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									Stop or Quit Smoking from the Natural Way in Florida

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         Experience the Miracle of Natural Health Therapies
                      The power of nature can restore a healthy you.
  When it comes to health conditions, Mother Nature often knows best. At Natural Med Therapies in
 Largo, Florida, you can experience natural health, natural healing, weight-loss therapies, mesotherapy,
              and non-surgical natural cosmetic rejuvenation, in a tranquil, spa-like setting.

Since 1999, Natural Med Therapies has served patients throughout Tampa Bay —
  including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Dunedin, Pinellas Park,
           Belleair, Seminole, Indian Rocks Beach, and Palm Harbor.
                                                                         Stop or Quit Smoking from the Natural Way in Florida

                                                                         Natural Med Therapies, in Largo, FL, give you the support you need to quit smoking
                                                                         naturally. Dr. Machelle Perkins is a national and Florida State board certified Doctor
                                                                         of Oriental Medicine and nationally certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with
                                                                         more than 10 years' practice. Just five of our acupuncture and/or laser-based
                                                                         smoking cessation conferences will alleviate withdrawal symptoms and prevent
                                                                         weight gain associated with quitting smoking.
                                                                         Steps to quit smoking:
                                                                         1.   Push it out of sight: Clean your house and car to get rid of the smoke smell.
                                                                         Throw away your ashtrays and cigarette packs, too.
                                                                         2.   Pick a substitute savior: Mimic the act of putting a cigarette in your mouth by
                                                                         chewing on a toothpick, hard candy, straws, or gum.
                                                                         3.    Acknowledge personal strength: Quitting smoking will be an emotional and
                                                                         physical rollercoaster. Be confident in your abilities to kick the habit. You will
                                                                         thank yourself in years to come.
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                                                                         4.     Keep it up: If you don’t succeed, try again. Don’t quit quitting until you
                                                                         actually kick your nicotine habit..


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