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									     Travel at UCSF: The State Airfare
Program and Travel and Entertainment
                 UCSF Academic Senate
The State Airfare Program

• Who it is for:
  • Employees traveling on University
The State Airfare Program

• What it is:
  • Favorable rates and terms on airfares
    (YCAL fares) between frequently traveled
    cities within and outside California

  • Rates published at
   How Favorable are the Rates?

• In-State Example:
   • Oakland to San Diego, same day travel
      • State Airfare Program, Southwest Airlines
         • $89.00 (One-way, unrestricted, excludes tax)
      • Southwest Airlines web site
         • $129.00 (One-way, unrestricted, includes tax)
• Out of State Example
   • San Francisco to Boston, mid-week fare, RT
      • State Airfare Program, United Airlines
         • $596.00 (Unrestricted, excludes tax)
      • United Airlines web site
         • $683.00 (non-refundable, $100 change fee, includes tax)
• Examples assumed 7 Day advance Booking, researched
Why Use the Program?

• Favorable Pricing, especially for one-way travel
• No out-of-pocket expense to traveler
• Tickets are fully refundable and exchangeable at no
  additional cost
• No advance purchase required—book anytime, even
  day of travel, at the published rate
• No minimum stay required
• Traveler may earn Frequent Flyer Miles
• $200K Business Accident Insurance at no additional
• Baggage Insurance included
How to Enroll Your Department in the
• Complete State Airfare Sub Account
  Enrollment Form (one time—if your
  department is not yet in the program:
  • http://acctg/accounts_payable/ap_main_menu/airfare.htm
         How to Purchase Tickets
• Complete State Airfare Purchase Agreement Form with authorized

• Fax Completed for to UCSF Controller’s Office AP/Travel Service Desk:
  Fax no. 415 476-6168

• Complete the UCSF Reservation from at Fell Travel’s website

• Fell Travel will email confirmation to you and your travel coordinator
  <24 hrs.

• Fell Travel faxes State Airfare Purchase Agreement form to AP/Travel
  Service Desk which verifies authorization.

• Fell Travel emails e-ticket to traveling employee and travel
        What has Changed?

• Fell Travel replaced Campus Travel as
  Vendor, effective July 2005

• Reservations may be made through
  Fell Travel’s Web Site
• Continue to complete the State Airfare
  Purchase Agreement Form
• Use existing departmental Sub-BTA
• Flexibility—if you prefer to use Non-
  State Airfares, you may continue to
  book through Campus Travel
 How Well Utilized is the Program?

• Details of Airfare Purchases not
  captured, but on a “spend” basis:
  • Quarter 4, 2005, UCSF
    • Total In-state Airfare spend: $169,000
    • Approximately 20% of spend within State
      Airfare Program
    • 166 (RT) flights
    • 130 individuals, most with one flight
   How we Promote the State Airfare

• State of California Fleet Website

• Accounts Payable Website

• E-Mail Announcement of Program
  Changes 7/1/2005
 How does the program coordinate with
  other Travel Procurement options?

• Employees are encouraged to apply for
  and use the UCSF US Bank Travel and
  Entertainment (corporate) credit card.
• Expenses may be reimbursed for UCSF
  business related travel expenses:
  • Hotels, meals, ground transportation
  • Flights other than State Airfare program
How do I get a Travel and Entertainment
              (T&E) Card?

• Use on line application form

• Submit completed form to Accounts
  Payable, Travel and Entertainment

 1855 Folsom St, Box 0812, SF, CA
Why Use the T&E Card

• Compliant with UCOP Policy G-28 (Policies &
  Regulations regarding travel)
• UCSF receives incentives for use
• T&E card tracks the “spend” history for input
  into strategic sourcing and negotiations
    • Flights, hotel, car rental
•   Automatic Flight Insurance
•   Ability to track employees in emergencies
•   Baggage Insurance
•   Employee does not tie up own credit limits,
    submits expenses to pay bill.
What’s Coming Up in Travel?

• Travel Expenses are Large
  • $15 Million per Annum at UCSF
  • T/E card provides over 33,000 lines of
    spend data, enabling improved analysis
• OP formed UC’s second Strategic
  Sourcing Initiative for Travel
  • First meeting February 6, 2006
  • Over $252 Million UC-Wide spend “Largest
    unmanaged travel program in the
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