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Convergence Markets

Company Introduction, ROA Holdings
ROA (Research On Asia) Holdings is a research and consulting company
specializing in telecommunications and convergence markets in Asia.
ROA Holdings provides annual services, customized research, and online
market research reports to its clients worldwide. ROA Holdings’ main
clients are mobile operators, device manufacturers, government
agencies and global IT companies.
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 Report Name                                                                         Date Price
   2012 Top 5 Issues in Korean Mobile Market                                       Feb 2012
   VoLTE to Emerge as the Next-Generation Revenue Source for Mobile Carriers?      Feb 2012
   Asian Mobile Market Forecast 2012-2015                                          Feb 2012 $2000
   New White Paper: KT’s Smart Home Strategy in 2012                               Jan 2012
   Mobile Display Market Forecast and Manufacturer Strategies (2011-2015)          Sep 2011 $1900
   The Future of Mobile Display                                                    Aug 2011 $2000
   Korean Mobile Market Dynamics and Forecast 2011-2015                             Jul 2011 $990
   N Screen & Multi-Device Business Trends in the Japanese Market - Focusing on    Apr 2011 $1200
 the Strategies of Device Makers, Telecom Carriers, and Internet Service Providers
   The Rapidly Expanding Social Commerce Market of South Korea and Japan –         Feb 2011 $990
 Success Factors and Challenges for Future Growth
   Indian Mobile Market Dynamics and Forecast (2008-2013)                          Aug 2009 $1800
   Korean Mobile Market Forecast, 2009                                             Feb 2009 $500
   Chinese Mobile Market Review - Key Issues in Late 2008 and Outlook for 2009     Jan 2009 $500
   Japan IPTV Market Outlook                                                       Dec 2008 $1500
   Japan Mobile Internet Device (MID) Market Forecast 2008-2012                    Nov 2008 $2100
   Japanese Mobile Market Forecast, 2008-2011                                      Oct 2008 $1500
   Telecommunications Market Restructuring in China and Competition over 3G        Sep 2008 $990
   WiBro Services and Strategies in South Korea                                    Jun 2008 $990
   Philippines Mobile Market Overview & 2007-2010 Forecast                         Feb 2008 $990
   Mobile Device Market Trends in 2008                                             Jan 2008 $990
   Personal Navigation Device (PND) Market in Japan and South Korea                Jan 2008 $990

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