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					                             CUMBERLAND VALLEY CORVETTE CLUB
                                          Club Minutes - September 2, 2010

        The meeting was called to order by President Bob Bowen with a moment of prayer for the men and women in
uniform overseas and for our loved ones.

Minutes - motion to accept was made Melissa Bobb and seconded by Robby Robinson.
Treasurers Report - motion to accept was made by Debbie Warner and seconded by Mike Hurley.
Governors Report - Jack briefly discussed up and coming events. He thanked everyone for their help at the
       AutoX at Corvettes at Carlisle. Motion to accept was made by Charlie Wert and second by Sally Walter.

New Readings:
       Mark and Claudia Stouffer           Sponsored by - Larry Kiser
       Bob and Julia Hoffman               Sponsored by Tom and Gail Mitchell

Second Reading:
       Mark and Cathy Carr                Sponsored by George Bobb
               Motion to accept the Carrs as new members by George Bobb and seconded by Mary Hare.
       Joe Arnoso                         Sponsored by Roger Rickrode.
               Motion to accept Joe as a new member by Larry Keiser and seconded by Roger Rickrode.

Cruisers and Waxers - go on web site about up and coming shows. Jim Staver gave a brief overview of Corvettes at
Speed Report - None

 1.   August 21 - H & H Show - Ed Hare reported that show went well. He thanked everyone who helped, donated
              Baked good and other donations.
 2.   August 27-29 - Corvettes at Carlisle - Dave Walter thanked all who helped with the AutoX.
                      - Vettes in the Valley - Jim Fusco gave a brief overview of the hurdles they had. The club broke
                         even on this event.

Up and Coming Events - See newsletter or web site.
 1.    September 17-19 - Grape Stomping’ Weekend - Ken Novinger reported that he had 16 cars going.
 2.    September 24 - East Pennsboro Homecoming - Mike Filanowski is chairing.
 3.    September 25 - Ulysses Cruise - Gary Miller reported that he had 6 cars signed up. They will leave at 6:00 am.
 4.    September 25 - Alpacalco Acres - Benefit Bermudian Spring Future Farmers.
 5.    October 9 - Lawrence Show - Dave Walters ask to bring donations to October Meeting.
 6.    October 9 - Flaming Foliage - Contact John Paul
 7.    October 17 - Corvette/Porsche Challenge - Giant Center, Hershey - Contact Dave Walter.
 8.    September 29-October 2 - Fall Carlisle Show - Dave Walter reported that he has a space available for $95.00.
               If you are interested in selling car parts etc. contact Dave.

Election 2011 Nominations -
        President -                Skip Gutshall
        Vice President -           Ed Hare
        Treasurer -                Gary Miller
        Secretary -                Joan Bower, Karen Priestner
        Governor -                 Jack Priestner, Karen Priestner
        Board Members -            George Bobb, Paul Ezzo, Jim Staver, Mike Ludt, Bill Sangrey, Kim Fusco,
                                   Larry Kiser, Bill Grove

General Items for Discussion -
 1.     September 16 - 7:30 am - United Way Breakfast and Parade - Mike Hurley reported that cars are needed for
                The parade.
 2.     October 16 - Farmers Fair Parade - Carl Strayer need 6 cars the queens in the parade. Cars are to meet at the
             old Lafevers car lot at 6:00 pm. Cars can be decorated but NO CANDY to throw out. Contact Carl
             if you will be in parade.
3.   Judy Ludt reported that CVCC won first place in the Summerfair parade.
4.   Ed Hare made a motion to allocate $1,000 from the H & H Show to the American Cancer Society.
             Motion to accept was made by Mike Breen and seconded by Paul Ezzo.
5.   September 26 - Larry Kiser reported that Carlisle Elks was holding a car show. $10 for early registration.
6.   September 12 - Stuart Cook reported that the Cumberland Valley Car Club has a car show at the fair grounds.
7.   September 11 - Bill Grove needs cars for the Carlisle Fire & Rescue parade. Be at the fire station on Spring
             Road by 12:00 pm.
8.   Dave Walter made a motion to allocate $400 from the profit made at the AutoX during Corvettes at Carlisle
             toward the Chip Miller Foundation. Debbie Warner seconded the motion.

     A motion to adjourn was made by all.

     Name tag Drawing was won by Mike Evans.
     The 50/50 drawing of $51.00 was won by John Paul and Larry Keiser.

                                                 Respectfully submitted by:
                                                         Joan Bower

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