Playboy Mansion Halloween Party 2012 by Markjohnes


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									Playboy Mansion Halloween Party 2012

The annual Kandy Halloween Party is the hottest Halloween party in LA,
if not the entire country. It will be at the famed Playboy Mansion, home
of Hugh Hefner. This year it will be held for 2 nights: October 26th and
October 27th, 2012 and as always, it promises to be a sell-out.

The Kandy Halloween Party is something you really do not want to miss.
You will be surrounded by the celebrities, beautiful Playmates, over
1,000 hand-picked, gorgeous, sexy and hard-partying women, Go-Go
Dancers, and incredible body-painted models. They will all be wearing
their most daring, sexiest lingerie costumes.

As you approach the haunted Playboy Mansion, sinister gargoyles will
glare at you, and ominous, shadowy figures may approach you. You
may want to hide in the Haunted Forest, but there too, unseen dangers
await you. You may duck into the famed, 4,000 square foot Haunted
House, but it’s been said that those who dare enter do not always come

There will be all night dancing, all night open bar, delicious buffet,
rousing entertainment, and lots of Halloween surprises. Definitely check
out the video of last year’s Kandy Halloween Party, which can be found
at, an official VIP Host for parties at the
Playboy Mansion. Or you can call them at 1-877-522-9892 where one of
their VIP Host Specialists can answer all of your questions and help you
plan your evening.

Ladies, find the sexiest, more daring costume, and guys, get creative and
humorous or whatever strikes you. Then go have the night of your life.

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