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									Dear ATRIO Provider:

ATRIO Health Plans now offer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). With EFT, ATRIO can send
claims payments directly to your financial institution.

Advantages of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) offer a safe modern alternative to paper checks.
Providers who use EFT may notice the following benefits:

         Reduction to the amount of paper in the office.
         Valuable time savings for staff and avoidance of hassle associated with going
          to the bank to deposit ATRIO checks.
         Elimination of the risk of ATRIO paper checks being lost of stolen in the mail.
         Faster access to funds; many banks credit direct deposits faster than paper
         Easier reconciliation of payments with bank statements.

All you need to do is simply complete this short form and include an original voided blank check to
facilitate the transfer. Faxed and emailed documents will not be accepted. ATRIO claim payments
will be made directly to the financial institution through EFT, in as early as two to four weeks from
receipt of your EFT authorization agreement. This will allow us time for bank set-up and
verification. Mail to:

                                     ATRIO Health Plans
                                     PO Box 8003
                                     Roseburg, OR 97470

ATRIO uses one format to transmit provider electronic claim payments to financial institutions:
Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH) format. This format is considered national standard.

For more information, please contact ATRIO EDI Department at EDI@abct.com or you may call
(541) 672-8620 or (877)-672-8620 to speak to a representative.

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