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2011 Loyalty Program Crater Lake_ Oregon


									                                                                                   september 2011- 2012
                                                                                           volume xxvii

1819 lynch street saint louis, mo 63118
(314) 771-8300 or (800) 881-8804

    2011 Loyalty Program                                   Crater Lake, Oregon
We’re happy to announce that we are offering the      Crater Lake, pictured here, has inspired people for
loyalty program again in 2011. So, on your 2nd tour   hundreds of years. No place else on earth com-
(of four days or more) you take with us in 2011,      bines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color; sheer sur-
subtract $50 off your tour price. On the 3rd tour     rounding cliffs, almost two thousand feet high; two
(of four days or more) you take with us in 2011,      picturesque islands; and a violent volcanic past. It is
subtract $100 and so on. The more you travel, the     a place of immeasurable beauty and is included on
more you save! (Program is based on the calendar      two tours; Oregon Coast & Crater Lake on page 29
year, so all eligible tours depart within 2011.)      and Northwest Coast on page 43.
One Day Tours
   Stages St. Louis presents Victor/Victoria                                          Lock & Dam Cruise
               Wednesday, September 28, 2011                                          Saturday, October 15, 2011
The classic Blake Edwards film comes to the stage with exhil-       Join us as we cruise through the fascinating Mississippi River
arating numbers from Henry Mancini’s winning score. You’ll          lock and dam system. Learn about this engineering feat as you
laugh out loud at this comical and touching celebration of the      enjoy a delicious buffet lunch. A Dixieland Band and the Cap-
many facets of love. The play takes place in the 1930’s Paris, so   tain’s commentary will entertain you during our leisurely five-
to get in the mood, we will begin with a step-on guided tour of     hour cruise from the Arch to the mouth of the Missouri River
St. Louis’ French history. Enjoy lunch in the warm atmosphere       and back. Hopefully there will be some fall colors to enjoy as
of Franco Restaurant, specializing in classic French dishes with    well. L $89 per person
a modern twist, located adjacent to Soulard Market. L $114
per person

                                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
One day tours                    p. 2-3      Caribbean Cruise by Coach        p. 19
Charlie’s Chatter                p. 4                                                                 JULY 2012
From the Back of the Bus         p. 4                  FEBRUARY 2012                     Europe in Wisconsin              p. 34
                                             Yellowstone in the Winter        p. 19      Trans Canadian Rail              p. 35
             OCTOBER 2011                                                                Polar Bear Express               p. 36
New England Fall Adventure       p. 5                   MARCH 2012                       The Dakotas                      p. 37
Wisconsin Fall Foliage           p. 6        New Orleans, Biloxi & Cajun p. 20
New York Encore                  p. 8        DC Cherry Blossoms          p. 21                      AUGUST 2012
Fall in the Smokies              p. 8                                                    Yellowstone and more        p. 38
Cuyahoga Valley                  p. 9                    APRIL 2012                      Maine & the Gaspe Peninsula p. 39
Eureka Springs and Branson       p. 9        Southern Charm                   p. 22      Idaho                       p. 40
Heart of Texas                   p. 10       Hawaii Cruise by Coach           p. 23      Cape Cod & more             p. 41
                                             Mid-California                   p. 24
           NOVEMBER 2011                     San Francisco & Napa Valley      p. 26                SEPTEMBER 2012
Branson                          p. 11                                                   Pacific Northwest                p. 42
Indiana Christkindlmrkt          p. 11                     MAY 2012                      Northwest Coast                  p. 43
Lancaster & NYC                  p. 12       Niagara Falls & Lilac Blooms     p. 26      Door County                      p. 44
                                             Creme de la Creme                p. 25      New York & Hudson Valley         p. 45
          DECEMBER 2011                      Made in the USA                  p. 27      Colorado                         p. 46
Holiday Grandeur                 p. 13       French Lick                      p. 27      Historic Hotels/New England      p. 47
Holidayville                     p. 14       Alaska Cruisetour                p. 28      Canyonlands of Utah              p. 48
Chicago’s Holiday Spirit         p. 15
Classic Christmas                p. 15                   JUNE 2012                       Policies                         p. 49
Rose Bowl Parade (fly)           p. 16       Oregon Coast & Crater Lake       p. 29      Booking Forms                 p. 50-51
Rose Bowl Parade (coach)         p. 17       New York and Long Island         p. 30
                                             Grand Michigan                   p. 31
           JANUARY 2012                      Badlands & Yellowstone           p. 32
Florida Stay ‘N Play             p. 18       Let Freedom Ring                 p. 33
 “All inclusive”
 Remember, a Sunrise Tour is an inclusive product. All activities, tickets, taxes and two meals per day (includ-
 ed meals are indicated in the daily itinerary; b=breakfast, l=lunch, d=dinner) are included so that your only
 expenses on the road will be lunch, souvenirs and a gratuity for your tour manager, driver and step-on guides
 if you so desire. On a few tours, 2 meals a day may not be included, and will be indicated as such.
St. Louis and the Civil                                                                               Bagpiper George Gerules will
                                                                                                      perform his signature “High-
 War 150 Years Later                                                                                  land Cathedral” and Susan
   Thursday, November 17,                                                                             Slaughter will lead the Holi-
              2011                                                                                    day Brass ensemble in tradi-
Though not a Civil War battle                                                                         tional carols joined by two
site, St. Louis had its share of                                                                      choirs. It will be an amazing
agony and historic locations.                                                                         concert that you do not want
150 years later, join us as we                                                                        to miss. Lunch at Nicoletti’s
retrace this turbulent time.                                                                          Ristorante after the show will
First off is the new Exhibit at                                                                       be equally enjoyable. We
the Missouri History Museum,                                                                          plan to return you to your
The Civil War in Missouri, fol-                                                                       pick-up location before dark.
lowed by a step-on guided                                                                              L $99 per person
tour led by museum historian
Barney Bradshaw, visiting city
locations associated with the war and bringing those stories                                 Dr. Seuss’ How the
to life. Upon returning to the museum you will truly enjoy               Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical
lunch at Bixby’s. Touring the new Missouri Civil War Museum                           Friday, December 16, 2011
located in historic Jefferson Barracks will bring our day to a     Discover the magic of Dr. Seuss’ classic holiday tale as it comes
close. L $91 per person                                            to life on stage in its St. Louis debut at the restored Peabody
                                                                   Opera House. The famed Keil opened in 1934 and closed their
             Ambassadors of Harmony                                doors in 1991. Be one of the first to see the $75 million resto-
               Saturday, December 10th, 2011                       ration that returned this historic theater to its original art-deco
The most popular holiday show in St. Louis, the Ambassa-           splendor. “A Genius of a show! A total delight for both kids
dors of Harmony Christmas Show, drew over 1,500 people to          and adults!”, featuring hit songs, dancing, colorful costumes
each of their five performances last December.                                                                    and a heart-warm-
Thanks to you, Sunrise Tours was the largest of                                                                   ing holiday story.
all the 46 different groups attending last year!                                                                  Enjoy a delicious
The crowds just keep growing to see this show.                                                                    lunch at Lom-
These International Chorus Champions perfectly                                                                    bardo’s Trattoria
mix Holiday laughter with Christmas spirituality.                                                                 after the morning
The whole family will enjoy the great view from                                                                   performance. We
our orchestra seats at the Touhill Performing Arts                                                                plan to return you
Center. Included also is a delicious lunch, prior to                                                              to your pick-up lo-
the show. We plan to return you to your pick-up                                                                   cation before dark.
location before dark. L $99 per person                                                                            L $109 per person

         Holiday Brass Concert
          Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Join us for a morning performance of the 20th
Anniversary Holiday Brass Concert featuring
Grammy Award-winning soprano Christine Brew-
er performing “O Holy Night” and “Ava Maria”.

                               About Sunrise Tours
               e have enjoyed so many new travelers and add-       now consists of 15 fantastic employees and offices in St. Louis
               ed so many people to our mailing list the last      and Indianapolis. We pride ourselves on delivering extremely
               few years, we thought it would be appropriate       high quality tour experiences at a fair price, and we consider
               to introduce ourselves! Sunrise Tours is a fam-     repeat Sunrise Tours customers our most important marketing
ily owned and operated company that was started by Jim and         “tool”. If you’ve traveled with us before, welcome back! If
Charlene Dalrymple in the basement of their St. Louis County       not, take a look inside this tour catalog and let us surprise you
home in 1993 – although their first tour did not materialize un-   with an incredible Sunrise Tour.
til 1994. The company has grown steadily over the years, and
                                          Charlie’s Chatter
                I recently had a nice phone con-       to and from L.A. December 26-January 12 (p.         by: Charlene Dalrymple
                versation with a Sunrise traveler      16)
who journeyed with her husband on our 30-day           2. Travel to Florida for a winter break on beau-
trip to Alaska this year. She asked if we might        tiful St. Pete Beach (named Florida’s best sun-
offer another trip to Alaska as they would love        set beach) and stay 1,2,3 or 4 weeks. It was
to return if they are able! Many who traveled          very hot summer of 2011, but do you remem-
on this trip had been to Alaska before and one         ber how cold it was winter of 2011? January
couple had even driven a RV when they went. It         13-February 13 (p. 18)
is definitely a place that is enjoyed by first-time    3. Travel by motorcoach to Ft.Lauderdale and
visitors and repeat visitors and yes, a trip to        take a 14-day Caribbean cruise on Celebrity’s
Alaska for 2013 is in the early planning stages.       Constellation. Return to St. Louis by motor-
It will have a fly as well as a no-fly option be-      coach – what a wonderful way to escape the
cause many of our travelers who have the time,         winter. January 26-February 13 (p. 19)
enjoy seeing the passing scenery as they travel        4. Travel by motorcoach along historic Route 66
to their destination and prefer travel by road         to Los Angeles for a round trip cruise to Hawaii
versus travel by air.                                  on the Golden Princess and return from L.A. on
For those of you who do prefer to avoid flying,        a different route via Las Vegas, Utah, Colorado
please note the following options just for you:        and Kansas. April 22-May 13 (p. 23)
 1. See the Rose Bowl Parade – an annual favor-        May every day bring you new discoveries! Hap-
ite of our travelers – for the first time offered by   py Travels.
Sunrise Tours with motorocoach transportation

                       From the Back of the Bus
                  • When we have a Travelogue,         Cardinal fans recently, I have come to the con-     by: Jim Dalrymple
                  should we serve donuts and           clusion that the St. Louis club will make a num-
                  coffee in the morning and only       ber of very important decisions this winter that
                  cookies and water in the after-      could change the face of this team and make for
                  noon? An alternative would be        a very interesting Spring Training. Is there life
                  to serve donuts, cookies and         after Tony and Dave?
                  coffee at both morning and af-       • Is our Florida trip in January more attractive
ternoon sessions! The possibilities are many!          to you because of the number of choices avail-
• We did not have a crowded bus on our recent          able to you?
Civil War trip to Springfield, Missouri. I wonder      • I was recently asked who travelled the most
if many people who have lived in Missouri for          with us and how many trips have they taken.
many years know how important Missouri was             Other than V-8, we have several people who
in the Civil War and the profound affect it had        have taken more than 60 trips with us since
on the history of this state.                          1994.
• It’s mind boggling for Charlie and I that we         • A customer recently told me that he thought
have known some of you for over 12 years.              the third grade meant he was supposed to be
• Many of you know this list of my random              there for three years. My question, how old
thoughts is titled From the Back of the Bus, be-       was he when he graduated from high school?
cause I routinely sit in the back of the bus dur-      • My greatest achievement in life was to con-
ing our trips. On the Alaskan trip, which was          vince my wife to marry me. My wife’s great-
the longest trip we have every offered, for a          est achievement in life was to convince her dad
combination of reasons I sat with Charlie in the       what my greatest achievement was.
front seat, behind the driver for nearly the en-       • I regularly deal with a company that thanks
tire trip. Before you become overly concerned          me each time I talk to them for doing business
with my comfort, think of the anguish Charlie          with them. Sunrise Tours may not say thank you
must have felt.                                        every time, but it does not denote we mean it
• After talking with a number of passionate            less. Please do not leave town without us.!
                New England Fall Adventure!
Day 1: Mid-Ohio                                                              of Vermont with our       Sept. 30-Oct. 9, 2011
We will depart and overnight                                                 local guide. B, D
                                                                                                         Oct. 7-16, 2011
in eastern Ohio. D                                                           Day 5: New Hamp-
Day 2: Finger Lakes, NY                                                      shire, Ogunquit, ME       For 15 years, Sun-
More fun and great scenery as                                                As we travel the by-      rise Tours has trav-
we make our way into the Fin-                                                ways of Vermont and       eled to savor the
ger Lakes Region of New                                                      New Hampshire, the        beauty that the fall
York! Today, we’ll visit the                                                 quaint villages, cov-     foliage brings to the
George Eastman Center (Ko-                                                   ered bridges, spiry       Green Mountains of
dak founder) for a guided tour.                                              church steeples, and      Vermont, the White
While enjoying the ambiance                                                  mountains and valleys     Mountains of New
of history and beauty, we will                                               dressed in fall colors    Hampshire and the
dine at the lovely Belhurst                                                  await us! There will be
                                                                                                       rugged seacoast of
Castle located on the shores                                                 a wealth of places to
of Seneca Lake before travel-                                                explore before arriv-
                                                                                                       southern     Maine!
ing to our overnight stay in                                                 ing at Maine’s pictur-    This is a tour you
Syracuse, NY. B, D                                                           esque and beautiful       don’t want to miss!
Day 3: Vermont                                                               coast, our home for
As we continue eastward                                                      the next 3 nights. Your
through central New York we’ll                                               hotel overlooks the
visit Cooperstown, featuring                                                 rugged coastline. B, D
recent inductee Whitey Her-                                                  Day 6: Ogunquit, ME
zog and the Baseball Hall of Fame, before arriv-   Following breakfast, we will board our coach to
ing in Vermont for a 2-night stay. B, D            travel to Portland and one of the oldest work-
Day 4: Vermont                                     ing lighthouses in the U.S., the Portland Head
How about a walk amid the colorful trees, and a    Light. Tonight, enjoy an authentic Maine lob-
visit to a maple syrup house and country store?    sterbake dinner. B, D
We will spend a glorious day in the mountains      Day 7: Ogunquit, ME
                                                          Another hearty breakfast and we are
                                                          off to cruise the harbor and learn how         Still time to join
                                                          to catch lobster! Then, we’ll spend the          this favorite!
                                                          afternoon in the quaint town of Ken-
                                                          nebunkport. B, D
                                                          Day 8: Scenic Roads
                                                          This morning, we bid adieu to Maine and
                                                          travel scenic roads through Massachu-
                                                          setts. This afternoon, we will return to a
                                                          Sunrise Tour traveler’s favorite, lunch at
                                                          The Graduate Club, located in an historic
                                                          1800s Federal style, Colonial building on
                                                          the Yale campus. This meal satisfies the
                                                          historian and the hungry! B, L
                                                          Day 9: Ohio
                                                          Fall foliage continues to delight the eye
                                                          as we travel through Pennsylvania to our
                                                          overnight stay in Ohio. B, D
                                                          Day 10: Return home
                                                          We arrive home early evening with warm
                                                          memories of new friends and wonderful        Per person rates
                                                          times. B                                     double $1828
                                                                                                       triple/quad $1678
                                                                                                       single $2368
                              Wisconsin in Fall Color
Day 1: Wisconsin
Relax as we make our way
into the northwestern por-                                                                                     October 1-6, 2011
tion of Wisconsin where                                                                                       On this tour we’ll
the variety of trees is sure
                                                                                                              drive along the Great
to please our fall foliage
                                                                                                              River Road Expedi-
palettes. Stop for dinner
before an overnight stay in                                                                                   tion, one of seven
Wisconsin. D                                                                                                  suggested “American
Day 2: Cranberries and                                                                                        Drives” by Readers
more                                                                                                          Digest.
Marshes of luscious red
berries will tantalize our
eyes this morning as we ex-
plore the region’s wetlands
and the spectacular beauty
of a cranberry bog during                               Crosse. B, D
this harvest season in one of the world’s larg-         Day 4: Lacrosse
est inland cranberry producing regions in the           Discover this Rivertown featuring lumber bar-
world. Did you know that cranberries are one            ons’ homes to early entrepreneurs and more.
of only three fruits native to the United States?       We’ll stop atop Granddad Bluff, voted the most
Later, we’ll board a vintage passenger train and        scenic view in Wisconsin where we can see the
experience rail travel as it was in the first half of   three states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.
the 20th Century! The fall leaf viewing should          Colors of gold, bronze, onyx pillars, inlaid mosa-
be spectacular. This evening enjoy a meal be-           ics of Venetian glass and mother of pearl await
fore checking into our hotel for an overnight in        us in the nationally architecturally recognized
St. Croix Falls srea. B, D                              Chapels of St. Rose. We’ll visit one of the 29
Day 3: Great River Road Expedition                      locks and dams which provide a water stairway
With the help of a park ranger, we’ll uncover           on the Mississippi River before enjoying leisure
the mystery of these huge steep-walled cyl-             time on Pearl Street West, the historic walking
inder gorges known as potholes at Dalles of             mall downtown. B, D
St Croix. Autumn colors unfold as we take the            Day 5: The Norwegian Valley
Great River Road Expedition, one of seven sug-          Next we’ll explore the wild and scenic backwa-
gested “American Drives” by Readers Digest, to          ters of the Mississippi River as we venture on
La Crosse. Along this scenic drive, visit the Wat-      a riverboat cruise. This evening we’ll visit the
son Museum, makers of pure vanilla extract,             Bekkum Homestead in Coon Valley. By night-
and more. Then we’ll tour a stain glass studio          fall, we’ll delight in the flavors of a traditional
while in the self-claimed “stained glass capital        Norwegian supper, then be entertained with
of the world”; Winona. Three night stay in La                   polkas, waltzes and Scandanavian folk
                                                                tunes, experiencing the natural beauty
                                                                of Norskedalen “the Norwegian Valley”
                                                                of Wisconsin. B, D
                                                                Day 6: Return Home
                                                                As we head home, we’ll stop in Prai-
                                                                rie du Chien for a treat with a stop for
                                                                cheese and the“finest smoked fish in
                                                                the world” or at least on the Mississippi
                                                                River. Then sit back and relax with the
                                                                splendor of fall color freshly painted in     Per person rates
                                                                our memory. B                                 double $968
                                                                                                              triple/quad $868
                                                                                                              single $1270
                                Fall Faith and Color
Day 1: Ohio
Depart St. Charles and travel to
Indianapolis, IN for lunch on your                                                                      October 5-12, 2011
own and a short visit to St. John
the Evangelist Catholic Church.
Founded in 1837, St. John is In-
dianapolis’ original parish and
was its pro-cathedral from 1871
until 1907. Continue to Bellville,
OH, for dinner at Sunrise favorite
Dutch Heritage Restaurant and an
overnight at the Quality Inn Ho-
tel. D
Day 2: Poughkeepsie, NY                            Faustina, canonized by Pope John Paul II on
Travel through Pennsylvania including the          April 30, 2000. Travel to Teaneck, NJ, and over-
S.B. Elliott State Park in the heart of Moshan-    night at the Marriott Hotel. B, L
non State Forest, a wooded park with pic-          Day 5: Jessup, MD
turesque areas of swamp meadows and                Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City
forest of second growth mixed hardwood             for a tour and mass at which time we will hear
and oak timber. It will be a beautiful day         their world-renowned choir. Visit St. John The
of fall color! Overnight in Poughkeepsie,          Baptist Catholic Church where the Padre Pio
New York, at the Holiday Inn Express. B, D         Shrine is located. Padre Pio’s first class relics
Day 3: Hudson Valley                               are located at this site, thanks to Mary Pile, Pa-
Visit Hyde Park attractions, including the FDR     dre Pio’s friend and secretary. St. Padre Pio was
Presidential Library and Museum and the Van-       canonized a Saint by Pope John Paul II on June
derbilt Mansion National Historic Site. Tour the   16, 2002. Today his tomb is the most visited
Culinary Institute of America, whose beauti-       shrine in Europe, surpassing even Fatima and
ful campus on the Hudson River was once the        Lourdes. We will see other NYC sites as time al-
home of the St. Andrew on Hudson Jesuit No-        lows. Travel to Jessup, MD, and enjoy dinner at
vitiate. Enjoy lunch at the St. Andrews Café at    Baltimore’s vibrant Inner Harbor en route. B, D
the Culinary Institute. Overnight at Holiday Inn   Day 6: Washington DC
Express. B, L                                      Attend morning mass followed by a guided tour
Day 4: Stockbridge, VT                             of National Shrine of the Immaculate Concep-
Travel to Stockbridge for a visit to the Norman    tion. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Shrine
Rockwell Museum, lunch at the famous Red           of the Immaculate Conception is the largest
Lion Inn and enjoy a guided tour and mass at       Roman Catholic Church in North America and
National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. This          one of the ten largest in the world. Visit The
Shrine houses the first class relics of Saint      Catholic University of America and Washington
                                                                    DC memorials as time allows.
                                                                    Enjoy a guided tour and high tea
                                                                    at the U. S. Naval Academy, An-
                                                                    napolis, MD. B, High Tea
                                                                    Day 7: Ohio
                                                                    Enjoy a guided tour and mass at
                                                                    the National Shrine of St. Eliza-
                                                                    beth Ann Seton, the first native
                                                                    born Saint of the United States
                                                                    of America, who was canonized
                                                                    by The Roman Catholic Church        Per person rates
                                                                    on September 14, 1975. B, D         double $1369
                                                                     Day 8: Return home
                                                                                                        triple/quad $1214
                                                                                                        single $1836
                                    New York Encore
Day 1: New York City                                              “Sherry”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Oh,
Catch a flight to New York City and                               What a Night” and more. Even if you        October 10-13, 2011
check into our Theater District ho-                               have seen it before, there is nothing      Featuring three nights
tel before a delicious dinner in the                              like the excitement and intimacy of a      at the Belevedere Hotel,
atrium garden at Mont Blanc Res-                                  Broadway production!                       just steps from the The-
taurant, home of excellent Swiss                                  B, D                                       atre District and Times
cuisine. Tonight enjoy a view from                                Day 3: New York City                       Square.
above as we ascend the “Top of the                                Like a real New Yorker, take the sub-
Rock” observation deck. D                                         way downtown to Battery Park and
Day 2: New York City                                              take the ferry to visit Ellis Island and
Start the day with a local guided                                 the Statue of Liberty. This afternoon
tour of the most important bor-                                   is yours to enjoy as you please. Take
ough of New York City; Manhattan. See Central        in a matinee show, shop Madison Avenue or vis-
Park, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral,   it the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Your Sunrise
Chinatown, the reconstruction at Ground Zero         Tour Manager will be available to help you chart        Per person rates*
and much more. After a delicious dinner, visit       a course for an exciting New York afternoon             double $1853
the August Wilson Theater for one of the biggest     (cost of afternoon activities not included). B          triple/quad $1659
Broadway hits of the last decade and winner of       Day 4: New York City                                    single $2502
the 2006 Tony Award for Best Musical; Jersey         Take a short, early morning walk to Rockefeller         * Includes airfare from STL
Boys. Experience the story of Frankie Valli and      Center to watch the Today Show(optional) be-
the Four Seasons as they rise from the streets of    fore checking out of our hotel and heading to
Newark to international pop stars with hits like     the airport for our return flight. B

Day 1: Nashville, TN
                                  Fall in the Smokiesmorning to see it all properly. B, D                    October 18-22, 2011
Enjoy home-style cooking for lunch at Patti’s        Day 3: Pigeon Forge, TN
1880’s Settlement Restaurant of Kentucky Lake.
Voted #1 restaurant by Southern Living maga-
zine because of its food and #1 for its tourism,
we will take the time to enjoy a leisurely meal
                                                     After returning to satisfy our fascination with
                                                     Biltmore House, we’re off. Enjoy a step on guide
                                                     aboard to educate and entertain us as we wind
                                                     through the mountains. Absorb the gorgeous
                                                                                                             “    I enjoyed all of
                                                                                                             the events and en-
and shopping in its 8 unique shops. Then it’s off    fall foliage as we pass through the heart of the        tertainment you had
to Nashville, TN our home for the night, to sa-      Great Smoky Mountain National Park to arrive            planned for us - es-
vor a performance at the world famous Grand          in Pigeon Forge, TN for a 2-night stay. A delicious     pecially the music in
Ole Opry! Tip your hats and stomp your boots         dinner and an acclaimed country music show in           Nashville. I had been
along with the longest continually running radio     Pigeon Forge will cap off our beautiful day. B, D       to the Biltmore House
broadcast show in history. L                         Day 4: Gatlinburg and Dollywood
                                                                                                             on two previous occa-
Day 2: Asheville, NC                                 After breakfast, we’ll visit Dolly Parton’s Dolly-
                                                                                                             sions, ... still magnifi-
One of our most scenic drives awaits us today as     wood, home of mountain music and good old
we make the trip east to Asheville, North Caro-      Ozark tradition. Next we’ll spend time at Rip-          cent!!
lina. Tonight’s destination is the massive and       ley’s Aquarium before dinner in Pigeon Forge.           D. Robirds, 2009 Fall
                                                                                                             in the Smokies

captivating Biltmore Mansion Estate. From the        After dinner, you can visit The Christmas Place
extravagant mansion and gardens, to the top          store with your tour manager or enjoy a relax-
notch winery, we’ll need to come back in the         ing evening at the hotel while you savor your
                                                                        new mountain memories. B, D
                                                                        Day 5: Return home
                                                                        We bid the mountains good-
                                                                        bye and return home enjoy-
                                                                        ing more dramatic fall colors
                                                                        along the way. B
                                                                                                             Per person rates
                                                                                                             double $999
                                                                                                             triple/quad $907
                                                                                                             single $1276           8
            Cuyahoga Valley Fall Color Tour
Day 1: Springfield, Ohio
Heading east across Illinois and Indiana to
Ohio, we’ll enjoy the comfortable ride and
passing scenery, stopping at the charm-                                                                   October 18-22, 2011
ing Model T Museum and the Warm Glow
Outlet. Dinner is a special treat tonight at a
working Dairy Farm. D
Day 2: Cuyahoga Valley
Visit a small factory where metal whistles
are made before heading north to board
the historic Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Rail-
road for a journey into the heart of this
National Park. Learn about the workings of                                Punderson Manor Lodge
the Ohio & Erie Canalway. Settle in for two
                                                     um. They showcase the origin, development
nights in Old World luxury at Punderson Manor
                                                     and growth of professional football as part of
Lodge located on Punderson Lake. Relax and
                                                     American culture. At The Warther Museum in
enjoy dinner this evening at the Lodge. B, D
                                                     Dover, you will enjoy learning about the life of
Day 3: Ohio Amish Country
                                                     “Mooney” Warther, who went from whittling to
After a full hot breakfast overlooking the lake,
                                                     master carving, and how his love of family and
we will be joined by a knowledgeable local
                                                     hobbies is honored today by his decedents. A
step-on guide for a ride through the back roads
                                                     special treat awaits you as we dine this evening
of beautiful Geauga County. You will meet the
                                                     in the Ivory Room. B, D
local Amish folks, learn about their gentle way
                                                     Day 5: Dayton, OH, return home
of life and marvel at their craftsmanship. A deli-
                                                     From the Wright Brothers to our present day
cious and filling dinner awaits you this evening
                                                     Air Force, the National Museum of the United
in an Amish country home. B, D
                                                     States Air Force covers it all. You will be filled   Per person rates
Day 4: Footballs and Knives
We say farewell to Punderson Manor Lodge as
                                                     with pride in our great country and gratitude        double $794
                                                     for the men and women who have served in the         triple/quad $717
we head south to Canton and the Pro Football
                                                     armed forces. B                                      single $1143
Hall of Fame, America’s premier sports muse-

    Eureka Springs, Branson and More!
Day 1: Eureka Springs, AR                            the Texans. Sit atop a very scenic mountain as       October 19-22, 2011
Enjoy the fall colors as we travel to our first      we enjoy the spectacular experience of watch-
stop in Lead Hill, AR where you will go back to      ing America’s largest outdoor drama, The New         Highlights:
the 13th century and witness thirty authenti-        Great Passion Play. The play features a cast of      * Ozark Medieval For-
cally dressed craftsmen at work transforming         more than two hundred actors along with live         tress
nature’s resources to build the Ozark Medieval       animals in a moving depiction of the last days       * Passion Play in Eureka
Fortress. We continue on to Eureka Springs for       and the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. B, D            Springs, AR
dinner and a 2-night stay. B, D                      Day 3: Branson, MO                                   * Dinner and Gospel
Day 2: Passion Play                                  Board the Branson Scenic Railway for a 40-mile       Music Show
This morning we will enjoy the serenity of the       roundtrip excursion thru Ozark foothills and         * Visit Historic Eureka
springs and gardens at the Blue Spring Heritage      tunnels and learn about the history of the area.     Springs
Center. Afterwards you’ll have free time for         Later we will enjoy the fall colors, dinner and an   * Showboat Branson
lunch and shopping in the picturesque historic       all new show, as we board the Showboat Bran-         Belle in Branson, MO
town of Eureka Springs, designated as a com-         son Belle! After the show, we will check into our    * Branson Scenic Rail-
munity of national significance on the National      hotel for the night. B, D                            road
Register of Historic Places. Later this afternoon    Day 4: Return Home                                   Per person rates
we will enjoy an early dinner at the new “Top        We return home this afternoon. B                     double $672
of the Mountain” Gospel Music Dinner Theater                                                              triple/quad $595
featuring the award winning Gospel Music of
                                                                                                          single $915          9
                                  The Heart of Texas
Day 1: Oklahoma
Relax as we travel south-
west towards the Lone Star
State. We will overnight in                                                                              October 24-30, 2011
eastern Oklahoma. D
Day 2: Mammoths in Texas                                                                                 Some say, “if you
Continuing        southwest,                                                                             haven’t been to the
we will take an afternoon                                                                                Hill Country, then you
break in Waco, TX for a visit                                                                            haven’t really been to
to a unique destination.                                                                                 Texas”. Join us as we
In 1978, a large bone was                                                                                feature the Hill Coun-
discovered in a ravine. 30                                                                               try with its enticing
years of excavation later                                                                                communities and lush
24 mammoths and a pre-                                                                                   terrain all wrapped up
historic camel were un-                                                                                  in fall colors.
covered! We will receive                            your seat. Downtown Boerne is just as inviting
a guided tour of the Waco Mammoth Site and          with its historic main street. And if you choose
journey into the past lives of 6 Waco Mam-          you can see the 300 year old German Bible on
moths and the Camel. Our final destination to-      display at the Public Library. Located in Wim-
day is Austin, TX, the gateway to the scenic Hill   berley, TX, we will explore the Bella Vista Farm,      So many cows!
Country. We arrive at the Drury Inn and Suites      including their olive oil making process, ranch      According to Fast Facts
in time for the hotel’s featured hot appetizers/    and winery. It’s back to Austin for a delicious      about the 50 States
drinks and to unpack our bags for our 3-night       dinner-old west style. B, D                          book, Texas has 14
stay. B, L, hot apps                                Day 5: Cowboys, Cattle, Trains and more!             million cattle. To give
Day 3: Hill Country Rich History                    Wave good-bye to our Hill Country hosts as we        you an idea of exactly
The diversity of the fall landscape, history and    travel north to Grapevine, TX. Upon arrival,         what that means, 46
quaint communities will highlight our day. We       we will board the Grapevine Vintage Railroad         states have fewer peo-
will begin our day touring the Lyndon B. John-      for an excursion along the historic Cotton Best      ple than Texas has cat-
son State Park and Historic Site for an up-close    Route. Get ready to experience train travel as       tle! See a Cattle Drive
look at his ranch and “the white house”. We         it was in the glory days of the expanding west.      in person on Day 5 of
will say “Guten Tag” as we arrive in Fredericks-    We arrive at the Fort Worth Stockyards Nation-       this tour.
burg whose German community offers a taste          al Historic District where the colorful history of
of the Olde World. After some time to explore       the Old West comes alive with our personally
Main Street we will see the sights at The Na-       guided walking tour followed by leisure time to
tional Museum of the Pacific War known as           explore even more. Before we board our train
the world’s premiere destination for discover-      for the trip back, join us on E. Exchange Ave-
ing the full story of WWII in the Pacific. Wild-    nue to watch The Cattle Drive as herded cattle
seed Farms is our next destination to pick up a     tromp down the middle of the street. Only in
packet of hill country seeds before we head to      Texas! Tonight we overnight in one of Grape-
dinner. B, D                                        vine’s finest. The AAA four-diamond Gaylord
Day 4: Hill Country Old West                        Texan Resort will open its doors for our dinner
Step back in time as we travel to a town fea-       and overnight stay. B, D
tured in Reader’s Digest Off the Beaten Path        Day 6: Arkansas
book. Established in 1849 as a trading post,        Enjoy some leisure time at the resort this morn-
Luckenbach, TX is famous for its 1977 #1 coun-      ing or join us for a shopping excursion to Main
try music hit. Visit the barnlike historic dance    Street in Historic Downtown Grapevine. Ear-
hall, saloon and the one and only rustic general    ly this afternoon, we will board our coach to
store. We’ll appreciate the beauty of the heart     travel northwest on I-30 headed for Little Rock,
of TX as we journey to the German town of           AR. Relax and join your fellow travelers for din-
                                                    ner and evening entertainment in this dynamic        Per person rates
Boerne, TX. Here we’ll tour this themed mov-
                                                    state capital city. B, D                             double $1268
ie set and meet Pistol Packin’ Paula who will
                                                    Day 7: Return Home                                   triple/quad $1134
entertain us and twirl two .45 cimarron revolv-
ers. Before you know it, you will be dancing in     We return to home sweet home this evening. B         single $1670
                                      Branson Holiday
Join us for a holiday tour to Branson and experience some of the best entertainment around! Each tour includes
accommodations at the Savannah House, featuring an extensive breakfast each morning and a warm treat each
evening. Breakfast and dinner included daily.
November 11-13                                       November 14-16                                        November 11-13,
Andy Williams                                        Dixie Stampede                                             2011
Everyone knows and loves him - he’s the holiday      Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner features
event of the year!                                   friendly North and South competition, thrilling      Per person rates
Branson Belle                                        horse riding stunts, spectacular special effects,    double $499
A favorite dinner cruise with an entirely new        phenomenal musical productions plus a four-          triple/quad $474
show! See the renovated Branson Belle and            course dinner.                                       single $579
experience the revamped show.                        Miracle of Christmas
Six                                                  Performing at the Sight and Sound Theatre, The
Awarded Best New Show in Branson, Six com-           Miracle of Christmas follows the journey of Mary
                                                                                                           November 14-16,
bines the musical showmanship and boundless          and Joseph as they travel the road to Bethlehem
energy of six extremely talented brothers.           and witness the birth of Jesus.                            2011
Red, Hot and Blue                                    Texas Tenors                                         Per person rates
These incred-                                        Enjoy the beautiful tones in their voices, as this   double $499
ible entertainers                                    trio sing country, gospel, classical and Broadway    triple/quad $474
sing and dance                                       songs. You saw them on America’s Got Talent;         single $579
their hearts out                                     now see them up-close and personal at The Star-
in this beauti-                                      lite Theatre. Hot new show!
fully costumed                                       Hughes Brothers
show that show-                                      The Hughes Brothers, and the “Worlds Largest
cases the music                                      Performing Family”... 5 Brothers + 5 wives + 24
of the 40’s, 50’s,                                   children and counting = one of the great success
60’s and 70’s!                                       stories of American entertainment. Voted Best
                                                     Vocal Group in Branson, their powerful voices
                                                     will stun you!

                        Indiana Christkindlmarkt
Day 1: Jasper, IN                                    National Landmark, formally dubbed the                November 19-20,
Today, we drive the short distance to Ferdinand,     “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Once a thriving              2011
Indiana and enjoy the annual Christkindlmarkt.       resort that fell into disrepair, it has now under-
Modeled after the open-air markets held in           gone an exciting transformation. The nearby
Germany, Christkindlmarkt is a heart-warming         French Lick Resort opened in 1895 and ran con-
holiday event featuring artisans, an array of hol-   tinuously until 2005. After a multi-million dollar
iday music and food. We’ll have plenty of time       renovation it has reopened and we will dine at
to explore this “14th century village”. Then,        the Colonnades. This afternoon, we will visit Dr.
we’re off to a guided tour of the “Castle on the     Ted Musical Marvel’s collection of amazing mu-
Hill” – The Monastery                                                              sical instruments
of Immaculate Concep-                                                              from the 1800’s to
tion, one of the nation’s                                                          mid-1900’s. It’s OK
largest communities of                                                             to tap, wiggle, sway
Benedictine women. This                                                            and stomp to the
evening, we’ll dine at the                                                         magic of the music!                             !
Schnitzelbank and enjoy                                                            Filled with holiday                  ince   2009
                                                                                                                 rice s
traditional German music                                                           cheer, we return        Same
and entertainment. D                                                               home. B, L             Per person rates
Day 2: French Lick, Re-
                                                                                                          double $270
turn home
                                                                                                          triple/quad $252
This morning, we’ll tour
The West Baden Springs                                                                                    single $325
    Pennsylvania Dutch to the Big Apple
Day 1: Ohio                                                                    we’ll venture 50 feet
Settle in for a com-                                                           below sea level (by el-
fortable ride and hos-                                                         evator), as we tour the
pitality as we travel to                                                       The Gold Vault and           November 28-
Central Ohio for our                                                           learn about the unique      December 5, 2011
overnight stay. D                                                              role of the New York
Day 2: Great Ameri-                                                            Federal Reserve Bank.
can Chocolate                                                                  Then it’s off to dinner
Journey this morning                                                           in Little Italy before an
through the rolling                                                            evening of festive lights
hills towards Lan-                                                             and holiday decor of
caster, PA, and stop at                                                        Manhattan. View the
Hershey’s Chocolate                                                            huge snowflake made
World where we’ll                                                              of Baccarat crystal as
board Hershey’s own                                                            we drive down 57th
trolley for a memo-                                                            Street with our local
rable narrated his-                                                            guide, take in the holi-
torical tour through                                                           day light show at the
the town “built on                                                             Grand Central Terminal
chocolate”. Don’t be                                                           and more. Our evening
surprised if the con-                                                          concludes with a visit to
ductor starts singing!                                                         the “Top of the Rock”
We’ll also enjoy the                                                           with spectacular vistas
Hershey’s Sweet Lights display. After our indul-     of Rockefeller Center‘s famous Christmas Tree
gence, we’ll make the quick drive to the Eden        before retiring to the Marriott Teaneck, NJ for
Resort, our home for the next three nights. B, D     the next two nights. B, D
Day 3: Pennsylvania Dutch                            Day 6: Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall
Visit a Pennsylvania Dutch community and with        Wake up to a special performance of the Rock-
a local guide, we’ll uncover the mysteries of        ettes at Radio City Hall. They made their debut
Amish lifestyle and explore the countryside as       in 1933 and will continue kicking high for this
we make our way to a native Lancaster County         extraordinary show and Christmas spectacular.
farm. Not only will we see picturesque scenery       This afternoon it’s your choice. Will you choose
filled with farms, hills, and quaint towns, but      a play on Broadway? A visit to the MET or Gug-
we’ll have an opportunity to stop at a shop or       genheim Museum? Shopping on famous 5th
two along the way. Then prepare your pallets         Avenue? So many possibilities- you‘re sure to
for an evening feast of local Amish fare. ‘Tis the   be pleased! This evening, enjoy our meal at
evening, we’ll delight in “Dickens of Christmas”     the Heartland Brewery in the heart of Times
at the historic Mount Hope Estate and Winery.        Square. B, D
B, D                                                 Day 7: Oglebay Resort
Day 4: Yuletide Magic                                Travel to Wheeling, WV to enjoy a festive holi-
Today we’re in for some Yuletide magic as we         day buffet and winter festival of lights celebra-
visit our 15th President James Buchanan’s            tion at the Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV.
Wheatland Estate. We’ll learn about the Presi-       This Festival of Lights, created by world-renown
dent, his niece Harriet Lane, and the mansion        landscape lighting expert Dick Bosch, was fea-
during our tour before a quick shopping excur-       tured on the Travel Channel’s Extreme Christ-
sion followed by leisure time at the resort. After   mas Celebrations and named as a top event in
dinner this evening we’ll experience the “2011       the country by Discover America and the Amer-
Christmas Show” at the American Music The-           ican Bus Association. Overnight in Ohio. B, D
ater…where music is alive! B, D                      Day 8: Return Home
                                                                                                           Per person rates
Day 5: Discovering The Big Apple                     With a deep sigh of satisfaction and memories
                                                                                                           double $1598
After breakfast, make a brief stop at Lancaster      of a world apart, we’ll make our way home. B
                                                                                                           triple/quad $1440
Central Market for one last PA dutch treat be-
fore our travels further east. This afternoon                                                              single $2071
                                 Holiday Grandeur!
 Featuring the Greenbrier Resort, Homestead Resort and Colonial Williamsburg
Day 1: Lexington, KY                                into the Christmas season for decades. B, D
Travel across Kentucky to Lexington for an over-    Day 4: Williamsburg, VA                                  Dec. 3-9, 2011
night stay. Cap off the evening in style as we      Since the first organized Christmas celebration
drive through Kentucky Horse Park’s “Southern       drew visitors to Colonial Williamsburg in 1936,
Lights” holiday show. D                             nothing can match the excitement and grandeur
Day 2: Greenbrier Resort                            of a Christmas season in Williamsburg. Today,
Travel to the award-winning Greenbrier Resort.      we will spend the day at Colonial Williamsburg,
Home to distinguished guests since 1776, this       all dressed up for the holidays. We’ll have com-
hotel is located in White Sulphur Springs, WV       plete access to explore Colonial Williamsburg’s
in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains. We’ll ar-     hundreds of recreated and restored buildings,
rive in time to enjoy their daily afternoon tea     sites and exhibits including the Governor’s
and holiday concert. What a treat! After a tour     Palace. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the historic
of the grounds, relax in the elegantly decorated    Shield’s Tavern where servers still wear period
guest rooms or in the magnificent lobbies by a      dress as they did in the 1800’s. The day will in-
cozy fireplace. You will have the option of tour-   clude activities which make the history books
ing The Bunker (additional cost), a former U.S.     come alive right before our eyes! B, L

Government Relocation hideaway facility from        Day 5: The Homestead
the Cold War. Our four-course dinner will be in     Since 1766, the opulent National Historic Land-
the main dining room (where coats and ties are      mark Homestead Resort has offered an in-
required) with sparkling chandeliers and stately    comparable retreat to its visitors. Princes and             It was wonder-
columns. After dinner continue to soak up the       Presidents, including Thomas Jefferson, have          ful, just fabulous!
charm of the Greenbrier with an evening enter-      soaked in its mineral spring waters, and if you       My husband en-
tainment or a swim in the pool. B, D                bring a bathing suit, you can too! Sit around         joyed it immensely

Day 3: Greenbrier Resort                            the immense Christmas Tree, sipping tea in the        too!
We awake to The Greenbrier and it’s incred-         elegant foyer of this grand hotel. We will treat      M. Catlett, Holiday
ible winter wonderland décor throughout the         ourselves to a delightful dinner complete with        Grandeur 2009
resort. After breakfast in the main dining room,    musicians playing. Feel free to tap your toes or
shop in the dozens of boutiques, and/or enjoy       even dance to a number or two! After dinner,
an optional activity (at an additional cost) such   you are welcome to relax or even enjoy a movie
as a carriage or sleigh ride or a one-of-a-kind     in their in-house theater. B, D
spa service. This afternoon, a colonial Christmas   Day 6: Ohio
awaits us as we journey to Williamsburg, VA         This morning, we will have time to indulge in
for the next 2 nights. Combining nostalgia and      a lovely, relaxing breakfast while enjoying the
charm, we are certain to feel                       hospitality of this luxurious Resort. We’ll have
the magic that Colonial Williamsburg has put        lunch and time to shop at the Tamarack of West
                                                                           Virginia, home of vibrant
                                                                           juried artists, southern
                                                                           crafters and local food
                                                                           producers. As the sun be-
                                                                           gins to set, we’re in for a
                                                                           thrill at the “Legendary
                                                                           Lights of the Clifton Mill”.
                                                                           This spectacular event has
                                                                           been described as “mind-
                                                                           boggling!” They boast the
                                                                           country’s largest collec-
                                                                           tion of over 3,000 antique
                                                                           Santas and a lot more. B, L
                                                                           Day 7: Return home             Per person rates
                                                                           We relive our cherished        double $1563
                                                                           memories as we travel          triple/quad $1480
                                                                           home. B                        single $1990
                                        Asheville, Nashville and more!
Day 1: Sevierville, TN                                                                                      December 5-9, 2011
Located deep in the valley
of action-packed Pigeon
Forge, we’ll revel in the
beautiful award-winning
Winterfest celebration as
we settle in for our two
nights’ stay in Sevierville. D
Day 2: Dollywood and
Following a hearty Smoky
Mountain breakfast, en-
joy the South’s largest and
most beautiful Christmas
Village before visiting Pi-
geon Forge’s premier at-
traction; Dollywood. Dolly
created her theme park to
showcase her homeland,
the Smoky Mountains. Get                              the halls and rooms are accented with elegant
ready for a day of music, shows, attractions,         décor and are filled with holiday music. B, D
crafts and special Christmas cheer, all with an       Day 4: Opryland Nashville, TN
Appalachian flavor. Tonight, the Smith Family,        After breakfast, we’ll indulge ourselves with a
five time winners of the Best Show in the Smok-       return visit to the Biltmore Estate. Enjoy the gar-
ies, will entertain us with a variety show packed     dens, and the House before travelling to Nash-
with music, comedy and Christmas jollies! B, D        ville, Tennessee, our third Holidayville. Settle
Day 3: Asheville, NC                                  into the acclaimed Opryland Hotel for our eve-
Explore and shop in the warmly holiday deco-          ning’s stay. Under climate-controlled glass atri-
rated historic district of Sevierville before trav-   ums, we’ll be surrounded by nine acres of lush
eling to Asheville, North Carolina to the lavish      indoor gardens, winding rivers and pathways,
Vanderbilt historic home, The Biltmore Estate.        and sparkling waterfalls where we can unwind,
Tonight, we’ll recapture the magic of the season      explore, shop, dine, and be entertained to our
as we join in the Yuletide celebration and can-       heart’s content. And, are they ever decorated
dlelight tour inspired by the Vanderbilt’s Christ-    for Christmas! Today we’ll have time to visit the
mas Eve in 1895. During Christmas at Biltmore,        ICE exhibit - a winter wonderland created from
                                                                              1.5 million pounds of ice!
                                                                              The Radio City Rockettes
                                                                              will entertain us and set a
                                                                              lively tone to end a won-
                                                                              derful vacation. B, D
                                                                              Day 5: Return home
                                                                              After a leisurely morning
                                                                              and filled to the brim with
                                                                              holiday cheer and a keen
                                                                              anticipation of the unfold-
                                                                              ing season, we make our
                                                                              journey home. B
                                                                                                            Per person rates
                                                                                                            double $1178
                                                                                                            triple/quad $1123
                                                                                                            single $1342
                          Chicago’s Holiday Spirit
Day 1: Chicago in its Finest                           the most authentic Christkindlmarkets in the
                                                                                                              December 12-14,
Upon arrival in Chicago we will explore the            western world, you will think a bit of Germany
sights with a local guide. Highlights will include     has been airlifted to downtown Chicago as you               2011
                                                                                                            Each holiday season,
architectural landmarks of the Loop, Millenni-         shop for a unique gift, sip gluhwein or German
                                                                                                            Chicago’s     traditional
um Park, the city’s spectacular lakefront as well      bier, and sample the array of German food. Af-
                                                                                                            and most cherished cel-
as a peek into some of the city’s neighborhoods.       terwards, we are off to the Goodman Theater.
                                                                                                            ebrations include Christ-
After dinner, it’s up to the 103rd floor of the Wil-   For 31 years, the Goodman Theater has invited
                                                                                                            kindlmarket,      Macy’s
lis Tower for a view from the Skydeck. As the          holiday-goers to a performance of A Christmas
                                                                                                            animated windows, the
3rd largest building in the world, we’ll enjoy our     Carol. This production is sure to put us in the
                                                                                                            classy Walnut Room
views of the twinkling landscape. Overnight for        holiday spirit! B, L
                                                                                                            and a performance of
2 nights in downtown Chicago. D                        Day 3: Christmas around the World
                                                                                                            A Christmas Carol at
Day 2: Feeling the holiday spirit!                     This morning, visit the Museum of Science and
                                                                                                            the Goodman Theater.
We will view the famous elaborate trimmings            Industry as it comes alive with holiday flair by
                                                                                                            Join us as we enjoy all of
and animated windows of Macy’s (formally               featuring it’s “Christmas Around the World” dis-
                                                                                                            them in one tour!
Marshall Fields) before we shop one of the 13          play. More than 50 trees are decorated to re-
floors! Look for “The Great Tree” (you won’t           flect different ethnic culture and traditions from
miss this 2 ½ story spectacle) sparkling with          around the world. We will also tour the U-505
over 1,000 handmade ornaments and you will             exhibit. The only German submarine captured          Per person rates
find our spot for lunch. The Walnut Room wel-          by the US Navy during WWII, the U-505 tour of-       double $568
comes us for a nostalgic Christmas Lunch as it         fers an interactive exhibit and an opportunity to    triple/quad $514
has since the early 1900’s. After lunch, we will       walk on board. B
                                                                                                            single $729
visit the Christkindlmarket. Touted as one of

A Norman Rockwell and Von Trapp Christmas
Day 1: Fly into Albany, NY                             tions: Dakin Farms. Learn about the production
Fly to Albany, NY and kick off our holiday experi-     of their gourmet meats and cheeses complete            December 13-17,
ence with a visit to the Berkshire Museum and          with delicious samples for all! This afternoon              2011
Festival of Trees; a unique display of 100 Christ-     we arrive at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in time
mas trees each decorated with the heart and            for afternoon tea and cookies and our two-
soul of the local community! After dinner with         night stay. This evening we will savor a 3-course
a local flare, overnight in Barrington, MA. D          dinner followed by a viewing of the movie “The
Day 2: Norman Rockwell Christmas                       Real Maria”. B,D
This morning visit the charming town of Stock-         Day 4: “…these are a few of my favorite things.”
bridge, MA, whose Main St. inspired one of Nor-        Today we explore the area around the Lodge.
man Rockwell’s best known illustrations. It will       The Morse Sugar Farm will host us and teach
feel like we are in the painting as we explore         about the history of sugaring, the production
this quaint town. Norman Rockwell’s museum             of maple syrup, and in true VT tradition, we will
is our next stop before we enjoy a scrumptious         experience a wonderful sugar-on-snow! After
Christmas lunch at the historic Red Lion Inn.          some time for lunch on your own and shopping
This afternoon, travel north to the Yankee Can-        in Stowe, we will tour the Cold Hollow Cider
dle Flagship Store for some holiday shopping.          Mill where you will see cider being produced
This evening, enjoy a 4-course dinner followed         year round. Return to the Trapp estate for a
by caroling and a visit from a very special friend.    horse drawn-sleigh ride (weather permitting)
B, L, D                                                and tea and cookies. After a 3-course dinner,        Per person rates*
Day 3: Vermont’s delights                              a Von Trapp family member will delight us with       double $1699
After a hearty breakfast, depart with a local          her stories and songs! B, D                          triple/quad $1628
guide to the Danforth Pewter Company for a             Day 5: Flight home                                   single $2017
demonstration and the Vermont Soap Factory             We say “So long, Good day” to our new fond ac-       * Includes roundtrip
for a look at how organic soaps are made. This         quaintances before we catch our flight home. B       airfare from STL.
is the area where the Bob Newhart Show was
filmed and we will see this special home. Next
is a visit to one of Vermont’s tastiest attrac-                                                                               15
        The 123rd Rose Parade and more!
Stop and smell the roses at the 123rd Rose Parade in Pasadena, California! Always a                          December 29,
favorite with Sunrise Tours travelers, this wonderful New Year’s trip packed with lots of                   2011-January 3,
activity is sure to foster many fond memories.
Day 1: Fly into Los Angeles                          you’re an avid car fan or not, you’ll leave this
Catch a flight into Los Angeles and check into the   venue filled with nostalgia. Afterwards, visit the
Marriott in Manhattan Beach, our comfortable         Getty Museum which offers ancient to modern
home for the duration of the trip. D
Day 2: Reagan Library, Behind the Parade
Take a scenic drive along the coast and over the
                                                     art, beautiful, tranquil gardens in a dramatic ar-
                                                     chitectural setting. Enjoy spectacular vistas of
                                                     the hills and Pacific Ocean in the distance before
                                                     returning to our hotel. You’ll have time to watch
                                                                                                           “    Just wanted to
                                                                                                           let you know we had
mountains to Simi Valley to enjoy a visit at the     some football games or relax by the pool. This        a wonderful time...
Ronald Reagan Library and Museum. This year,         evening a special New Year’s Eve celebration is       all of the meals and
the newly renovated Reagan Library pays tribute      planned to bring in the New Year! Dancing! Sing-      attractions we saw
to our 40th President with a special Centennial      ing! What will it be? The evening is a mystery as     were super! I have
Celebration. There will be new engaging exhib-       is the coming year! B, D                              been to L.A. quite
its to honor his accomplishments and patriotic       Day 4: Los Angeles sightseeing
                                                                                                           a few times, and
spirit. Enjoy lunch on your own in Old Pasadena      Today we’ll spend the day exploring Los Angeles
                                                                                                           never had a better
before we go behind the scenes to see how the        with a local guide. See The Hollywood
Rose Bowl floral floats are constructed. Then        Bowl, Mann’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Walk          tour than our tour
we’re off to tour the Queen Mary before our on-      of Fame, Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Rodeo           with Sunrise. Riding
board evening of dinner and entertainment at         Drive and so much more! B, D                          the subway in L.A.
the Tibbies. B, D                                    Day 5: Rose Parade                                    was like being in a

Day 3: Bringing in the New Year                      Enjoy a great view of the Tournament of Roses         movie!
Journey through the Petersen Automotive Mu-          Parade from your reserved seating - you can’t         T. and P. Dahlia
seum and explore one of mankind’s greatest           help but get caught up in the excitement of the       Rose Bowl 2005
achievements and obsessions: the automobile.         crowd as the beautiful floats, proud marching
The museum, founded by Robert E Peterson             bands, and the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales pass
(and publisher of Hot Rod and Motor Trend mag-       by! After lunch, we’re in for a treat as we tour
azines), features the history of cars beginning      the Crystal Cathedral, home base of the Hour of
with a 1901 streetscape and showcases auto-          Power television ministry. The cathedral is rec-
mobiles of glamour and celebrity along with the      ognized for its glass structure and contemporary
Otis Chandler Motorcycle Collection. Whether         architecture and featured on The History Chan-
                                                                                 nel. Afterwards, you’ll
                                                                                 have leisure time be-
                                                                                 fore a delicious din-
                                                                                 ner and retiring for
                                                                                 the night. B, D
                                                                                 Day 6: Return home
                                                                                 Before catching our
                                                                                 return flight to St.
                                                                                 Louis, we will have
                                                                                 time for last minute
                                                                                 souvenir shopping,
                                                                                 or a walk along the
                                                                                 Santa Monica pier         Per person rates*
                                                                                 or promenade be-          double $2098
                                                                                 fore our flight home.     triple/quad $1933
                                                                                 Hasn’t this trip been     single $2593
                                                                                 an exhilarating way to    * Includes roundtrip
                                                                                 begin a new year?!! B     airfare from STL

                  Rose Bowl Parade by coach
   featuring Palm Springs, Tucson, Los Angeles and more
Day 1: Oklahoma Holiday Lights                        and dramatic mountain peaks, Tucson is the sec-       December 26, -
Today we begin our journey west and overnight         ond largest city in Arizona. B, D
near Oklahoma City. Before turning in, we’ll          Day 13: Explore Tucson
                                                                                                           January 12, 2012
take a breathtaking illuminated tour of 4 million     Visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, a
twinkling lights. D                                   world renowned zoo, natural history museum
Day 2: Luminarias of New Mexico                       and botanical garden all in one. Take a narrated
Enjoy the scenery as we travel through the flat-      tram tour of Sabino Canyon, located in the foot-
lands of Oklahoma or the pan-handle of Texas          hills of the Santa
to Albuquerque, NM. Enjoy some time in Old            Catalina     Moun-
Town Albuquerque, aglow with traditional holi-        tains. After lunch,
day luminaria. B, D                                   we’ll visit the re-
Day 3: Mystifying Red Rock Country                    nowned DeGrazia
This morning we make our way to Sedona, AZ,           Art Gallery before
a beautiful town nestled among stunning red           returning to our
rocks and the contrasting riparian areas of Oak       hotel. This evening
Creek Canyon for some free time. Overnight            we venture out for
Phoenix area. B, D                                    a special viewing
Day 4: Manhattan Beach, CA                            of the clear desert
Check into the Manhattan Beach Marriott, our          sky where the stars
comfortable home for the next 5 nights. B, D          shine bright. B, D
Day 5 –8: (See Rosebowl Tour on page 41 for           Day 14: “Bone-
details – Days 2 through 5)                           yard” and Space
Day 9: Palm Springs                                   Visit the Pima Air and Space Museum and tour
As we travel to Palm Springs, we will stop for a      the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, including the
Mule-drawn covered wagon tour that will take          309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regenera-
us through the Coachella Valley Preserve be-          tion Center, also known as the “boneyard”. This
fore a delicious, hearty western BBQ and musi-        unique facility provides aerospace maintenance
cal entertainment. Enjoy the convenience and          for warfighters. Visit the Mission San Xavier del
amenities at the Palm Mountain Resort & Spa           Bac, completed in 1797 and filled with original
for three nights. B, D                                statuary and mural paintings. B, D
Day 10: Exploration and Follies                       Day 15: Land of Enchantment
Explore the area with a local guide who will          Today a ranger guided tour of the White Sands
share the glamour, beauty and history of this ul-     National Park will feature one of the world’s
timate celebrity playground. Of course, no trip       great natural wonders, wave-like dunes of white
to Palm Springs would be complete without The         sands that have engulfed 275 square miles of
Fabulous Palm Spring Follies, featuring the leg-      desert. Grab your camera – it’s quite a sight!
endary line of long-legged lovelies, all over the     Overnight in Alamagordo, NM. B, D
age of 55. B, D                                       Day 16: Amarillo, TX
Day 11: Palm Springs                                  This morning enjoy a tour of a working pistachio
Leisure time to enjoy the beautiful weather in        farm before making our journey towards home.
sunny Palm Springs! Choose your morning’s ac-         We’ll return alongside Historic Route 66 to the
tivities - golf, shopping or simply relaxing. Later   center of the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo, for our
this afternoon, we’ll enjoy picturesque views         overnight stay. B, D.
of Palm Springs as we ascend 2 ½ miles up the         Day 17: Tulsa, OK
mountain in Palm Springs Aerial 360 degree            Alongside the Main Street of America we’ll trav-
Tram Car. After dinner, stroll the weekly Palm        el towards home. We’ll overnight in Tulsa, OK.
Springs Village Fest Thursday night street fair – a   B, D                                                Per person rates
“must see” for visitors to Palm Springs. B, D         Day 18: Home
                                                                                                          double $3598
Day 12: Tucson, AZ                                    Today we return home. B
                                                                                                          triple/quad $3167
Travel to Tucson, AZ for a relaxing three-night
stay. Surrounded by majestic Saguaro forests                                                              single $4891
                                 Florida Stay N’ Play
    Were you in St. Louis in January 2011 when         utensils, dishes, toaster and coffee maker in the    January-February,
the daytime temperatures averaged 22-24 de-            kitchenette. A newspaper is delivered daily to
                                                                                                           2012 (multiple dates
grees and there were 4 snow/ice storms? While          your room.
you were shivering, some Sunrise travelers were                        One Week Option                      available, see left)
enjoying sunny days, walks on the beach and                        January 29-February 5 (fly)
beautiful sunsets during their 3-week stay on St.                January 26-February 6 (coach)             Travel by motorcoach
Pete Beach in Florida at the Sirata Beach Resort.      Overnight 1 night in Cartersville and 2 nights      or fly to Florida and
Plan your winter escape now with Sunrise Tours         in Orlando en route and 1 night in Cartersville     stay 1-4 weeks on the
as we return for our 7th year to what we think is      on return when traveling by motorcoach. Ad-         beach in St. Pete Beach.
a jewel of a location to spend winter days.            ditional $100 pp if flying.
    Your days can be as busy or leisurely as you       Gulf Front        $1619pp dbl/ $2298 sgl
choose during your stay on St. Pete Beach. A           Gulf View         $1518pp dbl/ $2099 sgl
hop on the Suncoast Beach Trolley, which stops
in front of our hotel daily every 20-30 minutes,                      Two Week Option
will take you south as far as Pass-a-Grille or north              January 29-February 12 (fly)
as far as Clearwater Beach. Sunrise will provide                January 26-February 13 (coach)
transportation on two optional excursions each         Overnight 1 night in Cartersville and 2 nights
week for which participants pay only for admis-        in Orlando en route and 1 night in Cartersville
sion if there is one. The Sirata has a restaurant      on return when traveling by motorcoach. Ad-
and two beach bars which serve food, a fitness         ditional $100 pp if flying.
center, business center, sundry shop and large         Gulf Front       $2589 pp dbl/ $3848 sgl
laundry room on the premises. As a Sunrise             Gulf View        $2378 pp dbl/ $3448 sgl
Tours guest, the Sirata will give a 10% discount
on all restaurant food purchases and there is no                     Three Week Option
extra cost for high-speed wireless internet ac-                   January 15-February 5 (fly)
cess and beach cabanas. The Sirata is also locat-               January 13-February 6 (coach)
ed within easy walking distance to restaurants,        Overnight in Cartersville and Ocala en route and    See the Glenn Miller
a drug store and grocery store.                        one night in Cartersville on return when travel-    Orchestra perform on
      We have reserved two room types at the           ing by motorcoach. Additional $100 pp if flying.    an optional excursion
Sirata Beach Resort. In building 1 the Gulf front      Gulf Front      $3299pp dbl/ $4989sgl                 during week #1!
rooms directly face the Gulf, have 2 queen beds        Gulf View       $2979 pp dbl/ $4399 sgl
in the bedroom and a small refrigerator and mi-
crowave in the kitchenette. In building 4, the                        Four Week Option
Gulf view rooms have a king bed in the bedroom                    January 15-February 12 (fly)
on floors 3-6 and 2 queen beds on floor 2 and                  January 13-February 13 (coach)
a full refrigerator, microwave and cook top in         Overnight in Cartersville and Ocala en route and
                                                                                                            Maximum flexibility,
the kitchenette. Both room types are furnished         one night in Cartersville on return when
                                                                                                           minimum stress, maxi-
alike with a queen sleeper sofa in the living          traveling by motorcoach. Additional $100 pp if
                                                                                                             mum beach time!
room, full balcony, cable TV, in-room safe, and        flying.
                                                             Gulf Front $4199 pp dbl/ $6468sgl
                                                             Gulf View $3798 pp dbl/ $5679sgl

                                                            Cost of tour includes:
                                                            A Tour Manager during the tour, trans-
                                                            portation via luxury motorcoach or major
                                                            airline, lodging, and for each week of your
                                                            stay at the Sirata Resort a Sunrise “Souper”
                                                            Sunday Supper, $10 Sirata Beach Resort
                                                            food voucher and transportation for 2 op-
                                                            tional day excursions.

                            Caribbean Cruise by Coach
Day 1: Travel by motorcoach to Cartersville, GA       Travel by motorcoach or airplane includes                    January 26-
Day 2: Continue travel to Orlando.                    transportation from pick up points in St. Louis           February 13, 2012
Day 3: Continue travel to Ft. Lauderdale and          to and from cruise port (and airports if flying).
board the Constellation for a 4:30 pm sail away.      Travel by motorcoach includes 4 nights of lodg-         14 Night Exotic Southern
The Constellation has a capacity of 2034 passen-      ing, breakfast each morning at the hotel and            Caribbean Cruise on Ce-
gers and was last refurbished in 2010.                limited sightseeing along the way. Travel by air        lebrity’s Constellation.
Day 4 & 5: At sea                                     includes one night lodging in Orlando the night         Escape a bit of old man
Day 6: Oranjestad, Aruba         8 am - 8 pm          before cruise departure. This is done to avoid          winter while traveling
Day 7: Willemstad, Curacoa       7 am - 5 pm          arriving late since there is more risk of flights be-   with Sunrise Tours to Ft.
Day 8: At sea                                         ing delayed or cancelled during winter months.          Lauderdale, Florida to
Day 9: St George’s, Grenada      8 am – 5 pm          For those choosing to fly, there is an additional       board Celebrity’s Con-
Day 10: Bridgetown, Barbados 8 am – 5 pm              charge of $100 per person. A $450 deposit per           stellation for a cruise
Day 11: Castries, St. Lucia      8 am – 5 pm          person required upon reservation and balance is         visiting the southern Ca-
Day 12: St. Johns, Antigua       8 am – 5 pm          due November 10, 2011.                                  ribbean ports of Oran-
Day 13: Philipsburg, St. Marten 8 am – 5 pm                                                                   jestad, Willemstad, St.
Day 14: Charlotte, St. Thomas 8 am – 5 pm             Category 5 Inside Cabin                                 George’s, Bridgetown,
Day 15-16: At Sea                                     $2300 pp double/$3565pp single                          Castries, St. Johns, Phil-
Day 17: Disembark in Ft. Lauderdale and travel        Category 7 Outside Cabin                                ipsburg, and Charlotte
across Florida and up the Gulf side, to overnight     $2435 pp double/$3830 pp single                         Amalie.
in St. Petersburg                                     Category 2B Balcony Cabin
Day 18: Travel to Cartersville, GA                    $3000 pp double/$4565 pp single
Day 19: Arrive in St. Louis

                     Magic of Yellowstone in Winter
Day 1: Fly into Salt Lake City, UT                    night sky viewing spots in the world. B, L, D               February 25-
Enjoy the comfort of your jet as you travel to Salt   Day 4: Freestyle Yellowstone                                March 1, 2012
Lake City. Board the comfortable                                           Today is your day at leisure       Wildlife Biologist Jeremy
motorcoach to travel north to                                              to choose the activities that      Schmidt wrote that Yel-
historic western Jackson, WY for                                           most interest you (fees not        lowstone in the winter is
our overnight stay. D                                                      included). Your tour man-          nothing like summer. On
Day 2: Yellowstone Park and Old                                            ager will be pleased to help       his recent expedition he
Faithful Snowlodge                                                         you make arrangements if           encountered bison plow-
Today we will meet our heated                                              needed. There are many             ing their way through the
Bombardier and trek our way to                                             ways to explore and enjoy          snow, bright mountains
the historic national park lodge                                           the landscape of this memo-        dancing in the distance,
Old Faithful Snow Lodge and our                                            rable area including but not       elk grazing, Trumpeter
3-night stay. Along the way, be sure to watch for     limited to: snow coach in the park to visit and         Swans on the river and
glimpses of wildlife including wolves who were        view more wildlife and geysers; snowshoe to             the famous Old Faithful
restored to Yellowstone in 1995. You are sure         refuge point; cross country ski the world class         geyser. Join us as we en-
to be fascinated by the distinctive wildlife mo-      Rendezvous Ski Trails (extremely user friendly          joy this incredible fairy-
tif throughout the restaurant as we dine in the       and great for beginners up to experienced ski-          land of beauty without
Snowlodge this evening. B, D                          ers), take a walk on the paths or simply relax in       the crowds!
Day 3: Private guided tour of Yellowstone             the lodge. B
Eat a hearty breakfast, grab your camera and          Day 5: Salt Lake City
sunglasses and board your private heated com-         Today we say goodbye to Yellowstone and con-
fortable snow coach for a narrated tour in Yel-       tinue our trek south to Jackson Hole. At the             Per person rates*
lowstone Park. Our guide will stop for picture        National Elk Refuge we will climb into a horse           double $1699
taking, walking tours,and will share the beauty       drawn sleigh that takes us for a ride across the         triple/quad $1628
and nature’s secrets of this beautiful park. Old      snow and into the wildlife with an opportunity           single $2017
Faithful, geyers, paint pots…yes we will see the      to see thousands of elk who make the refuge              * Includes roundtrip
famous sights without the crowds! Who will be         their home for the winter. It’s an amazing and           airfare from STL.
first to spot a Trumpeter Swan? Dinner is at the      exciting adventure! Afterwards we will journey
lodge this evening followed by a “step outside”
after dark to admire the stars in one of the best
                                                      to Salt Lake City for our overnight stay. B, L
                                                      Day 6: Fly home                                                            19
  New Orleans, Biloxi & Cajun Country
Day 1: Jackson, MS                                      Museum, founded by noted writer and historian         March 22-31, 2012
We travel to Jackson, MS for our overnight stay.        Stephen E. Ambrose. Experience the museum’s
D                                                       signature cinematic theater while viewing Ste-
Day 2: Lafayette, LA                                    phen Spielberg’s “Beyond All Boundaries” and
Journey to Lafayette, LA visiting one of the his-       have an opportunity to hear stories of Veterans
toric crown jewel plantations along the way. Af-        while viewing the exhibits. Next we’ll enjoy jazz
ter lunch, we’ll tour the Old State Capitol before      music as we have brunch at the world-famous
checking into our hotel. Enjoy this evening in          Court of Two Sisters. Afterwards we head to the
historic downtown Lafayette, our home for the           Garden District for a guided walking tour of the
next two nights. B, L, Hot Apps                         area featuring one of the best preserved collec-
Day 3: Cajun Country                                    tions of southern mansions in the country. B, L
Some like it hot! Today we’ll explore some Cajun        Day 6: Biloxi, MS
heat starting with tasting some of the ‘hot” fla-       We’ll wander through the French Market, then
vors at McIlhenny Co. Tabasco factory. After a          stop in for a traditional beignet from the original

drive through McIlhenny’s Jungle Gardens, tour          Café du Monde. Next we’ll explore with a lo-
America’s oldest working rice mill, Konriko. In         cal guide to hear and see city highlights includ-
the afternoon the festivities begin at the Vermil-      ing landmarks, history and river lore. Travel to
lionville Heritage and Folklife Park where live         Biloxi and check into the four-diamond Beau
                                                                                                                   I was pleasantly
Cajun music and cultural demonstrations will            Rivage Resort and Casino for a 3-night stay. B, D     surprised by how
captivate and a stop at the Acadian Cultural            Day 7: Biloxi, MS                                     relaxing it was to
Center will educate. B, D                               Visit the renowned Bellingrath Gardens and            go on your bus tour,
Day 4: French Quarter                                   home featuring a 65-acre estate and enjoy over        having never been
This morning as we make our way to New Or-              250,000 azaleas in full bloom! The remainder of       on one before. My
leans, we’ll tour the only place in the world           the afternoon is yours to enjoy the amenities of      friend Ed said it was
where the general public can walk aboard an au-         the Beau Rivage. B, D                                 so nice not to have to
thentic offshore drilling rig and hear real life sto-   Day 8: Biloxi, MS                                     drive and I remarked
ries at the International Petroleum Museum.             Visit Beauvoir (means “beautiful view”), home         that the only thing I
Afterwards, we get face to face with alligators         of Jefferson Davis, including the newly re-
                                                                                                              had to do was watch
on a swamp boat tour en route to New Orleans.           opened Presidential Library and enjoy a guided
Once in the Big Easy, take in the historic Jackson      tour of Pleasant Reed House and Interpretive
                                                                                                              my watch to be on
Square known as ‘Place d’Armes’, home of an             Center at the Ohr O’Keefe Museum, selected            time get back on the
open-air artist colony before checking into our         in the top 100 issue by TIME magazine for its         bus. That bus was

hotel for a two-night stay in the French Quarter        Style and Design. Later, change gears as we go        amazing.
of New Orleans. B, D                                    aboard a shrimp boat, experience shrimp fishing       D. Thomas
Day 5: New Orleans, LA                                  techniques, and hear some Biloxi folklore. Af-
Begin the day with a visit to The National WWII         terwards enjoy an authentic dockside Southern
                                                                           Shrimp Boil. We’ll watch the
                                                                           sunset over the Gulf before re-
                                                                           turning to our hotel. B, D
                                                                           Day 9: Memphis, TN
                                                                           It’s rise and shine as we make
                                                                           our way through Mississippi;
                                                                           where the river touches the
                                                                           high bluffs along the river-
                                                                           front. We’ll stop first to take
                                                                           in the March of the Peabody
                                                                           Ducks in Memphis, TN before
                                                                           dinner at a local restaurant. B,
                                                                                                              Per person rates
                                                                           Day 10: St. Louis
                                                                           We’ll bid a fond adieu to our
                                                                                                              double $1758
                                                                           southern brethren as we travel     triple/quad $1637
                                                                           back to St Louis. B                single $2209
Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival
Day 1: Columbus, OH                                                     Day 4: Washington DC
                                                                                                          March 30-April 5,
Overnight in Ohio. D                                                    Today we will tour the Capi-
Day 2: Washington DC                                                    tol and the White House,               2012
We continue eastward, enjoy-                                            based on availability. Af-       The 2012 Festival
ing Sunrise Tours’ distinguished                                        terwards, we will spend          marks the 100th cel-
hospitality. Upon arrival in DC,                                        ample time at the Smith-         ebration of the gift of
we will gather our bags and                                             sonian, the world’s largest      the 3,000 cherry trees
make our home at the Court-                                             museum complex so you            from the People of To-
yard by Marriott Capitol Hill.                                          can visit your favorite mu-
                                                                                                         kyo to the People of
Staying in DC proper will afford                                        seum. Another great din-
us quicker access to the many                                           ner tonight followed by a
                                                                                                         Washington, DC. The
sights of the city. After dinner,                                       production of 1776 at the        celebration will rolled
join us for a tour of the memo-                                         newly remodeled Ford The-        out in full regality.
rials lit in their evening gran-                                        atre. Featuring quick wit        Come with Sunrise
deur. B, D                                                              and a playful score, this        Tours and enjoy the
Day 3: Washington DC                                                    production dramatizes the        spirit of this gener-
One of the most prominent                                               debates of the Philadelphia      ous gift while explor-
structures in DC is the Wash-                                           Second Continental Con-          ing the highlights of
ington Monument. We will start our day with         gress. B, D                                          Washington, DC.
a tour of this 555 foot high obelisk. Afterwards,   Day 5: Washington DC
we will embark on a sensational lunch cruise        This morning, we will visit the museum “New-
down the Potomac River. The magnificent views       seum”, a multimedia exploration of the im-
of DC and the Cherry Blossoms from our luxury       portance and history of journalism in America.
cruising yacht coupled with exquisite food and      Since it’s opening in 2008, the Newseum has
music are sure to create lasting memories. This     become a “must-see” attraction on the Wash-
afternoon we will tour the historic and famous      ington DC museum circuit. We’re in for a spec-
Arlington Cemetery including a visit to John        tacular show as we spend the remainder of the
F. Kennedy’s tomb and the Tomb of the Un-           day visiting the National Mall, the Memorials
knowns. The evening will be at leisure as we        and enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival activi-
continue our exploration of DC. B, L                ties amidst the magnificent back drop of cherry
                                                                          trees. B, D.
                                                                          Day 6: Columbus, OH
                                                                          It’s time to begin our jour-
                                                                          ney home. We will travel
                                                                          to The Spring House for        100th Anniversary of
                                                                          a step back in time with       the Cherry Blossoms!
                                                                          old-fashioned,       home-
                                                                          style eating! Then, it’s off
                                                                          to Columbus, OH for the
                                                                          night. B, L.
                                                                          Day 7: Return home
                                                                          Arrive home early eve-
                                                                          ning. B

Highlights:                                         • Arlington Cemetery, John F. Kennedy’s Tomb,
• The National Mall, Smithsonian Institution,       Tomb of the Unknowns, World War II Memo-
Washington Monument and tour                        rial, Reflecting Pool, Korean War Memorial           Per person rates
• Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Viet-       • The Newseum and The White House Visitors           double $1478
nam Memorial                                        Center                                               triple/quad $1311
• The US Capitol tour and The White House
tour (if available)
                                                    • Thousands of Cherry Blossoms!                      single $1981
                                      Southern Charm
                          Featuring Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC
Day 1: Georgia
                                                                                                              April 12-18 OR
Overnight stay in Geor-
gia. D                                                                                                       April 19-25, 2012
Day 2: Savannah, GA
                                                                                                            Known for its elegant
It’s off to the “Old South”
                                                                                                            charm, cobblestone
and “Georgia’s First City”
                                                                                                            streets and unique
as Savannah welcomes
                                                                                                            culture, Charleston
us with southern hos-
                                                                                                            was named one of
pitality. After we check
                                                                                                            the Top Ten places to
into our home for the
                                                                                                            visit in North Amer-
next 2 nights, the Hamp-
                                                                                                            ica by Conde Nast
ton Inn, Historic District,
                                                                                                            Traveler Magazine!
we are off to experience

a special pre-dinner
tour and refreshments.
Visit the elegant Juliette                                                                                      Wow!! The
Gordon Low Mansion                                                                                         “Southern Charm”
all glittering in low light                           to the pier, we will tour the USS Yorktown. As       trip was definitely a
typical of the gaslight era. As you let your imagi-   featured in the Academy Award winning docu-          charmer! The im-
nation transport you back to 1886 you will learn      mentary “The Fighting Lady”, the 888 ft. aircraft
of that era and of the ghost stories that have                                                             age you projected
                                                      carrier was the tenth carrier to serve in the US
been passed down for generations in the Gor-          Navy. Enjoy dinner with views of the harbor
                                                                                                           - a company that
don family! For dinner this evening we will dine      before checking into our hotel for the next 2        provides fine accom-
family style at Mrs. Wilke’s Dining Room, defi-       nights. B, D                                         modations and excel-
nitely a local’s favorite! B, D                       Day 5: Charleston, SC                                lent service ... you
Day 3: Savannah, GA                                   Embrace the history of Charleston as we visit        certainly delivered.
Board an open-air trolley to tour this enchant-       the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, an es-          Thanks so much for
ing and alluring Southern town where we’ll find       tate acquired by the Dalton Family in 1676.          the beautiful, joyful
amazing architecture, spooky cemeteries and           Tour the gorgeous blooming gardens and home          experience!
rich history. Next, we’ll have free time for lunch    as well as take a tram excursion for a pictur-       J. Davis, 2009 South-

and to explore the Historic River Street full of      esque nature tour of the plantation’s wetlands       ern Charm
shops, restaurants, galleries, all in a revitalized   and marshes. After enjoying lunch and shop-
historic area located right on the river. You will    ping time in the exuberant Historic City Market
have time to enjoy lunch on your own at The           area, we will invite a local guide to share her
                                                                                                           Did you know?
                                                                                                           Savannah      is   called
Lady and Son’s restaurant, owned and operated         expertise aboard our coach as we explore this        ‘America’s First Planned
by southern chef Paula Deen. This evening, we         city steeped in colorful history and quaint land-    City’ because Oglethorpe
will be whisked away by the succulent flavors of      scapes. B, D                                         (who founded it in 1733)
southern exquisite cooking while dining in the        Day 6: Asheville, SC                                 carefully organized the
Olde Pink House historic home. Fine southern          Travel to the Blue Ridge Mountains to discover       town into grids, with
ladies will entertain ya’all with a trunk showing     America’s Largest Majestic Home, the pictur-         wide streets and 24 pub-
of some of the finest fashion hats coupled with       esque Biltmore Estate. Upon arrival we will          lic squares. 21 of these
a sprinkling of charming historical stories. B,D      gather at the DeerPark Pavilion for a lunch buf-     squares were carefully
Day 4: Savannah, GA – Charleston, SC                                                                       preserved throughout
                                                      fet and warm hospitality. Afterwards, you will
We never say good-bye so we say “we’ll see you                                                             the years and still exist
                                                      have ample time to tour the Vanderbilt’s home
later” to Savannah! Board the coach and enjoy                                                              today.
                                                      and its surrounding century-old gardens. Did                                 9!
Sunrise Tours’ distinguished hospitality as we        you know the estate is still family-owned and                    sinc e 200
travel to Charleston, SC. Upon arrival, board a       operated…yes, since 1895! Eastern Knoxville,
cruise boat to visit one of the most historically     TN is our destination for our overnight stay. B, L   Per person rates
significant sites in North America; Fort Sumter.      Day 7: Return home
We will see the ruins of Historic Fort Sumter,                                                             double $1389
                                                      Having explored some of the South’s most
where the civil war began and a viewing of                                                                 triple/quad $1253
                                                      charming cities, we return home. B
Charleston from the Harbor. Upon our return                                                                single $1796
                            Hawaii Cruise by Coach
Day 1: Travel to Oklahoma City, OK
Day 2: Travel to Albuquerque, NM
Continue our drive along historic Route 66.                                                                  April 22-May 13,
Day 3: Travel to Needles, NV
Day 4: Embark
                                                                                                           If you’d like to see Ha-
Day 5: At Sea
                                                                                                           waii for the first time or
Day 6: At Sea
                                                                                                           return for another visit,
Day 7: At Sea
                                                                                                           but prefer not to fly,
Day 8: At Sea
                                                                                                           this is your opportunity.
Day 9: Hilo, Hawaii            8 AM           5 PM
                                                                                                           We’ll take a comfort-
Day 10: Honolulu, Hawaii 7 AM                11 PM
                                                                                                           able motorcoach ride
Day 11: Kauai, Hawaii          8 AM           5 PM
                                                                                                           to California and board
Day 12: Maui, Hawaii           7 AM           6 PM
                                                                                                           the Golden Princess with
Day 13: At Sea
                                                                                                           Princess Cruise Lines for
Day 14: At Sea
                                                                                                           a 14-day cruise to the
                                     Day 15: At Sea
                                                                                                           Hawaiian Islands. Here’s
                                     Day 16: At Sea
                                                                                                           your chance - see Hawaii
                                     Day 17: Ensenada, Mexico         2 PM 8 PM
                                                                                                           without getting on a
                                     Day 18: Disembark, travel to Las Vegas, NV
                                     Day 19: Travel to Green River, UT
                                     Enjoy scenic drive the next 2 days through Utah and Colorado.
                                     Day 20: Travel to Denver, CO
                                     Day 21: Travel to Hayes, KS
                                     Day 22: Return home
On the Big Island, Hilo is a paradise of black-sand beaches, tropical rainforest and volcanic moun-
tains. Mauna Loa, the largest mountain on the planet, soars above the bleak lava fields of Hawaii
Volcanoes National Park. In the heart of the Big Island’s lush rainforest lies the remote and stunning
Wai’po Valley (Valley of the Kings). Hawaii’s history matches its incomparable landscape - it is a saga
of mighty Polynesian kings, sugar barons, war and treachery.
Home to nearly half a million people, Honolulu is Hawaii’s state capital and only major city. The city
of Honolulu and the island of Oahu offer a wealth of historic, cultural and scenic attractions. Waikiki
Beach and Diamond Head are two of the city’s enduring symbols. Pearl Harbor, site of the USS Ari-
zona Memorial and the “Punchbowl,” are haunting reminders of the tragic events of December 7,
1941, when the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor forced America into World War II. Hono-
lulu is also home to the historic Iolani Palace, the official residence of Hawaii’s last royals. Beyond
the city lie tropical rain forests, the Pali Lookout and the North Shore known for its surfing beaches.
The fourth largest island in the Hawaiian group, Kaua’i is known as the “Garden Island.” The terrain
ranges from the volcanic slopes of Mt. Waialeale and the desert-like beauty of Waimea Canyon
to the Wailua River’s lush Fern Grotto. Ironically this once isolated island was the site of the first
meeting between Europeans and Hawaiians. On January 19, 1778, Captain James Cook anchored
his ships off the mouth of the Waimea River, becoming the first in a long line of enthusiastic visitors.
Maui has always occupied a special place in the hearts of Hawaiians. The great warrior King Kame-
hameha, who united the islands under his rule, chose to make Lahaina his capital and Ka’anapali
was once the favorite playground of Hawaiian royalty. And no wonder - Maui boasts stunning land-           Per person rates
scapes and superb beaches. Mt. Haleakala, a dormant volcano, rises 10,000 feet above the Pacific           (based on double occupancy)
Ocean. Once hailed as “The Valley of the Kings,” Maui’s Iao Valley is a tropical paradise dominated        Inside $3138
by the Needle, a volcanic monolith towering over the valley floor. Then there is Lahaina, once home        Outside $3017

to a royal court and a raucous port-of-call enjoyed by 19th-century Yankee whalers.                        Balcony $3501
                             Explore Mid-California
Day 1: Fly to San Francisco
Today we fly into the San Francisco
                                                                                                             April 28-May 7, 2012
area and check into the Hilton at Fish-                                                                      Featuring San Francisco,
erman’s Wharf for our two-night stay.                                                                        Yosemite National Park,
We’ll enjoy leisure time to explore our                                                                      Monterey, Hearst Castle
new surroundings and a ride on an his-                                                                       and the idyllic town of
toric San Francisco Cable Car before                                                                         Santa Barbara. Experi-
dining at a local favorite. D                                                                                ence the best of Mid-
Day 2: Streets of San Francisco and                                                                          California!
Explore the hills of San Francisco with a
guided tour of the City and discover the                                                                     Yosemite is home to
architecture, Chinatown, Golden Gate                                                                         countless waterfalls.
Park, Nob Hill, and many scenic views                                                                        The best time to see
of the bay. Enjoy free time to explore                                                                       waterfalls is during
the Fisherman’s Wharf – from street                                                                          spring, when most of
                                                       Day 6: Monterey – the 17 mile drive
entertainers to the world’s largest collection of                                                            the snowmelt occurs.
                                                       Tour the area including Monterey, Pacific Grove,
historic ships. Don’t forget to stop in for hot-out-
                                                       Pebble Beach and Carmel to hear behind the

of-the-oven sourdough bread before we experi-
                                                       scenes stories of being home to scenes for over
ence the beauty, history and infamy of Alcatraz,
                                                       200 movies. Afterwards, we’ll see the wonders
best known as one of the world’s most legend-
                                                       of the ocean at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.                 Just wanted to
ary prisons. Catch the amazing western sunset
                                                       Enjoy a delicious dinner and “Stroll the Row”         let you know what a
before turning in for the evening. B, D
                                                       (Cannery Row) this evening. B, D                      delightful trip we had.
Day 3: Yosemite National Park
                                                       Day 7: Hearst Castle
Travel to Yosemite National Park, one of the na-                                                             The things we saw,
                                                       Today we visit the grandiose Hearst Castle, es-
tion’s most photographed parks, to enjoy the                                                                 the places we stayed
                                                       tate of publisher William Randolph Hearst, fea-
rugged beauty of Yosemite Valley right from
                                                       turing 20,000 works of art and no less than 41        and the food were
our rooms at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls -                                                               outstanding. Look-
                                                       fireplaces. Continue our journey south where
inside the park! Under the umbrella of idyllic                                                               ing forward to taking
                                                       we will stop to visit Solvang, CA, a unique town
scenery we’ll unwind amongst the indigenous                                                                  another trip.

                                                       overflowing with Danish hospitality. Don’t for-
trees, Yosemite Falls and natural beauty of the
                                                       get to enjoy an aebleskivers, a Danish tradition-
Valley. B, D
                                                       al treat! This evening we’re in for a real delight    - M. Labitska
Day 4: Magnificent Glacier Point
                                                       as we enjoy a delicious dinner and performance        Mid-California 2010
Continue our exploration of Yosemite National
                                                       at the Circle Bar B Ranch located in the Santa
park on a tour which takes us to the breathtak-
                                                       Ynez Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
ing Glacier Point towering 3,200 feet directly
                                                       Then we’ll check into our hotel in Santa Barbara
above the valley floor, and featuring panoramic                                                              Combine this tour
                                                       for the next two nights. B, D
views of the magnificent Half Dome and water-                                                                with san Francisco/
                                                       Day 8: Santa Barbara
falls. Travel to Clovis, CA for an overnight stay.                                                           Napa Valley on page
                                                       See the highlights of this charming town with a
B, D
                                                       local step-on guide, including a visit to the lo-     26 and take $650 off
Day 5: Central Valley to Central Coast
                                                       cal Mission. After some free time, we’ll join lo-     the combined per
Exploring Fresno County, the number one ag-
                                                       cal artisans as they share their arts and crafts at   person rate!
ricultural county in the nation, will begin with
                                                       Santa Barbara’s Classic Art Show. B, D
a visit to a local working farm to learn about
                                                       Day 9: The Getty Villa
the “farm to market” process. Next we’ll tour
                                                       After a leisurely morning, enjoy the coastal drive    Per person rates*
the unique Forestiere Underground Gardens,
                                                       as we head to the Getty Villa, situated high atop     double $2878
patterned after the ancient catacombs, before
                                                       a Malibu bluff, featuring ancient Roman art and       triple/quad $2603
traveling to the coastline by Monterey, CA. Few
                                                       Mediterranean inspired gardens. Overnight in          single $3703
places on earth can live up to their own mythol-
                                                       Los Angeles. B, D                                     * Includes roundtrip air-
ogy, but Monterey is a notable exception with
                                                       Day 10: Return home                                   fare from STL
its fabled coast and village-like pedestrian thor-
                                                       Rejuvenated, we will fly home from LAX. B
oughfares. Our 2- night stay at Victorian Inn
features a gas fireplace in each guest room and
sits just blocks away from the shoreline. B, D                                                                                  24
                            de la creme
                 Creme- Quebec, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto
  The Great Dames of Canada
Day 1: Michigan                                                                                                May 1-12, 2012
Today, we depart and travel to mid-Michigan for
our overnight stay. D                                                                                       Crème de la crème
Day 2: Toronto, Ontario                                                                                     “the best of the
After breakfast, with passports in hand, trav-                                                              best” is the perfect
el northeast to trendy Toronto. The next two                                                                description for this
nights our stay is at the grand Fairmont Royal                                                              tour. Journey with
York situated in the heart of Toronto. Tonight                                                              us for 8 nights in 4
we are in for a treat as we see a Theatrical Pro-                                                           luxurious and his-
duction in a unique historic theater in one of the                                                          toric Fairmont hotels
largest theatre districts in the English speaking                                                           of eastern Canada
world. B, D
                                                                                                            and enjoy distinctive
Day 3: Toronto, Ontario
                                                                                                            experiences coupled
Exploring Toronto with a step-on guide is on the
agenda today. From the riverfront to the his-           before we dine at a restaurant unique to Old        with excellence and
toric district, we will see it all. We will also rise   Quebec for a traditional sugar shack meal, live     elegance!
1,815 ft to the observation deck of the CN Tower        entertainment and for dessert, poured taffy on
for an incredible view of Toronto’s skyline! B, D       snow! B, D
Day 4: Ottawa, Ontario                                  Day 8: Quebec City, Quebec
Board our luxury coach and journey to Canada’s          Travel along the St. Lawrence River to St. Anne-
beautiful capital city of Ottawa for a stay at the      de-Beaupre, with time to experience the basil-

Fairmont Château Laurier, a magnificent lime-           ica and this little town that attracts more than
stone edifice with turrets and masonry reminis-         a million pilgrims and visitors each year! We’ll
cent of a French château. This evening we will          also visit Montmorency Falls and take a memo-            All the step on
visit Canada’s largest and most popular cultural        rable cable car ride to the top for a delightful    guides were profes-
institution, The Museum of Civilization. B, D           lunch and time to enjoy the views of the Isle de    sional and well in-
Day 5: Canadian Tulip Festival                          Orleans and the Saint Lawrence River! B, L          formed to give us the
Explore the Tulip Festival featuring a kaleido-         Day 9: Montreal, Quebec                             historical significance
scope of more than three million tulips through-        Enjoy breakfast while overlooking the St. Law-
                                                                                                            of their respective cit-
out the area, including Commissioner’s Park,            rence river before we travel to Montreal for a
                                                        stay at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. This af-      ies. We loved Quebec
which hosts more than 300,000 alone! Enjoy a
                                                        ternoon, our local tour guide will acquaint us      and staying at all the
guided tour to explore the city of Ottawa and
                                                        with Montreal’s cultural heritage and cosmo-        Fairmont Chateaus
more tulip sightings. Visit the Byward Market,
                                                        politan blend of the old and new as we see all      was a true luxury!

Parliament Hill, Sussex Drive, view the official
residences of the Prime Minister and Governor           the “must see sights”! B, D                         C. and D. Fee,
General and many other Ottawa special sights.           Day 10: Montreal, Quebec                            2009 Creme de la
After dinner, you will have the option to enjoy         Cross the US border and into the Niagara Falls      Creme
more festival activities. B, D                          area for an overnight stay B, D
Day 6: Quebec City, Quebec                              Day 11: Niagara Falls, NY
Get your cameras ready as we approach our ho-           This morning, we will experience the majestic
tel for the next three nights. Standing high on a       beauty of Niagara Falls. Did you know 3,160
bluff overlooking the mighty St. Lawrence River,        tons of water flows over the falls every second?
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is not merely a           We will board the world-famous Maid of the
hotel located in the heart of Old Québec - it is        Mist for a thrilling boat ride in the falls! This
the heart of Old Québec. B, D                           afternoon, we travel east to Ohio for our over-
Day 7: Quebec City, Quebec                              night stay. B, D
After a good nights rest, we join our local guide       Day 12: Return home
for an informative tour of the most European            Today, we return home. B
of North American cities, Quebec City. We’ll                                                                Per person rates
see the massive stone architecture, the heav-                                                               double $2648
ily fortified walls and the charm of Old Quebec                                                             triple/quad $2361
City. This afternoon we will have some free time                                                            single $3511
                      San Francisco and Napa Valley
Day 1: Napa                                           over the Golden Gate Bridge we’ll check into the
After a flight into the Bay Area, travel north to     Hilton at Fisherman’s Wharf for a 2-night stay.
                                                                                                              April 26-30, 2012
Napa Valley for a 2-night stay surrounded by the      Afterwards, enjoy free time to explore our new
splendor of vineyards and the quaint historic         surroundings and a ride on a historic San Fran-
towns. D                                              cisco Cable Car before dining at a local favorite.
Day 2: Wineries and More                              B, D                                                  Combine this tour
We’ll begin our day exploring the highlights          Day 4: Streets of San Francisco and More              with Explore Mid-
of the area including history of the world-re-        Explore the hills of San Francisco with a guided
                                                                                                            California on page 24
nowned wine industry, a visit to the charming         tour of the City and discover the architecture,
Sonoma square, and Napa featuring “Painted            Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Nob Hill, cable          and take $650 off the
Lady” Victorian homes. Enjoy a close-up look          cars and many scenic views of the bay. Enjoy free     combined per person
at the Benziger Family Winery tram tour. We’ll        time to explore the Fisherman’s Wharf – from          rate!
end our evening with wine tasting and a deli-         street entertainers to the world’s largest collec-
cious meal at a local restaurant and listen to lo-    tion of historic ships. Don’t forget to stop in for
cal musical entertainment before retiring for the     hot-out-of-the-oven sourdough bread before
evening. B, D                                         we experience the beauty, history and infamy of
Day 3: Redwood Highway, San Francisco                 Alcatraz, best known as one of the world’s most
Driving down the Redwood Highway this morn-           legendary prisons. Catch the amazing western          Per person rates*
ing we’ll make our way towards San Francisco.         sunset before turning in for the evening. B, D        double $1699
Along the way we’ll stop at Muir Woods Nation-        Day 5: Return home
                                                                                                            triple/quad $1557
al Monument, home to the world-famous coast           Take one last look at one of the most photo-
                                                                                                            single $2125
redwoods and, “…the best tree-lovers monu-            graphed skylines in the US as we depart. B
                                                                                                            * Includes roundtrip
ment that could possibly be found in all the for-
                                                                                                            airfare from STL
ests of the world” (John Muir). After traveling

                Niagara Falls and Lilac Blooms
Day 1: Mid-Ohio                                       Eastman House, home of the founder of Kodak,
Board our comfortable motorcoach and travel           to see the beautiful mansion and world-class
east to mid-Ohio for our overnight stay. D            collections of photography. B, D
                                                                                                             May 14-19, 2012
Day 2: Niagara Falls                                  Day 4: Niagara – Canadian Style
After a journey along the shores of Lake Erie         Today we explore the Canadian side of Niagara         Over 14 million visitors
we will arrive in Niagara Falls, NY. Board the        Falls. Travel the picturesque Niagara Parkway to      come to Niagara Falls
Maid of the Mist boat for an up close view of         tour the Botanical Garden and to see the incred-      each year. Join Sunrise
the falls from the base. Then travel into Canada      ible 40 foot Niagara Parks Floral Clock. Our per-     Tours as we watch the
for dinner at the prominent Skylon Tower re-          sonal guide will educate us about the expansive       falls tumble over a 180
volving dining room located 775 feet above the        Spring Gardens and its ecology. Bring your cam-       foot high wall of rock.
Falls featuring incredible views! The Crowne          era as we tour one of Niagara’s premier attrac-       We will explore the falls
Plaza Niagara Falls Resort is our home for next       tions; the Butterfly House with close to 3,000        from below and above!
3 nights - our rooms feature views of the water       winged wonders flitting about. We will also visit     We will plan a day to
tumbling over the falls! B, D                         the charming and scenic Niagara on the Lake for       enjoy the ABA top 100
Day 3: The award winning Lilac Festival               dinner and shopping. B, D                             events award winning
We will travel to Highland Park in Rochester, NY      Day 5: Timeless Covered Bridges                       Rochester Lilac Festival
to attend the ABA top 100 Lilac Festival. Make        It’s time to begin our trek home, but not before      featuring over 1,200
sure you take time for the sights and smells of       we enjoy a visit to beautiful Ashtabula County,       beautiful lilacs. This tour
                                  these        gor-   OH, home of historic covered bridges, including       also includes a 3-night
                                  geous purple,       the country’s longest. The covered bridges of         stay at the Crowne Plaza
                                  white, pink         Ashtabula were featured in Readers’ Digest Off        in Niagara Falls,Canada!
                                  and even yel-       the Beaten Path travel guide. This afternoon,
                                  low       lilacs.   we will travel to central Ohio for our overnight
                                  While          in   stay. B, L
                                  Rochester, we       Day 6: Return Home
                                                                                                            Per person rates
                                                                                                            double $1038
                                  will also visit
                                  the George
                                                      We travel home arriving early evening. B
                                                                                                            single $1356       26
                                        Made in the USA
Day 1: Mattresses                                      and candymaking experts. Known for creating
On this tour we discover manufactured prod-            its own centers from scratch and drenching it in
ucts Made in the USA. Our journey begins with          velvety smooth pure Swiss-style chocolate, the
a visit to Beloit Mattress Factory where we will       visit would not be complete without a sample         May 21-25, 2012
see first-hand the careful quilting and building       or two. B, D
of a bed. Sweet dreams await. Overnight Beloit/        Day 4: Faucets and Tractors
Janesville area. D                                     Ever wonder how high quality plumbing fixtures
Day 2: Roasters, Rails and Brew                        are made? A visit to Kohler factory answers the
What better way to start the morning than with         mystery enabling a view of the “industry in ac-
a cup of coffee? Touring Berres Brothers Cof-          tion”. The tour includes a glimpse of everything
fee Roasters where “coffee is an experience” is        from vitreous china lavatories to the production
one alternative. Next, travel towards Milwaukee        of massive six-foot cast iron tubs. While on-lo-
for a 3-night stay stopping at Avalon Rail, Inc.,      cation take some time to enjoy the interactive
rebuilder of passenger rail cars. Enjoy a guided       design center. Then see thousands of high tech,
tour of industrial Milwaukee before touring the        high performance machines assembled with
Lakefront Brewery and enjoy a sample of brew           thousands of parts at the Case New Holland,
–they “brew” their own root beer too! B, D             manufacturer of Maxxum and Magnum trac-
Day 3: Trek and Taste                                  tors. Dinner and entertainment tonight. B, D
Explore the assembly line of locally-manufac-          Day 5: Return Home
tured Trek bikes. Go behind the scenes and see         Discover the new production plant with a guid-
everything that goes into making a bicycle. A de-      ed tour of Wisconsin’s largest newspaper Mil-
licious tour of family owned Palermo’s Pizza fac-      waukee Journal Sentinel. Watch the three high-
                                                                                                           Per person rates
tory, it is the only frozen pizza maker to use an      speed, high volume printing presses, capable of
                                                                                                           double $874
oven with Italian marble surfaces. To complete         churning up to 85,000 copies per hour of a 64-
this culinary day, visit the state-of-the-art kitch-   page newspaper. The American ingenuity we’ve        triple/quad $770
en of Buddy Squirrel, roasters of premier nuts         seen will stay with us as we return home. B         single $1185

                                                 French Lick
Day 1: Vincennes, Indiana                              tifully renovated West Baden Springs Hotel.
On the way to French Lick, stop in historical          Closed as a hotel since 1932, the West Baden
                                                                                                             May 21-23, 2011
Vincennes, IN, known as Indiana’s “first city”.        Springs Hotel is now fully operational and fea-
A step-on guide dressed in period clothing will        tures a massive atrium, still described by some
show us the sites, including a visit to the Old        as the Eighth Wonder of the Architectural
Cathedral, built in 1826 and the oldest Catho-         World. A shuttle runs between the two proper-
lic Church in Indiana. This afternoon, check into      ties, allowing easy access to the amenities of
the French Lick Resort and Casino for a two-           both hotels. This afternoon take a scenic ride on
night stay. The French Lick Resort originally          the rails and see the beautiful Hoosier National
opened in 1845, and a $382                                               Forest. This evening enjoy a
million renovation was com-                                              delicious dinner at the hotel.
pleted in November, 2006.                                                B, D
The hotel features 443 rooms,                                            Day 3: Jasper Engines
a spa, several restaurants and                                           Before heading home visit the
indoor/outdoor pool complex.                                             Jasper Engines & Transmis-
A totally refurbished casino,                                            sions facility, remanufacturing
featuring 1,200 slot machines,                                           quality products since 1942,
reopened at the French Lick                                              they are the nation’s largest
Resort for the first time since                                          remanufacturer of engines and
1949. B, D                                                               transmissions. Enjoy lunch at
Day 2: French Lick                                                       The Harvest Moon Bed and          Per person rates
After breakfast at the hotel,                                            Breakfast featuring Ruthie’s      double $599
tour the sister property of the                                          homemade jams, breads and         triple/quad $503
French Lick Resort, the beau-                                            pies! B, L                        single $887
                                    Alaska Cruisetour
Day 1: Anchorage, Alaska
Fly into Anchorage, Alaska which
                                                                                                          May 24-June 4, 2012
sits at the base of the Chugach                                                                           Travel aboard Hol-
Mountains along the coast of Cook                                                                         land America Line’s ms
Inlet in Southcentral Alaska. The                                                                         Statendam cruise ship,
remainder of your day is at leisure                                                                       featuring more than $2
to discover Alaska’s largest city on                                                                      million worth of art and
your own. Dinner included.                                                                                rare artifacts beautiful-
Day 2: Denail National Park                                                                               ly displayed throughout
Relax and view the scenic beauty                                                                          the ship. The ms Staten-
of a ride on the McKinley Explorer                                                                        dam is luxuriously ap-
Domed Railcar. Enjoy spectacular                                                                          pointed and uniquely
scenery as we travel to Denali Na-                                                                        refined, to ensure you
tional Park for our two night stay.                                                                       the ultimate onboard
Upon arrival we will check into                                                                           experience with her
our hotel and later depart for Jeff                                                                       graceful combination of
King’s Husky Homestead. Jeff is a                    rates. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.         classic cruise ship fea-
4 time Iditarod champion and is recognized as        Day 7: Haines or Skagway                             tures, state-of-the-art
the “winningest musher in the world.” He has         The best of two ports - stay in Haines for a lei-    amenities, and sophisti-
logged over 100,000 miles on a dogsled!              surely experience, or go to Skagway to relive        cated ambiance.
Day 3: Denali National Park                          Alaska’s gold rush days. You may still hear shouts
Venture deep into Denali National Park and the       of “Gold in the Yukon.” Breakfast, lunch and din-
heart of bear country on the Tundra Wilderness       ner included.
Tour, the best way to see wildlife and hopefully     Day 8: Juneau
Mt. McKinley too. Mt. McKinley or Denali mean-       Enjoy a full day of exploring Alaska’s beautiful
ing “The High One” is the highest mountain           capital city. With massive mountains and his-
peak in North America with a summit elevation        toric buildings Juneau has something to offer
of 20,320 feet. Explore Denali on your own this      everyone. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
evening.                                             Day 9: Ketchikan
Day 4: Seward                                        Your port of call today is Ketchikan, known as
Experience some of Alaska’s most impressive          the “Salmon Capital of the World” and the “City
scenery via luxury Explorer Coach to Seward          of Totems.” Located on Revillagigedo Island, Ket-
where you will have lunch and board Holland          chikan is home to the world’s largest collection
America Line’s ms Statendam cruise ship for          of totem poles. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in-
your 7- night southbound cruise. Lunch and din-      cluded.
ner included.                                        Day 10: Inside Passage
Day 5: Prince William Sound                          Spend the day at sea cruising the magnificent
Enjoy a leisurely day cruising the pristine waters   Inside Passage, an extensive stretch of land
of Prince William Sound. Breakfast, lunch and        known for its natural beauty and abundant wild-
dinner included.                                     life. You will be amazed by this natural wonder.
Day 6: Glacier Bay                                   Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
Cruise the ice-studded fjords of this national       Day 11: Vancouver
treasure and UNESCO World Heritage site for          Return flight home
a full eight hours as a Park Service Ranger nar-

Per person rates
Balcony Cabin: $4,760 per person, double occupancy
Outside Cabin (window): $3,825 per person, double occupancy                                               Price includes roundtrip
Inside Cabin (no window): $3,440 per person, double occupancy                                             airfare, cruise fare, port
Insurance rates (per person, optional)                                                                    fees, taxes, meals as
Balcony (platinum, standard) $359, $260                                                                   indicated.
Outside (platinum, standard) $259, $189

Inside (platinum, standard)      $219, $159
- A deposit of $600 per person is due with reservation, and final payment is due 3/1/12.
               Oregon Coast and Crater Lake
Day 1: Arrive Portland, OR
Fly into Portland, OR for a 2-night
                                                                                                           June 1-10, 2012
stay. D                                                                                                  Featuring the gems of
Day 2: Portland                                                                                          Oregon including the
The city of Portland is a regular                                                                        highly    photographed
on the top places to live list, and                                                                      coastline, Crater Lake
we will discover why as our local                                                                        Lodge, Mount Hood
guide shows us the city includ-                                                                          national forest, the Co-
ing stops at the famous Inter-                                                                           lumbia River Gorge,
national Rose Test Gardens and                                                                           Ashland Festival, and
Saturday Market, where you get                                                                           more…
a true taste of Portland culture.
Enjoy a spectacular drive along
the scenic byway of the Colum-
bia River Gorge, including a stop
at the gorgeous, 620 foot Mult-
nomah Falls. B, D
Day 3: To the Coast                                  shapes carved by the river’s hydraulics. This is
Oregon’s pristine, public coastline is made up of    the canyon where John Wayne and Katherine
diverse terrain that changes from rugged cliffs      Hepburn filmed “Rooster Cogburn”. Our boat          The slogan is true:
to evergreen forests to Sahara-like dunes and        cruise will include a country BBQ dinner at the        Crater Lake-
boundless sandy beaches. We will see coastal         O.K. Corral. Unpack your bags for 2 nights in
                                                     Medford, OR. B, D
                                                                                                         Like No Place Else
cities such as Cannon Beach, Tillamook (with
a visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory), and        Day 7: Ashland, OR                                       on Earth.
Depoe Bay. This evening we arrive in Newport         A well-versed historian will host us for a walk-
to check into the lovely, oceanfront Elizabeth       ing tour of the charming city of Ashland, OR this
Street Inn for a 2-night stay with each room fea-    morning. Oregon is well-known for its wine pro-
turing a balcony and view of the Pacific Ocean       duction, so this afternoon we will visit the win-
and sandy Nye Beach! Join us for a beachside         ery to include a tour and tasting of wines made
bonfire and ‘smores tonight while gazing upon        from Rogue Valley Appellation’s finest fruit.
the endless array of stars in the night sky! B, D    After dinner, we will attend a production at Or-
Day 4: Newport,Oregon                                egon’s Finest classic Shakespeare Festival (show
Board the 65’ Discovery for a naturalist-led ma-     TBA when schedule is released). A memorable
rine discovery cruise that may include whales,       night, unique to Oregon, is in store for us! B, D
sea lions, sea birds and seals along with light-     Day 8: Crater Lake Lodge
houses and the rugged coast. This afternoon ex-      Get your camera ready. Today we travel through
plore historic Bayfront and its quaint shops and     the Umpqua National Forest where verdant
eateries, or just enjoy a lovely walk on beautiful   stands of hemlock and fir trees grace the land-
Nye Beach. B, D                                      scape to Crater Lake National Park, one of the
Day 5: Bandon, OR                                    most photographed lakes in the country, and al-
Hugging the coast, we continue our travels to        ways a highlight of a visit to Oregon. The deep,
Florence, OR, home to some of the world’s larg-      pure lake, so blue in color is immeasurable in
est dunes, for a scenic Giant Dune Buggy tour        beauty. Our evening includes dinner and an
of the area. Continuing down the coast dotted        overnight stay at the incomparable Crater Lake
with lighthouses, we arrive in Bandon, OR for        Lodge. Be sure to take in a glimpse of the starry
                                                     sky without all of the city lights! B, D            Per person rates*
our overnight stay. B, D
Day 6: Hellgate Canyon on the Rogue River            Day 9: Cascade Mountains, OR                        double $2689
Soak in more views of the coast before we jour-      After breakfast at Crater Lake Lodge, we will       triple/quad $2448
ney east to Grant’s Pass. Enroute we will visit      travel scenic byways through the Willamette         single $3409
Wildlife Images where over 1,000 animals every       National Forest and Cascade Mountains to-           * Includes roundtrip air-
year are cared for. This afternoon, we will board    wards the Portland area. This evening a special     fare from STL
a boat for a guided excursion into Hellgate Can-     farewell to Oregon dinner is planned. B, D
yon on the Rogue River amidst remarkable rock        Day 10: Our Flight Home
                              NYC and Long Island
Day 1: Ohio                                                                                                  June 6-14, 2012
Begin your trip eastward to our
home for the night in Ohio. The driv-
                                                                                                            June 13-21, 2012
ing is covered, so relax and enjoy the                                                                     From the serenity of St.
comfort of our deluxe motorcoach                                                                           Patrick’s Cathedral to
and the hospitality of your Sunrise                                                                        the bustling activity of
Tour’s manager. D                                                                                          5th Avenue and Wall
Day 2: New York City                                                                                       Street, you will experi-
Travel highway 80 east across Penn-                                                                        ence the city that never
sylvania passing through Moshan-                                                                           sleeps! Then, enjoy a
non State Forest and the northern                                                                          wonderful contrast just
area of the Appalachian Mountains.                                                                         90 miles east on bu-
The straight and tall black cherry                                                                         colic Long Island with
trees from this region are commonly                                                                        its windswept Atlan-
used for fine furniture and cabine-                                                                        tic beaches, and rural
                                                    tour Ellis Island, where so many people began
try! This evening arrive in Teaneck, NJ and un-                                                            maritime charm.
                                                    their lives in the “land of opportunity”. We also
pack our bags for a 3-night stay.
                                                    visit the Statue of Liberty and enjoy the magnifi-
B, L
                                                    cent view of the New York skyline. After disem-
Day 3: New York City
                                                    barking our ferry, travel to Long Island for a 2
Explore New York City with a local guide. Spend
                                                    night stay. B, D
the day exploring Central Park, St. Patrick’s Ca-
                                                    Day 6: Long Island
thedral, Fifth Avenue, reconstruction of Ground
                                                    With a local step-on guide, absorb the history,
Zero, watching people at Rockefeller Center and

                                                    culture and beauty of the South Fork of Long
visiting the unique area of Chinatown in lower
                                                    Island. Visit Montauk Point Lighthouse, a win-
Manhattan. The guide will provide insight into
                                                    ery and East Hampton for lunch and shopping                 Not only was
New York’s character and people, enhancing
                                                    during the “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous”
your NYC experience. B, D                                                                                  this my first trip with
                                                    tour. You will have the opportunity to wiggle
Day 4: New York City
                                                    your toes in the ocean today as well. Don’t for-       Sunrise it was also
Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Also                                                                 my first bus trip. I’m
                                                    get your camera! B, D
known as the “Met”, the museum offers over                                                                 glad to report I en-
                                                    Day 7: Long Island
5,000 years of art. Your tour will include the                                                             joyed it thoroughly.
                                                    After breakfast, visit the OHEKA Castle built on
newest exhibits on display and art to please all                                                           My greatest satisfac-
                                                    the highest point on Long Island and listed on
palettes. This afternoon enjoy a Broadway The-
                                                    the National Register of Historic Places. During       tion was the day long
atre performance (TBD) followed by dinner in
                                                    the gilded age of the 1920’s, the Castle was used      New York City tour.

the Times Square area. After dinner, take in the
                                                    as a summer home for entertainment. After-             M. Arnold, NYC
fabulous sights of New York 70 stories up from
                                                    wards, enjoy lunch in the Huntington area be-          Long Island 2007
the Top of the Rock Observation Deck! B, D
                                                    fore continuing to Harrisburg, PA for our over-
Day 5: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
                                                    night stay. B, L
See NYC from a historical perspective as you
                                                    Day 8: Harrisburg, PA
                                                                   The National Civil War Museum
                                                                   awaits us this morning. It is the
                                                                   only museum in The United States
                                                                   that portrays the entire story of the
                                                                   American Civil War without bias to
                                                                   Union or Confederate causes. Af-
                                                                   terwards, we stop in Shanksville,
                                                                                                                          ince   2009
                                                                   PA to pay our respects at the Flight
                                                                                                                  price s
                                                                   93 memorial, honoring those who         Same
                                                                   lost their lives on 9/11. Overnight
                                                                                                           Per person rates
                                                                   in central Ohio. B, D
                                                                   Day 9: Return home                      double $1994
                                                                                                           triple/quad $1786
                                                                   We arrive home this evening. B
                                                                                                           single $2618
            “Grand” Vacation to Michigan
Day 1: South Haven, MI
Depart St. Louis aboard a luxury motorcoach
                                                                                                         June 14-19, 2012
and travel north through Illinois to South                                                               June 21-26, 2012
Haven, MI, along the scenic shores of Lake                                                            Fun Facts:
Michigan. D                                                                                           • At 660 feet, the Grand
Day 2: Grand Traverse Bay                                                                             Hotel’s front porch is the
Browse charming Saugatuck, known as “The                                                              world’s longest and is
Art Coast of Michigan”, and its downtown Vil-                                                         visible as you approach
lage Square area featuring art galleries and                                                          the island.
shops. This afternoon, tour the Music House;                                                          • No motorized vehicles
a museum of old time music machines that                                                              are allowed on Macki-
pleasantly surprises Sunrise travelers every                                                          nac Island. All trans-
time! Then we are off to our lakefront hotel,                                                         portation is provided by
The Parkshore Resort, with beautiful views                                                            horse and carriage or
on the lovely shores of Grand Traverse Bay                                                            bicycle. Mackinac Island
for a 2-night stay. B, D                                                                              is only accessible by
Day 3: Sleeping Bear Dunes and Grand Tra-                                                             ferry boat or plane.
verse Bay                                                                                             • While more than
What a spectacular resort area! Take a scenic                                                         1 million people visit
drive around Old Mission Peninsula where                                                              Mackinac Island each
cherry orchards abound, then along Pierce                                                             year, there are only 600
Stocking Scenic Drive in Sleeping Bear Dunes                                                          year-round residents.
National Lakeshore. Visit a charming port        by horse and carriage to the world renowned          • The Grand Hotel
town and the Cherry Republic. B, D               Grand Hotel, the island’s premier luxury resort,     plants one ton of bulbs
Day 4: Mackinac Island, overnight at Grand Ho-   where the longest porch in the world overlooks       each fall including
tel                                              the Straits of Mackinac. Enjoy some free time in     24,000 tulips and 3,000
Travel along Lake Michigan this morning and      town, and after dinner in the Grand Hotel’s el-      daffodils.
ferry to Mackinac Island. Then be transported    egant dining room, take time to enjoy a leisurely    • In 2010, Saugatuck
                                                   sunset stroll through the grounds. B, D            came in fourth in Budget
                                                   Day 5: Mackinac Island and Grand Rapids:           Travel Magazine’s ten
                                                   After a restful night in one of the Grand’s        coolest towns in Amer-
                                                   beautiful rooms and breakfast at the hotel,        ica
                                                   enjoy a horse drawn carriage tour of the is-
                                                   land with free time to explore on your own,
                                                   or to shop the quaint stores of the village. Be-   According to a recent
                                                   fore we depart the island, we have our third       vote by viewers of Good
                                                   delectable meal at the Grand Hotel; lunch          Morning America Sleep-
                                                   at the incomparable Grand Buffet! Travel to        ing Bear Dunes was cho-
                                                   Grand Rapids for our overnight stay. B, L          sen as “the most beauti-
                                                   Day 6: Return Home                                 ful place in the USA”
                                                   Return to St. Louis having had a very “Grand”
                                                   vacation! B
                                                                                                                      nce 2
                                                                                                             price si

 “    Just want you to know how much we enjoyed our trip to Mackinac Islands. We
                                                                                                      Per person rates
                                                                                                      double $1224

 will be with you again.                                                                              triple/quad $1140
   - L. Handke
 Grand Michigan, 2010
                                                                                                      single $1477       31
         To make a reservation please call (314) 771-8300.
  Badlands & Yellowstone National Park
Day 1: Sioux City, NE                                                                Day 6: Yellow-          June 17-27, 2012
Travel across Mis-                                                                   stone
souri and along the                                                                  Bring your cam-        Breathtaking scenery,
river into Iowa for                                                                  eras and be pre-       abundant wildlife, live-
an overnight stay in                                                                 pared to enjoy         ly western towns…it’s
Sioux City. D                                                                        the best of Yellow-    the area of the country
Day 2: Rapid City, SD                                                                stone today with       where the locals say
Explore the Badlands                                                                 our own guide.         ““This is God’s Country,
of South Dakota to-                                                                  Old Faithful! Gey-     only he left the gate
day and enjoy dinner                                                                 sers! Paint Pots!      open”. Come explore
at the famous Wall                                                                   All in all, a day of   Yellowstone, Jackson,
Drug store. We will                                                                  geological won-        Mt. Rushmore, Rocky
stay in Rapid City for                                                               ders and plenty of     Mountain        National
2 nights. B, D                                                                       wildlife! B, D         Park, Grand Lake, and
Day 3: Rapid City, SD                                                                Day 7: Jackson,        Cody all aboard the
A local guide will take us to visit Mount Rush-        WY                                                   comforts of a motor-
more, Crazy Horse Monument and the Black               Let’s explore more of this unique land. Head         coach.
Hills. Travel to Custer State Park featuring 71,000    south to the Grand Tetons and Jenny Lake.
acres of unspoiled land, pristine lakes and roam-      Browse Teton Village before lunch in the Jack-
ing buffalo. Enjoy a Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour into     son Lake Lodge. Then enjoy a scenic float on
one of the largest herds of bison in North Amer-       the Snake River with the Grand Tetons as the
ica. Dinner tonight will be in the historic State      backdrop. Afterwards, we’ll continue into his-
Game Lodge where Presidents Eisenhower and             toric Jackson where you will have leisure time
Coolidge dined. B, D                                   to explore Jackson Square, located in the heart
Day 4: Cody, WY                                        of Jackson, WY. B, D
Depart Rapid City this morning and begin our           Day 8: Grand Tetons
trek to Cody, WY. Along the route, we will see         Breakfast in the fresh outdoors at a Chuckwag-
Devil’s Tower, and pass through the beautiful Big      on will cap our experiences in Jackson. Board
Horn Mountains. Tonight, relax in the comforts         the coach and travel southeast to Colorado, a
of The Cody, a hotel featuring luxury lodging in       state also known for its friendly people and Old
the American West. All summer, Cody hosts a            West vibe. Unpack your bags for our two night
nightly Rodeo sure to have you whoopin’ and            stay in Fort Collins, CO. B, D
hollerin’. Your tour manager will help you se-         Day 9: Rocky National Park
cure tickets if interested (optional). B, D            Venture on a day trip to Rocky National Park driv-
Day 5: Yellowstone                                     ing from Estes Park to Grand Lake on Trail Ridge
This morning, visit the Buffalo Bill Museum be-        Road, “a scenic wonder road of the world,” with
fore driving into Yellowstone Park. We will stay       a sweeping view of the Rockies! En-route we
2 nights at the Old Faithful Inn, located within       will enjoy a catered lunch at the beautiful Allu-
walking distance to Old Faithful. The Old Faith-       vial Fan picnic area. B, L
ful Inn is one of the few remaining log hotels in      Day 10: Eastern Kansas
the United States. It is a masterpiece of rustic       Enjoy a comfortable drive across Kansas as we
architecture in its stylized design and fine crafts-   overnight in mid-Kansas after a delightful din-
manship. The 65 foot ceiling in the lobby and          ner. B, D
the rhyolite fireplace are worthy of a “wow”           Day 11: Return Home
comment! Dinner in the Old Faithful Inn this           We return home with stories to tell and pictures
evening with time to explore the area.                 to share.
B, D
 Highlights:                                           wonder teeming with wildlife!
 • Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial,               • Lively western town of Jackson Hole.
                                                                                                            Per person rates
 the magnificent Badlands and Black Hills!             • Great meals served in spectacular settings.
                                                                                                            double $2399
 • The inspiring Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain          • 2-night stay in Yellowstone National Park and
                                                                                                            triple/quad $2114
 National Park and Big Horn Mountains.                 scenic float trip on Snake River
 • Yellowstone National Park - a geological                                                                 single $3255
                                   Let Freedom Ring
Day 1: Mid-Ohio                                                                                           June 30-July 7, 2012
Travel to Ohio for an overnight stay. D
                                                                                                          Philadelphia and DC
Day 2: Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                                          are ideal places to cel-
Arrive in Philadelphia in time to enjoy
                                                                                                          ebrate the 4th of July.
dinner at “The City Tavern”. This is the
                                                                                                          Known as the “birth-
same place that John Adams frequent-
                                                                                                          place of America,”
ed when he arrived in Philadelphia in
                                                                                                          Philadelphia is home to
August of 1774 to attend the First Con-
                                                                                                          the original draft of the
tinental Congress. Perhaps you will try
                                                                                                          United States Consti-
an ale brewed according to George
                                                                                                          tution and the Liberty
Washington’s original recipe! B, D
                                                                                                          Bell. Pair Philly with
Day 3: “We the people…”
                                                                                                          our nation’s capital’s
A local professional guide will lead us
                                                                                                          4th of July festival and
as we visit the most patriotic sites in
                                                                                                          celebrate this holiday
Philadelphia including the Liberty Bell
                                                                                                          on a tour that every
Center for an upclose viewing of the                 National Mall so you can discover more favorite      American would be
revered artifact, the National Constitution Cen-     sites. Enjoy the fireworks display at the end of     proud to experience.
ter which features interactive and multimedia        the day seated on the National Mall in Sunrise
exhibits explaining our nation’s constitution,       Tours’ chairs. B, D
and Independence Hall where the Declaration          Day 6: President’s homes
of Independence and the US Constitution was          A freedom tour would not be complete without
signed. We will also visit the first President’s     a visit to the homes of some of our other fine
House. This site was the home to the first           presidents. Heading west, we travel to Orange,
“White House” from 1790 to 1800 while Phila-         VA to tour Montpelier, the lifelong home and
delphia was capital of                                               estate of James Madison. It was
the United States. B, D                                              at Montpelier where Madison
                                                                                                            A very popular
Day 4: DC                                                            researched past democracies           new tour in 2011
Markets have been a                                                  and conceived of the system of        returns in 2012!
stronghold in Philly                                                 government that became our re-
culture and today we                                                 public. Then we’re off to Charlot-
take time to explore                                                 tesville, VA to tour Monticello,
the Reading Terminal                                                 the estate of Thomas Jefferson.
Market, which opened                                                 You will get an intimate look at
in 1892. Afterwards,                                                 the house Thomas Jefferson
we are off to celebrate                                              built and furnished for himself
in our nation’s capi-                                                and his family including glimpses
tal. Arrive with time                                                of the books and objects that re-
to spend exploring the                                               veal Jefferson’s sharp mind. En-
National Mall Smith-                                                 joy dinner and an overnight stay
sonians museums and                                                  at the Stonewall Jackson Ho-
the 2012 Folklife Fes-                                               tel. The hotel, which originally
tival which is an exposition of cultural heritage    opened in 1924, is considered an excellent ex-
held outdoors featuring musicians, storytellers,     ample of a Colonial Revivalist style with modern
performers, craftspeople on the national mall.       amenities. B, D
It is a time to celebrate! After dinner, we will     Day 7: George Washington National Forest
unpack our bags for 2 nights in the DC area. B, D    After some time this morning to explore the
Day 5: God Bless America                             quaint community of Staunton, VA we continue
                                                                                                                     eas 201
Today we celebrate the 4th of July in our Nation’s   our travels west, passing through the George
                                                                                                          Sam e pric
Capital! This morning we depart for Mount Ver-       Washington National Forest, to arrive in mid-
non, George Washington’s mansion, gardens            Kentucky for our overnight stay. B, D                Per person rates
and grounds. Afterwards, a local professional        Day 8: Home                                          double $1588
guide will join us as we tour DC and learn of the    Full of patriotic memories we arrive home this       triple/quad $1419
immense history. Afterwards, we return to the        evening. B                                           single $2097
                              Europe in Wisconsin
Day 1: Milwaukee                                                                                           July 9-13, 2012
Leave your passports at home; we’re off to
Milwaukee, our home base for the next two                                                                European influence in
                                                                                                         Wisconsin abounds, and
nights. Our “European travels” will begin with
                                                                                                         as we take time to visit
Cead Mile Failte – “One hundred thousand wel-                                                            many of the small towns,
comes” (Gaelic) as we celebrate the food and                                                             we’ll get a strong taste
culture of Ireland at a local pub and restaurant.                                                        of Europe without ever
D                                                                                                        leaving the Midwest!
Day 2: Milwaukee or “Munich of the West”                                                                 We’ll experience bits of
Our local step-on guide will take us on a tour of                                                        Great Britain, Germany,
Milwaukee...Euro-style! Afterwards, a tour of                                                            Norway, Switzerland and
the opulent Pabst Mansion, then over to the                                                              more.
quaint Old World Third Street district for shop-
ping and lunch on your own. This afternoon,
                                                    cious Italian feast before we check into the Cha-
we’ll begin our journey, similar to the European
                                                    let Landaus, New Glarus, Wisconsin, the “Little
immigrants of Wisconsin, onboard a canal boat.
                                                    Switzerland” of America, for the next 2 nights.
As we cruise along the river, imagine how it felt
                                                    B, D
to arrive in Milwaukee as you enjoy the out-
                                                    Day 4: Blue Mound or “Little Norway”
standing views of its modern and historic icons
                                                    After a hearty breakfast, our journey takes us to
and buildings on the shores of downtown. Then
                                                    Pendarvis, historical site of the Cornwall immi-
we’re off to Milwaukee’s most famous restau-
                                                    grant miners in the “European” town of Mineral
rant, Mader’s German Restaurant, for our deli-
                                                    Point for a visit. Travel to Blue Mound, Wiscon-
cious dinner and an opportunity to behold the
                                                    sin, and “Little Norway”, a homestead filled
extensive Stein collection and hummel figurines
                                                    with a unique collection of Norse antiques. Con-
in their Tower Gallery and gift shop. B, D
                                                    tinue to the Norwegian town of Mount Horeb,
Day 3: New Glarus or “Little Switzerland”                                                                  Head north when
                                                    known as the troll capital of the world. The
See a glimpse of the multi-cultural European                                                             the St. Louis summer
                                                    streets of this whimsical town are lined with
influence at the Old World Wisconsin, before
                                                    life-sized carved mythical characters, each hav-        heat starts up...
visiting Stoughton, a town that at the turn of
                                                    ing their own personality. We will return to New
the 19th century had the largest pool of Nor-
                                                    Glarus, “Swisconsin”, with its emblems of Swiss
wegian immigrants. Then it’s off to Madison
                                                    cantons adorning the downtown buildings and
to admire the diverse ethnic heritage reflected
                                                    street signs. This evening, we are in for a real
throughout the State Capitol Building; a visit to
                                                    treat: a savory Swiss dinner and lively entertain-
the Italian Greenbush neighborhood; and a deli-
                                                    ment B, D
                                                                       Day 5: Return home
                                                                       No trip to Wisconsin is com-
                                                                       plete without a stop to pick
                                                                       up cheese! We’ll tour the
                                                                       Swiss-American Alp & Dell/
                                                                       Roth Kase, the fastest growing
                                                                       specialty cheese factory in the
                                                                       country. After we’ve loaded
                                                                       up, we will begin our journey
                                                                       back home. B                      Per person rates
                                                                                                         double $879
                                                                                                         triple/quad $786
                                                                                                         single $1159      34
         To make a reservation please call (314) 771-8300.
Day 1: Fly to Toronto
                               Trans-Canadian Rail   We are staying in the midst of the vast, un-           July 11-19, 2012
After a flight into Toronto, we will be met by our   spoiled grandeur of 4,200 square mile Jasper
                                                                                                            The new Canadian-
comfortable coach. After dinner we will check        Park, Canada’s largest park. This afternoon, ex-
into Toronto’s landmark hotel, the AAA four-         plore a bit on your own before dinner together
                                                                                                             Beauty in motion
                                                                                                          The Canadian is one of
diamond Fairmont Royal York hotel. D                 at a local favorite restaurant. B, D
                                                                                                          the world’s most legend-
Day 2: Trending in Toronto                           Day 6: Jasper National Park
                                                                                                          ary and popular longhaul
A local guide will educate and entertain as we       Take a snow-coach ride on the Athabasca Gla-
                                                                                                          journeys. Whether for
visit the must-see highlights of Toronto. Visit      cier as we explore Jasper National Park. Bring
                                                                                                          its breathtaking land-
the Royal Ontario Museum, one of the world’s         your cameras-this is incredible scenery you’ll
                                                                                                          scapes, its attentive and
leading museums of natural history and of world      want to capture forever. Don’t forget to sip
                                                                                                          courteous service or its
cultures. After dinner we will board the VIA Rail    some glacier water as some say it has restorative
                                                                                                          outstanding dining, this
for an adventure of a lifetime as we travel by       powers. Take a leisurely trip through lovely Ma-
                                                                                                          train has inspired de-
rail across Canada! You will be traveling on the     ligne Valley via Medicine Lake and the mysteri-
                                                                                                          cades of fond memories
rail’s flagship train, The Canadian (first class),   ous Maligne River - the river disappears to flow
                                                                                                          for more than 100,000
luxury service of VIA Rail Canada, from Toronto      underground to beautiful Maligne Lake. Dine at
                                                                                                          travellers every year.
to Jasper, Alberta. Breakfasts, lunches, and din-    The Restaurant at Maligne Canyon where the
                                                                                                          Between 2010 and 2012,
ners are included in the dining car, and you are     dining room is set in an art gallery collection of
                                                                                                          more than $22 million
free to roam from car to car and enjoy available     Native Indian and Inuit art and the views of the
                                                                                                          will have been invested
scenic dome car seating as well. Price includes      Maligne River are captivating. B, D
                                                                                                          in its modernization. To-
a lower berth, which is a couch during the day       Day 7: Lake Louise
                                                                                                          day, VIA Rail is proud to
and folds into a bed at night with a curtain for     Our motorcoach awaits us this morning to more
                                                                                                          welcome clientele on
privacy. Public washroom/shower facilities in        of the incredible Canadian Rockies. The tur-
                                                                                                          board a Canadian that
the same car. An upgrade to a cabin is available     quoise sparkling water of Lake Louise is one of
                                                                                                          is even more beautiful,
for an additional $500 per person. The double        the most photogenic spots in the area. Enjoy a
                                                                                                          more comfortable and
cabin (for 2 adults) or single cabin (for 1 adult)   delectable, gourmet lunch at the Fairmont Cha-
                                                                                                          still just as welcoming.
is a sitting room by day and sleeping room by        teau Lake Louise. What a treat to dine there!
night with your own toilet and vanity. B, D          Take some time to enjoy our visit at Lake Louise
Day 3 and Day 4: VIA Rail                            before travelling to Banff and our 2-night stay
Travel by rail enjoying a relaxing excursion of      at the Banff Caribou Lodge featuring mountain
Canadian scenery and hospitality. B, L, D (both      luxury bedding. B, D
days)                                                Day 8: Banff, Alberta
Day 5: Jasper                                        As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff offers
Travel into the picturesque Canadian Rockies         rugged beauty, unspoiled landscapes, and pris-
where we will disembark in Jasper for a 2-night      tine mountain ranges. This quaint mountain
stay at the Sawridge Inn, a property which of-       community opens its arms to us as we embark
fers top notch lodging in the Canadian Rockies.      on a scenic float trip on the Bow River for a
                                                                        guided look at the ecology of
                                                                        Banff National Park. Don’t
                                                                        forget your camera because
                                                                        this relaxing float allows time
                                                                        to look for Beaver, Elk, Osprey
                                                                        and more! When we return
                                                                        to Banff, we will enjoy a gon-
                                                                        dola ride to the top of Sulphur   Per person rates*
                                                                        Moutain for a bird’s eye view     double $3997
                                                                        of this memorable city. B, D      triple/quad $3809
                                                                        Day 9: Return flight home         single $4562
                                                                        Travel east to Calgary this       * Includes roundtrip air
                                                                        morning to catch our flight       from STL. If you would like
                                                                        home ready to share the mem-      to upgrade to a cabin, add
                                                                                                          $500 per person to the
                                                                        ories of all of the beautiful
                                                                                                          above rates.
                                                                        country we’ve experienced by
                                                                        train, plane, and motorcoach!
                                                                        B                                                    35
                                 Polar Bear Express
Day 1: Marshall, MI                                                                rivers which flows
Overnight in Michigan.                                                             south to north-for      July 14-22, 2012
D                                                                                  a ride to St. James   Last year this tour
Day 2: Tobermory, ON                                                               Bay (weather per-     sold out within a few
As we travel along the                                                             mitting). You will    months! It is a popular
shores of the beautiful                                                            be able to watch      tour full of remote des-
eastern side Lake Hu-                                                              the Fresh Water       tinations and unique
ron be sure to watch                                                               mixing with the       experiences.      Please
for lighthouses that                                                               Salt Water as you     note: this tour requires
dot the landscape,                                                                 approach the Bay      a moderate level of
north to Tobermory.                                                                and view a terrific   mobility to traverse the
En-route we will visit                                                             sunset upon our       remote areas and boat
the idyllic town of Kin-                                                           return to the ho-     excursions. Please be
cardine, known for its                                                             tel! We will over-    sure you can climb 15
warmth and hospital-                                                               night in the Cree     steps with your carry-
ity. Tobermory wel-                                                                Village EcoLodge a    on, climb in and out of
comes us tonight as we acquaint ourselves with      hotel focused on environmentally friendly ac-        boats and walk on un-
another Canadian maritime village. B, D             commodations and uniquely envisioned and             even surfaces.
Day 3: Sudbury, ON                                  developed to express the timeless values of the
Enjoy breakfast while traveling to Manitoulin Is-   MoCreebec people. B, D
land on the impressive MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry        Day 6: Moose Factory, ON
as it carves its way through scenic Georgian Bay.   Experience the culture and the surrounding
After soaking in the sun and dynamic Canadian       nature with some free time. After lunch, visit
scenery, we arrive in South Baymouth to travel      Moose Factory Island, the oldest settlement
north to Sudbury. This afternoon, we will visit     in Ontario. Our guided bus tour of this island       Please note: Due to the
Dynamic Earth, an exhibit where visitors enter      community will include ancient relics of the         relatively small number
a network of tunnels and journey through the        fur trade, Centennial Park Museum and the            of rooms at the Eco-
history of mining led by retired miners. After      St. Thomas Church and Banneck Bread tasting,         Lodge, there is limited
dinner, we will overnight in Sudbury. B, D          made by a local Cree woman. After our return         availability on this tour.
Day 4: Cochrane, ON                                 to Moosonee, we will catch the southbound Po-
Relax in the comfortable motorcoach as we tra-      lar Bear Express to Cochrane, enjoying dinner in
verse the wilderness area known as the Arctic       the dining car. Overnight in Cochrane B, L, D
Watershed. Our destination is Cochrane, ON.         Day 7: Barrie, ON

Upon arrival we will enjoy personally guided        Our travels today take us past several small lakes
tour of Cochrane, a visit to the authentic Ininew   and provincial parks to the bustling metropolis
Friendship Centre to watch a drumming dem-          of Barrie, ON. Barrie is a up and coming city             Great trip!
onstration and converse among the Cree. After       making it’s mark in Ontario. A guided tour by         Our favorite part
dinner, we will overnight in Cochrane at the        the area’s Towne Crier will give us insight into      was staying at the

Swan Castle Inn. B, D                               the past and future of Barrie including a visit to    EcoLodge.
Day 5: Moosonee, ON                                 the smallest jail cell in Ontario! B, D
There is no road system to Moosonee so, this        Day 8: St. Jacobs                                     - M. Sanders
morning, it’s “all aboard” the Polar Bear Ex-       Travel to St. Jacobs, situated in the heart of
                                                                                                          Polar Bear 2010
press train to travel 186 miles to the edge of      Mennonite Country and visit Canada’s largest
the Arctic through rugged forests and wetlands,     Farmers Market featuring regional specialties
and across mighty rivers once navigated by ab-      homegrown in the surrounding fields. A visit to
originals, explorers and fur traders. Enroute you   this area would not be complete without a tour                            1!
                                                                                                                     ea s 201
will have complete access to a new audio tour       of the Village of St. Jacobs and some home-style
                                                                                                         Sam  e pric
that was developed in conjunction with the          cookin’ for lunch before we depart across the
Discovery Channel to aid you in learning about      border to Toledo, OH and our overnight stay. B,
the area while on the train and in Moosonee.        L                                                    Per person rates
This evening, after dinner, we will join our Cree   Day 9: Return home                                   double $1998
Guide and board the local built boats as he         Our trip to the northern reaches of Ontario          triple/quad $1820
navigates us on the Moose River-one of the few      comes to an end as we return home. B                 single $2536
                                             The Dakotas
Day 1: Sioux City, NE                                                                                        July 19-26, 2012
Pack your gear and board our com-
fortable motorcoach for your Da-
kota Adventure. Our travels bring
us to Sioux City, Nebraska for an
overnight along the Missouri River.
After dinner you might want to en-
joy a walk along the river. D
Day 2: Sioux Falls, SD
Sioux Falls, largest city in South Da-
kota, is our first stop in the Dakotas.
See the triple waterfall at Falls Park
and do a little exploring in the his-
toric heart of this city. Travel to De                other ice Age critters walked at this active pale-
Smet, locale of six Laura Ingalls Wilder books, to    ontological dig site. B, L                             Did you know?
relive the pioneer days of growing up on the Da-      Day 5: Medora, ND                                    - The North Dakota
kota prairie as we tour two homes of the Wilder       Visit Bear Country USA, a drive through wild-        state capitol building is
family. B, D                                          life park where we get an up close view of over      one of only four tower-
Day 3: Badlands National Park                         20 species of North American mammals, then           style capitols in the U.S.
Traveling west in South Dakota, stop in the capi-     drive north to Medora, North Dakota, an au-          - North Dakota has
tal city of Pierre on our way to visit the Minute-    thentic Old West cow town in the midst of the        recently been ranked
man Missile National Historic Site. This one-of-      North Dakota Badlands. Enjoy the nationally          the friendliest state in
a-kind site presents the history and significance     acclaimed Pitchfork Steak Fondue dinner before       the U.S., according to
of the Cold War arms race. Then we are off to         we mosey over to the Burning Hills Amphithe-         Cambridge University.
see the rugged beauty of Badlands National            atre where you may even see some elk amble           - South Dakota has one
Park before arriving in Rapid City, for a two night   on stage before the Medora Musical, a musical        of the largest Native
stay at the Grand Gateway Hotel. B,D                  variety show, takes center stage. Overnight in       American populations,
Day 4: Black Hills                                    the newly renovated and historic Rough Riders        with nine official tribes.
Enjoy spectacular drives in the Black Hills of        Hotel in the heart of downtown Medora. B,D
South Dakota as we visit Mt. Rushmore National        Day 6: Bismarck, ND
Monument, Crazy Horse Memorial, take a jeep           As we cross North Dakota from Medora to Far-
tour through Custer State Park, amidst herds of       go, stop in the capital city of Bismarck to tour
buffalo, bison and elk. Also visit the Mammoth        the North Dakota State Capitol Building, browse
Site, the world’s largest mammoth research fa-        the North Dakota Heritage Center and enjoy a
cility. Stand on the edge of discovery and walk       relaxing cruise on the Missouri River. B,D
where mammoths, bears, American lions and             Day 7: Fargo, ND
                                                                       A little exploration of Fargo be-
                                                                       fore heading south into South
                                                                       Dakota with a stop at Nicollet
                                                                       Tower by the North-South Con-
                                                                       tinental Divide and the Redlin
                                                                       Art Center in Watertown then
                                                                       onward to Sioux City, NE our
                                                                       last night on the road. B, D
                                                                       Day 8: Return home
                                                                       We return to St. Louis with a
                                                                       greater appreciation of the                         han   2010
                                                                       days of yore in the Wild West,            rp rice t
                                                                       the people who live there today     Lowe
                                                                       and yesteryear and beautiful        Per person rates
                                                                       plains, Black Hills, Badlands and   double $1482
                                                                       open skies. B                       triple/quad $1328
                                                                                                           single $1944
 Yellowstone National Park and more!
Day 1: Sioux City, NE                                                                                    August 13-21, 2012
Travel across Missouri
and along the river into
Iowa for an overnight
stay in Sioux City. D
Day 2: Rapid City, SD
Explore the Badlands
of South Dakota today
and enjoy dinner at the
famous Wall Drug store.
We will stay in Rapid City
for 2 nights. B, D
Day 3: Rapid City, SD

Mount Rushmore, Crazy
Horse Monument and
the Black Hills are on our                                                                                    ...returned last
agenda today with a lo-                             Day 6: Yellowstone                                   Friday from our trip
cal guide. Travel to Custer State Park featuring    Bring your cameras and be prepared to enjoy          with Sunrise Tours
71,000 acres of unspoiled land, pristine lakes      the best of Yellowstone today with our own           to Yellowstone ...It
and roaming buffalo. Enjoy a Buffalo Safari Jeep    guide. Old Faithful! Geysers! Paint Pots! All in     was a delightful trip
Tour into one of the largest herds of bison in      all, a day of geological wonders and plenty of       for us. We were very
North America. Dinner tonight will be in the his-   wildlife! B, D
toric State Game Lodge where Presidents Eisen-                                                           impressed with the
                                                    Day 7: Jackson, WY                                   professionalism of
hower and Coolidge dined and relaxed. B, D          Head south to the Grand Tetons and Jenny Lake.
Day 4: Cody, WY                                                                                          both the driver and
                                                    Browse Teton Village before lunch in the world
Depart Rapid City this morning and begin our        class Jackson Lake Lodge. Travel south to enjoy      the tour guide. Plan
trek to Cody, WY. Along the route, we will see      a scenic float on the Snake River with the Grand     to sign on for another
Devil’s Tower, and pass through the beautiful       Tetons as the backdrop. Afterwards, continue         trip before too long.
Big Horn Mountains. Tonight, we will relax in       into historic Jackson for our overnight stay. This   - B. and A. Minor

the comforts of The Cody, a hotel featuring lux-    evening you are free to explore Jackson Square,
ury lodging in the American West. All summer,       located in the heart of Jackson, WY. B, L
Cody hosts a nitely Rodeo that you may choose       Day 8: Grand Tetons - Salt Lake City, UT
to attend (optional). B, D                          Breakfast in the fresh outdoors at a Chuckwag-
Day 5: Yellowstone                                  on will cap our experiences in Jackson. We will
Visit the Buffalo Bill Museum before driving into   board our coach and travel south along scenic
Yellowstone Park for a 2-night stay at the Snow     highway 89 into Salt Lake City. This evening, we     Combine this tour
Lodge. Completed in 1999, the Snow Lodge is         will meet our guide for a tour of Temple Square      with Idaho on page
the newest of the park’s full service hotels, has   and the Latter Day Saints Community Center. B,       40 and take $450 off
been recognized with the Cody Award for West-       D                                                    the combined per
ern Design and Travel and Leisure’s Inn of the      Day 9: Return home                                   person rate!
Month and features heavy timber construction,       Fly home from Salt Lake City. B
exterior log columns and cedar shingle roof, a
design example of classic “parkitecture.” Lo-
cated in Old Faithful Village, you will be able
walk out the front door and see the sites first
hand! B, D
                                                                                                         Per person rates*
                                                                                                         double $2348
 Highlights:                                        wonder teeming with wildlife!                        triple/quad $2100
 · Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial,            · Lively western town of Jackson Hole.               single $3093
 the magnificent Badlands and Black Hills!          · 2-night stay in Yellowstone National Park          * Includes return flight to
 · The inspiring Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain       and scenic float trip on Snake River.                STL
 wilderness and Big Horn Mountains.                 · A jeep tour amongst herds of bison.
 · Yellowstone National Park - a geological                                                                                   38
              Maine & the Gaspe Peninsula
Day 1: Rangeley, ME                                                                modations. B, L
Fly into the northeast and                                                         Day 6: The Jewel of
travel to the lakes and                                                            Gaspe
                                                                                                          August 14-23, 2012
woods of the Maine inte-                                                           A scenic drive on
rior. Storytelling and din-                                                        the Lighthouse Trail   The Gaspe Peninsula
ner awaits at the lakeside                                                         gives rise to the      (Gaspesie), is located
Rangeley Inn with views                                                            rugged Chic Choc       on the eastern tip of
of Haley Pond and calls of                                                         Mountains and the      the province of Que-
loons nearby.D                                                                     nearby      windmill   bec, north of New
Day 2: Moose and more                                                              farm. Discover the     Brunswick. It is mostly
Rise and shine early for a                                                         unique character       a coastal region be-
canoe trip on the gentle                                                           of Forillon National   ing surrounded by the
Kennebago River then enjoy a hearty breakfast       Park where diverse geological formations and          St. Lawrence estuary
before exploring the local area. Enjoy a BBQ        astonishing flora and fauna define its wild beau-     and gulf as well as by
“out back by the shore” before departing for a      ty. A sunset excursion reveals the secrets of the     the Bay of Chaleur. In
moose-spotting drive at dusk. B, D                  mysterious lobster by a local fisherman and of-       2009, National Geo-
Day 3: Maritime and Carvings                        fers an opportunity to “rise a lobster trap” while    graphic Society named
Brush up on your French or learn a phrase or        on an exclusive lobster fishing adventure. Two-       Gaspe one of the top 3
two - it’s off to Canada! Travel the TransCanada    night stay in Perce. B, D                             most beautiful desti-
highway to Route 132 known as “Navigators           Day 7: Bonaventure Island/Perce Rock                  nations in the world.
Route” or “Route of the Sea”. Stop in Musee         Enjoy a boat excursion accompanied by a natu-
Maritime du Quebec at L’islet and see the mas-      ralist to Bonaventure Island, sanctuary to the
ter boat builder plying at his trade or the out-    largest migratory bird refuge in North Amer-
door displays including anchors, boats and early    ica. Cruise around the majestic Rocher Perce
hydrofoils. Visit the wood sculpture capitol of     (French – Perce Rock). This multicolored lime-
North America in St. Jean Port Joli and see re-     stone monolith rises from the depths of the
productions of Norman Rockwell illustrations        Atlantic Ocean at land’s end and is known to
onto wood sculptures. Arrive in Riviere du Loup     be one of the most spectacular natural arches
for a two-night stay. B, D                          in the world. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon in this
Day 4: Whale Encounter                              quaint fishing town. B,D
Visit the rare style concrete reinforced, octago-   Day 8: Dalhousie (New Brunswick)
nal shaped Pointe-au-Pere’s Lighthouse with         Feast your eyes on more amazing coast line as
a guide. Frequently shrouded in mists, this is      we ride through small fishing villages toward
where engineers tested the world’s first fog-       Dalhousie. Travel along the pristine Gaspe’ Pen-
horns. An adventure of mammal proportions!          insula with breathtaking views of the Chaleur         Combine this tour
Marine mammals abound on the south shore of         Bay. Costumed heritage interpreters will bring        with Cape Cod tour
the St. Lawrence so bring your sharp eye for this   to life the amazing stories and artifacts recov-      on page 41 and take
unique whale encounter and sea outing. The          ered from The Machault wreck during our visit         $450 off the com-
view of the rugged coast, islands and heritage      to Battle of the Restigouche National Historic        bined per person
lighthouses are amazing, too! B, D                  Site of the last naval battle between France and      rate!
Day 5: Reford Garden (Jardins de Metis)             England for possession of North America. Cross
A drive along the St Lawrence southern shore        the J. C Van Horne Bridge into New Brunswick
of coastal levees and hills gives way to lakes,     and delight in the small town charm and hospi-
woodlands, and sinuous rivers. Discover the fa-     tality in Dalhousie. B, D
mous English-inspired Reford Gardens (Jardins       Day 9: Maine
de Metis) home to the International Garden          Journey alongside North America’s oldest              Per person rates*
Festival. Enjoy lunch highlighting regional and     mountains, the Appalachians. Stop along the           double $2499
local products along with fresh herbs from the      way at the French fry capital of the world, Flor-     triple/quad $2287
Garden itself. Continue to Matane, a maritime       enceville-Bristol, then overnight in Maine. B, D      single $3188
village famous for its “Matane Shrimp”. Visit       Day 10: Fly home                                      * Includes roundtrip
the fish ladder observation center to see why       Fly home with memories of the wonder and              airfare from STL.
Matane also boasts one of the best salmon riv-      beauty of the Gaspienne Peninsula and con-
ers in Quebec. Enjoy overnight seaside accom-       trasting Maine inlands. B
Day 1: Sunken Gardens
Arrive in Salt Lake City by air then travel to                                                          August 22-31, 2012
Pocatello, Idaho for the night. Along the                                                               Idaho is a land of con-
way, visit the Sunken Garden surrounded                                                                 trast with spectacu-
by rock walls. D                                                                                        lar beauty. Whether
Day 2: The Moon and the Sun                                                                             it’s the jagged peaks,
Tour the birthplace of the world’s first elec-                                                          deep canyons, pristine
tricity from atomic energy at EBR- 1 Atomic
                                                                                                        lakes or roiling rivers,
Museum National Historic Landmark with
                                                                                                        it’s a beautiful place
a guide. Next, journey back in time to ex-
plore the Craters of the Moon National                                                                  to see. Visit and expe-
Monument and Preserve, a geological jew-                                                                rience the unhurried,
el and one of the best places in the world                                                              unspoiled and unas-
to see the awesome effects of volcanism.                                                                suming life and land
2000 years after the eruption of this vol-          way. Enchanted by the views and curious his-        in Idaho.
cano, the landscape is still ever-changing. Check   tory of this place, this will be a safe adventure
into America’s first destination resort, Sun Val-   never to be forgotten! Overnight in the charm-
ley Resort featuring the old-world charm and        ing town of Lewiston. B, L
ambiance of a cozy European alpine village. B, D    Day 7: Northern Panhandle of Idaho
Day 3: Ice and Sand                                 Visit the Nez Perce Museum then view Port           Did you know?
Explore the “village” before departing to discov-   Lewiston barges at the confluence of the Clear-     • Idaho is 63% public
er more of Idaho. Walk on a suspended wooden        water and Snake Rivers and along the mighty         land, managed by the
walkway over a glacier through the largest lava     Salmon River before driving through Palouse         federal government.
ice caves known in the world, Shoshone Indian       country with its golden wheat, lentil and barley    • The deepest river
Ice Caves. Delight in quality farmstead cheese      fields, and a six mile corridor of majestic Great   gorge in North America
made by hand at Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese       White Pine into the northern panhandle of           is Idaho’s Hells Canyon
and the spectacular Bruneau Dunes, rising 470       Idaho. This part of Idaho has some of the larg-     (7,900 ft deep)
feet above small lakes in the high desert. This     est and most pristine lakes, scenic drives, won-    • Idaho has 3,100 miles
evening we arrive Boise, ID for a 2-night stay.     derful nature walks. Enjoy leisure time with a      of rivers - more than any
B, D                                                stroll the world’s longest floating boardwalk or    other state.
Day 4: Boise “Best City”                            around Tubbs Hill on the downtown waterfront        • Nearly 85% of all com-
Did you know that Boise has been listed in over     or browse the shops before checking into the        mercial trout sold in the
a dozen magazines on their “best cities” lists?     hotel for a two night stay in Coeur D’Alene. B, D   US is from Idaho.
Explore the Greenbelt path and park along the       Day 8: Northern Panhandle of Idaho
river, the Basque Museum and Cultural Center        A cruise on Coeur d’Alene Lake, scenic drive
(more Basques reside in Boise than any other        across the Silver Valley, tour of the oldest        Combine this tour
U.S. city) and the Old Idaho Territorial Peniten-   standing building in Idaho - Cataldo Mission,       with Yellowstone on
tiary. B, D                                         and visit to historic silver mine are “must see”    page 38 OR Pacific
Day 5: West Central Idaho                           adventures in the Gem state. B, D                   Northwest on page
“All aboard” on the Thunder Mountain Line as        Day 9: Emerald City                                 42 and take $450 off
we wind our way around the narrow canyon            Traverse across Washington State with a stop
                                                                                                        the combined per
alongside the Payette River towards Cascade,        at Riverfront Park in Spokane, home to magnifi-
                                                    cent Spokane Falls and gathering place of the
                                                                                                        person rate!
ID. Travel through Payette National Forest and
visit the smokejumpers base in McCall. Over-        nations at Expo 74. The Falls are a dramatic
night on the banks of the Salmon River in Rig-      transition along the 111-mile run of the Spo-
gins, gateway to the spectacular mountains,         kane River which runs from Lake Coeur d’Alene       Per person rates*
canyons and rivers of west central Idaho. B, D      to Lake Roosevelt. Sit back and relax on the        double $2481
Day 6: Hell’s Canyon                                road to picturesque Seattle for overnight stay.     triple/quad $2249
Adventure begins at Pittsburg Landing for a         B, D                                                single $3176
scenic jet boat ride on the whitewaters of the      Day 10: Return Home                                 * Includes roundtrip
Snake River in Hell’s Canyon, the deepest river     Catch the return flight home reflecting on the      airfare from STL
gorge in North America! Venture up the “wild        jagged peaks, deeps canyons, and wonderful

river” to the dam where we will have lunch and      adventures. B
tour a historic cabin and museum along the
                             Cape Cod and More!
Day 1: Fly into Boston                                                                                    August 24-31, 2012
Arrive via air to Boston, MA. Af-
ter checking into our hotel, The                                                                          If you’re fond of sand
Clarion Nantasket Beach Resort                                                                            dunes and salty air,
Hotel, enjoy a delicious dinner                                                                           lighthouses, quaint
while savoring the views of the                                                                           little villages here and
beach. D                                                                                                  there and our patriot-
Day 2: Boston, MA                                                                                         ic beginnings, you’re
Enjoy a full day iwith a local                                                                            sure to fall in love
guide as we explore historic                                                                              with old Cape Cod!
downtown Boston. So much
history and culture in this city
including the site of the Bos-
ton Massacre, the Paul Revere
House and the USS Constitu-
tion! B, D
Day 3: Plymouth and Cape Cod
Today we make our way to                            This morning board the ferry for a ride to the
Plymouth for a look at the “rock” and an af-        timeless and enchanting Martha’s Vineyard; a
                                                    place rich in history, inspiration, creativity, and

ternoon at sea to see some whales! Our day’s
journey continues as we embrace Cape Cod for        beauty. Accompanied by a local guide, visit
a 3-night stay at a local resort. This evening we   each of the 6 island town’s treasures - the pic-
                                                    turesque whaling community of Edgartown,                   Thanks so much
dine at a local favorite, Alberto’s Restaurante.
B, D                                                the lacy Victorian gingerbread cottages of Oak        for a wonderful trip.
Day 4: Cape Cod                                     Bluffs, the magnificent stone walls surrounding       We were happy to
On tour with a local guide, view picturesque        oceanview fields of Chilmark to the grand cliffs      have such a friendly

windmills, lighthouses, Cape Cod National           of Aquinnah (Gay Head), the rustic feel of West       group!
Seashore Park and more. There will be plenty        Tisbury, and the port town of Vineyard Haven.
of time to shop, stroll, and “people watch” in      Martha’s Vineyard has something to offer ev-          - J. Denis
quaint Provincetown. B, D                           eryone. After a full day, return to our hotel on
                                                                                                          Cape Cod, 2009
Day 5: Martha’s Vineyard                            Cape Cod. B, D
                                                    Day 6: Rhode Island
                                                    Visit the coastal town of Newport, RI, the one-
                                                    time summer home of America’s millionaires.           Combine this tour
                                                    Tour one of these opulent “cottages”, the Break-      with Maine & Gaspe
                                                    ers, and enjoy a little free time in historic down-   Peninsula on page 39
                                                    town Newport before we depart west towards            and take $450 off the
                                                    home. B, D                                            combined per person
                                                    Day 7: Eastern Ohio                                   rate!
                                                    After breakfast, drive across Pennsylvania for an
                                                    overnight stay in eastern Ohio. B, D
                                                    Day 8: Return Home                                                             !
                                                    We arrive in St. Louis early evening. B                              han   2009
                                                                                                               rp rice t
                                                                                                          Per person rates*
Highlights:                                         • A visit to Martha’s Vineyard                        double $1796
• A guided tour of historic Boston, includ-         • Time to shop at Boston’s famous Quincy              triple/quad $1630
ing famous landmarks of the Freedom                 Market                                                single $2293
Trail, Old North Church, USS Constitution,          • A visit to the Breakers, an opulent “cot-           * Includes outgoing
Bunker Hill Monument and more!                      tage” in Newport, RI                                  airfare from STL.
• Whale-watching cruise and Plymouth                • A guided tour of Cape Cod
Rock                                                                                                                           41
Pacific Northwest & Canadian Rockies
Day 1: Arrival in Seat-                                                                return to Banff,
                                                                                                            Sept. 1-12, 2012
tle, WA                                                                                we will enjoy a
Fly into Seattle and                                                                   gondola ride to    The Rocky Mountains
overnight just north of                                                                the top of Sul-    roll on for a thou-
the city. D                                                                            phur Mountain      sand miles with snow-
Day 2: Vancouver, BC                                                                   for a bird’s eye   capped peaks, thick
Travel into Canada to                                                                  view. B, D         forests and clear gla-
visit cosmopolitan Van-                                                                Day 8: Koote-      cial lakes. Banff was
couver and its beauti-                                                                 nay Park, BC       the first of the Rockies’
ful parks with a local                                                                 Travel through     National Parks estab-
guide. After our tour-                                                                 scenic Koote-      lished in 1885 and still
ing, we will check in for                                                              nay Park and       welcomes visitors each
our 2-night stay. B, D                                                                 Radium       Hot   day. Join us as we ex-
Day 3: Vancouver Is-                                                                   Springs, BC. Ar-   plore this incredibly
land, BC                                                                               rive in White-     majestic and inviting
Ferry to Vancouver                                                                     fish, MT where     area.
Island to visit world-                                                                 we       unpack
famous Butchart Gar-                                                                   our bags for a
dens where we’ll dine                                                                  2-night stay. B,

overlooking the beau-                                                                  D
tiful gardens. After-                                                                  Day 9: Glacier
wards, visit the delight-                                                              National Park
                                                                                                               …thanks for
ful “British-like” city of                                                             Explore     Gla-
                                                                                                          making the tour of
Victoria. B, L                                                                         cier National
Day 4: Revelstoke, BC                                                                  Park     aboard    the Northwest and
After breakfast, journey along scenic roads into     the narrated “red bus jammers” and travel the        Canada such a suc-
the inland mountains of British Columbia and         “Going-to-the-Sun-Road”. Soak in the views of        cess. The meals and
spend the night on a mountain lake near Revel-       Glacier’s pristine forests, alpine meadows, rug-     hotels were wonder-
stoke, British Columbia. B, D                        ged mountains, and spectacular lakes. We will        ful. We enjoyed all
Day 5: Lake Louise and Banff, BC                     enjoy lunch in the park. Later this afternoon,       the beautiful scenery
Travel through Rogers Pass, Glacier and Yoho         we will board the DeSmet, a boat built in 1930       and…look forward
National Parks, and into Banff National Park,        and launched on Lake McDonald where she still        to another trip in the

Canada’s oldest national park. En-route we will      runs today, for a tranquil boat ride and intimate    near future.
visit Lake Louise, the most photogenic spot in       observation of West Glacier. Tonight, relax and
                                                                                                          - B. and T. Ringer
the Canadian Rockies - what a treat to dine at       enjoy the evening at your leisure. B, L
the Chateau Lake Louise! Then it’s on to Banff       Day 10: Cascade Mountains, WA
for a 3-night stay. B, L                             Our travels today take us through the Kaniksu
Day 6: Athabasca Glacier                             and Coeur D’Alene National Forests, west on          Combine this tour
Travel north on the icefield parkway into Jas-       highway 2 and a scenic drive along the eastern       with Idaho on page
per National Park, spellbound by the awesome         side of the Cascade Mountains to bring us to the     40 OR Northwest
landscape that surrounds us. You won’t forget        charming Bavarian-like village of Leavenworth.       Coast on page 43
the incredible “snow coach” ride on the Atha-        Herzlich Willkommen! B, D                            and take $450 off the
basca Glacier, the azure blue of Peyto Lake and      Day 11: Leavenworth, WA                              combined per person
the majestic mountains of the Canadian Rock-         A heartfelt welcome urges us to explore this         rate!
ies! A local guide will entertain and educate as     German community’s treasures. Visit the Aplets
we explore Banff National Park. B, D                 and Cotlets country store, the Leavenworth           Per person rates*
Day 7: Banff, AB                                     Fish Hatchery for a tour about the ecology of        double $3068
Embark on a scenic float trip on the Bow River,      the area, and have leisure time in downtown          triple/quad $2789
for a different perspective of Banff National Park   Leavenworth for a Bavarian experience. Be
                                                                                                          single $3905
and its ecology. This relaxing float allows time     ready to savor a dinner complete with German
                                                                                                          * Includes roundtrip
to enjoy the grandeur of the Canadian Rocky          entertainment tonight! B, D
                                                                                                          airfare from STL.
Mountains while looking for Beaver, Elk, Osprey      Day 12: Return flight
and more! Don’t forget your camera! When we          Today, we will fly home from Seattle, WA. B
                                      Northwest Coast
Day 1: Fly into Port-                                                             Lake, travel west           Sept. 5-14, 2012
land, OR                                                                          to Grants Pass, OR.        Sept. 13-22, 2012
After our flight into                                                             Board a boat for a
                                                                                                            Explore the gems of
Portland, OR, we                                                                  guided excursion of
                                                                                                            the US northwest with
will visit Portland’s                                                             Hellsgate      Canyon,
                                                                                                            Sunrise Tours. This tour
signature landmark,                                                               Rogue River travel-
                                                                                                            features Mount Hood,
the famous Interna-                                                               ing amidst close-
                                                                                                            Pacific Coast Beach
tional Rose Test Gar-                                                             ups of remarkable
                                                                                                            and Ocean, Crater Lake
dens. D                                                                           rock shapes. See the
                                                                                                            Lodge, California Red-
Day 2: Portland, OR                                                               canyon where John
                                                                                                            woods, and San Fran-
The sweeping view                                                                 Wayne and Kather-
of the Columbia                                                                   ine Hepburn filmed
River Gorge is just                                                               “Rooster Cogburn”.
one of many incredible sights we’ll see on our        Our boat cruise adventure includes dinner at
Columbia River Gorge-Mount Hood loop tour.            the O.K. Corral (subject to river water levels). B,
Lunch at historic Timberline Lodge and our            D
knowledgeable step-on guide will enhance our          Day 7: Redwood National Park
tour of this pristine area of Oregon. B, L            Today travel into Northern CA and visit Red-
Day 3: Newport, OR                                    wood National Park and see the tallest living
Take the scenic route along the coast to New-         things on earth, evergreen trees that grow
port, OR, stopping along the way to soak in the       to 350 feet! This evening enjoy dinner in Fort
sights of beautiful beaches and scenery includ-       Bragg, CA before our overnight stay. B, D
ing the Cannon Beach “Haystack Rock”, a geo-          Day 8: Scenic train ride
logical Oregon landmark, and a stop at Depoe          This morning we board the famous Skunk Train
Bay. A two night stay at The Elizabeth Street         steam engine in its 127th year of operation!
Inn will delight you as each room has a balcony       We will travel as the train did in 1885 from Fort
with a Pacific Ocean view and fresh baked cook-       Bragg to Northspur chugging along through the
ies each evening! B, D                                beautiful redwoods. Bring your camera as com-
Day 4: Oregon Coast                                   mon sightings include blue heron, egrets, os-
Board the 65’ Discovery for a marine discovery        prey, ducks, and the occasional lounging turtle!
cruise. Whales, sea lions, sea birds, seals, light-   Did you know the trains were nicknamed for
                                                                                                            Combine this tour
houses and an historic bridge will be visible dur-    their original gas engines, which prompted folks
ing our naturalist-led cruise. After the cruise,      to say, “You can smell ‘em before you can see         with Pacific North-
enjoy lunch in the Bayfront area in Newport.          ‘em.” In the midst of the Redwood Forest, we          west on page 42 OR
This afternoon we will visit the Oregon Coast         will enjoy a delicious catered BBQ lunch. Travel      Canyonlands on page
Aquarium. We might even catch a sea lion or           to the quaint town of Healdsburg for dinner on        48 and take $450 off
sea otter feeding! Enjoy leisure time to shop         your own before continuing to our hotel in the        the combined per
and browse the quaint shops before returning          San Francisco area for a 2-night stay. B, L           person rate!
to the Inn. This evening we will enjoy a beach-       Day 9: San Francisco
front bonfire as we celebrate our visit to New-       It’s off to Pier 33 this morning to catch the ferry
port, OR. (weather permitting) B, L                   ride across the bay to Alcatraz Island. Formerly
Day 5: Crater Lake                                    off-limits to the public, the “Rock” invites us to
In Florence, OR we will stop to view the mas-         experience the beauty, history and uniqueness                      since
                                                                                                                 e price
sive sand dunes that characterize this area of        of this legendary federal prison. Next, enjoy the      Sam
the coast. A trip to Oregon would not be com-         “city by the bay” with a local guide. We’ll see       Per person rates*
plete without a visit to one of the most photo-       the architecture of the city, Chinatown, Golden       double $2541
graphed lakes in the country; Crater Lake. Fea-       Gate Park, Nob Hill, Cable Cars and many scenic
                                                                                                            triple/quad $2288
turing magnificent blues and sheer surrounding        views of the bay. Enjoy leisure time in Fisher-
                                                                                                            single $3299
cliffs almost two thousand feet high, it is a place   man’s Wharf to shop and explore, then dinner
                                                                                                            * Includes roundtrip
of immeasurable beauty. Dinner and overnight          and a west coast sunset to complete our day.
                                                                                                            airfare from STL
will be at the Crater Lake Lodge. B, D                B,D
Day 6: Grants Pass, OR                                Day 10: Return home
After a morning view from the rim of Crater           Return flight home. B
Door County – Cape Cod of the Midwest
Day 1: Port Washington, WI                                                                                September 8-13,
Our first day of travel takes
us to the beautiful lakeside
community of Port Wash-                                                                                  The Bridgeport Re-
ington, WI. Located on Lake                                                                              sort is just a short
Michigan, this charming com-                                                                             walk to the quaint
munity has been described                                                                                village of Sturgeon
as having “a New England                                                                                 Bay.
fishing village charm”. D

Day 2: Sturgeon Bay, WI
Visit the Wisconsin Mari-
time Museum with a docent-
guided tour of USS Cobia, the                                                                                We were delight-
nation’s most completely re-                                                                             ed with the coach
stored WWII submarine and                                                                                tour to Wisconsin…
view the many exhibits. En-                                                                              They [Sunrise Tour
joy lunch on your own before                                                                             Manager and Driver]
we make our way to Door                                                                                  did a superb job, and
County, one of the top ten                          plete our day with an authentic Door County          made our first coach
vacation destinations in North America as de-       fish boil where we’ll watch the sunset and be
                                                                                                         tour very pleasant
                                                    entertained by the famous “boil over”. B, D

scribed by Money Magazine. Enjoy free time in
the lovely lakeside community of Sturgeon Bay       Day 4: Door County
                                                    Discover the Lake Michigan side of the peninsu-      - B. Henning
before enjoying the hospitality and amenities of
                                                    la with sandy beaches and rocky shoreline cliffs     Door County 2010
the Bridgeport Resort, home for the next three
nights. B, D                                        today. Tour Bjorklunden’s Boynton Chapel, en-
Day 3: Door County                                  joy a leisure walk along the shore in Whitefish
Explore the quaint villages found along the         Dunes State Park, and learn about the “lime-
Green Bay side of this enchanting peninsula.        stone” sea caves that are nestled along the sea
Enjoy free time to discover your interests or a     line. Cruise the Bay at sunset enjoying views of
walk along the shoreline in one of the charm-       dramatic cliffs that dot the Door County coast-
ing towns along the way. A visit to Peninsula       line. B, L
State Park, the crown jewel of Wisconsin state      Day 5: Wisconsin
parks, will include a guided tour of one of the     Bid farewell to the charm and serenity of Door
five historical Peninsula lighthouses. We’ll com-   County and travel towards home. Discover a
                                                    bit of Wisconsin charm while traversing inland
                                                               traveling towards southern Wisconsin.
                                                               Enjoy dinner and lively entertainment
                                                               before turning in for the night. B, D
                                                               Day 6: Return home
                                                               Of course no visit to Wisconsin is com-
                                                               plete without cheese! So before de-
                                                               parting Wisconsin, visit a local cheese
                                                               house for delicious samples and an op-
                                                               portunity to purchase (own expense)       Per person rates
                                                               favorites. Then it’s homeward bound       double $995
                                                               – refreshed and rejuvenated from our      triple/quad $880

                                                               Midwest Cape Cod experience. B            single $1339

        To make a reservation please call (314) 771-8300.
         New York City and Hudson Valley
Day 1: St. Louis area -Bell-
                                                                                                          Sept. 10-17, 2012
ville, OH
Travel east to central Ohio for                                                                          Since Henry Hudson
an overnight stay. D                                                                                     first sailed up his name-
Day 2: Poughkeepsie, NY                                                                                  sake river over 400
Travel across Pennsylvania to                                                                            years ago, people have
New York. Enroute enjoy din-                                                                             been visiting the Hud-
ner at Torches on the Hudson                                                                             son Valley, rich in histo-
Restaurant featuring delicious                                                                           ry and natural beauty.
food, great views of the Hud-                                                                            Combine this area with
son River, and the biggest                                                                               a visit to vibrant New
fish tank you have likely ever                                                                           York City on this excit-
seen! B, D                                                                                               ing tour.
Day 3: West Point Military In-
stitute and Culinary Institute
of America                                         Hudson River and check into the Marriott Tean-
The oldest military academy in the country,        eck, NJ for a 3-night stay B, D
West Point Military Academy, awaits us. Walk       Day 5: New York City and Broadway
the paths of generals and presidents as you        See NYC from a different perspective this day as

trace the footsteps of our country’s great lead-   we visit Ellis Island, where so many people be-
ers. Next, visit the lifelong home and museum      gan new lives in the USA and you can research
of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park, featuring   your family history. Also, visit the Statue of Lib-       Thank you for the
a rose garden. Tonight,                                                     erty and enjoy the mag-      most wonderful trip
enjoy the pleasure of                                                       nificent view of the New     we have had in a long

dining in one of the                                                        York skyline from across     time.
four-star restaurants                                                       the Hudson River. After
of the Culinary Insti-                                                      dinner, we are off to see
tute of America!                                                                                         - M. Pitcher
                                                                            a Broadway theater per-
B, D                                                                        formance (TBD). B, D         NY/Hudson Valley
Day 4: Gardens at                                                           Day 6: New York City         2010
Kykuit                                                                      tour
Visit the mansion                                                           Explore New York City
and gardens at Kykuit                                                       with a local guide. Spend
(home of the Rocke-                                                         the day seeing such
feller family) and Sun-                                                     places as Central Park,
nyside (Washington Irving’s romantic riverfront    St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, Trump
home). Enjoy the quiet beauty of historic Hud-     Tower, watching the people at Rockefeller Cen-
son Valley. This evening dine with views of the    ter and visiting the unique area of Chinatown
                                                          in lower Manhattan. This evening, rise
                                                          to the “Top of the Rock” in Rockefeller
                                                          Center for a bird’s eye view of the Big
                                                          Apple. B, D
                                                          Day 7: Eastern Ohio
                                                          Begin our trek home as we drive across
                                                          Pennsylvania with a stop in Shanksville,
                                                          PA to pay our respects at the Flight 93                             008!
                                                                                                                         nce 2
                                                          Memorial, honoring those who lost their               price si
                                                          lives on 9/11. Then it’s back toward St.       Same
                                                          Louis with an overnight stay in eastern        Per person rates
                                                          Ohio. B, D                                     double $1631
                                                          Day 8: Return home                             triple/quad $1477

                                                          We arrive in St. Louis early evening. B        single $2095
                                     Majestic Colorado
Day 1: Hays, KS                                                                                                Sept. 18-28, 2012
Colorado begs to be explored and we are
on our way! Begin our journey west with                                                                       Come with us to ex-
an overnight in Hays, KS. D                                                                                   plore Colorado’s ma-
Day 2: Colorado Springs, CO                                                                                   jestic      mountains,
Travel to Colorado Springs for a visit to the                                                                 natural beauty and
U.S. Air Force Academy Chapel before we                                                                       friendly folk. Take the
settle in for our 2-night stay. B, D                                                                          world’s highest cog
Day 3: Pike’s Peak                                                                                            railroad to the summit
It is no wonder the poem and song “Amer-                                                                      of Pikes Peak, a scenic
ica the Beautiful” was inspired by the                                                                        train ride through the
views from Pikes Peak. See for yourself
                                                                                                              Royal Gorge, and the
as you take the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway to
                                                                                                              vintage steam train
the top! After lunch at the four-star rated
Cliff House, we’re off to the Garden of                                                                       Durango & Silver-
                                                        This morning it’s “All Aboard” as we meet the
the Gods, Colorado’s version of Eden that con-          Durango-Silverton narrow-gauge train. The line
                                                                                                              ton on this great ad-
tains windswept rock formations and sandstone           was constructed to haul silver and gold ore from      venture. Gaze at the
towers with names like “Kissing Camels” and             the San Juan Mountains but passengers soon            awe-inspiring scen-
“Weeping Indian”. B, L                                  realized it was the VIEW that was truly precious!     ery while traveling
Day 4: Canon City, CO                                   After lunch in Silverton, we’ll drive the “Million    between historic and
Travel to Canon City, CO, and board the Royal           Dollar Highway”, visit the little mountain town       lively, colorful Colo-
Gorge Train for a 24-mile journey into the can-         of Ouray, known as “Switzerland of the Rock-          rado cities!
yon. Next we visit Great Sand Dunes National            ies”, and continue our scenic drive to Gunnison
Monument. The wind-swept dunes rise 750                 National Monument for an eagle’s eye view of
feet high against the beautiful backdrop of the         the Black Canyon. Overnight in Grand Junction,
rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountain. Alamosa,              CO. B, L                                              Do you know why Colo-
CO, is our home for the night. B, D                     Day 8: Colorado National Monument                     rado is nicknamed the
Day 5: Durango, CO                                      Visit the Colorado National Monument this             Centennial State?
Relax and enjoy our scenic drive west towards           morning. You will see sheer-walled, red rock          Colorado is nicknamed
Durango with interesting stops along the way.           canyons and you may even spy bighorn sheep            the Centennial State
Overnight in Durango for 2 nights. B, D                 and soaring eagles. Later, drive eastward on          because it entered the
Day 6: Mesa Verde National Park                         I-70, traveling through the beautiful Glenwood        union as the 38th state
Spend the day exploring Mesa Verde National             Canyon towards Denver, CO. B, D                       in 1876, 100 years after
Park with local guide. This UNESCO World Heri-          Day 9: Denver                                         the signing of the Decla-
tage Site is home to over 4,000 known archeo-           Today is devoted to exploring Denver, CO, the         ration of Independence!
logical sites and cliff dwellings, this is one of the   Mile High City. Tour the Denver U.S. Mint
top 5 “must see” sites in Colorado according to         (based on availability), Coors Brewery and the
ABA. B, D                                               state Capitol. For our last evening in the foot-
Day 7: Durango-Silverton Railroad                                        hills of the Rockies, enjoy dinner
                                                                         and an evening of entertain-
                                                                         ment at one of the outstanding
                                                                         cultural centers in the Denver
                                                                         area. B, D
                                                                         Day 10: Mid-Kansas
                                                                         We say adieu to the mountains                                    !
                                                                                                                                 n   2011
                                                                         and elevations to travel east                     e tha
                                                                                                                    r pric
                                                                         into Kansas for our overnight        Lowe
                                                                         stay in Salina, KS. B, D             Per person rates
                                                                         Day 11: Return home
                                                                                                              double $1999
                                                                         We arrive home with treasured
                                                                                                              triple/quad $1791
                                                                         memories of our adventure in
                                                                         majestic Colorado. B                 single $2622
            Historic Hotels of New England
Day 1: Ohio                                         ington Resort, a masterpiece of Spanish Renais-
Travel to Northern Ohio. D                          sance architecture completed in 1902 after two
Day 2: Historic Jefferson Clinton Hotel, Syra-      years of work by 250 Italian master craftsmen.       Sept. 21-30, 2012
cuse, NY                                            The Resort, a National Historic Landmark, has
Arrive in Syracuse, NY and check into the Jeffer-   recently undergone $60 million in renovations.
son Clinton Hotel, a “Historic Hotel of America”,   Celebrities, politicians, and dignitaries have
which was built in 1927 and is located in the       long sought the comfort of the Mt. Washington
historic Armory Square neighborhood of down-        Resort; you can still see Babe Ruth’s golf locker
town Syracuse. B, D                                 at the Hotel, which
Day 3: The Sagamore on Lake George, Bolton          was also the site
Landing, NY                                         of the 1944 Bret-
Visit the Erie Canal Museum, housed within the      ton Woods Inter-
only surviving weighlock building in the US, to     national Monetary
learn about the economic importance and en-         Conference which
gineering achievement of the Canal. Check into      established       the
the beautiful Sagamore Resort on Lake George        US Dollar as the
for a two-night stay and enjoy a guided tour of     backbone of inter-
this historic property. Originally built in 1883    national exchange.
and listed on the National Register of Historic     After a guided tour
Places, the Sagamore is found on a private is-      of the property,
land (Green Island) on Lake George, all of which    enjoy a delicious
are located within New York Adirondack State        meal on property. B, D
Park. In 1954, the hotel hosted the National        Day 6: Conway Scenic Railway
Governor’s Conference, presided over by Vice        Take a scenic ride through the White Mountain
President Richard M. Nixon, and hosted by Gov-      National Forest on the Kancamagus Highway,
ernor Thomas E. Dewey. Lake and foliage views       known locally as “the Kanc”, to Conway, NH.
from the Resort are priceless! Enjoy a delecta-     Enjoy a nostalgic train ride aboard the Conway
ble dinner at the Resort this evening. B, D         Scenic Railway, featuring a delicious three-
Day 4: Lake George luncheon cruise                  course lunch. Enjoy an evening on your own at
Enjoy a morning of leisure at the Resort before     the Omni Mt. Washington Resort. B, L
a lunch cruise aboard the Lac du Saint Sacre-       Day 7: Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport, ME
ment, the largest cruise ship on Lake George.       Travel to the coast of Maine and the Colony Ho-
Spend a relaxing evening as you wish amidst the     tel, a “Historic Hotel of America” in Kennebunk-
fall beauty at the Sagamore. B, L                   port, ME. The Colony enjoys a spectacular lo-
Day 5: Omni Mt. Washington Resort, Bretton          cation on a rock promontory overlooking the
Woods, NH                                           Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Kennebunk
Travel into the White Mountains of New Hamp-        River. Featuring a heated saltwater pool and
shire for a two-night stay at the Omni Mt. Wash-    beautiful gardens, the hotel is located within
                                                                     walking distance of the charm-
                                                                     ing village of Kennebunkport. B,
                                                                     Day 8: Newburgh, NY
                                                                     After a leisurely morning in
                                                                     Kennebunkport, travel to New-
                                                                     burgh, NY for dinner at Sunrise
                                                                     favorite, Torches on the Hud-
                                                                     son, featuring delicious food,
                                                                     great views of the Hudson River,
                                                                     and the biggest fish tank you
                                                                     have likely ever seen! B, D        Per person rates
                                                                     Day 9 Ohio                         double $2549
                                                                     Travel to Northern Ohio. B, D      triple/quad $2236
                                                                     Day 10: Return home                single $3708
            Canyonlands of Southern Utah
Day 1: Cedar City, UT                               Day 5: From Monument Valley to Lake Powell
Fly into Las Vegas and travel to Cedar City for a   Hear about Native American heritage of this         Sept. 23-Oct. 1, 2012
2-night stay. Begin the tour of the rugged west     area as we explore the back roads of Monument
with dinner and Cowboy poetry. B, D                 Valley, the eighth wonder of the world. A Nava-     Come explore the
Day 2: Bryce Canyon                                 jo guide will lead us amongst perhaps the most      southern Utah Can-
Explore spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park,     enduring and definitive images of the American      yonlands and discov-
famous for its multi-colored Hoodoos, a unique      West. Picnic lunch amongst the spellbinding         er it’s monumental
geological formation and some of the world’s        graceful scenery just tastes wondrous, doesn’t      beauty!
best air quality. Then discover the often missed    it? Cross into Arizona for a cruise on beautiful
Cedar Breaks National Monument, known for           Lake Powell. The boat takes us into both Na-
an enchanting mixture of delicate shades of         vajo with its tapestry laden walls and through
colors, like the icing on an extravagant wedding    twisting Antelope canyons – one where we can
cake! B, D                                          almost touch the sides of the cliffs! B, L, D
Day 3: Capitol Reef and Moab                        Day 6: Grand Canyon – North Rim

Visit Capitol Reef National Park; known for a       The mysteries of Glen Canyon Dam are dimin-
water pocket fold, a giant wrinkle in the Earth’s   ished with a guided tour to the crest and inside
crust and its fruit orchards. Discover the small    the dam before traveling to the north rim of the         Thank you for the
resort town of Moab, UT located at the center of    Grand Canyon. Less visited than the south rim,      wonderful trip to the
some of the most stunning red rock landscapes       but truly as beautiful, enjoy spectacular views
                                                                                                        Canyonlands. This
on Earth. Tonight’s treat: a hearty barbeque din-   from Point Imperial, highest point on the can-
                                                                                                        was our first tour and
ner, then an exhilarating boat ride followed by a   yon rim. Sit back in the rocking chairs on the
spectacular light and sound show. Two nights        front porch of the Western Cabins at historic       it was spectacular.
rest in the heart of this quaint western town.      Grand Canyon Lodge footsteps from the Can-          We are already think-
B, D                                                yon’s rim during this one night stay inside the     ing of our next trip
Day 4: Canyonlands National Park                    Grand Canyon National Park.                         with your company.

Discover the sculpted pinnacles and buttes of       Day 7: North Rim Explored
Canyonlands National Park and enjoy the com-        Wake up to the still of the park then send greet-   - E. Kellmann
manding views across many miles of very deep        ings echoing across the Grand Canyon as you         Canyonlands 2009
canyons in all directions. Marvel at the amazing    explore the park at leisure. Delight in the seem-
views of the snaking meanders of the Colorado       ingly unlimited views from the North rim with a
River at one of the most photographed scenic        step-on guide before heading to Kanab, UT for
vistas: Dead Horse Point State Park. A picnic       the night. B, D
                                                                                                        Combine this tour
lunch on the riverside, then discover the red       B, D
                                                                                                        with Northwest Coast
rock landscape of Arches National Monument,         Day 8: Zion National Park
the worlds’ largest concentration of natural        Follow the lush Virgin River along U-9 into Zion    on page 43 and take
stone arches. Enjoy an evening at leisure. B,L      National Park where you are surrounded by           $450 off the com-
                                                                          massive canyon walls and      bined per person
                                                                          a unique landscape of pet-    rate!
                                                                          rified sand dunes. A visit
                                                                          to Valley of Fire Nevada’s
                                                                          oldest state park rich with
                                                                          red sandstone formations
                                                                          and the stark beauty of
                                                                          the Mojave Desert before
                                                                          checking into the four star
                                                                          Golden Nugget Hotel and       Per person rates*
                                                                          Casino .B, D
                                                                                                        double $2237
                                                                          Day 9: Fly Home
                                                                                                        triple/quad $2030
                                                                          Reflect on the truly spec-
                                                                          tacular natural beauty we     single $2858
                                                                                                        * Includes roundtrip air-
                                                                          have explored as we fly
                                                                                                        fare from STL.
                                                                          home. B

Cancellations                                    an injury that prevents the traveler from          Method of Payments
Our refund policy for cancellations varies       continuing on the tour, insurance will cover       For deposits we accept checks or cash. For
according to the type of tour. Your deposit      the cost of the extended stay, the cost of         final payment we accept Visa, Mastercard,
is fully refundable up to the final payment      transportation home and the value of the           check or cash.
due date. On any cancellation made after         missed tour (subject to claim submission           Seating on the Motorcoach
final payment is due, we reserve the right       and acceptance by Berkley Insurance). If           Seating is assigned and will be rotated on
to withhold monies for non-refundable ex-        you do not have insurance, you will per-           a daily basis. Special seating requests are
penses.                                          sonally incur these costs and it can be very       honored on the basis of availability. Paying
All motorcoach: Full refund up to the day        expensive. 2) Trip cancellation - If you are       the single fare does NOT ensure you will
of departure for medical reasons except          forced to cancel a tour for medical reasons        have a seat to yourself on the coach, it only
for non-refundable expenses to us. Many          (for you or an immediate family member),           ensures you a room by yourself.
hotels, restaurants & activities require pre-    having insurance ensures a complete re-            Responsibility
payment.                                         fund of monies paid (except for the cost of        Sunrise Tours is not responsible for any in-
Fly/Coach: The motorcoach portion of the         insurance). Sunrise cannot guarantee this          jury, delay, loss or accident due to any act
tour is fully refundable (except for non-        because there are times when monies are            or negligence on the part of any person or
refundable expenses incurred by us) up to        paid on your behalf prior to departure.            company rendering services on any of our
the day before departure for medical rea-        Pick-up points                                     tours. We reserve the right to change any
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the cost is dictated by the airline. If we can   points based on point requests. We have            After You Book A Tour...
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to use the ticket, we will certainly pass that   south and central areas of St. Louis metro-        received your deposit, the following is a
refund on to you. However, if we cannot          politan area and St. Charles and Illinois. All     schedule of correspondences:
obtain a refund, we will be unable to re-        pick-up points allow parking for your ve-          1) confirmation of deposit received
fund that portion of the tour price.             hicle. Sunrise’ pick up point partners offer       2) your final payment is due 30 days before
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tours depend on the cruise line or tour op-      rise Tours nor parking lot owners assume           air (please note you will NOT receive an in-
erator. Please call for questions on a spe-      responsibility for incidents occurring to          voice when final payment is due)
cific cruise or tour.                            parked cars. You will be notified of which         3) you will receive a letter about 2-3 weeks
Final Payment                                    pick-ups we are using for your tour in a           prior to departure that will include your
Your final payment is due 30 days before         letter about 2 weeks prior to departure.           luggage tags and important details such as
departure for an all-motorcoach tour and         If you would like to stay overnight before         pick-up times and locations, hotel phone
60 days before departure for tours involv-       leaving on the tour, we can provide a hotel        #’s, what to bring etc..It will also include
ing air unless otherwise noted. One-day          room at some of our pick-ups for a reduced         a detailed itinerary (subject to change).
tour payments are due in full upon reser-        rate. If our routing allows, we may pick up        Please bring this with you on tour.
vation. Please call us in reference to cruise    along the way in outlying areas.                   Groups
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Tour Price Inclusions (and tipping policy)       A passport is required on any tour that            plimentary tour for 20 paid passsengers,
The price of the tour includes all attrac-       leaves the United States, including Canada.        or a 5% commission for fundraising efforts.
tions, lodging, motorcoach transportation,       Photo ID’s are required on all fly tours and       2) Have an idea? Let us know. We will cre-
breakfast and dinner daily (unless noted         recommended on all tours.                          ate a trip just for your groups’ interest and
otherwise), and tips for hotel, airport, and     Singles Requesting Roommates                       budget.
restaurant personnel. If the tour involves       If you would like to go on tour with us, but       3) You don’t have to “fill the bus”, because
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unless otherwise noted. Tips for the driver,     let us know and we will match you with             number of members. If 10 members sign
tour managers, and step-on guides are left       someone else (same sex of course). Just let        up for any scheduled trip, we come to your
to the discretion of the traveler and should     us know at least 60 days before departure          location in the St. Louis metro area, pick
be in accordance with services received.         and we will room you with another traveler         them up, and show them a great time.
Trip Insurance                                   at the double rate. If there is no roommate        Pictures
For 2 main reasons we highly recom-              available on the tour you request, you will        By signing up for and participating in a tour,
mend the purchase of trip insurance and          still only have to pay the price of a double.      you are agreeing to have any pictures taken
can provide information on Berkley Insur-        If you decline the roommate assigned, you          on tour published in Sunrise Tours printed
ance: 1) Trip interruption – There are cir-      will be responsible for the single supple-         or web material. If you do not wish to have
cumstances that can prevent passengers           ment. Of course, if you prefer to travel           your picture used in any form by Sunrise
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 Roommate (s):                                                                       single        triple
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 Holiday Inn (old Viking) 10709 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63127
 Costco South County, 4200 Rusty Rd., St. Louis, MO 63128                            I have read, understand and
 La Quinta 5781 Campus Parkway, Hazelwood, MO 63042                                  agree to Sunrise Tours policies
 Drury Inn 12 Ludwig Dr., Fairview Heights, IL 62208                                 as they appear on page 49.
 Comfort Suites 1400 South 5th St., St. Charles, MO 63301
How to Book a Tour:
1. When you decide on a tour, you are welcome to give us a call to reserve your space and then continue to com-
   plete the following steps, or you can simply move on to step #2
2. Complete the above booking form. Please include any special requirements (diet, room, no steps etc.)
3. Determine what deposit is necessary for your tour according to the following:
       motorcoach or fly/coach tours 5 or more days long - $100 per person
       motorcoach or fly/coach tours less than 5 days - $50 per person
       cruises and overseas tours - please call (deposits vary)
4. Mail in the form along with the deposit to:
       (make checks payable to) Sunrise Tours 1819 Lynch Street St.Louis, MO 63118
5. Please take a minute to read our policies and procedures.
Name (as it appears on valid ID)

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Roommate (s):                                                                       single        triple
                                                                                    double        quad
Pickup point most convenient for you (actual pickup point may vary by demand):
                                                                                    smoking       non-smoking
Holiday Inn (old Viking) 10709 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63127
Costco South County, 4200 Rusty Rd., St. Louis, MO 63128
                                                                                    I have read, understand and
La Quinta 5781 Campus Parkway, Hazelwood, MO 63042
                                                                                    agree to Sunrise Tours policies
Drury Inn 12 Ludwig Dr., Fairview Heights, IL 62208
                                                                                    as they appear on page 49.
Comfort Suites 1400 South 5th St., St. Charles, MO 63301

Name (as it appears on valid ID)

Nickname (if applicable)                                              Tour:

Birthdate (required if traveling by air)                              Tour departure date:


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                                                                                    Please check appropriate boxes:
Roommate (s):                                                                       single        triple
                                                                                    double        quad
Pickup point most convenient for you (actual pickup point may vary by demand):      smoking       non-smoking
Holiday Inn (old Viking) 10709 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63127
Costco South County, 4200 Rusty Rd., St. Louis, MO 63128                            I have read, understand and
La Quinta 5781 Campus Parkway, Hazelwood, MO 63042                                  agree to Sunrise Tours policies
Drury Inn 12 Ludwig Dr., Fairview Heights, IL 62208                                 as they appear on page 49.
Comfort Suites 1400 South 5th St., St. Charles, MO 63301

                 If you have any questions please give us a
                  call at (314)771-8300 or (800) 881-8804.
                     Visit us online at
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1819 lynch street saint louis, mo 63118
(314) 771-8300 or (800) 881-8804

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