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Social marketing can be a highly successful method of marketing on the internet. Read on to to see some great examples of what you can be doing right now.

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									     Social Marketing: Tips for More
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Social marketing can be a highly successful method of marketing on the internet.
Businesses and entrepreneurs who use the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Digg and the many other sites
that are out there are getting attention from web surfers, search engines, and the
media. They’re using it to help them propel the success of their business forward
and to maximise their marketing and relationship building opportunities.

Social marketing sites can help you build backlinks, increase your page rank with
search engines, can help you build new relationships, nurture existing
relationships, can help you follow trends, adapt to change, and more. Today’s
internet isn’t about being alone with your computer, getting information. It’s a social
internet and if you use this to your advantage you can have a major influence on
your industry and your customers.

Not all businesses use social marketing tools successfully. Some don’t know how.
Some get the wrong advice. Here are some tips to take into consideration for social
marketing and for good customer engagement. The right approach will bring you
more traffic, increase your popularity, will help you with customer relationship
management, and can help you become an authority in your industry:

   1. If you don’t have time for social marketing, hire a pro. SEO companies like
      ours can do social marketing for you. If you’re not working at it consistently,
      working at it in the right way, and if you’re not actively analysing the results,
      you could make costly errors and omissions.
   2. Don’t be spammy. If every interaction on social sites involves a pushy sales
      approach, you won’t get too far. Don’t be the equivalent of a used car
      salesman on sites like Twitter or Facebook or you’ll get ignored and maybe
      even blacklisted.
   3. Be receptive to feedback. You can use social tools to gather business
      intelligence and use that data to your advantage. Seek input from your
      followers and use that info to your advantage and their advantage, too.
   4. Gain an understanding of the features and benefits of each social networking
      site you participate on. That way, you’ll get the most out of it.

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   5. Interact with people. If all you do is send info out, you’re missing the whole
      point of social marketing. Marketing is about building relationships and social
      sites that you don’t get sociable on are not going to benefit you. Don’t be a
      social media hermit. Oxymoron, right?
   6. Be careful. Don’t be too hasty in responses, re-shares, etc. If you’re having
      staff handle social marketing for you, for instance, consider giving them
      some media training. It’s not just important to be responsive. It’s also
      important to respond well.
   7. Read your traffic reports. Traffic reports will help you determine where your
      website’s traffic is coming from. Read your reports on social sites that
      provide them, too. Analysis can help you see what works and what does not.
   8. Consider sponsored advertising. Sites like Facebook offer sponsored
      advertising that’s highly targeted. This advertising can drive traffic to your
      Facebook page and to your website. Sites like Twitter can be used with third
      party programs that can help you drive a message viral. This is expected to
      increase as social marketing sites emerge and evolve.
   9. Integrate your site with social media and social media with your site.
      Integrate your online marketing campaigns with your social marketing and
      vice versa. Capitalising on the success of each of your online activities by
      integrating them with other activities will optimise the effect of everything you
      do in a marketing sense. Examples include adding buttons to bookmark your
      blog posts on social sites and adding a widget on your site that shows your
      Facebook and Twitter pages, and so on. Link to Facebook and Twitter
      profiles from press releases. Link to your latest press release on your social
      statuses, and so on. Integrating your activities can help you maximise the
      effect of every bit of marketing you do.

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