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 Welcome
 Center for Entrepreneurship

 WP 2 and 3 updates

 Networking workshops

 NVWN networking

 NVWN Partners go to Iceland!

 Budget

 Other
           Update on Work Packages
       Work                                  WP                         Supporting      WP Advisor
                      WP Title                          Coordinating
      Package                            Coordinator*                    Academic       Organization
       WP 1      Nordic VW Network          Robin           SSE           Roskilde
                Best Practices in VW                                                      TEKES
       WP 2                                  Antti      Univ of Turku   Academy of
                     Innovation                                                            Silver
                Best Practices in VW
       WP 3                                Lisbeth        Roskilde         Agder          MindArk
                      Future of
       WP 4     Entrepreneurship and         Eilif          SSE           Roskilde        TEKES
                 Innovation in VWs
                  Virtual Center for
       WP 5     Entrepreneurship and      Björn-Tore       Agder            SSE           TEKES
       WP 6        Communication           Dominic        Uppsala       Univ of Turku

       WP 7     Project Administration       Elia           SSE           Uppsala

                  March            1 St   2010 - February                   29 th       2012
* Suggested
      Center for Entrepreneurship
 ICYou Interactive City based (Serdar)
  •   His new job position
  •   Center for Entrepreneurship project

 Second Life based (BT and Göran and Stavros)
WP 2 and 3 updates on case studies
 Finalized case study template
 Planned 10 Interviews

 Eilif had two interviews with:
  •   Sirikata/Katalabs – Henrik Bennetsen
  •   Train for Success – Anders Grönstad
 Networking workshops in SL/ each
          country in fall
 Decide upon a date

 Format of the workshop and contents

 Potential partnerships and sponsors
              NVWN networking
 How to proceed with building nw in nordic countries?

 Ideas?

 Contacts?

 Timeline
      NVWN Partners go to Iceland!
 When? 21-22 August 2011
 Where? Reykjavík - Iceland
 Who?
  •   So far: Robin, Elia, Göran, Eilif, Linda, Dominic, Lisbeth,
      Bjørn -Tore
  •   Anyone else?? Let us know if you will be joining!

 What would you like to do there?
 Received from all partners, thank you for your

 Expected payment by NICe of 50% 1st Year + 50% 2nd
  Year: End of March

 To request your funds:
  •   You will receive the fund claim letter to be returned to Elia
      with your signature and bank details
            Next meeting

 Wednesday, March 16, 15:00 to 17:00

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