U.S. History Chapter 18

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					U.S. History
Chapter 18
 Lecture Notes
 The United States seeks an Empire

► 1.   Policy in which stronger nations extend
       their economic, political, and/or military
       control over weaker territories.

► 2.   Author of The Influence of Sea Power
       upon History urging the United States
       to modernize and enlarge its Navy.
       ►Alfred   T. Mahan
Purchasing Alaska, pays off later
► 3.United States Secretary of State, he
 authorized the purchase of Alaska.
       ►William   Seward
► 4.Two nicknames for Alaska given to it
 because of its perceived lack worth. Later
 when gold and oil were discovered in the
 region, those nicknames were dismissed.
       ►“Seward’s Icebox”
       ►“Seward’s Folly”
            Annexation of Hawaii
► 5. Port that became home to the United States
  Pacific Fleet based in Hawaii.
       ► Pearl   Harbor
► 6. American sugar planter that led a rebellion
  against the Queen of Hawaii, deposed her, the
  created the Pine Apple Republic.
       ► Sanford   B. Dole
► 7. Queen of Hawaii, she proposed a “Hawaii for
  Hawaiians” agenda, was deposed by American
  sugar planters.
       ► Queen    Liliuokalani
                           Crisis in Cuba
►   8.   Cuban poet and writer that led a war of Independence
         against Spanish authorities in Cuba.
         ► Jose   Marti
►   9.   Spanish General placed in command of forces sent to
         crush the revolution in Cuba, he was accused of
         numerous atrocities against Cuban civilians.
         ► Victoriano     Weyler
►   10. Term describing newspapers that printed exaggerated
        and sensationalized stories with the intent of starting a
        war with Spain and increasing newspaper sales.
         ► Yellow   Journalism (Yellow Press)
►   11. Photographer sent to Cuba to provide the Yellow Press
        with pictures to support their wild stories.
         ► Frederick   Remington
   The U.S. goes after its Empire
► 12. Letter sent by the Spanish Ambassador to the
     United States back to Spain. It was very
     critical and insulting of President McKinley
     giving those who supported war with Spain
     ► De   Lome Letter
► 13. UnitedStates warship that blew up in the port
     of Havana. The Spanish were blamed for the
     explosion and the “murder” of over 200
     American sailors.
     ► U.S.S.   Maine
  War makes some men heroes
► 14.VolunteerCavalry Regiment organized by
    former Assistant Secretary of the Navy
    and Future President Theodore
    ►The   Rough Riders
► 15.The Rough Riders became heroes for
    their heroic “Charge up ______ Hill”.
    ►San   Juan
             Mo Empire, Mo Problems
►   16. Treaty that ended the Spanish-American War and ceded Cuba,
        Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam to the United States.
         ►   Treaty of Paris of 1898
►   17. Act of Congress that ended United States military occupation of
        Puerto Rico and set up a civilian government.
         ►   Foraker Act
►   18. Supreme Court decision that the United States Constitution did
        not automatically apply to people in acquired territories.
         ►   The Insular Cases
►   19. Amendment to the Cuban Constitution that reserved, for the
        United States, the right to intervene in Cuban Affairs and gave the
        United States a lease for a Naval Base at Guantanimo Bay.
         ►   The Platt Amendment
►   20. Led Philippine rebellions against both the occupation governments
        of Spain and, later, the United States.
         ►   Emilio Aguinaldo
Gaining a foothold in the rich “China
► 21. United States Secretary of States that sent
     letters to the representatives of Great Britain,
     France, Russia, and Japan demanding that
     free trade be opened up in China.
     ► John   Hay
► 22. Term describing Hay’s proposal for Free Trade
     in China.
     ► Open    Door Policy
► 23. Rebellion against western oppression led by a
     secret society in China. The U.S. used the
     rebellion to open trade in China.
     ► Boxer   Rebellion
   Getting involved in the World
► 24.Treatyending the Russo-Japanese War,
 Treaty was mediated by President Theodore
    ►Treaty   of Portsmouth
► 25.Canaldug through the Isthmus of
 Panama, became a military and commercial
 link between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.
    ►The   Panama Canal (“The Big Ditch”)
    Enforcing the Monroe Doctrine
►   26. Describes Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy, which
        caused the United States to act as an “international
        policeman” in Latin America.
        ► The   Roosevelt Corollary
►   27. William Howard Taft’s foreign policy related to Latin
        America. It featured U.S. Banks backing the debts of
        Latin American nations in exchange for control over
        various national industries. Example being U.S. Banks
        given control over the national railroad in Nicaragua.
        ► Dollar   Diplomacy
►   28. Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy, Recognizes only pro-
        American, Democratic governments in Latin America.
        ► The   Missionary Policy

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