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					                                        UNIT INFORMATION

Date Sheet Filled Out:      07/03/11    District 14


Personal Mailing Address:       (Your name)
                                USCG STATION MAUI
                                233 MAALAEA RD
                                WAULUKU, HI 96793
Commercial Phone #              (808) 986-0023 or 244-5256             FAX (808) 244-7235

Web site:     E-Mail (XPO):

Unit’s Missions: Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, Maritime Law Enforcement,
Environmental Protection, and Public Relations.
Typical SA/SN Job Assignment: Watchstander, Boatcrew, Boarding Team Member,
maintenance of survival equipment and boats.
Typical FA/FN Job Assignment: Watchstander, Boatcrew, Boarding Team Member,
Engineer and maintenance of unit engineering equipment, boats and housing.
Watch type and duty rotation for ALL E-2’s and E-3’s: 2 Sections, (port and starboard)
Special procedures for reporting after hours: Report to Watchstander at Station.
How much personal storage space: Barracks include: 1/3 of a 3-bedroom apartment.
Uniform normally worn during the workday: ODU and hot-weather uniform (when authorized.)
Recommended uniform items in addition to seabag issue: N/A.
Average Temperature          Summer: 85F                 Winter: 75F
Unit Mutual Assistance Representative / Phone #: XPO @ (808) 986-0023
What type of continuing education is available within immediate area? Maui Community
college and Distant Learing (Internet) courses.
Ratings present at the unit: MK,BM, EM and SK

Religious denominations in the area: All

Uniform to report in: Tropical Blue Long
If sponsor is not available, apprentice should ask for: XPO

Name of nearest city and distance: Kahului (8 Miles)

Name of nearest military facility exchange and commissary: There are multiple exchanges
and commissaries on the island of Oahu. Most cost advantageous grocery shopping can be
conducted at COSTCO.

                             MEMBER WITHOUT DEPENDENTS

Is messing available: No, BAS (about $323.87 / month for food)
Quarters and/or barracks available: Yes, Quarters are furnished. 3 Male or 3 Female
Rate of auto insurance for the typical 18-20 year old, single male/ female: Varies, but higher
than average. Call your insurance company and make sure that you can retain that same
insurance in Hawaii, and obtain a “no fault” insurance card before you and vehicle are
shipped. Most of the non-rates buy a cheap car here then sell it before departure. Be
forewarned, you will need to obtain a release from your lender to ship your car to or from
Hawaii, so buying a new car may not be a very good idea.
Is Unaccompanied Personnel Leased Housing available: Yes,
Where will a single non-rate more than likely live: Leased apartment in Kihei.
Where do most people bank: First Hawaiian / Bank of Hawaii / Federal Credit Unions (several
Is there a credit union in the area: Yes
Is there a mall in the area: Yes           How many stores? 60+ Plenty

                               MEMBER WITH DEPENDENTS

Cost of average two bedroom apartment in the area: $1100.00-$1600.00 (750-800sq.ft.)
Is leased housing available: No. Member would receive BAH w/dependents.
Is government owned housing available: No
Housing office phone number: ISC Honolulu Housing Office: (808) 842-2073
Unit Point of Contact (808) 244-5256, ask for EPO or XPO.

Where do most dependents live: Depends on location member rents a house/apartment
Where do most dependents receive medical care: Tricare Primary Doctor of choice
Go to school: Local Public School System, Kahului School (Elementary), Maui Waena
(Middle), Maui High (High).
What level of TRICARE is available in the area: Tricare Prime-Remote
Dental available thru United Concordia: Yes
Is it advisable to bring dependents when first reporting aboard: YES

Area of responsibility : Coastal waters between islands of Molokai, Maui, Lanai and
Kahoolawe around to north side of island.

Call the unit once you have received confirmation of your orders and speak with unit XPO.
Call again as soon as your graduation leave starts, and once more before you get on the
plane to pass your flight number and arrival time. This will allow us to meet you at the airport,
and we can answer your questions as they come up.
Station Maui has a total of 20 crewmembers, with two boats 25 RB-S and 45 RB-M. Small is
good, but it does mean that everyone MUST be able to perform the assignments of their
billet. Anticipate little time off until you are qualified as a communication watchstander, and
then an aggressive training program for boatcrew and engineer for (FA/FN). Leave is not
normally granted prior to boatcrew qualification, which usually takes about 2 Months after
your arrival at the unit.

   Additional Information:
We do law enforcement and search and rescue. Coming out of boot camp the first thing you
will need to learn is basic watchstanding. Its pretty simple stuff: answering phones, learning
the area, talking on the radio, checking computer traffic, security rounds of the station’s boats
and premises, etc. None of it is hard to learn, but it is very important stuff. You get a couple
of weeks to qualify in watchstanding, then it’s on to boat crew qualifications, this includes
knowing the equipment on the boat and how to use it proficiently. This is not too hard, but
once again very important. Once you’re a fully qualified watchstander and boat crew your job
as a member of deckforce, you (SA/SN) can expect to clean and maintain the boats, splice
lines, clean the station and grounds, and other odd jobs assigned by your supervisor. We get
underway a lot and you can expect that to take up a big part of your days. As a member of
(FA/FN) engineering you can expect to work and clean the boat’s engines and mechanical
equipment. You’ll learn basic engineering principals and care of the boats.

  Recreational Activities:
Flip a coin, - surf, dive, fish, snorkel, hike, go whale watching (seasonal), mountain biking,
windsurfing, hang gliding, para-sailing, snowboarding (Big Island), hunting, Opihi picking,
boating, bird watching, Luaus, ocean kayaking, etc., etc., etc. The weather is excellent all
year round. You never have to worry about finding things to do on your days off. Speaking
of days off, our duty rotation works like this: 2 sections are present and there are 2 different
weeks of duty schedule. This first week is section 1, they work mon-tues and fri-sat-sun, with
wed-thurs off (this is a long week). Section 2 has a short week, only working wed-thurs, with
mon-tues-fri-sat-sun off. Remember though no schedule is set in stone our work hours often
change due to demands of the job and training. Maui is a great place to be stationed. The
work is cool and the location is unbeatable. Keep in mind that while Maui is paradise, it is
costly and isolated. Be prepared to spend extra on food on average ($300.00 to $350.00),
gas ($3.50 to $4.00) gal, and eating out is not cheap. Flying to the mainland on leave is also
a pricey aspect of living here expect to pay around ($1000.00 to $2000.00) for a round trip.
This should not deter you from coming, but you need to have an understanding that living on
an island can create hardships for members and their families.
…Aloha and Welcome aboard!

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