7th Grade Language Arts

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					                   7th Grade Language Arts

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Language arts is a subject that is a combination of a variety of components.
These components include grammar and mechanics, vocabulary and
literature, and writing. Seventh graders will be involved in exploring all of
these elements through a language arts program developed by McDougal
Littell called The Language of Literature. They will also use the 6+1 Traits
of Writing, a highly effective research based writing model.

Student selected reading plays a big part in the reading curriculum.
Students are required to read a variety of genres in order to fulfill a
contract. Each quarter they will read at least 2 fictional books and an
additional 3 nonfiction books. Each quarter students will have a free choice
as well as assigned genres to complete. This contract will count as 2 test
grades. They will earn a grade based on the percentage correct from
comprehension tests on the self selected books and a completion of the

Vocabulary instruction will include the use of Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon
roots and affixes. This will be a part of our weekly warm-ups. Other
important vocabulary will be taken from the literature studied over the
course of the units as well as vocabulary introduced in the teaching of
context clues to prepare for high school SAT.
The use of Daily Grammar Practice books covers the 7th grade Georgia
Performance Standards in grammar and mechanics. These skills are
reinforced through application during student writing. These 5 minute
grammar exercises will be completed as homework and reviewed at the
beginning of class each day.

Grading Procedures:

Students will be graded on unit tests, projects, papers, homework, and daily
work. The grading scale is as follows:
             Tests, Projects, Papers         60%
             Daily Work and Homework         40%

Units of Study:

Studies in literature include the following:
      Science fiction
      Folktales and Fables
Writing units of study include the following:
      Narrative Essays
      Informational Essays
      Persuasive Essays
      Response to Literature
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