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									France Foodservice: The Future of Foodservice
             in France to 2016


“France Foodservice: The Future of Foodservice in France to 2016” provides a top-level
overview and detailed market, channel and company-specific analysis of the French
foodservice market.


Why was the report written?

This report is the result of Canadean’s extensive market and company research covering the
France foodservice industry. It provides detailed analysis of both historic and forecast
industry values at channel level, analysis of the leading companies in the foodservice industry
and the France’s business environment and landscape. The report provides a detailed study of
the French foodservice industry in context of a difficult economic environment in Europe.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

The French foodservice market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 0.7% till 2016. As a result
of the strong tourism industry in France, foodservice in the accommodation segment is
expected to benefit with increased occupancy and average room rates. Furthermore, France is
to host the 2016 UEFA European Football Championship, which is forecast to increase
demand for the hospitality and leisure industry and in turn, support the French foodservice


This report provides readers with unparalleled levels of detail and insight into the
development of foodservice sector within France.

This report provides readers with in depth data on the valuation and development of both
profit and cost sectors in the France foodservice market.

Reasons To Buy

Data sets are provided for the period 2006-2016, with actual data provided until 2011.

All initial market sizing and analysis is conducted in local currency in order to ensure local
trends are reflected in the data before conversion into other currencies.

Key Highlights
The consumer confidence index decreased to 84.6 in 2009, but has started to stabilize seeing
levels of 89–90 in 2011. Additionally, the unemployment rate in France remained at 9–10%,
however, this started to decline in 2010.

Higher immigration has led to people becoming more open to foreign food in addition to their
normal eating habits and French cuisine. The growth in the younger generation and working
population led to an increase in demand for fast-foods, whereas the baby boomers and elderly
are more health conscious.

Table of Contents :

1 Introduction

1.1 What is this Report About?

1.2 Definitions

1.2.1 This report provides 2011 actual sales; while forecasts are provided for 2012 – 2016.

1.3 Summary Methodology

2 Executive Summary

3 French Foodservice – Market Attractiveness

3.1 French Foodservice Market Size

List of Tables

Table 1: France Exchange Rate EUR-US$ (Annual Average), 2006–2011

Table 2: Canadean Key Foodservice Definitions

Table 3: Canadean Profit Sector Definitions

Table 4: Canadean Cost Sector Definitions

List of Figures

Figure 1: French Foodservice: Sales by Channel (%), 2011

Figure 2: French Foodservice: Sales by Sector (%), 2006 vs. 2011

Figure 3: Macro-Economic Trends In France Foodservice – Zerda Café (Paris' first north
African restaurant

Figure 4: Technology Trend In France Foodservice – Geotagging Applications for

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