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Twitter is a powerful platform for communicating with your readers,
building your brand,
driving traffic to your blog, and communicating with industry leaders.

However, there are very few people really teaching how to take full
advantage of this
powerful platform.

As a blogger you have a very unique opportunity to create exponential
growth using the
power of social media. But to do that, you must first build your tribe.

With a blog you're able to create a small cult-like community of raving
fans. However,
very few people are building and fostering their tribe appropriately.

Because to build a real community, you've got to be in the trenches...
replying to every
comment, engaging in every Twitter conversation that touches your sphere
of influence,
reading and replying to ALL of your emails, offering special chat times,
and most
importantly - adding value at every point of contact.

Once you have a tribal community, you will have created an invaluable
asset - an ARMY
of people who will comment on your posts, Tweet your content, engage in
and become your very best social evangelists.

Everyone on the Web has now become a content creator or buzz facilitator
using tools
like email, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Wikis, and

It is now easier than ever to create rapid growth in your company using
the buzz factor of
your existing audience.

So building your tribe is really the basis of creating radical growth in
your business. And
social media sites like Twitter allow you an additional platform for
building and engaging
with your tribe.

Twitter also gives you an instant traffic tap that you can leverage at
any moment to
promote your content. First, through your own Twitter followers and then
virally through
your tribe of raving fans.
Create remarkable content and then allow your readers to promote your
content for you.
Your readers are now the center of any successful marketing.

Sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Delicious are all great
platforms for
extending the reach of your content. But just always remember that your
blog is your
homebase. The social media sites are simply extensions that allow you to
engage with
your community on a different level.

So, with that, let's go ahead and dive into the power of Twitter and how
you can use it to
drive thousands of laser-targeted visitors to your website.

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First, you must begin your Twitter journey by signing up at When
asked to select a username, be sure to use either your name or your
business name.

2. Next, you'll need to upload an avatar that reinforces your brand. It
needs to be striking
yet simple. Logos and photos work well. To get some ideas, browse Twitter
profiles for a
while and see which avatars stick out to you.

Quick Note: You should use the same avatar on all of the social networks
to increase
your brands exposure. Many people are active on multiple networks. By
using the same
avatar, you can leverage your presence on one network to instantly access
a group of
familiar friends who are active on another.

3. When setting up your account, you will also be asked for your URL.
This is a place to
share your website, blog, Facebook page, or other social media profile.
important field you will be asked to fill out is your one line bio. This
is where you enter a
short description of yourself. Although it must be short, it also needs
to be interesting and
informative. It’s one of the few indicators people read before deciding
whether or not to
add you as a friend.

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4. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you can also customize
the look of your
Twitter Homepage. Twitter allows you to customize the colors of your
profile page and
add a background image.

To change your design settings click on the Design link in the Settings

If you’re looking to master Twitter, here are some of the very best
resources I found
while doing some research for this report...

Mastering Twitter
What is Twitter and Why Does it Keep Following Me Around
Twitter in Plain English
Newbie’s Guide to Twitter
Twitter White Paper by Paul Stamatiou
A Geek’s Guide to Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140
Characters or
Less with Twitter
The Big Juicy Twitter Guide
Twitter Cheat Sheet
Twitter: Why It’s So Great And How To Effectively Use It
Twitter Marketing 101
Everything You Ever Need to Know About Twitter
How to Increase Your Twitter Following 438% in 30 Days
What the Web Strategist Should Know About Twitter
Twitter: Ultimate Time Waster or Great Tool
The Tao of Twitter by Ed Dale
How to Use Twitter for Business by Ed Dale

Now that you've got your account set up, it's now time to start building
your followers!

 1. How to Build Your Twitter Followers.

     - Twitter Directories (Twellow, WeFollow)
     - Hashtags (
     - Targeted Twitter Lists

The biggest secret to building a list of followers is to FOLLOW FIRST!

The more people you follow, the more people who will follow you back.

Lots of people will automatically follow you back.

And even more importantly, you need to follow people who are specifically
interested in
your market.

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You need to be building a TARGETED list.

Here are some of the best ways to build your list of followers...
 1. Twitter Search ( - You can use the Twitter search
engine to find
other people who are actively talking about your particular market. For
example, if you
were in the fitness industry, you could look for people who are talking
about today's
workout by searching for keywords like (workout, gym, tricep curls, ab
burpees, etc...)

These are people who are serious about fitness. And if you're in the
health and fitness
market, these are people that you would want to be following.

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start growing your Twitter
list. Simply plug
your keywords into the Twitter search engine and start following people
who are actively
talking about your particular market.

2. Twitter Directories

Twitter directories are another great way to find targeted people to
follow on Twitter. - The most popular Twitter directory online where you can
search for
people based on category, tags or location.

I would also highly suggest that you add yourself to by
clicking on the
green button in the right-hand top corner that says "Add Yourself to
WeFollow". - This is another very popular Twitter directory (Very
similar to

You can search the directory by category.

        Get listed in the Twellow directory by scrolling to the bottom of
        website and clicking on the link that says "Get Listed".

----------------------- Page 5----------------------- - Allows you to find people via their location.

So if you have an offline business, this would be the perfect avenue
for finding people in your specific city to interact with on Twitter.
3. Follow recent followers of other experts in your market.

This strategy basically allows you to snipe their follower list.

You simply find one of the top experts in your market on Twitter and you
start following
their most recent followers.

So, for example, I can go to, find the top people in my
( and add their most recent

If you were in the self-improvement market, you could do the same thing
by following
the most recent followers of Tony Robbins.

4. Targeted Hashtags

Hashtags are words that are used in tweets, preceded by the (#) symbol.
Any word that
starts with a pound sign (#) instantly becomes a hashtag, which becomes a
clickable link
to all other mentions of that word.

So, for example one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter is #quote. It
identifies a
Twitter post that is referencing a particular quote. So if you go to the
Twitter Search
engine and search for "#quote", then you'll find a long list of popular
quotes that are
being tweeted.

The main purpose of a hashtag is to help categorize and aggregate tweets
containing the
same information on a particular subject matter.

 However, using the power of hashtags, you can easily build a list of
Twitter followers. And when used correctly, hashtags can bring you
hundreds if not
thousands of extra visitors to your website.

 Here's how you can get started using hashtags...

First, you'll want to head on over to: - Twubs are
basically Twitter
groups built around content aggregated from #hashtags. This allows you to
easily and
quickly track and follow specific hashtags.

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On the front page of, you'll find some of the most popular
hashtags listed.

At the top you'll see one that says #fb. So these are people who are
actively talking about

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People who want to follow that particular conversation can do so using or
simply searching for that particular hashtag in the Twitter Search

But you can also build your list by following people who are actively
using hashtags that
are related to your particular market.

There are also lots of hashtags centered around seminars and events. So
you can find out
the hashtags for seminars and events in your market and find out who is
talking about the
seminar by searching for that particular hashtag.

These are definitely people you want to follow and engage with because
they are very
actively engaged in the market at a high level if they are attending
Definitely people that you want on your follower list.

The key to using hashtags effectively in your own tweets is to use them
sparingly. If you
overuse them you will dilute their effectiveness. So I would suggest
limiting yourself to
one or two highly-targeted hashtags in a single tweet.

You can also go to for a complete directory of
hashtags and what they mean. This directory tracks over 7,000 hashtags.

5. Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are a relatively new feature on Twitter. They allow you a
new and innovative
way to organize your flow of messages within Twitter. Essentially, it
allows you to group
a selection of messages based on specific users. For example, you may
want to create a
specific list that follows LinkedIn Experts.

You would then put all of those LinkedIn experts into a specific list,
allowing you to
separate their messages and tweets into a separate stream of information.
Or you could create a list of all of your favorite marketers, which is
one of the lists that I

You could also create a list of your best customers so that you can
easily track their
messages and quickly interact with them on a regular basis. By creating a
customized list
you are enhancing the Twitter experience. Without these specific lists,
these tribes of
people would simply get lost in the shuffle.

Some of the Best Ways to Use Lists:

Create specialized lists of people that you want to interact with on a
regular basis.
Your Twitter stream can quickly become quite overwhelming, especially if
following lots of people. By creating specialized Twitter lists of your
favorite people, you
can interact with those specific people on a more regular basis.

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Lists can also be a great way to find lots of other highly-targeted cool
peeps to follow.

Directories of Twitter Lists: - The largest online directory of Twitter Lists

6. Grow your followers with - is an excellent
online tool that allows you to easily manage your friends and followers.
You can batch
follow and unfollow for building your list as quickly as possible. is a great way to semi-automate your marketing on Twitter.
It's an
extremely powerful tool that allows you to quickly and easily follow
other people's

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It also allows you to quickly delete anyone from your list that hasn't
tweeted in a couple
months, or delete people without pictures, etc... This is a HUGE help for
cleaning up your
It's also a great tool for deleting people who don't follow you back
after a certain time

So if you're looking to semi-automate some of your Twitter marketing, is
definitely one of the best tools for doing so.

2. How to get MORE traffic from twitter.

      - post in blocks
      - label your content (VIDEO: FREE PDF: ETC: )
      - - Shorten your URL's with - the only URL that
automatically helps
your content get even more exposure.

Peak times on Twitter: 11am to 3pm
                 and in the evening after 6pm
                 with Sunday being the least active day on Twitter.

* One of the best ways to get more traffic from Twitter is to post in
blocks of 2-3 tweets
at a time. This way your tweets will all show up in a row, making them
stand out and
giving you more exposure.

Keep in mind of course that each of these tweets needs to be high-value.
With your
last tweet being the most important (because that's the one that's going
to show up on top
and get the most clicks.)

But by creating a small block of tweets, you will stand out in the
Twitter stream.

Another quick and easy way to get more clicks on your tweets is to label

This will also help your tweets stand out and get you more clicks.

You'll also want to use repeat tweets. I recommend re-tweeting your most
content at least 3-4 times. People are on at different times. So if you
post 3 to 4 times at
different points in the day, then your message/link will be exposed to an
entirely new
audience. Very Powerful. You definitely want to make sure that your
tweeting your most
important content more than once.

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And finally, one of my favorite ways to get more traffic from Twitter is
to use a URL
shortener called

There are literally hundreds of URL shorteners to choose from, but
is always
on the top of my list. You see, is no ordinary URL shortener.
has built-in
features that will send even more traffic to your website. Here are some
of the key
features you should know about

* URL Shortening - Of course, at it's core, will shorten any URL.

* Post Scheduling on Twitter & Facebook - You can schedule your post to
go out in the
future at any date and time, and schedule as many posts as you like. This
allows you to
retweet your post at peak times throughout the day.

* Click Stats - You get detailed analytics, showing exactly how many
people have
clicked on your link. You can view all of your stats in graphical
format or a
downloadable CSV file. allows you to track the performance of your
posts in real-

You also get detailed stats on the number of retweets, top traffic
sources for the link, and
StumbleUpon users who liked the page.

* Suggested Posting Time - will also help you determine the best
posting time for
maximum traffic and exposure.

* Bookmarklet - Easily add a bookmarklet to your Firefox browser so
that you can
post/shorten urls in a matter of seconds.

* Create customized short URLs on your own domain. The Wordpress
allows you to create search engine friendly short URLs with 301

* More TRAFFIC - is the only URL shortener that also helps your
content get even
more exposure. That's because every URL exposes your content to
nearly 8 million users!

Plus, Supr will also give you suggestions for optimal posting times,
allowing you to get
more traffic per post.
However, once people click on your url, that's where things really
start to get
interesting. At the top of your post, users will see the web-based
StumbleUpon toolbar,
which brings all of the features of StumbleUpon, directly into the
browser, which allows
the reader to like, dislike, stumble, favorite, or comment on your
content. Plus, there are
also options for easily sharing the link on Twitter, Facebook, and
via email.

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For a content publisher, is extremely attractive because it has
tremendous power to
generate additional traffic and exposure beyond the traditional shortened
URL. With, you're not just shortening a URL, you're giving people easy access
to Stumble your
content, leave a review, or Retweet it.

Allows you to instantly share an article on Twitter, Facebook, and

I specifically recommend the url shortener at the very top of my
list because of it's
ability to drive additional traffic and the detailed stats they give you.

However, some other good options include, HootSuite,, and

3. What to Tweet.

Ok, so now you've got a list of followers on Twitter but what do you say
to them?

Well, just like any form of content online, you always want to provide

But here are some ideas to get you rolling...

   *   Really Good content.
   *   Quotes
   *   Interesting Facts ( ,
   *   Ask a Question
   *   Share Pictures
   *   Compliment People
   *   Content Sources
       - Google Alerts
I love to share good content on Twitter.... especially really good
articles that relate to my
particular market. And one of the best ways to find top-notch content for
you to share is
to go to a site like,,, or

All of these sites are basically aggregators that filter out the most
popular content online
so that you can easily pull out the golden nuggets.

Once you find a really good article from one of these sites, you can then
share it with
your Twitter followers - which instantly establishes you as a good source
of content. If
you're posting good, helpful stuff on Twitter, people will want to follow

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Get Valuable Feedback: You can use your followers as a form of
Intelligence”. Get ideas for your next blog post. Ask for suggestions on
the best laptop to
buy. Get feedback on your latest blog design. The possibilities are
endless and the
amount of experience and knowledge on Twitter is an incredible resource
to tap into.
You’ll be surprised at the amount of valuable feedback you receive.
Simply ask a
question and you can get instant feedback.

At the end of the day, Twitter is simply an additional tool that you can
use to interact
with your tribe, accentuate your brand and personality, and build your

You have to remember that social networking is about the interaction.
It's about being
social. The biggest asset you have to bring to the table is yourself.
People don't come on
Twitter to interact with businesses. They come here to interact with
people. Whether
you’re quirky and crazy, a Starbucks addict, or a late night insomniac.
People want to
communicate with people, not an anonymous username.

Social media is simply a platform for communication that allows you to
interact at an
even deeper level.

4. Manage Your Twitter Account and Build a Large List of Targeted
After you follow 2,000 people on Twitter, you can only follow 10% more
people than
following you. So we must work within these confines to grow our

Also, Twitter only allows you to add up to 1,000 new following's within a

The key to growing your following is to follow more people. A certain
of those will automatically follow you back. And I'll be showing you
techniques to get even more people following you back.

But you'll want to follow 10% of your number of followers every day. That
means, if you
have 3,000 followers, then you should be adding 300 people every day.

Give people 48-72 hours to follow you back. And then unfollow those who
follow you back.

Then start adding more people.

You can increase the % of people who follow you back by adding followers
in the
evening (after 6pm - from 6pm to 10pm) cause that's when people are the
most active and
engaged on Twitter. Sunday evenings are also a good time.

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Plus, one of the best ways to increase the number of people who follow
you back is to
follow people and then enter into a conversation with them using the
@symbol. By
starting a conversation with them and engaging further, you will double
the number of
people who follow you back. Very powerful!

So, the first thing you're going to want to do is start following
targeted people within your
market. We talked about how to do that earlier in this video.

Next, you would then give those people 48-72 hours to follow you back.
And then
unfollow those who didn't follow you back.

You can automate the unfollow process using the following tools: - is a great way to semi-automate your
marketing on
Twitter. It's a free online tool that allows you to easily manage your
friends and
followers. You can batch follow and unfollow. Follow other people's
followers in bulk.
Delete people who don't follow you back after a certain time period.

It also allows you to quickly delete anyone from your list that hasn't
tweeted in a couple
months, or delete people without pictures, etc... This is a HUGE help for
cleaning up your

So if you're looking to semi-automate some of your Twitter marketing, is
definitely one of the best tools for doing so.

Twitter Karma - Allows you to mass follow and unfollow quickly and easily
among your
friends, followers, and mutual friends. One of the best tools for
unfollowing those not
following you. - Find out who you're following that's not following
you back.

Huitter - Allows you to mass unfollow those who are not following you
back. - instantly unfollow users who don't tweet much.


Tweet often, Add value , and engage your followers.


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Top Twitter Tools...

TweetDeck - TweetDeck is a desktop client that gives you a simple and
fast way to
experience Twitter without having to go directly to the website itself.
Allows you to
automatically post updates to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Manage
with @replies and direct messages. Add, create and manage Twitter lists.
Create groups.
And manage multiple Twitter accounts directly from your desktop.

HootSuite - HootSuite is another very powerful desktop Twitter client. It
that allows you
to monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter profiles, schedule tweets
for the future,
and track URL's. HootSuite also allows you to manage multiple Twitter,
LinkedIn, or accounts in one easy to use interface.

Twhirl - Twhirl is another very powerful desktop client for Twitter.
Twhirl brings all of
the features available on Twitter straight to your desktop. Twhirl also
allows you to
shorten long URLs, cross-post your updates to Jaiku, Facebook, LinkedIn
and more via Post images to yfrog. And automatically find and track tweets
mentioning your
@username. - Allows you to search for links on Twitter. This is
hands-down my
favorite tool for seeing who is linking to my blog posts. It even allows
you to find links
that are buried in or tinyurl links. It reverse engineers those
link shortening tools so
that you can find a complete list of who is linking to specific URL's. - A very useful site that will give you a clear
overview and graph of
your Twitter stats. You can see a graph of exactly how fast your
followers are growing.

Best URL Shorteners: - Allows you to shorten, share, and track URLs. Gives you real-
time traffic data on
how many people have actually clicked your link. It's like a mini-Google
Analytics. - is another extremely powerful URL shortener that gives you
traffic stats for each of your links. Plus, what's really cool about Supr
is that it also helps
your content get discovered. It's the only URL shortener online that
exposes your URL to additional users (through the StumbleUpon network).
Powerful! - Another excellent URL shortener with powerful tracking stats.

BudUrl - An extremely powerful URL shortener that not only shrinks long
urls but also
allows you to add notes and tags. BudUrl also provides you with detailed
Allows you to get real-time data on referrers, click charts, and more!

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TwitPic - Allows you to easily share photos on Twitter. - Allows you to follow conversations on Twitter via hashtags. - Twitter hashtag dictionary that allows you to find
out what each
hashtag means. - Share videos on Twitter - A lot like Google Alerts but for Twitter. Allows you to
receive alerts
via email whenever a specific word or phrase is tweeted on Twitter.
Allows you to easily
keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your
website, your
competitors, etc... - Update all your social networks at once.

Twitter Karma - Allows you to bulk follow and unfollow.

FriendOrFollow - Helps you to manage your Twitter contacts. Find out who
following that's not following you back. Also allows you to mass

ReFollow - is a great way to semi-automate your marketing on
Twitter. It's
a free online tool that allows you to easily manage your friends and
followers. You can
batch follow and unfollow. Follow other people's followers in bulk.
Delete people who
don't follow you back after a certain time period.

It also allows you to quickly delete anyone from your list that hasn't
tweeted in a couple
months, or delete people without pictures, etc... This is a HUGE help for
cleaning up your

So if you're looking to semi-automate some of your Twitter marketing, is
definitely one of the best tools for doing so.

UnTweeps - Unfollow Users who have not posted tweets recently.

Twollow - Auto-Follows People based on keyword searches.

TweetAdder - This is the tool that I personally use and recommend for
automating your
Twitter promotion and marketing. It allows you to auto follow targeted
Twitter profiles,
manage multiple accounts, automate Twitter posts, scheduled Tweets, auto
Deletes direct messages, and grow your followers as quickly as possible. - Allows you to find out who's talking about you, your
products, or
your website across multiple social networks.

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TweetMeme - A very popular website that aggregates all of the most
popular links on
Twitter. It's a lot like Digg but for Twitter.

Radian6 - An advanced, extremely powerful social media monitoring

*** SocialOomph - Very powerful website that provides you with tools to
boost your
social media productivity.

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