON AND
     interact in the US. In particular, Wuthnow deciphers the                               THE NEW NATION: A Biography
     growing polarization of religious liberals and religious con-                          Peterson, Merrill D.
     servatives -- a serious division that has generated conflict-                           The definitive life of Jefferson in one
     ing claims about religion's public role. 374pgs. • 1989                                volume, this biography relates
                          N • Princeton • P • $32.95 / $14.98                               Jefferson's private life and thought to
                                                                                            his public role. As Peterson explores
                        125974 THE RISE AND FALL OF                                         the dominant themes guiding
                        MODERN AMERICAN CONSERVATISM:                                       Jefferson's career -- democracy,
                        A Short History                                                     nationality, and enlightenment -- he
                        Farber, David                                  simultaneously tells the story of a nation coming into being.
                        This concise and accessible history pro-       1072pgs. • 1986
                        vides rare insight into how conservatives                 N • Oxford University • P • $55.00 / $18.98
                        captured the American political imagina-
                        tion by claiming moral superiority, down-     % 100979 VOICES OF PROTEST: Huey Long, Father
                        playing economic inequality, and embrac-      Coughlin, and the Great Depression
                        ing nationalism. It traces the history of     Brinkley, Alan
    modern conservatism from its revolt against New Deal liberal-     In the early years of the Great Depression, a first-term US sen-
    ism, to its breathtaking resurgence under Ronald Reagan, to       ator from Louisiana and a Catholic priest from an industrial
    the debacle of the election of Barack Obama. 308pgs. • 2010       suburb near Detroit became the most successful leaders of
                            N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $14.98       national political dissidence of their era. Brinkley's highly
                                                                      praised study of these two fascinating, disturbing political fig-
                                                                      ures illuminates the political contours of Depression-era
                                                                      America. 384pgs. • 1983
                                                                                                  N • Vintage • P • $15.95 / $7.98

    80,000 more books online
025508 WAR AND RESPONSIBILITY: Constitutional                       090955 WHITE DEVIL: A True Story                                     7
Lessons of Vietnam and Its Aftermath                                of War, Savagery, and Vengeance in
Ely, John Hart                                                      Colonial America
Examines the role of Congress in the authorization of the           Brumwell, Stephen                                                    A
Vietnam War, the conduct of the war, the Cambodian                  When Native Americans massacred a
Incursion, the repeal of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, the bomb-      British garrison, Major Robert Rogers was                            N
ing of Cambodia, and the secret war in Laos. 244pgs. • 1993         ordered to take revenge. On October 4,
                       N • Princeton • P • $32.95 / $12.98          1759 his troops surprised the Abenaki vil-                           T
                                                                    lage of St. Francis and slaughtered its                              H
 127771 THE WAR WAS YOU AND ME: Civilians in the                    sleeping inhabitants without mercy. Hailed
 American Civil War                                                 as a hero by the colonists, Rogers would become known, to            R
 Cashin, Joan E.                                                    the Abenaki, by a different name - the White Devil. 336pgs. •        O
 Though civilians constituted the majority of the nation's          2006
 population and were intimately involved with almost every                                    N • Da Capo • P • $17.95 / $7.98           P
 aspect of the war, we know little about the civilian experi-
 ence of the Civil War. These original essays recover the sto-                                                                           O
 ries of civilians from Natchez to New England. They address                                                                             L
 the experiences of men, women, and children; of whites,             %   New to Catalog
 slaves, and free blacks; and of civilians from numerous             N
                                                                         Publisher's overstock - like new
                                                                         New from the publisher
 classes. 428pgs. • 2002
                       N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $16.98
                                                                     L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
                                                                         top or bottom of binding

 ANTH ROPOLOGY & ARCHAEOLOGY                                                                                                             &
SOUTHWEST                                                                                  111759 COMING OF AGE IN
SECOND EDITION                                                                             SECOND LIFE: An Anthropologist                A
Plog, Stephen                                                                              Explores the Virtually Human
Interweaving the latest archaeological evidence with early first-                           Boellstorff, Tom                              R
person accounts, Stephen Plog explores the rise and mysteri-                               Millions of people around the world           C
ous fall of Southwestern cultures. For this revised edition, he                            today spend portions of their lives in
discusses new research and its implications for our under-                                 online virtual worlds. Second Life is         H
                                                                                           one of the largest of these virtual
standing of the prehistoric Southwest. Includes 150 illustra-
                                                                                           worlds. Bringing anthropology into ter-       A
tions. 224pgs. • 2008
              L • Thames & Hudson • P • $24.95 / $11.98                                    ritory never before studied, this book        E
                                                                     demonstrates that in some ways humans have always been
                    059792 THE APOTHEOSIS OF                         virtual, and that virtual worlds in all their rich complexity       O
                                                                     build upon a human capacity for culture that is as old as
                    CAPTAIN COOK: European
                                                                     humanity itself. 316pgs. • 2008                                     L
                    Mythmaking in the Pacific
                    Obeyesekere, Gananath                                                 N • Princeton • C • $42.00 / $14.98            O
                    Debunks one of the most enduring myths of                                                                            G
                    imperialism, civilization, and conquest: the
                    notion that the Western civilizer is a god to
                                                                         MICHAEL                             D.         COE              Y
                    savages. Using shipboard journals and logs
                    kept by Captain James Cook and his offi-
                    cers, Obeyesekere reveals the captain as         028318 BREAKING THE MAYA
both the self-conscious civilizer and as the person who, his mis-    CODE
sion gone awry, becomes a "savage" himself. 344pgs. • 1997           REVISED EDITION
                        N • Princeton • P • $30.95 / $18.98          Coe, Michael D.
                                                                     Michael Coe's classic inside story of one
 119757 THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF                                           of the major intellectual breakthroughs
 SEAFARING IN ANCIENT SOUTH                                          of our time -- the last great decoding of
 ASIA                                                                an ancient script -- includes an epilogue
 Ray, Himanshu Prabha                                                that brings the reader up to date in the
 In this new archaeological study,                                   fast-changing field of Maya decipher-
 Himanshu Prabha Ray looks at the                                    ment. 304pgs. • 1999
 maritime orientation of communities                                               L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $9.98
 of the Indian subcontinent prior to
 European expansion. She uses                                        080393 THE MAYA
 archaeological data to reveal the con-                              SEVENTH EDITION
 nections between the early history of peninsular South Asia         Coe, Michael D.
 and its Asian and Mediterranean partners in the Indian              The best, most readable introduction to the New World's
 Ocean region. 350pgs. • 2003                                        greatest ancient civilization. This seventh edition presents
                  N • Cambridge • C • $149.00 / $59.98               new evidence for the use of wetlands by the Classic Maya,
                                                                     and fresh perspectives on the catastrophic demise of Classic
% 131443 ASTRONOMY IN PREHISTORIC BRITAIN AND                        civilization by the close of the 9th century. 175 illustrations,
IRELAND                                                              17 in color. 272pgs. • 2005
Ruggles, Clive L.                                                                  L • Thames & Hudson • P • $24.95 / $9.98
Do prehistoric stone monuments in Britain and Ireland incor-
porate deliberate astronomical alignments, and if so, what is                            114212 MEXICO: From the Olmecs
their purpose and meaning? Ruggles provides an account of                                to the Aztecs
the debates surrounding megalithic astronomy and examines                                SIXTH EDITION
prehistoric man's concern with celestial bodies and events.                              Coe, Michael D. & Rex Koontz
300pgs. • 1999                                                                           The most readable and authoritative
                           N • Yale • C • $85.00 / $39.98                                introduction to the region's ancient civi-
                                                                                         lizations. This sixth edition incorporates
121084 THE AZTECS                                                                        new research into the birth of agricul-
THIRD EDITION                                                                            ture and writing, as well as the results of
Townsend, Richard                                                                        new archaeological discoveries at
An illustrated portrait of the most famous Mesoamerican              Teotihuacan and the Aztec capital. Includes 181 illustra-
empire, covering such subjects as trade, farming, social             tions, 20 in color. 248pgs. • 2008
organization, and women's roles, together with information                       L • Thames & Hudson • P • $24.95 / $11.98
from recent archaeological excavations and ethnohistoric
studies. 256pgs. • 2009
              L • Thames & Hudson • P • $24.95 / $11.98

                                                                             w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
8                        088725 A HISTORY OF
                         ARCHAEOLOGICAL THOUGHT
                                                                         080626 THE MOUNDBUILDERS: Ancient Peoples of
                                                                         Eastern North America
                         SECOND EDITION                                  Milner, George R.
A                        Trigger, Bruce G.                               From 3000 BC to the 16th century AD, North American Indians
                         The original edition of this volume was the     quarried tons of earth to form thousands of monuments,
N                        first book ever to examine the history of        which vary widely in location, size, and purpose. This com-
                         archaeological thought from medieval            prehensive survey, incorporating the great strides that have
T                        times to the present in world-wide per-         been made in recent research, describes and details many of
H                        spective. In this new edition, Trigger both     the most impressive mounds, including Poverty Point,
                         updates the original work and introduces        Cahokia, and Moundville. 224pgs. • 2004
R   new archaeological perspectives and concerns. At once stimu-                      N • Thames & Hudson • C • $39.95 / $18.98
O   lating and even-handed, it places the development of archaeo-
    logical thought and theory throughout within a broad social           130074 STUKELEY'S
P   and intellectual framework. 720pgs. • 2006                            STONEHENGE: An Unpublished
                           N • Cambridge • P • $36.99 / $23.98            Manuscript 1721-1724
O                                                                         Burl, Aubrey, et al.
L   % 121087 THE HUMAN PAST: World Prehistory and the                     William Stukeley, one of the first to rec-
    Development of Human Societies                                        ognize the historic importance of
O   Scarre, Chris                                                         Stonehenge, meticulously recorded his
    A team of leading archaeologists provide a seamless, authori-         fieldwork discoveries in a manuscript
G   tative account of human prehistory. The text is accompanied           that until now has remained unpub-
Y   by hundreds of specially commissioned diagrams and photo-             lished. Here transcribed and annotat-
    graphs, many in full color, illustrating key sites, artifacts, and    ed, Stukeley's writings and drawings offer a detailed view of
    regions, as well as by clear timelines and maps for each chap-        all that was known of the stone circle nearly three hundred
&   ter. 784pgs. • 2009                                                   years ago. 184pgs. • 2005
                  L • Thames & Hudson • P • $50.00 / $37.98                                         N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $16.98

    128535 THE HUNTING APES: Meat Eating and the                                            111904 WHO OWNS ANTIQUITY?:
A   Origins of Human Behavior                                                               Museums and the Battle over Our
R   Stanford, Craig B.                                                                      Ancient Heritage
    Argues that the skills developed and required for the hunting                           Cuno, James
C   -- and especially the sharing -- of meat spurred the explosion                          Maintaining that the acquisition of undoc-
    of human brain size. Examining the ways meat is shared with-                            umented antiquities by museums encour-
H   in both primate and human societies, Stanford argues that this                          ages the looting of archaeological sites,
A   all-important activity has had profound effects on basic social                         many countries have claimed ancient arti-
    structures. 262pgs. • 2001                                                              facts as state property, called for their
E                           N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $12.98                             return from museums around the world,
O                                                                        and passed laws against their export. In this volume, a leading
    111660 IN THE REALM OF THE                                           museum director vigorously challenges this nationalistic posi-
L   DIAMOND QUEEN: Marginality in an                                     tion, arguing that it is damaging and often disingenuous.
    Out-of-the-Way Place                                                 256pgs. • 2008
O   Tsing, Anna Lowenhaupt                                                                      N • Princeton • C • $24.95 / $11.98
G   In this ethnography of the Meratus Dayaks,
    a marginalized group in the deep rainfor-                            080785 THE WORLD OF THE CELTS
Y   est of South Kalimantan, Indonesia, Anna                             James, Simon
    Tsing challenges not only anthropologists                            This illustrated introduction to the world of the Celts charts
    and feminists but all those who study cul-                           their way of life from farming to feasting, their wars, their
    ture to reconsider long-held assumptions.                            gods, and their superb craftsmanship in metal, wood, and
    Instead of looking for consensus and coherence in Meratus            stone. It covers the neglected subject of Celtic life under
    culture, she allows individual Meratus men and women to              Roman rule -- particularly in Gaul and Britain -- and the Celtic
    return the gaze of the observer. 368pgs. • 1993                      renaissance in Ireland after AD 400. More than 300 illustra-
                           N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $12.98           tions, 59 in color. 192pgs. • 2005
                                                                                        L • Thames & Hudson • P • $24.95 / $11.98
    Kidder, Alfred Vincent
    In a new edition of his classic work in the field of New World
    archaeology, Alfred Vincent Kidder presents the first regional
                                                                                  CLIFFORD GEERTZ
    synthesis of Pueblo archaeology. He provides an excellent                                   126033 LIFE AMONG THE
    guide to the Southwest's historic and prehistoric sites as well                             ANTHROS AND OTHER ESSAYS
    as an early account of the pioneering excavation at Pecos                                   Geertz, Clifford & Fred Inglis, ed.
    Pueblo. 400pgs. • 2000                                                                      Clifford Geertz was perhaps the most
                              N • Yale • C NDJ • $50.00 / $8.98                                 influential anthropologist of our time,
                                                                                                but his influence extended far beyond
     % 131467 MALINOWSKI: Odyssey of an                                                         his field to encompass many facets of
     Anthropologist, 1884-1920                                                                  contemporary life. In this collection of
     Young, Michael W.                                                                          pieces from the New York Review of
     Bronislaw Malinowski was one of the most colorful and                                      Books, he writes eloquently and arrest-
     charismatic social scientists of the 20th century, a founding        ingly about such figures as Gandhi, Foucault, and Genet, and
     father of social anthropology whose complex personality              on topics as varied as Islam, globalization, feminism, and
     earned him near-mythical status. This landmark book pres-            the failings of nationalism. 304pgs. • 2010
     ents a vivid portrait of his early life, from his birth in                                 N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $14.98
     Cracow to his departure from the Trobriand Islands in
     1920. 720pgs. • 2004                                                 % 051374 NEGARA: Theatre-State in 19th Century
                                 N • Yale • C • $47.00 / $9.98            Bali
                                                                          Geertz, Clifford
    111764 MARGARET MEAD: The Making of an American                       The 19th-century Balinese state did not specialize in tyran-
    Icon                                                                  ny, conquest, or effective administration; instead, it empha-
    Lutkehaus, Nancy C.                                                   sized spectacle. Here Geertz applies his widely influential
    Explains how and why Mead became the best-known anthro-               method of cultural interpretation to the myths, ceremonies,
    pologist and female public intellectual in 20th-century               rituals, and symbols of a precolonial state, one which defies
    America. Lutkehaus shows that Mead came to represent a new            easy conceptualization by the standard Western approaches
    set of values and ideas -- about women, non-Western peoples,          to understanding politics. 256pgs. • 1980
    culture, and America's role in the world -- that have trans-                               N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $14.98
    formed society and become generally accepted. 352pgs. •
                            N • Princeton • C • $45.00 / $14.98

    80,000 more books online
     ARCH ITECTU RE & HOM E DESIGN                                                                                                     9

                    108721 ABBOT SUGER ON THE
                                                                   029739 THE DETAILS OF MODERN ARCHITECTURE,                          A
                                                                   VOL. 2: 1928 to 1988
                    ABBEY CHURCH OF ST. DENIS AND                  Ford, Edward R.                                                     R
                    ITS ART TREASURES                              Continues the study of the relationships of the ideals of design
                    Panofsky, Erwin                                and the realities of construction in modern architecture, from
                    Incorporates the additions and correc-         the late 1920s to the present day. Containing new information       H
                    tions recorded by Erwin Panofsky until         on the construction of modern architecture, there are over
                    the time of his death in 1968. Gerda           500 illustrations explaining technical, aesthetic, and historical   I
                    Panofsky-Soergel has updated the               aspects of the building form. 447pgs. • 1998
                    commentary in the light of new materi-                                                                             T
                                                                                                L • MIT • C • $85.00 / $16.98
                    al, and has obtained some additional                                                                               E
 photographs. The illustrations include a new ground plan          % 048668 DWELLING HOUSE
 and a new section of the chevet of the Abbey Church, both         CONSTRUCTION                                                        C
 drawn under the supervision of Sumner McKnight Crosby.
 315pgs. • 1979
                                                                   FIFTH EDITION                                                       T
                                                                   Dietz, Albert G.
                    N • Princeton • P • $30.95 / $14.98            A homebuilding classic that covers site                             U
                                                                   inspection, foundations, framing, windows,                          R
080263 AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE: A Critical History                   roofing and flashing, coatings, fireplaces,
Handlin, David P.                                                  insulation, hardware, plastics, mobile                              E
Tells the complex story of American architecture with lucidity     homes, and manufactured housing. New,
and insight. Almost from its 17th-century beginnings,              substantially revised edition. 431pgs. •
American architecture was subject to apparently contradictory      1991
processes - the practical and the grandiose, which Handlin                                                                             &
                                                                                                 N • MIT • P • $38.00 / $9.98
tracks from its inception to modern times, with figures includ-
ing Stern, Meier, Gehry, and Mockbee. With 264 illustrations.       126017 THE ESSENTIAL FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT:
304pgs. • 2004                                                      Critical Writings on Architecture                                  H
                L • Thames & Hudson • P • $16.95 / $7.98            Wright, Frank Lloyd & Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, ed.                   O
                                                                    At the height of his career Wright's output of writings about
129011 ANDREA PALLADIO: The Architect in His Time                   architecture was as prolific and visionary as his architec-         M
Boucher, Bruce                                                      ture itself. This one-volume compendium includes Wright's
This handsome volume spans the entire career of Palladio,           most critically important - -and personally revealing -- writ-
illuminating his work in the context of his historical era and      ings on every conceivable aspect of his craft. 464pgs. •
his own extraordinary life. From the Villa Rotonda to the           2010
Venetian churches of the Redentore and San Giorgio                                        N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $14.98          D
Maggiore, from the city halls to the bridges, each masterpiece
is described using plans, maps, and contemporary drawings                                                                              E
                                                                   065864 THE ETHICAL ARCHITECT: The Dilemma of
and etchings along with brilliant photography. 324pgs. •           Contemporary Practice                                               S
2007                                                               Spector, Tom
                       N • Abbeville • P • $39.95 / $14.98         Spector investigates the moral underpinnings and implications       I
125653 ARCHITECTURE: Elements,
                                                                   of leading architectural theories, subjecting them to the ana-      G
                                                                   lytical techniques of moral philosophy. His conclusions pro-
Materials, Form                                                    vide a road map to help architects make the right decision in       N
Prina, Francesca                                                   the difficult tradeoffs that confront designers on a daily basis.
With beautiful color photographs on virtu-                         252pgs. • 2001
ally every page, this book provides an                                        N • Princeton Architectural • C • $55.00 / $25.98
easy-to-use visual grammar of the nearly
infinite variety with which the elements of                                                  % 131429 GERMAN GOTHIC
architecture have been used in buildings                                                    CHURCH ARCHITECTURE
across the ages and around the world,                                                       Nussbaum, Norbert
from Western Europe and Greece to the                                                       A survey of church construction in
Americas, the Middle East, China, Japan, India, and Africa.                                 the German-language regions of
408pgs. • 2009                                                                              medieval Europe ranging from the
                       N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98                                  early 13th to the early 16th centu-
                                                                                            ry. Nussbaum views this rich peri-
 028643 ART DECO ARCHITECTURE: Design,                                                      od of architectural history from
 Decoration, & Detail from the Twenties & Thirties                                          many perspectives and offers an
 Bayer, Patricia                                                    informative tour of dozens of German Gothic churches
 Art Deco's sheer exuberance ensured its success across the         spectacular for both their beauty and variety. 272pgs. •
 globe, still in evidence today. This exploration embraces          2000
 many different times and places in its visual and verbal                                    N • Yale • C • $85.00 / $39.98
 account of the movement's origins, development, and influ-
 ence. 224pgs. • 1992                                              % 098905 THE GLASS STATE: The
             L • Thames & Hudson • P • $34.95 / $14.98             Technology of the Spectacle, Paris
067534 THE CHAPEL AT RONCHAMP                                      Fierro, Annette
THE BUILDING BLOCK SERIES                                          Analyzes the transparent monumental
Stoller, Ezra                                                      buildings built in Paris between 1981
Through Stoller's photographs, we see these buildings the way      and 1998 as part of Mitterrand's pro-
the architects wanted us to know them. In the preface, Stoller     gram of Grands Projets. In her discus-
tells of his personal relationship with the architect of the       sion, Fierro employs a "discourse of the
Chapel and recounts his experience photographing it. A brief       detail," in which the smallest architec-
introduction by Eugenia Bell reveals the unique history of the     tural detail manifests the political, theoretical, and urban con-
Chapel; also included are newly drawn plans. 81pgs. • 1999         texts of the building's design and construction. 336pgs. •
           N • Princeton Architectural • C • $19.95 / $5.98        2006
                                                                                                   N • MIT • P • $23.95 / $7.98
Holl, Steven
This jewel-like chapel, while small, contains the essence of
Holl's vision -- his interest in the phenomenology of space, his
passionate investigations of form and material, and his use of
reflected light and color. This book functions as a journal in
the life of this extraordinary building. 94pgs. • 1999                 Some books are in limited supply.
             N • Princeton Architectural • C • $34.95 / $4.98                   Order today!

                                                                             w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
10                           % 104882 GRAPHIC DISCOVERY: A                  123290 NEW MODERN HOUSE
                             Trout in the Milk and Other Visual             Jones, Will
                             Adventures                                     Features 40 new buildings where the
A                            Wainer, Howard                                 synergy between the right designer and
                             From the weather forecast to the Dow           the right client resulted in works that
R                            Jones average, graphs are today so ubiq-       surpass everyone's expectations. The
                             uitous that it's hard to imagine a world       buildings include Rafael Viñoly's Piano
T                            without them. Yet they are a modern            House in New York; Sean Godsell's
                             invention. This book is the first to com-       Peninsula House in Australia; and Ahadu
                             prehensively plot humankind's fascinat-        Abaineh's Tree House in Ethiopia,
&    ing efforts to visualize data, from a key 17h-century precursor        among others. 176pgs. • 2005
     -- England's plague-driven initiative to register vital statistics -            N • Princeton Architectural • P • $40.00 / $12.98
     - right up to the latest advances. 192pgs. • 2007
A                             N • Princeton • P • $21.95 / $12.98                                      % 123038 ORNAMENT: A
                                                                                                       Social History since 1450
R    080322 THE HOUSE OF GOD: Church Architecture,                                                     Snodin, Michael & Maurice
T    Style and History                                                                                 Howard
     Norman, Edward                                                                                    Placing ornamental design in a
     Through rich historical associations and special emotional                                        social context, this wide-ranging
     qualities that are largely denied to secular buildings, church-                                   survey traces the various ways
H    es exert a power that crosses national boundaries and even                                        ornament has been used, the rules
I    beliefs. Edward Norman's chronological survey is supported                                        of decorum and etiquette associat-
     and enhanced by a brilliantly researched collection of illustra-                                  ed with it, and the social, moral
S    tions. The result is a perfect mix between renowned buildings           and spiritual values that ornament has conveyed and repre-
T    such as Hagia Sophia and the freshness of the less familiar.            sented through the past five centuries. 232pgs. • 1996
     387 illustrations, 80 in color. 312pgs. • 2005                                                     N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $24.98
O                   L • Thames & Hudson • P • $34.95 / $13.98
                                                                            025138 PAMPHLET ARCHITECTURE 1-10
R    067594 LUIS BARRAGAN'S GARDENS                                         Dimitriu, Livio, et al.
Y    OF EL PEDREGAL                                                         Compiles the first ten editions of a unique series written by
     Eggener, Keith L.                                                      young architects, covering such topics as bridges, stairwells,
     Barragan considered El Pedregal his most                               the alphabetical city, rural and urban house types, and plane-
     important project, and critics have                                    tary architecture. 400pgs. • 1998
     described the houses and gardens there                                          N • Princeton Architectural • C • $45.00 / $25.98
     as a turning point in Mexican architec-
     ture. This book examines El Pedregal's                                  % 131363 SIENA: Constructing the Renaissance City
     program and form, its representation in                                 Nevola, Fabrizio
     photographs and advertising, and its place                              Siena, one of the major artistic centers of medieval and
     within contemporary discourses surrounding cultural identity,           Renaissance Italy, is renowned for its striking architecture
     design and place, and suburbanization. 161pgs. • 2001                   and its beauty as a city. Featuring a beautiful collection of
              N • Princeton Architectural • C • $40.00 / $14.98              historic and new photographs, this book offers a fresh and
                                                                             engaging account of the city's unique architectural achieve-
      % 110995 MODERNISM IN SERBIA: The Elusive                              ments. 320pgs. • 2008
      Margins of Belgrade Architecture, 1919-1941                                                       N • Yale • C • $65.00 / $29.98
      Blagojevic, Ljiljana & Dejan Vlaeskalic
      The first comprehensive account of an almost forgotten                 % 131456 WHITEHALL PALACE: An
      body of work. It will serve not only as a documentary and             Architectural History of the Royal
      critical study but also as a resource for preservation, as            Apartments, 1240-1698
      most of the photographs and plans included here have                  Thurley, Simon
      never been published outside of Serbia, if at all. 300pgs. •          The principal residence of the British
      2003                                                                  monarchy from 1529 to 1698, when fire
                                N • MIT • C • $36.95 / $12.98               destroyed the majority of the complex,
                                                                            Whitehall Palace holds a key place in the
     123297 THE NATIONAL PARK ARCHITECTURE                                  architectural, political, and social history
     SOURCEBOOK                                                             of England. This book is the first to dis-
     Kaiser, Harvey H.                                                      cuss the architecture and archaeology of this influential build-
     For more than a century, the National Park Service, private            ing. 204pgs. • 1999
     individuals, and small businesses have constructed a variety of                                      N • Yale • C • $90.00 / $39.98
     structures on America's national parklands. Architect and
     preservation advocate Harvey H. Kaiser provides an architec-            %   New to Catalog
     tural tour of the remarkable buildings that dot the landscapes          N   Publisher's overstock - like new
     of these spectacular mountains, valleys, deserts, and coastline         I   New from the publisher
                                                                             L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
     preserves. 608pgs. • 2008                                                   top or bottom of binding
               N • Princeton Architectural • P • $40.00 / $16.98

                                    ART & ART H ISTORY
                              % 131354 ALBERS AND                                                  % 131461 ANTIFASCISM IN
                              MOHOLY-NAGY: From the                                                AMERICAN ART
                              Bauhaus to the New World                                             Whiting, Cecile M.
                              Borchardt-Hume, Achim, ed.                                           Between 1933 and 1945, American
                              This beautifully illustrated book high-                              painters of widely divergent political
                              lights the work of two of                                            views and artistic styles shared a belief
                              Modernism's greatest innovators,                                     that their art should aid in the fight
                              Josef Albers and László Moholy-Nagy.                                 against fascism. In this engrossing
                              Featuring works in a variety of media,                               book, Whiting shows how the various
                              including painting, collage, glass,                                  manifestations of antifascist art negoti-
     sculpture, photography, film, furniture, and graphic design, it          ated the competing demands of artistic conventions, aes-
     reveals the range of achievement of these two important fig-             thetic and political theories, and historical developments.
     ures within the evolution of Modernism. 192pgs. • 2006                  272pgs. • 1989
                                  N • Yale • C • $65.00 / $19.98                                        N • Yale • C • $65.00 / $16.98

     80,000 more books online
                  038543 ART AND ILLUSION: A Study                 130075 ART AND ITS HISTORIES: A Reader                             11
                  in the Psychology of Pictorial                   Edwards, Steve, ed.
                  Representation                                   Presents 89 influential writings that have helped to shape the
                  Gombrich, E. H.                                  Western canon of art. Ranging through art history from Pliny       A
                  A classic that explores the meeting              the Elder to current issues of gender, post-colonialism, and
                  ground between science and the humani-           museum policy, the source texts and critical writings included     R
                  ties, Art and Illusion examines the history      illuminate such topics as the changing status of the artist, the
                  and psychology of pictorial representa-          challenge of the avant-garde, gender and art, and many others.     T
                  tion in light of present-day theories of         352pgs. • 1999
                  visual perception information and learn-                                      N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $16.98
ing. 466pgs. • 2000                                                                                                                   &
                     N • Princeton • P • $37.95 / $18.98

                                         WORLD                     OF         ART                                                     R
 052686 AFRICAN ART                                                129818 DUTCH PAINTING                                              T
 WORLD OF ART                                                      WORLD OF ART
 Willett, Frank                                                    Fuchs, R. H.
 An illustrated look at the art of the Fang, the BaTeke, and the   Surveys the evolution of Dutch art from the foundation of          H
 BaKota and the aesthetic impact their work had upon the           Netherlandish realism in the 15th century, through the elevat-     I
 development of 20th-century Western art, influencing such          ed style of Renaissance history painting, the language of sym-
 artists as Picasso, Derain, and Modigliani. 272pgs. • 2003        bols of the 17th century, the portraits of Hals and Rembrandt,     S
                 L • Thames & Hudson • P • $18.95 / $7.98          right up to Van Gogh's pioneering Expressionism, the radical
                                                                   simplification of Mondrian, and the art of Dibbets and              T
 052690 ART OF THE ANDES: From                                     Brouwn. 216pgs. • 1985                                             O
 Chavin to Inca                                                                    N • Thames & Hudson • C • $19.95 / $7.98
 WORLD OF ART                                                                                                                         R
 Stone-Miller, Rebecca                                             % 124756 FASHION SINCE 1900
 This wide-ranging survey has established                          WORLD OF ART                                                       Y
 itself as the best single-volume introduc-                        de la Haye, Amy & Valerie Mendes
 tion to Andean art and architecture. It                           Surveys the key movements and innova-
 describes the strikingly varied artistic                          tions in style for both men and women,
 achievements of the Chavín, Paracas,                              and explores these through the work of
 Moche, Chimú, and Inca cultures, among                            the most original and influential design-
 others. 185 illustrations, 35 in color. 224pgs. • 2002            ers. The chapters are organized around
                 L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $7.98          pivotal shifts in style and major world
                                                                   events, and developments in fashion are
 052681 BLACK ART: A Cultural History (Second                      placed within their socioeconomic, political, and cultural con-
 Edition)                                                          texts. 312pgs. • 2010
 WORLD OF ART                                                                      L • Thames & Hudson • P • $21.95 / $9.98
 Powell, Richard J.
 The African diaspora has generated a wide array of artistic                            052674 GRAPHIC DESIGN: A Concise
 achievements, from blues to reggae, from the paintings of                              History
 Henry Ossawa Tanner to the video installations of Keith Piper.                         WORLD OF ART
 Powell's study concentrates on the works of art themselves                             Hollis, Richard
 and on how they use black culture as both subject and con-                             From its roots in the printing trade,
 text. 272pgs. • 2002                                                                   graphic design has evolved as a means of
               L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $7.98                                 identification, information, and promo-
                                                                                        tion to become a profession and disci-
                    024370 CHINESE ART                                                  pline in its own right. This volume, which
                    WORLD OF ART                                                        includes more than 800 illustrations,
                    Tregear, Mary                                  charts the interplay of word and image in brochures and mag-
                    Heavily illustrated and eminently read-        azines, advertising, corporate identity, TV, and electronic
                    able, this volume covers not only bronzes,     media. 232pgs. • 2001
                    jades, calligraphy and painting, but also                      L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $7.98
                    Buddhist sculpture, ceramics, textiles,
                    metalwork, lacquer, garden design, and         % 052677 MOVEMENTS IN ART SINCE 1945
                    architecture. Includes 162 illustrations,      WORLD OF ART
                    21 in color. 216pgs. • 1997                    Lucie-Smith, Edward
                L • Thames & Hudson • P • $16.95 / $7.98           This classic account of the history of the visual arts from the
                                                                   end of World War II to the new millennium has now been
 052671 COSTUME AND FASHION: A Concise History                     completely rewritten, revised, expanded, and updated. This
 WORLD OF ART                                                      fifth edition includes nine new chapters that deal with the rad-
 Laver, James, et al.                                              ical transformations that have taken place in contemporary
 Covers the landmarks of costume history and the ways in           art. 304pgs. • 2001
 which clothes have been used to protect, express identity, and                    L • Thames & Hudson • P • $21.95 / $8.98
 attract or influence others. In a new chapter written for this
 edition, Andrew Tucker and Amy de la Haye discuss the rein-       114219 WOMEN, ART, AND
 vention of the luxury label Gucci, the rise of Prada, and more.   SOCIETY
 304pgs. • 2002                                                    WORLD OF ART
                 L • Thames & Hudson • P • $21.95 / $8.98          Chadwick, Whitney
                                                                   This acclaimed study challenges the
 % 031609 DADA: Art & Anti-Art                                     assumption that great women artists are
 WORLD OF ART                                                      exceptions to the rule. This expanded
 Richter, Hans                                                     edition incorporates recent develop-
 This absorbing narrative is enlivened by extensive use of Dada    ments in contemporary art and analyzes
 documents, illustrations and texts. It explores the complex       the differences between women's art today and the seminal
 relationships and contributions of, among others, Hugo Ball,      feminist work of the 1970s and 1980s. Includes 325 illustra-
 Tristan Tzara, Picabia, Arp, Schwitters, Hausmann, Duchamp,       tions, 90 in color. 528pgs. • 2007
 Ernst, and Man Ray. Includes 179 Illustrations, 8 in color.                     L • Thames & Hudson • P • $24.95 / $11.98
 246pgs. • 1997
                L • Thames & Hudson • P • $18.95 / $7.98

                                                                             w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
12               GRAPHIC NOVELS
                                                                          085807 CEZANNE
                                                                          Rewald, John
      130061 EMBROIDERIES                                                 This classic biography of artist Paul
A     Satrapi, Marjane                                                    Cezanne is the most complete, fully
      This gloriously entertaining and enlightening graphic novel         illustrated survey of the artist's life
R     brings together Marjane Satrapi's tough-talking grandmoth-          available, containing 118 color and
                                                                          152 black-and-white illustrations.
T     er, stoic mother, glamorous and eccentric aunt, and their
                                                                          288pgs. • 1996
      friends and neighbors for an afternoon of tea drinking and
      talking. Naturally, the subject turns to love, sex and the               N • Harry Abrams • C • $75.00 /
      vagaries of men. 144pgs. • 2005                                                                   $34.98
                       N • Random House • C • $16.95 / $4.98
                                                                          % 114266 COSTUME: 1066 to the Present
                                            130059 JULIUS                 THIRD EDITION
A                                           KNIPL, REAL ESTATE            Peacock, John
                                                                          More than a thousand drawings, based on surviving garments
R                                           PHOTOGRAPHER:
                                                                          and contemporary paintings and photographs, demonstrate
                                            Beauty Supply
T                                           District                      the astonishing changes in men's and women's clothing over
                                            Katchor, Ben                  the centuries, from the simple tunics and gowns of the 11th
                                            The third collection of       century to the petticoat breeches and ostrich-plumed hats of
                                                                          Charles II's reign to the T-shirts and shorts of today. 140pgs.
H                                           Katchor's acclaimed
                                                                          • 2006
                                            Julius Knipl strips. In
I                                           "The Beauty Supply                            L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $7.98
S     District," a new 24-page story, Knipl attends an evening con-
      cert and unwittingly enters the world of wholesale empathiz-                             129236 THE CUBIST PAINTERS
T     ers and chiaroscuro brokers who make the decisions criti-                                Apollinaire, Guillaume
      cal to the production of aesthetic pleasure in all its forms --                          Apollinaire's only book on art presents
O     from the shape of an olive jar to the score of a string quar-                            the poet and critic's aesthetic medita-
                                                                                               tions on nine painters: Pablo Picasso,
R     tet. 112pgs. • 2000
                                                                                               Georges Braque, Jean Metzinger, Albert
                       N • Random House • C • $22.00 / $6.98
Y                                                                                              Gleizes, Marie Laurencin, Juan Gris,
                                                                                               Fernand Leger, Francis Picabia, and
                                                                                               Marcel Duchamp. In addition to a faith-
      % 036045 ART IN THE AGE OF QUEEN VICTORIA:                                               ful and fluid translation of Apollinaire's
      Treasures from the Royal Academy of Arts Permanent                  text, Peter Read provides his own scholarly analysis of its
      Collection                                                          importance in the history of modernism. 248pgs. • 2004
      Valentine, Helen, ed.                                                                       N • California • P • $34.95 / $9.98
      A lavish celebration of the art and artists of Britain`s
      Victorian age, a long and peaceful period that produced             114205 DAVID HOCKNEY'S DOG DAYS
      works of immense variety and beauty. Drawing on more                Hockney, David
      than 70 paintings and sculptures from the Royal Academy             David Hockney introduces his two dachshunds, Stanley and
      of Arts, the book discusses important artists of the time,          Boodgie, in this delightful collection. The result of both sharp
      their subjects, styles, and techniques, and the role of the         observation and affection, these paintings and drawings are
      Royal Academy itself. 167pgs. • 1999                                lyrical studies in form and design. A text by the artist gives a
                                L • Yale • C • $65.00 / $24.98            behind-the-scenes glimpse of how to work with models that
                                                                          don't necessarily want to sit still. 80pgs. • 2006
     036031 ART, WAR, AND                                                                 L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $7.98
     1871: Myth, Reportage, & Reality                                     114331 DEGAS: A Dialogue of Difference
     Milner, John                                                         Hofmann, Werner
     During a ferociously violent ten-                                    We tend to think of Degas as an Impressionist who painted
     month period in 1870 and 1871, the                                   lovely ballerinas and lively scenes at the racetrack. But as
     last Napoleonic empire was                                           Werner Hofmann demonstrates in this magisterial study, that
     destroyed, France was plunged into a                                 viewpoint fails to do justice to the issues that Degas addressed
     hopeless war with Prussia, Paris was                                 in his art and to how innovative he truly was. 215 illustrations,
     besieged, and the revolt of the Paris                                135 in color. 319pgs. • 2007
     Commune was suppressed by a new Republic. This engrossing                           L • Thames & Hudson • C • $75.00 / $44.98
     book surveys how artists responded to these cataclysmic
     events and helped to define the events for the public. 243pgs.        113526 DESIGN ANARCHY
     • 2000                                                               Lasn, Kalle, ed.
                                 N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $24.98           This radical new aesthetic vision from the founder of
                                                                          Adbusters Magazine looks unflinchingly at contemporary art
     114311 BOLLYWOOD POSTERS                                             and graphic design and implicates their seemingly innocuous
     Pinto, Jerry & Sheena Sippy                                          practitioners in crimes against our culture and our planet. It
     The collision of the most democratic of art forms -- the poster      pioneers a hybrid graphic/text language that is by turns inti-
     -- with one of the liveliest movie genres results in a glorious      mate, anarchic, abstract and accusatory, to explore the
     explosion of color, form, and typography. Includes 225 color         responsibility of the visual designer and artist in the pollution
     illustrations. 216pgs. • 2009                                        and redemption of our mental and physical commons.
                    L • Thames & Hudson • P • $34.95 / $14.98             416pgs. • 2006
                                                                                               N • Oro Editions • C • $65.00 / $15.98
      % 106204 THE BRONZE HORSEMAN: Falconet's
      Monument to Peter the Great                                         % 102855 DESIGNING
      Schenker, Alexander M.                                              PORNOTOPIA: Essays on Visual
      The first comprehensive treatment in any language of the             Culture
      most consequential work of art ever to be executed in               Poynor, Rick
      Russia. Schenker explains the cultural setting that prepared        Explicit sexual imagery has erupted in
      the ground for the monument, and provides life stories of           every medium and on every surface.
      those who were involved in its creation, including the              Behind this phenomenon lies the nor-
      sculptor Etienne-Maurice Falconet and Catherine the                 malization of pornography, one of the
      Great's "commissar" for culture, Ivan Betskoi. 416pgs. •            most momentous developments in con-
      2003                                                                temporary life. Poynor explores recent
                               N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $22.98             advertising and design and the invasion of sexual imagery into
                                                                          everyday life, revealing how advertising walks the fine line
                                                                          between prudish and vulgar imagery. 208pgs. • 2006
      %   New to Catalog
      N   Publisher's overstock - like new                                           N • Princeton Architectural • P • $24.95 / $2.98
      I   New from the publisher
      L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
          top or bottom of binding

     80,000 more books online
                                                                   % 131437 FLESH AND THE IDEAL:                                      13
 108424 THE DRAWINGS OF MICHELANGELO AND HIS                       Winckelmann and the Origins of Art
 FOLLOWERS IN THE ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM                                 History
 Joannides, Paul
 The fullest and most detailed catalogue of one of the most
                                                                   Potts, Alex                                                        A
                                                                   The first intellectual biography in English
 important collections of drawings by this artist, which also      of Johann Joachim Winckelmann, the                                 R
 includes drawings after his own by contemporaries that            18th-century German philosopher and
 shed light on lost works as well as the artist's reputation       aesthetician who is considered by many to
 and influence during the 16th century. The Introduction            be the father of modern art history.
 surveys the various types of drawing practiced by                 Analyzing Winckelmann's History of the
 Michelangelo and provides an account of his development           Art of Antiquity, Potts demonstrates the fundamental impor-        &
 as a draftsman. 491pgs. • 2007                                    tance to art history of this eloquent account of the aesthetic
                 N • Cambridge • C • $313.00 / $129.98             and imaginative Greek ideal in art. 302pgs. • 1994
                                                                                                N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $12.98        A
                    129251 EMBATTLED AVANT-GARDES:
                    Modernism's Resistance to Commodity                                     % 062785 FRANCESCO ALBANI                 R
                    Culture in Europe
                    Adamson, Walter
                                                                                            Puglisi, Catherine R.                     T
                                                                                            Beginning with an account of
                    A lucid, wide-ranging exploration of the                                Albani's life and artistic develop-
                    avant-garde practices through which mod-                                ment in the milieus of Bologna and
                    ernists resisted the rise of commodity cul-                             Rome, this volume focuses attention
                    ture as a threat to authentic cultural                                  on his entirely personal landscapes,      I
                    expression. Taking a biographical                                       and assesses his later career and
                    approach, Adamson charts the rise and fall                              crucial role as teacher and transmit-     S
of modernist aspirations in movements and individuals as                                    ter of the Carracci reform of paint-
diverse as Ruskin, Marinetti, Kandinsky, Bauhaus, Purism, and                                                                         T
                                                                    ing. 244pgs. • 1999
the art critic Herbert Read. 448pgs. • 2007                                                    N • Yale • C • $95.00 / $39.98         O
                        N • California • C • $60.00 / $14.98
                                                                   % 131368 FRIDA KAHLO & DIEGO RIVERA                                R
Selected Letters of Henry McBride
                                                                   Gerry Souter                                                       Y
                                                                   A slipcased two-volume set that showcases the art and lives of
Watson, Steven, ed.                                                the two greatest Mexican artists of the 20th century and under-
McBride, a towering figure in art criticism from 1913 to the        lines the passionate bonds that linked these two mercurial fig-
early 1950s, was an ardent supporter of 20th-century mod-          ures. Includes 300 illustrations. 256pgs. • 2007
ernism. In this richly annotated collection of his selected let-                          N • Parkstone • C • $82.50 / $39.98
ters -- addressed to such friends as Gertrude Stein, Carl Van
Vechten, Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Marianne          % 039482 GEORGIA O'KEEFFE
Moore -- McBride engagingly describes many of modernism's          Messinger, Lisa Mintz
most important events and figures. 384pgs. • 2000                   This comprehensive book surveys
                             N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $19.98        O'Keefe's complete oeuvre -- drawings,
                                                                   watercolors and paintings from all peri-
% 052535 FAREWELL TO AN IDEA:                                      ods -- and explains her life in the context
Episodes from a History of                                         of her artistic output. The text incorpo-
Modernism                                                          rates current scholarship and benefits
Clark, Timothy J.                                                  from the recent publication of the artist's
Did modernism and socialism depend                                 catalogue raisonné and is accompanied by
on each other for their sense of the                               color plates and b&w photographs.
future and their wish for a fully materi-                          192pgs. • 2001
al world? Shifting between broad, spec-                                            L • Thames & Hudson • P • $14.95 / $6.98
ulative history and intense analysis of
specific works, Clark not only transfig-                             061274 GOTTA HAVE 'EM: Portraits of Women
ures our understanding of modern art, he also launches a new       Crumb, R.
set of proposals about modernity itself. 460pgs. • 1999            For the first time ever, R. Crumb's drawings of women are col-
                             L • Yale • C • $70.00 / $24.98        lected in one volume, in chronological order, spanning the 38
                                                                   years since his pen-and-ink beginnings. Together they make
                                                                   up not only a catalogue raisonné of Crumb's portraits of
                                                                   women but also a revealing record of a passionate life.
                JIM            DINE                                Slipcased limited edition, sealed in shrink-wrap as published.
 % 131589 ALDO ET MOI                                              In limited supply. 224pgs. • 2002
 Dine, Jim                                                                            N • Greybull Press • C • $55.00 / $39.98
 A record of the 115 etchings Jim Dine made between 1975
 and 1997 in Paris in collaboration with the renowned print-                              080523 GRID SYSTEMS:
 maker Aldo Crommelynck. 224pgs. • 2008                                                   Principles of Organizing Type
                          N • Steidl • C • $50.00 / $21.98                                Elam, Kimberly
                                                                                          Elam brings a keen eye and clear
                            % 115191 L'ODYSSÉE DE JIM                                     explanations to the most prevalent sys-
                            DINE: A Survey of Printed                                     tem of visual organization: the grid.
                            Works, 1985-2006                                              Filled with extensive research and
                            Dine, Jim                                                     more than 100 informative examples
                            Brings together more than 200                                 from the Bauhaus to Nike ads, the
                            works covering a fertile 20-year                              book provides an easy-to-understand
                            period of printmaking. Included        step-by-step approach to typographic composition. 120pgs. •
                            are original etchings, lithographs,    2004
                            woodcuts and limited edition                    N • Princeton Architectural • P • $24.95 / $10.98
                            artists' books, as well as several
 particularly important series, such as the 12 large woodcuts,      129921 THE GROVE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NORTHERN
 Winter Dream (for V.). 191pgs. • 2007                              RENAISSANCE ART
                          L • Steidl • C • $75.00 / $29.98          Campbell, Gordon
                                                                    Drawing on unsurpassed scholarship, this three-volume set
                                                                    deals with all aspects of Northern Renaissance art, ranging
                                                                    from artists, architecture, and patrons to the cities and cen-
                                                                    ters of production vital to the flourishing of art in this peri-
                                                                    od. It offers fully updated articles and bibliography as well
   Some books are in limited supply.                                as more than 500 illustrations, maps, drawings, diagrams,
                                                                    and color plates. 2328pgs. • 2009
            Order today!                                                       N • Oxford University • C • $395.00 / $149.98

                                                                             w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
14                         % 131466 HAREMS OF THE MIND:                  125941 JOSEPH CORNELL AND ASTRONOMY: A Case
                           Passages of Western Art and                   for the Stars
                           Literature                                    Hoving, Kirsten
A                          Yeazell, Ruth B.                              Often regarded as a recluse lost in an imaginary universe of
                           Examines the surprising variety of            his own making, Cornell amassed a library of books and
R                          European artistic expressions inspired by     articles about science and astronomy, and his study of that
T                          the Muslim practice of concealing their       material had a direct impact on his art. This volume con-
                           women from the eyes of alien men.             siders hundreds of his works -- films, three-dimensional
                           Demonstrating the persistence of myths        space-object boxes, enigmatic collages, and cosmic
                           and stereotypes, the book provides a rich     ephemera -- that contain references to astronomical phe-
&    account of the changing perceptions of the harem from the           nomena. 336pgs. • 2008
     late 17th to the early 20th century. 328pgs. • 2000                                     N • Princeton • C • $49.50 / $31.98
                                    N • Yale • C • $45.00 / $9.98
A                                                                       122585 JUAN VAN DER HAMEN Y
                                                                        LEON: And the Court of Madrid
                                                                        Jordan, William B.
T    Gascoigne, Bamber                                                  Van der Hamen is well known as a
     How do you distinguish a woodcut from an etching or a litho-       gifted still-life painter of the Golden
     graph? An original stipple engraving from a photogravure           Age, but William B. Jordan shows
H    reproduction? This comprehensive guide has established itself      convincingly that the artist was much
     as the essential reference book for print and book collectors      more than that. He examines the
I    and dealers, art librarians, art professors and students, and      complete oeuvre of the artist, includ-
     everyone interested in graphic art. 208pgs. • 2004                 ing portraits, allegories, landscapes,
S                  L • Thames & Hudson • P • $34.95 / $18.98            flower paintings, and large-scale works for churches and con-
T                                                                       vents. 312pgs. • 2006
     114220 ICONS OF GRAPHIC DESIGN                                                                    N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $32.98
O    Heller, Steven & Mirko Ilic
     Showcasing the most influential designs and designers from          % 051671 LEON BATTISTA ALBERTI'S
R    1900 to the present, this outstanding collection illustrates how   HYPNEROTOMACHIA POLIPHILI: Re-Cognizing the
Y    the best ideas perpetuate themselves over time, one great con-     Architectural Body in the Early Italian Renaissance
     cept inspiring the next. More than one hundred seminal             Lefaivre, Liane
     images -- one from each year -- are shown alongside the            Since its publication in 1499, the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
     works that influenced their creation and the designs that were      has fascinated architects and historians with its vast display of
     inspired or evolved from them. Includes 860 illustrations, 675     architectural knowledge. Lefaivre offers a close critical-theo-
     in color. 224pgs. • 2008                                           retical reading, placing it within both the historical context of
                   L • Thames & Hudson • P • $34.95 / $15.98            the quattro-cento and the rethinking of the metaphor of the
                                                                        architectural body. 297pgs. • 1997
     028513 INDIAN ART: A Concise History                                                             N • MIT • C • $70.00 / $19.98
     Craven, Roy C.                                                     130063 THE MAKING OF RUBENS
     This excellent introduction for the general reader spans some      Alpers, Svetlana
     4,000 years, tracing the rich visual expressions of one of the     Focusing on two paintings, "Kermiss" and "Silenus," Alpers
     world's most ancient cultures. 256pgs. • 1997                      examines Rubens in terms of current art history, considering
                     L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $7.98           social, political, and gender implications as well as national
                                                                        tastes. She discusses how the works, both vulgar and opulent,
      % 054153 INVISIBLE COLORS:                                        are imbued with a sense of abandon quite at odds with the
      The Production and Meaning in                                     popular image of Rubens as an organized, practical creator
      the Modern Period Through                                         and purveyor of art. 186pgs. • 1995
      Naming and Titling                                                                             N • Yale • C • $32.00 / $12.98
      Welchman, John C.
      The first critical history of how and                              124824 MARC CHAGALL AND HIS TIMES:
      why modern artworks receive their                                 A Documentary Narrative
      titles. Welchman shows that titles                                Harshav, Benjamin
      were seldom produced -- and can                                   A comprehensive biography of one of the most prominent
      rarely be understood -- outside of the                            artists of the 20th century. It encompasses the 98 years of
      institutional parameters that made them visible, ranging          Chagall's life across multiple countries and cultures, his deep
      from exhibitions, criticism, and catalogues to the broader        roots in folk culture, his personal relationships and loves, and
      stage of national politics. 416pgs. • 1997                        his involvements with the art of the Russian Revolution, with
                                 N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $24.98         Surrealism, Communism, Zionism, Yiddish literature, and the
                                                                        state of Israel. 1056pgs. • 2003
     106151 IRISH RURAL INTERIORS IN ART                                                            N • Stanford • P • $43.95 / $6.98
     Kinmonth, Claudia
     A fascinating portrayal of Irish rural life from the 18th to the   124393 MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE FASHION: 90
     mid 20th century. Illustrated with more than 250 images,           Full-Color Plates
     many of which have not been published before, the book             Jacquemin, Raphael
     evokes the hardships and celebrations of laborers and farm-        Drawn from the Louvre and other prestigious collections,
     ers, men and women, the old and the young as depicted in oil       these illustrations depict French soldiers, German knights,
     paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, postcards, and car-      crowned heads, and common folk in their finest apparel.
     toons. 320pgs. • 2006                                              Scrupulously authentic in every detail, these colorful portraits
                                   N • Yale • C • $80.00 / $24.98       by a noteworthy 19th-century fashion designer and historian
                                                                        form a gallery of iconic portraits and an outstanding resource.
                            % 131588 JORG IMMENDORFF                    96pgs. • 2007
                            Essl Museum                                                              N • Dover • P • $18.95 / $7.98
                            Painter, sculptor, and draughtsman,
                            Immendorff was one of the most              129423 MICHELANGELO: A Life on Paper
                            important German artists of the post-       Barkan, Leonard
                            war period. This exhibition catalog fea-    Throughout his career, Michelangelo not only filled hundreds
                            tures more than 70 paintings, draw-         of sheets of paper with exquisite drawings, sketches, and doo-
                            ings, and sculptures dating from the        dles, but also, on fully a third of these sheets, composed his
                            1960s on, in addition to numerous           own words. This sumptuous volume brings together more
                            texts and letters. 128pgs. • 2008           than 200 stunning, reproductions of these private papers. The
                               N • Prestel • C • $55.00 / $29.98        text by Leonard Barkan explains the crucial role the written
                                                                        word played in the artist's work. 352pgs. • 2010
                                                                                                N • Princeton • C • $49.50 / $28.98

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                                                                    038399 THE PAINTING OF MODERN LIFE: Paris in the                  15
                        % 043537 NEW WORLDS:                        Art of Manet and His Followers
                        German and Austrian Art, 1890-              REVISED EDITION
                        1940                                        Clark, T. J.
                        Price, Renee, ed.                                                                                             A
                                                                    Describes the new style of painting as an attempt to give form
                        This overview of the works of fine           to a Paris undergoing social change and seeks to uncover          R
                        and decorative artists from Germany         whether modern painting celebrated the consumer-oriented
                        and Austria, accompanied by biog-           culture of the Paris of Napoleon III or opened it to critical     T
                        raphies that describe the highlights        scrutiny. 338pgs. • 1999
                        of their lives and careers, situates                              N • Princeton • P • $32.95 / $17.98
                        the creators within the history of                                                                            &
 their reception in 20th-century America. 600pgs. • 2001            118307 PARMIGIANINO
                          L • Yale • C • $75.00 / $42.98            Ekserdjian, David
                                                                    This beautiful volume, the definitive                              A
114206 NINETEENTH CENTURY ART: A Critical History                   work on Parmigianino, focuses on
THIRD EDITION                                                       both the public world of his paint-                               R
Eisenman, Stephen F., et al.                                        ings and the private realm of his
This third edition incorporates new chapters on design and                                                                            T
                                                                    drawings. It encompasses the latest
architecture; increased coverage of the Pre-Raphaelite              research and takes full advantage of
Brotherhood and Naturalism in Germany; and a new discus-            recent cleanings and restorations of
sion of the Vienna Secession and the challenges to Academic         the artist's major works. 303pgs. •                               H
painting in Russia. Includes 496 illustrations, 193 in color.       2006                                                              I
484pgs. • 2007                                                                                  N • Yale • C • $80.00 / $39.98
              L • Thames & Hudson • P • $60.00 / $37.98                                                                               S
                                                                     % 043522 POUSSIN AND FRANCE: Painting,                           T
105102 OLD MASTERS AND YOUNG                                         Humanism and the Politics of Style
GENIUSES: The Two Life Cycles of                                     Olson, Todd P.                                                   O
Artistic Creativity                                                  Perhaps the most famous French painter of the 17th centu-
Galenson, David W.                                                   ry, Poussin, lived and worked for many years in Rome, but        R
This examination of the careers not only of                          remained deeply engaged with cultural and political trans-
great painters but also of sculptors, poets,                                                                                          Y
                                                                     formations occurring in France. This original exploration
novelists, and movie directors offers a pro-                         of Poussin's paintings, their production, and their recep-
found new understanding of artistic cre-                             tion includes 100 black & white and 25 color illustrations.
ativity. Using a wide range of evidence,                             316pgs. • 2002
Galenson demonstrates that there are two                                                       N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $29.98
fundamentally different approaches to innovation, and that
each is associated with a distinct pattern of discovery. 233pgs.    % 035912 ROBERT INDIANA: Figures of Speech
• 2007                                                              Ryan, Susan Elizabeth
                         N • Princeton • P • $20.95 / $9.98         Although lumped together with Pop artists such as Roy
                                                                    Liechtenstein and Andy Warhol, Indiana and his paintings
                                                                    actually have an uneasy fit within Pop. This book's dual
                                                                    accomplishments are to articulate the dynamics of Indiana's
 MANUSCRIPTS FROM THE                                               art and to render a sophisticated and judicious overview of the
    BRITISH LIBRARY                                                 Pop movement. 303pgs. • 2000
                                                                                                 N • Yale • C • $55.00 / $22.98
 % 131378 BIBLE MANUSCRIPTS: 1400 Years of                                              074129 THE SCULPTURES OF THE
 Scribes and Scripture                                                                  PARTHENON: Aesthetics and the
 McKendrick, Scot & Kathleen Doyle                                                      Interpretation
 The British Library's collection of Bible manuscripts is                               Lagerlöf, Margaretha Rossholm
 incomparable in its depth and breadth, preserving land-                                A complete overview of current knowl-
 mark editions from the second century up to modern times.                              edge of the ancient temple's sculptural
 Lavishly illustrated in full color, this volume outlines how the                       creations. It considers what the sculp-
 Bible was preserved and passed down over the past two mil-                             tures reveal about the Greek sense of
 lennia. 159pgs. • 2007                                                                 democracy, the nature of women's lives,
                   N • British Library • C • $35.00 / $15.98                            and the relationship between human
                                                                    beings and the gods. 204pgs. • 2000
                        % 131379 HEBREW                                                         N • Yale • C • $42.00 / $16.98
                        MANUSCRIPTS: The Power of
                        Script and Image                             % 131449 SEURAT AND THE AVANT-GARDE
                        Tahan, Ilana                                 Smith, Paul
                        Beautifully decorated Bibles, litur-         Challenging the assumption that Seurat's work was scien-
                        gies, and legal codes from the collec-       tific or that it expressed a serious commitment to anar-
                        tions of the British Library. The            chism, this volume traces the painter's involvement with the
                        exquisitely crafted images repro-            various factions of the avant-garde and shows that he was
                        duced here are a vivid testimony to a        perhaps the earliest exponent of Idealism in modern art.
                        distinctly Jewish creativity and pas-        224pgs. • 1997
 sion for books and an enthralling look into the world of                                      N • Yale • C • $80.00 / $32.98
 Jewish rituals and customs. 160pgs. • 2007
                 N • British Library • C • $35.00 / $15.98          126071 A SHORT LIFE OF TROUBLE:
                                                                    Forty Years in the New York Art World
 % 131387 QUR'AN MANUSCRIPTS: Calligraphy,                          Tucker, Marcia
 Illumination, Design                                               This engrossing memoir brings to life the
 Baker, Colin F.                                                    behind-the-scenes struggles of the first
 A concise and readable survey of manuscripts produced              woman to be hired as a curator at the
 throughout the Islamic world -- from the eighth century to         Whitney Museum of American Art and the
 the end of the 19th and from Spain to Southeast Asia -- and        founder of the New Museum of
 now in the possession of the British Library. Numerous full-       Contemporary Art in New York City.
 color images display the breadth of illumination styles and        Tucker's spirited account of her life draws
 production materials that were employed. 112pgs. • 2007            the reader directly into the burgeoning feminist movement and
                 N • British Library • C • $35.00 / $15.98          the excitement of the New York art world during the 1960s and
                                                                    beyond. 224pgs. • 2008
                                                                                              N • California • C • $40.00 / $9.98

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                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
     Robertson, Martin                                                       130311 THE VISION OF ROME IN LATE RENAISSANCE
     An abridgement of Robertson's two-volume A History of Greek             FRANCE
     Art, this heavily illustrated, chronological depiction of the           McGowan, Margaret M.
A                                                                            Explores how writers, artists, scholars, and architects per-
     Greek artistic tradition ranges from its emergence in the early
S    archaic period through its achievements in the classical age            ceived Rome as a physical and symbolic entity and how they
     and on to the Hellenistic period. 256pgs. • 1981                        drew upon the classical ruins not only to reenact past
I                           N • Cambridge • P • $60.00 / $24.98              meanings and achievements but also, more dynamically, to
                                                                             interpret the present in France. Copiously illustrated.
A                                                                            476pgs. • 2000
     % 131462 SIGNS OF THE ARTIST: Signatures and Self-
N    Expression in American Paintings                                                                 N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $29.98
     Wilmerding, John
     In this beautifully designed and handsomely illustrated book,          % 057497 WATTEAU'S PAINTED CONVERSATIONS: Art,
&    an eminent historian of American art explores the unconven-            Literature, and Talk in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-
     tional use of signatures in paintings. He focuses on American          Century France
     artists who have not simply signed their works on a corner of          Vidal, Mary
     the canvas but have intentionally placed their signatures with-        Watteau painted his engaging and ravishing "fêtes galantes" dur-
P                                                                           ing a period in which the art of polite conversation flourished in
     in the pictorial space of the painting. 216pgs. • 2003
A                                  N • Yale • C • $47.00 / $16.98           France. In this innovative study, Vidal shows that conversation was
                                                                            central to Watteau's images of sociability and provided the frame-
C    074112 THE SPECTACULAR BODY: Science, Method,                          work for figural and formal relationships even in his military,
                                                                            mythological, theatrical, and religious works. With 133 black &
I    and Meaning in the Work of Degas
                                                                            white and 47 color illustrations. 238pgs. • 1992
     Callen, Anthea
F    Illuminates the underlying meanings of Degas's depictions of                                           N • Yale • C • $80.00 / $32.98
     women in his series of bathers, dancers, and prostitutes.              114222 WILLIAM SCOTT
I    Argues that the gender politics of Degas' culture made it              Lynton, Norbert
C    inevitable that he represent masculine desire - and anxieties          The work of William Scott ranges from abstract paintings to
     about masculine identity evoked by such desire - through an            still lifes with multiple levels of meaning. This account of the
     apparently detached masculine scrutiny of the female body.             artist and his output is rooted in personal knowledge of the art
     With 108 b/w and 25 color illus. 244pgs. • 1995                        world he inhabited as well as consideration of the artistic cur-
S                                                                           rents in Western art during his time. Features more than 400
                                  N • Yale • C • $80.00 / $19.98
T                                                                           illustrations in color and black and white. 503pgs. • 2007
     123327 THE UNKNOWN MODIGLIANI: Drawings from                                            N • Thames & Hudson • P • $60.00 / $31.98
U    the Collection of Paul Alexandre
                                                                            080264 WORLD TEXTILES: A Concise History
D    Alexandre, Noe
                                                                            Schoeser, Mary
     Presents 450 drawings by Amedeo Modigliani which have
I    never been published or exhibited before. The drawings were            Surveys from prehistory to the early 21st century how textiles
     purchased and collected by the French physician Paul                   are made, what they are made from, their function in society,
E    Alexandre, who, shortly after Modigliani's arrival in Paris in         how they are valued and given meaning, and the messages they
S    1906, became the artist's physician, closest friend, doctor, and       contain, as well as showing the relationships between different
     foremost patron. 463pgs. • 2009                                        cultures' textile traditions and demonstrates the significance of
                     N • Fonds Mercator • C • $65.00 / $34.98               the materials we all take for granted. 224pgs. • 2003
                                                                                             L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $7.98

                       ASIAN & PACI FIC STU DI ES
                           128601 AMERICAN SHOGUN: General                  109702 COMMUNALISM, CASTE AND HINDU
                           MacArthur, Emperor Hirohito and the              NATIONALISM IN INDIA: Violence in Gujarat
                           Drama of Modern Japan                            Shani, Ornit
                           Harvey, Robert                                   Belligerent Hindu nationalism, accompanied by recurring
                           MacArthur, the American maverick who was         communal violence, has become a compelling force in Indian
                           elevated to the level of popular hero and pol-   politics over the last two decades. Using evidence from
                           icy maker, and Hirohito, the passive intellec-   Gujarat, Shani argues that the growth of communalism was not
                           tual heir considered a divinity by his people,   simply a result of Hindu-Muslim antagonisms, but was driven
                           seem at the outset the most unlikely enemies     by intensifying tensions among Hindus, nurtured by changes in
                           in war, let alone partners in peace. Under       the relations between castes and associated state policies.
     Harvey's scrutiny, however, these superficial characterizations         230pgs. • 2007
     give way to a much more nuanced narrative as well as a revealing                               N • Cambridge • C • $99.99 / $19.98
     portrait of these extraordinary figures. 432pgs. • 2006                 092748 A CONCISE HISTORY OF MODERN INDIA
                          N • Overlook Press • C • $35.00 / $7.98           Metcalf, Barbara D. & Thomas R. Metcalf
                                                                            From the days of the Mughals, India has been transformed by
     065607 APPRECIATIONS OF                                                its institutional structures. It is these institutions which have
     JAPANESE CULTURE                                                       helped bring about the social, cultural and economic changes
     Keene, Donald                                                          of the last half century and paved the way for the modern suc-
     This collection of 20 essays focuses on                                cess story. Despite these advances, poverty, social inequality
     the rich tradition of Japanese culture. It                             and religious division still remain. This short history grapples
     illuminates important aspects of Japanese                              with questions of caste and religious identity, and of the nature
     literature for the general reader and                                  of the Indian nation. 372pgs. • 2006
     places each subject within the context of                                                      N • Cambridge • P • $28.99 / $14.98
     the tradition as a whole. 342pgs. • 2003
          N • Kodansha • P • $22.00 / $8.98                                  129258 EARTHQUAKE NATION: The Cultural Politics
                                                                             of Japanese Seismicity, 1868-1930
      % 109846 CHINA SINCE TIANANMEN: From Deng                              Clancey, Gregory K.
      Xiaoping to Hu Jintao                                                  Accelerating seismic activity in late Meiji Japan culminated
      Fewsmith, Joseph                                                       in the Great Nobi Earthquake of 1891, which rocked the
      China is a very different country today than it was during the         main island from Tokyo to Osaka, killing thousands. This
      tumultuous series of events that took place in and around              book, the first English-language history of modern Japanese
      Tiananmen Square in 1989. In the intervening years it has              earthquakes and earthquake science, considers the cultur-
      emerged from isolation to become one of the most signifi-               al and political ramifications of this and other catastrophic
      cant players on the world stage. This book explains the                events on Japan's relationship with the West, with modern
      forces that have shaped China in the past two decades.                 science, and with itself. 331pgs. • 2006
      352pgs. • 2008                                                                             N • California • C • $54.95 / $18.98
                           N • Cambridge • P • $25.99 / $13.98

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% 104997 THE GAY ARCHIPELAGO: Sexuality and                           % 104860 MOLDING JAPANESE MINDS: The State in                       17
Nation in Indonesia                                                   Everyday Life
Boellstorff, Tom                                                      Garon, Sheldon
The first book-length exploration of the lives of gay men in           How has the Japanese government persuaded its citizens to           C
Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation and home           save substantial portions of their income? What unites the
to more Muslims than any other country. Employing a range of          Japanese to achieve economic and social goals that have             L
field methods, it explores how Indonesian gay and lesbian              eluded other polities? Sheldon Garon illuminates this mobi-         A
identities are shaped by nationalism and globalization.               lizing spirit as he explores the intimate relationships
282pgs. • 2006                                                        between the Japanese people and their government.                   S
                       N • Princeton • P • $28.95 / $17.98            332pgs. • 1998
                                                                                          N • Princeton • P • $30.95 / $17.98             S
                        % 125575 THE JAPANESE                                                                                             I
                        COLONIAL EMPIRE, 1895-1945                                        127114 MOUNTAIN OF FAME:
                        Myers, Ramon H. & Mark R. Peattie,                                Portraits in Chinese History                    C
                        eds.                                                              Wills, John E.
                        These essays, written by thirteen special-                        This unique introduction to Chinese histo-
                        ists from Japan and the US, provide a                             ry and culture examines more than 20            L
                        comprehensive view of the Japanese                                exemplary lives, including those of states-
                        empire from its establishment in 1895 to                          men, philosophers, poets, and rulers.
                        its liquidation in 1945. 560pgs. • 1987                           What emerges is a provocative rendering         S
                                            N • Princeton • P •                           of China's moral landscape, featuring
                                                $55.00 / $33.98                           characters who have resonated in the his-       T
                                                                     torical imagination as examples of villainy, heroism, wisdom,
 % 128319 THE JAPANESE WARTIME EMPIRE,                               spiritual vision, and guile. 424pgs. • 1996                          U
 1931-1945                                                                                   N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $16.98          D
 Duus, Peter, et al.
 These essays seek to illuminate some of the more signifi-            % 127265 THE PRESENCE OF SIVA                                        I
 cant processes and institutions during the period when the          Kramrisch, Stella
 empire was at war: the creation of a Japanese-dominated             Who is Siva? Who is this deity whose being
 East Asian economic bloc centered in northeast Asia, the            comprises and transcends everything? By                              S
 mobilization of human and physical resources in the older           retelling and interweaving the many myths
 established areas of Japanese colonial rule, and the pene-          that keep Siva alive in India today,
 tration and occupation of Southeast Asia. 426pgs. • 2010            Kramrisch reveals the paradoxes in the
                     N • Princeton • P • $27.95 / $21.98             Hindu god's nature -- and thus in the
                                                                     nature of consciousness itself. 528pgs. •
058550 THE LURE OF THE MODERN: Writing                               1994
Modernism in Semicolonial China, 1917-1937                                                 N • Princeton • P • $62.50 / $37.98
Shih, Shu-Mei
The first book in English to offer a comprehensive account of                            % 131370 VISHNU'S CROWDED
Chinese literary modernism from Republican China. It argues for                         TEMPLE: India Since the Great
the contextualization of Chinese modernism in the semicolonial                          Rebellion
cultural and political formation of the time. 427pgs. • 2001                            Misra, Maria
                          N • California • P • $29.95 / $8.98                           A new interpretation of India's history,
                                                                                        focusing particular attention on the impact
% 131383 MODERN CHINA: The Fall and Rise of a                                           of British imperialism. India's extremes
Great Power, 1850 to the Present                                                        persist, the author argues, because its pol-
Fenby, Jonathan                                                                         itics rest upon a peculiar foundation in
In the last three decades, China has emerged as an economic                             which traditional ideas of hierarchy, differ-
and political powerhouse; understanding how that transforma-         ence, and privilege coexist with modern notions of equality
tion came about requires an understanding of how the country's       and democracy. 592pgs. • 2008
past influences the present. Fenby tells this turbulent story with                                N • Yale • C • IMPORT / $12.98
brilliance and insight, spanning a unique historical panorama
with an extraordinary cast of characters. 816pgs. • 2008
                   N • HarperCollins • C • $34.95 / $14.98

                                CLASSICAL STU DI ES
129914 ANCIENT SUPPLICATION                                          119726 THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO HORACE
Naiden, Fred                                                         Harrison, Stephen, ed.
In constructing this book-length treatment                           Horace's work spans a wide range of genres, from iambus to
of an important social practice in ancient                           satire, and odes to literary epistle, and he was just as much at
Mediterranean civilizations, Naiden has                              home writing about love and wine as about philosophy and lit-
examined more than 800 acts of supplica-                             erary criticism. In this volume an international cast of contribu-
tion from Greek, Hebrew, and Roman liter-                            tors present a stimulating and accessible assessment of the poet,
ature, art, and scientific sources. Thirty                            his work, its themes, and its reception. 400pgs. • 2007
illustrations and a map of the relevant loca-                                               N • Cambridge • C • $107.00 / $42.98
tions accompany the text. 440pgs. • 2009
                N • Oxford University • P • $45.00 / $12.98           050823 THE CAMBRIDGE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF
                                                                      ANCIENT GREECE
                     124262 THE ANNALS                                Cartledge, Paul, ed.
                     Tacitus                                          Analyzes how ordinary citizens took part in "the glory that
                     The ancient historian wrote this vital chron-    was Greece," examining environment and economy; expe-
                     icle of Imperial Rome as he witnessed the        riences of workers, soldiers, slaves, peasants, and women;
                     great civilization's decline. Spanning the       and roles of myth, religion, art, culture, science, and edu-
                     years from AD 14 to 68, it paints incisive       cation. Presents the far-reaching legacy of ancient Greece,
                     psychological portraits of the era's major       seeking to justify Shelley's claim that "we are all Greeks."
                     figures, from Tiberius to Nero. 416pgs. •         400pgs. • 2002
                     2007                                                                 N • Cambridge • P • $45.00 / $15.98
                               N • Dover • P • $12.95 / $4.98
                                                                     126702 CATULLUS
                                                                     Martin, Charles
 %   New to Catalog                                                  A reading of the most popular of the Roman poets that reveals
 N   Publisher's overstock - like new
 I   New from the publisher
                                                                     the depth, as well as the art and the intelligence, behind the
 L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on   seemingly spontaneous verse. 192pgs. • 1992
     top or bottom of binding                                                                N • Yale • C NDJ • $50.00 / $14.98

                                                                               w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
18                        114200 CHRONICLE OF THE
                          ROMAN REPUBLIC: The Rulers of
                                                                           % 121350 THE ENEMIES OF ROME: From Hannibal
                                                                           to Attila the Hun
                          Ancient Rome from Romulus to                     Matyszak, Philip
C                         Augustus                                         It was once assumed that Rome carried the torch of civi-
                          Matyszak, Philip                                 lization into the barbarian darkness, bringing law, architec-
L                         Supported by a wealth of pictorial and           ture, and literature to conquered peoples. This engrossing
                          archaeological detail, these personal
A                         histories of the luminaries of Rome dur-
                                                                           book looks at the growth and decline of Rome from the
                                                                           viewpoint of the peoples who fought against it, many of
S                         ing its republican heyday provide an             whom developed flourishing civilizations in their own right.
                          overview of its development and expan-           296pgs. • 2009
S    sion. The biographies are supplemented by time lines, data                        L • Thames & Hudson • P • $22.95 / $12.98
I    files, and special features that highlight various aspects of
     Roman culture and society. Includes 320 illustrations, 110 in                          % 074143 HERODOTUS AND THE
C    color. 240pgs. • 2008                                                                  ORIGINS OF THE POLITICAL
                  L • Thames & Hudson • P • $26.95 / $12.98
A                                                                                           COMMUNITY: Arion's Leap
                                                                                            Thompson, Norma
L    107566 THE COURT AND COURT SOCIETY IN ANCIENT                                          In this imaginative new interpretation of
     MONARCHIES                                                                             Herodotus, Thompson contends that the
     Spawforth, Antony                                                                      "father of history" recognized the central
     Offers the first substantial discussion of ancient monarchies
S    from the viewpoint of the ruler's court. The approach is
                                                                                            importance of compelling stories, whether
                                                                                            factual or fanciful, because such stories
T    broadly inspired by work on courts in later periods of history,                        become the "facts" of a people's past and
     especially early-modern France. 358pgs. • 2007                      thereby shape the core of the political community. 193pgs. •
U                        N • Cambridge • C • $126.99 / $44.98            1996
D    % 048943 DIONYSIUS I: War-Lord of Sicily
                                                                                                     N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $16.98
I    Cavern, Brian
     A study of a figure regarded in antiquity as the embodiment of
E    cruelness and tyranny. 272pgs. • 1990
S                               L • Yale • C • $60.00 / $22.98                             Classical Studies continued on page 28

                             EGYPT                    &       THE           NEAR                   EAST
      039556 THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST, VOLUME 1: An                         % 114795 THE COMPLETE VALLEY OF THE KINGS:
      Anthology of Texts and Pictures                                    Tombs and Treasures of Egypt's Greatest Pharaohs
      Pritchard, James B., ed.                                           Reeves, Nicholas & Richard H. Wilkinson
      This collection of writings from the cultures of Biblical times    An authoritative survey of all of the Valley's burials, describing
      supplements the Old Testament in documenting the history of        the architecture, decoration, and contents of each, with 532
      the ancient Near East. 380pgs. • 1958                              illustrations, 76 in color. "For all those interested in the bur-
                              N • Princeton • P • $37.50 / $17.98        ial practices in New Kingdom Egypt, this should be the first
                                                                         book to consult" -- Journal of the American Oriental Society
      % 131355 BEYOND BABYLON: Art, Trade, and                           224pgs. • 2008
      Diplomacy in the Second Millennium B.C                                            L • Thames & Hudson • P • $26.95 / $13.98
      Aruz, Joan, et al.
      A survey of the extraordinary art created for royal palaces,       028828 EGYPT IN LATE ANTIQUITY
      temples, and tombs from Mesopotamia and Anatolia to                Bagnall, Roger S.
      Cyprus, Egypt, and the Aegean during the second millennium         Brings together a vast amount of information pertaining to the
      BC. The objects reflect the development of a sophisticated          society, economy, and culture of a province important to
      trade network throughout the eastern Mediterranean region          understanding the entire eastern part of the later Roman
      and the resulting fusion of Near Eastern, Aegean, and Egyptian     Empire. Focusing on Egypt from the accession of Diocletian in
      cultural styles. 524pgs. • 2008                                    284 to the middle of the fifth century, Bagnall draws his evi-
         N • Metropolitan Museum of Art • P • IMPORT / $19.98            dence mainly from documentary and archaeological sources,
                                                                         including the papyri that have been published over the last
      114231 CHRONICLE OF THE PHARAOHS: The Reign-                       thirty years. 370pgs. • 1996
      by-Reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of Ancient                                    N • Princeton • P • $37.50 / $18.98
      Clayton, Peter A.                                                                            % 036027 THE FINAL SACK OF
      Covers all the rulers and dynasties of Egypt in chronological                                NINEVEH: The Discovery,
      order, from Narmer, who first united the lands along the Nile,                                Documentation, & Destruction of
      to Cleopatra some 3,000 years later. The rich illustrative mate-                             Sennacherib's Throne Room at
      rial includes timelines and specially drawn cartouches of each                               Nineveh, Iraq
      pharaoh with translations of their names. 224pgs. • 2006                                     Russell, John Malcolm
                     L • Thames & Hudson • P • $24.95 / $11.98                                     When the throne room of the ancient
                                                                                                   Assyrian "Palace without Rival" was
      126007 CIVILIZATIONS OF ANCIENT IRAQ                                                         rediscovered in 1847, its sculptures
      Foster, Benjamin R. & Karen Polinger Foster                                                  remained amazingly intact, but air
      The story of ancient Mesopotamia from the earliest settle-         pollution, vandalism, neglect, and looting for the internation-
      ments to the Arab conquest. With illustrations of important        al art market have brought ruin to the palace. Its splendor
      works of art and architecture in every chapter, the narrative      now survives only in this book, which presents the only exten-
      traces the rise and fall of successive civilizations and peoples   sive photographic records of Sennacherib's palace. 247pgs.
      in Iraq over the course of millennia, from the Sumerians,          • 1998
      Babylonians, and Assyrians to the Persians, Seleucids,                                          N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $24.98
      Parthians, and Sassanians. 288pgs. • 2009
                              N • Princeton • C • $26.95 / $14.98        % 047450 FROM NINEVEH TO NEW YORK: The
                                                                         Strange Story of the Assyrian Reliefs in the Metropolitan
      % 114757 THE COMPLETE PYRAMIDS: Solving the                        Museum and the Hidden Masterpiece at Canford School
      Ancient Mysteries                                                  Russell, John Malcolm
      Lehner, Mark                                                       Relates the vivid story of Sir Austen Henry Layard's rediscovery
      Surveys and describes the pyramids across their 3,000-year         of ancient Assyria, and of the subsequent fate of Layard's huge
      history, explaining the rituals and mythology, the history of      collection of ancient Assyrian art. With previously unpublished
      travelers, looters, and archaeologists, and the ways in which      photographs, illustrations from rare 19th-century sources,
      the pyramids were an integral part of the Egyptian state. The      and first-hand accounts, the book sheds new light on the his-
      hundreds of illustrations include computer reconstructions         tory and meaning of Assyrian art and on taste, dealing, and
      and specially commissioned perspective views of the pyramids       collecting over two centuries. 232pgs. • 1997
      and their interior chambers. 256pgs. • 2008                                                       N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $29.98
                    L • Thames & Hudson • P • $26.95 / $12.98

     80,000 more books online
                         LIBRARY OF AM ERICA                                                                                              19
                  035726 NOVELS, MONT SAINT
                  MICHEL, THE EDUCATION                                  THE              CIVIL                   WAR                     L
                  Adams, Henry Brooks                                                                                                     I
                  Includes the best-known works of one of           035766 MEMOIRS AND SELECTED
                  the most powerful and original minds to           LETTERS                                                               B
                  illuminate the American scene from the            Grant, Ulysses S.
                  Civil War to World War I. Now brought             Grant wrote his Personal Memoirs --                                   R
                  together for the first time, these works show      "perhaps the most revelatory autobiog-                                A
                  the many forms -- fiction, poetry, philo-          raphy of high command to exist in any
                  sophical and historical speculation, autobi-      language," in the words of John Keegan                                R
ography -- in which Adams gave expression to his vision of the      -- to secure his family's future. In doing
meaning of the unsettling changes in American life and values.      so, the Civil War's greatest general won                              Y
1246pgs. • 1983                                                     himself a unique place in American let-
              N • Library of America • C • $45.00 / $16.98          ters. His character, sense of purpose, and simple compas-
                                                                    sion are evident throughout this deeply moving account, as            O
092590 LITTLE WOMEN, LITTLE MEN, JO'S BOYS                          well as in the letters to his wife, Julia, also included here.
Alcott, Louisa May                                                  1199pgs. • 1990                                                       F
At once heartwarming and true to life, Louisa May Alcott's nov-                  N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
els continue to win over readers both young and old, as they
have for generations. This authoritative single-volume edition      035772 MEMOIRS OF GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN                               A
contains all three Little Women books as Alcott wrote them.         Sherman, William T.                                                   M
This volume also includes the original illustrations that           Written with the energetic confidence that marked his later
accompanied the books' first printings. 1045pgs. • 2005              campaigns, Sherman's memoirs provide both a vivid first-               E
              N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98          hand account of crucial events of the Civil War and a unique
                                                                    record of the emergence of its most innovative strategist.            R
116807 COLLECTED POEMS, 1956-1987                                   1136pgs. • 1990                                                       I
Ashbery, John                                                                  L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
Beginning with Some Trees in 1956, John Ashbery has charted                                                                               C
a profoundly original and individual course that has opened                                                                               A
up pathways for subsequent generations of poets. This volume
includes the complete texts of his first twelve books, including                       116787 POEMS, PROSE AND LETTERS
such groundbreaking collections as Rivers and Mountains,                              Bishop, Elizabeth
Three Poems, Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, and Houseboat                          Long before a wider public was aware of
Days. 950pgs. • 2008                                                                  Bishop's work, her fellow poets expressed
              L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $17.98                            astonished admiration of her formal rigor,
                                                                                      fiercely observant eye, emotional intimacy,
 % 035830 WRITINGS AND DRAWINGS                                                       and sometimes eccentric flights of imagina-
 Audubon, John James                                                                  tion. This collection offers a full-scale pres-
 This comprehensive selection of Audubon's writings draw-                             entation of a writer of startling originality, at
 ings includes The "Mississippi River Journal," selections                            once passionate and reticent, adventurous
 from his "1826 Journal," and 45 entries from the five-vol-         and perfectionist. 900pgs. • 2008
 ume Ornithological Biography. An extensive selection of let-                   L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
 ters charting Audubon's artistic development, along with
 two essays on artistic technique and a brief memoir, round        043540 COLLECTED STORIES AND LATER WRITINGS
 out the volume. 942pgs. • 1999                                    Bowles, Paul
            N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98           Bowles confirmed his mastery of the short story in such vol-
                                                                   umes as A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard (1962), The Time
085599 NOVELS 1944-1953                                            of Friendship (1967), Things Gone and Things Still Here
Bellow, Saul                                                       (1977), and Midnight Mass (1981), all included here along
Winner of the Nobel Prize and a towering figure of 20th-cen-        with a selection of his final stories. Also contains Up Above the
tury literature, Saul Bellow was one of America's foremost         World (1966), a novella, and the fascinating travel book Their
novelists. The Library of America begins its edition of Bellow's   Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue (1963). 1062pgs.
works with a collection of his first three novels: Dangling Man,    • 2002
The Victim, and The Adventures of Augie March. 1029pgs. •                         N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
              L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $14.98          % 129887 COLLECTED STORIES
                                                                    Carver, Raymond
                                                                    Raymond Carver's spare dramas of loneliness, despair, and
                                                                    troubled relationships breathed new life into the American
                    BASEBALL                                        short story of the 1970s and '80s. In gathering all of his sto-
                                                                    ries, including early sketches and posthumously discovered
 % 131819 HUB FANS BID KID ADIEU: John Updike                       works, this volume provides a comprehensive overview of
 on Ted Williams                                                    Carver's career. 960pgs. • 2009
 Updike, John                                                                  L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $21.98
 On September 28, 1960, when Red Sox slugger Ted Williams
 stepped up to the plate for his last at-bat in Fenway Park,       035858 NOVELS AND STORIES 1905-1918
 one of those cheering from the stands was the 28-year-old         Cather, Willa
 John Updike, inspired by the moment to make his lone ven-         "Let your fiction grow out of the land beneath your feet." Willa
 ture into the field of sports reporting. This 50th-anniversary     Cather's remark describes her own powerfully imaginative re-
 commemorative edition of Updike's tribute was prepared by         creation of the Nebraska frontier of her youth. This volume
 the author just months before his death. 64pgs. • 2010            includes Cather's essential masterpieces: the story collection
               L • Library of America • C • $15.00 / $6.98         The Troll Garden, along with the beloved novels O Pioneers!,
                                                                   The Song of the Lark, and My Antonia. 975pgs. • 1999
                    043709 BASEBALL: A Literary                                   N • Library of America • P • $13.95 / $7.98
                    Dawidoff, Nicholas, ed.                        035776 STORIES, POEMS, AND OTHER WRITINGS
                    A lively mix of stories, memoirs, poems,       Cather, Willa
                    news reports, and insider accounts             Featuring her often anthologized short stories, the third and
                    about all aspects of the great American        final volume of the most comprehensive and authoritative
                    game, from its pastoral 19th-century           Cather edition available. Includes the collections Youth and
                    beginnings to its apotheosis as the            the Bright Medusa, Obscure Destinies, and The Old Beauty and
                    undisputed national pastime. 721pgs.           Others, the novellas Alexander's Bridge and My Mortal Enemy,
                    • 2002                                         critical essays, and her only book of poetry. 1039pgs. • 1992
            L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $12.98                          N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
                                       AMERICAN POETS PROJECT
L     101661 THE ESSENTIAL GWENDOLYN BROOKS                              092587 THEODORE ROETHKE: Selected Poems
      Brooks, Gwendolyn & Elizabeth Alexander, ed.                       Roethke, Theodore
I     From a life on Chicago's South Side Gwendolyn Brooks creat-        From the recollections of his youth in Michigan to the vision-
      ed a forceful and passionate poetry that fused Modernist aes-      ary longings of the poems written just before his death,
B     thetics with African-American cultural tradition, registering      Theodore Roethke embarked on a quest to restore wholeness
R     the life of the streets and the upheavals of the 20th century.     to a self that seemed irreparably broken. This gathering of
      Starting with A Street in Bronzeville (1945), her epoch-mak-       Roethke's works includes several of his poems for children, as
A     ing debut volume, this volume traces the full arc of her career.   well as a generous sampling from his notebooks. 200pgs. •
      200pgs. • 2005                                                     2005
R                     L • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $6.98                       L • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $6.98
                       % 130372 STEPHEN FOSTER AND CO.:                  101663 CARL SANDBURG: Selected Poems
                       Lyrics of the First Great American                Sandburg, Carl & Paul Berman, ed.
O                      Songwriters                                                    L • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $6.98
                       Foster, Stephen & Ken Emerson, ed.
F                      In this comprehensive new selection, music                          085602 WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS:
                       historian Ken Emerson introduces and                                Selected Poems
                       annotates the lyrics to more than 30 of                             Williams, William Carlos & Robert
A                      Foster's best-known songs. Also included                            Pinsky, ed.
                       are 50 other 19th-century American popu-                            Williams was a daring formal innovator,
M                      lar songs that influenced Foster or that he in                       one of the band of modernists who trans-
      turn influenced. 200pgs. • 2010                                                       formed American poetry, and an intimate,
E                  L • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $7.98                             sometimes savagely frank chronicler of the
R                                                                                          life and landscape of his native New Jersey.
      129892 SELECTED LYRICS                                                               The selections range from the hard-edged
I     Gershwin, Ira                                                      experiments of Spring and All to the fluent lyricism of
C     More than 80 examples of Ira Gershwin at his best: the comic       "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower." 200pgs. • 2004
      invention of songs such as "They All Laughed" and "Let's Call                    N • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $7.98
A     the Whole Thing Off," the poignancy of "The Man I Love," the
      wry edge of "The Saga of Jenny," the sheer exuberance of           122183 POEMS FROM THE WOMEN'S
      "Fascinating Rhythm," and dozens more. 200pgs. • 2009              MOVEMENT
                     L • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $7.98         Moore, Honor, ed.
                                                                         "What would happen if one woman told
      092589 EMMA LAZARUS: Selected Poems                                the truth about her life? / The world would
      Lazarus, Emma                                                      split open." These lines by Muriel
                  L • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $5.98            Rukeyser epitomize the spirit that animat-
                                                                         ed a generation of women poets, from the
      101666 COLE PORTER: Selected                                       1960s to the 1980s. This anthology repre-
      Lyrics                                                             sents 58 poets, among them Sylvia Plath,
      Porter, Cole & Robert Kimball, ed.                                 Adrienne Rich, Anne Sexton, Sonia Sanchez, May Swenson,
      Selected from over eight hundred songs,                            Alice Walker, Audre Lorde, Ann Waldman, Sharon Olds, Diane
      here are Porter's finest flights of invention,                       Di Prima, Lucille Clifton, Alice Notley, and Eileen Myles.
      lyrics that were an indelible part of 20th-                        200pgs. • 2009
      century culture: "Let's Do It," "Love for                                         L • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $7.98
      Sale," "I Get a Kick Out of You," "Anything
      Goes," "In the Still of the Night," "I                             092588 POETS OF THE CIVIL WAR
      Concentrate on You," and dozens more.                              McClatchy, J. D., ed.
      200pgs. • 2006                                                                    L • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $6.98
                      N • Library of America • C • $20.00 / $6.98

     035793 STORIES AND EARLY NOVELS: Pulp Stories;                                        043543 COMPLETE NOVELS AND
     The Big Sleep; Farewell, My Lovely; The High Window                                   STORIES
     Chandler, Raymond                                                                     Chopin, Kate
     Gathered here are the first 3 novels featuring private eye Philip                      Chopin's stories of fiercely independent
     Marlowe, as well as 13 stories drawn from the pages of the                            women, culminating in her masterpiece
     classic pulp magazines Black Mask and Dime Detective.                                 The Awakening (1899), challenged con-
     1199pgs. • 1995                                                                       temporary mores as much by their sensu-
                  N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $17.98                             ousness as their politics and today seem
                                                                                           decades ahead of their time. Now, The
      122180 COLLECTED STORIES AND OTHER WRITINGS                                          Library of America collects all of Chopin's
      Cheever, John                                                      novels and stories in one authoritative volume. 1071pgs. •
      Includes the entire Pulitzer Prize–winning collection, The         2002
      Stories of John Cheever, as well as selections from his first                    N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
      book, The Way Some People Live, seven additional stories,
      and selected essays. Included are masterpieces such as             101664 COMPLETE POEMS AND
      "The Enormous Radio," "Goodbye, My Brother," and "The              SELECTED LETTERS
      Swimmer," as well as lesser-known gems. 1000pgs. • 2009            Crane, Hart
                 L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98            No American poet has so swiftly and deci-
                                                                         sively transformed the course of poetry as
      122181 COMPLETE NOVELS                                             Hart Crane. In his haunted, brief life, he
      Cheever, John                                                      fashioned a distinctively modern idiom that
      In these works Cheever laid bare the failings and foibles of       fused the ornate rhetoric of the
      the ascendant postwar elite as well as the fallen Yankee           Elizabethans, the ecstatic enigmas of
      aristocrats who stubbornly clung to their shabby gentility as      Rimbaud, and the prophetic utterances of
      the last vestige of former glory. Includes The Wapshot             Whitman. The largest collection of Crane's writings ever pub-
      Chronicle (winner of the National Book Award) and its              lished, this volume includes his complete poems and pub-
      sequel The Wapshot Scandal (winner of the William Dean             lished prose along with a generous selection of letters.
      Howells Medal); the dark suburban drama Bullet Park; the           864pgs. • 2006
      prison novel Falconer; and the lyrical ecological fable Oh                        N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
      What a Paradise It Seems. 960pgs. • 2009
                 L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98

     80,000 more books online
                   035731 PROSE AND POETRY:                         % 130397 SELECTED JOURNALS,                                        21
                   Maggie, A Girl of the Streets; The               1820-1842
                   Red Badge of Courage; Stories,                   Emerson, Ralph Waldo
                   Sketches & Journalism; Poetry                    This volume begins with Emerson's first
                                                                    journal entry, on January 25, 1820, and fol-                       L
                   Crane, Stephen
                   Though he died at 28, Stephen Crane              lows him through his early years at Harvard                        I
                   was one of the most innovative and               College and the Divinity School, his ordina-
                   accomplished writers of his generation.          tion as a Unitarian minister, his marriage to                      B
                                                                    Ellen Tucker and her untimely death, his
                   Here in one volume are all his best-
                                                                    fateful decision to leave the ministry, and                        R
                   known works, including The Red Badge
 of Courage, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, his journalism,         his travels in England and on the Continent. 992pgs. • 2010        A
 poetry, and such short story masterpieces as "The Open                            L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $20.98
 Boat" and "The Blue Hotel." 1379pgs. • 1984
           L • Library of America • C • $45.00 / $16.98             % 130396 SELECTED JOURNALS, 1841-1877
                                                                    Emerson, Ralph Waldo                                               Y
 035857 PROSE AND POETRY: Maggie: A Girl of the                     Begun when he was a precocious Harvard junior and contin-
 Streets; The Red Badge of Courage; Journalism,                     ued without significant lapse for nearly 60 years, Emerson's
                                                                    journals were the starting point for virtually everything in his   O
 Poetry, Tales, & Sketches
 Crane, Stephen                                                     celebrated essays, lectures, and poems. This volume and its        F
 Contents as above. 1379pgs. • 1996                                 companion, which covers the years from 1820-1842, present
             L • Library of America • P • $15.95 / $6.98            the most comprehensive nonspecialist edition of Emerson's
                                                                    great undertaking ever published. 992pgs. • 2010
                                                                                 L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $21.98          A
Dick, Philip K.                                                                                                                        M
Philip K. Dick (1928-82) was a writer of incandescent imagi-         101884 SILENCE DOGOOD, THE BUSY-BODY, AND
nation who made and unmade world-systems with ferocious              EARLY WRITINGS                                                    E
                                                                     Franklin, Benjamin
rapidity and unbridled speculative daring. This volume
                                                                     In addition to the complete "Silence Dogood" essay series,        R
includes Martian Time-Slip (1964); Dr. Bloodmoney, or How
We Got Along After the Bomb (1965); Now Wait for Last Year           this volume includes the famous "Busy-Body" essays, news          I
(1966); Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said (1974); and A              articles published in the Pennsylvania Gazette, and various
                                                                     political satires, pamphlets, and personal correspondence.        C
Scanner Darkly (1977). 1100pgs. • 2008
              L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98           823pgs. • 2005                                                    A
                                                                                 N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $19.98
106832 FOUR NOVELS OF THE 1960S: The Man in the
High Castle / The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch / Do            035792 COLLECTED POEMS, PROSE AND PLAYS
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? / Ubik                            Frost, Robert
Dick, Philip K.                                                     The first authoritative and comprehensive collection of Frost's
Known in his lifetime primarily to readers of science fiction,       writings, bringing together all the major poetry, all of Frost's
Philip K. Dick (1928-82) is now seen as a uniquely visionary        dramatic writing, and the most extensive gathering of his prose
figure. Posing the questions "What is human?" and "What is           writings ever published. The core of this collection is the 1949
real?" in a multitude of fascinating ways, Dick produced works      "Complete Poems," the last edition supervised by the poet him-
characterized by wild humor, weird but precise logic, and           self - free of the unauthorized editorial changes introduced
soaring flights of religious speculation. 830pgs. • 2007             into subsequent editions. 1036pgs. • 1995
              L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98                        L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98

 035783 AUTOBIOGRAPHIES:                                            035717 TALES AND SKETCHES: Twice-Told Tales;
 Narrative of the Life, My Bondage &                                Mosses from an Old Manse; The Snow Image, & Other
 My Freedom, Life & Times                                           Twice-Told Tales; A Wonder Book for Girls & Boys;
 Douglass, Frederick                                                Tanglewood Tales
 Frederick Douglass, born a slave, edu-                             Hawthorne, Nathaniel
 cated himself, escaped, and went on to                             An authoritative edition of all Hawthorne's tales and sketches
 become the most influential black                                   in a single comprehensive volume. The stories are arranged in
 American of the 19th century. His auto-                            the order of their periodical publication. 1493pgs. • 1982
 biographical narratives stunned the                                              N • Library of America • C • $45.00 / $16.98
 world, and have shocked, moved, and
 inspired readers ever since. Here, complete for the first                                 122184 AMERICAN WRITINGS:
 time in one authoritative volume, are the three powerful                                 Some Chinese Ghosts; Chita; Two
 and gripping stories, now recognized as classics of                                      Years in the French West Indies;
 American writing. 1126pgs. • 1994                                                        Youma; Selected Journalism &
           N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $17.98                                   Letters
                                                                                          Hearn, Lafcadio
 035849 AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: Narrative of the Life,                                           A singular figure in American letters,
 My Bondage & My Freedom: Life & Times                                                    Hearn was born on a Greek isle to a
 Douglass, Frederick                                                                      Greek mother and an English father,
 Contents as above. 1126pgs. • 1996                                                       and made his name as a writer in the
             L • Library of America • P • $13.95 / $5.98             United States before settling permanently in Japan. Steeped
                                                                     in a decadent style, deeply interested in folk traditions
035742 COLLECTED POEMS AND TRANSLATIONS                              (notably voodoo), has writings display a keenly observant
Emerson, Ralph Waldo                                                 eye for the offbeat, the sensual, and the gruesome. 900pgs.
The most comprehensive collection ever assembled gathers             • 2009
every poem Emerson published during his lifetime along with                     L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $17.98
the best of the unpublished verse from his manuscripts, jour-
nals, and notebooks. Includes poems hitherto available only in      % 035786 FOLKLORE, MEMOIRS, AND OTHER
specialized scholarly versions, as well as revealing translations   WRITINGS: Mules & Men; Tell My Horse; Dust Tracks on
of mystical, sensuous Persian poems and of Dante's Vita             a Road; Selected Articles
Nuova. 637pgs. • 1994                                               Hurston, Zora Neale
              L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98          Contains Mules and Men, the first book of African-American
                                                                    folklore written by an African-American; Tell My Horse, which
035850 ESSAYS AND POEMS                                             deals with Jamaican obeah and Haitian voodoo in the 1930s;
Emerson, Ralph Waldo                                                Hurston's autobiography, Dust Tracks on a Road, presented
Emerson's enduring power is apparent everywhere in                  here for the first time as she intended; and 22 essays covering
American literature: there is scarcely a writer or philosopher      subjects from religion and music to Jim Crow and American
who has not been touched by his vision. This comprehensive          democracy to Harlem slang, including several pieces available
Library of America edition encompasses his richest and most         nowhere else. 1024pgs. • 1995
important works. 1360pgs. • 1996                                                   N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
               N • Library of America • P • $15.95 / $6.98

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
22    035767 BRACEBRIDGE HALL, TALES OF A TRAVELLER                                             035728 HISTORY, TALES AND
      AND THE ALHAMBRA                                                                          SKETCHES: Letters of Jonathan
      Irving, Washington                                                                        Oldstyle, Gent; Salmagundi; A
L     Three story collections from the first American author to                                  History of New York; The Sketch
      burst onto the international literary scene. The Alhambra,                                Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent
I     Irving's "Spanish Sketchbook," was inspired by his 1829                                   Irving, Washington
      residence at the ancient Moorish palace at Granada; weav-                                 A writer of great urbanity and poise,
B     ing history, legend, and description, it remains the best                                 Washington Irving was America's first
R     guidebook to this haunting place. More than 120 tales in                                  internationally acclaimed man of letters.
      all. 1104pgs. • 1991                                                                      Here in one volume are the writings that
A                L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98                established his reputation and earned him the admiration
                                                                             of Hawthorne, Poe, Coleridge, Byron, Scott, and Dickens.
R                                                                            1144pgs. • 1983
Y                                                                                       L • Library of America • C • $45.00 / $16.98

O                                               C O M P I L AT I O N S
F    116780 AMERICAN EARTH: Environmental Writing since                    035828 AMERICAN POETRY: THE TWENTIETH CENTURY
     Thoreau                                                               VOLUME 1: Henry Adams to Dorothy Parker
     McKibben, Bill, ed.                                                   Library of America Staff
A    Classics of the environmental imagination -- the essays of Henry      The first half of the largest anthology of 20th-century American
M    David Thoreau, John Muir, and John Burroughs; Aldo Leopold's          poetry ever attempted, including enormous selections of Robert
     A Sand County Almanac; Rachel Carson's Silent Spring -- are set       Frost, Gertrude Stein, Wallace Stevens, Ezra Pound, William
E    against the inspiring story of an emerging activist movement, as      Carlos Williams, H.D., Marianne Moore and T.S. Eliot. 986pgs.
     revealed by newly uncovered reports of pioneering campaigns           • 2000
R    for conservation, passages from landmark legal opinions and                           L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
I    legislation, and searing protest speeches. 900pgs. • 2008
                     L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $18.98          035829 AMERICAN POETRY: THE TWENTIETH CENTURY
C                                                                          VOLUME 2: e. e. cummings to May Swenson
                     129889 AMERICAN FANTASTIC TALES:                      Library of America Staff
A                    Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the                Includes large selections from Robert Frost, e.e. cummings,
                     Pulps                                                 Wallace Stevens, Hart Crane, Elizabeth Bishop, Theodore Roethke,
                     Straub, Peter, ed.                                    and Langston Hughes, plus hundreds more. 1007pgs. • 2000
                     Surveys a century and a half of stories of                           N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
                     trance states, sleepwalking, mesmerism,
                     obsession, possession, madness, exotic                 101885 AMERICAN RELIGIOUS POEMS: An Anthology
                     curses, and evil atmospheres. The authors              Bloom, Harold & Jesse Zuba, eds.
                     range from Henry James, Edith Wharton,                 From Anne Bradstreet to the Beats, from Native American
                     Mary Wilkins Freeman, Charlotte Perkins                chant and Shaker hymnody to Walt Whitman and Emily
     Gilman, and Ambrose Bierce to H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E.               Dickinson, religion and spirituality have always been central
     Howard, and Robert Bloch. 750pgs. • 2009                               to American poetry. This elegant slipcased anthology, span-
                  N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98              ning four centuries and more than 200 poets, offers count-
                                                                            less moments of inspiration, solace, meditation, and tran-
     129890 AMERICAN FANTASTIC TALES:                                       scendence. 900pgs. • 2006
     Terror and the Uncanny from the 1940's                                            L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
     until Now
     Straub, Peter, ed.                                                     035848 AMERICAN SEA WRITING: A Literary
     The 42 stories in this second volume of                                Anthology
     American Fantastic Tales provide an irre-                              Neill, Peter, ed.
     sistible journey into the phantasmagoric                               Drawing on literary masterworks and firsthand narratives,
     underside of the American imagination. The                             travel writing and natural science, memoir and journalism,
     authors represented include Shirley                                    this book captures the full sweep of America's maritime expe-
     Jackson, Ray Bradbury, John Collier, Stephen                           rience. From 17th-century voyagers to ecological dilemmas of
     King, Steven Millhauser, and Michael Chabon. 750pgs. • 2009            the 20th, from Cotton Mather and Washington Irving to Peter
                    L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98            Matthiessen and Barry Lopez, the collection casts our nation-
                                                                            al story in a new and revealing light. 671pgs. • 2000
     035768 AMERICAN POETRY - THE NINETEENTH                                             L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
     CENTURY VOLUME 1: Freneau to Whitman
     Hollander, John, ed.                                                   106833 AMERICAN SPEECHES I: Political Oratory
     This landmark two-volume anthology gathers over 1,000 poems            from the Revolution to the Civil War
     by nearly 150 poets. Volume 1 includes generous selections             Widmer, Ted, ed.
     from Poe, Emerson, Bryant, Longfellow, and Whitman; "There is          This volume, the first of an unprecedented two-volume col-
     simply nothing else like it in print" -- Helen Vendler, The New        lection, gathers the unabridged texts of 45 eloquent and dra-
     Republic 1098pgs. • 1993                                               matic speeches delivered by American public figures
                   N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98             between 1761 and 1865, beginning with James Otis's denun-
                                                                            ciation of unrestrained searches by British customs officials
                           106834 AMERICAN POETRY: THE                      -- hailed by John Adams as the beginning of the American
                           SEVENTEENTH AND EIGHTEENTH                       Revolution -- and ending with Lincoln's Second Inaugural
                           CENTURIES                                        Address. 810pgs. • 2006
                           Shields, David, ed.                                           L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $17.98
                           The poetry of early America is seen afresh in
                           this groundbreaking new volume, which            101887 AMERICAN SPEECHES II: Political Oratory
                           spans from the first years of English settle-     from Abraham Lincoln to Bill Clinton
                           ment in the New World to the death of            Widmer, Ted, ed.
                           George Washington. Gathering the work of         Includes Frederick Douglass's brilliant oration on Abraham
                           more than 100 poets -- including many            Lincoln, Oliver Wendell Holmes's "touched with fire"
     poems never previously anthologized and some published here            Memorial Day Address, speeches by William Jennings Bryan,
     for the first time -- it is the most comprehensive collection of its    Theodore Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady
     kind ever assembled. 900pgs. • 2007                                    Stanton, and Carrie Chapman Catt. Also: wartime speeches by
                     N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98           George Patton and Dwight Eisenhower; Richard Nixon's
                                                                            "Checkers Speech;" Malcolm X's "The Ballot or the Bullet;"
                                                                            and an extensive selection of speeches by Franklin Roosevelt,
                                                                            Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy. 875pgs. • 2006
                                                                                        L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98

     80,000 more books online
035795 COMPLETE STORIES 1892-1898                                     035859 MAJOR STORIES AND ESSAYS                                   23
James, Henry                                                          James, Henry
The 21 stories in this volume represent James at the peak of          Includes "Daisy Miller," "The Aspern
his powers. Among them are "The Turn of the Screw," one of            Papers," "The Beast in the Jungle," "The
his most popular works, and a terrifying exercise in psycho-          Figure in the Carpet," and "The Great Good                        L
logical horror centering on the corruption of childhood inno-         Place," along with "The Art of Fiction,"                          I
cence; "The Real Thing," a playful consideration of the illusion      James' declaration of the novelist's free-
of art and the paradoxes of authenticity; "The Figure in the          dom, his celebrated preface to The Portrait                       B
Carpet," "The Death of the Lion," and "The Middle Years,"             of a Lady, and discussions of Hawthorne,
three very different expositions of James's most profound             Emerson, Whitman, Shakespeare, and                                R
insights into the nature of his own art. 948pgs. • 1996               Balzac. 705pgs. • 1999                                            A
               N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98                           N • Library of America • P • $12.95 / $6.98

                                           C O M P I L AT I O N S                                                                       O
% 131821 THE AMERICAN STAGE: Writing on Theater                                          035862 REPORTING VIETNAM:                      F
from Washington Irving to Tony Kushner                                                   American Journalism, 1959-1975
Senelick, Lawrence, ed.                                                                  Library of America Staff
The story of America's living theater traditions, high and low,                          Collects the best writing and reportage from   A
mainstream and experimental, told firsthand in the words of                               the war covering 1959 to 1975 - from the       M
playwrights and critics, actors and directors, and others.                               first American deaths to the fall of Saigon.
Includes a foreword by John Lithgow. 850pgs. • 2010                                      Along the way, reporters uncover the mili-     E
               L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98                              tary blunders, the political minefields, and
                                                                                         the cultural changes spreading from            R
                       085401 AMERICANS IN PARIS: A                                      America to Vietnam, capturing war at its       I
                       Literary Anthology                             most chaotic, its most lawless, and its most tragic. 853pgs. •
                       Gopnik, Adam, ed.                              2000                                                              C
                       Paris has been many things to many                             L • Library of America • P • $17.95 / $6.98
                       Americans: a tradition-bound bastion of                                                                          A
                       old world Europe, a hotbed of revolution-      035863 REPORTING WORLD WAR II: American
                       ary ideologies, and a space in which to cul-   Journalism, 1938-1946
                       tivate an openness to life thought impossi-    Library of America Staff
                       ble at home. Including stories, letters,       Drawn from the Library of America's two-volume hardcover
                       memoirs, and reporting, the text distills 3    anthology, this volume captures the unfolding drama through
centuries of writing about what Henry James called "the most          the work of more than 50 remarkable reporters, whose writings
brilliant city in the world." 650pgs. • 2004                          cover Nazi Germany, the fall of France and the Tunisian cam-
                 L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $15.98         paign, the London Blitz, the Italian front, the horrors in the
                                                                      Pacific, and life on the home front. 874pgs. • 2001
129891 BECOMING AMERICANS: Four Centuries of                                           L • Library of America • P • $18.95 / $6.98
Immigrant Writing
Stavans, Ilan, ed.                                                    085413 SLAVE NARRATIVES
Collects more than 400 years of writing -- spanning from 17th-        Andrews, William L. & Henry Louis Gates,
century Jamestown to contemporary Brooklyn and Los Angeles            eds.
-- by first-generation immigrants. The nearly 100 poems, sto-          Includes Narrative of the Most Remarkable
ries, novel excerpts, travel pieces, diary entries, memoirs, and      Particulars in the Life of James Albert
letters represented capture the full range of the experience of       Ukawsaw Gronniosaw; Interesting Narrative
coming to America. 850pgs. • 2009                                     of the Life of Olaudah Equiano; The
               L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98           Confessions of Nat Turner; Narrative of the
                                                                      Life of Frederick Douglass; Narrative of
 056058 THE DEBATE ON THE                                             William W. Brown; Narrative of the Life and
 CONSTITUTION PART 1: Federalist                                      Adventures of Henry Bibb; Narrative of Sojouner Truth; Ellen
 and Antifederalist Speeches, Articles,                               and William Craft's Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom;
 and Letters During the Struggle Over                                 Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl; and
 Ratification                                                          Narrative of the Life of J. D.Green. 1035pgs. • 2002
 Bailyn, Bernard, ed.                                                                  N • Library of America • P • $14.95 / $6.98
 This unique collection captures first-
 hand the energy and eloquence of the                                 116786 TRUE CRIME: An American Anthology
 stormy ratification struggle. Franklin,                               Schechter, Harold
 Madison, Jefferson, Washington, Patrick                              From the beginning crime and punishment has been one the
 Henry, and many less well known voices speak with passion            most characteristic themes in American literature. This volume
 and articulateness about issues of personal liberty and pub-         includes such writers as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ambrose Bierce,
 lic order that continue to resonate today. Along with a              Mark Twain, Theodore Dreiser, James Thurber, Joseph Mitchell,
 detailed chronology and notes, each volume also includes             Truman Capote, and James Ellroy, as well as execution sermons,
 the full texts of the Declaration in Independence, Articles of       murder ballads, early broadsides, trial reports, and tabloid
 Confederation, and Constitution. 1214pgs. • 1993                     journalism from many eras. 900pgs. • 2008
               N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98                         N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98

 035771 THE DEBATE ON THE CONSTITUTION PART 2:                                          116987 WRITING NEW YORK: A
 Federalist and Antifederalist Speeches, Articles, and                                  Literary Anthology
 Letters During the Struggle over Ratification                                           Lopate, Phillip, ed.
 Bailyn, Bernard, ed.                                                                   Assembles nearly 200 years' worth of liter-
 This unique collection captures firsthand the energy and elo-                           ary Gothamania: the result is a hefty, pleas-
 quence of the stormy ratification struggle. Franklin,                                   ingly eclectic anthology that works as both
 Madison, Jefferson, Washington, Patrick Henry, and many                                historical document and literary revelation,
 less well known voices speak with passion and articulateness                           including poetry, essays, fiction, memoirs,
 about issues of personal liberty and public order that con-                            diaries, letters, and journalism. 1050pgs.
 tinue to resonate today. Along with a detailed chronology and                          • 2008
 notes, each volume also includes the full texts of the                               L • Library of America • P • $24.95 / $8.98
 Declaration in Independence, Articles of Confederation, and
 Constitution. 1175pgs. • 1993
              N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98

                                                                                 w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
24                     035777 WRITINGS 1878-1899:
                       Psychology: Briefer Course; The Will to           122182 THE SWEET SCIENCE AND
                       Believe; Talks to Teachers; Essays                OTHER WRITINGS
                       James, William                                    Liebling, A. J.
L                      The brilliant, engagingly written early           One of the most gifted American journal-
                       works of the writer and teacher who has           ists of the 20th century, Liebling learned
I                      profoundly influenced the way Americans            his craft as a newspaper reporter before
B                      think. The Will to Believe and Other Essays       joining The New Yorker in 1935. This
                       in Popular Philosophy argues that each of         volume collects five books that demon-
R                      us has the right to believe in hypotheses         strate his extraordinary vitality and ver-
     that are not susceptible to proof and that such beliefs might       satility as a writer. The title work, a live-
A                                                                        ly and idiosyncratic portrait of boxing in the early 1950s,
     actually change the world. Also includes Psychology: Briefer
R    Course; Talks to Teachers and Students, and nine important          was named the best sports book of all time by Sports
     essays. 1212pgs. • 1992                                             Illustrated. 1050pgs. • 2008
Y                  N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98                       L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98

     035730 WRITINGS: Autobiography; A Summary View of                                     116788 WORLD WAR II WRITINGS:
O    the Rights of British America; Notes on the State of                                  The Road Back to Paris / Mollie and
     Virginia; Addresses, Letters                                                          Other War Pieces / Uncollected War
F    Jefferson, Thomas                                                                     Journalism / Normandy Revisited
     The most comprehensive one-volume selection of Jefferson's                            Liebling, A. J.
     writings ever published. 1600pgs. • 1984                                              One of the most gifted and influential
A                  L • Library of America • C • $45.00 / $16.98                            American journalists of the 20th centu-
                                                                                           ry, Liebling spent five years reporting the
M                                                                                          events and individual stories of World
     035779 NOVELS AND STORIES: Deephaven; A Country
E    Doctor; The Country of the Pointed Firs; Dunnet Landing                               War II. This volume brings together
     Stories; Selected Stories & Sketches                                three books along with 26 uncollected New Yorker pieces
R    Jewett, Sarah Orne                                                  and two excerpts from his writings on the French
I    Set against long Maine winters, hardscrabble farms, and the         Resistance. 1100pgs. • 2008
     sea, Jewett's stories of gruff, capable farmers and seafolk have              L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $14.98
C    a very modern resonance. This comprehensive collection
     reveals the full stature of the unjustly neglected writer whom     117019 THE LINCOLN ANTHOLOGY: Great Writers on
A    Willa Cather ranked with Mark Twain and Nathaniel                  His Life and Legacy from 1860 to Now
     Hawthorne. 937pgs. • 1994                                          Holzer, Harold, ed.
                    N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98        Features impressions of Lincoln by Winston Churchill,
                                                                        Frederick Douglass, Ralph Waldo Emerson, U. S. Grant,
     085551 WRITINGS                                                    Nathaniel Hawthorne, Victor Hugo, Henrik Ibsen, Karl Marx,
     Johnson, James Weldon                                              Herman Melville, Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain, Gore Vidal, Booker
     Johnson's complex career spanned the                               T. Washington, H. G. Wells, Walt Whitman, Garry Wills, and
     worlds of literature, diplomacy, politics,                         many others. The volume also includes illustrations and a
     journalism, and musical theater. This vol-                         detailed chronology of Lincoln's life. 800pgs. • 2008
     ume includes The Autobiography of an Ex-                                        L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $18.98
     Colored Man, a groundbreaking and subtle
     account of racial passing, along with a gen-                       117172 THE LINCOLN BICENTENNIAL COLLECTION:
     erous array of Johnson's essays; a selection                       Speeches and Writings (Vols. I & II); The Lincoln
     of his topical editorials from the New York                        Anthology
     Age; and an offering of his poems and lyrics, including God's      BOXED SET
     Trombones, his brilliant verse homage to African-American          Holzer, Harold, ed.
     preaching. 828pgs. • 2004                                          Three complete volumes of works by and about the 16th
                    N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98        President. The two-volume Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and
                                                                        Writings includes all of his significant works, including both
     085419 KAUFMAN AND CO: Broadway Comedies                           sides of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, hundreds of personal
     Kaufman, George S.                                                 and political letters, and private reflections on democracy,
     Bursting with vernacular wit, farcical ingenuity, and theatrical   slavery, and the meaning of the Civil War's immense suffering.
     panache, George S. Kaufman's plays have remained beloved           The set also includes The Lincoln Anthology, which collects
     favorites and exuberant reminders of Broadway in its glory         pieces by 100 major authors and important historical figures
     days. Includes The Royal Family; Animal Crackers; June Moon;       from Lincoln's time to the present. 1700pgs. • 2008
     Once in a Lifetime; Of Thee I Sing; You Can't Take It with You;                  L • Library of America • C • $99.95 / $44.98
     Dinner at Eight; Stage Door; The Man Who Came to Dinner
     950pgs. • 2004                                                     122510 SELECTED SPEECHES AND
                   L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98         WRITINGS
                                                                        Lincoln, Abraham
                         107229 ROAD NOVELS 1957-1960                   The writings collected in this volume
                         Kerouac, Jack                                  record Lincoln's campaigns for public
                         The raucous, exuberant, often wildly           office; the evolution of his stand against
                         funny account of a journey through             slavery; his electrifying debates with
                         America and Mexico, On the Road                Stephen Douglas; his conduct of the Civil
                         instantly defined a generation upon its         War; and the great public utterances of his
                         publication in 1957. This volume also          presidency, including the Emancipation
                         includes The Dharma Bums (1958);               Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address. 550pgs. • 2009
                         The Subterraneans (1958); Tristessa                           N • Library of America • P • $16.95 / $7.98
                         (1960); Lonesome Traveler (1960);
      and selections from Kerouac's journals for the years 1949-         035756 SPEECHES AND WRITINGS 1832-1858
      1954. 864pgs. • 2007                                               Lincoln, Abraham
                 N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98            This volume, along with Speeches and Writings 1859-1865,
                                                                         comprises the most comprehensive selection ever pub-
     035769 MAIN STREET AND BABBITT                                      lished. Over 240 speeches, letters, and drafts take Lincoln
     Lewis, Sinclair                                                     from rural lawyer to U.S. senatorial candidate, charting his
     Main Street was Lewis's first triumph, a phenomenal event in         emergence as an antislavery advocate and defender of the
     American publishing and cultural history. In George F. Babbitt,     Constitution. Includes the complete Lincoln-Douglas
     the boisterous, vulgar, worried, gadget-loving real-estate man,     debates. 898pgs. • 1989
     he fashioned a new and enduring figure in our literature -- the                L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98
     total conformist -- and captured the noisy restlessness of
     American commercial culture. H. L. Mencken wrote: "I know
     of no American novel that more accurately presents the real              Some books are in limited supply.
     America." 898pgs. • 1992                                                          Order today!
                   N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98

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                    035770 SPEECHES AND WRITINGS                      116801 EARLY NOVELS AND                                              25
                    1859-1865                                         STORIES
                    Lincoln, Abraham                                  Maxwell, William
                    A collection of writings from 1859 to             With his second book, They Came Like                                 L
                    1865, including speeches, messages,               Swallows (1937), Maxwell found his sig-
                    proclamations, letters, memoranda,                nature subject matter -- the fragility of                            I
                    and fragments. These documents                    human happiness -- as well as his voice,                             B
                    record the words and deeds -- the                 a quiet, cadenced Midwestern voice that
                    order to resupply Fort Sumter, the                John Updike has called one of the wisest                             R
                    emancipation of the slaves held in the            and kindest in American fiction. This
 Confederacy, and proposals to offer the South generous               volume also includes Bright Center of Heaven; The Folded             A
 terms of reconstruction -- through which Lincoln hoped to            Leaf; Time Will Darken It, and nine short stories. 800pgs.           R
 defend and preserve the Union. 788pgs. • 1989                        • 2008
           L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98                          L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $14.98              Y
035720 NOVELS AND SOCIAL WRITINGS: The People of                      116817 LATER NOVELS AND STORIES
the Abyss; The Road; The Iron Heel; Martin Eden; John                 Maxwell, William                                                     O
Barleycorn; Essays                                                    The second installment of a two-volume edition of Maxwell.
London, Jack                                                          The Château (1961) describes the most subtle and bitter-             F
The Iron Heel, an astonishing political fantasy, anticipates an       sweet encounter of American naiveté and Old World mys-
America dominated by a capitalist police state and ripped             tery since Henry James. Also included: So Long, See You
apart by urban warfare. Personal experiences lie behind The           Tomorrow; stories; 40 brief "improvisations"; and the essay          A
People of the Abyss, which vividly re-creates the slums of East       "Nearing Ninety," a moving valediction to a lifetime of read-
London, and the exhilarating camaraderie of hobo gangs                ing and storytelling. 990pgs. • 2008                                 M
roaming across America in The Road. John Barleycorn                              L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $14.98              E
describes in harrowing terms London's struggles with alco-
holism, while the intensely autobiographical novel Martin            035861 MOBY-DICK, BILLY BUDD AND OTHER                                R
Eden foreshadows his own death at age 40. 1192pgs. • 1982            WRITINGS
              N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98           Melville, Herman                                                      I
                                                                     The sweep of Melville's writings - encompassing ferocious             C
035719 NOVELS AND STORIES: The                                       social satire, agonized reflection, and formal experimentation
Call of the Wild; White Fang; The Sea-                               - is represented in this comprehensive edition. Includes Moby-        A
Wolf; Klondike Stories                                               Dick in its entirety; Billy Budd; "Bartleby, The Scrivener"; "The
London, Jack                                                         Encantadas, or Enchanted Isles"; the essay "Hawthorne and
Includes London's best-known novels                                  His Mosses"; and 21 poems. 996pgs. • 2001
together with selections from his Klondike                                            N • Library of America • P • $13.95 / $6.98
tales and previously uncollected short sto-
ries. Set in California, Mexico, Alaska, and                                             035723 REDBURN, WHITE-JACKET,
the South Seas, these works capture the                                                  MOBY-DICK
romance and violence of adventure with                                                   Melville, Herman
vigorous narratives and an intuitive feeling for animal life.                            Moby-Dick, Melville's masterpiece, is one
1021pgs. • 1982                                                                          of the great epics in all of literature. Ahab's
               N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98                              idolatrous hunt for the white whale drives
                                                                                         the narrative at a relentless pace, while
                    035832 POEMS AND OTHER WRITINGS                                      Ishmael's meditations on whales and whal-
                    Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth                                          ing, the sublime indifference of nature, and
                    No American writer of the 19th century was                           the grimy physical details of whale-oil
                    more universally enjoyed and admired than        extraction provide a reflective counterpoint. This volume also
                    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. His works            includes Redburn, which relates a young man's initiation into
                    were extraordinary bestsellers for their era,    the sailor's life, and White-Jacket, a semi-autobiographical
                    achieving fame both here and abroad. For         account of experiences in the US Navy. 1436pgs. • 1983
                    the first time in over 25 years, this compre-                   N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
                    hensive volume offers a full-scale literary
                    portrait of America's greatest popular poet.     101656 COLLECTED PLAYS 1944-1961
854pgs. • 2000                                                       Miller, Arthur
            L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98             This inaugural volume of the Library of America's edition of
                                                                     Miller's plays gathers the works that established the playwright
 092592 TALES                                                        as one of the indispensable voices of the postwar era, includ-
 Lovecraft, H. P.                                                    ing All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, and A View
 A 20th-century successor to Edgar Allan Poe as the master           from the Bridge. The volume also contains the early drama
 of "weird fiction," H. P. Lovecraft adapted the conventions          The Man Who Had All the Luck, Miller's adaptation of Ibsen's
 of horror stories and science fiction to express an intense-         An Enemy of the People, the autobiographical one-act A
 ly personal vision, cosmic in its ramifications and fearsome         Memory of Two Mondays, and the novella The Misfits, based
 in its shuddering view of human destiny. This volume brings         on the screenplay Miller wrote for Marilyn Monroe. 864pgs.
 together the very best of Lovecraft's fiction in a treasury          • 2006
 guaranteed to bring fright and delight both to longtime fans                       N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
 and to readers new to his work. 850pgs. • 2005
            L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98             035805 NATURE WRITINGS: The Story
                                                                     of My Boyhood and Youth; My First
129882 WRITINGS                                                      Summer in the Sierra; The Mountains of
Marshall, John                                                       California; Stickeen; Essays
Collects 200 documents written between                               Muir, John
1779 and 1835, including Marshall's most                             In a lifetime of exploration, writing, and
important judicial opinions, his influential                          passionate political activism, John Muir
rulings during the Aaron Burr treason trial,                         became America's most eloquent
speeches, newspaper essays, and revealing                            spokesman for the mystery and majesty of
letters to friends, fellow judges, and his                           the wilderness. A crucial figure in the cre-
beloved wife. 928pgs. • 2010                                         ation of our national parks system and a far-seeing prophet of
              N • Library of America • C •                           environmental awareness, he was also a master of natural
                          $40.00 / $18.98                            description who evoked with unique power and intimacy the
                                                                     untrammeled landscapes of the American West. 888pgs. •
 %   New to Catalog                                                                N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
 N   Publisher's overstock - like new
 I   New from the publisher
 L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
     top or bottom of binding

                                                                                w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
26                       % 035802 NOVELS 1969-1974:
                                                                        035856 POETRY, TALES AND
                                                                        SELECTED ESSAYS
                         Ada, or Ardor; Transparent Things;             Poe, Edgar Allan
                         Look at the Harlequins!                        In this comprehensive and uniquely author-
L                        Nabokov, Vladimir                              itative collection, along with such well-
                         This volume contains Ada, or Ardor, a          known masterpieces as "Ligeia," "The Fall
I                        witty and parodic account of a man's           of the House of Usher," and "The Cask of
                         lifelong love for his sister; Transparent
B                        Things, a haunting novella of a young
                                                                        Amontillado," are the major writings on the
                                                                        theory of poetry and the duties of the critic,
R                        American's marriage, the murder of             fugitive early poems, stories and humorous
                         his wife, and a lone journey to uncover        sketches rarely collected, and the verse drama Politian.
A     the truth; and Look at the Harlequins!, Nabokov's final            1506pgs. • 1996
R     novel about a novelist very much like himself. The texts in                       N • Library of America • P • $19.95 / $7.98
      this volume have been corrected based on the author's own
Y     copies. 824pgs. • 1996                                                              116785 COLLECTED STORIES AND
                 N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98                             OTHER WRITINGS
                                                                                          Porter, Katherine Anne
O    035753 NOVELS AND ESSAYS:                                                            Set in her native Texas and her beloved
     Vandover & the Brute; McTeague; The                                                  Mexico, prewar Nazi Germany and the goth-
F    Octopus; Essays                                                                      ic Old South, Porter's stories of love, out-
     Norris, Frank                                                                        rage, betrayal, and spiritual reckoning are
     Inspired by the "new novel" developed by                                             severe but never cruel, and always exquis-
A    Zola and Flaubert, Norris adapted its meth-                                          itely precise. They number fewer than 30,
     ods to American settings, adding his own                                             but as Robert Penn Warren commented,
M    taste for exciting action and a fascination                        "many are unsurpassed in modern fiction." Rounding out this
E    with the emergent sciences of economics                            volume is a selection of Porter's journalism and other short
     and psychology. 1232pgs. • 1986                                    prose. 1068pgs. • 2008
R                  N • Library of America • C • $45.00 / $16.98                      L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
I     035750 COLLECTED WORKS: Wise Blood; A Good                        035841 NOVELS 1944-1962: My Home Is Far Away;
C     Man Is Hard to Find; The Violent Bear It Away;                    The Locusts Have No King; The Wicked Pavilion; The
      Everything That Rises Must Converge; Essays & Letters             Golden Spur
A     O'Connor, Flannery                                                Powell, Dawn
      Wickedly funny tales of human misfits running up against           A playful satirist, an unsentimental observer of failed hopes
      the limits of worldly wisdom. The only complete one-vol-          and misguided longings, Dawn Powell is a literary rediscovery
      ume collection of O'Connor's works includes all of her nov-       of rare importance. 969pgs. • 2001
      els and short-story collections, with nine other stories,                       N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
      selected essays, and a selection of 259 witty, spirited, and
      revealing letters, several never before published. 1281pgs.        085418 LETTERS AND SPEECHES
      • 1988                                                             Roosevelt, Theodore
                 N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98            Teddy Roosevelt's letters demonstrate the astonishing range
                                                                         of his interests and deeds and reveal the personal dimen-
                     035758 COMPLETE PLAYS 1920-1931                     sions of one of our greatest statesmen. In addition to four
                     O'Neill, Eugene                                     of his most famous speeches, this volume collects 367 let-
                     This Library of America volume contains             ters written between 1881 and 1919 to correspondents as
                     13 plays written in the years in which              various as Jacob Riis, Rudyard Kipling, Upton Sinclair,
                     O'Neill achieved his greatest popularity            Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
                     while experimenting with a wide variety of          960pgs. • 2004
                     subjects and styles. Includes Marco                             N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98
                     Millions, The Hairy Ape, The Great God
                     Brown, Strange Interlude, Desire Under the          085606 THE ROUGH RIDERS AND AN
                     Elms, Mourning Becomes Electra, and                 AUTOBIOGRAPHY
     seven more. 1092pgs. • 1988                                         Roosevelt, Theodore
                 N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98            The Rough Riders is the story of the
                                                                         First US Volunteer Cavalry, the regiment
     035789 COLLECTED WRITINGS                                           Roosevelt led to enduring fame during
     Paine, Thomas                                                       the Spanish-American War. In An
     Paine was the impassioned democratic                                Autobiography, Roosevelt recalls his
     voice of the Age of Revolution. This volume                         lifelong fascination with natural history,
     brings together his best-known works --                             his love of hunting and the outdoors,
     Common Sense, The American Crisis,                                  and his adventures as a cattleman in the
     Rights of Man, The Age of Reason -- along                           Dakota Badlands, as well as his career in politics as a state
     with a selection of letters, articles and pam-                      legislator, civil service reformer, police commissioner,
     phlets. 906pgs. • 1995                                              assistant secretary of the navy, governor, and president.
                   N • Library of America • C •                          864pgs. • 2004
                                                      $35.00 / $18.98                N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98
     035763 THE OREGON TRAIL AND THE CONSPIRACY OF                                          101652 NOVELS AND STORIES 1959-
     PONTIAC                                                                                1962: Goodbye, Columbus & Five Short
     Parkman, Francis                                                                       Stories / Letting Go
     Parkman's first and most famous book, The Oregon Trail, is a                            Roth, Philip
     vivid account of his adventures on the open frontier and his                           Roth's comic genius, his imaginative daring,
     encounters with Plains Indians in their last era of free,                              his courage in exploring uncomfortable
     nomadic life. The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War                             truths, and his assaults on political, cultural,
     after the Conquest of Canada, his first historical work, portrays                       and sexual orthodoxies have made him one of
     the fierce conflict that erupted along the Great Lakes in the                            the essential writers of our time. This first vol-
     aftermath of the Seven Years' War. 951pgs. • 1991                                      ume in the definitive edition of Roth's collect-
                   N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98         ed works presents Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories, the
                                                                        book for which he won the National Book Award, as well as his
                                                                        first novel, Letting Go. 913pgs. • 2005
                                                                                       L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
             Visit Our Store • Open 7 days
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101651 NOVELS 1967-1972: When She Was Good /                                          035788 NOVELS AND STORIES 1932-                 27
Portnoy's Complaint / Our Gang / The Breast                                           1937: The Pastures of Heaven, To a
Roth, Philip                                                                          God Unknown, Tortilla Flat, In Dubious
In this second volume of the definitive edition of Roth's works,                       Battle, Of Mice and Men
the range and inventiveness of his fiction is dazzlingly dis-                          Steinbeck, John                                 L
played: the somber and penetrating realism of When She Was                            Here for the first time in one volume are        I
Good; the daring verbal wit of his comic masterpiece Portnoy's                        Steinbeck's early California writings. In
Complaint; the unrestrained political satire of Our Gang; and                         prose that blends the vernacular and the        B
the fantasy of The Breast, featuring the debut of Roth protago-                       incantatory, the local and the mythic, these
nist David Kepesh as he endures a metamorphosis worthy of                             five works chart Steinbeck's evolution into      R
Kafka or Gogol. 672pgs. • 2005                                      one of the greatest and most enduringly popular of American       A
              L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98          novelists. 909pgs. • 1994
                                                                                 L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98         R
                  101665 NOVELS 1973-1977: The
                  Great American Novel, My Life as a                106837 TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY AND                                   Y
                  Man, The Professor of Desire                      LATER NOVELS, 1947-1962
                  Roth, Philip                                      Steinbeck, John
                  This third volume in The Library of               Travels with Charley was Steinbeck's last                         O
                  America's definitive edition of Philip Roth's      published book. A record of his experi-                           F
                  collected works presents three markedly           ences and observations as he drove around
                  different novels that together trace a crucial    America in a pickup truck, it is filled with
                  period in the bold evolution of one of            engaging, often humorous description and
                  America's indispensable novelists. 906pgs.        comes to a powerful climax in an encounter                        A
                  • 2006                                            with racist demonstrators in New Orleans.                         M
              N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98          Also includes The Wayward Bus, Burning Bright, Sweet
                                                                    Thursday, and The Winter of Our Discontent. 990pgs. • 2007        E
116782 NOVELS AND OTHER NARRATIVES, 1986-1991                                    L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
Roth, Philip                                                                                                                          R
This volume in the Library of America's collected Roth               035809 COLLECTED POETRY AND PROSE                                I
includes The Counterlife; The Facts; Deception; and                  Stevens, Wallace
Patrimony. 800pgs. • 2008                                            Includes all of Stevens' published books of poetry, along        C
             L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98            with the haunting lyrics of his later years and early work       A
                                                                     that traces the development of his art. The volume also
106835 ZUCKERMAN BOUND: A Trilogy and Epilogue                       presents over ninety poems uncollected by Stevens, includ-
1979-1985                                                            ing early versions of often-discussed works such as "The
Roth, Philip                                                         Comedian as the Letter C" and "Owl's Clover." 1035pgs. •
Includes three novels (The Ghost Writer, Zuckerman                   1997
Unbound, The Anatomy Lesson), as well as the novella The                        L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
Prague Orgy. In addition, this volume publishes for the first
time Roth's unproduced television screenplay for The Prague         035715 THREE NOVELS: Uncle Tom's Cabin; The
Orgy, featuring new characters and scenes that do not appear        Minister's Wooing; Oldtown Folks
in the novella. 645pgs. • 2007                                      Stowe, Harriet Beecher
              L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98          Described by Henry James as "much less a book than a state
                                                                    of vision," Uncle Tom's Cabin is one of the most influential
 106836 WRITINGS: with Other                                        works of fiction in American history. Stowe's moving Christian
 Narratives of Roanoke, Jamestown,                                  epic turned millions of Americans against slavery, bringing the
 and the First English Settlement of                                "peculiar institution" immeasurably closer to its fiery destruc-
 America                                                            tion. 1468pgs. • 1982
 Smith, Captain John et al.                                                       L • Library of America • C • $47.50 / $16.98
 One of the most colorful figures in
 American history, the soldier, explorer,                           035741 A WEEK ON THE CONCORD AND MERRIMACK
 and colonist John Smith was a vivid and                            RIVERS; WALDEN; THE MAINE WOODS; CAPE COD
 prolific chronicler of the beginnings of                            Thoreau, Henry David
 English settlement in the New World.                               Thoreau's longer works in one volume, all demonstrating his
 This volume brings together seven of his works, along with         subtle interweaving of natural observation, personal experi-
 16 additional narratives by 13 other writers, that recount         ence, and historical lore. The Maine Woods and Cape Cod are
 firsthand the tragic, harrowing, and dramatic events of the         especially valuable portraits of the natural landscapes of
 settlement of Roanoke and Jamestown. 1200pgs. • 2007               Thoreau's youth that were changing irreversibly even as he
            N • Library of America • C • $45.00 / $19.98            wrote these classic essays. 1114pgs. • 1989
                                                                                  N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
WRITINGS, 1936-1941: The Long Valley; The Grapes of                                 035803 WRITINGS AND DRAWINGS
Wrath; The Log from the Sea of Cortez; The Harvest                                  Thurber, James
Gypsies                                                                             The best and most extensive Thurber col-
Steinbeck, John                                                                     lection ever assembled, including acknowl-
Presents The Grapes of Wrath in a newly corrected text based                        edged masterpieces: "The Secret Life of
on the author's manuscript, typescript, and galleys. The                            Walter Mitty" and "The Catbird Seat," the
Harvest Gypsies is Steinbeck's investigative report on migrant                      anti-war parable The Last Flower, the satiri-
farm workers which laid the groundwork for the novel; The                           cal Fables for Our Time, the best pieces
Long Valley displays his brilliance with short stories; while The                   from The Owl in the Attic, Let Your Mind
Log from the Sea of Cortez combines science, philosophy, and                        Alone, and My World and Welcome To It,
adventure. 1067pgs. • 1996                                          and others. 1004pgs. • 1996
              N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $14.98                       N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98

043546 NOVELS 1942-1952                                             035749 COLLECTED TALES, SKETCHES,
Steinbeck, John                                                     SPEECHES AND ESSAYS: Volume 1:
The third volume in this authoritative edition of Steinbeck's       1852-1890
writings shows him continuing to explore new subject matter         Twain, Mark
and new approaches to storytelling. The Moon Is Down,               Arranged chronologically, the most compre-
Cannery Row, The Pearl, and East of Eden display the versatil-      hensive collection ever published of Mark
ity and emotional directness that have made Steinbeck one of        Twain's short writings: the incomparable sto-
America's most enduringly popular writers. 983pgs. • 2001           ries, sketches, burlesques, hoaxes, tall tales,
             N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98           speeches, satires, and maxims of America's
                                                                    greatest humorist. 1076pgs. • 1992
                                                                                   N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
28                      035784 HISTORICAL ROMANCES: The
                        Prince & the Pauper; A Connecticut
                                                                          035716 COMPLETE POETRY AND COLLECTED PROSE
                                                                          Whitman, Walt
                        Yankee in King Arthur's Court;                    Contains the first and "deathbed" editions of Leaves of Grass as
                        Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc             well as virtually all of Whitman's prose. 1380pgs. • 1982
L                       Twain, Mark                                                     L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98
I                       Collects for the first time in a single volume
                        The Prince and the Pauper, A Connecticut                             035853 POETRY AND PROSE
B                       Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and the long                          Whitman, Walt
                        unavailable fictional biography of "the most                          Contains the first and "deathbed" editions
R                       extraordinary person the human race has                              of Leaves of Grass, and virtually all of
A    ever produced," Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, which                            Whitman's prose, with reminiscences of
     provides a glimpse of the moral imagination of America's                                19th-century New York City, notes on the
R    greatest humorist. 1029pgs. • 1994                                                      Civil War, especially his service in
                  N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98                               Washington hospitals and glimpses of
Y                                                                                            President Lincoln, and attacks on the mis-
      % 130399 MARK TWAIN: A Tramp Abroad,                                                   uses of national wealth after the war.
      Following the Equator, Other Travels                                1407pgs. • 1996
O     Twain, Mark                                                                      L • Library of America • P • $19.95 / $7.98
F     It was as a humorous travel writer that Mark Twain first
      became widely known, and at the height of his career he              122512 THE BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY AND OTHER
      returned to the genre in the works collected here. This vol-         NOVELS 1926-1948
      ume also includes 13 shorter pieces, most of them uncol-             Wilder, Thornton
A     lected by the author, in newly corrected and fully restored          This edition of Wilder's early novels and stories brings
M     versions. 1050pgs. • 2010                                            together five novels that highlight his wit, erudition, innova-
                 N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $20.98              tive formal structures, and philosophical wisdom. The vol-
E                                                                          ume concludes with a selection of early short stories and
      % 130264 THE MARK TWAIN ANTHOLOGY: Great                             essays on such writers as Stein and Joyce. 750pgs. • 2009
R     Writers on His Life and Work                                                    L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $16.98
I     Fishkin, Shelley Fisher, ed.
      Published to mark the centennial of Twain's death, this col-                            107239 COLLECTED PLAYS AND
C     lection testifies to the enduring and continuing legacy of the                           WRITINGS ON THEATER
A     man William Dean Howells called "the Lincoln of our liter-                              Wilder, Thornton
      ature." It includes contributions by George Bernard Shaw,                               The most comprehensive one-volume
      H. L. Mencken, Jorge Luis Borges, George Orwell, T. S.                                  edition of Wilder's work ever published,
      Eliot, Richard Wright, W. H. Auden, Norman Mailer, Erica                                takes the measure of his extraordinary
      Jong, Gore Vidal, Kurt Vonnegut, Toni Morrison, and many                                career as a dramatist. Complementing
      others. 512pgs. • 2010                                                                  the selection of plays is an illuminating
                  L • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98                                group of essays that capture Wilder's
                                                                                              reflections on his plays and include a
      035721 MISSISSIPPI WRITINGS: Tom                                     revealing epistolary account of the film adaptation of Our
      Sawyer; Life on the Mississippi;                                     Town. 800pgs. • 2007
      Huckleberry Finn; Pudd'nhead Wilson                                             L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $17.98
      Twain, Mark
      Collects in one volume for the first time:                           107236 LITERARY ESSAYS AND
      Tom Sawyer, Life on the Mississippi,                                REVIEWS OF THE 1920S AND '30S: The
      Huckleberry Finn, and Pudd'nhead                                    Shores of Light / Axel's Castle /
      Wilson. Filled with comic and melodra-                              Uncollected Reviews
      matic adventure, these four books evoke                             Wilson, Edmund
      life along the Mississippi, which represent-                        Includes The Shores of Light, Wilson's mag-
      ed the boundary between the comforts of civilization and            isterial assemblage of early reviews, sketch-
      the rough realities, violence, and the freedom of the fron-         es, stories, memoirs, and other writings;
      tier. 1126pgs. • 1982                                               Axel's Castle, his pioneering overview of lit-
                  N • Library of America • C • $35.00 / $15.98            erary modernism; and previously uncollect-
                                                                          ed reviews, including discussions of H. L. Mencken, Edith
                         035804 WRITINGS                                  Wharton, and Bernard Shaw. 958pgs. • 2007
                         Washington, George                                              N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $18.98
                         This one-volume collection -- the most
                         extensive and authoritative ever published -                     107238 LITERARY ESSAYS AND
                         - covers five decades of Washington's aston-                      REVIEWS OF THE 1930S AND 1940S
                         ishingly active life. Bringing together over                     Wilson, Edmund
                         440 letters, orders, addresses, and other                        The second installment in the Library of
                         documents -- both public and personal -- it                      America's collection of Wilson presents him
                         reveals him to have been an energetic,                           at the height of his powers as critic and
                         forceful, and at times eloquent writer.                          scholar. Included are three of his most sig-
     1149pgs. • 1997                                                                      nificant books: The Triple Thinkers; The
                 N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98                             Wound and the Bow; and Classics and
                                                                                          Commercials. 1000pgs. • 2007
     035762 NOVELLAS AND OTHER                                                         L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $18.98
     WRITINGS: Madame de Treymes;
     Ethan Frome; Summer; Old New York;
     The Mother's Recompense; A
     Backward Glance
     Wharton, Edith
     Collected here in one volume are six works                                                Contact Us
     in which one of the most accomplished                                             For questions or problems
     and admired of American writers explores                                            you may reach us via:
     the private worlds of America's Gilded Age.
     Includes "Life and I," a fascinating autobiographical fragment                              Mail:
     published here for the first time. 1137pgs. • 1990                                Labyrinth Books Sale Catalog
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Classical Studies continued from page 18                                                                                                 29
                                                                       129252 THE MATTER OF THE
                                                                       GODS: Religion and the Roman
                   107062 HISTORIES BOOK II                            Empire
                   Tacitus                                             Ando, Clifford                                                    C
                   Tacitus' Histories covers the sequence of
                   civil wars that erupted in AD 68-9 across
                                                                       What did the Romans know about their                              L
                                                                       gods? Why did they perform the rituals
                   the Roman Empire after the Emperor Nero             of their religion, and what motivated                             A
                   committed suicide. This edition includes an         them to change those rituals? Ando
                   introduction, a Latin text and a commentary         argues that in contrast to ancient
                   providing grammatical help and elucidating          Christians, who had faith, Romans had                             S
                   the historical context and literary artistry of     knowledge, and their knowledge was empirical in orienta-
                   the author. 415pgs. • 2007                          tion. 239pgs. • 2008                                              I
                      N • Cambridge • P • $45.99 / $27.98                                  N • California • C • $60.00 / $24.98          C
 105175 THE HOMERIC HYMN TO DEMETER:                                                     109563 THE NARRATOR IN ARCHAIC                  A
 Translation, Commentary, and Interpretive Essays                                        GREEK AND HELLENISTIC POETRY
 Foley, Helene P., ed.                                                                   Morrison, Andrew                                L
 The Homeric Hymn to Demeter, composed in the late sev-                                  Examines how the three most significant
 enth or early sixth century B.C.E., is a key to understanding                           Hellenistic poets (Callimachus, Theocritus
 the psychological and religious world of ancient Greek                                  and Apollonius) deal with their poetic          S
 women. Helene Foley presents the Greek text and an anno-                                inheritance from earlier Greek poetry. It
 tated translation of this poem, together with selected essays                           studies how they build up the main narra-
 that illuminate the Hymn's structure and artistry, its role in                          tive voices of their poems by engaging with     U
 the religious life of the ancient world, and its meaning for                            the narrators they found in a wide range of
 the modern world. 320pgs. • 1993                                     Archaic poets and genres. 376pgs. • 2007                           D
                       N • Princeton • P • $32.95 / $14.98                                N • Cambridge • C • $124.00 / $29.98           I
% 050527 HORACE'S CARMEN                                              104391 A NEW HISTORY OF CLASSICAL RHETORIC                         E
SAECULARE: Ritual Magic and the                                       Kennedy, George A.
Poet's Art                                                            This extensive revision and abridgment of Kennedy's The Art of     S
Putnam, Michael C. J.                                                 Persuasion in Greece, The Art of Rhetoric in the Roman World,
This close and sensitive reading of a poem                            and Greek Rhetoric under Christian Emperors provides a
commissioned by Roman emperor                                         comprehensive history of the subject, one that is destined to be
Augustus in 17 BCE for choral perform-                                the standard work in the field. 336pgs. • 1994
ance at the Ludi Saeculares sheds new light                                                   N • Princeton • P • $37.50 / $18.98
on the poem as well as on its significance
as a public ritual. 182pgs. • 2000                                     % 100904 THE ODYSSEY
                             N • Yale • C • $42.00 / $16.98            TRANSLATED BY ROBERT FITZGERALD
129935 IN PLATONIS PARMENIDEM COMMENTARIA III                          Of the many translations of the Odyssey published since
Proclus                                                                World War II, only Fitzgerald's has won broad admiration
The Commentary on Plato's Parmenides by Proclus (AD 412-               as a great poem in English in its own right. In the introduc-
85) is the most important extant document on the interpreta-           tion written especially for this new edition, the noted clas-
tion of this enigmatic dialogue, and has had a crucial influence        sicist D. S. Carne-Ross explores the many aspects of its
on all subsequent readings. This volume contains Books VI              artistry. 528pgs. • 1998
and VII and a complete set of indexes. 440pgs. • 2009                           L • Farrar, Straus & Giroux • P • $13.00 / $7.98
                 N • Oxford University • C • $99.00 / $29.98
                                                                      129933 THE OXFORD COMPANION TO CLASSICAL
129239 JULIUS CAESAR: The Life and Times of the                       LITERATURE
People's Dictator                                                     Howatson, Margaret
Canfora, Luciano                                                      From Achilles' heel to the sword of
A radically new interpretation of one of history's most contro-       Damocles, Western culture teems with
versial figures. Drawing from a comprehensive study of the             allusions from the rich heritage of classical
ancient sources, Canfora focuses on what we actually know             literature, and this new Companion, which
about Caesar as a military and political figure. The result is a       replaces Sir Paul Harvey's 1937 edition,
rich, revelatory, full biographical portrait of the dictator whose    provides the key to these works and to the
mission of Romanization lies at the very foundations of mod-          ancient Greek and Roman civilizations that
ern Europe. 392pgs. • 2007                                            produced them. The breadth and accuracy
                          N • California • C • $34.95 / $14.98        of this volume will surely make it the standard reference book
                                                                      of its kind for years to come. 640pgs. • 1989
120022 LENDING AND BORROWING IN ANCIENT                                                N • Oxford University • C • $79.99 / $24.98
Millett, Paul                                                         % 131451 POETS AND CRITICS READ VERGIL
Lending and borrowing were commonplace in Athens during               Spence, Sarah, ed.
the fourth century BC, but the function played by credit was          Vergil has exerted a stronger grasp on the poetic imagination
very different from its familiar role in capitalist society. Using    and critical scholarship than almost any other poet. This col-
a combination of sources, Millett shows how lending and bor-          lection of essays and conversations by such leading poets and
rowing served as a way of ordering social relations between           classicists as Joseph Brodsky, Christine Perkell, Michael C. J.
Athenian citizens. 384pgs. • 1991                                     Putnam, and Mark Strand explores the ways in which Vergil's
                     N • Cambridge • C • $147.00 / $65.98             work has inspired readers of today. 240pgs. • 2001
                                                                                                   N • Yale • C • $42.00 / $14.98
                    116508 MARTIAL'S EPIGRAMS: A
                    Selection                                         126248 THE POISON KING: The Life and Legend of
                    Wills, Garry, trans.                              Mithradates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy
                    One of literature's greatest satirists, Martial   Mayor, Adrienne
                    earned his livelihood by excoriating the fol-     A gripping account of one of Rome's most relentless but least
                    lies and vices of his time, setting a pattern     understood foes, the ruthless king and visionary rebel whose
                    that satirists have admired and imitated          uncanny ability to elude capture and surge back after devas-
                    across the ages. In his translation, Garry        tating losses unnerved the Romans, while his mastery of poi-
                    Wills deftly captures the elegance and wit of     sons allowed him to foil assassination attempts and eliminate
                    Martial's barbed thrusts. 206pgs. • 2008          rivals. 472pgs. • 2009
                             L • Viking • C • $24.95 / $5.98                                 N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $14.98

                             Some books are in limited supply. Order today!

                                                                                w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
30                           125786 PORTRAIT OF A
                                                                       126830 THUCYDIDES: The
                                                                       Reinvention of History
                             PRIESTESS: Women and Ritual               Kagan, Donald
                             in Ancient Greece                         Thucydides' The Peloponnesian War has
C                            Connelly, Joan Breton                     enthralled readers, historians, and states-
U                            The first comprehensive cultural           men alike for two and a half millennia, and
                             history of priestesses in the ancient     has had an enduring influence on those
L                            Greek world. Connelly presents a          who think about international relations and
                             vivid picture of how the women
T                            lived and worked, and challenges
                                                                       war, especially in our own time. Here one of
                                                                       our foremost classics scholars illuminates
U                            long-held beliefs to show that            the great historian and his work in the context of his time.
      priestesses played far more significant public roles in           272pgs. • 2009
R     ancient Greece than previously acknowledged. Richly illus-                                    N • Viking • C • $26.95 / $7.98
A     trated. 464pgs. • 2009
                         N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $17.98           109926 THE WORLD OF ATHENS: An Introduction to
L                                                                      Classical Athenian Culture
     % 131364 SLAVE REVOLTS IN ANTIQUITY                               Joint Association of Classical Teachers
     Urbainczyk, Theresa                                               Readable and up-to-date description of all aspects of the his-
S    Slave revolts have typically been dismissed as historically       tory, culture, values, and achievements of classical Athens.
     insignificant or exceptional events resulting from peculiar his-   Designed to provide a complete background for anyone inter-
T    torical circumstances. Urbainczyk challenges much current         ested in Greek literature or ancient Greece. 448pgs. • 2008
     thinking by looking beyond the canonical sources to reveal a                            N • Cambridge • P • $36.99 / $19.98
U    longer and far more significant history of slave resistance.
D    191pgs. • 2008
                             N • California • P • $21.95 / $8.98
S                                  CU LTU RAL STU DI ES
                                                                       128529 OUTSIDE THE FOLD: Conversion, Modernity
      125737 AMERICAN ARCHIVES:                                        and Belief
      Gender, Race, and Class in Visual                                Viswanathan, Gauri
      Culture                                                          In this radical reexamination of religious conversion,
      Smith, Shawn Michelle                                            Viswanathan argues that conversion is an interpretive act that
      A provocative account of how photogra-                           belongs in the realm of cultural criticism. He examines key
      phy and science joined forces in the                             moments in colonial and postcolonial history to show how
      19th century to offer an idea of what                            conversion questions the limitations of secular ideologies,
      Americans looked like -- or "should"                             particularly the discourse of rights central to both the British
      look like. Smith's varied sources, which                         empire and the British nation-state 328pgs. • 1998
      include middle-class portraits, baby pic-                                               N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $15.98
      tures, and mugshots, as well as literary, scientific, and pop-
      ular texts, enable her to demonstrate how new visual para-       % 131465 RESIDENT ALIEN: Feminist Cultural
      digms posed bodily appearance as an indicator of interior        Criticism
      "essence." 302pgs. • 1999                                        Wolff, Janet
                           N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $17.98         In this collection of critical writings, Janet Wolff examines
                                                                       issues of exile, memoir, and movement from the perspective of
     119729 THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO MODERN                          the female stranger. 168pgs. • 1995
     FRENCH CULTURE                                                                                   N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $7.98
     Hewitt, Nicholas, ed.
     Provides information and analysis on such topics as French         % 131432 SEXUAL PERSONAE: Art and Decadence
     national identity, architecture, the mass media, food, litera-     from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson
     ture, cinema, intellectual culture, and music. Supplementary       Paglia, Camille
     material includes a chronology, illustrations, and suggestions     Ranging from ancient Egypt through the 20th century, Paglia
     for further reading. 374pgs. • 2003                                explores the provocative connections between art and pagan
                           N • Cambridge • C • $94.00 / $19.98          ritual; between Emily Dickinson and the Marquis de Sade;
                                                                        between Lord Byron and Elvis Presley. She ultimately chal-
                          089368 THE FUTURE OF                          lenges the cultural assumptions of both conservatives and
                          NOSTALGIA                                     traditional liberals. 47 photographs. 712pgs. • 1990
                          Boym, Svetlana                                                           N • Yale • C • $65.00 / $12.98
                          Combining personal memoir, philo-
                          sophical essay, and historical analysis,     % 064504 A SPACE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD:
                          Svetlana Boym explores the spaces of         Cultural Poetics in an "Other" America
                          collective nostalgia that connect nation-    Stewart, Kathleen
                          al memory and personal self-fashioning       Vividly evokes an "other" America that survives precariously
                          in the 21st century. From Jurassic Park      among the ruins of the West Virginia coal camps and "hollers."
                          to the ruins and construction sites of       To Kathleen Stewart, this particular "other" exists as an exclud-
     post-communist cities, she unravels the threads of our global     ed subtext to the American narrative of capitalism, modern-
     epidemic of longing. 432pgs. • 2002                               ization, materialism, and democracy. 243pgs. • 1996
                          N • Basic Books • P • $20.95 / $9.98                                N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $19.98

                               EASTERN RELIGION &
                                  PH I LOSOPHY
     127035 ASIAN RELIGIONS IN PRACTICE: An                            051104 CONQUEST OF VIOLENCE: The Gandhian
     Introduction                                                      Philosophy of Conflict
     Lopez, Donald S., ed.                                             Bondurant, Joan V.
     Accessible, clear, and concise overviews of the religions of      By relating what Gandhi said to how he and others put his
     Asia, providing both historical context and insightful analysis   ideas into practice, this book abstracts the essential elements
     of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism,                   that constitute the Gandhian technique of satyagraha. It
     Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto, and Bon, as well as many local      explores, in terms familiar to the Western reader, its distin-
     traditions. 240pgs. • 1999                                        guishing characteristics and implications for social and politi-
                           N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98         cal philosophy. 281pgs. • 1988
                                                                                               N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98

     80,000 more books online
                                                                                     126842 THE SECOND BOOK OF THE                    31
 % 131504 ELOQUENT SILENCE: Nyogen Senzaki's                                         TAO
 Gateless Gate and Other Previously Unpublished                                      Mitchell, Stephen
 Teachings and Letters                                                               A collection of writings from Lao-tzu's disci-
 Senzaki, Nyogen & Roko Sherry Chayat                                                                                                 E
                                                                                     ple Chuang-tzu and from Confucius's grand-
 The most comprehensive collection available of Nyogen                               son Tzu-ssu. Mitchell has selected the fresh-    C
 Senzaki's brilliant teachings, this volume makes available for                      est, clearest teachings from these two great
 the first time his complete commentaries on the Gateless                             students of the Tao and adapted them into        O
 Gate, one of the most important and beloved of all Zen texts,                       versions that reveal the poetry, depth, and      N
 as well as his commentaries on koans from the Blue Rock                             humor of the original texts. 224pgs. • 2009
 Annals and the Book of Equanimity. 350pgs. • 2008                                            N • Penguin • C • $25.95 / $8.98        O
            N • Wisdom Publications • P • $17.95 / $5.98
                                                                     038404 A SOURCE BOOK IN CHINESE PHILOSOPHY
024252 THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EASTERN PHILOSOPHY                        Chan, Wing-Tsit, trans.                                          I
AND RELIGION: Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, Hinduism                        A classic text, providing a rich overview of the schools of
Schuhmacher, Stephan                                                 Chinese thought, carefully weighing the influences of             C
With more than 4,000 entries and more than 100 illustrations,        Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, and making avail-
this encyclopedia offers a complete survey of the four major                                                                          S
                                                                     able a wide range of primary sources. 856pgs. • 1969
religious traditions of Asia. Among the subjects covered are                              N • Princeton • P • $45.00 / $24.98
important terms such as chakra, karma, koan, nirvana, tantra,
Tao, and yin-yang; the lives and teachings of mystics, philoso-      % 038605 A SOURCEBOOK IN
phers, and masters of meditation; basic texts and scriptures;        INDIAN PHILOSOPHY
sects and schools of thought; and mythological figures and            Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli & Charles
events. 468pgs. • 1986                                               A. Moore, eds.
                      N • Shambhala • P • $34.95 / $14.98            In this volume, a standard reference for
                                                                     more than 50 years, a leading Indian
% 131505 NIGHTLY WISDOM: Buddhist Inspirations                       philosopher and an American scholar
for Sleeping, Dreaming, and Waking Up                                bring together enough of the philosoph-
Bartok, Josh, ed.                                                    ical wisdom of ancient and modern
Featuring poetry and prose from sources modern and ancient,          India to enable students of Indian phi-
this bedside companion mines a rich vein of Buddhist teach-          losophy with no familiarity with Sanskrit to become
ings on such topics as lucid dreaming, Tibetan "dream yoga,"         acquainted with India's profound contributions to world
and relaxing into restful sleep. 240pgs. • 2007                      thought. 684pgs. • 1957
             N • Wisdom Publications • P • $14.95 / $4.98                                N • Princeton • P • $39.95 / $21.98

                                             ECONOM ICS
                    125782 CHASING STARS: The Myth of               129918 ESSAYS ON INDIVIDUAL DECISION MAKING
                    Talent and the Portability of                   AND SOCIAL WELFARE
                    Performance                                     Pattanaik, Prasanta K.
                    Groysberg, Boris                                These essays by an eminent economist deal with two distinct
                    After examining the careers of more than a      areas: the theory of decision making by individuals; and wel-
                    thousand star analysts at Wall Street invest-   fare economics and the theory of social choice. The papers in
                    ment banks, and conducting more than            the first group are all concerned with situations outside the
                    two hundred frank interviews, Groysberg         conventional frameworks of rational choice under perfect cer-
                    comes to a striking conclusion: star ana-       tainty and uncertainty. 432pgs. • 2009
                    lysts who change firms suffer an immediate                      N • Oxford University • C • $59.95 / $14.98
and lasting decline in performance. 464pgs. • 2010
                        N • Princeton • C • $35.00 / $12.98          111357 ESSAYS ON THE GREAT DEPRESSION
                                                                     Bernanke, Ben S.
 125773 THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS: A Natural                          While the Great Depression was an unparalleled disaster,
 History of Economic Life                                            some economies recovered faster than others. By compar-
 Seabright, Paul                                                     ing and contrasting the economic strategies and statistics of
 An original account of the emergence of the economic insti-         the world's nations as they struggled to survive economi-
 tutions that manage not only markets but also the world's           cally, the essays in this volume present a uniquely coherent
 myriad other affairs. Drawing on insights from biology,             view of the economic causes and worldwide propagation of
 anthropology, history, psychology, and literature, Seabright        the depression. 320pgs. • 2004
 explores how our evolved ability of abstract reasoning has                                N • Princeton • P • $30.95 / $16.98
 allowed institutions like money, markets, and cities to provide
 the foundation of social trust. 368pgs. • 2010                                        119743 FACT AND FICTION IN
                         N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $9.98                            ECONOMICS: Models, Realism and
                                                                                       Social Construction
% 130031 DEBATING VARIETIES OF CAPITALISM: A                                           Mäki, Uskali, ed.
Reader                                                                                 Bringing together some of the leading fig-
Hancké, Bob, ed.                                                                       ures in the field of economic methodology
Peter Hall and David Soskice's Varieties of Capitalism has                             and philosophy, this collection provides a
become a seminal text and reference point across the social                            thoughtful and balanced overview of the
sciences. This reader introduces the broad theoretical argu-                           current state of debate about the status of
ments that Hall and Soskice raised and examines recent                                 economic knowledge. It represents the
attempts at rethinking and employing their influential frame-        most current thinking on a topic of enduring interest to econ-
work. 320pgs. • 2009                                                omists, philosophers, and social scientists. 400pgs. • 2002
              N • Oxford University • C • $125.00 / $24.98                              N • Cambridge • C • $121.00 / $32.98

% 051380 EMBEDDED AUTONOMY: States and                               % 125947 FAULT LINES: How Hidden Fractures Still
Industrial Transformation                                            Threaten the World Economy
Evans, Peter                                                         Rajan, Raghuram G.
In recent years, debate on the state's economic role has too         One of the few economists to warn of the global financial
often devolved into diatribes against intervention. Peter Evans      crisis before it hit warns that a potentially more devastating
questions such simplistic views, offering a new vision of why        crisis awaits us. He shows how the individual choices that
state involvement works in some cases and produces disasters         collectively brought about the economic meltdown were
in others. 336pgs. • 1995                                            rational responses to a flawed global financial order in
                       N • Princeton • P • $45.00 / $27.98           which the incentives to take on risk are out of step with the
                                                                     dangers those risks pose. 272pgs. • 2010
                                                                                           N • Princeton • C • $26.95 / $14.98

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
32                                                                                           % 099824 LIVING STANDARDS AND
               GEORGE AKERLOF                                                                THE WEALTH OF NATIONS: Successes
                                                                                             and Failures in Real Convergence
E                         125784 ANIMAL SPIRITS: How                                         Balcerowicz, Leszek & Stanley Fischer,
                          Human Psychology Drives the                                        eds.
C                         Economy, and Why It Matters for                                    The question of convergence, or under
O                         Global Capitalism                                                  what conditions the per capita income lev-
                          Akerlof, George A. & Robert J. Shiller                             els of developing countries can catch up to
N                         From blind faith in ever-rising housing                            those found in advanced economies, is
                          prices to plummeting confidence in                                  critical for understanding economic
O                         capital markets, "animal spirits" are          growth and development. The contributors to this volume
M                         driving financial events worldwide. In          offer detailed theoretical and empirical examinations of what
                          this book, two acclaimed economists            factors make for successful convergence. 432pgs. • 2006
I     challenge the economic wisdom that got us into this mess,                                         N • MIT • C • $50.00 / $7.98
      and put forward a bold new vision that will transform eco-
C     nomics and restore prosperity. 264pgs. • 2009                      125755 LUXURY FEVER: Weighing the Cost of Excess
S                        N • Princeton • C • $24.95 / $11.98             Frank, Robert H.
                                                                         The turn of the 21st century witnessed a spectacular rise in
      125939 IDENTITY ECONOMICS: How Our Identities                      gross consumption. With the super-rich setting the pace,
      Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being                              Americans spent furiously in a desperate attempt to keep up.
      Akerlof, George A. & Rachel E. Kranton                             In this book, Robert Frank uses scientific evidence to demon-
      Identity economics is a new way to understand people's deci-       strate how these spending patterns have not made us happier
      sions -- at work, at school, and at home. With it, we can better   or healthier. 336pgs. • 2010
      appreciate why incentives like stock options work or don't;                                N • Princeton • P • $18.95 / $9.98
      why some schools succeed and others don't; and why some
      cities and towns don't invest in their futures. 200pgs. • 2010     % 075057 THE MACROECONOMICS
                             N • Princeton • C • $24.95 / $12.98         OF IMPERFECT COMPETITION AND
                                                                         NONCLEARING MARKETS: A Dynamic
                                                                         General Equilibrium Approach
     117538 GLOBAL CRISES, GLOBAL SOLUTIONS                              Bénassy, Jean-Pascal
     Lomborg, Bjorn, ed.                                                 Attempts to integrate into a single unified
     If we had more money to spend to help the world's poorest           framework dynamic macroeconomic mod-
     people, where could we spend it most effectively? Using a com-      els reflecting such diverse lines of thought
     mon framework of cost-benefit analysis, a team of leading            as general equilibrium theory, imperfect
     economists, including five Nobel Prize winners, assess the           competition, Keynesian theory, and ration-
     attractiveness of a wide range of policy options for combating      al expectations. All of the models are solved "by hand," mak-
     the world's biggest problems. 710pgs. • 2008                        ing the underlying economic mechanisms particularly clear.
                             N • Cambridge • P • $32.99 / $9.98          288pgs. • 2005
                                                                                                       N • MIT • P • $22.00 / $7.98
     125616 GLOBALIZING CAPITAL: A History of the
     International Monetary System                                                            111378 ONE ECONOMICS, MANY
     Eichengreen, Barry                                                                       RECIPES: Globalization, Institutions,
     Demonstrates that insights into the international monetary sys-                          and Economic Growth
     tem and effective principles for governing it can result only if                         Rodrik, Dani
     it is seen as a historical phenomenon extending from the gold                            A leading economist argues that neither
     standard period to the interwar period, then to Bretton                                  globalizers nor antiglobalizers have got it
     Woods, and finally to the post-1973 period of fluctuating cur-                             right. While economic globalization can be
     rencies. 276pgs. • 2008                                                                  a boon for countries that are trying to dig
                              N • Princeton • P • $28.95 / $16.98                             out of poverty, success usually requires fol-
                                                                                              lowing policies that are tailored to local
     111349 THE GREAT CONTRACTION 1929-1933                              economic and political realities rather than obeying the dic-
     Friedman, Milton & Anna Jacobson Schwartz                           tates of the international globalization establishment. 280pgs.
     One of the most influential books of 20th century economics.         • 2008
     It marshals massive historical data and sharp analytics to sup-                              N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $10.98
     port the authors' claim that steady control of the money sup-
     ply is profoundly important to the management of the nation's
     economy, especially in navigating serious economic fluctua-
     tions. 320pgs. • 2008
                            N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $12.98                DANIEL                        COHEN
      126848 THE GREAT INFLATION AND ITS                                  % 065093 OUR MODERN TIMES:
      AFTERMATH: The Past and Future of American                          The New Nature of Capitalism in the
      Affluence                                                            Information Age
      Samuelson, Robert J.                                                Cohen, Daniel
      From 1960 to 1979, inflation rose from barely more than              Explores the many ways that develop-
      one percent to nearly fourteen percent. It was the greatest         ments in information technology have
      peacetime inflationary spike in this nation's history, and it        changed our work, our personal lives,
      had massive repercussions. In these pages, a distinguished          and our very conceptions of family and
      economist argues that we can't understand today's world -           community. Cohen argues that the pres-
      - or prepare for the future -- without understanding the            ent era represents a revolution that will
      Great Inflation and its aftermath. 336pgs. • 2008                    be completed only when the importance
                     N • Random House • C • $26.00 / $7.98                of human capital is no longer overshadowed by the efficien-
                                                                          cies demanded by financial capital. 126pgs. • 2003
     111536 HUBBERT'S PEAK: The                                                                      N • MIT • P • $15.95 / $5.98
     Impending World Oil Shortage
     Deffeyes, Kenneth                                                    % 131703 THREE LECTURES ON POST-INDUSTRIAL
     In 2001, Kenneth Deffeyes made a grim                                SOCIETY
     prediction: world oil production would                               Cohen, Daniel
     reach a peak within a decade. In this                                In these wide-ranging reflections, Cohen describes the
     updated edition, he explains the crisis that                         transformations that signaled the break between the indus-
     few now deny we are headed toward. Using                             trial and the post-industrial eras. He links the revolution in
     geology and economics, he shows how                                  information technology to the trend toward flatter hierar-
     everything from the rising price of gro-                             chies of workers with multiple skills, and connects the lat-
     ceries to the subprime mortgage crisis has been exacerbated          ter to work practices growing out of the culture of the May
     by the shrinking supply -- and growing price -- of oil. 232pgs.      1968 protests. 106pgs. • 2008
     • 2008                                                                                            N • MIT • C • $18.95 / $6.98
                              N • Princeton • P • $16.95 / $9.98

     80,000 more books online
                        125698 THE SOULFUL SCIENCE:                    % 118085 UNDERSTANDING ECONOMIC FORECASTS                         33
                        What Economists Really Do and                  Hendry, David & Neil Ericsson, eds.
                        Why It Matters                                 In recent years, economists have developed new theories of
                        Coyle, D. & Diane Coyle                        economic forecasting that acknowledge that the economy is         E
                        To many, Carlyle's put-down of eco-            dynamic and prone to sudden shifts. In this book, academic
                                                                       specialists, practitioners, and a financial journalist describe    U
                        nomics as "the dismal science" is as
                        fitting now as it was 150 years ago. But        how econometric models for forecasting are constructed, how       R
                        the author argues that economics               forecasting methods can be analyzed, and what the future of
                        today is more soulful than dismal, a           economic forecasting may bring. 225pgs. • 2001                    O
                        more practical and human science                                             N • MIT • C • $37.00 / $7.98        P
 than ever before. In this volume, she tells how economics
 got its soul back -- and how it just might help save the plan-       125649 THE VENTURESOME ECONOMY: How                                E
 et. 304pgs. • 2009                                                   Innovation Sustains Prosperity in a More Connected
                        N • Princeton • P • $21.95 / $9.98            World                                                              A
                                                                      Bhidé, Amar                                                        N
111793 THE SUBPRIME SOLUTION:                                         Many warn that the next stage of globalization -- the offshoring
How Today's Global Financial Crisis                                   of research and development to China and India -- threatens
Happened and What to Do about It                                      the foundations of Western prosperity. Using extensive field
                                                                      studies on venture-capital-backed businesses to examine how        H
Shiller, Robert J.
The subprime mortgage crisis has wreaked                              technology really advances in modern economies, this volume        I
havoc on the lives of millions of people and                          shows how wrong the doomsayers are. 520pgs. • 2010
threatened to derail the US economy and                                                      N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $12.98         S
economies around the world. In this
                                                                      111774 WHEN I'M SIXTY-FOUR: The Plot Against
trenchant book, economist Robert Shiller
reveals the roots of the crisis and puts for-                         Pensions and the Plan to Save Them                                 O
ward bold measures to reverse the damage. 192pgs. • 2008              Ghilarducci, Teresa
                          N • Princeton • C • $16.95 / $8.98          In this unflinching look at the eroding economic structure of       R
                                                                      retirement in America, Ghilarducci puts forward a sweeping         Y
                                                                      plan to revive the retirement-income system, a plan that will
 %   New to Catalog                                                   ensure that, after 40 years of work, every American will
 N   Publisher's overstock - like new
                                                                      receive 70 percent of their pre-retirement earnings, guaran-
     New from the publisher
     Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on    teed for life. 374pgs. • 2008                                      &
     top or bottom of binding                                                                 N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $11.98
      EU ROPEAN H ISTORY & POLITICS                                                                                                      L
061111 THE AGE OF EXTREMES: A History of the                          087175 A CONCISE HISTORY OF GERMANY                                I
World, 1914-1991                                                      SECOND EDITION                                                     T
Hobsbawm, Eric J.                                                     Fulbrook, Mary
Between 1914 and 1991, the world was convulsed by two                 The multi-faceted, problematic history of the German lands         I
global wars that swept away millions of lives and entire sys-         has supplied material for a wide range of debates and differ-      C
tems of government. Dividing the century into the Age of              ences of interpretation. The text spans the early Middle Ages to
Catastrophe, 1914-1950, the Golden Age, 1950-1973, and the            the present day, synthesizing a vast array of historical materi-   S
Landslide, 1973-1991, Hobsbawm marshals a vast array of               al, as Fulbrook explores interrelationships between social,
data into a volume of unparalleled inclusiveness, vibrancy, and       political and cultural factors in the light of recent scholarly
insight. 627pgs. • 1996                                               controversies. 296pgs. • 2004
                          N • Vintage • P • $19.00 / $7.98                                  N • Cambridge • P • $28.99 / $14.98

                    % 055905 ANOTHER COUNTRY:                         119716 CONTENTION AND DEMOCRACY IN EUROPE,
                    German Intellectuals, Unification and              1650-2000
                    National Identity                                 Tilly, Charles
                    Muller, Jan-Werner                                Boldly comparing the Low Countries, Iberia, France, the
                    An exploration of the peculiar role of            British Isles, the Balkans, Russia, and other European regions
                    German intellectuals in defining national          over three and a half turbulent centuries, this book shows how
                    identity since 1945. Muller assesses the          similar recurrent casual mechanisms produced contrasting
                    development of German political thought           trajectories toward and away from democracy in different
                    in the decades after World War II, consid-        parts of the continent. 320pgs. • 2003
                    ers some of the continuing blind spots                                   N • Cambridge • C • $78.00 / $16.98
among German writers and thinkers, and explains why unifi-
cation created a crisis for many intellectuals. 310pgs. • 2000                         028818 THE CRISIS OF THE EARLY
                               N • Yale • C • $47.00 / $7.98                           ITALIAN RENAISSANCE: Civic Humanism
                                                                                       & Republican Liberty in an Age of
 % 131424 THE BRITISH MONARCHY AND THE                                                 Classicism & Tyranny
 FRENCH REVOLUTION                                                                     Baron, Hans
 Morris, Marilyn                                                                       First published in 1955, covers such topics
 What prevented revolution in Britain during the French rev-                           as the Florentine war for independence, a
 olutionary era? Through a wide-ranging exploration of loy-                            view of Roman history and the Florentine
 alist and reform propaganda, newspapers, political carica-                            past, the republic and monarchy in late tre-
 tures, sermons, and records of prosecution for sedition                               cento thought, and the dangers of early
 and treason, Morris arrives at a new perspective on the              humanist classicism. 584pgs. • 1993
 forces of social stability in Britain that prevented revolution                             N • Princeton • P • $55.00 / $29.98
 and preserved the Crown. 240pgs. • 1998
                              N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $16.98           122258 CROWN, CHURCH AND EPISCOPATE UNDER
                                                                       LOUIS XIV
130069 THE BRITISH SEABORNE EMPIRE                                     Bergin, Joseph
Black, Jeremy                                                          An eloquent account of the French church under Louis XIV,
In this masterful analysis of the role of the sea in the history of    its relationship to the crown and other elite institutions, its
the British Empire, Jeremy Black considers how the ocean               critics and congregations. Bergin investigates the back-
affected British exploration, defense, trade, commerce, and            ground, recruitment, and management of the episcopate,
the navy, as well as the attitudes and perceptions of the British      illuminating the process of trial and error by which the king
people themselves. 432pgs. • 2004                                      developed a flexible and effective system for appointing
                               N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $27.98          qualified and worthy men as bishops. 544pgs. • 2004
                                                                                                  N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $16.98

                                                                                w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
34                        129917 A DICTIONARY OF BRITISH
                                                                            112501 THE ENGLISH NATIONAL CHARACTER: The
                                                                            History of an Idea from Edmund Burke to Tony Blair
                          Cannon, John, ed.                                 Mandler, Peter
E                         Now completely revised and updated, this          What kind of people are the English? What characteristic traits
                          handy reference work covers more than             and behavior distinguish them from other people? In this com-
U                         2,000 years of people, events, places, and        prehensive and lucidly argued book, a leading historian of
                          changes. It includes more than 3,800              modern Britain challenges familiar stereotypes and proposes
R                         authoritative entries written by more than        an entirely new perspective on what it means to think of one-
O                         100 specialists. 720pgs. • 2009                   self as being "English." 348pgs. • 2007
                                        N • Oxford University • P •                                      N • Yale • C • $37.00 / $9.98
P                                                     $24.99 / $8.98
E                                                                           130070 EUROPEAN WARFARE, 1660-
     % 131357 DYNAMIC OF DESTRUCTION: Culture and                           1815
A    Mass Killing in the First World War                                    Black, Jeremy
     Kramer, Alan                                                           A wide-ranging analysis of European land
N    Employing striking eye-witness accounts from England,                  and naval warfare from the mid-17th cen-
     France, Germany, and elsewhere, Kramer brings home the                 tury to the end of the Napoleonic Wars.
     reality of the Great War, painting a picture of an entire conti-       Focusing not only on warfare in Europe
H    nent plunging into a chilling new world of mass mobilization,          but also on the complex conflicts that
     total warfare, and the celebration of nationalist or ethnic vio-       involved European states outside Europe
I    lence -- often directed expressly at the enemy's civilian popu-        (such as the British victories in North
S    lation. 448pgs. • 2009                                                 America and India), Black assesses the conduct, cost, and
                       N • Oxford University • P • $22.95 / $8.98           consequences of European wars for major and minor powers.
T                                                                           288pgs. • 1994
O    035885 EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN II                                                                      N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $14.98
     Fichtner, Paula Sutter
R    By virtually all standards, including his own, Emperor                                  129268 FORTRESS THIRD REICH:
     Maximilian II (1527-1576) was a failure. His challenges were                            German Fortifications and Defense
Y    many, his achievements few. By bringing the failures of                                 Systems in World War II
     Maximilian's reign into clear focus, Fichtner illuminates the                           Kaufmann, J. E.
     abilities and qualities of this complex man as well as the weak-                        The Atlantic Wall is perhaps the most
&    nesses of the expanded Habsburg empire and the problems of                              famous of Germany's World War II-era for-
     ruling in an age of confessional turmoil. 344pgs. • 2001                                tification lines in Europe, but Hitler built
                                     N • Yale • C • $55.00 / $14.98                          many others, from elaborate coastal
P                                                                                            defenses along the English Channel to the
      123202 EMPIRES OF THE SEA: The Siege of Malta,                                         nearly impervious lines protecting the
O     the Battle of Lepanto, and the Contest for the Center                 German homeland. This volume is the first and only compre-
L     of the World                                                          hensive treatment of the German fortification systems.
      Crowley, Roger                                                        384pgs. • 2007
I     In 1521, Suleiman the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman                                        N • Da Capo • P • $22.95 / $8.98
      Empire, dispatched an invasion fleet to the Christian island
T     of Rhodes, the opening shot in an epic struggle between               089123 FRANCE AND THE GREAT WAR
I     rival empires and faiths for control of the Mediterranean.            Smith, Leonard V., et al.
      Roger Crowley conjures up a wild cast of pirates, cru-                Audoin-Rouzeau and Becker provide a comprehensive survey
C     saders, and religious warriors in this tale of desperate brav-        of scholarship on the France's role in the war; their lively and
      ery and utter brutality. 366pgs. • 2008                               accessible book blends together diplomatic, military, social,
S                     N • Random House • C • $30.00 / $8.98                 cultural, and economic history. 222pgs. • 2003
                                                                                                  N • Cambridge • P • $30.99 / $16.98

        THE NAPOLEONIC WARS                                                 129256 GERMANY IN TRANSIT: Nation and Migration,
      % 131426 BRITAIN AND THE DEFEAT OF NAPOLEON,                          Gramling, David, et al., eds.
      1807-1815                                                             How does migration change a nation? This cultural history in
      Muir, Rory                                                            documents illuminates Germany's transition into a multiethnic
      This account of the last third of Britain's long war against          society. It charts the highly contentious debates about migrant
      Revolutionary and Napoleonic France begins in 1807, when all          labor, human rights, multiculturalism, and globalization that
      of continental Europe was under Napoleon's sway. Muir sets            have unfolded in Germany over the past 50 years -- debates
      Britain's military operations on the Iberian Peninsula within         that resonate far beyond national borders. 588pgs. • 2007
      the context of the wider European conflict, and examines how                                N • California • C NDJ • $70.00 / $12.98
      diplomatic, financial, military, and political considerations
      combined to shape policy and priorities. 480pgs. • 1996                122720 THE GREAT SILENCE, 1918-1920: Britain
                                  N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $16.98             from the Shadow of the First World War to the Dawn
                                                                             of the Jazz Age
                             % 131445 NAPOLEON AND THE                       Nicolson, Juliet
                             BRITISH                                         The euphoria of Armistice Day 1918 vaporized at the con-
                             Semmel, Stuart                                  templation of the carnage that the Great War left in its wake,
                             Denounced by many as a tyrant or                but from Britain's despair new life emerged. Juliet Nicolson
                             monster, Napoleon nevertheless had              pieces together colorful personalities, historic moments,
                             sympathizers in Britain. Mining a wide          and intimate details to create a social history of the two
                             array of sources -- ranging from polit-         years in which the British people rediscovered the common
                             ical pamphlets and astrological                 bonds that held them together. 304pgs. • 2010
                             almanacs to sonnets by Romantic                                    L • Grove Press • C • $25.00 / $7.98
                             poets -- this engaging book recon-
      structs the role the French leader played in the British polit-       114263 A HISTORY OF
      ical, cultural, and religious imagination in the early 19th           WITCHCRAFT: Sorcerers, Heretics
      century. 368pgs. • 2004                                               and Pagans
                                  N • Yale • C • $47.00 / $16.98            Russell, Jeffrey B. & Brooks Alexander
                                                                            Drawing comparisons between modern
      % 036862 SALAMANCA 1812                                               sorcery and that of the ancient world, the
      Muir, Rory                                                            book shows how the European witch
      The Battle of Salamanca was the critical British victory that dealt   craze of the 16th and 17th centuries
      a crushing blow to French pride and morale during the                 developed out of a combination of
      Peninsular War. Muir examines the celebrated encounter in             ancient sorcery and medieval Christian
      detail, focusing on the day of the battle and conveying the expe-     heresy, paganism, folklore, scholastic theology, and inquisito-
      rience of ordinary soldiers on both sides. 322pgs. • 2001             rial trials. Includes 110 illustrations. 216pgs. • 2007
                                   N • Yale • C • $45.00 / $16.98                             L • Thames & Hudson • P • $21.95 / $9.98

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                    % 131361 INQUISITION: The Reign                                                                                      35
                    of Fear                                              SEVENTEENTH-
                    Green, Toby
                    From witches in Mexico and bigamists in            CENTURY ENGLAND                                                   E
                    Brazil to Freemasons, Hindus, Jews,
                    Moslems and Protestants, the Inquisition          122257 COUNTER-REVOLUTION:                                         U
                    reached nearly every sector of society.           The Second Civil War and Its
                    Stretching from the unification of Spain           Origins, 1646-48                                                   R
                    under Ferdinand and Isabella in the 15th          Ashton, Robert                                                     O
                    century to the Napoleonic wars, Green's           The author of the standard history of
narrative details this incredible history in all its richness and     England's First Civil War here presents                            P
complexity. 480pgs. • 2009                                            an exhaustive and definitive study of the
                                                                      origins of the Second Civil War, a peri-                           E
                       N • St. Martin's • C • $32.95 / $12.98
                                                                      od about which little has been written.                            A
049084 ITALY: A Short History                                         This important study examines every
SECOND EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED                                   aspect of the beginning of the war in late 1648, and will be       N
Hearder, Harry & Jonathan Morris                                      a basic source for students and scholars. 552pgs. • 1995
A concise but comprehensive account of Italian history from                                     N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $16.98
the Ice Age to the present, intended for both students of Italian                                                                        H
history and culture and the general reader. Hearder places the        043944 CROMWELL
main political developments in Italian history in their eco-          Fraser, Antonia                                                    I
nomic and social context, and shows how these related to the          The life of one of England's most celebrated and controver-        S
peaks of artistic and cultural endeavor. 288pgs. • 2002               sial figures, from his humble beginnings to the last battle
                       N • Cambridge • P • $27.99 / $13.98            against the Royalists and King Charles II at Worcester that        T
                                                                      ended the civil war in 1651. 774pgs. • 2001
                                                                                          L • Grove Press • P • $20.00 / $5.98           O
CLASS: The Bourgeoises of Northern                                                                                                       R
France in the 19th Century                                            % 131433 THE LONG PARLIAMENT OF CHARLES II
Smith, Bonnie G.                                                      Patterson, Annabel                                                 Y
Drawn from interviews, archival sources,                              The first full study of Charles II's first and most important
and personal letters, demonstrates how                                parliament. Using parliamentary diaries, newsletters, mem-
industrialization removed women from a                                oirs, letters from members of parliament, scofflaw pam-             &
productive middle class life and allowed                              phlets, and the king's own speeches, Patterson reveals how
them to create a new world of their own,                              its members came to demand more control of the economy,
based on domesticity, family, and religion.                           religion, and foreign policy, setting off a struggle that culmi-   P
303pgs. • 1981                                                        nated in the Exclusion Crisis. 304pgs. • 2008
                      N • Princeton • P • $33.95 / $17.98                                        N • Yale • C • $45.00 / $19.98          O
                                                                                           126714 THE PERSONAL RULE OF                   L
Hapsburgs and the Mythic Image of the Emperor                                              CHARLES I                                     I
Tanner, Marie                                                                              Sharpe, Kevin
From antiquity to the Renaissance, rulers of Western empires                               This critical perspective on the origins      T
                                                                                           of the English Civil War, provides new
inspired hero worship by proclaiming their divine origins.
                                                                                           insights into Charles I's character and       I
This book focuses on the importance of the Roman emperor's
mythic image for the development of Western political thought.                             many aspects of his reign, including          C
272pgs. • 1993                                                                             politics and religion, foreign policy and
                            N • Yale • C • $80.00 / $29.98                                 finance, the importance of parliaments,        S
                                                                                           and the process of government.
038564 MILITARY STRATEGY AND THE ORIGINS OF                           1016pgs. • 1992
THE FIRST WORLD WAR: An International Security                                                    N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $19.98
REVISED & EXPANDED EDITION                                            % 131447 READING REVOLUTION: The Politics of
Miller, Steven E., et al., eds.                                       Reading in Early Modern England
The fear that a distant crisis could rapidly escalate into a major    Sharpe, Kevin
conflict continues to haunt contemporary international poli-           Using a spectacular archive consisting of 50 volumes of one
tics. The essays in this volume consider how offensive military       English gentleman's reading notes from the 1620s to the
strategies helped to trigger the Great War, whether the war was       1660s, this book investigates how he came to "fashion" him-
inadvertent or not, and the lasting effects of the conflict.           self socially and politically through his negotiations with
301pgs. • 1991                                                        books. 376pgs. • 2000
                         N • Princeton • P • $39.95 / $14.98                                     N • Yale • C • $58.00 / $14.98

                   % 131448 MIRACLES IN
                   ENLIGHTENMENT ENGLAND
                   Shaw, Jane                                         % 131384 THE PAGAN DREAM OF THE RENAISSANCE
                   Presents accounts of inscrutable mira-             Godwin, Joscelyn
                   cles that occurred to ordinary worship-            During the Renaissance, a profound transformation
                   pers in early modern England. Shaw                 occurred in Western culture, fuelled in large part by the
                   considers the reactions of intellectuals,          rediscovery of the mythological, pagan imagination. This
                   scientists, and physicians to these                extensively illustrated book provides new perspectives on
                   miraculous events and through those                this phenomenon, demonstrating how the pagan revival
                   reactions explores the relations                   permeated every aspect of Renaissance life and culture.
 between popular and elite culture of the time. 288pgs. •             304pgs. • 2002
 2006                                                                            N • Thames & Hudson • C • IMPORT / $19.98
                         N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $16.98
                                                                     % 131386 THE PHOENIX AND THE FLAME: Catalonia
038638 THE NAZI WAR ON CANCER                                        and the Counter Reformation
Proctor, Robert N.                                                   Kamen, Henry
Nazi Germany was also decades ahead of other countries in            Sixteenth-century Catalonia was a traditional society in which
promoting health reforms that we today regard as progressive         official dogma played little part in everyday life, in which
and socially responsible. Proctor concludes that the Nazis' for-     church marriage and the concept of Purgatory were little
ward-looking health activism ultimately came from the same           known, and extensive freedom of the press survived. By exam-
twisted root as their medical atrocities: the ideal of a sanitary    ining popular religion and culture from the bottom up, Kamen
racial utopia reserved exclusively for pure and healthy              offers insights into an era that is normally only studied in the
Germans. 380pgs. • 2000                                              light of political events. 528pgs. • 1993
                       N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $15.98                                         N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $19.98

                                                                               w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
36                     119751 PRESS CENSORSHIP IN
                       JACOBEAN ENGLAND
                                                                                         049261 STATES AND SOCIAL
                                                                                         REVOLUTIONS: A Comparative Analysis
                       Clegg, Cyndia Susan                                               of France, Russia, and China
E                      An examination of how books were pro-                             Skocpol, Theda
                       duced, read, and received during the reign                        Why have social revolutions occurred in
U                      of King James I. Clegg contends that                              some countries but not in others? How and
                       although the principal mechanisms for                             why have pre-revolutionary regimes come
R                      controlling the press altered little between                      into crisis? Skocpol's study offers important
O                      1558 and 1603, the actual practice of cen-                        new theoretical strategies within a compar-
                       sorship under James I varied significantly                         ative historical analysis of the causes and
P    from Elizabethan practice. 298pgs. • 2001                           outcomes of three major instances of social revolution.
E                       N • Cambridge • C • $121.00 / $34.98             448pgs. • 1979
                                                                                             N • Cambridge • P • $38.99 / $22.98
A    049401 THE RACIAL STATE: Germany 1933-1945
     Burleigh, Michael & Wolfgang Wipperman                              126840 THE TWILIGHT YEARS: The Paradox of Britain
N    Captures "the obsessive nature of Hitler's racism, while sensi-     Between the Wars
     bly concluding that 'racial anti-semitism was its most impor-       Overy, Richard
     tant element'...the cumulative effect of The Racial State is pow-   By the end of World War I, the modern era's promise of
H    erful and the main thesis is persuasive." -- TLS 386pgs. •          progress was overshadowed in Britain by a looming sense of
     1991                                                                decay and death. Overy argues that the coming of World War
I                          N • Cambridge • P • $37.99 / $22.98           II was almost welcomed by Britain's leading thinkers, who saw
S                                                                        in it an extraordinary test for the survival of civilization, and a
     024529 RECASTING BOURGEOIS EUROPE: Stabilization                    way of resolving their contradictory fears and hopes about the
T    in France, Germany, & Italy in the Decade After World               future. 544pgs. • 2009
O    War I                                                                                             N • Viking • C • $35.00 / $8.98
     Maier, Charles S.
R    Examines the interwar years in Europe, analyzing how politi-         % 037061 UNDER HIS VERY WINDOWS: The Vatican
     cal and economic elites retained their power and how eco-            & the Holocaust in Italy
Y    nomic dislocation and domestic turmoil led to the equaliza-          Zuccotti, Susan
     tion of society in the decade following the Great War. 650pgs.       What did Pope Pius XII, his advisers, and his assistants at
     • 1988                                                               the Vatican do to help Italian Jews during World War II?
&                            N • Princeton • P • $61.00 / $31.98          This meticulously researched and balanced book finds that,
                                                                          despite the persistent myth that the pope worked behind the
      126277 RENAISSANCE FLORENCE ON 5 FLORINS A                          scenes to help the Jews, he actually did very little. 408pgs.
P     DAY                                                                 • 2000
      FitzRoy, Charles                                                                                N • Yale • C • $40.00 / $9.98
O     All the practical advice you need for a journey back to the
L     golden age of Florence and Tuscany. Marvel at                      125556 WEIMAR GERMANY: Promise
      Brunelleschi's sublime cathedral dome and the sculptures           and Tragedy
I     and paintings that have made this the art capital of its day -     Weitz, Eric D.
      - and explore the darker side of life in the city, from its tav-   Eric Weitz reveals the Weimar era as a time
T     erns and brothels to the grisly punishments meted out to           of strikingly progressive achievements and
I     wrongdoers. 144pgs. • 2010                                         even greater promise. With a rich thematic
                   L • Thames & Hudson • P • $18.95 / $7.98              narrative and detailed portraits of some of
C                                                                        Weimar's notable figures, this comprehen-
     127008 SEX AFTER FASCISM:                                           sive history views Weimar in its own right -
S    Memory and Morality in Twentieth-                                   - and not as a mere prelude to the Nazi era.
     Century Germany                                                     448pgs. • 2009
     Herzog, Dagmar                                                                              N • Princeton • P • $20.95 / $12.98
     This history of sexual attitudes and prac-
     tices in 20th-century Germany investigates                           % 131438 WILLIAM HODGES, 1744-1797: The Art
     such issues as contraception, pornogra-                              of Exploration
     phy, and theories of sexual orientation. It                          Quilley, Geoff & John Bonehill, eds.
     also demonstrates how Germans made                                   William Hodges is well known as the artist who accompa-
     sexuality a key site for managing the mem-                           nied Captain James Cook's second voyage to the South
     ory and legacies of Nazism and the Holocaust. 368pgs. • 2007         Pacific as official landscape painter. This major reappraisal
                              N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $14.98         of his career and reputation presents him as one of the
                                                                          most intriguing and controversial painters of his age.
     125520 THE SHADOW OF ENLIGHTENMENT: Optical                          224pgs. • 2004
     and Political Transparency in France 1789-1848                                                N • Yale • C • $70.00 / $24.98
     Levitt, Theresa
     The first book to place revolutionary advances in light and                              125926 THE WIND FROM THE EAST:
     optics in the cultural context of France in the first half of the                        French Intellectuals, the Cultural
     19th century. It follows the work and careers of France's two                           Revolution, and the Legacy of the
     chief rivals on the subject of light, Arago and Biot, whose dis-                        1960s
     agreement began on the subject of technical optics but                                  Wolin, Richard
     expanded to encompass politics, religion, education, dinner                             During the 1960s, a who's who of French
     companions, astrology, the Egyptian calendar, and colonial                              thinkers, writers, and artists were seized
     slavery. 304pgs. • 2009                                                                 with a fascination for Maoism. Combining
                     N • Oxford University • C • $83.63 / $16.98                             an exposé of left-wing political folly and
                                                                                             cross-cultural misunderstanding with a
                        % 050550 SHATTERING SILENCE:                     spirited defense of the 1960s, Wolin shows how French stu-
                        Women, Nationalism, and Political                dents and intellectuals, motivated by utopian hopes, reinvigo-
                        Subjectivity in Northern Ireland                 rated the country's civic and cultural life. 400pgs. • 2010
                        Aretxaga, Begona                                                         N • Princeton • C • $35.00 / $16.98
                        The first feminist ethnography of "the
                        Troubles." Combining interpretative
                        anthropology and poststructuralist feminist
                        theory, Aretxaga contributes not only to
                        those disciplines but also to research on
                        ethnic and social conflict by showing the          % New to Catalog
     gendered constitution of political violence. 211pgs. • 1997          N Publisher's overstock - like new
                            N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $15.98
                                                                          I New from the publisher
                                                                          L Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line
                                                                            or dot on top or bottom of binding

     80,000 more books online
                      FI LM & M EDIA STU DIES                                                                                           37
104372 AN ACCENTED CINEMA: Exilic and Diasporic                     129886 FARBER ON FILM: The Complete Film                            F
Filmmaking                                                          Writings of Manny Farber                                            I
Naficy, Hamid                                                        Farber, Manny
An engaging overview of an important trend, the work of post-       Manny Farber was a unique figure among American movie                L
colonial, Third World, and other displaced filmmakers living         critics, master of a one-of-a-kind prose style whose jazz-
in the West. Treating creativity as a social practice, Naficy        like phrasing and incandescent twists and turns made every
demonstrates that these films are in dialogue not only with the      review an adventure. This volume collects his extraordinary
home and host societies but also with audiences, many of            body of work in its entirety for the first time, from his
whom are also situated astride cultural fault lines. 368pgs. •      reviews for The New Republic and The Nation to his bril-            &
2001                                                                liant later essays on Godard, Fassbinder, Herzog, Scorsese,
                      N • Princeton • P • $39.95 / $18.98           Altman, and others. 1000pgs. • 2009
                                                                                L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98            M
 Silents until Now                                                                      038609 MEN, WOMEN, AND CHAIN                    E
 Lopate, Phillip, ed.                                                                   SAWS: Gender in the Modern Horror               D
 A dynamic force in American culture since the early 20th                               Film
 century, movies have presented several generations of                                  Clover, Carol J.                                I
 American writers and reviewers with a fascinating and chal-                            Do the pleasures of horror movies really
 lenging subject. This volume reveals how those critics rose                            begin and end in sadism, as film theorists
 to the challenge, and in the process created an extraordi-                             and critics often contend? Taking a con-
 nary body of work. Joining the full-time film critics are                               trarian view, Carol Clover argues that hor-
 many distinguished American authors, including Ralph                                   ror films operate mainly by engaging the         S
 Ellison, Susan Sontag, James Baldwin, Brendan Gill, and                                viewer in the plight of the victim-hero,
 John Ashbery. 825pgs. • 2006                                                                                                           T
                                                                   who suffers frightful ordeals but rises to vanquish the forces of
            L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98           oppression. 260pgs. • 1993                                           U
                                                                                           N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98
 116784 AMERICAN MOVIE CRITICS: An Anthology                                                                                            D
 from the Silents until Now                                        106759 NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICAN FICTION ON                        I
 Lopate, Phillip, ed.                                              SCREEN
 Contents as above. 784pgs. • 2008                                 Palmer, R. Barton, ed.                                               E
             L • Library of America • P • $19.95 / $7.98           The essays collected here provide an up-to-date survey of the
                                                                   important films based on, or inspired by, 19th-century American
104917 THE CINEMA OF FEDERICO FELLINI                              fiction, from The Last of the Mohicans, The Scarlet Letter, and
Bondanella, Peter                                                  Moby-Dick to Sister Carrie and The Virginian. 262pgs. • 2007
Covering Fellini's entire career, this book links the director's                         N • Cambridge • C • $90.99 / $18.98
mature accomplishments to his first employment as a car-
toonist, gagman, and sketch-artist during the Fascist era and      129937 A SONG IN THE DARK: The Birth of the
his development as a leading neo-realist scriptwriter.             Musical Film
Bondanella shows how Fellini's exuberant imagination was           Barrios, Richard
shaped by popular culture, literature, and the writings of C. G.   From Al Jolson to Broadway Melody and beyond, here is the
Jung. 392pgs. • 1992                                               story of American musicals films, their creators, and their
                        N • Princeton • P • $39.95 / $16.98        audience. With many additional rare photographs, this new
                                                                   edition traces the rise and fall, and rise again, of this quintes-
126756 DESPITE THE SYSTEM: Orson Welles vs. the                    sential part of the American experience. 504pgs. • 2009
Hollywood Studios                                                                    N • Oxford University • P • $27.95 / $7.98
Heylin, Clinton
Orson Welles was himself all too aware, in his later years, that   128624 STILL MOVING: The Film and Media
posterity would construct a neat parabola of decline out of his    Collections of the Museum of Modern Art
career. Clinton Heylin shows brilliantly how Welles neverthe-      Higgins, Steven
less succeeded in forging a body of work that, whatever its        Founded in 1935, the Museum of Modern Art's Department of
flaws, is without equal in the history of cinema. 416pgs. •         Film and Media is home to one of the most important moving-
2006                                                               image archives in the world. The nearly 500 images in this
                      L • Canongate • P • IMPORT / $5.98           book serve as a stunning visual catalogue of the art and histo-
                                                                   ry of the moving image. 376pgs. • 2006
% 131464 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF OPERA ON SCREEN: A                                  N • Museum of Modern Art • C • $65.00 / $14.98
Guide to More Than 100 Years of Opera Films, Videos,
and DVDs                                                           125871 THEORY OF FILM: The Redemption of Physical
Wlaschin, Ken                                                      Reality
A comprehensive guide to the thousands of films, DVDs, and          Kracauer, Siegfried
videocassettes featuring operas and opera singers produced         Kracauer's classic study, originally published in 1960, explores
from 1896 to the present. Organized alphabetically with more       the distinctive qualities of the cinematic medium. In this new
than 1,900 fully cross-referenced entries, the book casts a        edition, editor Miriam Bratu Hansen provides a framework for
wide net that covers not only expected topics but also the         appreciating the book's significance for contemporary film the-
unexpected and offbeat. 896pgs. • 2004                             ory. 488pgs. • 1997
                            N • Yale • C • $85.00 / $16.98                                  N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $18.98

                                 FOOD & COOKI NG
 106887 AMERICAN FOOD WRITING: An Anthology                         117109 AMERICAN FOOD WRITING: An Anthology
 with Classic Recipes                                               with Classic Recipes
 O'Neill, Molly, ed.                                                O'Neill, Molly, ed.
 A harvest of more than 250 years of American culinary his-         Contents as above. 753pgs. • 2008
 tory. This literary feast includes classic accounts of iconic                L • Library of America • P • $24.00 / $13.98
 American foods: Henry David Thoreau on the delights of
 watermelon; Herman Melville on clam chowder; H. L.
 Mencken on the hot dog; M. F. K. Fisher in praise of the oys-      %   New to Catalog
 ter; Ralph Ellison on the irresistible appeal of baked yam;        N   Publisher's overstock - like new
 and William Styron on Southern fried chicken. 753pgs. •            I   New from the publisher
                                                                    L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot
 2007                                                                   on top or bottom of binding
            L • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
38                       088607 GRANDS VINS: The Finest
                         Châteaux of Bordeaux and Their
                                                                         111809 SWINDLED: The Dark History of Food Fraud,
                                                                         from Poisoned Candy to Counterfeit Coffee
                         Wines                                           Wilson, Bee
H                        Coates, Clive                                   Through a fascinating mixture of cultural and scientific histo-
                         By far France's largest fine-wine region,        ry, food politics, and culinary detective work, Wilson shows
I                        Bordeaux is also arguably its greatest, and     how swindlers have cheapened, falsified, and even poisoned
                         perhaps the most important in the world.        our food throughout history. Wilson pays special attention to
S                        This extensive survey details the region's      19th- and 20th-century America and England and the devel-
T                        history, geography, grape varieties, and        opment of both industrial-scale food adulteration and the sci-
                         other regional wine-making idiosyn-             entific ability to combat it. 400pgs. • 2008
O    crasies. Master of Wine Coates profiles the leading chateaux                                N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $12.98
R    and assesses their top red and white wines. Includes 150
     drawings and a map of the area. 736pgs. • 1995                                           111847 THE TASTE OF PLACE: A
I                            N • California • C • $65.00 / $9.98                              Cultural Journey into Terroir
                                                                                              Trubek, Amy B.
O    129246 MEDIEVAL CUISINE OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD:                                            How and why do we think about food,
G    A Concise History with 174 Recipes                                                       taste it, and cook it? While much has
     Zaouali, Lilia                                                                           been written about the concept of terroir
R    In this charming narrative accompanied by recipes, Lilia                                 as it relates to wine, in this vibrant, per-
     Zaouali brings to life Islam's vibrant culinary heritage. She                            sonal book a pioneering voice in the
A    surveys the gastronomical art -- inspired by Persian, Greco-                             new culinary revolution expands the
P    Roman, and Turkish cooking -- that developed at the Caliph's                             concept of terroir beyond wine and into
     sumptuous palaces in ninth-and tenth-century Baghdad and            cuisine and culture more broadly. 294pgs. • 2008
H    rapidly spread across the Mediterranean. 224pgs. • 2007                                   N • California • C • $45.00 / $14.98
Y                           N • California • C • $40.00 / $16.98
                                                                         114211 THE TRUE HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE
      % 028084 MUCH DEPENDS ON DINNER: The                               Coe, Sophie D. & Michael D. Coe
      Extraordinary History & Mythology, Allure &                        The Spanish conquest of Central America introduced choco-
&     Obsessions, Perils & Taboos of an Ordinary Meal                    late to Europe, where it became first the stimulating drink of
      Visser, Margaret                                                   kings and aristocrats and then was popularized in coffeehous-
      A delightful history of an ordinary American dinner -- from        es. From Maya hieroglyphs to the kingdom of the Hershey Bar,
G     corn on the cob with butter and salt, to roast chicken,            this fascinating history, written by two renowned anthropolo-
      salad, and ice cream. Presented as a meal, each chapter            gists, is enhanced with quotations, 97 illustrations, and old
E     represents a different course or garnish. 351pgs. • 1987           recipes. 280pgs. • 2007
N                         L • Grove Press • P • $16.00 / $5.98                           L • Thames & Hudson • P • $21.95 / $9.98
A                                H EALTH & M EDICINE
L                                                                                            % 075037 WATER, RACE, AND
      González-Crussi, Frank                                                                 DISEASE
      A brief yet authoritative five-hundred-year history of the sci-                         Troesken, Werner
H     ence, the philosophy, and the controversies of modern                                  Why, at the peak of the Jim Crow era
I     medicine. While emphasizing Western medicine over the                                  early in the 20th century, did life
      past five centuries, the author also describes how modern                               expectancy for African-Americans rise
S     medicine's roots extend to both Greco-Roman antiquity                                  dramatically? Using the tools of
      and Eastern medical traditions. 272pgs. • 2008                                         demography, economics, geography,
T                     N • Modern Library • P • $14.00 / $5.98                                history, law, and medicine, Troesken
O                                                                                            shows that when cities and towns cre-
                         118515 THE UNCERTAIN ART:                        ated working water and sewer systems, typhoid and other
R                        Thoughts on a Life in Medicine                   waterborne diseases were virtually eradicated. 288pgs. •
Y                        Nuland, Sherwin B.                               2004
                         A collection of essays about the vital mix of                              N • MIT • C • $35.00 / $7.98
                         expertise, intuition, sound judgment, and
                         pure chance that plays a part in a doctor's     % 131366 THE WORST OF EVILS: The Fight Against
                         practice and life. Drawing from history, the    Pain
                         recent past, and his own life, Nuland           Dormandy, Thomas
                         weaves a tapestry of compelling stories in      A survey of how different cultures have sought to combat and
                         which doctors have had to make life-and-        treat physical pain. With colorful stories -- and sometimes
     death decisions in the face of uncertainty. 224pgs. • 2008          frightening anecdotes -- Dormandy describes a checkered
                       N • Random House • C • $25.00 / $5.98             progression of breakthroughs, haphazard experiments, igno-
                                                                         rant attitudes, and surprising developments in human efforts
                                                                         to control pain. 560pgs. • 2006
                                                                                                       N • Yale • C • $39.00 / $9.98

                                  H ISTORIOGRAPHY &
                                   GEN ERAL H ISTORY
     104859 ANALOGIES AT WAR: Korea, Munich, Dien Bien                                       126741 BLOOD AND RAGE: A
     Phu, and the Vietnam Decisions of 1965                                                  Cultural History of Terrorism
     Khong, Yuen Foong                                                                       Burleigh, Michael
     From World War I to Operation Desert Storm, American poli-                              A sweeping history that explores the nature
     cymakers have invoked the "lessons of history" as they con-                             of terrorism from its origins in the West to
     templated taking their nation to war. Relying on interviews                             today's global threat fueled by fundamen-
     with senior officials and on recently declassified documents,                             talists. Burleigh argues persuasively that
     the author shows how three analogies -- Korea, Munich, and                              terrorism can be effectively contained and
     Dien Bien Phu -- were pivotal in shaping American policy dur-                           countered by avoiding the major mistakes
     ing the Vietnam War. 304pgs. • 1992                                                     of the past and by exploiting weaknesses
                            N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $16.98          within terrorist organizations. 592pgs. • 2009
                                                                                              N • HarperCollins • C • $29.99 / $8.98

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                 115067 THE CULTURE OF DEFEAT: On                                                                                        39
                 National Trauma, Mourning, and                         083711 MODERNIZING ENGLAND'S PAST: English
                 Recovery                                               Historiography in the Age of Modernism, 1870-1970
                 Schivelbosch, Wolfgang                                 Bentley, Michael
                                                                        What came before "postmodernism" in historical studies?          H
                 Focusing on three seminal cases of military
                 defeat -- the South after the Civil War, France        By thinking through the assumptions, methods, and cast of        I
                 in the wake of the Franco-Prussian War, and            mind of English historians writing between about 1870 and
                 Germany following World War I --                       1970, Michael Bentley reveals the intellectual world of the      S
                 Schivelbusch reveals the complex psycho-               modernists and offers the first full analysis of English histo-   T
                 logical and cultural responses of van-                 riography in this crucial period. 254pgs. • 2006
quished nations to the experience of loss on the battlefield.                               N • Cambridge • C • $95.99 / $29.98           O
406pgs. • 2004                                                                                                                           R
                  L • Granta Books • P • IMPORT / $5.98                                   129245 ON DEEP HISTORY AND THE
                                                                                          BRAIN                                          I
126834 THE CULTURE OF WAR                                                                 Smail, Daniel Lord
van Creveld, Martin L.                                                                    When does history begin? What character-       O
As van Creveld shows in this authoritative, and riveting book,                            izes it? Smail deconstructs the logic of a
                                                                                          starting point based on writing, civiliza-     G
since the beginning of civilization the culture of war has its
own traditions, laws and customs, rituals, ceremonies, music,                             tion, or historical consciousness and          R
art, literature, and monuments. He argues that men and                                    instead offers fundamentally new ways of
women today, contrary to the hopes of some, remain as fasci-                              thinking about our past. He shows how          A
nated by war as they have been in the past. 512pgs. • 2008                                recent work in evolution and paleohistory      P
                        N • Ballantine • C • $35.00 / $8.98            makes it possible to link the deep and the recent pasts and
                                                                       abandon once and for all the notion of "prehistory." 271pgs.      H
 130366 THE DISCOVERY OF                                               • 2007
 MANKIND: Atlantic Encounters in                                                              N • California • C • $40.00 / $12.98       Y
 the Age of Columbus
 Abulafia, David                                                         104790 ON WAR AND LEADERSHIP: The Words of
 From the first encounters with the                                      Combat Commanders from Frederick the Great to                    &
 native inhabitants of the Canary Islands                               Norman Schwarzkopf
 in 1341 to Cabral's discovery of Brazil                                Connelly, Owen
 in 1500, Europeans struggled to make                                   Lessons on leadership and the experience of war in the           G
 sense of the existence of the peoples                                  words of twenty combat commanders. The leaders repre-
 they met. Using archaeological findings                                 sented include commanders on both sides of the Civil War         E
 as well as eyewitness accounts, David Abulafia explores the             (William Tecumseh Sherman and Stonewall Jackson),                N
 social lives of the New World inhabitants, the motivations             German and American World War II generals (Rommel and
 and tensions of the first transactions with Europeans, and              Patton), and leaders from both sides of the Vietnam War          E
 the swift transmutation of wonder to vicious exploitation.             (Vo Nguyen Giap and Harold Moore). 347pgs. • 2005
 408pgs. • 2008                                                                            N • Princeton • P • $27.95 / $12.98           R
                           N • Yale • C • $35.00 / $15.98                                                                                A
                                                                       104926 PLOWS, PLAGUES, AND PETROLEUM: How
126864 FLAT EARTH: The History of an Infamous Idea                     Humans Took Control of Climate                                    L
Garwood, Christine                                                     Ruddiman, William F.
Contrary to popular belief, the idea of a spherical Earth had          Did human involvement in climate change only begin with the
been widely accepted as early as the fourth century BC. Yet            industrial revolution, as is commonly believed? William           H
bizarrely, the belief that the world is in fact flat persists to this   Ruddiman's provocative book argues that humans have actu-
day, despite Apollo missions and pictures from space. Ranging          ally been changing the climate for some 8,000 years -- as a       I
from ancient Greece through Victorian England to modern-day            result of the invention of agriculture. 202pgs. • 2007            S
America, Garwood's account of flat-eartherism encompasses                                       N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $10.98
religion, science, and pseudoscience, as well as a spectacular                                                                           T
array of people and places. 448pgs. • 2008                             118896 THE RED FLAG: A History of
                        N • St. Martin's • C • IMPORT / $7.98          Communism                                                         O
                                                                       Priestland, David                                                 R
105214 THE GREAT DIVERGENCE: China, Europe, and                        The epic story of a movement that took
the Making of the Modern World Economy                                 root in dozens of countries across 200                            Y
Pomeranz, Kenneth                                                      years, from its birth after the French
Why did sustained industrial growth begin in Northwest                 Revolution to its ideological maturity in
Europe, despite surprising similarities between advanced               19th-century Germany to its rise (and sub-
areas of Europe and East Asia? Pomeranz argues that Europe's           sequent fall) in the 20th century. Priestland
19th-century divergence from the Old World owes much to its            examines the motives of thinkers and lead-
access to coal, which substituted for timber, and to the               ers including Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Che Guevara,
resources it obtained from its colonies in the New World.              Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Gorbachev, and many others. 560pgs. •
392pgs. • 2001                                                         2009
                      N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $15.98                                    L • Grove Press • C • $30.00 / $12.98

114842 GREAT MILITARY LEADERS AND THEIR                                                      107324 A SPLENDID EXCHANGE:
CAMPAIGNS                                                                                    How Trade Shaped the World
Black, Jeremy                                                                                Bernstein, William J.
This profusely illustrated overview of the careers and campaigns                             A sweeping narrative history of world
of the world's greatest commanders encompasses the entire his-                               trade -- from Mesopotamia in 3000 BC
tory of war from the time of Cyrus the Great to the 20th century.                            to the current firestorm over globaliza-
Includes specially commissioned campaign maps, plus a refer-                                 tion -- that brilliantly explores trade's
ence section with concise biographies of 250 commanders. 520                                 colorful and contentious past and pro-
illustrations, 420 in color. 304pgs. • 2008                                                  vides new insights into its future.
                L • Thames & Hudson • C • $65.00 / $21.98                                    Includes 23 maps and 40 black-and-
                                                                        white illustrations. 467pgs. • 2008
111591 MILITARY POWER: Explaining Victory and                                               L • Grove Press • C • $30.00 / $6.98
Defeat in Modern Battle
Biddle, Stephen
In warfare, do states with the largest, best equipped, IT-rich
militaries invariably win? In this landmark reconception of             % New to Catalog
battle and war, Stephen Biddle argues that force employment             N Publisher's overstock - like new
is central to modern war, and has become increasingly impor-
tant since 1900 in a world of ever more lethal weaponry.                I New from the publisher
337pgs. • 2006                                                          L Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line
                       N • Princeton • P • $26.95 / $14.98                or dot on top or bottom of binding

                                                                                 w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
40                       054789 THROWING FIRE: Projectile                                      % 081905 WHO OWNS HISTORY?:
                         Technology through History                                            Rethinking the Past in a Changing
                         Crosby, Alfred W.                                                     World
J                        Before the dawn of history human beings                               Foner, Eric
                         mastered fire; they also invented javelins                             History has become a matter of public
E                        and bows and arrows. The historic era saw                             controversy, as Americans clash over such
                         the invention first of catapults and tre-                              things as museum presentations, the flying
W                        buchets, then of gunpowder, culminating,                              of the Confederate flag, and reparations
I                        in the 20th century, in the most destructive                          for slavery. So whose history is being writ-
                         wars of all time. This unique survey by an                            ten? Who owns it? Foner answers these and
S    acclaimed historian looks at the role that fire and throwing have      other questions about the historian's relationship to the world
H    played in the development of our species. 250pgs. • 2002              of the past and future. 256pgs. • 2003
                             N • Cambridge • C • $40.00 / $5.98                                   N • Hill & Wang • P • $15.00 / $7.98

T                                H ISTORY OF SCIENCE
D    PLURALISM                                                             Pacey, Arnold
     Mitchell, Sandra D.                                                   Explores how an individual's sense of purpose and meaning in
I    This collection of essays by a leading philosopher of science         life can affect the shape and use of technology. Stressing that
     defends integrative pluralism as the best description for             there is no hierarchy of meaning in technology, Pacey argues
E    today's complexity of scientific inquiry. Mitchell argues that the     against reductionism and for acknowledging the role of the
S    tendency of some scientists to reduce all theories to a few fun-      human experience of purpose. 264pgs. • 2001
     damental laws is not appropriate for the biological sciences,                                       N • MIT • P • $21.00 / $6.98
     which study multi-component, multi-level, evolved complex
     systems. 260pgs. • 2003                                               125544 PHILOSOPHY AFTER DARWIN: Classic and
                           N • Cambridge • C • $99.00 / $21.98             Contemporary Readings
                                                                           Ruse, Michael, ed.
     108043 HARMONIOUS TRIADS: Physicists, Musicians,                      This invaluable anthology and sourcebook traces philosophy's
     and Instrument Makers in Nineteenth-Century Germany                   complicated relationship with Darwin's dangerous idea, and
     Jackson, Myles W.                                                     shows how this relationship reflects a broad movement toward
     Although 19th-century scientists were less interested in the music    a secular, more naturalistic understanding of the human expe-
     of the spheres than the natural philosophers of earlier times, they   rience. 592pgs. • 2009
     remained committed to understanding the world of performing                                  N • Princeton • P • $39.50 / $19.98
     musicians and their instruments. Musical instruments provided
     physicists with experimental systems, and research by physicists      125857 REVOLUTIONIZING THE SCIENCES: European
     led directly to improvements in both musical-instrument manu-         Knowledge
     facture and performance practices. 395pgs. • 2006                     SECOND EDITION
                                   N • MIT • C • $40.00 / $12.98           Dear, P.
                                                                           An accessible introduction to the origins of modern science,
                       088744 HOW THE COLD WAR                             including such figures as Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and
                       TRANSFORMED PHILOSOPHY OF                           Newton. This second edition further explores the practice and
                       SCIENCE: To the Icy Slopes of Logic                 influence of alchemy, the social standing of early scientists, and
                       Reisch, George                                      the role of medicine and medical practitioners. 216pgs. • 2009
                       This in-depth treatment of the development                                 N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $13.98
                       of philosophy of science studies in the US
                       during the Cold War documents the politi-           125822 SUPERSTITION: Belief in the Age of Science
                       cal vitality of logical empiricism and Otto         Park, Robert L.
                       Neurath's Unity of Science Movement. It             From uttering a prayer before boarding a plane, to exploring
                       then traces the process of its de-politiciza-       past lives through hypnosis, Robert Park asks why people per-
     tion by converging intellectual, cultural, and political forces in    sist in superstitious convictions long after science has shown
     the 1950s. 432pgs. • 2005                                             them to be ill-founded. He examines supernatural beliefs,
                             N • Cambridge • P • $36.99 / $6.98            from religion and the afterlife to New Age spiritualism and
                                                                           faith-based medical claims, and concludes that science is the
      % 067240 ME++: The Cyborg Self                                       only way we have of understanding the world. 240pgs. • 2010
      and the Networked City                                                                        N • Princeton • P • $16.95 / $8.98
      Mitchell, William
      With increasing frequency, events in                                 051142 THE TWO CULTURES
      physical space reflect events in cyber-                               Snow, C. P.
      space and vice versa; digital informa-                               Snow's Rede lecture of 1959 brought to prominence the
      tion can, for example, direct the move-                              notion that much of our society is characterized by a split
      ment of an aircraft or a robot arm. In                               between arts and the sciences, beginning a public debate still
      this volume, Mitchell examines the                                   raging in the media. This reissue of The Two Cultures and its
      effects of wireless linkage, global inter-                           successor piece, A Second Look (in which Snow responded to
      connection, miniaturization, and portability on our bodies,          the controversy four years later) has a new introduction.
      our clothing, our architecture, our cities, and our uses of          107pgs. • 1998
      space and time. 269pgs. • 2003                                                              N • Cambridge • P • $18.99 / $9.98
                                   N • MIT • C • $29.95 / $7.98

                                          J EWISH STU DI ES
     126720 FREUD'S MOSES: Judaism Terminable and
     Interminable                                                           % 131442 JEWISH THOUGHT AND SCIENTIFIC
     Yerushalmi, Yosef Hayim                                                DISCOVERY IN EARLY MODERN EUROPE
     Moses and Monotheism, Freud's last major book, has proved              Ruderman, David B.
     to be one of the most controversial and enigmatic works in the         A close examination of the interaction between Jewish cul-
     Freudian canon. Using both historical and philological analy-          ture, medicine, and science during Europe's age of "scien-
     sis, Yerushalmi offers new insights into Freud's intentions in         tific revolution." Ruderman argues that during this era
     writing the book, the only one that Freud specifically devoted          Jewish culture and society became increasingly aware of
     to a Jewish theme. 208pgs. • 1991                                      medical and scientific advances, and that a new Jewish sci-
                                 N • Yale • C • $55.00 / $16.98             entific discourse evolved that had significant repercussions
                                                                            for Jewish religious concerns. 404pgs. • 1995
                                                                                                     N • Yale • C • $63.00 / $16.98

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050545 MESSIANIC MYSTICS                                                             111471 THE PRICE OF WHITENESS:                  41
Idel, Moshe                                                                          Jews, Race, and American Identity
Examines the long tradition of Jewish messianism and mystical                        Goldstein, Eric L.
experience, arguing that messianism deserves a central place                         What has it meant to be Jewish in a nation      L
in Jewish intellectual history and that there are close ties                         preoccupied with the categories of black
between messianism and the Kabbalah. 451pgs. • 1998                                  and white? Goldstein traces the often           A
                            N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $16.98                           tumultuous encounters with race experi-
                                                                                     enced by Jews from the 1870s through            T
                    125934 MITZVAH GIRLS: Bringing Up                                World War II, when they became vested as        I
                    the Next Generation of Hasidic Jews in                           part of America's white mainstream and
                    Brooklyn                                       abandoned the practice of describing themselves in racial         N
                    Fader, Ayala                                   terms. 307pgs. • 2007
                    The first book about bringing up Hasidic                             N • Princeton • P • $22.95 / $11.98
                    Jewish girls in North America, providing                                                                         A
                    an in-depth look into a closed community.       126095 THE REBBE: The Life and Afterlife of
                    Fader examines language, gender, and the        Menachem Mendel Schneerson                                       M
                    body from infancy to adulthood, showing         Heilman, Samuel C. & Menachem Friedman                           E
                    how Hasidic girls in Brooklyn become            From the 1950s until his death in 1994, Menachem Mendel
women responsible for rearing the next generation of nonlib-        Schneerson built the Lubavitcher movement from a small           R
eral Jewish believers 280pgs. • 2009                                Hasidic sect into a powerful force in Jewish life. The authors
                       N • Princeton • P • $22.95 / $12.98          paint a vivid portrait of the Rebbe, showing how he reinvented   I
                                                                    himself from an aspiring electrical engineer into a charismat-   C
% 131434 MOSES AND CIVILIZATION:                                    ic leader who believed that he and his Lubavitcher Hasidic
The Meaning Behind Freud's Myth                                     emissaries could transform the world. 382pgs. • 2010             A
Paul, Robert A.                                                                            N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $13.98       N
Synthesizing anthropology, psychoanalysis,
and religion, Paul corrects and completes                          126854 RESURRECTING HEBREW
the ideas Freud proposed in Moses and                              Stavans, Ilan
Monotheism. He presents a valid psycho-                            The stirring story of how Hebrew was res-                         &
analytic account of Western civilization                           cued from the fate of a dead language to
based on a detailed reading of the biblical                        become the living tongue of a modern
text and the legends, folklore, commen-                            nation. The resurrection of Hebrew raises                         C
taries, and social practices surrounding it. 278pgs. • 1996        urgent questions about the role language
                              N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $12.98       plays in Jewish survival, questions that lead                     A
                                                                   Stavans not merely into the roots of modern                       R
                  % 008167 THE ORIGINS OF ZIONISM                  Hebrew but into the origins of Israel itself.
                  Vital, David                                     240pgs. • 2008                                                    I
                  This account of the first crucial formative                         N • Schocken Books • C • $21.00 / $6.98         B
                  stage of the movement which sought to re-
                  establish the Jews as a political nation with-   125781 A SHORT HISTORY OF THE JEWS                                B
                  in an independent, sovereign state traces        Brenner, Michael
                  the origins of Zionism to its sources in the     The most learned yet broadly accessible book available on the     E
                  Jewish tradition. 396pgs. • 1975                 subject. Brenner takes readers from the mythic wanderings of      A
                                  N • Oxford University • P •      Moses to the unspeakable atrocities of the Holocaust; from the
                                             $75.00 / $24.98       Babylonian exile to the founding of the modern state of Israel;   N
                                                                   and from the Sephardic communities under medieval Islam to
                                                                   the shtetls of eastern Europe and the Hasidic enclaves of mod-
                                                                   ern-day Brooklyn. 472pgs. • 2010                                  S
                                                                                           N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $14.98
                           LATI N AM ERICAN &                                                                                        D
                          CARI BBEAN STU DI ES                                                                                       E
087675 AMBIVALENT CONQUESTS: Maya and Spaniard
                                                                                      % 111396 GUERRILLAS AND
in Yucatan, 1517-1570
SECOND EDITION                                                                        REVOLUTION IN LATIN AMERICA: A
Clendinnen, Inga                                                                      Comparative Study of Insurgents
An exploration of the turbulent 16th-century encounter                                and Regimes Since 1956
between Spanish conquistadors and the Yucatecan Maya.                                 Wickham-Crowley, Timothy P.
Clendinnen's study, which now includes a new Preface, is both                         Explores the origins and outcomes of
a specific examination of conversion in a corner of the                                rural insurgencies in nearly a dozen
Spanish Empire and a work with broader implications for the                           cases since 1956. Focusing on the per-
understanding of European domination and native resistance                            sonal backgrounds of the guerrillas
throughout the colonial world. 264pgs. • 2003                                         themselves and on national social con-
                     N • Cambridge • P • $30.00 / $17.98            ditions, Wickham-Crowley explains why strong guerrilla
                                                                    movements emerged in certain countries but not in others.
088844 EMPIRE AND REVOLUTION: The Americans in                      444pgs. • 1993
Mexico since the Civil War                                                            N • Princeton • P • $49.95 / $25.98
Hart, John M.
A sweeping chronicle of the economic and social connections
between the two nations from the Civil War to today.
Throughout, this masterful narrative illuminates the develop-
ment and expansion of the American railroad, oil, mining, and       % New to Catalog
banking industries. Hart also shows how the export of the           N Publisher's overstock - like new
"American Dream" has shaped such areas as religion and
                                                                    I New from the publisher
work attitudes in Mexico. 688pgs. • 2002
                      N • California • C • $60.00 / $14.98          L Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line
                                                                      or dot on top or bottom of binding

                           Some books are in limited supply. Order today!

                                                                             w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
42                      038890 INDIGENOUS MOVEMENTS                       % 131431 MASS ATROCITY, ORDINARY EVIL, AND
                        AND THEIR CRITICS: Pan-Maya                       HANNAH ARENDT: Criminal Consciousness in
                        Activism in Guatemala                             Argentina's Dirty War
L                       Warren, Kay B.                                    Osiel, Mark
                        An ethnographic account of Pan-Maya cul-          Applying Arendt's ideas about the kind of people who imple-
I                       tural activism through the voices, writings,      ment bureaucratized large-scale atrocities to Argentina's
                        and actions of its participants. Challenging      "Dirty War" of the 1970s, Osiel delves into the social condi-
N                       the belief that indigenous movements              tions that could elicit such reprehensible conduct. He calls for
G                       emerge as isolated, politically unified            changes in the laws of war to preserve both justice and the
                        fronts, Warren shows that Pan-Mayanism            possibility of dialogue between factions in sharply divided
U    reflects diverse local, national, and international influences         societies. 272pgs. • 2002
I    288pgs. • 1998                                                                                      N • Yale • C • $40.00 / $12.98
                            N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $18.98
I                            LAW & LEGAL STU DIES
C    104350 THE CANON OF AMERICAN LEGAL THOUGHT                           117182 LAWYERS: A Critical Reader
S    Kennedy, David & William W. Fisher III, eds.                         Abel, Richard L., ed.
     Presents full texts of the 20 most important works of American       Are lawyers merely hired guns or are they morally responsible
     legal thought since 1890. These are the articles that have made      for the clients they represent? Can law contribute to the cre-
     these authors -- from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., to Ronald Coase,   ation of a more just society? This reader addresses the whole
&    from Ronald Dworkin to Catherine MacKinnon -- among the most         range of vital questions concerning lawyers and their increas-
     recognized names in American legal history. 925pgs. • 2006           ing impact on all aspects of society. 320pgs. • 1997
                              N • Princeton • P • $42.00 / $22.98                                  N • New Press • C • $45.00 / $8.98
A    124327 THE COLLECTED LEGAL                                           107120 THE RISE OF THE CONSERVATIVE LEGAL
     PAPERS                                                               MOVEMENT: The Battle for Control of the Law
N    Holmes, Oliver Wendell                                               Teles, Steven Michael
     Distinguished for his learning, judgment,                            Beginning in the 1970s, conservatives learned that electoral vic-
G    humor, and eloquence, Holmes served as                               tory did not easily convert into a reversal of liberal accomplish-
U    justice of the US Supreme Court for four                             ments, and set their sights on law schools, professional net-
     decades. This compilation of 26 of his legal                         works, public interest groups, and the judiciary. Drawing from
A    papers and addresses touches upon many                               internal documents as well as interviews with key conservative
     spheres of public concern and reflects the                            figures, Teles examines the conservative challenge to liberal
G    ongoing development of a democratic soci-                            domination of American legal institutions. 339pgs. • 2008
E    ety. 320pgs. • 2007                                                                          N • Princeton • C • $38.50 / $16.98
                                N • Dover • P • $16.95 / $5.98

                    LINGU ISTICS & LANGUAGES
     LANGUAGE                                                                                    % 103782 FROM MOLECULE TO
     SECOND EDITION                                                                              METAPHOR: A Neural Theory of
     Crystal, David                                                                              Language
     Incorporates extensive research in areas such as speech syn-                                Feldman, Jerome A.
     thesis and recognition, acoustics, machine translation, natural                             Although the cognitive sciences are
     language processing, endangered languages, language teach-                                  revealing much about how our brains
     ing and World English. 480pgs. • 1997                                                       produce language and thought, we do
                          L • Cambridge • P • $38.99 / $14.98                                    not yet know exactly how words are
                                                                                                 understood or have any methodology
     % 084982 CONDITIONALS IN CONTEXT                                                            for finding out. Feldman proposes a
     Gauker, Christopher                                                   theory that treats language not as an abstract symbol system
     In this book, Christopher Gauker argues that context-relativity       but as a biological ability that can be studied as a function
     is the key to understanding the semantics of conditionals.            of the brain. 357pgs. • 2006
     Contexts are defined as objective features of the situation in                                      N • MIT • C • $38.00 / $9.98
     which a conversation takes place, and the semantic properties
     of sentences -- conditionals included -- are defined in terms of      078991 A GRAMMAR OF TARIANA, FROM NORTHWEST
     assertibility in a context. 344pgs. • 2005                           AMAZONIA
                                    N • MIT • P • $35.00 / $9.98          Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y.
                                                                          The speakers of Tariana, an Arawak language from the north-
      % 064610 CULTURAL AND LANGUAGE DIVERSITY                            west Amazon, traditionally marry someone speaking a differ-
      AND THE DEAF EXPERIENCE                                             ent language; therefore, most are fluent in five or six lan-
      Parasnis, Ila, ed.                                                  guages. This comprehensive grammar reveals how Tariana
      A comprehensive analysis of deaf people as a culturally and         combines its own features with those borrowed from neigh-
      linguistically distinct minority group within American soci-        boring languages due to this rampant multilingualism.
      ety. The contributors include members of the deaf commu-            730pgs. • 2003
      nity as well as prominent deaf and hearing educators and                           N • Cambridge • C NDJ • $210.00 / $40.98
      researchers. 306pgs. • 1998
                           N • Cambridge • P • $37.99 / $18.98            % 037001 THE HAUSA LANGUAGE: An Encyclopedic
                                                                          Reference Grammar
     041229 ELEMENTARY MODERN STANDARD ARABIC,                            Newman, Paul
     VOLUME 1: Pronunciation and Writing; Lessons 1-30                    A comprehensive grammar of one of the largest and most
     Abboud, P. F., ed.                                                   important languages of Africa, spoken by some 35 million
     The Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Course is the pre-             people as a first language and approximately 15 million more
     mier introduction, for the English-speaking student, to the          as a second language. 760pgs. • 2000
     active written language of the contemporary Arab world.                                     N • Yale • C NDJ • $80.00 / $24.98
     Volume 1 is complete in itself and presents a practical intro-
     duction to the writing system of Arabic and to its pronuncia-         %   New to Catalog
     tion. Each lesson contains a text, a vocabulary, grammar, and         N   Publisher's overstock - like new
     drills including oral and written comprehension passages.             I   New from the publisher
                                                                           L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
     634pgs. • 1983                                                            top or bottom of binding
                           N • Cambridge • P • $74.00 / $33.98

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                   087674 LANGUAGE AND MIND                            106901 THE SYNTAX OF ICELANDIC                                       43
                   Chomsky, Noam                                       Thrainsson, Hoskuldur
                   The long-awaited third edition of                   Icelandic is a syntactically interesting language, with
                   Chomsky's collection of essays on lan-              aspects of its word order, clause structure, agreement pat-          L
                   guage and mind. The first six chapters,              terns, inflection and case system arousing much theoretical
                   originally published in the 1960s, made a           interest and debate in recent years. This is an informative          I
                   groundbreaking contribution to linguistic
                   theory. This new edition complements
                                                                       guide to the structure of the language, focusing on those            T
                                                                       characteristics that have contributed greatly to syntactic
                   them with an additional chapter and a new           research. 563pgs. • 2007                                             E
                   preface, bringing Chomsky's influential                                N • Cambridge • C • $181.00 / $28.98
approach into the 21st century. 208pgs. • 2006                                                                                              R
                     N • Cambridge • P • $28.99 / $14.98              087112 USING PORTUGUESE: A Guide to Contemporary                      A
041154 LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY                                        McGovern, Timothy Michael & Ana Sofia Ganho                            R
Duranti, Alessandro                                                   This guide to Portuguese usage covers both the Brazilian and
Introduces linguistic anthropology as an interdisciplinary field                                                                             Y
                                                                      the European varieties of Portuguese. It gives special attention
studying language as a cultural resource and speaking as a            to those areas of vocabulary and grammar which cause most
cultural practice. Theories and methods discussed in terms of         difficulty to English-speakers and also includes a special chap-
linguistic diversity, grammar in use, the role of speaking in         ter for students familiar with Spanish, highlighting key simi-        T
social interaction, organization and meaning of conversation-
al structures, and participation as an analytical unit. 398pgs.
                                                                      larities and differences between the two languages. 274pgs. •         H
• 1997                                                                                       N • Cambridge • P • $46.99 / $19.98            E
                       L • Cambridge • P • $54.00 / $26.98
                                                                                        119764 WORLD LEXICON OF
087661 THE STUDY OF LANGUAGE                                                            GRAMMATICALIZATION                                  R
THIRD EDITION                                                                           Heine, Bernd & Tania Kuteva
Yule, George                                                                            While the comparative method is con-                Y
Introduces the analysis of the key elements of language --                              cerned with regularities in phonological
sounds, words, structures, and meanings -- providing a solid                            change, grammaticalization theory deals
foundation in these essential topics. Extensively revised with                          with regularities of grammatical change.            &
sections on contemporary issues in language study, including                            In an A-Z format, this book summarizes
language and culture, African American English, sign lan-                               the most salient generalizations that have
guage, and slang. 284pgs. • 2005
                    L • Cambridge • P • $32.99 / $12.98
                                                                                        been made on the unidirectional change              C
                                                                      of grammatical forms and constructions. 400pgs. • 2002
                                                                                         N • Cambridge • C • $100.00 / $75.98               R
       LITERARY TH EORY & CRITICISM                                                                                                         I
039701 ANATOMY OF CRITICISM                                           % 054762 THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO ENGLISH                           C
Frye, Northrop                                                        RESTORATION THEATRE                                                   I
In four brilliant essays on historical, ethical, archetypical, and    Payne Fisk, Deborah, ed.
rhetorical criticism, employing examples of world literature          Essays examine Restoration theatre from 1660 until 1714,              S
from ancient times to the present, Frye reconceived literary          paying attention to major playwrights such as Dryden,
criticism as a total history rather than a linear progression         Wycherly and Congreve and also to more minor works and to             M
through time. 383pgs. • 2000                                          plays by the first professional female dramatists, as they reveal
                         N • Princeton • P • $28.95 / $14.98          this exciting theatrical era in all of its tumult, energy, and con-
                                                                      flict. 322pgs. • 2000
 % 131444 A BAEDEKER OF DECADENCE: Charting a                                                N • Cambridge • P • $35.99 / $19.98
 Literary Fashion, 1884-1927
 Schoolfield, George C.                                                044878 THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO MILTON
 Beginning in the late 19th century, many novels and novellas         SECOND EDITION
 were populated with protagonists who were fragile, refined,           Danielson, Dennis, ed.
 self-absorbed and preoccupied with a trivially exquisite aes-        An accessible guide that introduces readers to the scope of
 thetic. Examining 32 international works of literary deca-           Milton's work, its historical relations, and current approaches
 dence written between 1884 and 1927, Schoolfield offers an            to it. This edition contains new and revised essays, reflecting
 entertaining commentary on this unusual and fascinating cul-         increasing emphasis on Milton's politics, the social conditions
 tural phenomenon. 432pgs. • 2003                                     and climate in which he wrote and published, the importance
                           N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $12.98             of his early poems, and the changes wrought by gender stud-
                                                                      ies on criticism. 316pgs. • 1999
                                                                                             N • Cambridge • P • $29.99 / $16.98

       MEDIEVAL ROMANCE                                               087791 THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY
                                                                      OF LITERARY CRITICISM VOL. 4: The
 111615 FROM RITUAL TO ROMANCE                                        Eighteenth Century
 Weston, Jessie L.                                                    Nisbet, H. B.
 Drawing from J. G. Frazer, who studied ancient nature cults          A multi-disciplinary study of how the under-
 that associated the physical condition of the king with the pro-     standing of literature in the modern era was
 ductivity of the land, Weston considers how the legend of the        shaped by developments in intellectual, cul-
 Holy Grail related to fertility rites. Acknowledged by T. S. Eliot   tural and social history. It provides an
 as crucial to understanding "The Waste Land," Weston's book          authoritative historical overview of all areas
 has continued to attract readers interested in ancient religion,     of literary studies. 970pgs. • 1997
 myth, and Arthurian legend. 256pgs. • 1993                                                   N • Cambridge • P • $60.00 / $19.98
                        N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $12.98
                                                                      104479 THE CAMBRIDGE INTRODUCTION TO
 123041 THE ROMANCES OF CHRÉTIEN DE TROYES                            SHAKESPEARE
 Duggan, Joseph J.                                                    Smith, Emma
 Twelfth-century French poet Chrétien de Troyes was one of            This lively introduction to Shakespeare promotes active
 the most influential figures in Western literature; his roman-         engagement with the plays, rather than recycling factual infor-
 tic poems on the legend of King Arthur gave rise to a tradi-         mation; no prior knowledge is assumed. Covering a range of
 tion of storytelling that continues to this day. This study of all   texts, it is divided into seven subject-based chapters:
 of Chrétien's work sets the poet within the social and intel-        Character; Performance; Texts; Language; Structure; Sources;
 lectual currents of his time. 408pgs. • 2001                         and History. 166pgs. • 2007
                              N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $14.98                                N • Cambridge • P • $22.99 / $9.98

                                                                                 w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
44                      093444 THE CAMBRIDGE                           % 131427 LITERATURE AT WAR, 1914-
                        INTRODUCTION TO T. S. ELIOT                    1940: Representing the Time of
                        Cooper, John Xiros                             Greatness in Germany
L                       Provides the perfect introduction to key       Natter, Wolfgang G.
                        aspects of Eliot's life and work, as well as   A fascinating examination of German texts
I                       to the wider contexts of modernism in          written about the First World War. Wolfgang
                        which he wrote. Cooper explains how Eliot      Natter argues that the militarization of liter-
N                       was influenced by the intellectual climate      ature that occurred between 1914 and
G                       of both 20th-century Britain and America,      1918, and the ways war events reconfigured
                        and how he became a key cultural figure         literary institutions, aesthetics, and cultural
U    on both sides of the Atlantic. The controversies surrounding      politics, help to explain how a military ethos could remain
I    his writing and his thought are also addressed. 142pgs. •         vibrant in a defeated Germany and lay the groundwork for
     2006                                                              another world war. 288pgs. • 1999
S                           N • Cambridge • P • $23.99 / $8.98                                          N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $8.98
T    115160 THE CAMBRIDGE KING LEAR: Text and                          115164 LITERATURE, GENDER AND POLITICS DURING
I    Performance Archive (CD-ROM)                                      THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR
     Carson, Christie & Jacky Bratton, eds.                            Purkiss, Diane
C    This CD-ROM offers an archive of textual and performance          Illuminates the role of gender in the English Civil War by
     material relating to the play. Includes the Quarto of 1608 and    focusing on ideas of masculinity. Purkiss analyses representa-
S    the Folio of 1623 both in modern spelling and as facsimiles,      tions of masculinity in the writings of Marvell, Waller, Herrick,
     along with five other texts, 500 illustrations, critical essays,   and the Caroline elegists, as well as in newsbooks and pam-
     and a wealth of annotation and reference material. • 2000         phlets, and pays particular attention to Milton's complex
&                 N • Cambridge • CD-ROM • $430.00 / $56.98            responses to the dilemmas of male identity. 300pgs. • 2005
                                                                                             N • Cambridge • C • $113.00 / $29.98
     % 131436 CONSCIOUSNESS AND CULTURE: Emerson
L    and Thoreau Reviewed                                              039568 MARXISM AND FORM: Twentieth-Century
     Porte, Joel                                                       Dialectical Theories of Literature
A    Focusing on Emerson and Thoreau as writers, Porte traces          Jameson, Fredric
N    their individual achievements and their points of intersection.   A pioneering account of the work of the major European
     He argues that although both men started from a shared belief     Marxist theorists -- T. W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Herbert
G    in the importance of "self-culture," they produced a body of      Marcuse, Ernst Bloch, Georg Lukács, and Jean-Paul Sartre.
     writing that helped move a provincial New England readership      Jameson provides a framework for analyzing the connection
U    into the broader arena of international culture. 256pgs. •        between art and the historical circumstances of its making --
A    2004                                                              in particular, how cultural artifacts distort, repress, or trans-
                                   N • Yale • C • $35.00 / $7.98       form their circumstances through the abstractions of aesthet-
G                                                                      ic form. 432pgs. • 1974
E     % 116482 DUE CONSIDERATIONS: Essays and                                                 N • Princeton • P • $32.50 / $14.98
S     Updike, John                                                                          058164 MIMESIS: The
      The sixth collection of the brilliant and graceful essays and                         Representation of Reality in
      criticism that Updike composed for more than five decades.                             Western Literature
      Here he reflects on such writers and works as Emerson,                                 Auerbach, Erich
      Uncle Tom's Cabin, Colson Whitehead, The Wizard of Oz,                                A brilliant display of erudition, wit, and
      Don DeLillo, The Portrait of a Lady, Margaret Atwood, The                             wisdom, this exploration of how great
      Mabinogion, and Proust. 736pgs. • 2008                                                European writers from Homer to
                           L • Ballantine • P • $20.00 / $7.98                              Virginia Woolf depicted reality has
                                                                                            taught generations how to read Western
     120699 EPIC: Britain's Heroic Muse 1790-1910                                           literature. This new expanded edition
     Tucker, Herbert F.                                                 includes an introduction by Edward Said as well as a previ-
     Although the epic is widely held to have been shouldered aside     ously untranslated essay in which Auerbach responds to his
     by the novel, the genre was practiced without interruption         critics. 616pgs. • 2002
     across the long 19th century by nearly every prominent                                 N • Princeton • P • $27.95 / $14.98
     Romantic and Victorian poet. This book is the first to provide
     a connected history of epic poetry in Britain between the         038520 THE NEW PRINCETON ENCYCLOPEDIA OF
     French Revolution and the First World War. 752pgs. • 2008         POETRY AND POETICS
                    N • Oxford University • C • $65.00 / $16.98        Preminger, Alex & T. V. Brogan, eds.
                                                                       A comprehensive reference work dealing with all aspects of its
      % 083942 KNOWLEDGE OF THINGS HUMAN AND                           subject: history, types, movements, prosody, and critical ter-
      DIVINE: Vico's New Science and Finnegans Wake                    minology. This completely revised edition includes new entries
      Verene, Donald Phillip                                           by Camille Paglia, Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Elaine Showalter,
      In the first book to examine in full the interconnections         Houston Baker, and Andrew Ross, and new coverage of cul-
      between Vico's new science and Joyce's Finnegans Wake,           tural criticism, discourse, feminist poetics, and Chicano poet-
      Verene demonstrates how passages from Joyce's work offer         ry. 1383pgs. • 1993
      keys to Vico's philosophy. Verene presents Vico's philo-                                 N • Princeton • P • $46.95 / $22.98
      sophical thought as it develops in his major works, with
      Joyce's words and insights serving as a guide. 278pgs. •         040455 ON BEAUTY AND BEING JUST
      2003                                                             Scarry, Elaine
                               N • Yale • C • $52.00 / $16.98          Taking inspiration from writers and thinkers as diverse as
                                                                       Homer, Plato, Proust, and Iris Murdoch, Scarry writes an ele-
     % 106210 LIGHT, FREEDOM AND                                       gant, passionate manifesto for the revival of beauty in our intel-
     SONG: A Cultural History of                                       lectual work. She not only defends beauty from recent politi-
     Modern Irish Writing                                              cal arguments against it but also argues that beauty continual-
     Pierce, David                                                     ly renews our search for truth and presses us toward a greater
     In this absorbing analysis of modern                              concern for justice. 144pgs. • 2001
     Irish writing, Pierce illuminates its                                                      N • Princeton • P • $14.95 / $9.98
     hybrid character, showing how lan-
     guage, culture, and history have been                             % 106189 PARADOXY OF MODERNISM
     affected by the colonial encounter                                Scholes, Robert
     between Ireland and Britain. He exam-                             While critics have largely defined modern art and literature in
     ines how this encounter has affected modern masters like          terms of binary oppositions of high/low, old/new, and so forth,
     Joyce and Yeats as well as more recent writers like John          Scholes contends that these distinctions are in fact confused
     Banville, Derek Mahon, and John McGahern. 350pgs. • 2005          and misleading. Closely examining literary texts, drawings,
                                 N • Yale • C • $42.00 / $16.98        critical writings, and memoirs, he argues for the rehabilitation
                                                                       of works in the middle ground that have been marginalized in
                                                                       previous discussions. 320pgs. • 2006
                                                                                                     N • Yale • C • $35.00 / $7.98

     80,000 more books online
                                                                                        129325 SAMUEL JOHNSON: The                       45
                     % 131441 POWER, PLAIN                                              Struggle
                     ENGLISH AND THE RISE OF                                            Meyers, Jeffrey
                     MODERN POETRY                                                      Drawing on a lifetime of study of Johnson
                     Rosen, David                                                                                                        L
                                                                                        and his era, as well as a wide array of new
                     A radically new account of Modern                                  archival materials, Jeffrey Meyers tells the     I
                     poetry and its relation to Romanticism.                            extraordinary story of one of the great
                     Rosen shows how the peculiar reputa-                               geniuses of English letters. Johnson             T
                     tion of "plain English" for truthfulness                           emerges in his portrait as a mass of con-        E
                     was employed by Modern poets to con-                               tradictions: lazy and energetic, aggressive
                     ceal the rift between competing ambi-           and tender, melancholy and witty, and simultaneously com-           R
 tions for themselves that were to a large degree incompati-         forted and tormented by religion. 552pgs. • 2008
 ble by nature. 224pgs. • 2006                                                               N • Perseus • C • $35.00 / $12.98
                            N • Yale • C • $37.00 / $9.98                                                                                T
                                                                      % 131425 SARA COLERIDGE, A VICTORIAN
086086 PROUST, BECKETT, AND NARRATION                                 DAUGHTER: Her Life and Essays                                      U
Reid, James H.                                                        Mudge, Bradford K.
This comparison of the narrative techniques of two of the 20th                                                                           R
                                                                      Sara Coleridge, the daughter of the poet, was a woman of
century's most important writers of prose combines theoreti-          exceptional intellectual energy. After publishing two books        E
cal analysis and text study of Proust's A la recherche du temps       before she was twenty-two, she became the editor and pro-
perdu and of Beckett's trilogy of novels, Molloy, Malone Dies,        moter of her father's works, marketing them as the philo-
and The Unnamable. 206pgs. • 2003                                     sophic cure to the social ills of the times. 312pgs. • 1989        P
                       N • Cambridge • C • $95.00 / $19.98                                      N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $14.98
% 043224 RETURN PASSAGES: Great American Travel                      % 131440 UNLOCKING MALLARMÉ
Writing, 1780-1910                                                   Robb, Graham
Ziff, Larzer                                                         Stéphane Mallarmé has long mystified readers with notorious-         T
This book, the first to trace the distinctive history of American     ly obscure writings and philosophy. Graham Robb here reveals
travel writing, focuses on five great representatives of the          an important "key" to the poet's work that will redefine             R
genre, from John Ledyard, who set out to walk around the             Mallarmé studies and open the way for new interpretations of
world in the 1700s, to Henry James, from whose cosmopoli-                                                                                Y
                                                                     some of the most complicated poems ever written. 268pgs. •
tan accounts of other societies travel writing emerged as great      1996
art. 304pgs. • 2000                                                                                N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $9.98
                               N • Yale • C • $35.00 / $7.98                                                                             &
                                                                     125659 WORSHIPPING WALT: The Whitman Disciples
% 108817 ROBERT SOUTHEY: Entire Man of Letters                       Robertson, Michael
Speck, William Allen                                                 Explores the highly charged connections between Whitman             D
In his lifetime Robert Southey was very much the equal of his        and his followers, including Canadian psychiatrist R. M.
fellow "Lake poets," Coleridge and Wordsworth. But since his         Bucke, American nature writer John Burroughs, British
death his reputation has been overshadowed by their success.         activist Edward Carpenter, and the notorious Oscar Wilde.           A
Speck argues that even if Southey's poetry can no longer be          Despite their particular needs, they all viewed Whitman as the
considered as significant, his other writings were more salient       author of a new poetic scripture and prophet of a modern lib-       M
and his political views far more influential than those of his fel-   eral spirituality. 368pgs. • 2010                                   A
low poets. 305pgs. • 2006                                                                     N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $9.98
                              N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $12.98

 % 131670 BALLISTICS: Poems                                          % 050831 THE COMPLETE STORIES
 Collins, Billy                                                      O'Connor, Flannery
 In this stunning collection, Collins                                Includes the two story collections O'Connor put together dur-
 touches on a broad array of subjects --                             ing her short lifetime -- Everything That Rises Must Converge
 love, death, solitude, youth, and aging -                           and A Good Man Is Hard to Find -- plus twelve additional sto-
 - delving deeper into them than ever                                ries. 555pgs. • 1971
 before. As he strives to find truth in the                                                     L • Noonday • P • $18.00 / $9.98
 smallest detail, readers are given a fas-
 cinating, intimate glimpse into the
 heart and soul of a brilliantly thought-
 ful man and exemplary poet. 128pgs. • 2008                                 J.        M.          COETZEE
                N • Random House • C • IMPORT / $4.98
                                                                                           118510 DIARY OF A BAD YEAR
125589 THE BEST LAID SCHEMES: Selected Poetry and                                          Coetzee, J. M.
Prose of Robert Burns                                                                      In this brilliant work of fiction by the
Burns, Robert                                                                              Nobel Prize–winning author of
Newly edited from manuscripts and early printed texts, this                                Disgrace, Coetzee once again breaks
definitive, wide-ranging collection includes some recently dis-                             new literary ground, as he takes on the
covered verses and is the only edition to present a substantial                            world of politics and creates an ingen-
selection of Burns's important prose writings, including letters                           ious literary game that will enthrall
and key statements about his art. Features marginal glosses of                             readers and surprise them with its emo-
Scots, archaic, and obscure words. 312pgs. • 2009                                          tional power. 240pgs. • 2007
                        N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $9.98                                       N • Viking • C • $24.95 / $6.98

% 130356 COLLECTED POEMS                                              038608 THE LIVES OF ANIMALS
Walcott, Derek                                                        Coetzee, J. M.
The 1992 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Walcott has for                A renowned novelist employs fiction to present a powerfully
decades been producing a poetry possessing the beauty, wis-           moving discussion of animal rights in all their complexity. In
dom, directness, and narrative force of classic myths and fairy       his fable, presented as a Tanner Lecture at Princeton
tales. This collection includes most of the poems from his            University, Coetzee immerses us in a drama reflecting the
seven prior books of verse, as well as the entirety of his long       real-life situation at hand: a writer delivering a lecture on an
autobiographical poem, "Another Life." 516pgs. • 1987                 emotionally charged issue at a prestigious university.
           N • Farrar, Straus & Giroux • P • $21.00 / $9.98           127pgs. • 2001
                                                                                               N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $9.98

                                                                               w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
46                       % 107280 THE ESSENTIAL PINTER:
                                                                         049883 THE MONK
                                                                         Lewis, Matthew G.
                         Selections from the Work of Harold              The Monk shocked and titillated readers with its graphic por-
                         Pinter                                          trayal of lust, sin, and violence when it was first published in
M                        Pinter, Harold                                  1796. A true classic of the Gothic novel, it has left an indelible
E                        A writer known for his searing explo-           mark on English literature and has influenced such eminent
                         rations of power, Harold Pinter provid-         writers as Byron, Scott, Poe, Flaubert, Hawthorne, and Emily
D                        ed an electrifying look into the often          Brontë. 445pgs. • 1993
                         uncomfortable relationships between                                N • Oxford University • P • $15.00 / $7.98
I                        people -- whether family members or
E                        political opponents. This volume, which          % 125676 OMEROS
      includes plays, poetry, essays, and screenplays, is an indis-       Walcott, Derek
V     pensable introduction to his dazzling and frequently omi-           This book-length poem simultaneously charts two currents
A     nous world. 404pgs. • 2006                                          of history: the visible history charted in events -- the tribal
                         L • Grove Press • P • $15.00 / $6.98             losses of the American Indian, the tragedy of African
L                                                                         enslavement -- and the interior, unwritten epic fashioned
     103846 THE GOLDEN AGE: Poems of                                      from the suffering of the individual in exile. 325pgs. •
     the Spanish Renaissance                                              1992
&    Grossman, Edith, trans.                                                      N • Farrar, Straus & Giroux • P • $17.00 / $7.98
     The Spanish Renaissance -- a period of
     glory that spanned from the late 15th cen-                                             % 049855 ON THE ART OF THE NO
     tury through the 17th century -- comes to
R    life in this bilingual anthology, edited by
                                                                                            DRAMA: The Major Treatises of Zeami
                                                                                            Rimer, J. Thomas & Yamazaki Masakazu,
E    acclaimed translator Edith Grossman.                                                   trans.
     Includes works by Jorge Manrique,                                                      This annotated translation is the first sys-
N    Garcilaso de la Vega, Luis de Góngora,                                                 tematic rendering into any Western lan-
A    Lope de Vega, and other luminaries of the age. 201pgs. •                               guage of the nine major treatises on the art
     2006                                                                                   of the Japanese No theater by Zeami
I                          N • W. W. Norton • C • $26.95 / $5.98                            Motokiyo (1363-1443). Zeami, who trans-
S                                                                                           formed the No from a country entertain-
     119964 HORACE, THE ODES: New Translations by                        ment into a vehicle for profound theatrical and philosophical
S    Contemporary Poets                                                  experience, was a brilliant actor himself, and his treatises
     McClatchy, J.D., ed.                                                touch on every aspect of the theater of his time. 370pgs. •
A    Includes translations by Richard Howard, W.S. Merwin, Robert        1984
     Pinsky, Richard Wilbur, Marie Ponsot, Anthony Hecht, and                                   N • Princeton • P • $49.95 / $26.98
N    Mark Strand, as well as many others. "McClatchy's extraordi-
C    nary collection gives us the richest version of Horace's odes        % 100905 OPENED GROUND: Selected Poems,
     ever made available in English." --Harold Bloom 320pgs. •            1966-1996
E    2002                                                                 Heaney, Seamus
                            N • Princeton • C • $47.50 / $21.98           Includes essential work from Heaney's twelve previous
                                                                          books of poetry, as well as several previously uncollected
S                      % 119025 KRAPP'S LAST TAPE AND                     poems and new sequences drawn from two of his landmark
                       OTHER DRAMATIC PIECES                              translations, The Cure at Troy and Sweeney Astray. 464pgs.
T                      Beckett, Samuel                                    • 1999
U                      This collection of Nobel Prize winner                      L • Farrar, Straus & Giroux • P • $18.00 / $9.98
                       Samuel Beckett's dramatic pieces includes
D                      a short stage play, two radio plays, and two      % 103279 SLOTH
                       pantomimes. The stage play, Krapp's Last
I                      Tape, evolves a shattering drama out of a
                                                                         THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS
                                                                         Wasserstein, Wendy
E                      monologue of a man who, at age sixty-             A rollicking parody of the self-help genre, one that skewers the
                       nine, plays back the autobiographical tape        couch-bound, apathetic mentality so pervasive in America
S    he recorded on his thirty-ninth birthday. 160pgs. • 2009            today. With tongue in cheek, Wasserstein guides readers step-
                          N • Grove Press • P • $14.00 / $5.98           by-step toward a life of noncommittal inertia. "You have the
                                                                         right to be lazy," she writes." "You can choose not to respond.
     % 131446 LYRICS OF THE FRENCH RENAISSANCE:                          You can choose not to move." 114pgs. • 2006
     Marot, du Bellay and Ronsard                                                           N • Oxford University • P • $14.99 / $3.98
     Shapiro, Norman R., trans.
     A collection of rhymed, metrical translations of poems by           122508 UNDER KILIMANJARO
     three of Western literature's most gifted and prolific lyricists.    Hemingway, Ernest
     Hope Glidden's introduction, along with notes she and trans-        An adventuresome, comedic, and thoughtful recounting of
     lator Norman Shapiro provide for the specific poems, illumi-         Hemingway's final safari. The last of his manuscripts to be
     nates historical and linguistic issues relating to this wealth of   published in its entirety, it reveals a mature, tender, happy, and
     lyric poems. 416pgs. • 2002                                         reflective Hemingway and offers a compelling, deliberately
                                   N • Yale • C • $55.00 / $12.98        paced, subtle story of a place and time as only the master's
                                                                         hand could write it. 456pgs. • 2005
                                                                                                    N • Kent State • C • $34.00 / $5.98

                                M EDI EVAL &
                            RENAISSANCE STU DI ES
                         119072 DEVIANCE AND POWER IN
                         LATE MEDIEVAL LONDON                             % 131452 ENGLAND'S EMPTY
                         Rexroth, Frank                                   THRONE: Usurpation and the
                         This original study takes a fresh approach       Language of Legitimation, 1399-
                         to the social and cultural history of late       1422
                         medieval London by examining the ruling          Strohm, Paul
                         elite's moral policing of the real and imag-     An account of the Lancastrian revolu-
                         ined "milieu of the night" of vagabonds,         tion and its aftermath. Integrating
                         pimps, prostitutes, and immoral priests.         techniques of literary and historical
                         411pgs. • 2007                                   analysis, Strohm explores the new
                          N • Cambridge • C • $121.00 / $42.98            dynasty's quest for legitimacy and the
                                                                          importance of symbolic activity to the making of kingship.
                                                                          288pgs. • 1998
                                                                                                     N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $19.98

     80,000 more books online
                    111444 FURTA SACRA: Thefts of                     % 131388 THE ROAD TO                                                47
                    Relics in the Central Middle Ages                 ARMAGEDDON: The Last Years of the
                    Geary, Patrick J.                                 Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem
                    To obtain sacred relics, medieval monks           Bartlett, W. B.                                                     M
                    plundered tombs, avaricious merchants             In the 1180s the Christian kingdom of
                    raided churches, and relic-mongers                Jerusalem was ruled by a weak puppet                                I
                    scoured the Roman catacombs. In this              king, Guy of Lusignan, the worst possible
                    revised edition, Geary considers the social       ruler during a crucial period of struggle
                    and cultural context of these acts, asking        between Crusaders and Moslems. Bartlett's                           D
                    how the relics were perceived and why the         account relates how the greatest of the mil-
thefts met with the approval of medieval Christians. 248pgs. •        itary orders, the Templars, seized a throne, sought to rule a       L
1991                                                                  kingdom, and eventually, as a result of infighting and division,     E
                        N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $12.98           squandered it entirely. 288pgs. • 2007
                                                                                          N • History Press • C • $46.95 / $16.98
WORLD                                                                                       104967 SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE:                    E
Wormald, Patrick & Janet L. Nelson, eds.                                                    Sexual Abstinence in Medieval                 A
In this fascinating and wide-ranging volume, leading historians                             Wedlock
demonstrate that the learned laity, both women as well as men,                              Elliott, Dyan                                 S
contributed much more as writers and patrons to early                                       The early Christian and medieval prac-
medieval culture than was previously thought. 263pgs. • 2008                                tice of spiritual marriage, in which
                      N • Cambridge • C • $110.00 / $55.98                                  husband and wife voluntarily relin-           E
                                                                                            quished sexual activity, played an
105910 THE LEPER KING AND HIS HEIRS: Baldwin IV                                             important role in the development of          R
and the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem                                                       the institution of marriage and in the        N
Hamilton, Bernard                                                      understanding of female religiosity. Drawing on hagiogra-
The reign of King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem (1174-85) has tra-           phy, chronicles, theology, canon law, and pastoral sources,
ditionally been seen as a period of decline when, because of           Dyan Elliott traces the history of spiritual marriage in the
the king's illness, power came to be held by a group of advis-         West from apostolic times to the beginning of the 16th cen-        &
ers who made disastrous policy decisions. This book chal-              tury. 390pgs. • 1995
lenges that view, arguing that the young king in fact presided                             N • Princeton • P • $37.50 / $16.98
over a vigorous and self-confident society. 314pgs. • 2005                                                                                 I
                      L • Cambridge • P • $61.00 / $39.98             122586 THE STONES OF NAPLES:
                                                                      Church Building in the Angevin
038630 THE MAKING OF EUROPE:                                          Italy, 1266-1343                                                    L
Conquest, Colonization, and Cultural                                  Bruzelius, Caroline Astrid
Change, 950-1350                                                      The architectural legacy of the Angevin                             A
Bartlett, Robert                                                      kings who ruled southern Italy from                                 M
From our modern perspective, we tend to                               1266 to 1343 is very little known
think of the Europe of the past as a colo-                            today. This groundbreaking book                                     I
nizer, a series of empires that conquered                             examines Angevin religious architec-
lands beyond their borders and forced                                 ture, bringing to light the novelty and                             C
European cultural values on other peoples.                            importance of these buildings while extending current under-
This provocative book shows that Europe                               standing of the variety of medieval architecture beyond the
in the Middle Ages was as much a product of a process of con-         well-known cathedrals of France and England. 288pgs. •              S
quest and colonization as it was later a colonizer. 432pgs. •         2004
1994                                                                                               N • Yale • C • $85.00 / $50.98
                      N • Princeton • P • $32.95 / $20.98                                                                                 U
                                                                      % 039408 THE VINLAND MAP AND THE TARTAR
043554 PHANTOMS OF REMEMBRANCE: Memory and                            RELATION                                                            D
Oblivion at the End of the First Millennium                           Skelton, R. A., et al.                                              I
Geary, Patrick J.                                                     A new edition of a classic of historical cartography, featuring a
From women praying for their dead to scribes choosing which           new Introduction that presents scientific and humanistic evi-        E
royal families to forget, focuses on the Carolingian empire to        dence regarding the map's authenticity; new essays on its
compare how people recalled their familial, institutional, and        provenance and the tests that have been performed on it; and        S
regional pasts. 248pgs. • 1996                                        an account by the rare-book dealer who sold the map.
                        N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $18.98           291pgs. • 1995
                                                                                                    N • Yale • C • $95.00 / $39.98

                                M I DDLE EASTERN
                               & ISLAM IC STU DI ES
                    038393 AL-QUR'AN: A Contemporary                  125599 THE CHURCH IN THE
                    Translation                                       SHADOW OF THE MOSQUE: Christians
                    Ali, Ahmed                                        and Muslims in the World of Islam
                    A bilingual edition, forms an elegant and         Griffith, Sidney H.
                    poetic translation of the Holy Book of            Amid contemporary discussions of the
                    Islam in a contemporary and living voice,         "Christian-Muslim divide," a major histori-
                    includes notes where necessary, providing         cal fact has gone unnoticed: for more than
                    the full meaning of each word and phrase.         four hundred years, beginning in the mid-
                    572pgs. • 1993                                    seventh century, half of the world's
                        N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $11.98           Christians lived and worshipped under
                                                                      Muslim rule. This volume is the first book-length discussion in
125726 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE LATE OTTOMAN                            English of the cultural and intellectual life of these Christian
EMPIRE                                                                communities. 248pgs. • 2010
Hanioglu, M. Sukru                                                                           N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $14.98
At the turn of the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire straddled three
continents and encompassed extraordinary ethnic and cultural
diversity among the estimated 30 million people living within its
borders. This volume gives scholars and general readers a concise
history of the late empire between 1789 and 1918, turbulent years         Some books are in limited supply.
marked by enormous social changes. 264pgs. • 2010                                  Order today!
                          N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $14.98

                                                                                w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
                                                                        125931 THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST:
48                       % 117141 THE CRISIS OF ISLAM:                  A Political History since the First
                         Holy War and Unholy Terror                     World War
                         Lewis, Bernard                                 Kamrava, Mehran
M                        In his first book since What Went               This succinct and authoritative overview of
I                        Wrong?, Lewis examines the historical          the making of the modern Middle East
                         roots of the resentments that are              brings a valuable mix of historical per-
D                        increasingly being expressed in acts of        spectives and contemporary analysis to this
D                        terrorism. He looks at the rise of mili-       troubled and pivotal region. With its broad
                         tant Islam in Iran, Egypt, and Saudi           thematic sweep and its balanced presenta-
L                        Arabia and examines the impact of rad-         tion of contentious issues, it is essential reading for both gen-
      ical Wahhabi proselytizing and Saudi oil money on the rest        eral readers and students of the region. 454pgs. • 2005
E     of the Islamic world. 224pgs. • 2004                                                       N • California • P • $26.95 / $7.98
                     L • Modern Library • P • $15.00 / $5.98
                                                                                            105236 THE MUQADDIMAH: An
E    038631 ENEMY IN THE MIRROR: Islamic                                                    Introduction to History
     Fundamentalism and the Limits of Modern Rationalism                                    Khaldun, Ibn
A    Euben, Roxanne L.                                                                      The most important Islamic history of the
S    A firm grasp of Islamic fundamentalism has often eluded                                 premodern world, this monumental work
     Western political observers, many of whom view it in relation                          laid down the foundations of several fields
T    to social and economic upheaval or explain it away as an irra-                         of knowledge, including philosophy of his-
E    tional reaction to modernity. Here Roxanne Euben makes new                             tory, sociology, ethnography, and econom-
     sense of this belief system by revealing it as a critique of and                       ics. 504pgs. • 2004
R    rebuttal to rationalist discourse and post-Enlightenment polit-                            N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $15.98
     ical theories. 239pgs. • 1999
N                             N • Princeton • P • $30.95 / $15.98        % 131570 NO GOD BUT GOD: The Origins,
                                                                         Evolution, and Future of Islam
     126757 THE FATEFUL TRIANGLE: The                                    Aslan, Reza
&    United States, Israel and the                                       Though it is the fastest-growing religion in the world, Islam
     Palestinians                                                        remains shrouded in ignorance and fear for much of the
     Chomsky, Noam                                                       West. In this elegantly written account of a magnificent yet
I    Since its original publication in 1983,                             misunderstood faith, Reza Aslan, traces its origins and his-
     Fateful Triangle has become a classic in                            tory and explores its potential for the future. 352pgs. •
S    the fields of political science and Middle                           2006
L    East affairs. Examining America's search                                            N • Modern Library • P • $16.00 / $5.98
     for a "reliable ally" in the Middle East,
A    Chomsky untangles the intricacies of the                           125542 PRINCETON READINGS IN
     US-Israeli-Palestinian relationship and lays bare the contor-      ISLAMIST THOUGHT: Texts and
M    tions, lies, and misinformation that have been used over the       Contexts from Al-Banna to Bin Laden
I    years to obscure the real agenda. 544pgs. • 2000                   Euben, Roxanne Leslie & Muhammad
                                   L • Pluto • P • $22.00 / $7.98       Qasim Zaman
C                                                                       This anthology of key primary texts pro-
     106334 A HISTORY OF IRAQ                                           vides an unmatched introduction to
     THIRD EDITION                                                      Islamist political thought from the early
S    Tripp, Charles                                                     20th century to the present. It brings into
     Since its first appearance in 2000, this volume has become a        relief the commonalities in Islamist argu-
T    classic in the field of Middle East studies, read and admired by    ments about gender, democracy, and violence, but also reveals
U    students, soldiers, policymakers and journalists. It has now       political and theological disagreements among thinkers who
     been updated to cover the recent American invasion, the fall       are often grouped together and dismissed as extremists.
D    and capture of Saddam Hussein, and the subsequent descent          536pgs. • 2009
     into civil strife. 357pgs. • 2007                                                         N • Princeton • P • $26.95 / $17.98
                            N • Cambridge • P • $26.99 / $11.98
E                                                                       103858 THE SHIA REVIVAL: How Conflicts Within Islam
                           041162 A HISTORY OF ISLAMIC                  Will Shape the Future
S                          SOCIETIES: Second Edition                    Nasr, Vali
                           Lapidus, Ira M.                              Dissects the political and theological antagonisms within
                           Incorporates the origins and evolution       Islam. Nasr provides a unique and objective understanding of
                           of Islamic societies and brings into         the 1,400-year bitter struggle between Shias and Sunnis, and
                           focus the historical processes that gave     sheds crucial light on its modern-day consequences, from the
                           shape to the manifold varieties of con-      nuclear posturing of Iran's President Ahmadinejad to the
                           temporary Islam, and surveys the             recent US-enabled shift toward Shia power in Iraq and
                           growing influence of the Islamist             Hezbollah's continued dominance in Lebanon. 287pgs. •
                           movements within national states.            2006
      1000pgs. • 2002                                                                        N • W. W. Norton • C • $25.95 / $4.98
                         N • Cambridge • P • $56.00 / $25.98
                                                                        128609 THE TURKS TODAY
     087283 A HISTORY OF MODERN                                         Mango, Andrew
     PALESTINE: One Land, Two Peoples                                   Today Turkey is a rapidly developing country, an emergent
     Pappe, Ilan                                                        market, a medium-sized regional power with the second
     Traces the history of Palestine from the                           strongest army in NATO. Mango provides an overall portrait,
     Ottomans in the 19th century, through the                          tracing the republic's development since the death of its
     British Mandate, the establishment of the                          founder and bringing to life the Turkish people and their
     state of Israel in 1948, and the subsequent                        vibrant society today. 288pgs. • 2004
     wars and conflicts which have dominated                                                N • Overlook Press • C • $29.95 / $7.98
     this troubled region. The second edition of
     Pappe's book has been updated to include                           129244 THE UNMAKING OF THE MIDDLE EAST: A
     the dramatic events of the 1990s and the early 21st century. As    History of Western Disorder in Arab Lands
     in the first edition, it is the men, women and children of          Salt, Jeremy
     Palestine who are at the centre of Pappe's narrative. 384pgs.      Chronicles in lucid detail the long and bloody history of
     • 2006                                                             Western intervention in Arab lands. Salt examines the major
                            N • Cambridge • P • $29.99 / $15.98         events that have shaped the region, from the colonization and
                                                                        occupation of Algeria and Egypt in the 19th century to the
                                                                        Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the war in Iraq. 484pgs. •
         visit for                               2008
                                                                                               N • California • C • $45.00 / $12.98
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                                       M USIC & DANCE                                                                                  49
                  125727 THE AMERICAN MUSICAL                        104330 EDWARD ELGAR AND HIS                                       M
                  AND THE PERFORMANCE OF                             WORLD
                  PERSONAL IDENTITY                                  Adams, Brian ed.                                                  U
                  Knapp, Raymond                                     Leading scholars examine the life of one of                       S
                  The American musical has long provided             the most influential figures in the history of
                  an important vehicle through which writ-           British music, presenting a comprehensive                         I
                  ers, performers, and audiences reimagine           portrait of both the man and his age. The                         C
                  who they are and how they might best               contributors explore Elgar's Catholicism,
                  interact with the world around them.               his glorification of British colonialism, his
                  Complementing the author's earlier work,           populist tendencies, his inner life as an
The American Musical and the Formation of National Identity,         inspired autodidact, and his anguished reaction to World War      &
this book completes a two-volume thematic history of the             I. 426pgs. • 2007
genre. 488pgs. • 2009                                                                        N • Princeton • P • $26.95 / $16.98
                     N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $14.98                                                                               D
                                                                                          048894 JACQUES OFFENBACH AND
065975 BERLIOZ, VOLUME 1: The Making of an Artist,                                        THE PARIS OF HIS TIME                        A
1803-1832                                                                                 Kracauer, Siegfried                          N
Cairns, David                                                                             Kracauer's biography, first published in
Describes with unprecedented intimacy, affection, and respect                             1937, is a remarkable work of social and     C
the life of one of France's greatest artists. Based on a wealth of                        cultural history that employs the life and   E
previously unpublished sources, and on a profound under-                                  work of Offenbach as a focal point for a
standing of the humanity of his subject, Cairns's book provides                           broad and penetrating portrayal of Second
a full account of this extraordinary man; "One of the richest                             Empire Paris. Kracauer insists that
and most accomplished biographies that I have read." --Times                              Offenbach's productions are more than
Literary Supplement 672pgs. • 2000                                   glittering distractions, and that they made a mockery of the
                        N • California • C • $60.00 / $16.98         pomp and pretense Napoleon III's imperial masquerade.
                                                                     418pgs. • 2002
 % 129308 BOB DYLAN: Writings,                                                               N • Zone Books • C • $36.95 / $9.98
 Marcus, Greil                                                        % 131455 MUSIC WITH WORDS: A Composer's View
 The chronicle of a more than forty-year                              Thomson, Virgil
 engagement between an unparalleled                                   Illustrating his ideas with numerous examples from his own
 singer and a uniquely acute listener and                             works, composer and critic Virgil Thomson reveals how he
 critic. In the dozens of pieces collected                            learned to compose music for English poetry and prose.
 here, Marcus traces a portrait of how,                               112pgs. • 1989
 throughout his career, Bob Dylan has                                                             N • Yale • C • $45.00 / $14.98
 drawn upon and reinvented the land-
 scape of traditional American song. 512pgs. • 2010                  % 131428 PROKOFIEV: From Russia to the West,
                    N • PublicAffairs • C • $29.95 / $7.98           1891-1935
                                                                     Nice, David
                   % 037296 BRUNO WALTER: A World                    This assessment of the life and work of the renowned com-
                   Elsewhere                                         poser follows Prokofiev's personal and musical progression
                   Ryding, Erik & Rebecca Pechefsky                  from his childhood on a Ukrainian country estate to the years
                   Bruno Walter, one of the greatest conduc-         he spent travelling in America and Europe as an acclaimed
                   tors of the 20th century, lived a fascinating     interpreter of his own works. 416pgs. • 2003
                   life in difficult times. This engrossing book,                                 N • Yale • C • $40.00 / $16.98
                   which makes extensive use of the thou-
                   sands of unpublished letters in the Bruno                           121251 THE WORLD IN SIX SONGS:
                   Walter Papers now in the New York Public                            How the Musical Brain Created Human
                   Library, is the first full-length biography of                       Nature
Walter to appear in English. 487pgs. • 2001                                            Leviton, Daniel J.
                              N • Yale • C • $45.00 / $12.98                           Elaborating his daring theory of "six
                                                                                       songs," Leviton shows how the brain
                                                                                       evolved to play and listen to music for
                                                                                       knowledge, friendship, religion, joy, com-
 %   New to Catalog                                                                    fort, and love. He shows how music and
 N   Publisher's overstock - like new                                                  dance enabled the social bonding and
 I   New from the publisher
 L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on   friendship necessary for human culture and society to evolve.
     top or bottom of binding                                        368pgs. • 2008
                                                                                                N • Dutton • C • $25.95 / $5.98

                    NATU RAL H ISTORY &
                  ENVIRONM ENTAL STU DIES
                   119123 ANATOMY OF FLOWERING                       125751 ANT ENCOUNTERS:
                   PLANTS: An Introduction to Structure              Interaction Networks and Colony
                   and Development                                   Behavior
                   Rudall, Paula                                     Gordon, Deborah
                   The third edition of this successful manual       Ant colonies operate without a central con-
                   provides a comprehensive introduction to          trol or hierarchy, and no ant directs anoth-
                   the anatomy of flowering plants.                   er. Instead, ants decide what to do based
                   Thoroughly revised and updated through-           on the rate, rhythm, and pattern of individ-
                   out, the book covers all aspects of compar-       ual encounters and interactions, resulting
                   ative plant structure and development, in a       in a dynamic network that coordinates the
series of chapters on the stem, root, leaf, flower, seed, and         functions of the colony. In this volume, Gordon provides a
fruit. 145pgs. • 2007                                                revealing and accessible look into ant behavior from this com-
                      N • Cambridge • P • $47.00 / $14.98            plex systems perspective. 184pgs. • 2010
                                                                                              N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $9.98

                                                                               w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
                                                                          111171 THE BUTTERFLIES OF HONG KONG
                                                                          Bascombe, Mike, et al.
                            111769 LIFE IN COLD BLOOD                     Hong Kong has a marvelously rich butterfly fauna, contained
N                           Attenborough, David                           within a relatively small area. This complete and up-to-date
                            Amphibians and reptiles once ruled            handbook on the identification, systematics, biology and ecol-
A                           the planet, and their descendants             ogy of its butterflies includes keys, full color plates and line
                                                                          drawings identifying males and females, as well as eggs and
T                           exhibit some of the most colorful vari-
                                                                          pupae. 664pgs. • 1999
                            ety and astounding behavior known to
U                           the animal kingdom. In this gorgeous-                         N • Academic Press • C • IMPORT / $74.98
R                           ly illustrated book, Attenborough gets
                            up close and personal with the living         063899 CACTI: Biology and Uses
A                           descendants of the first vertebrates           Nobel, Park S., ed.
                            ever to colonize the land, and through        This up-to-date, wide-ranging reference
L     them traces the fascinating history of their pioneering ances-      is the first book of its kind to present
      tors. 288pgs. • 2008                                                comprehensive information on cactus
                           N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $15.98            biology, ecology, and uses in one con-
H                                                                         venient volume. Compiled by a well-
      104750 LIFE IN THE UNDERGROWTH                                      known cactus biologist, it includes
I     Attenborough, David                                                 chapters by 35 contributors from
                                                                          around the world on topics ranging
S     This beautifully illustrated book by a veteran naturalist offers
                                                                          from evolution to biotechnology. 280pgs. • 2002
      a rare glimpse into the secret life of invertebrates, the world's
T     tiniest -- and most fascinating -- creatures. 288pgs. • 2006                               N • California • C • $70.00 / $16.98
O                            N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $12.98
                                                                          109439 CALIFORNIA'S FRONTIER NATURALISTS
R     % 039725 THE LIFE OF BIRDS                                          Beidleman, R. G.
      Attenborough, David                                                 A lively account of the pioneer botanists, zoologists, geologists,
Y     The renowned filmmaker treks through rain forests and                paleontologists, astronomers, and ethnologists who came west
      deserts, through city streets and isolated wilderness, to           to document California's natural history and native peoples.
      bring us a panorama of every aspect of birds' lives -- from         Beidleman weaves together the stories of their lives, their field-
&     their songs to their search for food, from their eggs and           work, their contributions to science, and their colorful adven-
      nests to their mastery of the air. Beautifully illustrated with     tures against the backdrop of California and world history.
      more than a hundred color photographs. 320pgs. • 1998               502pgs. • 2006
                           N • Princeton • C • $35.00 / $12.98                                     N • California • C • $45.00 / $19.98
N                                                                                             105091 CATERPILLARS OF
     105220 ATLANTIC SHORELINES:                                                              EASTERN NORTH AMERICA: A
V                                                                                             Guide to Identification and Natural
     Natural History and Ecology
I    Bertness, Mark D.                                                                        History
     An introduction to the natural history                                                   Wagner, David L.
R    and ecology of shoreline communities                                                     A compact guide to nearly 700 caterpil-
                                                                                              lars east of the Mississippi, from forest
O    on the East Coast of North America.
                                                                                              pests to garden guests and economical-
     Bertness examines how distinctive com-
N    munities of plants and animals are gen-                                                  ly important species. The guide pro-
     erated on rocky shores and in salt                                                       vides full-page species accounts -- with
M    marshes, mangroves, and soft sediment                                 images of the adult insects -- for nearly 400 species, plus
                                                                           succinct coverage of distribution and other vital informa-
E    beaches. 431pgs. • 2006
                                                                           tion. Includes 1,200 color photos and 24 line drawings.
                            N • Princeton • P • $52.50 / $25.98
N                                                                          496pgs. • 2005
      125723 BIRDS OF AUSTRALIA                                                                N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $17.98
      Simpson, Ken & Nicolas Day
A     A completely revised eighth edition of Australia's bestselling
                                                                             CHARLES DARWIN
      field guide, with 132 superb full-color plates and more than
L     900 black-and-white line illustrations. 392pgs. • 2010               039745 CHARLES DARWIN: VOYAGING
                          N • Princeton • C • $39.50 / $23.98              Browne, Janet
                                                                           In the first volume of her acclaimed two-volume biography,
S     125710 BIRDS OF EUROPE                                               Janet Browne unravels the central enigma of Darwin's
      Svensson, Lars & Zetterström Dan                                     career: how did this amiable young gentleman, born into a
T     The definitive field guide to the diverse birdlife found in            prosperous provincial English family, grow into a thinker
U     Europe, now brought fully up to date with revised text and           capable of challenging the most basic principles of religion
      maps as well as additional illustrations. Covers all 772             and science? 605pgs. • 1995
D     species found in Europe, 32 introduced species or variants,                              N • Princeton • P • $26.95 / $12.98
I     and 118 rare visitors. 448pgs. • 2010
                          N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $18.98                                    126039 DARWIN IN GALAPAGOS:
E                                                                                                Footsteps to a New World
                         104863 BIRDS OF MEXICO AND                                              Estes, Gregory B. & K. Thalia Grant
S                        CENTRAL AMERICA                                                         Drawing from Darwin's original note-
                         Van Perlo, Ber                                                          books and logs from the Beagle, the
                         The only field guide to illustrate and                                   latest findings by Darwin scholars and
                         describe every species of bird in Central                               modern science, and their own inti-
                         America from Mexico to Panama,                                          mate knowledge of the archipelago, the
                         including Belize, Guatemala, Honduras,                                  authors offer fresh insights into
                         El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.                                 Darwin's thinking about evolution in
                         Enhanced by 98 color plates, the guide            the context of the locales that inspired him. 376pgs. • 2009
                         provides illustrations of all plumages                                  N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $14.98
      for the adult males and females as well as the juveniles of
      each species. 336pgs. • 2006                                         % 127791 EVOLUTIONARY WRITINGS: Including the
                          N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $18.98              Autobiographies
                                                                           Darwin, Charles
      125714 BIRDS OF PERU                                                 Collects Darwin's most accessible and significant writings,
      REVISED & UPDATED EDITION                                            providing the most fully rounded picture of his ideas to be
      Schulenberg, Thomas S., et al.                                       found in a single volume. Includes key chapters from the
      The most complete and authoritative field guide to the                Journal of Researches on the Beagle Voyage (1845), The
      diverse, neotropical landscape of Peru. It features every            Origin of Species (1859), and The Descent of Man (1871),
      one of the country's 1,817 bird species in 307 superb,               along with the full, authoritative text of Darwin's delightful
      high-quality color plates. 664pgs. • 2010                            autobiography Recollections. 496pgs. • 2009
                          N • Princeton • P • $39.50 / $23.98                            N • Oxford University • C • $25.00 / $9.98

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                     111744 DARWIN LOVES YOU:                                                                                        51
                     Natural Selection and the Re-
                     Enchantment of the World
                     Levine, George                                112315 DINOSAURS: A Concise Natural History
                                                                   Fastovsky, David E. & David B. Weishampel                         N
                     The word "Darwinian" has been taken to
                     signify a disenchanted world driven by        This introduction to the study of dinosaurs for non-special-      A
                     chance and heartless competition.             ists is designed to excite readers about science by using
                     Countering the pervasive view that the        dinosaurs to illustrate and discuss geology, natural history,     T
                                                                   and evolution. It introduces a range of aspects of the natu-
                     facts of Darwin's world must lead to a
                                                                   ral sciences, including fundamental concepts in evolution-        U
                     disenchanting vision of it, Levine shows
that Darwin's ideas and writings offer an alternative form of      ary biology, physiology, life history, and systematics. 394pgs.   R
enchantment, a world rich with meaning and value. 304pgs.          • 2009
• 2008                                                                                 N • Cambridge • P • $74.00 / $43.98           A
                       N • Princeton • P • $20.95 / $10.98                                                                           L
                                                                   % 131359 FEATHERED
 % 037047 DISTRIBUTION AND TAXONOMY OF                             DINOSAURS: The Origin of
 BIRDS OF THE WORLD                                                Birds
                                                                   Long, John A.                                                     H
 Sibley, Charles G. & Bury L. Monroe
 A manual to the geographic distribution and taxonomy of           An unprecedented visual record                                    I
 9,672 species. Includes a cross-referenced index of scien-        of one of the most significant
 tific and English bird names of species, plus an appendix          breakthroughs in the history of                                   S
                                                                   vertebrate paleontology -- the dis-
 with 24 maps and a gazetteer of the place names mentioned
                                                                   covery that many predatory                                        T
 in the text. 1111pgs. • 1990
                         N • Yale • C • $185.00 / $29.98           dinosaurs were cloaked with                                       O
                                                                   feathers, perhaps just as colorful and fanciful as those of
104775 DO ANIMALS THINK?                                           their living relatives. 208pgs. • 2008                            R
Wynne, Clive D. L.                                                               N • Oxford University • C • $39.95 / $14.98         Y
This provocative book debunks some commonly held notions
about our furry friends, arguing that animals have neither the     % 043448 MARSH'S DINOSAURS: The Collections
"theory-of-mind" capabilities that humans have (that is, they      from Como Bluff
                                                                   Ostrom, John H. & John S. McIntosh                                &
are not conscious of what others are thinking) nor the capac-
ity for higher-level reasoning. 268pgs. • 2006                     Presents the previously unpublished lithographs commis-
                         N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $12.98       sioned by the famous 19th century paleontologist O. C.
                                                                   Marsh to illustrate dinosaurs excavated from Como Bluffs,         E
                                                                   Wyoming. The lithographs are considered by dinosaur
                                                                   scholars and aficionados to be among the best and most             N
CLIMATE CHANGE: The Stern Review
Stern, Nicholas                                                    detailed depictions ever made of these extraordinary crea-        V
An independent and comprehensive                                   tures. 388pgs. • 1999
analysis of the economic aspects of this                                                    N • Yale • C • $100.00 / $29.98          I
crucial issue, compiled by a former Chief                                                                                            R
Economist of the World Bank. Will be a
starting point for students of the econom-                                                                                           O
                                                                   % 131453 FELIX D'HERELLE AND THE ORIGINS OF
ics and policy implications of climate                             MOLECULAR BIOLOGY                                                 N
change, as well as for economists, scien-                          Summers, William
tists, and policy makers involved in all aspects of climate        A complex man who emulated Pasteur and who was the                M
change. 712pgs. • 2007
                       N • Cambridge • P • $56.99 / $30.98
                                                                   first scientist to demonstrate the use and application of bac-     E
                                                                   teria for biological control of insect pests, Felix d'Herelle
                                                                   nevertheless remained a controversial outsider to the sci-        N
% 075027 THE EVOLUTION OF COMMUNICATION                            entific community. This engaging book is the first full biog-
SYSTEMS: A Comparative Approach                                    raphy of this seminal figure. 248pgs. • 1999
Oller, D. Kimbrough & Ulrike Griebel, eds.                                                   N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $12.98          A
Lays the foundations for an interdisciplinary approach to the
study of evolution in communication systems with tools from       126242 GALAPAGOS: Islands Born of Fire                             L
evolutionary biology, linguistics, animal behavior, develop-      De Roy, Tui
mental psychology, philosophy, cognitive sciences, robotics,      Wildlife photographer and writer Tui De Roy has spent her life
and neural network modeling. 352pgs. • 2004                       exploring the Galapagos and recording their secrets. Here, in      S
                            N • MIT • C • $45.00 / $16.98         spectacular full-color images and her own words, she shares
                                                                  her intimate knowledge of the islands and her deep love and        T
                                                                  respect for the natural wonders they conceal. 168pgs. • 2010       U
                                                                                          N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $14.98
Cressman, Ross                                                                                                                       D
A synthesis of current knowledge about extensive form games       102487 GIANT PANDAS: Biology and
from an evolutionary perspective, emphasizing connections         Conservation
between the extensive form representation and dynamic mod-        Lindburg, Donald G. & Karen Baragona                               E
els that traditionally have been applied to biological and eco-   The giant panda, a secretive denizen of
nomic phenomena. 290pgs. • 2003                                   the dense bamboo forests of western                                S
                              N • MIT • C • $48.00 / $12.98       China, has become an icon of progress in
                                                                  conservation and research. This volume,
                    111381 EXTINCTION: How Life on                written by an international team of scien-
                    Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years          tists and conservationists, tells the story of
                    Ago                                           how the panda returned from the brink of
                    Erwin, Douglas H.                             extinction. It is the first book since 1985 to present current
                    Some 250 million years ago, in the great-     panda research and the first to place the species in its biolog-
                    est biological crisis in the history of our   ical, ecological, and political contexts. 304pgs. • 2004
                    planet, around 95 percent of all living                               N • California • C • $70.00 / $14.98
                    species died out. Here, the world's fore-
                    most authority on the subject provides a      125919 GLIMPSES OF CREATURES IN THEIR PHYSICAL
                    fascinating overview of the evidence for      WORLDS
and against a whole host of hypotheses concerning this cata-      Vogel, Steven
clysmic event that unfolded at the end of the Permian. 320pgs.    An eye-opening look at how the characteristics of the physical
• 2008                                                            world drive the designs of animals and plants. Vogel shows
                       N • Princeton • P • $23.95 / $10.98        how the forms and activities of animals and plants reflect the
                                                                  materials available to nature, and explores the unique con-
                                                                  straints and possibilities provided by fluid flow, structural
                                                                  design, and environmental forces. 328pgs. • 2009
                                                                                         N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $20.98

                                                                            w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
52                       088601 IGUANAS: Biology and
                                                                      064160 THE TERRESTRIAL EOCENE-
                                                                      OLIGOCENE TRANSITION IN NORTH
                         Alberts, Allison, et al., eds.               AMERICA
N                        Leading experts offer a clear and acces-     Prothero, Donald R. & Robert J. Emry,
                         sible account of the latest research on      eds.
A                        the evolution, behavioral ecology, and       The transition from the Eocene to the
                         conservation of these increasingly           Oligocene epoch, occurring approximately
T                        endangered creatures. Illustrated with       47 to 30 million years ago, was the most
U                        photographs, maps, tables, and figures,       dramatic episode of climatic and biotic
                         this volume will be the definitive            change since the demise of the dinosaurs.
R    resource for anyone interested in iguanas. 373pgs. • 2004        This volume, the first comprehensive treatment of this topic in
A                          N • California • C • $65.00 / $19.98       more than 60 years, will be invaluable to vertebrate paleontol-
                                                                      ogists, geologists, mammalogists and evolutionary biologists.
L    % 111732 INFECTIOUS DISEASE ECOLOGY: Effects of                  704pgs. • 1996
     Ecosystems on Disease and of Disease on Ecosystems                                    N • Cambridge • C • $289.00 / $69.98
     Ostfeld, Richard S., et al.
H    Gathering thirteen essays by forty leading experts, this book                          % 125770 THE THEORY OF
     develops an integrated framework for understanding where                               ISLAND BIOGEOGRAPHY
I    infectious diseases come from, what ecological factors influ-                           REVISITED
     ence their impact, and how they in turn influence ecosystem                             Losos, Jonathan B., ed.
S    dynamics. 506pgs. • 2008                                                               Robert H. MacArthur and Edward O.
T                           N • Princeton • P • $57.50 / $36.98                             Wilson's The Theory of Island
                                                                                            Biogeography, first published in 1967,
O     125652 MAMMALS OF NORTH AMERICA                                                       is one of the most influential books on
R     Kays, Roland & Don E. Wilson                                                          ecology and evolution to appear in the
      Covering 20 additional species recognized since 2002 and                              past half century. In this volume, some
Y     including 13 new color plates, the fully revised second edi-     of today's most prominent biologists assess the continuing
      tion of this definitive reference illustrates all 462 known       impact of MacArthur and Wilson's book four decades after
      mammal species in the United States and Canada in beauti-        its publication. 494pgs. • 2009
&     ful color and accurate detail. 248pgs. • 2009                                        N • Princeton • P • $49.50 / $33.98
                          N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $10.98
                                                                      035797 TRAVELS AND OTHER WRITINGS
     111734 ONE MAN'S OWL                                             Bartram, William
E    Heinrich, Bernd                                                  The most significant American nature writer before Thoreau,
N    The engaging chronicle of how the author and a great horned      Bartram was also a pioneering ethnographer whose works are
     owl nicknamed "Bubo" came to know one another over three         a crucial source for the study of the Indian cultures of south-
V    summers spent in the Maine woods, and of how Bubo eventu-        eastern America. 701pgs. • 1996
I    ally grew into an independent hunter. 240pgs. • 1993                           N • Library of America • C • $40.00 / $16.98
                            N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $11.98
R                                                                      125650 TRYING LEVIATHAN: The Nineteenth-
     127041 PARROTS OF THE WORLD                                       Century New York Court Case That Put the Whale on
O    Forshaw, Joseph Michael                                           Trial and Challenged the Order of Nature
N    Covers all 356 species and well-differenti-                       Burnett, D. Graham
     ated subspecies of parrots. It features 146                       Recovers the strange story of an 1818 court case that pitted
M    superb color plates, as well as detailed,                         the new sciences of taxonomy against the biblically sanc-
     facing-page species accounts that describe                        tioned view that the whale was a fish. The immediate dis-
E    key identification features, distribution,                         pute was mundane: whether whale oil was fish oil and
N    subspeciation, habitat, and status. 336pgs.                       therefore subject to state inspection. But the trial fueled a
     • 2010                                                            sensational public debate in which the very order of nature
T        N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $17.98                           -- and how we know it -- was at stake. 304pgs. • 2010
A                                                                                          N • Princeton • P • $21.95 / $10.98
L    Ferguson-Lees, James & David Christie                            104757 THE TWO-MILE TIME
     A unique identification guide to all the world's raptors, with    MACHINE: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate
     118 color plates showing 338 species both in flight and           Change, and Our Future
S    perched. Color distribution maps are included for every          Alley, Richard B.
     species. 320pgs. • 2006                                          One of the world's leading climate
T                          N • Princeton • P • $32.95 / $18.98        researchers tells the fascinating history of
                                                                      global climate changes as revealed by
U     111189 SHOREBIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE                      reading the annual rings of ice from cores
D     AND ASIA: A Guide to Field Identification                        drilled in Greenland. He offers the first
      Message, Stephen & Don Taylor                                   popular account of the wildly fluctuating
I     Provides fast, easy, and reliable field identification of this    climate that characterized most of prehistory and warns that
E     challenging group of birds. The superbly detailed color         our comfortable environment could come to an end in a mat-
      plates show the birds both at rest and in flight, and in every   ter of years. 240pgs. • 2002
S     plumage variant likely to be encountered. Succinct text on                               N • Princeton • P • $20.95 / $9.98
      pages facing the plates summarizes the key identification
      features of appearance, voice, and behavior. 224pgs. •          % 131365 THE WAR ON BUGS
      2006                                                            Allen, Will
                           N • Princeton • C • $94.00 / $42.98        Reveals how advertisers, editors, scientists, large scale farm-
                                                                      ers, government agencies -- and even Dr. Seuss -- colluded to
                          104387 SHOREBIRDS OF NORTH                  convince farmers to use deadly chemicals, hormones, and
                          AND CENTRAL AMERICA: The                    genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in an effort to pad
                          Photographic Guide                          their wallets and control the American farm enterprise.
                          Paulson, Dennis R.                          336pgs. • 2007
                          A field guide featuring more than 530                          N • Chelsea Green • C • $35.00 / $9.98
                          photos that illustrate all shorebirds in
                          their varied plumage. The book also         117432 WAVE-SWEPT SHORE: The Rigors of Life on a
                          includes identification tips and ways for    Rocky Coast
                          distinguishing shorebirds from similar      Koehl, Mimi
                          species, both at rest and in flight. Brief   With 87 stunning color photographs, this book tells the story
      descriptions of voice, behavior, habitat, and range are given   of one stretch along the Pacific coast, introducing the mol-
      for each species. 384pgs. • 2005                                lusks, crabs, grasses, starfish, kelp, and other animals and
                          N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $21.98         plants that live there, and explaining how they function and
                                                                      flourish in a harsh environment of waves, sand, and rocks.
                                                                      179pgs. • 2006
                                                                                               N • California • C • $39.95 / $7.98

     80,000 more books online
105157 WHALES, DOLPHINS, AND OTHER MARINE                           130179 A WILDLIFE GUIDE TO CHILE:                                    53
MAMMALS OF THE WORLD                                                Continental Chile, Chilean Antarctica,
PRINCETON FIELD GUIDES                                              Easter Island, and Juan Fernandez
Shirihai, Hadoram                                                   Archipelago                                                          P
A comprehensive guide to the identification and behavior of          Chester, Sharon
whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, walruses, otters, polar         The only comprehensive English-language                              H
bears, dugongs, and manatees. Includes more than 450 superb         guide to the common flora and fauna of
color photographs and 124 detailed maps. 384pgs. • 2006             Chile and its territories. Includes 120 full-                        I
                       N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $12.98          color plates that allow quick identification                          L
                                                                    of more than 800 species. 400pgs. • 2008
129259 WILD LILIES, IRISES, AND GRASSES: Gardening                                          N • Princeton • C • $46.95 / $25.98          O
with California Monocots                                                                                                                 S
Harlow, Nora, et al.
Created under the auspices of the California Native Plant                                                                                O
Society, this volume explains how to grow California monocots
in the garden. With color photographs and line drawings, the                Visit Our Store • Open 7 days                                P
book contains valuable information on exactly which species                                                                              H
are best adapted to garden conditions, how to grow them, and                 Labyrinth Books@Princeton
where to obtain them from nurseries and mail-order suppli-                     116-122 Nassau Street                                     Y
ers. 287pgs. • 2004                                                             Princeton, NJ 08540
                         N • California • P • $25.95 / $6.98

                                          PH I LOSOPHY
087382 ACCEPTABLE PREMISES: An                                      078462 BETWEEN LOGIC AND INTUITION: Essays in
Epistemic Approach to an Informal                                   Honor of Charles Parsons
Logic Problem                                                       Sher, Gila & Richard Tieszen, eds.
Freeman, James                                                      In this "state-of-the-art" conspectus of major trends in the phi-
When, if ever, are we justified in accepting                         losophy of logic and philosophy of mathematics, a distin-
the premises of an argument? Can the cri-                           guished group of philosophers address issues at the center of
teria be theoretically or philosophically                           contemporary debate, including semantic and set-theoretic
justified? This volume, the first book to                             paradoxes, the set/class distinction, foundations of set theory,
provide a comprehensive theory of prem-                             mathematical intuition, and more. 350pgs. • 2000
ise acceptability, will be appreciated by                                                  N • Cambridge • C • $105.00 / $21.98
specialists in the field as well in the broader discipline of phi-
losophy. 416pgs. • 2004                                                                 052371 CAMBRIDGE TRANSLATIONS
                         N • Cambridge • P • $43.99 / $8.98                             OF RENAISSANCE PHILOSOPHICAL
                                                                                        TEXTS, VOL. 2: Political Philosophy
                    066152 THE ACT OF THINKING                                          Kraye, Jill, ed.
                    Melser, Derek                                                       Presents new translations of important
                    Arguing that the core assumption of both                            works on moral and political philosophy
                    folk psychology and cognitive science --                            written during the Renaissance and hitherto
                    that thinking goes on in the head -- is mis-                        unavailable in English. The works, original-
                    taken. Melser suggests that thinking is not                         ly written in Latin, Italian, French, Spanish,
                    an intracranial process of any kind, either                         and Greek, cover such topics as concepts of
                    mental or neural, but is rather a learned       man; Aristotelian, Platonic, Stoic, and Epicurean ethics;
                    action of the person. 287pgs. • 2004            scholastic political philosophy; theories of princely and repub-
                               N • MIT • C • $35.00 / $9.98         lican government in Italy; and northern European political
                                                                    thought. 327pgs. • 1997
119535 ALVIN PLANTINGA                                                                      N • Cambridge • P • $48.00 / $21.98
Baker, Deane-Peter, ed.
Few thinkers have had as much impact on contemporary phi-           130066 CASSIRER'S METAPHYSICS OF
losophy as has Alvin Plantinga. The work of this quintessential     SYMBOLIC FORMS: A Philosophical
analytic philosopher has set the tone for the debate in the         Commentary
fields of modal metaphysics and epistemology and he is               Bayer, Thora I.
arguably the most important philosopher of religion of our          Focuses on Cassirer's claim that philoso-
time. 233pgs. • 2007                                                phy is not itself a symbolic form but the
                 N • Cambridge • C NDJ • $99.00 / $14.98            thought around which all aspects of human
                                                                    activity are seen as a whole. Bayer shows
119732 ANTI-MIMESIS FROM PLATO TO HITCHCOCK                         how the principles of Cassirer's early phi-
Cohen, Tom                                                          losophy are connected to the phenomenol-
Through new readings of writers such as Plato, Bakhtin, Poe,        ogy of his later philosophy, which is focused on his conception
Whitman, and Conrad, Cohen exposes the limitations of new           of "basis phenomena" -- self, will, and work. 224pgs. • 2001
historicism and neo-pragmatism, and demonstrates how the                                          N • Yale • C • $42.00 / $16.98
"materiality of language" challenges representational models
of meaning imposed by the canon. 280pgs. • 1994                     108055 CAUSATION AND EXPLANATION
                  N • Cambridge • C NDJ • $37.00 / $19.98           Campbell, Joseph Keim, et al.
                                                                    This collection of original essays offers readers a state-of-the-
% 084824 BELIEF'S OWN ETHICS                                        art view of current work in these two areas. The essays, by dis-
Adler, Jonathan E.                                                  tinguished authors and important rising scholars, will be of
The fundamental question of the ethics of                           interest to a wide readership, including philosophers, com-
belief is "What ought one to believe?" In                           puter scientists, and economists. 480pgs. • 2007
this book, Jonathan Adler offers a strength-                                                 N • MIT • C NDJ • $85.00 / $23.98
ened version of evidentialism, arguing that
the ethics of belief should be rooted in the                        126711 A COMPANION TO HEIDEGGER'S
concept of belief, and that evidentialism is                        INTRODUCTION TO METAPHYSICS
belief's own ethics. 403pgs. • 2006                                 Polt, Richard F. H., et al.
           N • MIT • P • $22.50 / $9.98                             Heidegger's Introduction to Metaphysics, first published in
                                                                    1953, is one of the major documents of 20th-century philoso-
                                                                    phy. This new companion presents an overview of Heidegger's
                                                                    text and a variety of perspectives on its interpretation from
    Some books are in limited supply.                               more than a dozen highly respected contributors. 360pgs. •
             Order today!                                                                    N • Yale • C NDJ • $60.00 / $14.98

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
54             ANCIENT GREECE                                           127777 CONSCIOUSNESS AND
                                                                        MENTAL LIFE
                                                                        Robinson, Daniel N.
P                         047943 THE CAMBRIDGE
                                                                        In recent decades, a variety of philo-
                          COMPANION TO PLATO
H                         Kraut, Richard, ed.                           sophical and psychological issues have
                          Contains 14 new essays discussing             been absorbed into a scientific frame-
I                         Plato's views about knowledge, reality,       work variously identified as "brain sci-
L                         mathematics, politics, ethics, love,          ence," "cognitive science," and "cogni-
                          poetry, and religion. There are also          tive neuroscience." In this volume,
O                         analyses of the intellectual and social       Robinson questions our present
                          background of his thought, the devel-         approach to the study of consciousness and explores the
S                                                                       ways in which modern discoveries either mirror or contra-
                          opment of his philosophy throughout
O    his career, the range of alternative approaches to his work,       dict understandings reached in the past. 264pgs. • 2007
     and the stylometry of his writing. 560pgs. • 1992                                        N • Columbia • C • $35.00 / $9.98
P                        N • Cambridge • P • $42.99 / $20.98
                                                                       125507 CONTEXTS: Meaning, Truth, and the Use of
H                                                                      Language
Y    Plato                                                             Predelli, Stefano
     This edition of Plato's dialogues and letters includes editori-   A defense of the traditional "formal" approach to natural-lan-
     al notes prefacing each dialogue as well as an introductory       guage semantics. Predelli offers a fundamental reappraisal,
     essay on Plato's philosophy and writing. 1743pgs. • 1989          with particular attention to the treatment of indexicality and
                           L • Princeton • C • $49.50 / $28.98         other forms of contextual dependence which have been the
                                                                       focus of much recent controversy. 208pgs. • 2009
     038398 A NEW ARISTOTLE READER                                                    N • Oxford University • P • $39.95 / $12.98
     Ackrill, J. L., ed.
     A collection of the major works of                                125973 DELETE: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital
     Aristotle, drawn from authoritative                               Age
     scholarly modern translations, laying                             Mayer-Schönberger, Viktor
     the groundwork for a general theory of                            The digital realm remembers what is sometimes better forgot-
     the explanation of animal activity, along                         ten, and this has profound implications for us all. The author
     with commentary and interpretive essays                           traces the important role that forgetting has played throughout
     on the work. 580pgs. • 1987                                       human history, from the ability to make sound decisions unen-
      N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $17.98                              cumbered by the past to the possibility of second chances.
                                                                       256pgs. • 2009
     041138 NICOMACHEAN ETHICS                                                                N • Princeton • C • $24.95 / $12.98
     Based on lectures by Aristotle in Athens in the 4th century                         111828 DEMONS, DREAMERS, AND
     BC. One of the most significant works in moral philosophy.                           MADMEN: The Defense of Reason in
     Emphasizes the exercise, not mere possession, of virtue as                          Descartes's Meditations
     the key to human happiness. Accessible new translation fol-                         Frankfurt, Harry G.
     lows the Greek text closely. 213pgs. • 2000                                         On what basis can reason claim to provide
                          N • Cambridge • P • $18.99 / $9.98                             any justification for the truth of our beliefs?
                                                                                         In this landmark work, Frankfurt provides
                         124820 ON PLATO'S STATESMAN                                     a compelling analysis of the question, one
                         Castoriadis, Cornelius                                          that not only lies at the heart of Descartes'
                         This posthumously published book                                Meditations but also constitutes the central
                         represents the first publication of one        preoccupation of modern philosophy. 264pgs. • 2007
                         of the seminars of Cornelius                                        N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $12.98
                         Castoriadis, a renowned and influential
                         figure in 20th-century thought. A close        % 131697 ELEMENTS OF
                         reading of Plato's Statesman, it is an        ARGUMENTATION
                         exemplary instance of Castoriadis's           Besnard, Philippe & Anthony Hunter
                         pragmatic, pertinent, and discriminat-        The first book to introduce techniques for
     ing approach to thinking and reading a great work. 264pgs.        formalizing deductive argumentation in
     • 2002                                                            artificial intelligence. The book focuses on
                            N • Stanford • P • $24.95 / $7.98          a monological approach to argumentation,
                                                                       in which there is a set of possibly conflict-
     041127 THE POLITICS AND THE CONSTITUTION OF                       ing pieces of information that has been
     ATHENS                                                            collated by an agent or pool of agents.
     REVISED STUDENT EDITION                                           320pgs. • 2008
     Aristotle                                                                                       N • MIT • C • $38.00 / $12.98
     Provides the necessary materials for a full understanding of
     his work as a political scientist, and places it in the context   041079 ELEMENTS OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT
     of his ethical theory and science of nature. 279pgs. • 1996       Hegel, G.W.F.
                           N • Cambridge • P • $17.99 / $9.98          Hegel's last major published work attempts to systematize eth-
                                                                       ical theory, natural right, the philosophy of law, political theo-
     125695 THERAPY OF DESIRE:                                         ry, and the sociology of the modern state into the framework
     Theory and Practice in Hellenistic                                of his philosophy of history. 514pgs. • 1991
     Ethics                                                                                   N • Cambridge • P • $24.99 / $15.98
     Nussbaum, Martha C.
     The Epicureans, Skeptics, and Stoics                                                     023699 THE ENGINE OF
     practiced philosophy not as a detached                                                   REASON, THE SEAT OF THE SOUL:
     intellectual discipline, but as a worldly                                                A Philosophical Journey into the
     art of grappling with issues of daily and                                                Brain
     urgent human significance. In this                                                        Churchland, Paul M.
     engaging book, Nussbaum examines                                                         Summarizes new results from neuro-
     texts of philosophers who were committed to a therapeutic                                science and recent work with artifi-
     paradigm, including Epicurus, Lucretius, Sextus Empiricus,                               cial neural networks that together
     Chrysippus, and Seneca. 600pgs. • 2009                                                   suggest a unified set of answers to
                           N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $19.98                                questions about how the brain actual-
                                                                        ly works; how it sustains a thinking, feeling, dreaming self;
                                                                        and how it sustains a self-conscious person. 329pgs. •
                                                                                                  N • MIT • P • $38.00 / $12.98

     80,000 more books online
                     127990 ETHICS FOR ADVERSARIES:                   052409 HANS-GEORG GADAMER: A                                         55
                     The Morality of Roles in Public and              Biography
                     Professional Life                                Grondin, Jean
                     Applbaum, Arthur Isak                            Traces Gadamer's life as an academician                              P
                     The adversary professions -- law, busi-          and the development of his ideas in the
                     ness, and government, among others --            context of his times, and sheds light on the                         H
                     typically claim a moral permission to vio-       writing of Truth and Method, his magnum
                     late persons in ways that, if not for the        opus. 478pgs. • 2003                                                 I
                     professional role, would be morally                       N • Yale • C • $45.00 / $14.98                              L
                     wrong. Applbaum provides a philosophi-
cal inquiry into arguments that are offered to defend seeming-        129922 HOW THINGS MIGHT HAVE BEEN: Individuals,                      O
ly wrongful actions performed by those who occupy what                Kinds, and Essential Properties                                      S
Montaigne called "necessary offices." 288pgs. • 2000                   Mackie, Penelope
                        N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $15.98           How are we to distinguish between the essential and acciden-         O
                                                                      tal properties of things? Via a critical examination of rival the-
105201 EVIL IN MODERN THOUGHT:                                        ories, Mackie arrives at what she calls "minimalist essential-       P
An Alternative History of Philosophy                                  ism," an unorthodox theory according to which ordinary indi-         H
Neiman, Susan                                                         viduals have relatively few interesting essential properties.
Whether expressed in theological or secular                           224pgs. • 2009                                                       Y
terms, evil confronts philosophy with funda-                                          N • Oxford University • P • $35.00 / $12.98
mental questions. Neiman argues that these
questions impelled modern philosophy, con-                             % 131381 THE IMPARTIAL SPECTATOR: Adam
cluding that two basic stances run through                             Smith's Moral Philosophy
modern thought. One, from Rousseau to                                  Raphael, D. D.
Arendt, insists that morality demands we                               Though not as well-known as his work on economics, The
make evil intelligible. The other, from Voltaire to Adorno, insists    Wealth of Nations, Smith's writings on ethics are of contin-
that morality demands that we do not. 376pgs. • 2004                   uing importance and interest today. In describing the con-
                         N • Princeton • P • $27.95 / $11.98           tent of moral judgment, Smith was greatly influenced by
                                                                       Stoic ethics, with an emphasis on self-command, but his
 118123 FIRE ALARM: Reading Walter Benjamin's On                       own position is a blend of Stoic and Christian values.
 the Concept of History                                                152pgs. • 2009
 Lowy, Michael & Chris Turner                                                       N • Oxford University • P • $35.00 / $14.98
 Walter Benjamin's last work was written in a state of
 urgency as he attempted to escape the Gestapo in 1940.                                    108680 AN INTRODUCTION TO
 Looking in detail at the celebrated but often mysterious text,                            AFRICANA PHILOSOPHY
 and restoring its philosophical, theological and political                                Gordon, Lewis R.
 context, Löwy strives to understand and highlight the com-                                The first comprehensive treatment of
 plex relationship between redemption and revolution in                                    Africana philosophy, beginning with the
 Benjamin's philosophy of history. 148pgs. • 2006                                          emergence of an African diasporic con-
                            N • Verso • C • $27.00 / $9.98                                 sciousness in the Afro-Arabic world of the
                                                                                           Middle Ages. Gordon argues that much of
129919 FOLLOWING THE RULES: Practical Reasoning                                            modern thought emerged out of early
and Deontic Constraint                                                                     conflicts between Islam and Christianity
Heath, Joseph                                                         that culminated in the expulsion of the Moors from the Iberian
For centuries, philosophers have been puzzled by the fact that        Peninsula, and from the legacy of racism, enslavement, and
people often respect moral obligations as a matter of princi-         colonialism. 288pgs. • 2008
ple, setting aside considerations of self-interest. Heath offers a                          N • Cambridge • P • $33.99 / $16.98
naturalistic, evolutionary argument in favor of the traditional
Kantian view that there is an internal connection between             033317 THE LIBERATING POWER OF
being a rational agent and feeling the force of moral obliga-         SYMBOLS: Philosophical Essays
tions. 352pgs. • 2008                                                 Habermas, Jurgen
                 N • Oxford University • C • $74.00 / $19.98          These essays engage with a wide range of
                                                                      20th-century thinkers, displaying an
                                                                      appreciation for various intellectual tradi-
  JACQUES DERRIDA                                                     tions. Includes explorations of the work of
                                                                      Ernst Cassirer, Karl Jaspers, and Gershom
 124815 COUNTERPATH: Traveling with Jacques                           Scholem. 130pgs. • 2001
 Derrida                                                                         N • MIT • P • $22.00 / $9.98
 Derrida, Jacques & Catherine Malabou
 This readerly text of quotations and commentary demon-               119089 LOCKE, LANGUAGE AND EARLY-MODERN
 strates how Derrida's work, while appearing to be anything           PHILOSOPHY
 but a travelogue, is nevertheless replete with references to         Dawson, Hannah
 geographical and topographical locations, and functions as           Exploring the astonishing preoccupation with language in
 a kind of counter-Odyssey through meaning, theorizing, and           early modern philosophy, and culminating in a groundbreak-
 thematizing notions of arrival, drifting, derivation, and            ing analysis of Locke's critique of words, Hannah Dawson
 catastrophe. 352pgs. • 2004                                          examines a broad sweep of pedagogical and philosophical
                  N • Stanford • C NDJ • $54.95 / $14.98              material from antiquity to the late 17th century. 361pgs. •
                   037332 WITHOUT ALIBI                                                  N • Cambridge • C • $112.99 / $39.98
                   Derrida, Jacques
                   Brings together five pieces written by               % 125675 THE METAPHYSICAL CLUB: A Story of
                   Derrida as extended lectures. They are              Ideas in America
                   held together by three themes:                      Menand, Louis
                   Derrida's redefinition of speech acts                The story of an informal group that met in Cambridge,
                   and the "event" as a particular kind of             Massachusetts, in 1872, to talk about ideas. Its members
                   performative, the effects of globaliza-             included Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., future associate jus-
                   tion and mechanization, and contempo-               tice of the United States Supreme Court; William James, the
                   rary professional and institutional                 father of modern American psychology; and Charles
 problems. 304pgs. • 2002                                              Sanders Peirce, logician, scientist, and the founder of semi-
                      N • Stanford • P • $24.95 / $7.98                otics. 568pgs. • 2002
                                                                                N • Farrar, Straus & Giroux • P • $16.00 / $7.98
 Derrida, Jacques                                                      %   New to Catalog
 Contents as above. 352pgs. • 2002                                     N   Publisher's overstock - like new
                 N • Stanford • C NDJ • $63.00 / $14.98                L
                                                                           New from the publisher
                                                                           Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
                                                                           top or bottom of binding

                                                                                 w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
56               IMMANUEL KANT
                                                                          129930 THE NATURE AND
                                                                          STRUCTURE OF CONTENT
                                                                          King, Jeffrey C.
                          049280 THE CAMBRIDGE                            A detailed account of the metaphysical
P                         COMPANION TO KANT                               nature of propositions. In addition to
H                         Guyer, Paul, ed.                                explaining what it is that binds together the
                          The most systematic and comprehensive           constituents of structured propositions,
I                         account of the full range of Kant's writ-       King shows how and why propositions
L                         ings, and the first major overview of his        manage to have truth conditions and rep-
                          work to be published in more than a             resent the world as being a certain way.
O                         dozen years. An international team of           240pgs. • 2009
                          Kant scholars explore Kant's conceptual                        N • Oxford University • P • $35.00 / $12.98
S                         revolution in epistemology, meta-
O     physics, philosophy of science, moral and political philoso-         % 131705 NEW ESSAYS ON SEMANTIC EXTERNALISM
      phy, aesthetics, and the philosophy of religion. 496pgs. •           AND SELF-KNOWLEDGE
P     1992                                                                 Nuccetelli, Susana, ed.
                          N • Cambridge • P • $42.99 / $16.98              Semantic externalism is the thesis that the contents of some
                                                                           words and thoughts depend in part on properties external
Y     047691 GROUNDWORK OF THE METAPHYSICS OF                              to the person who entertains them. This volume investigates
      MORALS                                                               a variety of topics, including the a priori transmission of
      GREGOR, MARY J., ET AL., EDS.                                        epistemic warrant, the semantics of natural-kind terms,
      Kant, Immanuel                                                       and other issues crucial to epistemology, the philosophy of
      Ranks alongside Plato's Republic and Aristotle's                     mind, and the philosophy of language. 329pgs. • 2003
      Nicomachean Ethics as one of the most profound and influ-                                         N • MIT • C • $38.00 / $9.98
      ential works in moral philosophy. In Kant's words, its aim is
      to search for and establish the supreme principle of moral-         % 085123 ONFLOW: Dynamics of Consciousness and
      ity, the categorical imperative. This edition uses Gregor's         Experience
      translation of the text, with an introduction by Korsgaard          Pred, Ralph
      examining and explaining Kant's argument. 120pgs. • 1998            Offers an account of the nature of consciousness that grapples
                          N • Cambridge • P • $17.99 / $10.98             with "the raw unverbalized stream of experience." Unlike
                                                                          other recent philosophical accounts, Pred's analysis deals with
      % 107986 KANT'S POLITICS:                                           the elusive and commonly neglected continuities in the stream
      Provisional Theory for an Uncertain                                 of consciousness. 368pgs. • 2005
      World                                                                                             N • MIT • C • $35.00 / $9.98
      Ellis, Elisabeth
      Kant's contributions to political thought                           128341 OUT OF EDEN: Adam and Eve and the Problem
      cannot be understood without attention                              of Evil
      to his dynamic concept of provisional                               Kahn, P. W.
      right, Ellis argues. In her new interpre-                           Focusing on the existential roots of evil rather than on the
      tation, Kant's provisionalism provides a                            occasions for its appearance, Kahn argues that evil originates
      broad standard for political right that                             in man's flight from death. As his interpretations of Genesis
      remains deeply responsive to historical and geographical            lead him to inquiries into a variety of modern forms of evil --
      particulars, directing our attention to the dynamism                including slavery, torture, and genocide -- he urges us to see
      between our world and our ideals. 272pgs. • 2005                    that the opposite of evil is not good, but love: while evil would
                                  N • Yale • C • $45.00 / $16.98          master death, love would transcend it. 248pgs. • 2010
                                                                                                  N • Princeton • P • $22.95 / $14.98

     100227 METAPHYSICS, MATHEMATICS, AND MEANING                         119010 OXFORD STUDIES IN
     VOL. 1: Philosophical Papers                                         PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION: Volume 1
     Salmon, Nathan                                                       Kvanvig, Jonathan, ed.
     Brings together Salmon's influential papers (as well as a pre-        An annual volume offering a snapshot of
     viously unpublished essay) on topics in the metaphysics of           state-of-the-art work in this longstanding
     existence, non-existence, and fiction; modality and its logic;        area of philosophy, which has seen an
     strict identity, including personal identity; numbers and            explosive growth of interest over the past
     numerical quantifiers; the philosophical significance of               half century. 272pgs. • 2008
     Godel's Incompleteness theorems; and semantic content and                 N • Oxford University • C • $110.00 /
     designation. 434pgs. • 2006                                                                            $26.98
                    N • Oxford University • C • $165.00 / $39.98
                                                                          125909 PESSIMISM: Philosophy, Ethic, Spirit
                       125765 MORAL CLARITY: A Guide for                  Dienstag, Joshua Foa
                       Grown-up Idealists                                 In this powerful defense of pessimism's claim that progress is
                       Neiman, Susan                                      not an inevitable or enduring feature of human history,
                       In this profound and powerful book, Susan          Dienstag persuasively shows that pessimism has been -- and
                       Neiman reclaims the vocabulary of morali-          can again be -- an energizing and even liberating philosophy,
                       ty -- good and evil, heroism and nobility --       an ethic of radical possibility and not just a criticism of faith.
                       as a lingua franca for the 21st century. In        320pgs. • 2009
                       constructing a framework for taking                                       N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $15.98
                       responsible action, she reaches back to the
                       18th century to retrieve values that were          049793 THE PHILOSOPHICAL WRITINGS OF
     esteemed by the thinkers of the Enlightenment. 480pgs. •             DESCARTES, VOLUME TWO
     2009                                                                 Descartes, Rene
                           N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $12.98            "There is little doubt that this will become the standard trans-
                                                                          lation of Descartes' philosophical writings, and it deserves a
     125511 MORALITY AND SELF-INTEREST                                    warm welcome." -- French Studies 428pgs. • 1984
     Bloomfield, Paul, ed.                                                                        N • Cambridge • P • $41.99 / $22.98
     Is morality a check on self-interest or is it in one's self inter-
     est to be moral? Can morality and self-interest be understood         % 131459 PHILOSOPHY AND THE RETURN TO SELF-
     independently of each other? In this collection of essays, con-       KNOWLEDGE
     tributors including Thomas Nagel and Stephen Finlay continue          Verene, Donald Phillip
     one of the oldest and most important debates in philosophy.           Donald Phillip Verene contends that both Anglo-American
     336pgs. • 2007                                                        analytic philosophy and Continental philosophy have lost
               N • Oxford University • C NDJ • $125.00 / $16.98            their vitality, and offers an alternative in their place. He
                                                                           advocates a renewal of contemporary philosophy through a
                                                                           return to the notions of civil wisdom, eloquence, and pru-
                                                                           dence as guides to human action. 318pgs. • 1997
                                                                                                      N • Yale • C • $55.00 / $16.98

     80,000 more books online
                  021426 THE PHILOSOPHY OF MIND:                   111473 POPPER SELECTIONS                                              57
                  Classical Problems Contemporary                  DAVID W. MILLER, ED.
                  Issues                                           Popper, Karl R.
                  Beakley, Brian et al., eds.                      This sampling of the philosophical writings of Karl Popper            P
                  Follows the development of thinking in five       includes discussions of rationalism, knowledge, human free-
                  broad problem areas--the mind/body               dom, and the scientific method. 480pgs. • 1985                         H
                  problem, mental causation, association-                                N • Princeton • P • $37.50 / $16.98
                  ism/connectionism, mental imagery, and                                                                                 I
                  innate ideas--over 2500 years of philoso-        125519 THE POSSIBILITY OF KNOWLEDGE                                   L
                  phy. Ranges from Plato and Descartes to          Cassam, Quassim
Fodor and the PDP research group, showing how many of the          How is knowledge of the external world possible? How is               O
current concerns in the philosophy of mind and cognitive sci-      knowledge of other minds possible? How is a priori knowl-             S
ence are firmly rooted in history. 433pgs. • 1992                   edge possible? In this exploration of epistemology, Quassim
                            N • MIT • P • $40.00 / $16.98          Cassam explains why such questions arise and how they                 O
                                                                   should be answered. 256pgs. • 2007
                                                                                 N • Oxford University • C • $60.00 / $26.98             P
                                SOREN                    KIERKEGARD
                      049243 THE CAMBRIDGE                         039635 FOR SELF-EXAMINATION / JUDGE FOR
                      COMPANION TO KIERKEGAARD                     YOURSELF!
                      Hannay, Alastair & Gordon Daniel             Kierkegaard, Soren
                      Marino, eds.                                 For Self-Examination and its companion piece Judge for
                      The contributors to this volume probe        Yourself! represent the culmination of Kierkegaard's "second
                      the full depth of Kierkegaard's thought,     authorship," which followed his Concluding Unscientific
                      revealing its distinctive subtleties. The    Postscript. Among the simplest and most readily comprehend-
                      topics covered include the philosopher's     ed of his books, these two works are enhanced when, as the
                      views on art and religion, ethics and psy-   author requested, they are read aloud. 296pgs. • 1990
                      chology, theology and politics, knowl-                              N • Princeton • P • $28.95 / $14.98
 edge and virtue, with particular focus devoted to the pervasive
 influence of Kierkegaard in 20th-century philosophy. 446pgs.       % 087393 KIERKEGAARD: FEAR AND TREMBLING
 • 1997                                                            Evans, C. Stephen & Sylvia Walsh, eds.
                       N • Cambridge • P • $37.99 / $16.98         A new translation of Kierkegaard's challenge to the German
                                                                   universalists and idealists, argued through an exploration of
 038413 THE CONCEPT OF ANXIETY: A Simple                           the story of Abraham and Isaac. Pondering the many questions
 Psychologically Orienting Deliberation on the Dogmatic            the story raises about belief, moral obligation, and sin,
 Issue of Hereditary Sin                                           Kierkegaard concludes that faith is both paradoxical and irra-
 Kierkegaard, Soren                                                tional, and cannot be understood by reason or in convention-
 One of Kierkegaard's most honest and personal works, in           al moral terms. 190pgs. • 2006
 which he examines the human understanding of sin, why we                                N • Cambridge • P • $20.99 / $12.98
 designate certain acts as sinful, and how our perception of
 these acts is altered by the fact that we label them as such.     038480 PHILOSOPHICAL FRAGMENTS / JOHANNES
 273pgs. • 1981                                                    CLIMACUS
                        N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $12.98        HONG, HOWARD V. & EDNA H. HONG, EDS. & TRANS.
                                                                   Kierkegaard, Soren
 038472 CONCLUDING UNSCIENTIFIC                                    Written under the pseudonym Johannes Climacus,
 POSTSCRIPTS TO PHILOSOPHICAL                                      Kierkegaard contrasts the paradoxes of Christianity with Greek
 FRAGMENTS, VOLUME 1                                               and modern philosophical thinking, exploring the implica-
 HONG, HOWARD V. & EDNA H. HONG, EDS. &                            tions of venturing beyond the Socratic understanding of truth.
 TRANS.                                                            371pgs. • 1985
 Kierkegaard, Soren                                                                       N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $16.98
 Intended by Kierkegaard to be his con-
 cluding work as an author, these essays                           038893 PRACTICE IN CHRISTIANITY
 deal with what it takes to be a real                              Kierkegaard, Soren
 Christian and examines the truth of                               Of the many works he wrote during 1848, Kierkegaard specified
 Christianity as an objective issue. 630pgs. • 1992                Practice in Christianity as "the most perfect and truest thing." In
                        N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $16.98        his reflections on such topics as Christ's invitation to the bur-
                                                                   dened, the imitatio Christi, the possibility of offense, and the
 104772 THE ESSENTIAL KIERKEGAARD                                  exalted Christ, he takes as his theme the requirement of
 Hong, Howard V. & Edna H. Hong, eds.                              Christian ideality in the context of divine grace. 416pgs. • 1991
 The most comprehensive anthology of Kierkegaard's works                                     N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98
 ever assembled in English. The selections represent every
 major aspect of Kierkegaard's extraordinary career and reveal     104337 SOREN KIERKEGAARD: A
 the powerful mix of philosophy, psychology, theology, and lit-    Biography
 erary criticism that made him one of the most compelling          Garff, Joakim & Bruce H. Kirmmse
 writers of the 19th century. 544pgs. • 2000                       Kierkegaard's life has been notoriously
                        N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98        hard to study, so complex was the web of
                                                                   fact and fiction in his work. Garff's seam-
                   038394 FEAR AND TREMBLING /                     less blend of history, philosophy, and psy-
                   REPETITION: Kierkegaard's                       chological insight is the most comprehen-
                   Writings, VI                                    sive and penetrating account yet written of
                   Kierkegaard, Soren                              the life and works of the enigmatic Dane
                   Kierkegaard discusses the profound              who changed the course of intellectual history. 867pgs. • 2007
                   implications of the unity of personhood                                 N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $17.98
                   and of identity within change -- the repe-
                   tition that creates the rebirth of God in the   038892 WORKS OF LOVE
                   heart of man, brings the eternal into the       Kierkegaard, Soren
                   present, and allows the past to retain its      An illuminating analysis of the forms and sources of love. Love
 meaning. 420pgs. • 1983                                           as feeling and mood is distinguished from works of love, love
                      N • Princeton • P • $26.95 / $12.98          of the lovable from love of the unlovely, preferential love from
                                                                   love as the royal law, love as mutual egotism from triangular
                                                                   love, and erotic love from self-giving love. 561pgs. • 1998
                                                                                           N • Princeton • P • $34.95 / $20.98

                                                                               w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
                                                                                            104359 THE REASONS OF LOVE
                                                                                            Frankfurt, Harry G.
                                                                                            One of the world's leading moral philoso-
P     032017 THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO                                                     phers argues that the key to a fulfilled life is
      NIETZSCHE                                                                             to pursue wholeheartedly what one cares
H     Magnus, Bernd, & Kathleen M. Higgins, eds.                                            about, that love is the most authoritative
      Provides a chronologically organized introduction to and                              form of caring, and that the most basic and
I     summary of Nietzsche's published works, essays on the                                 essential question for a person to raise
L     appropriation and misappropriation of his writings, and a                             about the conduct of his or her life is not
      group of essays exploring the nature of Nietzsche's philoso-                          what he or she should care about but what,
O     phy and its relation to the modern and postmodern world.          in fact, he or she cannot help caring about. 100pgs. • 2005
S     403pgs. • 1996                                                                             N • Princeton • P • $14.95 / $8.98
                          N • Cambridge • P • $39.99 / $17.98
O                                                                       117309 THE RETREAT OF REASON: A
                            % 052561 DAYBREAK: Thoughts                 Dilemma in the Philosophy of Life
P                           on the Prejudices of Morality               Persson, Ingmar
H                           Nietzsche, Friedrich                        The ancient Greeks thought that a life led
                            A distinguished translation of the work     in accordance with reason would also be
Y                           that marked the arrival of Nietzsche's      the happiest or most fulfilling. Starting
                            "mature" philosophy, one that is indis-     from this perspective, Persson arrives at
                            pensable for an understanding of his        conclusions that are very different; by
                            critique of morality and "revaluation of    exploring the irrationality of our attitudes
                            all values." This edition includes a        to time, our identity, and our responsibili-
                            chronology, notes, and a guide to fur-      ty, he shows that the aim of living rationally conflicts not only
      ther reading, to help situate the work's main themes in their     with the aim of leading the most fulfilling life, but also with the
      intellectual and philosophical contexts. 247pgs. • 1997           moral aim of promoting the just distribution of fulfillment for
                          N • Cambridge • P • $23.99 / $14.98           all. 504pgs. • 2008
                                                                                        N • Oxford University • P • $55.00 / $14.98
      041184 HUMAN, ALL TOO HUMAN: A Book for Free
      Spirits                                                           130068 RHETORIC IN AN ANTIFOUNDATIONAL WORLD:
      HOLLINGDALE, R. J., TRANS.                                        Language, Culture, and Pedagogy
      Nietzsche, Friedrich                                              Bernard-Donals, Michael F. & Richard R. Glejzer
      Presents Nietzsche's remarkable collection of almost 1400         In this collection, literary scholars, philosophers and teachers
      aphorisms in Hollingdale's distinguished translation, togeth-     inquire into the connections between antifoundational philos-
      er with a new historical introduction by Richard Schacht.         ophy and the rhetorical tradition. The contributors include
      Nearly all the themes of his later work are displayed here,       Richard Rorty, Terry Eagleton and Stanley Fish. 480pgs. •
      and it remains one of the fundamental works for an under-         1998
      standing of his thought. 400pgs. • 1996                                                          N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $12.98
                           N • Cambridge • P • $24.99 / $14.98
                                                                                            119724 SOCRATIC VIRTUE: Making
      039829 NIETZSCHE: Philosopher, Psychologist,                                          the Best of the Neither-Good-nor-Bad
      Antichrist                                                                            Reshotko, Naomi
      FOURTH EDITION                                                                        This account of how Socrates integrated
      Kaufmann, Walter                                                                      notions of desire, virtue, and happiness to
      The benchmark against which all modern books about                                    formulate an ethical and psychological the-
      Nietzsche are measured. When it was written in the immedi-                            ory makes an important contribution to the
      ate aftermath of World War II, most scholars outside                                  study of the Platonic dialogues and will
      Germany viewed Nietzsche as part madman, part proto-Nazi,                             also interest all scholars of ethics and
      and almost wholly unphilosophical. Kaufmann rehabilitated                             moral psychology. 218pgs. • 2006
      Nietzsche nearly single-handedly, presenting his works as                              N • Cambridge • C • $115.99 / $29.98
      one of the great achievements of Western philosophy.
      532pgs. • 1975
                          N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98
                                                                            RICHARD                             RORTY
                                                                         049005 CONTINGENCY, IRONY, AND SOLIDARITY
     031992 PRACTICAL ETHICS                                             Rorty, Richard
     SECOND EDITION                                                      Rorty argues that thinkers such as Nietzsche, Freud, and
     Singer, Peter                                                       Wittgenstein have enabled societies to see themselves as his-
     Focuses on the application of ethics to difficult and controver-     torical contingencies, rather than as expressions of underly-
     sial social questions, including equality and discrimination by     ing, ahistorical human nature, or as realizations of suprahis-
     race, sex, ability, or species, abortion, euthanasia, the moral     torical goals, but Rorty himself believes that it is literature
     status of animals, and the obligation to assist others. 395pgs.     and not philosophy that can do this, by promoting a genuine
     • 1993                                                              sense of human solidarity. 201pgs. • 1989
                             N • Cambridge • P • $33.99 / $12.98                             N • Cambridge • P • $30.99 / $16.98
     119779 REALISM AND APPEARANCES: An Essay in                                            125799 PHILOSOPHY AND THE
     Ontology                                                                               MIRROR OF NATURE
     Yolton, John W.                                                                        Rorty, Richard
     Addresses one of the fundamental topics in philosophy: the                             In this volume, which hit the philosoph-
     relation between appearance and reality. Yolton draws on a                             ical world like a bombshell when it was
     rich mix of historical and contemporary material, ranging                              first published, Rorty argued that the
     from Locke, Berkeley and Hume to Churchland and                                        questions about truth posed by
     McDowell, to examine this central philosophical preoccupa-                             Descartes, Kant, Hegel, and modern
     tion, which he presents in terms of distinctions between phe-                          epistemologists and philosophers of lan-
     nomena and causes, causes and meaning, and persons and                                 guage were unanswerable and, more-
     man. 172pgs. • 2000                                                 over, were irrelevant to serious social and cultural inquiry.
                          N • Cambridge • C • $39.00 / $21.98            The book remains a must-read for its insight into what
                                                                         philosophers can and cannot do to help us understand and
      % 103580 THE REALLY HARD PROBLEM: Meaning                          improve the world. 472pgs. • 2008
      in a Material World                                                                     N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $16.98
      Flanagan, Owen
      A noted philosopher proposes a naturalistic (rather than
      supernaturalistic) way to solve the "really hard problem":
      how to live a life that really matters, even as a finite materi-
      al being living in a material world. 288pgs. • 2007
                                    N • MIT • C • $29.95 / $7.98

     80,000 more books online
                      058134 A SPINOZA READER: The                  % 119905 WHAT PHILOSOPHERS KNOW: Case Studies                        59
                      Ethics and Other Works                        in Recent Analytic Philosophy
                      Spinoza, Benedictus de                        Gutting, Gary
                      This collection of Spinoza's works            Philosophy has never delivered on its promise to settle the          P
                      presents the text of his masterwork, the      great moral and religious questions of human existence, and
                      Ethics, in what is now the standard           even most philosophers conclude that it doesn't offer an estab-      H
                      translation by Edwin Curley. Also             lished body of disciplinary knowledge. Gutting challenges this       O
                      included are selections from other            view, by examining detailed case studies of recent achieve-
                      works chosen by Curley to make the            ments by analytic philosophers such as Quine, Kripke,                T
                      Ethics easier to understand, and a sub-       Plantinga, Kuhn, Rawls, and Rorty. 264pgs. • 2009
                                                                                          N • Cambridge • P • $31.99 / $20.98            O
 stantial Introduction that gives an overview of Spinoza's life
 and the main themes of his philosophy. 352pgs. • 1994                                                                                   G
                      N • Princeton • P • $34.95 / $18.98            129913 WITTGENSTEIN AND ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHY:
                                                                     Essays for P. M. S. Hacker                                          R
 % 131450 SPINOZA, LIBERALISM, AND THE                               Glock, Hans-Johann & John Hyman, eds.
                                                                     Peter Hacker is one of the most notable interpreters of             A
 Smith, Steven B.                                                    Wittgenstein's work, a powerful and sophisticated exponent          P
 Recognized as the first modern Jewish thinker, Spinoza was           of Wittgensteinian ideas, and a distinguished historian of
 also a founder of modern liberal political philosophy. This         the analytic tradition. In this volume, leading philosophers        H
 book reveals him as a politically engaged thinker who deci-         and Wittgenstein scholars offer specially written essays in         Y
 sively influenced such diverse movements as the                      honor of Hacker. 296pgs. • 2009
 Enlightenment, liberalism, and political Zionism. 288pgs.                        N • Oxford University • C • $85.00 / $29.98
 • 1997
                          N • Yale • C • $55.00 / $16.98                                  110870 WITTGENSTEIN'S PRIVATE
                                                                                          LANGUAGE: Grammar, Nonsense
% 062043 TIME, TENSE, AND REFRENCE                                                        and Imagination in Philosophical
Jokic, Aleksander & Quentin Smith eds.                                                    Investigations, Sections 243-315
It is increasingly difficult to do philosophy of language without                          Mulhall, Stephen
any metaphysical commitments as to the nature of time, and it                             Offers a new way of interpreting one of
is equally difficult to resolve the metaphysical question of                               the most famous and contested texts in
whether time is tensed or tenseless independently of the phi-                             modern philosophy: remarks on "pri-
losophy of language. The essays in this volume discuss the phi-                           vate language" in Wittgenstein's
losophy of language and its implications for the philosophy of                            Philosophical Investigations. Mulhall
time and vice versa. 470pgs. • 2003                                  sheds new light on a central controversy concerning
                                 N • MIT • P • $40.00 / $8.98        Wittgenstein's early work by showing its relevance to a
                                                                     proper understanding of the later work. 148pgs. • 2007
                                                                                 N • Oxford University • C • $49.95 / $19.98

                      104542 THE ART OF THE
                      AMERICAN SNAPSHOT, 1888-1978:                  127322 CONVERSATIONS WITH
                      From the Collection of Robert E.               CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHERS
                      Jackson                                        Fontcuberta, Joan, et al.
                      Greenough, Sarah & Diane Waggoner              Extensive, in-depth interviews on aes-
                      This catalogue of an exhibition at the         thetics, craft, and culture with living
                      National Gallery of Art in Washington,         masters and leading critics from
                      DC reproduces some 250 snapshots               Australia, France, Italy, Germany,
                      drawn from Robert Jackson's outstand-          Mexico, Brazil, Spain, the US, the UK,
                      ing collection. Organized decade by            and other countries, including new
decade, they trace the evolution of American snapshot imagery        interviews commissioned especially for
and describes how technical, social, and cultural factors have       this collection. 288pgs. • 2006
affected the look of photos from different eras. 294pgs. •                         N • Umbrage Editions • P • $29.00 / $7.98
                        N • Princeton • C • $55.00 / $28.98         033986 GERMAINE KRULL: Photographer of Modernity
                                                                    Sichel, Kim
128677 BOTANICA MAGNIFICA: Portraits of the World's                 A study of the remarkable artist who witnessed the high points
Most Extraordinary Flowers and Plants                               of modernism and recorded some of the major upheavals of
Kress, W. John, et al.                                              the 20th century and whose work includes avant-garde mon-
Featuring 250 photographs by Hasselblad Laureate Award win-         tages, ironic studies of female nudes, and press propaganda
ner Jonathan Singer, this extraordinary volume is organized         shots. 363pgs. • 1999
into five alphabetically arranged sections, each introduced by                                    N • MIT • C • $68.00 / $19.98
a gatefold page that displays one plant at a luxurious size. Each
pictured plant is accompanied by a clear and accessible                                % 126267 IN THE DARKROOM: An
description of its botany, geography, folklore, history, and con-                      Illustrated Guide to Photographic
servation. 356pgs. • 2009                                                              Processes Before the Digital Age
                       N • Abbeville • C • $135.00 / $75.98                            Kennel, Sarah, et al.
                                                                                       A concise introduction to the most com-
041900 CITIES FROM                                                                     mon photographic and photomechani-
THE SKY: An Aerial                                                                     cal processes, from albumen print to
Portrait of America                                                                    Woodburytype. Features 84 color pho-
Campanella, Thomas J.                                                                  tographs and illustrations, including
Features over 125 classic                                                              works by Atget, Robert Frank, Laura
photographs that together                                            Gilpin, Mapplethorpe, Muybridge, Steichen, Stieglitz, Fox
form a definitive portrait of                                         Talbot, Andy Warhol, and Edward Weston. 104pgs. • 2010
America's urban landscape.                                                      L • Thames & Hudson • P • $19.95 / $10.98
Taken by the intrepid pho-
tographers of the Fairchild
Aerial Survey company over a five-decade span, these lavishly
reproduced images provide a sparkling record of our cities in        %   New to Catalog
the boom years of the twentieth century. 127pgs. • 2001              N   Publisher's overstock - like new
         N • Princeton Architectural • C • $50.00 / $18.98           I
                                                                         New from the publisher
                                                                         Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
                                                                         top or bottom of binding

                                                                               w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
60                        126258 AN INNER SILENCE: The
                          Portraits of Henri Cartier-Bresson
                                                                         049915 TINA MODOTTI: Between
                                                                         Art and Revolution
                          Sire, Agnes & Jean-Luc Nancy                   Argenteri, Letizia
P                         Cartier-Bresson was perhaps the most           A charismatic stage and screen actress. A
                          influential image maker of the 20th             visionary photographer. A revolutionary
O                         century, and his portraits are among           with deep commitments to communism.
                          his best-known work. This book fea-            A woman whose life, loves, and death
L                         tures both well-known images and               were controversial. Tina Modotti (1896-
I                         previously unpublished portraits: Ezra         1942) was all of these. This biography
                          Pound, Martin Luther King Jr., Samuel          portrays Modotti accurately and fairly,
T    Beckett, Truman Capote, Susan Sontag, Carl Jung, William            cutting through the distortions of myth and rumor that sur-
I    Faulkner, Marilyn Monroe, Henri Matisse, and many more.             round her. 329pgs. • 2003
     160pgs. • 2010                                                                                  N • Yale • C • $40.00 / $14.98
C                L • Thames & Hudson • P • $34.95 / $16.98

P                         POLITICAL PH I LOSOPHY
H    125504 AUTONOMY AND RIGHTS: The Moral                                                  % 130001 JUSTICE AND THE SOCIAL
I    Foundations of Liberalism                                                              CONTRACT: Essays on Rawlsian
     Spector, Horacio                                                                       Political Philosophy
L    Reconstructs and then criticizes a familiar approach to the                            Freeman, Samuel
     moral foundations of classical liberalism which rests on the                           Samuel Freeman has edited numerous
O    maximization of negative freedom, and then frames an alter-                            books dedicated to the work of John Rawls
S    native theory centered in the obligation to protect positive                           and is arguably his foremost interpreter.
     freedom. 200pgs. • 2008                                                                This volume collects new and previously
O                   N • Oxford University • P • $39.95 / $14.98                             published articles that place Rawls within
                                                                                            the historical context of the social contract
P                       104831 DEMOCRACY AND THE                         tradition. 352pgs. • 2009
H                       FOREIGNER                                                        N • Oxford University • P • $24.95 / $9.98
                        Honig, Bonnie
Y                       What should we do about "foreigners"?            127112 JUSTICE IS CONFLICT
                        Should we try to make them more like us          Hampshire, Stuart
                        or keep them at bay to protect our democ-        Using as a starting point Plato's analogy in
                        racy, our culture, our well-being? This          the Republic between conflict in the soul
                        dilemma underlies age-old debates about          and conflict in the city, Hampshire devel-
                        immigration, citizenship, and national           ops a distinction between justice in proce-
                        identity. In Democracy and this provocative      dures, which demands that both sides in a
     volume, Bonnie Honig reverses the question: what problems           conflict should be heard, and justice in
     might foreigners solve for us? 224pgs. • 2003                       matters of substance, which will always be
                            N • Princeton • P • $26.95 / $15.98          disputed. 120pgs. • 2001
                                                                                                  N • Princeton • P • $18.95 / $8.98
     Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
     Rousseau's earlier writings, the publication of which signaled            ISAIAH                     BERLIN
     the power and challenge of Rousseau's thinking. Also includes
     Rousseau's replies to critics of his texts. Supplemented by                               039731 THE CROOKED TIMBER
     extensive editorial material. 437pgs. • 1997                                              OF HUMANITY: Chapters in the
                           N • Cambridge • P • $21.99 / $13.98                                 History of Ideas
                                                                                               Berlin, Isaiah
      104758 THE ETHICS OF IDENTITY                                                            In this volume, Berlin reveals the links
      Appiah, Kwame Anthony                                                                    between the ideas of the past and the
      To what extent do ethnic, national, religious, and other                                 social and political cataclysms of the
      identities constrain our freedom, our ability to make an                                 20th century: between the Platonic
      individual life, and to what extent do they enable our indi-                             belief in absolute Truth and the lure of
      viduality? In this beautifully written work, a renowned                                  authoritarianism; between the reac-
      philosopher develops an account of ethics that relates              tionary ideologue Joseph de Maistre and 20th-century fas-
      moral obligations to collective allegiances, our individuali-       cism; between the romanticism of Schiller and Byron and
      ty to our multiple identities. 358pgs. • 2007                       the militant nationalism that convulses the modern world.
                           N • Princeton • P • $25.95 / $15.98            276pgs. • 1991
                                                                                               N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $13.98
     126956 JUSTICE: Rights and Wrongs
     Wolterstorff, Nicholas                                               111354 POLITICAL IDEAS IN THE
     Connecting rights and wrongs to God's                                ROMANTIC AGE: Their Rise and
     relationship with humankind, Wolterstorff                            Influence on Modern Thought
     not only offers a rich and compelling                                Berlin, Isaiah
     philosophical account of justice, but also                           In this volume, based on a series of lec-
     makes an important contribution to over-                             tures delivered at Bryn Mawr College in
     coming the present-day divide between                                1952, Berlin argues that the political
     religious discourse and human rights. He                             ideas of the Romantic age are still large-
     argues that no secular account of natural                            ly our own -- down to the language and
     human rights is successful; he offers instead a theistic account.    metaphors they are expressed in. He
     416pgs. • 2010                                                       vividly expounds the central political ideas of leading
                            N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $14.98           European thinkers in the period 1760-1830, including
                                                                          Helvetius, Condorcet, Rousseau, Saint-Simon, Hegel,
                                                                          Schelling, and Fichte. 292pgs. • 2008
                                                                                               N • Princeton • P • $23.95 / $12.98

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045055 LEVIATHAN                                                                                                                         61
Hobbes, Thomas
Argues that human beings are first and foremost concerned
                                                                               MICHAEL WALZER
with their own individual desires and fears, and shows that a                          % 131460 ON TOLERATION                            P
conflict of each against every man can only be avoided by the                           Walzer, Michael
adoption of a compact to enforce peace. 519pgs. • 2001                                 What kinds of political arrangements              O
                       N • Cambridge • P • $17.99 / $9.98                              enable people from different national,
                                                                                       racial, religious or ethnic groups to live
                       129927 LIBERALISM AND                                           together in peace? Walzer examines five            I
                       PROSTITUTION                                                    "regimes of toleration" -- from multina-
                       de Marneffe, Peter                                              tional empires to immigrant societies --          T
                       Civil libertarians characterize prostitu-                       and describes their strengths and weak-           I
                       tion as a "victimless crime" that ought                         nesses, as well as the varying forms of
                       to be legalized. Feminist critics count-     toleration and exclusion each fosters. 144pgs. • 1997                C
                       er that prostitution is not victimless,                                 N • Yale • C • $40.00 / $13.98
                       since it harms those who engage in it.                                                                            A
                       In this book Peter de Marneffe argues        089336 SPHERES OF JUSTICE: A Defense of                              L
                       that although most prostitution is vol-      Pluralism and Equality
 untary, paternalistic prostitution laws may nonetheless be         Walzer, Michael
 morally justifiable. 208pgs. • 2009                                 A distinguished political philosopher analyzes how society
              N • Oxford University • C • $65.00 / $14.98           distributes not just wealth and power but other social
                                                                    "goods" like honor, education, work, free time -- even love.         H
% 048993 MARX: LATER POLITICAL WRITINGS                             364pgs. • 1984
CARVER, TERRELL, ED. & TRANS.                                                         N • Basic Books • P • $26.00 / $12.98              I
Marx, Karl                                                                                                                               L
Brings together new translations of Marx's most important
texts in political philosophy written after 1848. Introduction
                                                                   065846 REPUBLICANISM                                                  O
situates Marx in a politics of democratic constitutionalism and
revolutionary communism. Works are presented here com-             Viroli, Maurizio                                                      S
plete. 260pgs. • 1996                                              Traces the story of political republicanism
                                                                   from its origins with Aristotle and in clas-                          O
                       N • Cambridge • P • $26.99 / $14.98
                                                                   sical Rome to its renaissance with                                    P
111587 THE OPEN SOCIETY AND ITS ENEMIES: Vol. 2:                   Machiavelli, then to its great flowering in
Hegel and Marx                                                     the 17th and 18th centuries with Locke,                               H
                                                                   Kant, Rousseau, Paine, and the Founding
Popper, Karl R.
                                                                   Fathers. Viroli concludes with an impas-                              Y
Hailed by Bertrand Russell as a "vigorous and profound
defence of democracy," Popper's attack on the philosophies of      sioned evocation of the power of the
Plato, Hegel, and Marx prophesied the collapse of commu-           republican ideal today. 144pgs. • 2001
nism in Eastern Europe and exposed the fatal flaws of socially               N • Farrar, Straus & Giroux • C • $20.00 / $11.98
engineered political systems. 432pgs. • 1971
                       N • Princeton • P • $32.95 / $14.98         049825 THE SPIRIT OF THE LAWS
                                                                   de Montesquieu, Charles
126698 PATRIOTISM AND OTHER                                        A fully annotated edition of a central text in the history of 18th-
MISTAKES                                                           century political thought focuses on Montesquieu's use of
Kateb, George                                                      sources. 757pgs. • 1989
Drawing attention to the non-rational char-                                               N • Cambridge • P • $32.99 / $18.98
acter of many motives that drive people to
construct and maintain a political order,                          104821 STATES OF INJURY: Power and Freedom in Late
Kateb asks us to consider how commit-                              Modernity
ments to ideals of religion, nation, race,                         Brown, Wendy
ethnicity, manliness, and courage often                            Looking at how gender and political theories intersect, Brown
find themselves in the service of immoral                           argues that efforts to outlaw hate speech and pornography
ends, and he exhorts us to remember the dignity of the indi-       legitimize the state and ultimately harm victims, by portraying
vidual. 464pgs. • 2006                                             them as so helpless as to require continual governmental pro-
                              N • Yale • C • $37.00 / $9.98        tection. 219pgs. • 1995
                                                                                           N • Princeton • P • $28.95 / $13.98
                     125697 POLITICS AND THE
                     IMAGINATION                                                      107406 THOMAS PAINE'S RIGHTS
                     Geuss, Raymond                                                   OF MAN: A Biography
                     In politics, utopians do not have a                              Hitchens, Christopher
                     monopoly on imagination. Even the                                Since its publication, Paine's tract has
                     most conservative defenses of the status                         been celebrated, criticized, maligned,
                     quo, Raymond Geuss argues, require                               suppressed, and co-opted. Christopher
                     imaginative acts of some kind. In this                           Hitchens, a practiced polemicist him-
                     collection of recent essays, including                           self, marvels at the document's fore-
                     his most overtly political writing yet,                          thought and revels in its contentious-
 Geuss explores the role of imagination in politics, particu-                         ness, even as he demonstrates how
 larly how imaginative constructs interact with political real-     Paine's book forms the philosophical cornerstone of the
 ity. 216pgs. • 2009                                                American republic. 158pgs. • 2007
                     N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $13.98                          N • Atlantic Monthly • C • $19.95 / $5.98

039660 PRINCETON READINGS IN                                       041080 TWO TREATISES OF
POLITICAL THOUGHT: Essential Texts                                 GOVERNMENT
since Plato                                                        Locke, John
Cohen, Mitchell & Nicole Fermon, eds.                              Considered a standard in the field.
Presents 44 selections -- key articles, book                       Contains an analysis of the whole body of
excerpts, essays, and speeches -- that have                        Locke's publications, writings, and papers,
shaped our understanding of Western soci-                          complete with updated bibliography of the
ety and politics. The selections range from                        two central texts in western political
classical times (Thucydides, Plato,                                thought. 464pgs. • 2000
Aristotle, and Cicero), to the ideas of such                          N • Cambridge • P • $15.99 / $8.98
20th-century political philosophers and ideologists as Lenin,
Freud, Malcolm X, Leo Strauss, Nozick, Habermas, and
                                                                    %   New to Catalog
Foucault. 740pgs. • 1996                                            N   Publisher's overstock - like new
                       N • Princeton • P • $45.00 / $25.98          I   New from the publisher
                                                                    L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
                                                                        top or bottom of binding

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
62                                    POLITICAL SCI ENCE
P    126844 BOMB POWER: The Modern Presidency and
                                                                                               % 131671 THE GEOPOLITICS OF
     the National Security State
O    Wills, Garry                                                                              EMOTION: How Cultures of Fear,
     A groundbreaking examination of how the atomic bomb pro-                                  Humiliation, and Hope Are
L                                                                                              Reshaping the World
     foundly altered the nature of American democracy and has left
I    us in a state of permanent war alert. Wills persuasively argues                           Moisi, Dominique
     that the Manhattan Project became a model for the covert                                  Brilliantly chronicles how contemporary
T    operations and overt authority that have defined American                                  geopolitics is being driven by a "clash of
                                                                                               emotions," in which humiliation and fear
I    government in the nuclear era. 288pgs. • 2010
                                                                                               of "the other" are reshaping the lines of
                               L • Penguin • C • $27.95 / $7.98
C                                                                                              conflict. By demonstrating the impor-
                       124116 THE CONSCIENCE OF A                           tance of the emotional factors that underlie our cultural dif-
A                      LIBERAL: Reclaiming America from                     ferences, Moisi provides a provocative new perspective on
L                      the Right                                            globalization. 224pgs. • 2007
                       Krugman, Paul                                                            N • Doubleday • C • IMPORT / $4.98
                       The best-selling author of The Great
                       Unraveling challenges America to reclaim            099042 THE GLOBAL COLD WAR: Third World
S                                                                          Interventions and the Making of Our Times
                       the values that made it great. Seeking to
C                      understand both what happened to mid-               Westad, Odd Arne
                       dle-class America and what it will take to          Shows how the globalization of the Cold War created the foun-
I                      achieve a "new New Deal," Krugman                   dations for today's international conflicts, including the "war
                                                                           on terror." Westad examines the factors that drove the US and
E    weaves together a nuanced account of three generations of
                                                                           the USSR towards third-world interventions, leading to resent-
     history with sharp political, social, and economic analysis.
N    352pgs. • 2007                                                        ments and resistance that helped topple one superpower and
                         N • W. W. Norton • C • $25.95 / $5.98             seriously challenged the other. 498pgs. • 2007
C                                                                                                N • Cambridge • P • $21.99 / $12.98
E    % 079557 DEADLY CONNECTIONS: States that Sponsor
     Terrorism                                                             129923 IMAGE BITE POLITICS: News and the Visual
     Byman, Daniel                                                         Framing of Elections
     Avoiding the sensationalism and politicizing that often accom-        Grabe, Maria Elizabeth & Erik Page Bucy
     pany books on terrorism, Byman examines terrorist groups              The first book to systematically assess the visual presentation
     from the PLO to Al Qaeda to the Tamil Tigers and examines the         of presidential candidates in network news coverage of elec-
     different types of support that states provide such groups, their     tions. Based on an analysis encompassing four presidential
     motivations for doing so, and the impact of such sponsorship.         campaigns from 1992 to 2004, the volume highlights the
     370pgs. • 2005                                                        remarkably potent influence of television images when it
                            N • Cambridge • C • $44.00 / $16.98            comes to evaluating leaders. 344pgs. • 2009
                                                                                            N • Oxford University • C • $35.00 / $7.98
     New Methodological Strategies                                         % 131382 THE LIFE AND DEATH OF DEMOCRACY
     King, Gary, et al.                                                    Keane, John
     Scholars survey the latest strategies for                             A counterintuitive look at democracy's past and present -- and
     solving ecological inference problems. The                            at its future, which Keane argues lies not in the West but in the
     uncertainties and information lost in                                 turbulent democracies of the East. Avoiding the triumphalism of
     aggregation make ecological inference one                             global democracy's most boisterous promoters, he cautions
     of the most difficult areas of statistical                             that democracy today is more fragile than ever. 992pgs. • 2009
     inference, but they are required in many                                                   N • W. W. Norton • C • $35.00 / $12.98
     academic fields, as well as for redistricting,
     marketing research, and policy analysis. 432pgs. • 2004               038641 MAKERS OF MODERN
                            N • Cambridge • P • $46.00 / $21.98            STRATEGY FROM MACHIAVELLI TO
                                                                           THE NUCLEAR AGE
      % 089032 EXPLAINING THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN                          Paret, Peter, ed.
      FOREIGN RELATIONS                                                    The essays in this volume analyze war, its
      Hogan, Michael J. & Thomas G. Paterson, eds.                         strategic characteristics, and its political
      An indispensable introduction to American diplomatic his-            and social functions over the past five cen-
      tory. The contributors employ innovative conceptual                  turies. The diversity of its themes and the
      approaches and analytical methods including bureaucratic,            broad perspectives applied to them make
      dependency, and world systems theories, corporatist and              the book a work of general history as much
      national security models, psychology, culture, and ideology.         as a history of the theory and practice of war from the
      Includes new material on postcolonial theory, borderlands            Renaissance to the present. 941pgs. • 1986
      history, modernization theory, gender, race, memory, cul-                                    N • Princeton • P • $45.00 / $22.98
      tural transfer, and critical theory. 380pgs. • 2004
                          N • Cambridge • P • $30.99 / $18.98               % 038634 MAKING DEMOCRACY WORK: Civic
                                                                            Traditions in Modern Italy
                          087449 FOUNDATIONS OF                             Putnam, Robert D.
                          COMPARATIVE POLITICS:                             Why do some democratic governments succeed and others
                          Democracies of the Modern World                   fail? Focusing on a unique experiment begun in 1970 when
                          Van Deth, Jan W. & Ken Newton                     Italy created new governments for each of its regions, this
                          This introductory volume covers the key           volume offers empirical evidence for the importance of
                          concepts, theories, and issues involved in        "civic community" in developing successful institutions.
                          the study of comparative politics.                258pgs. • 1993
                          Focusing on democratic government, it                                  N • Princeton • P • $32.95 / $16.98
                          covers the most important topics in the
                          field, including constitutional design,           111387 THE MYTH OF THE RATIONAL VOTER: Why
     institutions, mass and elite politics, political parties, the media   Democracies Choose Bad Policies
     and government, as well as policy making and implementa-              Caplan, Bryan
     tion. 402pgs. • 2005                                                  Argues that the greatest obstacle to sound economic policy is
                           N • Cambridge • P • $45.99 / $19.98             not entrenched special interests or rampant lobbying but the
                                                                           popular misconceptions, irrational beliefs, and personal bias-
                                                                           es held by ordinary voters. Calling into question our most
                                                                           basic assumptions about American politics, Caplan contends
         Some books are in limited supply.                                 that democracy fails precisely because it does what voters
                                                                           want. 296pgs. • 2008
                  Order today!                                                                    N • Princeton • P • $18.95 / $12.98

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103544 NEMESIS: The Last Days of                                                                                                          63
the American Republic                                                  125553 POLITICS OF THE VEIL
THE AMERICAN EMPIRE PROJECT                                            Scott, Joan Wallach
Johnson, Chalmers                                                      In 2004, the French government instituted a ban on the
                                                                       wearing of "conspicuous signs" of religious affiliation in          P
The long-awaited final volume of
Johnson's bestselling Blowback trilogy                                 public schools. Proponents of the law, which was largely           O
confronts the overreaching of the                                      aimed at Muslim girls wearing headscarves, insist it
American empire and the threat it poses to                             upholds France's values of secular liberalism and regard           L
the republic. Delving into new areas --                                the headscarf as symbolic of Islam's resistance to moderni-        I
from plans to militarize outer space to                                ty. In this volume, Scott lays out an explosive refutation of
Constitution-breaking presidential activities -- he offers a strik-    this view. 224pgs. • 2010                                          T
ing vision of the trap into which America's leaders have led us.                                                                          I
354pgs. • 2007                                                                              N • Princeton • P • $17.95 / $10.98
               L • Metropolitan Books • C • $26.00 / $5.98                                                                                C
                                                                                         126758 ROGUE STATES: The Rule of
124711 THE NEXT GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED                                                 Force in World Affairs                           A
STATES: Why Our Institutions Fail Us and How to Fix                                      Chomsky, Noam
                                                                                         In this volume Chomsky argues that, con-         L
Kettl, Donald F.                                                                         trary to popular perception, the real rogue
In this timely and compelling book, Donald F. Kettl demon-                               states in the world today are not the dicta-
strates how the process of governance has fallen out of sync                             tor-led developing countries, but the US and     S
with the problems the government is trying to solve. He                                  its allies. He challenges the legal and          C
explains with precision and clarity how a 21st-century govern-                           humanitarian reasons given to justify inter-
ment must function in order to provide real solutions to the                             vention in global conflicts. 260pgs. • 2000       I
policy problems that face the US. 304pgs. • 2008                                                    L • Pluto • P • $22.19 / $7.98
                     N • W. W. Norton • C • $25.95 / $5.98
                                                                      % 131439 THE TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICAN                             N
                    038403 ON WAR: Indexed Edition                    POLITICS: The New Washington and the Rise of
                    HOWARD, MICHAEL & PETER PARET, EDS. &             Washington Think Tanks                                              C
                    TRANS.                                            Ricci, David M.
                                                                      Washington think tanks such as the Brookings Institution, the       E
                    Von Clausewitz, Carl
                    First published in 1832, attempts to under-       American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation
                    stand war, both in its internal dynamics          have become so influential that they now constitute virtually a
                    and as an instrument of policy, and does          new branch of the political system. David M. Ricci brilliantly
                    not advocate war or recommend specific             explores the parallel and convergent social, economic, and
                    courses of action. 732pgs. • 1984                 political trends that have expanded the influence of these pub-
                        N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $19.98           lic policy research centers. 320pgs. • 1993
                                                                                                     N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $7.98
 % 126028 THE OTHER ALLIANCE: Student Protest in
 West Germany and the United States in the Global                     103604 THE TROUBLE WITH
 Sixties                                                              DIVERSITY: How We Learned to Love
 Klimke, Martin                                                       Identity and Ignore Inequality
 Revising the standard narratives of American and West                Michaels, Walter Benn
 German social mobilization, Klimke demonstrates the                  In this provocative book, Michaels argues
 strong transnational connections between New Left groups             that our enthusiastic embrace of "differ-
 on both sides of the Atlantic. Using previously classified            ence" masks our neglect of America's vast
 documents and original interviews, he examines the chan-             and growing economic divide. Examining
 nels of cooperation between the movements and the reac-              the books we read, the TV shows we
 tions these relationships provoked from the US govern-               watch, and the lawsuits we bring, he shows
 ment. 368pgs. • 2009                                                 that diversity has become everyone's sacred cow precisely
                     N • Princeton • C • $39.50 / $18.98              because it offers a false vision of social justice, one that con-
                                                                      veniently costs us nothing. 243pgs. • 2006
% 125921 OUR ARMY: Soldiers, Politics, and                                          L • Metropolitan Books • C • $23.00 / $5.98
American Civil-Military Relations
Dempsey, Jason                                                                               % 125527 UNEQUAL DEMOCRACY:
Conventional wisdom holds that the American military is over-                                The Political Economy of the New
whelmingly conservative and Republican, and extremely polit-                                 Gilded Age
ical. This volume paints a more complex picture, demonstrat-                                 Bartels, Larry M.
ing that while army officers are likely to be more conservative,                              A searching analysis of the political
rank-and-file soldiers hold political views that mirror those of                              causes and consequences of America's
the American public as a whole. 288pgs. • 2009                                               growing income gap. The disparity in
                       N • Princeton • P • $26.95 / $17.98                                   income, Bartels shows, is not simply
                                                                                             the result of economic forces, but is
125518 POLITICAL THOUGHT AND                                                                 the product of broad-reaching policy
INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS:                                               choices in a political system increasingly dominated by par-
Variations on a Realist Theme                                          tisan ideologies and the interests of the wealthy. 344pgs. •
Bell, Duncan                                                           2010
Pushed onto the backburner during the                                                       N • Princeton • P • $22.95 / $11.98
1990s, political realism has in recent years
returned to the center of scholarly debate                            % 048989 WAR AND CHANGE IN WORLD POLITICS
in international relations. Straddling inter-                         Gilpin, Robert
national relations and political theory, the                          Argues that the fundamental nature of international relations
articles in this volume make a significant                             has not changed over the millennia, using history, sociology,
contribution to both fields. 288pgs. • 2009                            and economic theory to identify the forces causing change in
               N • Oxford University • C • $110.00 / $14.98           the world order. 272pgs. • 1983
                                                                                           N • Cambridge • P • $36.99 / $19.98
Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-
Bok, Derek Curtis
One nation, tiny Bhutan, has actually made "Gross National             % New to Catalog
Happiness" the central aim of its domestic policy. How might hap-      N Publisher's overstock - like new
piness research affect government policy in the US and beyond?
Derek Bok examines how governments could use happiness                 I New from the publisher
research in a variety of policy areas to increase well-being and       L Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line
improve the quality of life for all their citizens. 272pgs. • 2010       or dot on top or bottom of binding
                          N • Princeton • C • $24.95 / $12.98

                                                                                w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
P             & COGN ITIVE SCIENCE
S    083792 THE ART OF EMOTIONAL                                         066129 THE COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCES III
Y    HEALING                                                             THIRD EDITION
     Capacchione, Lucia                                                  Gazzaniga, Michael S., ed.
C    Presents the simple yet powerful meth-                              Each edition of this classic reference has proved to be a
H    ods Capacchione uses in her interna-                                benchmark in the developing field of cognitive neuroscience.
     tionally acclaimed workshops. She                                   This third edition continues to chart new directions in the
O    demonstrates how to reach inside and                                study of the biologic underpinnings of complex cognition --
     let our feelings out through drawing,                               the relationship between the structural and physiological
L    painting, journal writing, collage mak-                             mechanisms of the nervous system and the psychological real-
O    ing, sculpting, drumming, dancing,                                  ity of the mind. 1385pgs. • 2004
     mask making, and more. No talent or skill is required, only a                                 L • MIT • C • $150.00 / $41.98
G    desire to let go of self-criticism and discover how we really
Y    feel. 272pgs. • 2006                                                                   % 131463 FREUD AND THE
                            L • Shambhala • P • $24.95 / $8.98                              CHILD WOMAN: The Memoirs of
                                                                                            Fritz Wittels
     109411 AUTISM AND PERVASIVE DEVELOPMENTAL                                              TIMMS, EDWARD, ED.
P    DISORDERS                                                                              Wittels, Fritz
S    Volkmar, Fred R., ed.                                                                  Presents the memoirs of a pioneering
     Featuring contributions from an international team of leading                          Viennese psychoanalyst who was the
Y    authorities, this thoroughly revised and updated edition                               first biographer of Freud. Freud him-
     reflects the most recent progress in the understanding of                               self plays a crucial role in the story,
C    autism and related conditions. Chapters cover current                                  and the book as a whole is of excep-
H    approaches to definition, diagnosis, prevalence, neurobiology,        tional importance for the origins of psychoanalysis.
     and treatment. 343pgs. • 2007                                        200pgs. • 1996
O                        N • Cambridge • P • $106.00 / $26.98                                      N • Yale • C • $55.00 / $9.98
A                                                                        % 085016 HOW THE MIND EXPLAINS BEHAVIOR: Folk
N                 C.         G.         JUNG                             Explanations, Meaning, and Social Interaction
                                                                         Malle, Bertram F.
A                         039682 AION: Researches into the               In this provocative monograph, Malle describes behavior
                          Phenomenology of the Self                      explanations as having a dual nature -- as both cognitive and
L                         Jung, C. G.                                    social acts -- and proposes a comprehensive theoretical model
Y                         The central theme of the volume is the         that integrates the two aspects. He argues that such explana-
                          symbolic representation of the psychic         tions must be grounded in the nature of the folk theory of
S                         totality through the concept of the Self,      mind -- the conceptual framework underlying people's grasp
I                         whose traditional historical equivalent is     of human behavior. 328pgs. • 2004
                          the figure of Christ. Jung demonstrates his                                  N • MIT • C • $41.00 / $14.98
S                         thesis by an investigation of the Allegoria
                          Christi, especially the fish symbol, but also   107987 MANLINESS
      of Gnostic and alchemical symbolism, which he treats as phe-       Mansfield, Harvey Claflin
&     nomena of cultural assimilation. 333pgs. • 1978                    The first comprehensive study of a quality that is both bad and
                           N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $14.98           good, mostly male, often intolerant, irrational, and ambitious,
                                                                         and one that our "gender-neutral society" does not like but
      127096 CHILDREN'S DREAMS: Notes from the                           cannot get rid of. Formulating a reasoned defense of manli-
C     Seminar Given in 1936-1940                                         ness, he urges men, and especially women, to understand it,
O     Jung, C. G.                                                        accept it, and give it honest and honorable employment.
      In the 1930s, Jung embarked upon a bold investigation into         289pgs. • 2006
G     childhood dreams as remembered by adults to better under-                                       L • Yale • C • $35.00 / $7.98
N     stand their significance to the lives of the dreamers. This vol-
      ume marks the first publication in English of these investi-        % 131698 THE MECHANICAL MIND IN HISTORY
I     gations, and fills a critical gap in Jung's collected works.        Husbands, Philip, et al., eds.
      520pgs. • 2010                                                     In this collection of essays, scientists, artists, historians, and
T                          N • Princeton • P • $24.95 / $12.98           philosophers trace the evolution of the idea of intelligent
I                                                                        machines, reflecting on the multidisciplinary quest to explain
      039580 PSYCHOLOGICAL TYPES                                         mind scientifically as a wholly mechanical process. 508pgs. •
V     Jung, C. G.                                                        2008
E     One of the most important of Jung's works, rich in material                                      N • MIT • C • $43.00 / $12.98
      drawn from literature, aesthetics, religion, and philosophy.
      The chapters that give general descriptions of the types and        % 040630 MIND AND MECHANISM
      definitions of Jung's principal psychological concepts are           McDermott, Drew V.
S     key documents in analytical psychology. 608pgs. • 1976              Taking a computational approach to the
C                          N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98            mind-body problem, McDermott
                                                                          demonstrates the inadequacy of dualist
I     039509 PSYCHOLOGY AND ALCHEMY                                       approaches which separate the physical
      SECOND EDITION                                                      and mental realms. He lays out a com-
E     Jung, C. G.                                                         putational theory of consciousness --
N     A study of the analogies between alchemy, Christian dogma,          one that proposes that the mind can be
      and psychological symbolism. This revised translation               modeled entirely in terms of computa-
C     includes a new bibliography and index. 571pgs. • 1980               tion -- and deals with various possible objections. 262pgs.
                           N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $14.98            • 2001
                                                                                                     N • MIT • C • $40.00 / $12.98
      105231 THE UNDISCOVERED SELF: With Symbols
      and the Interpretation of Dreams                                   083902 THE NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS
      Jung, C. G.                                                        Rowlands, Mark
      Integrates many of Jung's lifelong social and psychological        An innovative and radical account of the nature of phenome-
      concerns and addresses the uneasy relation between the             nal consciousness. Rowlands argues that the phenomenal
      individual and mass society. The survival of civilization, he      aspects of conscious experience are aspects that exist only in
      maintains, depends on individual awareness of both the             the directing of experience towards non-phenomenal objects,
      conscious and unconscious aspects of the human psyche.             a theory that undermines reductive attempts to explain con-
      158pgs. • 1990                                                     sciousness in terms of what is not conscious. 256pgs. • 2001
                           N • Princeton • P • $14.95 / $9.98                                 N • Cambridge • C • $105.00 / $29.98

     80,000 more books online
                                                                                    129934 PERCEPTION,                                  65
           ERICH NEUMANN                                                            HALLUCINATION, AND ILLUSION
                                                                                    Fish, William
 039846 THE GREAT MOTHER: An Analysis of the                                        In the first monograph on the disjunctive            R
 Archetype                                                                          theory of visual experiences since 1973,
 Neumann, Erich                                                                     William Fish incorporates detailed                  E
 Examines how the feminine has been experienced and                                 accounts of the three core kinds of visual
 expressed in many cultures from prehistory to our own                              experience and explains how perception              L
 time. Appearing as goddess and demon, gate and pillar, gar-                        and hallucination could be indiscrim-               I
 den and tree, hovering sky and containing vessel, the femi-                        inable from one another without having
 nine is seen as an essential factor in the dialectical relation   anything in common. 208pgs. • 2009                                   G
 of individual consciousness to the ungraspable matrix sym-                      N • Oxford University • C • $49.95 / $12.98            I
 bolized by the Great Mother. 564pgs. • 1991
                      N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $16.98          119754 THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CULTURAL EXPERIENCE                         O
                                                                   Moore, Carmella C. & Holly F. Mathews, eds.
                        111633 THE ORIGINS AND                     United by a desire to better understand the relationship of          N
                        HISTORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS                   individual experience to culture, the contributors to this vol-
                        Neumann, Erich                             ume apply a range of contemporary approaches, including
                        This eloquent book draws on a full         person-centered ethnography, activity theory, attachment and
                        range of world mythology to show that      object relations theory, and cultural schema theory. 268pgs. •
                        individual consciousness undergoes         2001
                        the same archetypal stages of develop-                           N • Cambridge • C • $89.00 / $29.98
                        ment as has human consciousness as a
                        whole. Neumann, one of Jung's most         066475 SCHIZOPHRENIA, CULTURE, AND
                        creative students and a renowned prac-     SUBJECTIVITY: The Edge of Experience
 titioner of analytical psychology in his own right, shows how     Jenkins, Janis H. & Robert J. Barrett, eds.
 the stages begin and end with the symbol of the Uroboros,         Based on international research, this collec-
 or tail-eating serpent. 520pgs. • 1995                            tion incorporates a critical analysis of World
                        N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $18.98        Health Organization cross-cultural findings.
                                                                   The contributors share an interest in subjec-
                                                                   tive and interpretive aspects of illness, while
% 085106 NEITHER BRAIN NOR GHOST: A Nondualist                     maintaining the concept of schizophrenia that
Alternative to the Mind-Brain Identity Theory                      addresses its biological aspects. 350pgs. •
Rockwell, W. Teed                                                  2004
Rejecting both dualism and the mind-brain identity theory,                              N • Cambridge • C • $110.00 / $29.98
Rockwell proposes that mental phenomena emerge not mere-
ly from brain activity but from an interacting nexus of brain,     125521 THINKING WITHOUT WORDS
body, and world. The mind can be seen not as an organ with-        Bermúdez, José Luis
in the body, but as a "behavioral field" that fluctuates within      Providing a challenging new theory of the nature of non-lin-
this nexus. 256pgs. • 2005                                         guistic thought, Bermudez offers a conceptual framework for
                              N • MIT • C • $39.00 / $9.98         treating human infants and non-human animals as genuine
                                                                   thinkers. The book is written with an interdisciplinary reader-
129931 NEUROPSYCHIATRY AND                                         ship in mind and will appeal to philosophers, psychologists,
BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE                                            and students of animal behavior. 248pgs. • 2003
Mega, Michael S. & Jeffery L. Cummings                                        N • Oxford University • C NDJ • $55.00 / $14.98
The long-awaited successor to Jeffrey
Cummings' classic work, Clinical
Neuropsychiatry, published in 1985. The
new title reflects the authors' effort to link
clinical descriptions to the recent explosion                       %   New to Catalog
of new information from neurochemistry,                             N   Publisher's overstock - like new
neuroanatomy, genetics, neuropharmacolo-                            I   New from the publisher
                                                                    L   Publisher returns - may be marked with a small line or dot on
gy, neuropathology, and neuroimaging. 432pgs. • 2003                    top or bottom of binding
               N • Oxford University • C • $135.00 / $32.98

% 124782 AQUINAS ON BEING                                          107347 THE BIBLE: A Biography
Kenny, Anthony                                                     Armstrong, Karen
A critical examination of Thomas Aquinas's influential account      Discusses the conception, gestation, life, and afterlife of histo-
of being. Kenny's clear and incisive study dispels the confusion   ry's most powerful book. Armstrong analyzes the social and
that has surrounded the subject and offers philosophers and        political situation in which oral history became written scrip-
theologians a guide through the labyrinth of Aquinas's ontol-      ture, how this scripture was collected, and how it became
ogy. 224pgs. • 2002                                                accepted as Christianity's sacred text. She also explains why, in
               N • Oxford University • C • $109.99 / $34.98        the 19th century, historical criticism of the Bible produced
                                                                   more alarm among the faithful than Darwinism. 302pgs. •
119733 BELLY AND BODY IN THE PAULINE EPISTLES                      2007
Sandnes, Karl Olav                                                                    L • Atlantic Monthly • C • $21.95 / $5.98
Throughout history, the human belly has been regarded as
both a source of shame and pride, and modern cultures, par-                            130071 THE BIBLE FOR CHILDREN:
ticularly in the West, have developed means to cultivate this                          From the Age of Gutenberg to the
part of the body through corsets, exercises, and revealing fash-                       Present
ions. Does St. Paul address a culture in which the stomach                             Bottigheimer, Ruth B.
ranks high? This study aims to answer the question and the                             This groundbreaking book explores the
results may be surprising. 332pgs. • 2002                                              fascinating variety of Bibles for children in
                     N • Cambridge • C • $121.00 / $32.98                              Europe and America over the last five cen-
                                                                                       turies. Bottigheimer finds that these Bibles
 126843 THE BEST SPIRITUAL WRITING 2010                                                reveal much about the cultural standards
 Zaleski, Philip, ed.                                                                  and social attitudes of the adults who
 A collection featuring essays by John Updike and Diane            select, interpret, and illustrate Old and New Testament stories
 Ackerman, poems from Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney             for their young. 352pgs. • 1996
 and Pulitzer Prize-winner Louise Glück, and personal                                             N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $12.98
 reflections by Richard Rodriguez and Leon Wieseltier.
 272pgs. • 2010
                       L • Penguin • P • $16.00 / $6.98

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
                                                                                               126846 GOD AND EMPIRE: Jesus
                                                                                               Against Rome, Then and Now
      CHRISTIANITY VOLUME 2: Constantine to c.600                                              Crossan, John Dominic
      Casiday, Augustine et al., eds.                                                          The first-century Pax Romana, Crossan
R     Surveys the "Golden Age" of patristic Christianity. After                                points out, was in fact a "peace" won
E     episodes of persecution by the Roman government,                                         through violent military action. Jesus
      Christianity eventually became the favored religion of the                               preached a different kind of peace -- a
L     empire. The articles in this volume discuss the rapid trans-                             peace that surpasses all understanding --
I     formation of Christianity during late antiquity, giving specific                          and a kingdom that would be not of Caesar
      consideration to artistic, social, literary, philosophical, polit-                       but of God. For Jesus -- and for Paul --
G     ical, inter-religious, and cultural aspects. 784pgs. • 2007          peace can only be achieved through justice and fair and equal
                          N • Cambridge • C • $230.00 / $99.98             treatment of all. 272pgs. • 2007
I                                                                                               N • HarperCollins • C • $22.95 / $7.98
O                        107499 CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF
                         CHRISTIANITY VOLUME 6: Reform                     126847 GOD'S PROBLEM: How the Bible Fails to
N                        and Expansion 1500-1660                           Answer Our Most Important Question -- Why We Suffer
                         Hsia, R. Po-chia, ed.                             Ehrman, Bart D.
                         Details the history of society, politics,         Former Baptist pastor Bart Ehrman's inability to reconcile the
                         theology, liturgy, religious orders, and          claims of faith with the facts of real life led him to reject
                         art in the lands of Latin Christianity            Christianity. Here Ehrman discusses his personal anguish
                         from the eve of the Protestant                    upon discovering the Bible's contradictory explanations for
                         Reformation to the height of Catholic             suffering and invites all people of faith -- or no faith -- to con-
                         Reform. It also examines the relation-            front their deepest questions about how God engages the
      ship between Christianity and non-Christian religions both           world and each of us. 304pgs. • 2008
      in Europe and in the non-European world. 749pgs. • 2007                                   N • HarperCollins • C • $25.95 / $5.98
                       N • Cambridge • C • $237.00 / $79.98
                                                                           074863 HERE I STAND: A Life of Martin Luther
     126703 CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVES ON LEGAL                                Bainton, Roland H.
     THOUGHT                                                               With sound historical scholarship and penetrating insight,
     McConnell, Michael W., et al., eds.                                   Bainton examines Luther's widespread influence. He re-cre-
     Eminent legal scholars describe how various Christian tradi-          ates the spiritual setting of the 16th century, showing Luther's
     tions, including the Catholic, Calvinist, Anabaptist, and             place within it and influence upon it. Richly illustrated with
     Lutheran traditions, understand law and justice, society and          more than 100 woodcuts and engravings from Luther's own
     the state, and human nature and human striving, revealing not         time. 336pgs. • 1995
     only the diversity among Christian legal thinkers but also the                                    L • Penguin • P • $18.00 / $5.98
     richness of the Christian tradition as a source for intellectual
     and ethical approaches to legal inquiry. 544pgs. • 2001               129924 INCARNATION ANYWAY:
                             N • Yale • C NDJ • $60.00 / $14.98            Arguments for Supralapsarian
     119086 CHRISTIAN WISDOM: Desiring God and                             Van Driel, Edwin Chr.
     Learning in Love                                                      What is the divine motive for the incarna-
     Ford, David F.                                                        tion? Many major 19th- and 20th-century
     What is Christian wisdom for living in the 21st century? Where        theological figures championed a
     is it to be found? How can it be learnt? In the midst of the          "supralapsarian" Christology, arguing that
     demands and complexities of contemporary life, David Ford             God has always intended the incarnation,
     explores a Christian way of desire, wisdom and love. 412pgs.          independent of the Fall. This volume is the
     • 2007                                                                first scholarly monograph to map and analyze the full range of
                     N • Cambridge • C NDJ • $205.00 / $44.98              supralapsarian arguments. 208pgs. • 2008
                                                                                          N • Oxford University • C • $74.00 / $14.98
      The Incarnation Reconsidered                                         125510 JOHN WYCLIF
      Crisp, Oliver                                                        Lahey, Stephen Edmund
      The doctrine of the Incarnation lies at                              Often seen as a precursor of the Reformation, Wyclif has only
      the heart of Christianity. But the idea                              recently begun to be studied as a philosopher and theologian.
      that "God was in Christ" has become a                                This work draws on recent scholarship situating him in his
      much-debated topic in modern theolo-                                 milieu, in order to present his thought and writings as a coher-
      gy. Oliver Crisp addresses six key issues                            ent theological position arising from Oxford's "Golden Age" of
      in the Incarnation, defending a robust                               theology. 304pgs. • 2008
      version of the doctrine in keeping with                                         N • Oxford University • C NDJ • $99.00 / $24.98
      classical Christology. 202pgs. • 2007
                        N • Cambridge • C • $101.00 / $39.98                                    % 048947 JUDITH: Sexual
                                                                                                Warrior: Women and Power in
                          119550 ERASMUS, CONTARINI, AND                                        Western Culture
                          THE RELIGIOUS REPUBLIC OF                                             Stocker, Margarita
                          LETTERS                                                               The Old Testament story of the widow
                          Furey, Constance M.                                                   Judith, who lured Holofernes to his
                          By analyzing the lives, work, and corre-                              death in order to save Jerusalem, is an
                          spondence of Erasmus, Thomas More,                                    enduring cultural myth. In this book,
                          Margaret More Roper, Reginald Pole,                                   Margarita Stocker explores the
                          Gasparo Contarini, and Vittoria Colonna,                              Western fascination with the image of
                          this book demonstrates how these Catholic         Judith and the interpretations given to her story from the
                          men and women of letters created a dis-           early Middle Ages to the present. 278pgs. • 1998
     tinctive kind of religious community rooted in friendship and                                   N • Yale • C • $55.00 / $14.98
     spiritualized scholarship. 255pgs. • 2005
                             N • Cambridge • C • $79.00 / $39.98           111598 THE MAKING OF THE MAGDALEN: Preaching
                                                                           and Popular Devotion in the Later Middle Ages
     % 118299 THE EVOLUTION OF THE GOSPEL: A                               Jansen, Katherine Ludwig
     Commentary on the First Gospel, with Commentary and                   Best known during the Middle Ages as the prostitute who
     Introductory Essay                                                    became a faithful follower of Christ, Mary Magdalen was the
     Powell, J. Enoch                                                      most beloved female saint after the Virgin Mary. This com-
     Translating and analyzing the original Greek source of                pelling exploration of late medieval religious culture examines
     Matthew, Powell interprets the text as a theological debate car-      why the Magdalen became so popular, what meanings she
     ried on by means of allegory, and demonstrates how its pecu-          conveyed, and how her story evolved over the centuries.
     liar characteristics can best be attributed to insertions and         408pgs. • 2001
     manipulations that were often theologically motivated.                                        N • Princeton • P • $31.95 / $17.98
     256pgs. • 1994
                                  N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $14.98

     80,000 more books online
                    037074 MARY THROUGH THE                                                                                            67
                    CENTURIES: Her Place in the History                                   % 126995 THE PRIORITY OF
                    of Culture                                                            LOVE: Christian Charity and Social
                    Pelikan, Jaroslav                                                     Justice
                                                                                          Jackson, Timothy P.                          R
                    An engaging portrait of how Mary has been
                    depicted over the past 2000 years in the                              Drawing from the New Testament as            U
                    New and Old Testaments, in folk and                                   well as contemporary theology and
                    Eastern religion, assessing the ways                                  philosophy, Jackson identifies three          S
                                                                                          features of Christian charity: uncondi-
                    Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims
                                                                                          tional commitment to the good of oth-        S
                    have venerated and been inspired by Mary.
267pgs. • 1996                                                                            ers, equal regard for their well-being,      I
                              N • Yale • C • $52.00 / $12.98          and passionate service including an openness to self-sacri-
                                                                      fice. 248pgs. • 2009                                              A
% 131362 MASTERS OF THE SACRED PAGE:                                                     N • Princeton • P • $21.95 / $15.98           N
Manuscripts of Theology in the Latin West to 1274
Smith, Lesley                                                        126705 THEOLOGY, HISTORY, AND CULTURE: Major
An illuminating study of theology in the Middle Ages. Focusing       Unpublished Writings
                                                                     Niebuhr, H. Richard                                               &
on the dramatic transformations of the discipline in the twelfth
century, Smith uses a collection of contemporary manuscripts         Brings together the best of the unpublished works of one of
as a guide to its changes and developments. 190pgs. • 2001           the outstanding American religious thinkers of the 20th centu-
                     N • Notre Dame • C • $48.95 / $16.98            ry. These selected lectures, sermons, and essays show the         S
                                                                     breadth of Niebuhr's interests and reveal his concern with
                                                                     integrating theology with practical living. 274pgs. • 1996        O
Peers, E. Allison                                                                                 N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $14.98       V
Provides introductions and extracts for 15 authors, including                                                                          I
Juan de Avila, St. Teresa of Jesus, and St. John of the Cross.       125522 VICTORIAN REFORMATION:
128pgs. • 2002                                                       The Fight over Idolatry in the Church                             E
                              N • Dover • P • $7.95 / $2.98          of England, 1840-1860
                                                                     Janes, Dominic                                                    T
108336 THE POLEMICS OF EXILE IN                                      In early Victorian England some Anglicans
JEREMIAH 26-45                                                       began to use a much more elaborate form
Leuchter, Mark                                                       of ritual involving vestments, candles, and                       S
In demonstrating how the trustees of                                 incense. This "Anglo-Catholic" movement
Jeremiah's prophetic legacy made their                               was vehemently opposed by evangelicals                            T
                                                                     and dissenters, who saw it as the vanguard
case for authority, this book reveals how
                                                                     of "popery." Janes traces the fierce passions that were            U
Israelite religion evolved into early
Judaism, in which scribes eclipsed                                   unleashed as they found expression in litigation, in rowdy        D
prophets and priests as the mediators of                             demonstrations, and even in violence. 256pgs. • 2009
divine will, and in which the interpreta-                                             N • Oxford University • C • $65.00 / $12.98      I
tion of text became a mode of divine revelation in its own right.                                                                      E
320pgs. • 2007
                       N • Cambridge • C • $96.00 / $14.98                                                                             S

              RUSSIAN & SOVI ET STU DI ES
                    105341 THE AMERICAN MISSION                      127291 A CRATE OF VODKA: An Insider View on the 20
                    AND THE EVIL EMPIRE: The Crusade                 Years That Shaped Modern Russia
                    for a Free Russia Since 1881                     Kokh, Alfred, et al.
                    Foglesong, David S.                              Two spirited polemicists revisit the 20 years following the end
                    Tells the fascinating story of American          of Soviet communism. Their wide-ranging conversations --
                    efforts to liberate and remake Russia since      touching on sex, demographics, religion, marriage, crime,
                    the 1880s. Foglesong analyzes the involve-       government, and politics -- provide an inside account of
                    ment of journalists, political activists, pro-   Russia's recent history that reads at times like My Dinner with
                    pagandists, missionaries, diplomats, engi-       Andre. 712pgs. • 2009
                    neers, and others in this grand crusade,                              N • Enigma Books • C • $28.00 / $5.98
paying special attention to the influence of religious beliefs on
Americans' sense of duty to emancipate, convert, or reform                               % 074135 PROBLEMS OF IDEALISM:
Russia. 352pgs. • 2007                                                                   Essays in Russian Social Philosophy
                       N • Cambridge • P • $38.99 / $18.98                               Poole, Randall Allen, ed.
                                                                                         Originally published in 1902, this collec-
 121748 CHRONICLE OF THE RUSSIAN TSARS: The                                              tion of 12 essays by some of Russia's most
 Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial                                         important philosophical thinkers has
 Russia                                                                                  become a landmark. Its exploration of the
 Warnes, David                                                                           philosophical foundations of liberalism --
 With its comprehensive timelines, data files, and quota-                                 personhood, autonomy, law, progress --
 tions, this is both an absorbing narrative history and an                               represents the highest achievement in the
 essential work of reference that brings to life a powerful          rich Russian tradition of social thought. 468pgs. • 2003
 empire and distinctive civilization. With 100 color and 129                                        N • Yale • C • $65.00 / $9.98
 black & white illustrations. 224pgs. • 2009
             N • Thames & Hudson • P • $24.95 / $11.98                % 091912 RETHINKING THE
                                                                      SOVIET EXPERIENCE: Politics and
036374 THE COLLAPSE OF THE SOVIET MILITARY                            History since 1917
Odom, William E.                                                      Cohen, Stephen F.
A distinguished Army officer and scholar traces the rise and           Cohen cuts through Cold War stereotypes
fall of the Soviet military, arguing that it had a far greater        to arrive at fresh interpretations of the
impact on Soviet politics and economic development than was           Soviet Union's traumatic history and the
perceived in the West. He draws on interviews with key actors         present-day political realities of its suc-
in the Soviet Union before, during, and after its collapse in         cessor states. This lucidly written, revi-
1991. 523pgs. • 1998                                                  sionist analysis reopens an array of
                               N • Yale • P • $25.00 / $7.98          major historical questions, and Cohen's extensive study and
                                                                      research make this essential reading for anyone interested
                                                                      in the current international situation. 235pgs. • 1986
                                                                                    N • Oxford University • P • $19.99 / $7.98

                                                                               w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
68                       126710 RUSSIAN CONSERVATISM
                         AND ITS CRITICS: A Study in Political                                % 122596 ST. PETERSBURG: A
                         Culture                                                              Portrait of a Great City
S                        Pipes, Richard                                                       Giroud, Vincent
                         In the first account of Russia's immemori-                            A catalogue of the 2003 exhibition at
C                        al commitment to the theory and practice                             Yale University's Beinecke Library,
                         of autocracy, Pipes considers why Russian                            highlighting unique materials
I                        thinkers, statesmen, and publicists have                             brought together to celebrate St.
E                        long insisted that the nation could only                             Petersburg in its tercentennial year.
                         prosper under autocratic rule. 240pgs. •                             Includes accounts by visitors to the
N                        2006                                                                 city as well as engravings, maps, and
C                                  N • Yale • C • $35.00 / $9.98        photographs -- including unique images of the last tsar and
                                                                        his family. 143pgs. • 2007
E                                                                                                 N • Yale • P • $35.00 / $14.98

E                      SCI ENCE, TECH NOLOGY &
C                            MATH EMATICS
N    AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PHENOMENA: A Network                           Mathematical Breakthroughs That Changed History
     Science Investigation of Social Bonds and Interactions            Hawking, Stephen W.
O    Roehner, Bertrand M.                                              Hawking explores the "masterpieces" of mathematics, 25
     In recent years network science has become a dynamic and          landmarks spanning 2,500 years and the work of 15 mathe-
L    promising discipline; here it is extended to explore social and   maticians, in an anthology allowing readers to peer into the
O    historical phenomena. The book explains how it is possible to     mind of genius by providing them with excerpts from the orig-
     bridge the gap between physics and sociology by exploring         inal mathematical proofs and results. 1376pgs. • 2007
G    how network theory can apply to both. 254pgs. • 2007                                 L • Running Press • P • $22.95 / $8.98
Y                          N • Cambridge • C • $83.00 / $24.98
                                                                       126207 HOW TO FIND A HABITABLE PLANET
     108374 ELEMENTS OF STRING                                         Kasting, James F.
     COSMOLOGY                                                         Ever since Carl Sagan predicted that extraterrestrial civiliza-
&    Gasperini, Maurizio                                               tions must number in the millions, the question has been
     The standard cosmological picture of the                          inescapable: is Earth so rare that advanced life forms like us -
     universe emerging from a "big bang"                               - or even the simplest biological organisms -- are unique to the
M    leaves open many fundamental questions                            universe? Kasting describes how scientists are testing Sagan's
     which string theory, a unified theory of all                       prediction, and demonstrates why Earth may not be so rare
A    forces of nature, should be able to                               after all. 360pgs. • 2009
T    answer. This volume describes the new                                                     N • Princeton • C • $29.95 / $14.98
     possible scenarios string theory suggests
H    to account for the primordial evolution of the universe.          107674 HYPERBOLIC GEOMETRY FROM A LOCAL
E    552pgs. • 2007                                                    VIEWPOINT
                           L • Cambridge • C • $97.00 / $37.98         Keen, Linda & Nikola Lakic
M                                                                      Presents topics in 2-dimensional hyperbolic geometry. The
                        111450 FEARLESS SYMMETRY:                      authors develop all the necessary basic theory, including the
A                       Exposing the Hidden Patterns of                concepts of surfaces and covering spaces as well as uni-
T                       Numbers                                        formization and Fuchsian groups. Applications to holomor-
                        Ash, Avner & Robert Gross                      phic dynamics are discussed including new results and acces-
I                       Mathematicians solve equations, or try         sible open problems. 271pgs. • 2007
                        to, but sometimes the solutions are not                             N • Cambridge • P • $51.99 / $16.98
C                       as interesting as the beautiful symmet-
S                       ric patterns that lead to their discovery.                        111758 AN INVITATION TO MODERN
                        Written for a general audience, this is                           NUMBER THEORY
                        the first popular book to discuss these                            Miller, Steven J. & Ramin Takloo-Bighash
      elegant and mysterious patterns and the ingenious tech-                             Introduces many of the central problems,
      niques that mathematicians use to uncover them. 312pgs.                             conjectures, results, and techniques of the
      • 2008                                                                              field, such as the Riemann Hypothesis,
                        N • Princeton • P • $23.95 / $11.98                               Roth's Theorem, the Circle Method, and
                                                                                          Random Matrix Theory. 503pgs. • 2006
     111175 FUNDAMENTAL PAPERS IN WAVELET THEORY                                              N • Princeton • C • $67.50 / $40.98
     Heil, Christopher & David F. Walnut
     Traces the prehistory and initial development of wavelet theo-     125749 IS PLUTO A PLANET?: A Historical Journey
     ry, a discipline that has had a profound impact on mathemat-       Through the Solar System
     ics, physics, and engineering. The book covers the inter-          Weintraub, D. A.
     changes between these fields during the last 15 years have led      The number of possible planets has ranged widely over the
     to advances in applications such as image compression, tur-        centuries, from five to seventeen. This lively survey ranges
     bulence, machine vision, radar, and earthquake prediction.         from ancient Greece, where stargazers noted that some
     878pgs. • 2006                                                     stars wander while others don't; to Copernicus, who made
                        N • Princeton • C NDJ • $120.00 / $18.98        Earth a planet but rejected the Sun and the Moon; to the
                                                                        modern discoveries of the asteroid belt, Neptune, Pluto,
     129920 GAUGING WHAT'S REAL: The                                    and extrasolar planets. 272pgs. • 2008
     Conceptual Foundations of                                                               N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $9.98
     Contemporary Gauge Theories
     Healey, Richard                                                   % 038590 LIFE IN MOVING FLUIDS: The Physical
     Gauge theories have provided our most                             Biology of Flow
     successful representations of the funda-                          SECOND EDITION, REVISED & EXPANDED
     mental forces of nature. How, though, do                          Vogel, Steven
     such representations work? This volume                            Vogel's discussion of the relationship between fluid flow and
     outlines the representations provided by                          biological design now includes sections on jet propulsion,
     gauge theories in both classical and quan-                        biological pumps, swimming, blood flow, and surface waves,
     tum physics. 240pgs. • 2007                                       and on acceleration reaction and Murray's law. 467pgs. •
                    N • Oxford University • C • $99.00 / $19.98        1994
                                                                                              N • Princeton • P • $67.50 / $29.98

     80,000 more books online
                   119109 LINEAR OPERATORS AND                                                                                           69
                   THEIR SPECTRA                                     126160 PREDICTING THE UNPREDICTABLE: The
                   Davies, E. Brian                                  Tumultuous Science of Earthquake Prediction
                   Presents a broad view of the spectral theo-       Hough, Susan Elizabeth
                                                                     Despite rapid advances in earthquake science, seismolo-             S
                   ry of non-self-adjoint linear operators and
                   contains many illustrative examples and           gists still can't predict when the next Big One will hit.           C
                   exercises. Topics discussed include               Hough traces the continuing quest by seismologists to fore-
                   Fredholm theory, Hilbert-Schmidt and              cast the time, location, and magnitude of future quakes, as         I
                                                                     she explores the facts and fictions behind the science -- and
                   trace class operators, one-parameter
                                                                     pseudoscience -- of earthquake prediction. 272pgs. •                E
                   semigroups, and a thorough account of
the new theory of pseudospectra. 451pgs. • 2007                      2009                                                                N
                     N • Cambridge • C • $88.99 / $45.98                                  N • Princeton • C • $24.95 / $14.98
125937 THE MATHEMATICAL MECHANIC: Using                             125853 PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM: A 4,000 Year                             E
Physical Reasoning to Solve Problems                                History
Levi, Mark                                                          Maor, Eli
Everybody knows that mathematics is indispensable to physics.       By any measure, the Pythagorean theorem is the most famous
                                                                    statement in all of mathematics. Although attributed to              T
But how many people realize that physics can in turn be used
to produce strikingly elegant solutions in mathematics? This        Pythagoras, it was known to the Babylonians more than 1,000          E
delightful book shows how, treating readers to a host of enter-     years earlier. In this book, Maor brings to life many of the
taining problems and mind-bending puzzlers that will amuse          characters who have played a role in the development of the          C
                                                                    theorem, providing a fascinating backdrop to perhaps our
and inspire their inner physicist. 196pgs. • 2009
                                                                    oldest enduring mathematical legacy. 288pgs. • 2010                  H
                         N • Princeton • C • $19.95 / $9.98
                                                                                             N • Princeton • P • $17.95 / $8.98          N
 % 104839 MATHEMATICS IN NATURE: Modeling                                                                                                O
 Patterns in the Natural World                                                             % 033982 QUALITATIVE METHODS
 Adam, John A.                                                                             FOR REASONING UNDER                           L
 From rainbows, river meanders, and shadows to spider                                      UNCERTAINTY
 webs, honeycombs, and the markings on animal coats, the                                   Parsons, Simon                                O
 visible world is full of patterns that can be described math-                             Tackling one of the central problems in
                                                                                           the development of artificial intelli-         G
 ematically. Examining such readily observable phenomena,
 this book introduces readers to the beauty of nature as                                   gence, Parsons advocates the use of           Y
 revealed by mathematics and the beauty of mathematics as                                  qualitative methods for reasoning with
 revealed in nature. 360pgs. • 2006                                                        various types of imperfect information.
                       N • Princeton • P • $29.95 / $17.98                                 He develops qualitative versions of
                                                                    probability theory, possibility theory, and the Dempster-Shafer      &
107549 MODERN CANONICAL QUANTUM GENERAL                             theory of evidence to demonstrate how an eclectic approach
RELATIVITY                                                          might generate more fruitful solutions. 506pgs. • 2001
Thiemann, Thomas                                                                                  N • MIT • C • $68.00 / $12.98          M
A complete exposition of the canonical quantization of gener-
                                                                    104619 STRING THEORY IN A NUTSHELL
al relativity and the loop quantum gravity theory. Mathematical
concepts are provided, so it can be read by graduate students       Kiritsis, Elias                                                      T
with a basic knowledge of quantum field theory or general rel-       A core model of physics that substitutes one-dimensional
                                                                    extended "strings" for zero-dimensional point-like particles,        H
ativity. 819pgs. • 2007
                       N • Cambridge • C • $174.00 / $89.98         string theory has been a leading candidate for a theory that         E
                                                                    would successfully unify all fundamental forces of nature,
% 075003 MUSIC QUERY: Methods,                                      including gravity. This book, by one of the world's authorities      M
                                                                    on the subject, is a comprehensive introduction to the field.
Models, and User Studies
                                                                    588pgs. • 2007                                                       A
Hewlett, Walter B. & Eleanor Selfridge-
Field, eds.                                                                                 N • Princeton • C • $75.00 / $32.98          T
Assembles recent studies from Europe                                                                                                     I
and North America concerned with the                                129334 A STUBBORNLY PERSISTENT ILLUSION: The
query and analysis of musical data.                                 Essential Scientific Writings of Albert Einstein                      C
Among these, methods for the synchro-                               Hawking, Stephen W., ed.
nization of sound and symbolic data, for                            From the text that introduced the theory of relativity -- hailed     S
automatic analysis through perceptual                               as the most important scientific discovery of the 20th Century
rules, and for computing a "transportation" distance for the-       -- to his significant works on quantum theory, statistical
matic comparison are described. 192pgs. • 2005                      mechanics, and the photoelectric effect, here are the writings
                           N • MIT • P • $35.00 / $14.98            that changed both physics and the way we view the world.
                                                                    480pgs. • 2007
% 131702 NONLINEAR DYNAMICS, CHAOS AND                                                  N • Running Press • C • $29.95 / $9.98
INSTABILITY: Statistical Theory and Economic Evidence
Brock, William A., et al.                                           105065 SUCCESS THROUGH FAILURE:
By providing a unified and complete explanation of new statis-       The Paradox of Design
tical methods that are useful for testing for chaos in data sets,   Petroski, Henry
the authors show how the principles of chaos theory can be          Design pervades our lives. Everything from
applied to such areas of economics and finance as the chang-         drafting a PowerPoint presentation to plan-
ing structure of stock returns and nonlinearity in foreign          ning a bridge embodies this universal
exchange. 346pgs. • 1991                                            human activity. But what makes a great
                             N • MIT • C • $68.00 / $14.98          design? In this compelling and wide-rang-
                                                                    ing book, a distinguished engineer and
                  127690 NONPLUSSED!: Mathematical                  author argues that, time and again, we
                  Proof of Implausible Ideas                        have built success on a foundation of failure. 235pgs. • 2008
                  Havil, Julian                                                              N • Princeton • P • $21.95 / $9.98
                  Sometimes math generates astonishing
                  paradoxes, telling us that, for example, a        125847 THE UNIVERSE IN A MIRROR: The Saga of the
                  losing sports team can become a winning           Hubble Space Telescope and the Visionaries Who Built It
                  one by adding worse players than its oppo-        Zimmerman, Robert
                  nents, or that the 13th of the month is           The Hubble Space Telescope has transformed our under-
                  more likely to be a Friday than any other         standing of the universe around us, revealing new information
                  day. In this delightfully eclectic collection     about its age and evolution, the life cycle of stars, and the very
of paradoxes from many different areas of math, Julian Havil        existence of black holes, among other startling discoveries. In
reveals the math behind these and many other unbelievable           this volume, Robert Zimmerman tells the story of the telescope
revelations. 216pgs. • 2010                                         and the remarkable visionaries behind its extraordinary
                       N • Princeton • P • $16.95 / $8.98           accomplishments. 312pgs. • 2010
                                                                                             N • Princeton • P • $19.95 / $9.98

                                                                              w w w. l a b y r i n t h b o o k s . c o m
70                     SOCIOLOGY & EDUCATION
S                          105896 THE CAMBRIDGE                          104567 THE FLIGHT FROM REALITY IN THE HUMAN
                           HANDBOOK OF VIOLENT BEHAVIOR                  SCIENCES
O                          AND AGGRESSION                                Shapiro, Ian
C                          Flannery, Daniel J., et al.                   In discipline after discipline, Shapiro argues, scholars have
                           Understanding the origins of violent          fallen prey to inward-looking myopia that results from and
I                          behavior and aggression, its developmen-      perpetuates a flight from reality. As an alternative, he makes a
                           tal course, and its impact on individuals     compelling case for problem-driven social research rooted in
O                          and societies will allow us to design         a realist philosophy of science and an antireductionist view of
L                          appropriate preventative interventions        social explanation. 240pgs. • 2005
                           and policies. This handbook is unique in                              N • Princeton • C • $44.00 / $16.98
O    its multidisciplinary focus and its presentation of cutting-edge
G    research by the leading authors in the field. 817pgs. • 2007         % 131435 THE FOUNDING OF YALE: The Legend of
                             N • Cambridge • P • $68.99 / $29.98         the Forty Folios
Y                                                                        Pierson, George W.
      112578 CHINESE AMERICA: The Untold Story of                        Was Yale College founded as a public institution or as a pri-
      America's Oldest New Community                                     vate, self-governing college? In this book, a distinguished his-
&     Kwong, Peter & Dusanka Miscevic                                    torian of Yale re-examines the documentary evidence and
      A magisterial history of the Chinese experience in America.        offers a new version of the story of Yale's founding. 320pgs. •
      Drawing on years of original research and firsthand report-         1988
      ing across the US and Asia, it charts 150 years of history                                       N • Yale • C • $75.00 / $12.98
E     from the Chinese frontiersmen of the Wild West to the high-
D     tech transnationals of today's booming Chinese-American                                   % 043184 GOING SHOPPING:
      "ethnoburbs." 518pgs. • 2007                                                              Consumer Choices and Community
U                          N • New Press • P • $21.95 / $5.98                                   Consequences
C                                                                                               Satterthwaite, Ann
     110746 THE DECLINE OF THE SECULAR UNIVERSITY                                               After being inextricably intertwined for
A    Sommerville, C. John                                                                       millennia, shopping and community have
     Sommerville argues that the very secularization that was sup-                              been savagely divorced, but, Satterthwaite
T    posed to be a liberating influence on higher education has                                  says, shopping as a positive social force
I    resulted in the university's failure to provide leadership in                              need not be extinct. Examining trends in
     political, cultural, social, and even scientific arenas. His brac-                          the US and abroad where new approach-
O    ing and provocative arguments are sure to stimulate discus-         es to an old activity are strengthening its social and civic role,
     sion both inside and outside the academy. 147pgs. • 2006            she shows how shopping is more than ever a public concern
N                      N • Oxford University • C • $25.00 / $5.98        with profound public impacts. 386pgs. • 2001
                                                                                                         N • Yale • C • $50.00 / $7.98
      % 111393 THE DIFFERENCE: How the Power of
      Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and               112530 HOW KINDERGARTEN CAME TO AMERICA:
      Societies                                                          Friedrich Froebel's Radical Vision of Early Childhood
      Page, Scott E.                                                     Education
      Why do teams of people usually find better solutions than           Von Marenholtz-Bulow, Bertha
      brilliant individuals working alone? And why are the best          This lively portrait of a pioneer of modern education is a
      group decisions and predictions those that draw upon the           refreshing reminder of the essential role of play and creative
      very qualities that make each of us unique? The answers,           exploration. Froebel's methods provide a much-needed anti-
      Page shows, lie in diversity -- not what we look like outside,     dote to the current emphasis on high-stakes testing and accel-
      but the distinct tools and abilities each of us has to offer.      erated curricula -- a corruption, as Herbert Kohl argues in his
      456pgs. • 2008                                                     foreword, of the original concept of kindergartens as chil-
                           N • Princeton • P • $22.95 / $12.98           dren's gardens of learning. 269pgs. • 2007
                                                                                                 N • New Press • P • $18.95 / $7.98
     CHILDHOOD                                                           127795 HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES
     Postman, Neil                                                       Riis, Jacob A.
     From the vogue for nubile models to the                             This famous journalistic record of the filth and degradation of
     explosion in the juvenile crime rate, this                          New York's slums at the turn of the 20th century is a classic in
     modern classic of social history and media                          social thought and a monument of early American photogra-
     traces the precipitous decline of childhood                         phy and social activism. 233pgs. • 1971
     in America today -- and the corresponding                                                       N • Dover • P • $15.95 / $8.98
     threat to the notion of adulthood. 192pgs.
     • 1994                                                              126708 THE IDEA OF THE UNIVERSITY: A
                                L • Vintage • P • $15.00 / $5.98         Reexamination
                                                                         Pelikan, Jaroslav J.
     087555 DURKHEIM'S GHOSTS: Cultural Logics and                       Jaroslav Pelikan provides a perspective on the university today
     Social Things                                                       by re-examining it in light of Cardinal John Henry Newman's
     Lemert, Charles                                                     150-year-old classic The Idea of a University and showing how
     From Saussure and Levi-Strauss to Foucault, Bourdieu and            Cardinal Newman's ideas both illuminate and differ from the
     Derrida, current criticism of modern politics and culture owe       current problems facing higher education. 288pgs. • 1992
     an important, if unacknowledged, debt to Emile Durkheim.                                         N • Yale • C • $60.00 / $12.98
     This engaging and innovative volume offers original insights
     into Durkheim's legacy and the broader traditions of the cul-        % 126910 INEQUALITY BY
     tural and social sciences. 304pgs. • 2006                            DESIGN: Cracking the Bell Curve
                           N • Cambridge • P • $42.00 / $14.98            Myth
                                                                          Fischer, Claude S., et al.
     126838 THE EMPATHIC CIVILIZATION: The Race to                        Refutes the claims of the incendiary
     Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis                            bestseller The Bell Curve (1994)
     Rifkin, Jeremy                                                       through a clear, rigorous re-analysis of
     The human-made environment is rapidly morphing into a                the very data its authors used to con-
     global space, yet our existing modes of consciousness are            tend that inherited differences in intel-
     structured for earlier eras of history, which are just as quick-     ligence explain inequality. This volume
     ly fading away. Humanity, Rifkin argues, finds itself on the cusp     offers a powerful alternative explanation, stressing that eco-
     of its greatest experiment to date: refashioning human con-          nomic fortune depends more on social circumstances than
     sciousness so that human beings can mutually live and flour-          on IQ, which is itself a product of society. 324pgs. • 1996
     ish in the new globalizing society. 688pgs. • 2009                                        N • Princeton • P • $35.00 / $19.98
                                N • Tarcher • C • $27.95 / $8.98

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% 131673 LOST IN MERITOCRACY: The                                                          % 104870 THE SOURCE OF THE                   71
Undereducation of an Overachiever                                                          RIVER: The Social Origins of
Kirn, Walter                                                                               Freshmen at America's Selective
Working his way up the ladder of standardized tests, extracur-                             Colleges and Universities                    U
ricular activities, and class rankings, Kirn launched arrived at                           Massey, Douglas S., et al.
Princeton University. There, he relates, he found himself in an                            Drawing on a major new source of data        R
arena for gamesmanship, snobbery, social climbing, and                                     -- the National Longitudinal Survey of       B
recreational drug use, where the point of literature classes was                           Freshmen -- the authors investigate the
to mirror the instructor's theories and where actually reading                             roots of minority underperformance in        A
the books was optional. 224pgs. • 2009                                                     selective colleges and universities. They
                        N • Doubleday • C • IMPORT / $5.98            explain how such factors as neighborhood, family, peer
                                                                      group, and early schooling influence the academic per-
% 049632 OUTLINE OF A THEORY OF PRACTICE                              formance of students from different racial and ethnic ori-
Bourdieu, Pierre                                                      gins and different social classes. 283pgs. • 2006                 S
Recognized as a major theoretical text on the foundations of                              N • Princeton • P • $27.95 / $16.98
anthropology and sociology, develops a theory which is both a                                                                           T
critique of the methods and postures of social science and a         090192 YELLOW: Race in America                                     U
general account of how human action should be understood.            Beyond Black and White
248pgs. • 1977                                                       Wu, Frank                                                          D
                     N • Cambridge • P • $32.00 / $22.98             Examining the ways changing ideas of                               I
                                                                     racial identity affect race relations, Wu
093486 THE SOCIAL MIND: Construction of the Idea                     scrutinizes affirmative action, globaliza-                          E
Valsiner, Jaan & Rene Van der Veer                                   tion, and immigration through the lens of
Charts the intellectual history of the idea of socially construct-   the Asian-American experience. With per-
ed mind by studying such key theorists as Vygotsky, Mead,            sonal anecdotes, legal cases, and journal-
Baldwin, and Janet. In their analysis of the social construction     istic reporting, he confronts damaging
of the mind, the authors elaborate on the notion of intellectu-      stereotypes and dares us to make good on our democratic            &
al interdependency in the development of scientific ideas, pro-       experiment. 416pgs. • 2003
viding new evidence of the extent to which progress in science                             N • Basic Books • P • $16.95 / $7.98
is socially constructed. 500pgs. • 2000                                                                                                 G
                         N • Cambridge • P • $38.99 / $8.98
                                                      TRAVEL                                                                            G
127300 LONDON FRAGMENTS: A Literary Expedition                       127307 PORTRAIT OF THE GULF STREAM: In Praise of                   R
Görner, Rüdiger                                                      Currents                                                           A
Explores the literary landscape of London through ten strolls        Orsenna, Erik
through some of its most interesting areas. We meet                  Passion and concern for the Gulf Stream motivated Erik             P
Shakespeare, Heine and Hogarth south of the river, find               Orsenna to travel far and wide to meet scholars and scientists
Virginia Woolf and Lady Ottoline Morell in Bloomsbury, dis-          who hold the key to the mysteries of this powerful ocean cur-      H
cover Blake and Trollope in Westminster, the Carlyles in             rent. Spanning thousands of years of history, this book weaves     Y
Chelsea, and encounter Bacon and Hanif Kureishi in the               between poetry and science to trace the influence of the cur-
London suburbs. 254pgs. • 2007                                       rent on our climate and culture. 320pgs. • 2008
                  N • Haus Publishers • C • $19.95 / $7.98                             N • Haus Publishers • C • $19.95 / $7.98

127306 ON FOOT TO THE END OF THE WORLD:                              127311 SPAIN: Body and Soul
Walking the Way of St. James                                         Van Den Brink, H. M.
Freund, René & Janina Joffe                                          With historical background and personal memories and asso-
A journey along the road to Santiago, one of Europe s oldest         ciations, van den Brink sketches a lively description of Spain,
pilgrim trails. This vivid travelogue not only introduces the        its culture and traditions, both in the city and in the country-
reader to the overwhelming natural beauty to be encountered          side. This story focuses on enjoying various Spanish dishes in
along the way, but also lets them share in the author's experi-      both exquisite restaurants and more commonplace settings.
ence of testing his own physical and psychological limits.           254pgs. • 2006
188pgs. • 2006                                                                          N • Haus Publishers • C • $19.95 / $7.98
                  N • Haus Publishers • C • $19.95 / $7.98

                             041490 BIRD'S EYE VIEWS:                % 031453 NEW FOUND LANDS: Maps in the History of
                             Historic Lithographs of                 Exploration
                             North American Cities                   Whitfield, Peter
                             Reps, John W.                           Focusing on the maps the explorers themselves used, this vol-
                             Collects over 100 views dating          ume reveals how both explorers and their patrons understood
                             between 1838 and 1908,                  the expanding world and their place in it, and how they inte-
                             showing the streets, buildings,         grated new knowledge into their evolving world view. 200pgs.
                             churches, bridges, waterways,           • 1998
                             and surrounding countryside                                  N • Routledge • C • $59.95 / $19.98
                             of North American towns,
ranging from burgeoning metropolitan centers to small log-           % 131699 OPENING THE GATES
ging towns and mining camps. 115pgs. • 1998                          OF EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY
         N • Princeton Architectural • C • $70.00 / $29.98           MONTRÉAL
                                                                     Lambert, Phyllis & Alan Stewart, eds.
% 131356 CITIES OF THE WORLD: A History in Maps                      Based on a fifteen-year study of man-
Whitfield, Peter                                                      uscript sources from Europe and
Traces the historic form and special character of the world's        North America, this volume focuses
greatest cities through breathtaking maps and panoramic              on the interrelationships of three key
views. Focusing on some 60 cities -- from Athens to Brasilia,        elements of Montréal's urban form:
Washington to Lhasa -- Whitfield shows how they have been             its fortifications; the ownership, dis-
shaped not only by their geographical setting, but also by reli-     tribution, and use of property within its walls; and the nature
gion, royal power, commerce, social ideals, and the visions of       of its buildings. 97pgs. • 1992
artists and architects. 208pgs. • 2005                                                              N • MIT • P • $20.00 / $7.98
                        N • California • C • $50.00 / $21.98

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