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                                                                                                                         Mike Caro
             Kathy Liebert joins                                                                                                                                                                                         Entertainment
              Interpoker Team
                                                                     13                                                 Player Profile
                                                                                                                       by Phil Hevener                                11                                                   Best Bets

Vol. 9 Number 8 October 17, 2005 A Gambling Times Publication Copyright ©2005 Bi-Weekly $3.95 USA/$4.95 CANADA

 MA Takes Cal State Pokerstars’
                      Pays                                                             Hieu “Tony” Ma will take
                                                                                         home $384,025

                BIG   Nearly
              Payoffs $13 Million
                                                                                                                                                                    Fifteen new poker cham-                                      The WCOOP main event,
                  at                                                                                                                                                pions were crowned in                                     a $2,500 buy-in No-Limit

             Pechanga                                                                                                                                               the fourth annual World
                                                                                                                                                                    Championship of Online
                                                                                                                                                                    Poker (WCOOP) held at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Texas Hold’em tournament,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              attracted 1,494 entrants.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              After nearly 14 hours of,

                                                                                                            Poker Room
                                                                                                                                                           The 15-day                                bluffing, raising and folding
                                                                                                                                                                    competition attracted 19,727                              , the three finalists in the
                                                                                                                                                                    players worldwide repre-                                  championship event (one
                                                                                                          Four lucky, though more                                   senting 82 different coun-                                American and two Swedish
                                                                                                          likely skilled, players found                             tries. The enormous turnout                               players) agreed on a deal.
                                                                                                          themselves the last men                                   made the WCOOP poker’s                                    The prize money was divid-
                                                                                                          standing in the Pechanga                                  most international competi-                               ed and each player col-
                                                                                                          Poker Room’s “Last                                        tion. Winners were awarded                                lected more than $500,000
                                                                                                          Chance” Tournaments this                                  a whopping $12,783,900 in                                 from the largest prize pool
                                                                                                          September. The tournaments                                total prize money in 15 tour-                             in online poker history.
   Hieu “Tony” Ma, one of                        below as reported by Max                                 offer more than $30,000                                   nament events.                                                            (Continued on page 13)
California’s top tournament                      Shapiro.                                                 in prize pool money, plus
pros chalked up another win
                                                 Tony Ma Goes on Rush                                     a very coveted seat in the                                                                                                 A Word from the
by taking the champion-                                                                                   World Series of Poker 2006
ship event at the California                      in Late Stages, Runs                                    Championship event.                                                                                                          “Mad Genius,”
                                                    Off with Cal State

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mike Caro
State Championships held                                                                                     On the night that deter-
at the Commerce Casino                                Championship                                        mined who would be going
in Commerce, California.                         Hieu “Tony” Ma, taking                                   to Las Vegas in the summer
The last of seventeen                            down two big pots in the                                 of 2006 for the WSOP, more
events in this annual series                     late stages, had twice as                                than two hundred players
ended in a four way split                        many chips as anyone else                                made their way into the                                                                                                    Today’s word is...

when Ma held the domi-                           and was the clear winner                                 20,000 square foot Pechanga
nant lead. Details on the                        and champion when a four-                                Poker Room, all hoping
championship and the other                       way deal ended the final                                 that he or she would be the
final events, held during                        day of Cal State 2005’s                                  one to come away with the                                                                                                  Turn to page 8 for more
September are spelled out                                        (Continued on page 37)                                   (Continued on page 35)
4 2>

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                                                                                                                       5      Sunday, Oct. 23            5:15 PM      No-Limit Hold’em          $300 + $40       One          $75,000

                                                                                                                       6      Monday, Oct. 24            7:15 PM      Limit Hold’em             $300 + $40       No

                                                                                                                       7      Tuesday, Oct. 25           7:15 PM      No-Limit Hold’em          $300 + $40       No

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                                                                                                                                                        POKER PLAYER
Caro’s Word: “Seat”
                                                                                    at the poker table.
                                                                                           A seat is a seat
                                                                                                                      And those players belong
                                                                                                                      on your right. And there
                                                                                                                      are certain players who
                                                                                                                                                         A Gambling Times Publication
                                                                                                                                                         3883 West Century Blvd.
                                                                                                                                                           Inglewood, CA 90303
                                                                                                                                                              (310) 674-3365
                                                                                    Well, if there’s no way to        harm you less than others,

      ometimes when I say                when I talk about choosing                 determine which seat is           because they don’t make
      some seats at a poker              the right poker seat they                  lucky, why bother thinking        the most of their positional      Stanley R. Sludikoff
      table are better than              think I’m being silly. I’m                 about selecting or changing       advantage. And those play-
      others, people just                not. There are good seats                  seats at all? A seat is a seat,   ers belong on your left.                      A. R. Dyck
snicker. They think I’m kid-             at poker. In a lecture years               right?                               Now, there’s a lot more to          ASSISTANT PUBLISHER
ding, because I make such                ago, I explained why. Let’s                   No, I didn’t say that. I       seating in poker than that,
a big deal in my teachings               listen to it…                              said you can’t determine          and I could write a huge               John Thompson
                                                                                                                                                            PRODUCTION DIRECTOR
about not being superstitious.                                                      lucky seats, but you can          book about just the nuances             FOR idrome INFO DESIGN

   Superstition, you see,
                                            Choosing your most                      determine winning seats.          of attacking blinds, getting    
does only one thing well.                     profitable seat                       You can determine profit-         walks when you’re in the                   Joseph Smith
It reduces choices. It takes             I teach that choosing the                  able seats.                       blind, sandbagging, and  
options out of your play-                right seat in a poker game                    Here’s the deal. In poker      much, much more. And it                       Mike Caro
book and costs you money.                is one of the most important               the action happens clock-         all fine-tunes our strategy                   SENIOR EDITOR

When you think making a                  factors in increasing your                 wise, coming from your            for knowing what seats             
certain decision will be bad             profit. I’m right.                         right, moving to you, and         are best and how to get the                Byron Liggett
                                                                                                                                                                ASSOCIATE EDITOR
luck, you’re wrong. There is                You see, there’s no                     continuing to your left.          most out of the seat you’re
simply no force in the uni-              such thing as a lucky seat                 Visualize the action. Here        in relative to the types of             H. Scot Krause
verse that makes a decision              in poker. Luck is always                   it comes from your right.         opponents sitting nearby.                PROMOTIONS EDITOR

unlucky. It may be a terrible            apparent after the fact, look-             Now it’s your turn. Now the       But we’ll save that for     
decision and may lead to                 ing in the rear-view mirror.               action passes to your left.       another day and talk about                  Len Butcher
                                                                                                                                                           ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR
disaster, but that won’t be              But there’s no rational rea-               That’s poker.                     the most profitable seating        
because it was linked to                 son to suspect, in advance,                   And, you know what?            consideration right now.             Wendeen H. Eolis
some curious, cosmic pool                whether you’ll be lucky or                 When you get to act after         This is where the gold is            EDITORIAL CONSULTANT

of poor luck.                            unlucky. It’s all random.                  someone else, you have            buried.                                    Phil Hevener
   And, you know what, that              And that applies to poker                  an advantage. We call this           Your main consideration
decision might not be terri-             seats as well as to poker                  a positional advantage. It        should be to place the loos-               Contributing
ble or lead to disaster. Then            people.                                    means you get to see what         est and weakest players on                 Columnists
                                                                                                                                                                   Nolan Dalla
what? Then you’ve taken                     Looking back, there are                 another player decides to do      your right, because those                  George Epstein
an effective weapon out of               hot seats and cold seats;                  first and then you act. It’s      are the ones who supply the           “Oklahoma Johnny” Hale
                                                                                                                                                                 Ashley Adams
your arsenal and it won’t                lucky seats and unlucky                    always to your advantage          most profit. Many players                    Susie Isaacs
be there at the times you                ones. But before that good                 when your opponent acts           are always eager to call a                 Diane McHaffie
                                                                                                                                                                James McKenna
might need it. Same goes if,             luck or bad luck happened,                 before you do; it’s always to     single bet, but they think                 I. Nelson Rose
instead of avoiding a deci-              there was no logical reason                your disadvantage when you        twice about calling a raise.               Nic Szeremeta
                                                                                                                                                                   Rich Wilens
sion, you choose a decision              to suspect that it would. The              act before your opponent          These are typical loose                    John Vorhaus
based on superstition. Then              lucky seat could have turned               does.                             players who lose the most         Poker Player will be published Bi-Weekly
you’re eliminating all other             out unlucky and the unlucky                   That’s important and I’ll      money in poker games. And            by Gambling Times Incorporated,
weapons from your arsenal.               seat could have turned out                 repeat it. You always have        you’ll get the biggest share          Stanley R. Sludikoff, President.
                                                                                                                                                                  Volume 9 Number 8.
Obviously, the more ratio-               lucky.                                     an advantage when your            of their losses if you sit        Copyright © October 2005 by Gambling
nal choices you have, the                   So, when I talk about                   opponent acts first; you          immediately to their left (so     Times Incorporated. All rights reserved.
                                                                                                                                                        Reproduction in whole or in part without
more likely you are to win.              choosing the right seat, for-              always have a disadvantage        they’re on your right), thus         written permission is prohibited.
Superstition clearly gets in             get about finding a lucky                  when you act first. This          maximizing your positional            Advertising Sales
the way of winning.                      seat. That’s just superstition.            concept is so powerful that       advantage.                          NV (SOUTH), CA (SOUTH),
                                                                                                                                                                  AZ, NM
   Many players already                  And I don’t allow my stu-                  if you could put a weather           Let’s look at a ludicrously         Debbie Burkhead
know that’s how I think, so              dents to practice superstition             satellite up in space and         simple example to illustrate                9030 Arkose Ct.
                                                                                    point its camera down on          this point. Someone has                  Las Vegas, NV 89123
                                                                                    a poker table, you’d see          made the first bet. You’ve                 fax 702-614-1650
                                                                                    the money mostly flowing          got a good hand and are         
                                                                                    ’round and ’round the table       playing an aggressive style,         NV (NORTH), CA (NORTH),
                                                                                                                                                                 WA, OR, ID,
                                                                                    in a clockwise direction.         which means you raise fre-               MT, UT, CO & WY

                                                                                                                      quently to earn extra profit.              Byron Liggett
                                                                                                The trick             Suppose your loosest oppo-
                                                                                                                                                        North by Northwest Editor / Ad Manager
                                                                                                                                                                  P.O. Box 9874
                                                                                    OK, so far, that’s not a big      nent is on your left, hold-               Reno, NV 89507
                                                                                    revelation and just know-         ing a weak hand, and acts                   775-746-5652
                                                                                    ing it isn’t helpful. So, let’s   after you. You raise. Now                   ALL USA EAST OF
                                                                                    make it helpful. At first,        your loose opponent thinks,                   THE ROCKIES
                                                                                                                                                                Donna Blevins
                                                                                    you might think that a seat       “Well, I would have called               Gregory Weitzel
                                                                                    doesn’t matter, because           just to see if I could get         1108 E. Inverness Blvd., #611
                                                                                    positional advantage evens        lucky, but now I’m going               Inverness, FL 34452
                                                                                    out. After all, for every         to fold, because even I’m
                                                                                    player who sits nearby to         not stupid enough to call a            EUROPE, CARIBBEAN &
                                                                                    your right – giving you           raise.” So, assuming you’re
                                                                                                                                                             Mike D’Angelo
                                                                                    a positional advantage -          going to win this pot, how               Mo Kings
    One of Las Vegas’ most comfortable, elegant and smoke-free poker rooms
      also offers nine tournaments per week and high hand jackpot/bonuses.
                                                                                    - there’s a player who sits       many bets did you just gain          Poker Media Group
                                                                                    nearby to your left – taking      from this loose opponent?           Plaza Colonial, Office 2-5
                          • $4 & $8 Hold'em with a 1/2 Kill
                                                                                                                                                        San Rafael de Escazu, Costa Rica
               • No Limit Hold'em $200 Buy-in with $2 & $4 Blinds                   advantage of you. True, so        None, right. He folded. But            U.S.: 213-291-1638
               • No Limit Hold'em $500 Buy-in with $5 & $10 Blinds                  very true.                        now suppose he’s on your           Costa Rica: +506-838-0142
       • $6 & $12 Hold'em with a 1/2 Kill, $10 & $20 Hold'em with a 1/2 Kill                                                                  
                             • $1–$5 Seven Card Stud
                                                                                       But here’s the trick.          right and you act after him.
                                                                                                                                                        PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT
                                                                                    There are certain types of        He calls, because it’s just a     This notice will certify that 42,500 copies of Volume
                                                                                    players you can profit from       single bet and that’s the kind    9, Number 8 of Poker Player were printed at Valley
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             or poker room rates call 877-632-7510 or 702-632-7790.                 more than others by using         of guy he is. Now you raise.      Distribution to newsstands, card clubs, poker rooms and
                                                                                                                                                        other distribution points throughout the United States,
                                                           your positional advantage.                 (Continued on page 36)   Canada, the Caribbean, Central America and Europe.
8    P O K E R P L AY E R       O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5      w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
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                                                                                                                                                   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m         O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   P O K E R P L AY E R   9
It Ain’t Easy,                                   PART 1
It’s not only “not easy”; it’s hard as hell. On my personal scale,                                                                                                                      NOW
it was the second hardest thing I have ever done in my life. That                                                                                                                    AT GREE

is the line I use when someone ask me how I did it. Of course
their next question is what was the first hardest                                                                                                                                     RANCH!

                      By SUSIE ISAACS
thing. I jokingly say, “Not killing my husband
when he broke my heart!”
    What? You ask, what is so difficult? Quitting smoking. If you
have ever been a smoker, a real smoker with a full blown addiction
and finally quit, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you
are a smoker, you probably want to quit. You may even have tried
a time or two or twenty only to fail because it was just too tough.
    The second biggest surprise in my life is when I see someone
who has quit -- start back! (What is the first biggest surprise,
you ask. See hardest thing in preceding paragraph.) These folks
have made it, they have celebrated anniversary after anniversary
of the day they put them down and then out of the blue, they’re
smoking again. There is always an excuse, a death, a divorce, a
birth, a bad-beat. The reasons can be a good thing happened and
I’m celebrating or a bad thing happened and I’m grieving … any
excuse will do.
    I have a friend who has quit several times and after six
months or a year, she went back to it. When asked why, she
explains that it is a satanic pull that literally pulls you back into
it. She presently is trying it again. I have volunteered to be her
“sponsor”. She can call me day or night if Satan starts tugging
                                                                                   POKER ROOM SPECIALS!
on her again.
     I got to thinking about this subject a lot during both the World
Series and Harrah’s WSOP circuit event. I saw many players,
certainly not the majority anymore, but many players of all ages,
getting so antsy after some smokeless time in the poker arena.
                                                                                     $   1,000 REWARD
Some would watch the clock and as break time neared, they had
their cigarettes out, lighter in hand and literally ran out to the                           FOR ANY ROYAL FLUSH
smoking area. I felt sorry for them because I have been there
and I know what they are going through.
    I am shocked over and over again by family, friends and
                                                                                              IN TEXAS HOLD ’EM
acquaintances that have gone through the hell of quitting only to
go back to it. A few examples; I have a close relative who chews
tobacco. I know, you’re thinking, she’s from Tennessee. This must
be a redneck relative. You’re wrong; he is a top-notch executive
                                                                                      DOUBLE IN HOUSE JACKPOT OF

who sneaks around chewing and spitting. But what is so much
more surprising about his habit is that his granddaddy was a
tobacco chewer who got cancer of the mouth and went through
hell before he died.
     Another is a friend whose voice was getting very raspy after
decades of smoking. She had a polyp removed from her throat
(non-cancerous.) Her voice was clearing up and she quit smok-
ing. She was one of the lucky ones, I thought and then I saw her                      ALL QUALIFIED PLAYERS ARE GUARANTEED A
a few weeks later and she was smoking again!
    The last example is a friend who had been off cigarettes for
                                                                                        MINIMUM OF $100 WHEN THE IN HOUSE
many years. She started dating a guy who also had kicked the                            JACKPOT HITS & $200 WHEN THE JUMBO
habit, but he allowed himself one cigar a night. She started join-                 IT’S            JACKPOT HITS!
ing him for the nightly cigar ritual and the next thing I knew, she
was a smoker again.                                                             BACK!
    I know that the majority of smokers want to quit, as did I.
Cigarettes had such a hold on me that I disgusted myself. I could
not get satisfied. I would wake up in the middle of the night and
light up. In the last tournament I played in 1996 before making
                                                                                                   Why Play Anywhere Else?
the decision to quit, I played for 14 hours and was into my third
pack of cigarettes. I got to the point that I could have smoked
three at a time and not gotten satisfied. I had more smoke hang-
overs than drinking hangovers and I was a partier at the time.
    In the next issue of Poker Player, I will share with you how I                                   367-2411                        432-7777                        631-1000
                                                                                                    Sahara At I-15               Boulder Hwy. At 93-95          N. Rancho At Lake Mead
quit. Between now and then, keep this in mind; if Susie Isaacs
can quit smoking, so can you!

      Susie Isaacs has written about poker and poker
     players since 1985. She is the first woman to win                                                658-4900                       547-7777                        617-7777
      back-to-back titles at the World Series of Poker.                                            US 95 at N. Rancho           Sunset Road At US 93/95       I-215 At Green Valley Pkwy
      Her latest venture is a line of “Designer Gaming                                     Must be 21 or older. Management reserves all rights. ©2005 Station Casinos, Inc., Las Vegas, NV.
                Jewelry.” Visit                                       Know Your Limits! If you think you have a gambling problem, call 1-800-522-4700.
10    P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
So      where did this “Mad
        Genius of Poker”
thing originate?
                                cation’s predecessor.
                                   He’s been one of poker’s
                                best-known strategists and
                                                                  Phil Hellmuth going heads
                                                                  up with David Sklansky.”
                                                                     But back to the opening
                                                                                                           grasp of most people, always
                                                                                                           doing just about everything
                                                                                                           HIS way. Going for that
                                                                                                                                                   he discovered the magical
                                                                                                                                                   town of Gardena, Ca., this
                                                                                                                                                   place where there were clubs
   Mike Caro appears to         commentators for decades          question, which still hangs              added touch of spice, meta-             devoted to poker.
have given the question         and doesn’t deny his appe-        there unanswered . . .                   phorically speaking, likei                 Was that unbelievable,
some careful thought.           tite for the attention he gets.      Caro’s thinking about it,             Emeril deciding to “kick it             or what. Sounded to Caro
   The world has seen that                                          giving his questioner time             up a notch.”                            like some kind of enchanted
look in countless print ads                                         to speculate idly.                         “You don’t get to be a              land. It definitely deserved
hyping the 61-year-old                                                Did the Mad Genius                   mad genius over night. It               further examination.
                                                                                                           takes years and years of trial             He remembers stopping
     PLAYER                                                       MIKE                                     and error. There’s the perspi-          a policeman in Pomona,

     BY PHIL HEVENER                                          Caro
                                                                                                           ration . . . till you wake up
                                                                                                           one day and realize you’re
                                                                                                           there, you’re mad.”
                                                                                                                                                   another LA suburb, telling
                                                                                                                                                   the cop that he had heard
                                                                                                                                                   there were legal card clubs
                                                                                                              And there is no going                in the area. Would the offi-
Caro’s strategies for playing                                     thing spring fully formed                back.                                   cer be so kind as to point
more effective poker . . .                                        from extended conversations                 In the beginning, his                him in the right direction?
    Caro eyeing the camera                                        with savvy image experts?                desire was to write, and                   The cop scowled, study-
with the slightly frantic                                         Was it the result of thought-            that’s what he did, tak-                ing the young man before
air of a man who’s suddenly     There’s nothjng like the ego      ful nurturing by parents                 ing full control of his high            him carefully, and said
remembered he’s supposed        stroking.                         who spent long evenings                  school newspaper and,                   wherever they were they
to be somewhere else. Caro         A bit of an ego maniac,        around the family poker                  selling the first short story           were sure as hell not in
holding a couple cards          huh?                              table, young Mikey shuffling             he ever wrote to a men’s                Pomona. And that was that.
extended, his vanishing hair       “I AM an ego maniac,”          chips with one hand, trying              magazine. Way back in the                  Caro did eventually
going this way and that.        he smirks, voice rising but       to decide whether dad was                mid-1960s.                              discover Gardena and fell
   Would you take poker les-    keeping his explanations          bluffing him with pocket                    Poker had little to do               into the rhythm of things.
sons from this man?             within a certain rhythm.          deuces?                                  with anything that was front            Over time he became the
   Thousands have lined up      He’s said these things before        The answer, Caro finally              and center in his life. The             kind of five-card draw
over the years do to exactly    and has the routine down          says, giving it the sound of             game and its possibilities              player Brunson, the two-
that, just as they have also    pat.                              someone torn between going               would not begin to consume              time World Series of Poker
bought his books, read his          “If we were to hold a         for the joke or a serious                him until the 1960s when                           (Continued on page 17)
how-to columns over more        tournament to determine the       response, is that his essen-
                                                                                                             Poker Player is pleased to welcome Phil Hevener back to its pages.
than 25 years and considered    world champion ego maniac,        tial approach to poker and
                                                                                                             Hevener was the Managing Editor of Poker Player from July 1983 to
his contributions to poker      I would definitely make the       life itself have always been
                                                                                                             December 1985. Phil wanted to produce his own publication, which he
legend Doyle Brunson’s pair     final table.” A long pause        seasoned with a tendency to
                                                                                                             did with Larry Hall. They called it, “Las Vegas Style.” A popular journal-
of best-selling books. Caro     before going on, “but I           search for this view of the
                                                                                                             ist who writes for many major publications, Phil was replaced in 1985 by
was the founding editor of      wouldn’t be the winner. No,       unacknowledged truth that
                                                                                                             Gary Thompson, who is now the spokesman for Harrahs Entertainment.
POKER PLAYER, this publi-       the final would probably be       often lay just beyond the

                                                                       w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5    P O K E R P L AY E R      11
Anti-Bluffs                                                                         Sam Mudaro, BA, MBA, is a practicing tax
                                                                                    accountant and financial executive originally
                                                                                                                                                                 Sam Mudaro is the...
                                                                                    from New York with over 35 years of analyti-
POwer POKER PSYCHOLOGY                                                              cal business expertise. He and his wife Eva
     By JAMES A. M C KENNA, P H D.                                                  are nine-year Las Vegas residents. Sam uses
I’ve noticed that a lot of players will mix up bluffs                               simulation software to analyze and develop
with tells. While all bluffs may have their own tell,                               strategies for Omaha Hi/Lo and other forms of
all tells are not a bluff. While it’s easier to bluff a tight player, there         poker. Reach Sam at:
                                                                                                                                                          Choosing a Game
are ways to insure that players will not attempt to bluff you other
than being too loose to bluff. Early commitment is one of these ways.
    Position, as most players know, is another weapon to consider
                                                                                   P    reviously we analyzed
                                                                                        “4-cards working togeth-
                                                                                   er” where two of the 4 cards
                                                                                                                     look down at pocket
                                                                                                                     aces. The chip leader
                                                                                                                     to your immediate left raises
                                                                                                                                                    Format to Play
                                                                                                                                                      out of 10 is good. 2 out of
when distinguishing a bluff from a tell. However, until recently, I never          were a pair and the other 2       all-in. The button and small     ten is great and 3 out of ten
thought of using the position of the “Big Blind” as a place to ward off            contained an Ace with a low       blind call. You may be think-    indicates you should probably
bluffs. For example, I have a friend who routinely plays his big blind             card. The chart to the right      ing great! All this action and   consider playing a larger buy
in the dark. He even announces it to let people know he hasn’t looked              presents only the profitable      I have the best hand. You        in event.
at his hole cards. If a player in late position raises the bet, he still will      combinations where the pairs      should however fold your            Tournaments offer us an
call without looking. He generally wants to see the flop before he will            are combined with a deuce         pocket aces. Here is why.        inexpensive way to learn
look at his hole cards. I asked him how he did with this strategy and              and another low card.             Unless there is a tie you will   a new game. If you never
why he did it. He said that he did fairly well and, “It usually keeps                                                                                 played no-limit Hold-Em or
players from needlessly attacking my blind. They know that I will call.                                 2 - X    with a Pair                          Omaha H/L starting in a ring
So, it cuts down on bluffs.” Well, does it really? I asked, “What if                   Hand             DS     HS        LS        BS         NS      game could get expensive.
there is a re-raise?” He said, “Then I’d look before I’d call.”                       2-3-A-A          44.06  38.80    39.12      35.26      33.47    By spending $30 to $100 for
    It’s an interesting move. So, I experimented with it to see how it                2-4-A-A          40.50  35.53    35.88      31.70      29.73    a tournament buy-in you can
felt. I wouldn’t recommend this in high limit games. However, in low                  2-5-A-A          38.36  33.04    32.81      29.11      27.67    limit your losses and pick up
limit games, it might have some merit. So, when I was the big blind,                  2-6-A-A          35.22  30.19    30.71      26.39      24.81    some valuable experience
I played it in the dark. There was a raise and that cost me $6 to see                 2-7-A-A          33.46  28.33    28.24      24.12      22.66    while gaining a feel for the
the flop in a $3--$6 game. I thought that this is not like me and it was              2-8-A-A          27.31  27.55    23.61      32.93      21.67    game.
scary being that loose.                                                               2-4-3-3          3.88    1.23     1.14       0.35      (0.16)      Tournaments may afford a
    Then the flop came:                                                               2-5-3-3          1.90    0.52     0.40       0.34      (0.66)   player more time at the table
                                                                                      2-3-4-4          3.65    1.42     1.16       1.29      (0.17)   then a ring game. With a $30
                                                                                      2-5-4-4          1.24   (0.34)   (0.20)     (0.52)     (0.74)   buy in a player may receive
                                                                                      2-3-5-5          2.27    0.16     0.38       0.36      (0.77)   $300 to $1,000 in tournament
                                                                                      2-4-5-5          1.43   (0.34)   (0.24)     (0.39)     (0.66)   chips enabling hours of limit
                                                                                      2-3-Q-Q          2.88   (0.33)   (0.44)     (0.66)     (0.94)   Hold-Em play. The same $30
   Everyone checked, so I did too—still not knowing what my hole                      2-4-Q-Q          0.56   (0.84)   (0.79)     (0.99)     (1.32)   in a ring game, even a $2-4
cards were. Then, on the turn came a Queen of spades and a com-                       2-3-K-K          7.38    2.67     2.99       0.89      (0.56)
                                                                                                                                                      game won’t go far unless you
fortable rainbow flop. When someone bet the Queen, I then looked at                   2-4-K-K          4.90    0.28     0.25      (0.26)     (1.07)
                                                                                                                                                      get lucky early on.
my hole cards. The board looked like this and everyone folded to me:
                                                                                      2-5-K-K           2.87          (0.66)    (0.56)     (1.03)    (1.03)        CORRECTION:
                                                                                                                                                                     An incorrect chart was
                                                                                      Except when combined                     move a big step up the payoff
                                                                                                                                                                   included in last issue’s col-
                                                                                   with a pair of aces the 2-6, 2-             ladder. If you lose you finish
                                                                                                                                                                  umn. See page 39 for details
                                                                                   7 and 2-8 are all unprofitable.             fourth.
                                           Flop          rn
                                                      T Turn                       All combinations containing                    Let’s look at the same situ-       Tournaments tend to level
                                                                                   a pair of aces, regardless of               ation in a no-limit ring game.     the playing field in terms of
    I could hardly believe my eyes. I had pocket Kings and I was head              suit are profitable. The pair               You would obviously call. If       chips. Let’s say you are taking
to head with at least a pair of Queens. Needless to say, I held my                 of aces is so profitable that               you lose the consequences are      a seat in a newly started $200
breath thinking my opponent might have two pair. And, I was relieved               when combined with any two                  minor. You only lose the addi-     to $500 buy in no-limit Hold-
that I could stay. Anything else and I would have folded in a heart                different low cards, regardless             tional hundred. If you win         em ring game. You only want
beat. When a “hold’em card” (a card that didn’t help anyone) came,                 of suit is a profitable hand.               you are saved the necessity of     to buy in for $200. If every
I won the hand. Now I know what loose players feel when they out                   Taking it one step further, if              having to dig deeper.              one else buys in for $500 you
run good hands. I felt no shame. However, as I told my friend, I prob-             we eliminate the A-A-8-9 and                   Many tournament skills          may feel compelled to buy in
ably would have player my blind differently if I had looked at my hole             A-A-8-K non-suited, every                   you develop are portable           for the same amount in order
cards. Since everyone checked, if I bet my pocket Kings, everyone                  starting hand containing a pair             from one form of poker to          to avoid starting at a chip
would have probably folded and I would have ended up with the blinds.              of aces is profitable.                      another. Techniques to incor-      disadvantage. Even better you
So, not knowing what my hand was turned out better for me. If I                       Last time we explored the                porate when playing on the         walk up to that same game 3
would have set a trap and checked, the Queen would have bet on the                 decision of where to play.                  bubble in a stud tournament        hours later and now there are
turn and I would have raised it to two bets. Probably, I wouldn’t have             Now we must decide what                     are essentially the same for a     several people with stacks in
won any more. The big advantage that I found in playing my big blind               format of poker to play. The                Hold-Em tournament. Only           the thousands. How comfort-
in the dark was that it notified people that I would defend my blinds              choices are simple, a ring                  a few stud skills from a ring      able do you feel buying in
without even looking.                                                              game or a tournament. Very                  game are transferable to           for $200? Most tournaments
    Players generally bluff the opposite of what they want you to think.           few top professionals are                   Hold-Em, as they both require      start every player off with the
For instance, if a player has a strong hand, he or she may bluff by                capable of mastering both                   unique knowledge of the spe-       same amount of chips.
“showing weakness.” A check if often that sign of weakness. Or, if a               tournaments and ring games.                 cific game. The differences           So what have we learned?
player is on a stone-cold bluff, he or she may bet strong on garbage.              A different skill set and play-             between tournament play            The number of playable
    Let me know if you have ways that work to prevent people from                  ing style is required for each.             and ring games are many and        hands combining a pair
bluffing you other than being so loose that players are afraid to                     An extreme no-limit                      would fill a book.                 with 2 low cards where one
attempt a bluff. By showing commitment, I don’t mean always calling                Hold-Em example will serve                     Some items to consider          is a deuce is far less than
a barking dog off the porch.                                                       to drive this point home.                   when choosing between tour-        those with an ace. Two low
                                                                                   Tournament payout structures                naments or ring games are:         cards, when combined with
 James A. McKenna, PhD., has been a practicing individual                          usually reward the top three                   Most tournaments offer a        a pair of aces are still very
   and group therapist for over thirty-five years. His knowl-                      finishers disparately over                  large payday in comparison to      profitable. There are many
edge of human behavior combined with over thirty years of                          the fourth place finisher. Let              a small buy in. In the smaller     reasons why some people
  gaming experience gives him a unique perspective on the                          me set the stage. You are at                buy in events you want to          choose tournaments over ring
   psychology of the gamer. His book, “Beyond Tells-Power                          the final table and down to                 look for 1st place to pay          games. Whatever you choice,
    Poker Psychology,” will be published soon by Gambling                          4 players. You post the big                 more then 10 times the buy         you should try to specialize
       Times. Write to him at                              blind, have just $100 left and              in amount. A win rate of 1         on one.
12   P O K E R P L AY E R       O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5      w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
 Pokerstars’ Liebert Joins Interpoker Team
 WCOOP                                       Fresh from her victory of
                                             the Game Show Network’s
                                                                               ment with a $5,000 or more
                                                                               buy-in, as well as the first
                                                                                                                         come to value in InterPoker.
                                                                                                                         com. We look forward
           (Continued from page 1)           Poker Royale: Battle of the       woman to win a $1,000,000.                to sharing in each one of
   I was overwhelmed                         Sexes, Poker Tournament           Liebert has twice finished                Kathy’s future victories.”
by this year’s World                         Champion Kathy Liebert            second in the World Series of                “What appealed to me
Championship of Online                       announced her signing with        Poker, and last year captured             about InterPoker is their
Poker,” said Lee Jones,            , the most          her first bracelet in the 2004            ability to run successful
WCOOP Tournament                             award-winning poker room          $1500 Hold ‘em Shootout                   online poker rooms without
Director and PokerStars’                     on the web. Known in the          Event.                                    having to drop to the low-
Poker Room Manager.                          poker rooms as PokerKat,             “Kathy is one of the finest            est common denominator
“We exceeded our $8                          Liebert frequents InterPoker      players in the game, and we               of guerilla marketing and
million guarantee by                         regularly, giving online card     are happy to have her as part             spyware, which seems to
nearly 60 percent, mak-                      sharks a run for their money,     of the InterPoker team,” said             plague Internet poker in gen-
ing the WCOOP the third                      as well as offering helpful spokesperson               eral,” said Liebert. “With
largest poker tournament                     tips and tricks for raising and   Peter Marcus. “Her demean-      , I know
series of any kind so far                    bluffing in cyberspace.           or on and off the poker tour-             I’m playing on a safe site,
this year. As always, it’s                      A trailblazer for women        nament circuit sets her apart             which makes it a great place
the players who made                         on the professional poker         from her competitors, and                 to unwind and brush up on
this event into such a                       circuit, Kathy Liebert is the     her professionalism embod-                my skills before tournament
colossal success. This                       first woman to win a tourna-      ies everything our customers              play,” said Kathy Liebert.
was a poker tournament
to remember.”
   All events were
broadcast live over the
Internet. In addition
to being easily acces-
sible for viewing at, poker
fans everywhere tuned
in to radio broadcasts
of final tables featuring
commentary from such
popular poker celebri-
ties as Greg Raymer,
Chris Moneymaker and
Barry Greenstein. “No
other tournament in his-
tory has provided such
easy public access to the
excitement of high-stakes
tournament poker as the
WCOOP,” added Jones.
Coverage of the final
events not published in
the last issue of Poker
Player will be found

             EVENT #15
     BUY-IN $2,500 + $100
          PLAYERS 1494
     POOL      $3,735,000
1. Panella86 . . . . . . . . $577,342
                            Eddystone, PA
2. Vendetta . . . . . . . . . $573,735
                       Stockholm, Sweden
3. tralala . . . . . . . . . . . $540,877
                       Stockholm, Sweden
4. PICKLED EGG. . . $242,775
                            Las Vegas, NV
5. aaaaaaaa . . . . . . . . . $197,955
                              Saugus, MA
6. JERRRY . . . . . . . . . $160,605
                         Buffalo Grove, IL
7. salas777. . . . . . . . . . $123,255
                          Los Angeles CA
8. lollylu . . . . . . . . . . . . $85,905
                           Boca Raton, FL
9. Buster Love . . . . . . . $56,025
                            Las Vegas, NV

            (Continued on page 43)
                                                                                    w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   P O K E R P L AY E R   13
               By RICHARD G. BURKE
On a sunny day in early spring while waiting
for a seat in a $4-8 Hold’Em game, I was
trying to make an ordinary word from the letters, “G-N-A-
R-L-A,” when Hakim came into my local card room, signed
up for a $4-8 Omaha/8 game, walked over, sat, and asked
if I had figured why he was “always getting quartered, or
worse” with the nut Low. I had. How often, he asked.
    Did Hakim know that the formula to calculate the
number of ways to deal thirty-six cards among nine
Omaha hands, C(35,3)*C(31,3)*…*C(11,3)*C(7,3), obtains
388,035,036,597,428 billion, a number about forty
times larger than the number estimated for stars in the
universe! Did he understand that the following results
weren’t from a simulation, that they’re exact, from a
mathematical proof never before published? Hakim
wasn’t impressed.
    There are six cards that could in tandem tie Hakim for
Pattern Probability Low. The table shows that 55%
2-0-0-0-0       0.002178 of the time at least one opponent
2-1-0-0-0       0.030979 will have two or more of the six
                            nut-low cards. (45% of the time,
2-1-1-0-0       0.130112
                            the six other nut-low cards will
2-1-1-1-0       0.189254
                            be scattered among Hakim’s nine
2-1-1-1-1       0.078856 opponents or not even dealt, for
2-2-0-0-0       0.006970 an outright win.) The most likely
2-2-1-0-0       0.035485 pattern, 2-1-1-1-0, has five nut-low
2-2-1-1-0       0.035485 cards dealt among four opponents.
2-2-2-0-0       0.001479 The least likely pattern, 4-2-0-0-0,
3-0-0-0-0       0.000645 has four of the six nut-low cards in
3-1-0-0-0       0.006196 one hand and two in another.
3-1-1-0-0       0.015771      I told Hakim that I examined
3-1-1-1-0       0.010514    each pattern to see whether it
3-2-0-0-0       0.001690 would tie once, twice, thrice, or
3-2-1-0-0       0.003943
                            not at all. For example, the pat-
                            tern 2-1-1-1-0 will tie Hakim’s nut
3-3-0-0-0       0.000047
                            low 60% of the time. For another
4-0-0-0-0       0.000048
                            example, only the pattern, 2-2-2-0-
4-1-0-0-0       0.000282 0, could possibly split the pot four
4-1-1-0-0       0.000329 ways, and the chance of that is
4-2-0-0-0       0.000035 40%. For any pattern where there
are four of the six nut-Low cards in someone else’s hand,
Hakim must split the Low half with at least one other
player. Hakim asked if I would please skip all these messy
details, because he was getting drowsy.
    The next task was to multiply all the patterns’ prob-
abilities by the chance that Hakim’s nut Low would win
all, half, a third, or a fourth of the Low half of the pot, and
then collect them. Using modern spreadsheet technology,
those products and sums are straightforward.
    The table below showed Hakim the resultant prob-
abilities by the number of Low winners. In a ten-handed
      N um ber of Low Winners              Omaha/8 game, the
                                           nut Low will win out-
  O ne       T wo      T hree F our
                                           right over sixty-four
  . 6417 . 3248 . 0329 . 0006
                                           percent of the time.
The dealer will split the Low half of the pot two, three or
four ways, about 36% of the time.
    Hakim asked if I would get to the point pretty soon,
because he had just been called to his Omaha/8 game.
The point is that you’re NOT “getting quartered all the
time”: your nut Low will win half the pot 64% of the time;
a quarter 32% of the time; etc.; for an expectation of
.4076, almost 41%. In the long run you’ll profit with the
nut low with as few as two opponents at the showdown.
    Thanks, Hakim said, leaving to go to his game. “No
trouble at all,” I said.

   Mr. Burke is the author of Flop: The Art of Winning at
Low-Limit Hold ’Em, 2nd ed., available from,, and E-mail
 your Hold ’Em questions to
14   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
                                                                  “I want my money                      market, is worth about                 tell her, playing loose with
                                                               back! Now! All of it!” she               $45,000,000.                           the truth. “The rest is in my
                                                               demands.                                    I up my offer. “As much             poker room safety deposit
                                                                  Suddenly this isn’t an                as you want, really! I’m               box.” If I can get her into
                                                               execution; it’s a negotia-               good for it! Look!” From               a card room, she’ll become
                                                               tion, and I make my open-                my shirt pocket I take out             security’s problem.
                                                               ing offer. “Anything, any-               The Flop House’s $10,000                  “OK,” she says, lower-
                                                               thing you want,” I plead,                “chocolate chip,” the clue I           ing the knife slightly. “Let’s
                                                               “just don’t kill me!”                    was left by Calamity Jane              go to The Flop House and
                                                                                                                                               get the rest of my money.

                                                               Limping In                                                                      Now!”
                                                                                                                                                  The Angel Of Death has
                                                                                                                                               jumped to a conclusion that
                                                                  The knife moves closer,               when she was kidnapped,                “her” money is at The Flop
                                                               “What’s your life worth?”                and hold it up to my attack-           House. I can’t tell her it’s
A Poker Player Murder Mystery by Robert Arabella                  The human body, when                  er.                                    not—she’ll kill me. Nor can
                                                               broken down into its basic                   She looks at, takes, and           I tell her that if I set foot
Poker players go into             “You cheated me!” yells      elements and minerals, is                pockets the chip. The knife            in The Flop House they’ll
uncontrollable rages all        the She-Devil, waving the      worth only about $4.50. On               wavers.                                kill me. Having bluffed my
the time. There are, day in     knife.                         the other hand, all the parts                She says, “This is less            way out of the frying pan, I
and day out, more temper          I’ve cheated a lot of peo-   of the human body, if sold               than half of what you                  agree to limp into the fire.
tantrums thrown in a poker      ple and this one does not      to the highest bidder on the             stole!”                                       (To be continued in the next
room than in a day care         seem at all familiar.          black “spare body parts”                     “It’s a down payment,” I                        issue of Poker Player)
center, and for good rea-
son—poker players don’t
get the benefit of nap time.
Take, for in-stance, the
woman charging at me with
a switchblade, screaming,
“I’ll kill you!”
   The “fight-or-flight”
response, the genetic
instinct that protects us
from bodily harm, is hard-
wired into our brains. Our
primitive ancestors took
one look at the saber-
toothed tiger and ran for
the caves. I took one look
at the crazy blond with the
knife and ran for the door.
   Out the door, down the
stairs, across the road, up
the street and down an
alley I go with the scream-
ing banshee in hot pur-
suit. No matter how far I
run—and let’s face it, a
lifetime at a poker table is
not exactly training for the
New York City Marathon—
I cannot shake this insanely
angry woman. If flight isn’t
going to work, then fight
will have to. I stop and turn
to face my stalker who,
knife raised high, races
closer and closer towards
   There are times that I
think it would have been
better not to have turned
card thief. If I had walked
into a military recruiting
office instead of sneak-
ing into the nearest card
room, I might have been
Army Special Forces or
a Navy Seal and would
know exactly what to do in
a knife fight. According to
the old Cat Stevens song,
The first cut is the deep-
est. I’m about to find out if
that’s true as she moves in
for the kill.
                                                                   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5    P O K E R P L AY E R    15
                                                                                                                       DEBBIE BURKHEAD INTERVIEWS...
Maintaining Your Power
FRESH YOUNG FACE OF Poker                                                                                       Mike Palm
              By Jennifer Matiran                                                                               POKER ROOM MANAGER AT TUSCANY CASINO
                                                                                                                      Indiana and took a job as a     Vento in opening the poker
I live in sunny California. This has been                                                                             dealer at Showboat Casino       room at the MGM Grand.
the hottest summer ever. We crank up the air condi-                                                                   in East Chicago. The              In June, Mike took a
tioning despite of all the warnings that there might                                                                  Showboat was purchased by       position as Swing Shift
be power outages. Power is not my problem, it’s the                                                                   Harrah’s Entertainment in       Manger at Tuscany Suites
Southern California Edison’s problem, and I pay for                                                                   1998, and Mike was offered      and Casino. He trained
their services why should I worry?                                          Mike Palm was born in                     a floor position in the poker   the 25 dealer staff for
    Power, I learned, is very important when you do                         Dubuque, Iowa in 1973. His                room. He parlayed that into     the August 1 room open-
not have it. Our electricity went out, we had a power                       introduction to poker began               a shift manager’s position,     ing. Mike was named
outage. It was the most awkward seven hours of my                           at a very early age when his              and later was named Poker       Poker Room Manager on
life. I could not watch television, read a book, listen                     father’s friends would come               Room Manager in 2002.           September 27.
to the radio, bake a chicken, blow dry my hair and I                        to the house every Saturday               While at Harrah’s Mike also
could not leave the house because my car was in the                         to play, among other games,               served as a property trainer,   DB: Why did the Tuscany
garage and we have an electric garage door opener.                          poker, spades, hearts, and                using his teaching back-        want to open a poker room?
Power is muy importante, I realized.                                        euchre. Mike continued the                ground as well as his opera-    MP: With the increasing
    The dictionary defines power as the ability to act                      family tradition, organizing              tions experience. He taught     popularity of poker, the
or produce an effect. I’ve also heard that consistency                      card games on the week-                   seminars in customer ser-       Tuscany wanted to offers
over a period of time equals power. In order to be                          ends with his high school                 vice as well as excellence in   its patrons a total gaming
powerful, one must have clear cut strategies and                            buddies.                                  supervision. One of Mike’s      experience. We also wanted
plans. In order to be a first class player, one must                           Since Iowa allowed legal               proudest accomplishments        to capture a growing gam-
maintain their power.                                                       gaming at age 18, Mike                    is training current Harrah’s    ing demographic and intro-
    We must take a break from poker from time to                            began playing cards at the                Las Vegas Poker Room            duce them to the wonderful
time. We must re-charge our body and mind. If we                            local riverboat, Dubuque’s                Manager Mike Soto when          amenities the Tuscany has
neglect ourselves we will have a human power out-                           Diamond Jo. He continued                  he was a break-in dealer        to offer.
age. A human power outage is way worse than an                              his poker hobby in college                and floor back in Indiana.
electrical outage. When our power is off, we lose                           at Mesquawki Casino, just                    In 2003, Mike moved          DB: What makes you
money, confidence, self respect, drive and self worth.                      an hour’s drive from Iowa                 to Atlantic City to be a        believe the room will be
We treat others poorly, the server, the dealer and our                      State University.                         part of the opening team        successful?
fellow players. The saddest part is when we go home                            After taking a job                     at the Borgata. In 2004,        MP: The entire manage-
and treat the people we love, meanly. Don’t forget to                       teaching in a Catholic                    Mike reunited with his first    ment team, from General
take a break.                                                               Elementary School,                        poker room manager Joe          Manager Tom Guth
    I have a friend named Joe, who is a very good                           Mike decided to supple-                   Willi, moving back to the       to Director of Casino
poker player. Within an hour he usually doubles or                          ment his income by deal-                  Midwest and Milwaukee,          Operations Kevin Beaton,
triples up his buy in. He maintains his earnings for                        ing poker part-time. He                   Wisconsin to open the           is totally committed to
awhile and then inevitably loses it all back, plus his                      began as a dealer at the                  poker room at Potawatomi        the success of our poker
buy in. Joe doesn’t know when to quit. I said “Joe you                      Miss Marquette riverboat                  Bingo and Casino, where         room. They are willing to
have to know when to quit, how much do you want to                          casino in Marquette, Iowa                 he served as Swing Shift        invest and re-invest in our
win before you stop?” “I want to be able to pay off                         in 1996. He moved to the                  Manager. While there            players. The staff we have
my mortgage before I quit” he joked. Seriously, how                         larger President Casino in                he met Mike Vento, for-         assembled is also top notch.
much do you want to win before you call it a day?                           Davenport, Iowa in 1997.                  mer Director of Poker           I truly believe we have cre-
Measure when to quit with how much money you                                   When legalized poker                   Operations at the Orleans       ated an extremely friendly
have, not how long you’ve been playing.                                     began in the Chicago-land                 in Las Vegas. In March of       and fun atmosphere for our
    When Joe wins, he starts playing every hand. He                         area in the summer of 1997,               2005, Mike moved to Las         poker players.
starts relying on luck rather that skill and odds. He                       Mike moved to Northwest                   Vegas to work with Mr.                  (Continued on page 17)
starts going to the river in hopes of the miracle card.
At first, he assessed the odds but after he won, he
started thinking he had some sort of super power. He
wanted to feel the high of winning another pot. Don’t
be a high junkie; it leads to irrational playing.
There’s nothing better than the feeling of winning and                                                Sundays, 10:15 a.m. (sign-ups start at 7 a.m.)
there’s nothing worse than the feeling of winning then
losing what you won because you played like an idiot.                              $10,000 Guarantee – First Prize $2,000
     “If I could just win the money I lost yesterday”
                                                                                                               Plus $1,000 in Cash Drawings,
says Joe. It’s very bad to think about yesterday’s loss                                                        every half hour, 4 — 11:45 p.m.
while playing today. It’s hard to have a clear head
                                                                                             $60 Entry Fee, No Re-buys. Lunch and $20 Poker Coupon Included.
when you’re worried about the past, don’t begin the
                                                                                                                   140 Seats Maximum.
today with your mind in yesterday. Play with a clear
head and focus. Today’s a new day with new oppor-                                  NOW Every Day! Play NO -LIMIT Texas Hold’em
tunities, don’t let the past take over the present, the                             More tournaments every day at 10:15 a.m. and Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7 p.m.
past will repeat if we dwell in it.                                                 For more information call 1-800-CHUMASH, ext. 3850.
    Until next time, remember, “You can’t think
your way into a new way of living- you have to live
your way into a new way of thinking.”

  Changing the world one sentence at a time, Jennifer
Matiran believes the pen is, and always will be, mightier
 than the sword. She hopes to emerge into the tourna-
ment circuit of Poker. Contact her with questions, com-                                        E. Hwy , Santa Ynez, CA
  ments or interesting material at matiran@sbcglobal.                               Exit  at Solvang, East through Solvang  miles.
 net. Ms. Matiran has just completed her latest screen-                             Must be 18 or older to enter casino. Chumash Casino Resort
                                                                                    reserves the right to cancel or change promotions.
                play, her other passion (besides Poker!).
16   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
DB: How long has the room                                                                                                                                                                       him. “There are six grading
been open and has business
                                    Player Profile: Mike Caro                                                                 CONT’D FROM PAGE 11
                                                                                                                                                                                                periods in the school year
been what you expected?           champ, wanted as he thought                   issue. Caro eventually lost                                A moment of thinking                                 and I’m going to give you
MP: We have been open 7           about the necessary chapters                  his copies somewhere along                              about that, “I was a stubborn                           five A’s and one F.”
weeks. We are extremely           for his first Super System.                   the highway of life and if                              man back then.”                                            Caro thought this sounded
optimistic about busi-               Who was the best five-                     anyone has a copy he would                                 Caro had heard terms                                 like a deal he could live with
ness levels. We have seen         card stud player? Brunson                     like to hear from them.                                 such as “prodigy” used to                               and said as much, feeling
a steady increase in play         asked around. He kept hear-                      Caro was willing to go                               describe him all through                                comfortable that the prin-
week-over-week. We are            ing Caro’s name and decided                   where the chance to write                               his high school years in                                cipal would relent and give
getting a great deal of return    to check him out, watching                    took him. He thought seri-                              Colorado where he was                                   him that sixth A.
business.                         his card table antics, shaking                ously about writing for the                             given the newspaper to                                     But he didn’t.
                                  his head and chuckling at the                 screen, until he discovered                             take care of – students were                               Fresh out of high school,
DB: What live games does          style of this “crazy Mike.”                   that he would be required                               traditionally elected to par-                           Caro decided do become a
the Tuscany offer it’s play-         Which was to evolve over                   to join the Screen Writers                              ticipate in the production of                           draftsman for the Colorado
ers?                              time into “The Mad Genius                     Guild.                                                  the paper. The principal took                           High Department. “I knew
MP: We regularly spread           of Poker.”                                       “I wouldn’t say that I was                           Mike aside he didn’t have to                            nothing about being a drafts-
$2-$4 hold’em with a single          Caro was playing a lot of                  anti-union but I definitely                             come to class, but punctu-                              man, but I was able to pass
$2 blind, $4-$8 hold’em           poker at the time, but was                    did not want to be coerced                              ated it with this cautionary                            the sort of civil Service test
with $1 and $2 blinds, $1-        also tuned to his interest in                 into doing something. To                                note. “Don’t tell anyone I                              that they had with a score of
$2 no-limit hold’em with a        writing. A now defunct mag-                   me, at the time, joining the                            said that.”                                             100 – this was all that mat-
$40 minimum/$200 maxi-            azine known as Escapade                       union would put me in con-                                 There was a condition                                tered – and it was enough to
mum buy-in, and $2-$5 no-         had bought that initial story.                flict with my stronger desire                           of sorts. “Here’s what I’m                              get me in.”
limit hold’em with a $100         It was the Christmas 1965                     to be a free spirit.”                                   gonna do,” the principal told                                          (Continued on page 18)
minimum/$400 maximum
buy-in. We will also spread
any game upon request

DB: Are you running daily
MP: Yes, Monday-
Thursday at 10 a.m. we
run a no-limit hold’em
tournament limited to the
first 40 players. There
is no qualifying period
and no buy-in, registra-
tion begins at 8 a.m. On
Sunday at noon we have a
no-limit tournament with a
$37 buy-in and $10 rebuys
that includes a compli-
mentary breakfast at 10
a.m. We also have $40
no-limit hold’em Freeze
Outs at 7 p.m. on Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursday.                    Experience no-limit action in the electrifying Vegas tradition. The World Series of Poker
                                            Circuit is coming to Caesars Indiana!
DB: Where is the poker
room located?                               We’ve got 13 events in all, culminated by the 4-day, $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Circuit
                                            Championship where players will vie for a purse of up to $2.5 million! The winner of
MP: Within steps of the
                                            the Circuit Championship wins an automatic entry into the 2006 $2 Million World Series
front door, valet, and self
                                            of Poker Tournament of Champions at the Rio in Las Vegas.
parking. We are not a large
casino, so we are conve-                    For details, call 1.800.660.9744 or go to
nient to everything, the pit,
the sports book, Marilyn’s                   Date           Event #           Tournament                                     Buy-In
                                                                                                                                                           REGISTRATION BEGINS 10/5
Café, and the Mexican                        10/19/05                         Satellites Begin                                                               AND SPACE IS LIMITED,
Cantina. We are also within                  10/20/05          1              No-Limit Hold’em                                $300 + $40                      SO REGISTER TODAY!
steps of Tuscany Gardens,                    10/21/05          2              Limit Hold’em                                   $500 + $50
our gourmet Italian                          10/22/05          3              No-Limit Hold’em                                $1,000 + $60
Restaurant.                                  10/23/05          4              No-Limit Hold’em w/re-buys                      $500 + $50
                                             10/24/05          5              7 Card Stud                                     $500 + $50
DB: Is there anything                        10/25/05          6              No-Limit Hold’em                                $1,000 + $60
unique about the Tuscany                     10/26/05          7              Pot-Limit Omaha w/re-buys                       $500 + $50
poker room?                                  10/27/05          8              No-Limit Hold’em                                $1,500 + $70
MP: Our poker room area
                                             10/28/05          9              No-Limit Hold’em                                $2,000 + $80
was converted from a com-
                                             10/29/05          10             LIPS (Ladies No-Limit Hold’em)                  $200 + $30
edy lounge. The entire bar                                                    @ 11:00am
was kept in tact, and is                     10/29/05          1pm            Mega Satellite                                  $1,000 + $60
located inside our room. We                  10/29/05          8pm            Super Satellite                                 $200 + $25
have several plasma TVs                      10/30/05          Day 1          The World Series of Poker                       $10,000
for viewing sporting events.                 10/31/05          Day 2          Circuit Championship
Complimentary danish are                     11/01/05          Day 3          No-Limit Hold’em
served every morning with                                                                                                                                          Located outside Louisville off I-64
                                             11/02/05          Day 4          Final Table @ 2:00pm                                                                    at Exit 123 in New Albany.
finger sandwiches offered in
the evening hours.                                          Single table satellites for all events will run every day, 24 hours a day. Super Satellites for the No-Limit Championship Event will run every night at 8pm.
                                                    Must be 21 or older to gamble. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-522-4700. ©2005, Harrah’s License Company, LLC. 5090-144-05
         (Continued on page 31)
                                                                                         w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m                  O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5                  P O K E R P L AY E R    17
Hi, My name is Tony Kendall                                                      Player Profile: Mike Caro                                                                          CONT’D FROM PAGE 17

...Everyone calls me “tikay” & I am delighted that I                              He lasted there about                             the fast track to a career in                               became enamored with
have been asked to contribute to Poker Player, the                             three months. He was not                             Nebraska journalism.                                        Doyle and the results of our
                                                                               yet 21 when he responded                                There was another story                                  work. Doyle had chosen all
Poker in Europe                                                                to the ad that landed him                            for the Independent, one                                    the top experts at that time.”
                        By TONY KENDALL                                        the job as sports editor for                         that’s remembered down                                         Caro has since produced a
type of publication that we in Europe yearn for.                               the Grand Island Daily                               with a chuckle. “The paper                                  number of his own. “I think
    A few words about me first, so you know what you                           Independent in Nebraska.                             wanted me to go out to one                                  there are seven under my
have got. Retired businessman, single, I just play & write about poker            “I attacked the horse rac-                        of the high schools and                                     name and probably about 50
these days, and I am the Presenter of a TV show - Poker 425 - which            ing there, mostly because I                          talk to the football players.                               if you count the help I’ve
airs 7 nights a week in Europe. And I am a partner in a Poker News             did not want it to be on the                         I thought that was a little                                 given other people with their
Website, for which I produce the content, my other half being Dave “El         sports pages. I was easily                           beneath me and came back                                    own books.”
Blondie” Colclough, whom I consider to be Europe’s finest player.              offended back then because                           with this very sarcastic piece                                 The next under his name,
    As a player I am no great shakes, just a regular guy, but I just love      I was always looking for                             about their favorite foods.”                                Professional Hold ‘em
playing the game, and I play in most of the big comps over here in             a cause. In this case, he                               Just one more reason for                                 – Play By Play, is due out
Europe. My record suggests I am not anywhere near top class, but I             argued that racing could                             Caro to think very seriously                                by the end of the year.
have dozens of money finishes, including a couple (from 3 attempts)            not be considered a sport                            about going somewhere else.                                    Nothing, however,
in the EPT, which is our equivelant of your WPT. I made my first trip to       as such because different                               Caro responded to the                                    appears to have received ore
the Mecca of Poker, the WSOP, this year, mainly writing, doing TV stuff,       horses had to carry different                        lure of California in the                                   attention than Mike Caro’s
and running a Live Webcast for the folks back home. But I did get to           weights. “                                           1960s and played poker for                                  University of Poker.
play one WSOP event, $1,500 NLH, and finished 31st out of 874 run-                He remembers a famous                             years before Brunson’s invi-
ners, and it was truly the highlight of my playing career. The WSOP is         miler, Peter Snell, a                                tation to participate in the
“special” in every sense of the word, you guys are real lucky to have          Nebraskan who was among                              first Super System. His first
it. In Europe, we are miles behind in terms of venues, so I intend to          the first to break the four-                         instinct was to say, thanks
spend a bit more time in America if the funds stretch to it.                   minute mile.                                         but no thanks. Why give
    OK, on with the business, and if I understand the Editor correctly,           “My argument was that                             away what he figured were
he wants me to let you now what’s happening in Europe, most espe-              if horse racing was a sport                          his own profitable secrets?
cially from the American angle.                                                than Snell should be carry-                             “But Doyle is massively
    Our recent “big” tournament - “big” in Europe is VERY different            ing a bowling ball when he                           charming and very persua-
from big in America! - was the £5,000 European Championships at                runs.”                                               sive.”
The Vic in London, and we were pleased to welcome a sprinkling                    More than 40 years later                             Caro was also enticed by
of visitors from your neck of the woods. Amongst these was Brian               he looks back at this chapter                        the chance to put together
Wilson, who wan a Bracelet at this year’s WSOP, and happens to be a            in the perils of Mike Caro.                          what he says were the first
very dear friend of mine. Top man, with a really lairy game! But he            “I was out there for anything                        accurate published statistics
busted out early, he’s not the sort of guy who gets ante’d away very           that would give me a thrill                          about poker. Something
often, shall we say.....                                                       or get me attention.”                                like this, he says, had never
    However, there was one American in particular who I took to my                Attention was what Caro                           existed before.
heart, a certain Edward “Bolivia” Moncada. This boy has game to                got, the sort of attention                              He took his time con-
spare, and it’s rare that I see a player who is so obviously head and          that had him leaving the                             sidering the substance of
shoulders above the rest of the field. I chatted to him at the first           Independent after about                              Brunson’s request and even-
opportunity, and it turned out that he had won a Bracelet at this              three months and striking                            tually “dove in head-first,
year’s WSOP, in the $2,000 PLH. Here in London, he built a huge stack          out on the next chapter in                           helping him with many
on Day One, but it looked like he had shot his bolt on Day Two, when           his life. He had fallen off                          aspects of the book. I just

                                                                                                Ante Up
he was almost down to the felt. It takes great courage to come back
from that situation after being early chip leader but come back he
did, big style, and he made the Final in good shape, where he was
sweated by one Scott Fischman, who is no slouch himself in the lairy
player stakes.
    Down to three players, Ed seemed to have the table under control,
& only had the enigmatic Tony G to worry about, but an ugly outdraw
against a young Norwegian hotshot, Sverre Sundbo, did for Ed. He
had JJ against Sverre’s weak A-6, and whilst he was watching for the
dreaded A to spike, two sixes fell, and that was that. But he was tre-
mendously gracious in defeat, and if ever I saw a star in the making,
it’s this man. Good-looking, pony-tailed, and most important of all to
my way of thinking, a wonderful table presence. He takes his time to
act, gives a fearsome staredown, thinks the situation through care-
fully, then acts decisively. And best of all, he smells out weakness
in opponents puts them on hands with great accuracy, and has the
heart of a lion, enabling him to make breathtakingly audacious plays.
American players have a reputation in Europe for not always being as
well-mannered as we are accustomed to, but Ed has no problems in
THAT department, he’s a true gent. Look after him - if you don’t want
him, we will have him!
    Two weeks ago saw the start of this year’s European Poker Tour, in
                                                                                    The Apache Gold Poker Room Shark Club. As a member, you’ll get official jackets, shirts
Barcelona, Spain, and I will bring you news of how your countrymen                  & hats. Quarterly free-rolls. Paid entries in our weekly tournaments. $100 cash on your
got on in my next column - if I survive the first! Bye for now.                     birthday. Hotel discounts. Cash promotions every Wednesday through Sunday, and
                                                                                    cash drawings the first Saturday of each month. Tournaments every Wednesday and
    Tony Kendall - aka tikay - is a retired businessman resid-                      Thursday at 6 pm, and Sunday at 3 pm. In San Carlos, five minutes east of Globe on
                                                                                    Hwy. 70. For hotel or FunBus® reservations, call 1-800-APACHE 8. Go For The Gold.
ing in Derbyshire, in England. He writes for numerous poker
   publications and websites in Eutrope, is the Prersenter of
 a 7 night a week TV Poker News Programme, and is a part-
  ner, along with Dave “El Blondie” Colclough and Tony G, in
              a Poker News website,
            He can be contacted at                                         Poker room closed Monday and Tuesday. Must be 21 or older to participate in any gaming activities.

18   P O K E R P L AY E R     O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5    w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
Poker and Smoking                                                                                                                                      A
For the record, I don’t smoke. I’ve been around a lot of                                                                                         Joe & Hobby
                                                                                                                                                 Joe & Hobby
people who do. A few of my friends smoke. It bothers me,
                                                                                                                                                  fiction by

but I never grumble out loud, only inter-
Lessons from mike caro                                                                                                                             David J.
    university of poker                                                                                                          Part 1             Valley
                    BY DIANE MCHAFFIE
nally. I prefer to spend my money on books,
instead of cigarettes. Reading is my habit                                 Hobby and I met for lunch           my host. Sugi’s a great guy,     internet.”
of choice.                                                                 at Marlow’s, an upscale             about our age, his family is        “Nah, not a problem
    Truthfully, I prefer smoke-free environments, but I                    seafood place in West L.A.          somehow tied into Toyota         there. Are you with me Joe?
can tolerate the smoke if need be. I have been known to                    Since it was my turn to buy,        and he’s loaded.                 Do we go to Tokyo?”
specifically request the smoking area of a restaurant, as                  Hobby picked this place so              “Like how loaded? Like          “Absolutely. It’s been
many times it can be the quietest section. You may find it                 I wouldn’t get off lightly.         you?”                            many years since I spent
strange that I would prefer that there were fewer smoke-                      “A drink before lunch?”              “Oh, I think much more.      a couple weeks there on
free poker rooms. I never expected smoking to play a large                 an effervescent waitress            But that doesn’t matter.         R&R. I can’t wait to see the
part in poker until Mike convinced me that if you can get                  asked.                              What’s important is that I       place again.”
past the second-hand smoke, and we all know how unpleas-                      “Golden margarita,”              got him interested in Texas         I’m not good on long
ant that can be, you can have a more profitable outcome                    Hobby answered.                     Hold ‘Em while I was there.      flights. I’ve tried heavy
by playing with smokers. This is because they are going to                    I might usually go for the       It was just beginning to         drinking; I’ve tried abstain-
provide you with clues as to the strength of their hands.                  same, but I wanted some-            catch on from the internet       ing; I’ve tried sleeping
    Another side of the story. Mike says that there’s also                 thing lighter.                      and was played in a few          pills—only to be in a fog
another side to the story, which is that when habitual                        “I’ll have a Captain             private clubs in Tokyo,          the next day—and noth-
smokers are forced to play in a smoke-free atmosphere                      Morgan spicy rum and                although I think that kind of    ing works for me. Except
they have less patience than usual. You see, smok-                         tonic, please.” I replied.          public gambling is illegal       for a few cat naps and the
ing appeases them, like a pacifier does to a small child.                     “What’s that, Joe?”              there. Anyway, I coached         occasional food service, I
Without that pacifier the child will become cranky, as does                   “It’s a little different; it     him and we went to one           fidgeted for twelve hours.
the poker player who has been denied his. He can lose his                  suits me today.”                    of his private poker clubs       Wouldn’t you know though,
cool, and when he does, he also loses his objectivity about                   “I’ll try one, too. Skip the     where we both cleaned up.        Hobby slept peacefully
which hands to play and which to discard. That can mean                    margarita.”                         These guys were all super        most of the time. We flew
more money in your pocket if you take advantage of it.                        Hobby wrestled a wad             rich and didn’t hardly know      into Narita airport, which
    Now that I’ve let you in on one of Mike’s tips about the               of papers from the back             a straight from a flush, but     is about 50 miles north
rewards of playing in a smoke-free atmosphere, I’ll tell you               pocket of his jeans and             they loved to gamble. If I       of Tokyo. After passing
about the disadvantages.                                                   spread them on the table.           hadn’t come home I’d prob-       through customs we saw a
    Drawbacks. There are two main drawbacks. The first                     I expected an explanation,          ably own Japan by now.”          large sign with the familiar
one isn’t quite as important, but is still an issue. When                  but he was intently read-               “I think you told me         name, “Hobby Newton.”
you have a smoke-free poker room some poker players                        ing, so I waited him out.           something about that             Sugi and Hobby did a quick
that smoke will be discouraged from playing at all or, if                  The way he was shaking his          before, so what’s up now?”       ceremonial bows and shook
they do play, it’s not going to be for any length of time,                 head I gathered it was inter-           “Sugi has organized a        hands, both grinning and
or as frequently. Mike says that smokers, as a group, tend                 esting. Apparently finished,        hold ‘em tournament and          talking simultaneously.
to be more impulsive and more profitable opponents. So,                    he folded the papers, smiled        has invited me. They’ll hold        “How do you do, Crest-
even though your health will profit from these smoke-free                  at me and said, “You prob-          satellite events in about a      san?” Sugi said to me after
rooms, your bankroll could be suffering.                                   ably wouldn’t be interested,        dozen private clubs and the      breaking away from Hobby.
    The second and more important drawback of smoke-                       Joe.”                               top winners will go on a            “How do you do,
free poker rooms is that it abolishes what Mike says is                       Having known him for             gambling cruise ship for the     Yamamoto-san,” I replied as
“one of the most important tells in the universe.” What                    over twenty years, I did            finals. He offered me, and       I executed a simple bow.
he’s referring to is the fact that smokers have a tendency                 the translation. “What you          a companion of my choice,           “Ah, you are familiar
to exhale more liberally when they are holding a strong                    really mean is, you want me         two free seats in a satel-       with Japanese customs?”
hand and feel secure. Therefore, if they are surrounded by                 to be interested.”                  lite—which go for a million         “Somewhat, I was here
a cloud of smoke and just puffing away, beware.                               “Well…” he tried to              yen each. Want to go?”           many years ago, but please
    No exhaling. However, if a smoker is holding a weak                    appear indifferent, but                 “Wouldn’t you rather take    call me Joe.”
hand or if he’s bluffing, he may not exhale at all, or very                it was too big a part for           your girlfriend?”                   “Okay, Joe. You call me
little. He’s nervous and unsure and doesn’t want to chance                 him to play. Suddenly he                “Can’t, it’s strictly a      Sugi.”
doing anything that may lead you to call or raise. There’s                 beamed with his 1000 watt           men’s thing there.”                 His driver carried our
the tell that you’re looking for to go after him and make a                smile and said, “Joe, this is           “The last of the chauvin-    bags but left them with us at
profit.                                                                    really hot!”                        ists, I guess. What’s a mil-     the curb while he went for
    I couldn’t wait to pass this information along to you.                    “You’ve got my atten-            lion yen worth?”                 the car. It was a luxurious
I know many of you play in home games, or in casinos                       tion.”                                  “It’s about ten grand,”      black sedan, well appointed,
where smoking is allowed, and that you might be able                          We were interrupted                  “Really, that’s quite an     but not one I recognized.
to take advantage of this little tidbit of knowledge. Mike                 by the girl delivering our          incentive.”                         “Nice car,” I said. “I’ve
wanted you to be aware of the advantages and disadvan-                     drinks.                                 “It’s peanuts compared to    never seen one quite like
tages of a smoking or smoke-free environment, so that                         “Hmm,” Hobby said after          what I helped him win. Of        it.”
in the future you’d know what to look for and be able to                   taking a sip. “Not bad.”            course, we’ll have to make          “Yes,” Sugi replied. “This
profit from it.                                                               “Perfecto,” I agreed. “So,       it into the finals on our own    is executive domestic model
    It’s amazing that there are so many aspects of poker                   what have you got?”.                to qualify for the cruise        only.”
to consider, more than I ever thought there could be. We’ll                   “Joe, I just know                tournament, but we should           It was about as quiet
continue to explore many more in the future.                               you’re going to love this.          have the edge over most of       inside as Hobby’s Rolls
                                                                           Remember, about a year              them.”                           and before I knew it, I was
   Diane McHaffie is Director of Operations at Mike Caro                   ago I went to Japan for a               “I’ll believe that when I    sound asleep.
      University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy. Her                  martial arts competition?”          see it. I still can’t get used      “Hey, Joe” Hobby said as
 diverse career spans banking, promotion of major finan-                   I nodded a yes. “Well I’ve          to today’s college kids com-     he gave me a poke. “We’re
   cial seminars and the raising of White-tailed Deer. You                 been swapping emails with           peting with the pros. People     at the hotel.”
                 can write her online at                   Sugi Yamamoto who was               have learned fast on the                 (Continued on page 22)
20   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
      No Limit Hold ‘em tournaments
           at Wynn Las Vegas.

Tuesdays                                                       Noon                                                      $300 + $30
Thursdays                                                      Noon                                                      $300 + $30
 Fridays                                                     3 p.m.                                                      $500 + $40
Single Table Satellites available from 8 a.m. on tournament days.
   Convenient parking available steps from the Poker Room.
           For more information please call 770-7654.

       Tournament subject to cancellation or change at any time without prior notice. Problem Gamblers HelpLine 800-522-4700 Know Your Limits.™
May the force (of
change) be with you!
                                                                                     (Continued from page 20)
      By Peter “The Poet” COsta
In article after article, and forum post after forum post -                   For a moment I had even
the issue of ‘bad beats’ in online poker continues. On one                 forgotten we were in Japan.
hand, the conspiracy theorists throw out a variety of imagi-                  “This is Imperial Hotel,”
native and intriguing suggestions as to why these occur. On                Sugi said. “Not the fanciest,
the other; we have the counter arguments that focus on the                 but one of our finest. Only
actual odds of these so called ‘bad beats’. The truth is, bad              the best for my friends.”
beats are part and parcel of the game.                                        It was a bit austere look-
   As any regular player in b/m cardrooms would testify                    ing, but bellmen were quick
– strange things also happen in the ‘real’ poker world. But                to handle the luggage and
herein lies the problem! Even some pros and seasoned play-                 when we got inside an older
ers - struggle with accepting bad beats! So what chance                    Japanese man, in what
has the online player, who is far less experienced? Further-               might pass for formal attire
more, if online players get dealt three times the number                   greeted us with deep bows.
on hands online – they must surely experience three times                  He had our room keys in
the number of bad beats? If that is the case, and the odds                 hand; there was no signing
of probability indicate that it is – then perhaps bad beats                in, apparently all arranged
should be eradicated from poker altogether? Obviously, us                  by Sugi. We were taken to
pros, old-times and grinders don’t need for this to happen                 a two-bedroom suite facing
(we can all take it, can’t we guys?). So lets just make it….               the northwest.
the eradication of online bad beats!                                          “Where you see the
   But this would suggest that poker is not a perfect prod-                water, that is the moat
uct! Well.....I know in the real world it certainly isn’t! But             around the Imperial Palace
                                                                                                                PA L M S            P O K E R                  R O O M                     P R E S E N T S
I guess we already knew that – otherwise Phil Hellmuth                     grounds,” Sugi explained.
would win every event!                                                        “Across the street, you
   But seriously, bad beats are an issue if they drive play-               cannot see from here, is
ers away from poker. I even once jokingly suggested, that                  the Dai Ichi Insurance
we should look at how to eradicate some of the luck fac-                   Company Building where
tor in poker. I recall it was during one of the events at the              General MacArthur had his
Bellagio, when having seen a whole bunch of all-ins, and the               headquarters.”
underdog winning each time – that I had had enough! First                     I was impressed, but not
of all; we should begin with the all-in, pre-flop showdowns.               in the mood for sightseeing.
In such cases, the worst hand would have the choice to for-                Though it was early after-
feit 50% of the stack! No flop and no bad beat. The worst                  noon, my body was telling
hand gets another chance, the best hand makes a healthy                    me it was nap time again.
and unchallenged profit.                                                   I was relieved when Sugi
   Obviously, some of us doubted the possibility of such a                 said, “Why don’t you rest.
rule – but we did all agree that it would certainly reduce                 I will pick you up at seven
some of the bad beats! We then joked at a few other                        for dinner.”                           Play in the Palms Poker room with your Club Palms Card while you watch the game.
                                                                                                                           At the end of each game and each time a team scores you could win
ideas. Including the one that suggested a penalty for any                     Later, when Sugi picked                                      $100 to $500 instantly!
player - that handed out more than three bad beats in                      us up, he spoke to men in
a tournament!                                                              the car behind us. When
   But joking aside, this conversation did highlight that this             we drove off they followed.
beautiful game of our’s – could perhaps do with the odd                    Hobby asked, “Why are
change or two. But eradicating or reducing the bad beat is                 those men following us?”              And Join Us In The Poker Room For
just not possible – or is it?                                                 “Do not worry, they are
   I was with Phil Hellmuth just recently in London. We                    security,” Sugi answered.
met an hour before two patent attorneys were to join us. I                    “I don’t get it,” Hobby
then hit Phil with a format of playing poker that dealt with               said. “I thought Japan was a
some of the negative issues of online poker. Lets just say                 very peaceful place.”
that we eagerly awaited the arrival of the attorneys and to                   “Indeed it is, but there are
their evaluation. Patent potential for sure! That was obvi-                some who have threatened
ously great news – hence the subject of this article. Oh, and              to disrupt our tournament
before I forget - many thanks to the bad beat! For, it’s dur-              unless I pay a large fee.”
ing the search to eradicate this monster - that this new                      “Sounds like gangster’s
format came together.                                                      protection racket,” I said
   And as often is the case when developing new ideas                         “Yes, unfortunately,
- one leads to another....and then another....And the out-                 but we can handle them.
come? Hmm.....slightly tricky to explain as I am running                   Suddenly we heard a crash.
out of my allotted space here. I am perhaps thinking that                  I looked around to see
I should leave the readers on tenterhooks with something                   our trail car was disabled.
like......lets see.....a simple statement perhaps? Something               “Hyaku (fast),” Sugi said to
along the lines of ......”A unique and dramatic change to                  the driver. Moments later a
online poker awaits”? But I thought against doing this - as                large truck sideswiped us
it would be unfair to tease readers in this way. So I will just            and sent us crashing into a
say this......the key to the solution - can only be found - if             storefront.                             See the Palms Poker Room for complete rules. Must be 21. Management reserves all rights.

you believe a solution is needed.                                                (To be continued next issue)
                                                                                                                                              4321 West Flamingo Road
                                                                                                                                                Las Vegas, NV 89103
Until next time - play well, get lucky and never                           Write to author David Valley                                    702.942.7777 •
                                                                                                                                           © 2005 Fiesta Palms LLC. All Rights Reserved.

stop the search for improvement!                                           at:
22   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   P O K E R P L AY E R   23
A Poker Tournament
is Like a Movie                                                            asked & answered:
                                                                           Quizzes from Mike Caro University of Poker
                     By Byron Liggett                                        This series is based on the MCU library of research and advice found at
Poker tournaments are like movies. Both offer                                Each issue, Mike Caro presents 10 new questions covering a category of poker, tar-
drama, excitement, exhilaration, shock, sad-                                  geted for beginner, intermediate, or advanced players. Quiz #30 is about psychol-
ness, and silliness. There are expensive epics like the WSOP                   ogy, for advanced players. (Answers and explanations appear in the next issue.)
and serials like the World Poker Tour. A people’s favorite, the
“Fall Pot of Gold Tournament”, is currently being played at                         Psychology                 on tilt sometimes.                  you expected was probable,
the RENO HILTON to large crowds.                                                 (level: advanced)              a. True;                           because you stop caring
Most aspiring poker stars test their talents in smaller produc-                                                 b. False.                          about making good deci-
tions. The GOLDEN PHOENIX has scheduled a tournament                         1. If you have two pair                                               sions -- and losing even more
“short” in its new poker room for a three day engagement                   and bet, saying, “I probably          7. Irritating your oppo-          money doesn’t make you feel
Oct. 21-23. A Friday night thriller, No-Limit Hold’em, opens the           either have a straight flush        nents by criticizing their play     much worse.
flop festival. Tickets are $30+5 with one rebuy (if you want to            or I’m bluffing,” you’re try-       increases your chances of…           a. True;
see it again).                                                             ing to force an opponent              a. winning money from              b. False.
   The Saturday and Sunday 11am matinee and Saturday eve-                  to make a decision based            them over the years;
ning performances are $50+5. “The Championship” will be                    on an either-or-situation,            b. getting them to come             10. If you present a solid,
shown Sunday at 6pm and attendance is $100+15. Usher John                  because…                            into your future pots with          tight, stable image, which
Willis will show you to your seat.                                           a. you want to show your          weak hands;                         of the following is an advan-
If you like a good Western, don’t miss the “Fall Poker Round-              opponents how misleading              c. play worse against you;        tage?
up” being shown at the WILDHORSE Resort & Casino, Nov.                     you can be;                           d. none of the above.               a. you’ll have less fluctua-
2-12. Poker Manager Roland Waters may get an Oscar for Best                  b. they’ll almost always                                              tion in your day-to-day earn-
Director. Poker star Vince Burgio has a leading role as Celebrity          make the wrong choice;                8. (Choose best answer) If        ings;
Host.                                                                        c. you’d like the luxury          your opponents are bickering          b. you’ll get a lot more
   Like a Sam Peckinpah movie, the “Fall Poker Round-up” is                of betting without fearing a        among themselves and dis-           calls with big hands;
popular because there’s lots of action. Everybody is in it – The           raise from a medium-strong          tracted, it’s a poor time to...       c. you’ll be competing for
Magnificent Seven, The Professionals and the Wild Bunch.                   hand;                                 a. Play a weak hand for           bigger pots, on average;
They’re all looking for a few dollars more.                                  d. nobody’s perfect.              advertising purposes;                 d. there are no disadvan-
   The “Round-up” has it all – ambushes, showdowns, snipers,                                                     b. Bluff;                         tages to a solid, tight, stable
victims and victory, heroes and zeroes. But in the end, when                2. An opponent is sig-               c. Take a bathroom break;         image.
the smoke clears, the good guys get the chips.                             nificantly more likely to play        d. Go all-in if you’re play-
   “The Fall Poker Round-up” is shot on location, in Pendleton,            sensibly if…                        ing no-limit.
                                                                                                                                                      WATCH FOR
Oregon. This IS the American West. If you’ve ever wondered                  a. It’s the day before his
                                                                                                                                                    ANSWERS IN OUR
where “God’s Country” was, this is it!                                     birthday;                            9. It’s dangerous when
   Wildhorse is a complete resort with plenty of outdoor sights             b. She’s pregnant;                 you lose a lot more than
                                                                                                                                                      NEXT ISSUE!
and activities. When you’ve had your fill of flops, you can ride            c. He just sat down or just
off into the sunset on a horse or a golf cart. If you can’t have           got even;                           If you do not remember the questions, you will find them on our
                                                                                                                                             web site—Download previous issues at
fun here, you’re dead.
The PEPPERMILL will premier its luxurious new poker room                    d. No opponent at the
                                                                                                                   to last issue’s questions
when it holds the annual “Fall Poker Tournament” this                      table is watching football                                        backissues
Nov.11-20. The tournament is an oldie-but-goodie, while the                on the screens inside the           Q #1 ANSWER: (b). In Omaha          ent suits will win more than its
poker room is a New Millennium luxury theater.                             casino.                             high-low split, the more players    fair share against eight oppos-
   There are no bad seats in the house. Every chair is comfort-                                                enter the pot, the less neces-      ing random hands, if played to
able, contoured and capable of being raised up and down. The                 3. Male opponents with            sary it is to try to win both the   the showdown! (This doesn’t
lighting is good for action and actors. Like the bridge of the             recent tattoos are more             high and low sides (scoop). But     mean you should play the hand,
Star Ship Enterprise, large screen, digital TV monitors surround           likely to…                          even though it’s “less neces-       however, because it isn’t profit-
the room, keeping the chip crew tuned into sports, tournament                a. Raise recklessly;              sary,” you should still try to      able when the likely betting is
standings, and seat lists. You can even turn to the poker chan-              b. Bluff;                         play hands with excellent scoop     factored in.)
nel in your room and relax until your name comes up!                         c. Come into pots with            possibilities as much as pos-
   The Peppermill tournament includes a ladies-only No-Limit               weak hands;                         sible.                              Q #6 ANSWER: (d). If Hand A
Hold’em feature at high noon on Saturday, Nov 12th. Every                    d. All of the above.                                                  is Ac 2c 3h 4h and Hand B is Kc
poker actress hopes to play the lead in “Queen of the Flop”.                                                   Q #2 ANSWER: (a). Against a         Kd 5s Ad with a board of 2h 4c
The ladies who star in this production all know that the weaker             4. You should be more              single opponent, Kc Kd Jc Jd        9c 10h and just the final card to
sex is anyone with the second best hand.                                   eager to buy coffee for the         is more profitable than 7c 6c       fall, followed by a showdown,
Similar to a theater complex that houses multiple movies,                  player on your right…               5d 2c, 10h 9h, 8c 7c, or As Ac      then hand A will scoop both
some principal poker rooms between north Seattle and Everett                a. true;                           Qh 9d.                              sides of the pot 80 percent of
are organizing a multi-cardroom tournament extravaganza                     b. false.                                                              the time.
for sometime in November, according to Steve Schechter,                                                        Q #3 ANSWER: (a). It’s true
Marketing Director for the NEW GROVE Cardroom.                               5. What’s the main advan-         that, if played to the showdown     Q #7 ANSWER: (a). If two
A clever poker tournament device called the “DB Dealer” is                 tage of having a wild and           against a single opponent,          players begin an Omaha eight-
about to be introduced by a Portland, Oregon firm. The round,              carefree image?                     A-A-A-2 is a favorite against a     or-better hand with A-2-3-4 of
high-quality plastic gadget serves both as a dealer button and               a. you’ll be able to bluff        random opposing hand.               matching suits (one in clubs,
timer that indicates blind increases.                                      more successfully;                                                      one in diamonds), the pot will
   An audible alarm warns players of a blind increase at the                 b. you’ll be able to refuse       Q #4 ANSWER: (a). It’s also         be scooped 6 percent of the
one-minute mark and again to signify the end of the round. At              to give loans more convinc-         true that A-A-A-2 of four differ-   time. The other 94 percent con-
the end of each round, DB Dealer resets itself. The timer can              ingly;                              ent suits will win more than its    stitutes ties. Remember, one
be stopped and started again at any time during the round.                   c. you’ll get called more         fair share against two opposing     suited card on the board won’t
Clearly, this is a product whose time has come.                            often when you hold big             random hands, if played to the      win – you need three, using two
                                                                           hands;                              showdown.                           of the four suited cards in your
Byron Liggett, originally from the Northwest, lives in Reno                  d. all of the above.                                                  hand. Additionally, if one of
and has been a gaming & poker writer, columnist and con-                                                       Q #5 ANSWER: (a). It’s even         those suited board cards is in
  sultant for 25 years. email:                      6. Most winning players go        true that A-A-A-2 of four differ-            (Continued on page 33)
24   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
                         This is your chance to play poker with

                                                                             a Living Legend
     Imagine you're playing the legend himself, Doyle Brunson, he's holding Big Slick and
     goes all-in. You can cut the tension with a knife. You call with your Pocket Aces and
     bust him out of the game. Just like that you win a quick $250 and world-class bragging
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     Join in on the weekly Bounty Tournament at and play against Doyle
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            Todd Brunson                         Mike Caro                   Doyle Brunson

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     schedule tails.
     bounty d
                e                        110%
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Pechanga Poker
           OCTOBER                      TOURNAMENT SERIES
 THURSDAY, OCT. 6                       6:30PM           Limit Hold’em Tournament                                   $5,000 Guarantee                   $35 + $15 Buy-In
      FRIDAY, OCT. 7                        7PM          Limit Hold’em Tournament                                   $10,000 Guarantee                  $60 + $15 Buy-In
 SATURDAY, OCT. 8                           4PM          No-Limit Hold’em Tournament                                $15,000 Guarantee                  $80 + $15 Buy-In
    SUNDAY, OCT. 9                          4PM          No-Limit Hold’em Tournament                                $5,000 Guarantee                   $35 + $15 Buy-In
THURSDAY, OCT. 13                           7PM          Ladies Only No-Limit Hold’em            $85 + $15 Buy-In • $100 Added per Table
All New Event! 2nd Thursday Every Month                  1st Place: $1,000 Buy in to the World Series Ladies Only Event 2006
THURSDAY, OCT. 27                       6:30PM           Last Chance No-Limit Hold’em                               $10,000 Guarantee                  $85 + $15 Buy-In
    FRIDAY, OCT. 28                         7PM          Last Chance No-Limit Hold’em                               $6,000 Guarantee                   $55 + $15 Buy-In
SATURDAY, OCT. 29                           4PM          2005 Big Showdown Tournament                                   $200 + $25 Buy-In
                                                         1st Place $10,000 Buy-in seat to the 2006 World Series Guaranteed
   SUNDAY, OCT. 30                          4PM          No-Limit Hold’em Tournament                                $5,000 Guarantee                   $35 + $15 Buy-In

                     D A I LY T O U R N A M E N T S C H E D U L E
                DAILY DOUBLE JACKPOTS • Mon. thru Fri. 2-5PM • 1:30-3AM • 4-5AM • 6-9AM

              MONDAY                      10AM           No-Limit Hold’em Tournament         $2,000 Guarantee     $20 + $5 Buy-In
                                           6PM           Monday Night Football               $2,000 Cash Giveaway
                                                         $250 per quarter and $1,000 at 10PM
                                 6:30PM                  No-Limit Hold’em Tournament         $2,000 Guarantee     $20 + $5 Buy-In
                       6:30PM to 9:30PM                  Double Jackpot
                     9:30PM to Midnight                  Stud Double, Omaha Triple and Hold’em Quadruple Jackpot
              TUESDAY              10AM                  Hold’em Tournament                    $2,000 Guarantee     $20 + $5 Buy-In
                                  6:30PM                 Hold’em Tournament                    $2,000 Guarantee     $20 + $5 Buy-In
                          7PM to Midnight                Rack Attack Tuesday
                                                         $100 Drawings at the top of each hour and two $100 Drawings on the half hour
         WEDNESDAY        10AM                           No-Limit Hold’em Tournament                                $2,000 Guarantee                   $20 + $5 Buy-In
                 6PM to 1:15AM                           Wacky Wednesday                                            $1,500 Drawing
                        6:30PM                           No-Limit Hold’em Tournament                                $2,000 Guarantee                   $20 + $5 Buy-In
            THURSDAY                 10AM                Hold’em Tournament                      $2,000 Guarantee        $20 + $5 Buy-In
                               4PM to 10PM               Single Table Sit-N-Go Tournaments                               $85 + $15 Buy-In
                                                         Top three places paid, 1st $525 • 2nd $200 • 3rd $125
                                 6PM to 9PM              Triple Hold’em Jackpot Thursdays
                                                         Stud and Omaha Doubled
                        All New Event!      7PM          Ladies Only Poker Tournament            $85 + $15 Buy-In • $100 Added per Table
             2nd Thursday Every Month
                                                         1st Place $1,000 Buy-in to the World Series Ladies Only Event 2006
                          9PM to Midnight                Double Jackpot
                 FRIDAY               10AM               No-Limit Hold’em Tournament        $2,000 Guarantee                                           $20 + $5 Buy-In
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       All Weekday AM Tournaments have a $2,000 Guarantee, $20 Buy-in and a $5 Entry Fee. All Jackpot promotions reset and doubled until end of promotion time. Winner must
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       a Poker Room Floor Person for promotion details. Management reserves the right to cancel or modify promotions without notice. Must be 21 or older to enter Casino.

          45000 Pechanga Parkway • I-15 • Temecula • 877.711.2WIN •
    Time . Some events H ...... Hold’em                              Split                        Stud       Al ...... Alternates          #M ..# of players
C start after the hour
O A, P ........ AM, PM
D Wk Add’l gametimes
                       L ................. Limit
                       N ...........No Limit
                       7. 7-Card Stud
                                                     Pi........ Pineapple
                                                     Po.........Pot Limit
                                                                                 Mx ..Mexican Poker
                                                                                 DC Dealer’s Choice
                                                                                 HH ... Headhunter
                                                                                                             F .............Freeroll
                                                                                                             Z......... Freezeout
                                                                                                             Q .............Qualify
                                                                                                                                           RB ......... Re-buys
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  NV •Aladdin                          1P&   NH               $50RB(1)$40      1P&   NH               $50RB(1)$40 1P&    NH                       $50RB(1)$40    1P&   NH               $50RB(1)$40 12P   NH                      $100AO$10
SOUTH                                  7P    NH               $50RB(1)$40      7P    NH               $50RB(1)$40 7P     NH                       $50RB(1)$40    7P    NH               $50RB(1)$40
         Arizona Charlie’s             12P   NH            $22RB$10AO$10                                           12P   NH                    $22RB$10AO$10                                                                              12P            NH           $22RB$10AO$10
         •Binion’s Gambling Hall (p19) 8P& N H            $60RB$10AO$40        8P&      NH         $60RB$10AO$40 8P& N H                      $60RB$10AO$40      8P&     NH         $60RB$10AO$40 8P&            NH        $125RB$25AO$50 8P&            NH         $125RB$25AO$50 8P&            NH        $125RB$25AO$50
         Cannery Casino                10A   NH                       $25      10A      NH                    $25 10A    NH                               $25    10A     NH                   $25 10A            NH                   $25 10A            NH                     $25 10A           NH                   $25
                                       7P    NH            $40RB$20AO$2        7P       NH          $40RB$20AO$2 7P      NH                    $40RB$20AO$2
         Carson Valley Inn             12P& H Sh                       $15     12P&    H Sh                    $15 12P& H Sh                               $15   12P&   H Sh                    $15 12P&        H Sh                    $15 12P&        H Sh                        $15
         Circus Circus                 11A L/N H                 $40AO$3       11A     L/N H             $40AO$3 11A    L/N H                        $40AO$3     11A    L/N H               $40AO$3 11A         L/N H               $40AO$3
         Col.Belle-Laughlin           7P&     HB       $25RB$10AO$20                                             7PWk1& H                   $110 7P& O H/L B $25RB$10AO$20 7P&                                  O H/L B $25RB$10AO$20 10A                Pi Z                    $12 10A          Pi Z              $12
         Golden Nugget                11A     N H $60RB(1)$40AO$40 11A                  NH      $60RB(1)$40AO$40 11A    N H $60RB(1)$40AO$40 11A       N H $60RB(1)$40AO$40 11A                                   N H $60RB(1)$40AO$40 11A               NH        $30RB$20AO(1)$20 11A           N H $60RB(1)$40AO$40
                                      7P      N H $125RB$100AO(1)$100 7P                NH      $125RB$100AO$100 7P     N H $125RB$100AO(1)$100 7P     N H $125RB$100AO$100 7P                                    N H $230RB$200AO$100 7P                       $330RB$200AO(1)$200 7P            N H $125RB$100AO$100
         Flamingo Laughlin      8A             Z                      $17 8A             Z                      $17 8A             Z                      $17 8A          Z                     $17 8A            Z                      $17 8A           Z                       $17 8A           Z                     $17
         Harrah’s Las Vegas     11A           NH             $30RB(1)$40 11A            NH             $30RB(1)$40 11A                           $30RB(1)$40 11A                       $30RB(1)$40 11A                          $30RB(1)$40 11A                          $30RB(1)$40 11A                        $30RB(1)$40
         •Imperial Palace (p11) 1P            NH           $50RB$25AO$5 7P              NH           $50RB$25AO$5 1P              NH           $50RB$25AO$5 1P           NH          $50RB$25AO$5                                                                                     1P          NH          $50RB$25AO$5
                                12A           NH           $50RB$25AO$5                                             12A           NH           $50RB$25AO$5
         •Jokers Wild (p40) 2P     NH                          $25RB(1)$10 2P     NH                     $25RB(1)$10 2P     NH                    $25RB(1)$10 2P     NH                  $25RB(1)$10 2P     NH       $25RB(1)$10 2P     NH       $25RB(1)$10 2P     NH                                           $25RB(1)$10
                            7P     NH                          $25RB(1)$10 7P     NH                     $25RB(1)$10 7P     NH                    $25RB(1)$10 7P     NH                  $25RB(1)$10 6P     N H $35RB(1)$10AO$10 6P     N H $35RB(1)$10AO$10 7P     NH                                           $25RB(1)$10
         Luxor              12P& L/N H Z                               $25 12P& L/N H Z                          $25 12P& L/N H Z                         $25 12P& L/N H Z                       $25 12P& L/N H Z            $25 12P& L/N H Z            $25 12P& L/N H Z                                                $25
         •Mandalay Bay                10A     HZ           $30(30M) 10A                 HZ          $30(30M) 10A                  HZ               $30(30M) 10A         HZ                $30(30M) 10A           HZ               $30(30M)
                                      6P     NHZ           $60(30M) 6P                 NHZ          $60(30M) 6P                  NHZ               $60(30M) 6P          NHZ               $60(30M)
         •Mirage                      7P      L H $130RB$100AO(1)$100 7P               N H $130RB$100AO(1)$100 7P                NH               $130RB$100 7P         NH            $230RB(1)$200                                                                                       5P      N H$330RB$200AO(1)$200
         Nevada Palace                10A      H                        $18 10A         H                        $19 10A          H                        $18 10A        H                       $18 10A        H                       $18 10A          H                        $18 10A         H                    $18
         •Oasis-Mesquite              11A     NH                $15RB(1)$15 11A         NH               $15RB(1)$15 11A          NH               $15RB(1)$15 11A       NH               $15RB(1)$15 11A        NH              $15RB(1)$15 11A         NH                $15RB(1)$15 3P         NH               $25RB$10
                                      7P      NH                      $120 7P           NH            $120RB(1)$100 6P            NH                 $25RB$10
         The Orleans                  12P O H/L                $40RB$20        12P      H                 $40RB$20        12P     NH                $40RB$20     12P    H                 $40RB$20       12P    O H/L           $50RB(1)$20      12P      H              $50RB(1)$20      12P     NH            $50RB(1)$20
                                      7P    NH                 $40RB$20        7P       NH                $40RB$20        7P      H                 $40RB$20     7P   O H/L               $40RB$20       7P      NH             $60RB(1)$40      7P      NH             $125RB(1)$100     7P       H            $60RB(1)$50
         •Plaza Casino (p41)          12A& N H               $65RB(1)$30       12A&     NH              $65RB(1)$30       12A&    NH              $65RB(1)$30    12A& N H               $65RB(1)$30      12A&    NH             $65RB(1)$30      12A&    NH              $65RB(1)$30      12A&    NH            $65RB(1)$30
                                      7P   O H/L          $45RB$20AO$20        7P       NH              $45RB(1)$20       7P      NH              $45RB(1)$20    7P    NH               $45RB(1)$20      7P      NH             $45RB(1)$20      7P      NH              $45RB(1)$20      7P      NH            $45RB(1)$20
                                      7P     N                 $50RB$50        7P       N                 $50RB$50        7P      N                 $50RB$50     7P     N                 $50RB$50       7P       N               $50RB$50       7P      N                 $50RB$50       7P      N               $50RB$50
         Rio Suite Casino             12P& N H               $40RB(1)$40       12P&     NH              $40RB(1)$40       12P&    NH              $40RB(1)$40    12P& N H               $40RB(1)$40      12P&    NH             $40RB(1)$40      12P&    NH              $40RB(1)$40      12P&    NH            $40RB(1)$40
         River Palms       6P&               O H/L        $25RB$10AO$20 6P&            7 H/L        $25RB$10AO$20 6P&             NH          $25RB$10AO$20 6P&           H         $25RB$10AO$20        6P&    O H/L       $25RB$10AO$20        6P&    Po H         $25RB$10AO$20        6P&     NH        $25RB$10AO$20
         •Sahara (p40) 11A                    NH           $40RB$20AO$2 11A             NH           $40RB$20AO$2 11A             NH           $40RB$20AO$2 11A          NH          $40RB$20AO$2        11A     NH          $40RB$20AO$2        11A    NH            $40RB$20AO$2        11A     NH         $40RB$20AO$2
                           7P&                NH           $40RB$20AO$2 7P&             NH           $40RB$20AO$2 7P&             NH           $40RB$20AO$2 7P&          NH          $40RB$20AO$2        7P&     NH          $40RB$20AO$2        7P&    NH            $40RB$20AO$2        7P&     NH         $40RB$20AO$2
         •Sam’s Town (p48)                                                                                                                                  7P           NH         $45RB$20AO$20        7P      NH         $45RB$20AO$20        7P     NH           $45RB$20AO$20        7P      NH        $45RB$20AO$20
         Speedway             4P             L/N H    $23RB$10AO$20                                                       4P     L/N H $23RB$10AO$20                                             4P             L/N H       $23RB$10AO$20 4P            L/N H        $23RB$10AO$20
         Stardust             10A             NH                  $40          10A      NH                  $40           10A     NH                  $40        12P     LH                    F
         •Sunset Station (p10)10A             LH              $18AO$2          10A    L O High          $18AO$2           10A     NH              $23AO$2        10A     LH              $23AO$2 11A             NH             $23AO$2 11A              NH                  $23AO$2 Varies Varies                    Varies
         Stratosphere         9A              NH          $22RB(1)$20          9A       NH          $22RB(1)$20           9A      NH          $22RB(1)$20        9A      NH          $22RB(1)$20 9A              NH          $22RB(1)$20
                              8P              N H $44RB(1)$40AO(1)$40          8P       N H $44RB(1)$40AO(1)$40           8P      N H $44RB(1)$40AO(1)$40        8P      N H $44RB(1)$40AO(1)$40 8P              N H $44RB(1)$40AO(1)$40
         •Texas Station (p10) 7P              NH                  $40          7P     O H/L B          $37RB$10           7P      NH                  $40        7P      NH                  $40
         •Tuscany (p22)       10A             NH                (40M)          10A      NH                (40M)           10A     NH                (40M)        10A     NH                (40M)                                                                                      12P         OS               $25RB$10
                              7P              OS             $25RB$10          7P       OS             $25RB$10           7P      OS             $25RB$10        7P      OS             $25RB$10 7P              OS                $25RB$10 7P           OS                  $25RB$10 7P          OS               $25RB$10
         Virgin River Casino  6P              NH            $20RB$10           6P       NH                    F                                                  6P      NH            $20RB$10
  NV Atlantis Casino                  12P& L H Sh                      $15 10A&        7 Sh                     $15 12P& L H Sh                            $15 10A&     7 Sh                      $15 12P&      L H Sh                  $15 10A&        7 Sh                        $15 12P& L H Sh                     $15
NORTH Boomtown                                                             7P          NH                  $22RB$10                                                                                   7P         NH                $22RB$10                                             7P    NH                   $22RB$10
         Cactus Petes-Jackpot         7P       Pi                 $15RB$10                                          7P    NH                          F RB$10                                                                                                                           12P    H                    F RB$20
         Circus Circus                4P       H                       $15 4P           H                        $15 4P            H                       $15 4P         H                       $15 4P          H                       $15 10A         H                         $15 10A        H                     $15
         Eldorado                                                          6P          NH                  $22RB$20
         •Golden Phoenix              12P    H                   freeRB$10 12P          H                  freeRB$10 12P           H                freeRB$10 12P         H                freeRB$10 12P          H                freeRB$10 12P          H                 freeRB$10 12P          H              freeRB$10
                                      6P Ladies N H               $25RB$10 7P          7SL                  $44RB$4
         Harrah's Reno                10A& N H                         $25 10A         NH                        $25 10A          NH                      $25 10A        NH                       $25 10A        NH                       $25 10A        NH                        $25 10A        NH                     $25
         Harvey’s Tahoe                                                    6P           H                  $25RB$20
         Peppermill                   2P    NH                   $25AO$10 2P            NH                 $25AO$10 2P            NH                $25AO$10
                                      7P Ladies N H            $35RB(1)$30                                                                                   7P          NH               $115RB$100 6P          NH                     $110 6P          NH                      $115
         Reno Hilton                  9A    NH                   $15(24M) 9A&           NH                 $15(24M) 9A            NH                $15(24M) 9A&         NH                $15(24M) 9A           NH                $15(24M) 9A           NH                 $25(30M) 9A           NH              $25(30M)
         Rainbow Cas. W Wendover      8P    NH                   $25RB$20                                                                                                                            8P          LH                $25RB$20                                           6P          NH                   $50
  CA Casino Morongo                   10A     5O           $10RB$10AO$10 7P&             H         $30RB$10AO$20 10A             N Cz Pi       $10RB$10AO$10 7P&          H                    $60 10A           DC          $10RB$10AO$10 11A            H           $10RB$10AO$10 12P            H            $5RB$5AO$5
  SAN Casino Pauma                                                                                                                                                                                 4P            H         $5RB$5AO$10B$5 4P              H         $5RB$5AO$10B$5 4P              H        $5RB$5AO$10B$5
DIEGO Harrah’s Rincon                 10A&    NH           $15RB$10AO$10 10A&           NH           $15RB$10AO$10 10A&           NH           $15RB$10AO$10 10A&        NH          $15RB$10AO$10 10A&          NH          $15RB$10AO$10 10A&          NH           $15RB$10AO$10 10A&          NH          $15RB$10AO$10
INLAND   Lake Elsinore                10A    O H/L           $17RB$5AO$5 10A            LH             $17RB$5AO$5 10A            NH             $17RB$5AO$5 10A         LH            $17RB$5AO$5 10A          O H/L          $17RB$5AO$5 10A           LH             $17RB$5AO$5
                                                                                                                   6P             NH              $20RB(2)$15
         •Lucky Lady (p33)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    10A       O H/L                $22RB$11 10A          H               $22RB$11
         Oceans Eleven     10A                LH                        $35 10A         NH                        $35 10A         NH                      $55 10A        NH                       $35 10A        LH                       $35 10A        NH                      $65 10A          NH            $40RB(1)$20
         •Pechanga (p28) 10A                  NH                        $30    10A      NH                       $30      10A   NH                    $30 10A            NH                       $30 10A        NH                       $30 10A        NH                     $30 10A           NH                    $30
                         6P                   NH                        $30    6P       NH                       $30      6P    NH                    $30                                                                                                                           4P            NH                    $30
         Sycuan          10A                  LH                         $12   10A      NH                        $12     10A 7 H/L Sp                 $12 6P&            H                        F 6P&         LH                      $22 6P&         NH           $12RB$10AO$10 6P&           LH                     $17
         Viejas          10A                  NH                     $12B$5    10A&    O H/L                  $12B$5      10A& N H                $12B$5 10A&             O                   $12B$5 10A&        NH                   $12B$5 10A         NH                  $25B$5 10A           NH                 $12B$5
         Village Club                 10A      O       $30RB$20AO(1)$50B(20)$5 10A      NH      $30RB$20AO(1)$50B(20)$5   10A    O $30RB$20AO(1)$50B(20)$5 10A            O      $30RB$20AO(1)$50B(20)$5 10A     NH      $30RB$20AO(1)$50B(20)$5 10A      O       $30RB$20AO(1)$50B(20)$5 10A     LH            $25RB$20AO$50

  CA •Bicycle Club (p3) 12P                   LH                  $30RB$10 12P          NH                 $30RB$10 12P           NH                $60RB$10 12P         NH               $30RB$10 12P          HH N H             $30RB$10
  L.A.                  7P                    NH                       $60 7P                              $40RB$20 7P            NH                     $60 7P          NH                    $60 7P           HH N H             $40RB$20                                         7P           HH L H           $40RB$10
         •Club Caribe (p40) 7P                NH                         F                                          7P            Mx           $15RB$10AO$10 7P          NH          $20RB$10AO$10                                               1P      NH           $20RB$10AO$10 1P            Mx         $15RB$10AO$10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7P      NH          $40RB$30AO$30 7P             NH         $30RB$15AO$15
         Club One Casino            7P        NH               $27RB(2)$15 10A          NH      $14RB$5/$10AO$20 7P&              NH       $27(80M)RB(2)$15 10A          NH      $14RB$5/$10AO$20 10A            N H $14RB$5/$10AO$20 7P& N H(80M)                        $27RB(2)$15 12P          LH      $19RB$5/$10AO$20
         Commerce Club                                                                                           7P               Pn                   $40                                        7P             Pn               $40 1P     Pn                                  $40 1P            Pn                   $40
         •Crystal Park Casino (p33)                                                                                                                                                               7P             NH                $15 7P    NH                                   $15
         •Diamond Jim’s (p33) 6P             O Pi H              $25RB$10 6P            LH                $20RB$10 6P Wk4LadiesL H                        $25                                                                                    1P      LH                $25RB$10 1P            NH                    $50
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1PWk4        NH                   $100
         Hawaiian Gardens     12P             NH                  $15RB$10 12P         O H/L                $15RB$10 12P         S H/L               $15RB$10 12P         H                 $15RB$10 6P          LH                   $25RB 6P           Mx                  F RB$10
         •Hollywood Park (p7) 11A            7 H/L                $17RB$10 11A          NH                  $17RB$10 11A         O H/L               $17RB$10 11A         H                 $17RB$10 11A         NH                $17RB$10 11A          7                  $17RB$10 11A          LH               $22RB$10
                              7P               LH                      $35 7P            NH                      $35 7P           LH                      $35 7P         NH                      $35 8P          NH           $225RB(1)$200 8P          Po H           $330RB(1)$300 4P          N H Sh                $120
         •Hustler Casino (p15) 7P             NH             $125RB(1)$100 7P           NH$125RB(1)$100AO(1)$100 7P                NH                    $230 7P         NH            $125RB(1)$100                                                                                    3P       Pai Gow
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        3P         N H $125RB$100AO(1)$100
         Normandie Casino                                                                                                 7P      NH            $30RB(2)AO(1)                                                                                    3P& Pai Gow                          F 5P         NH            $30RBAO
 CA Artichoke Joe’s                   11A  L H $28RB(1)$20AO(1)$20 11A                 LH                      $25 6P LH/L OH/L $50RB$20AO$40 11A                        LH                     $48                                                                                  6P           NH        $49RB$20AO$40
NORTH Bay 101                         9A& Sp L H          $70RB60 9A                  Sp L H              $50RB$40 9A Sp L HH        $55RB$40 9A&                       Sp L H              $50RB40 9A          Sp L H                   $110 9A        Sp L H             $125RB$60 9A          Sp L H          $70RB$60
      Cache Creek                                                  12P                  H                 $25RB$20 12P O H/L              $55 6P                          H                     $10
         California Grand             7P       H                        $50 7P           H                     $20RB 7P            O                $50RB$20 7P           H                       $50                                            2P      H                        $50 2P           H                    $50
         Casino San Pablo                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10A     NH               $25RB(1)$20 10A         NH            $25RB(1)$20
         Garden City                  10A     Sp L            $60RB$40AO 10A             H              $40RB(1)$40 10A           Sp L           $40RB$40AO 10A           H             $40RB$40AO 10A           Sp L           $60RB$40AO
         Gold Rush                                                1P                   H Sh                     $15 1P           H Sh                    $15 1P         H Sh                      $15 1P         H Sh                   $15 1P          H Sh                        $15
         Kelly’s Cardroom             6P     NH Sh            $20                                                   6P           NH Sh                   $20                                                                                5P          NF                            F 6P       NH Sh          $20
         Lucky Chances                10A     NH $50RB(1)$50AO$15 10A                   NH                $100AO$20 10A           NH         $50RB(1)$50AO15                                             10A     NH               $100AO$20                                             10A       NH $100RB$60AO$60
         Lucky Derby Casino                                                    6P       NH                        $55                                                                                                                            9A      NH                    $40 11A           Varies              Varies
         Oaks Card Club                                                                                             6P            LH         $65RB$50AO$50                                                                                       12P    Varies       $65RB$50AO$50 1P             LH           $100RB(2)$50
         Palace Indian Casino         11A      H            $10RB$5AO$10                                            11A            H           $10RB$5AO$10                                              11A      H           $10RB$5AO$10
         Sonoma Joe's                                                          7P     H/O H/L           $20RB$20(1) 7P             H             $20RB$20(1)                                                                                                                              6P     O H/L F              RB$10

CO N T ’ D O N PAG E 3 1                                                                                                                   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m                             O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5                            P O K E R P L AY E R                      29
Viewing the Cards; Do We Need
a Paradigm Shift?
      SENIORS SCENE                                                               Edgar Allan Poe                                                  lished his popularity and
                                                                                                                                                   greatly increased magazine
By George “The engineer” EPSTEIN                                                   Author & Poet,                                                  sales.
The other night, while seated at a hold’em table at                               Drunk & Gambler                                                     In one story, Poe’s pro-
the Bicycle Casino, an attractive older woman tapped                              Among any Gallery of                                             tagonist follows a man as
me on the shoulder. “Can I talk to you?” she asked, with a big smile.             Great American Writers,                                          he winds his way through
Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. (Beautiful women don’t tap           none has a higher place                                          the underbelly of the city
me on the shoulder very often.) Lynne had a copy of my recent column              than Edgar Allan Poe. A                                          at night. He describes
in Poker Player in her hand, but she really wanted to ask me about the            lonely, tortured genius, he       involved and Poe may have      the night people, includ-
cards used in playing poker. It seems that the design of the cards has            crafted tales of terror and       been one of those victim-      ing “The gamblers”, some
been essentially unchanged since invented by the French some 300 years            poems of passion and pain.        ized.                          wearing a “velvet waist-
ago. I don’t know the authenticity of that data; but I certainly agree               Born in Boston in 1809,           Poe’s gambling debts        coat, fancy neckerchief,
that we need a change in the design of the cards that are so essential in         Poe’s parents were strug-         ruptured relations with his    gilt chains, and filigreed
playing poker.                                                                    gling actors. By the time         foster-father. He was forced   buttons”.
    Isn’t it time for a paradigm shift? : Poker is now big business;              he was three, both parents        to drop out of school. Two        Poe respected gamblers.
there is even talk of making it an Olympic event. Religious and charitable        had died. He was taken in         years later his mother,        He wrote, “They be may
groups hold tournaments to raise funds. It has been accepted as a viable          by acquaintances John and         Fanny Allan, 44, died.         defined as the gentlemen
form of business and entertainment throughout the world. Poker has                Fanny Allan, a childless             Hoping the military         who live by their wits.” In
come a long way – a very long way – since it was played in back rooms             couple.                           would give him the strength    another tale, “The Duke de
and even scorned by many people. It is now respectable and accepted in               Edgar was an outstand-         and discipline to pull his     L’Omelette”, Poe’s central
all walks of life. Both young and old play the game in all sorts of venues.       ing student in school. A          life together, Poe entered     character is brought before
    Being a senior citizen, Lynne recognized the need for improvement in          good athlete, he was a            West Point in 1830. It         the Devil to play cards for
the design of our playing cards. I agree with her. In fact, my first book         fast runner and even bet-         didn’t work. Soon he was       his due.
(The Greatest Book of Poker for Winners!) discusses the importance of             ter swimmer. Edgar’s              drinking heavily and run-         But poetry was Poe’s
table seating so that you can better observe the cards in play. As we             uncle delighted in get-           ning up more gambling          passion. He wrote to be
age, our visual acuity usually diminishes. Being seated in seats No. 4 or         ting up wrestling matches         debts. After one year, he      moving and musical more
5 helps in this regard. And, for my poker classes at the Claude Pepper Sr.        between Edgar and the kids        was court-martialed and        than meaningful or pur-
Citizens Center, I use special cards with larger figures that are easier to       with whom he played. He           dismissed.                     poseful. For him, “the
read. (One of my students bought two decks for her pinochle group.)               rewarded the winner with             Throughout much of his      death of a beautiful woman
    Lynne also noted another problem with the cards: It is sometimes              money. Wrestling contests         life, Poe had two princi-      is… the most poetic topic
hard to discern a club from a spade since they are both black; and a              were popular occasions for        pal problems – drinking        in the world”. “Lenore”,
heart from a diamond since they are both red. She has actually designed           wagering among men of the         and money. Often broke         “Annabel Lee” and “The
a deck of cards with four different – and very attractive -- colors so that       period.                           and frequently drunk, he       Raven” are perfect exam-
the suits are readily distinguishable from one another. And it has other             While he grew close with       borrowed money from            ples. The Raven was a
features too.                                                                     his mother Fanny, relations       everyone and was con-          symbol of mournful, sad,
    A Coincidence?: After our discussion, I returned to my hold’em                with his father were becom-       stantly humiliated by his      never-ending loss.
table; then it happened. . I was seated at the far end of the table and           ing difficult by the time he      poverty. When a friend            Not until late in his
was dealt A-9 diamonds; I called the blind from a late position in a multi-       reached puberty. When he          arranged a meeting for him     career, 1844, with publica-
way pot, hoping to make a flush. The flop brought two more diamonds               was 14, he fell in love with      with President Tyler to        tion of “The Raven”, did
– or so I thought. I played the hand on that basis the rest of the way;           a woman old enough to be          get a government job, Poe      Poe finally receive wide-
and, on the river, another diamond fell. Wow! I thought, I had a big              his mother. He suffered           arrived drunk and was sent     spread recognition and
diamond flush. There were no pairs on the board so a full-house was not           severely when less than a         away in disgrace.              acclaim. It was the pinnacle
possible. I raised the bettor, believing I had the nuts. He hesitated but         year later she suddenly died         Although he had been        of his life and finally an
called. I showed my hand, declaring “flush!” As he revealed his two-pair,         of a brain tumor.                 fascinated with the written    end to his sad, wretched
he shouted, “no flush!” The dealer repeated, “no flush!” I had misread               At 17, he entered the          word and started writing       life of poverty and insig-
the board cards, thinking there were three diamonds, but one of them              University of Virginia in         when he was a young boy,       nificance.
was a heart. That error cost me. . . Sure, I have resolved to be more             1826. Like many college           Poe now turned to it for          His happiness didn’t
careful in the future; but, just think, if the cards were more easily read,       freshman, drinking and            survival. He published a       last long. He suffered the
it would make the game more equitable for all of us, young and old alike.         gambling got the better of        book of poems in 1831, a       loss of yet another woman
     Progress should lead to improvement: So we are using cards                   Edgar. One contemporary           short story two years later,   he deeply loved when his
designed hundreds of years ago. Would you be satisfied flying across              described him as “a pretty        and eventually became a        wife died of TB in 1847.
the country in the old DC3 aircraft? It set a record in 1936 when it flew         wild young man”.                  writer and editor.             He started drinking heavily
across the country in 13 hours. How about driving a Model-T Ford from                The strain between                Poe didn’t write books;     and some say he was using
Los Angeles to Las Vegas? What about our medical care, our TV sets,               Edgar and his foster-father       instead he created the short   opium and laudanum to
computers, cell phones, etc.? Change is part of progress. Change is               caused John Allan to give         story. A magazine and          excess. Soon the magazine
desirable when it improves on performance or utility.                             the youth only enough             periodical writer, he wrote    failed and he was financial-
    Perhaps it is long past the time when there ought to be a change in           money for the most neces-         to sell. He wrote tales that   ly destitute once more.
the design of our poker-playing cards.                                            sary expenses, which kept         captured the popular imagi-       Poe spent the last year
    So, I have a question for all poker players: What do you think                him constantly broke and          nation.                        of his life drunk and dis-
Lynne should do with her new deck design? You can reach Lynne at                  destitute. Poe claimed that          A writer writes what        oriented. He was found                                                           because of insufficient           he knows and feels.            in the street outside a bar.
                                                                                  funds he was driven to            Reflecting a life of loss      Hospitalized, he died four
      George “The Engineer” Epstein is the author of The                          gamble in a desperate effort      and disappointment, Poe’s      days later in 1849.
      Greatest Book of Poker for Winners! (T/C Press, PO                          to raise money. Within a          work was often on the             Edgar Allan Poe, the
 Box 36006, Los Angeles, CA 90036). His new algorithm                             year, he was $2,500 in debt.      dark side; death, madness      most significant American
 booklet, Hold’em or Fold’em?, was a big hit at the recent                           Gambling was a problem         and self-destruction were      writer prior to Mark Twain,
 World Poker Players Conference. George teaches a poker                           at the University. The first      dominant themes. Stories       author of stories, poetry
course for seniors at the Claude Pepper Sr. Citizen Center                        year Poe attended; seven          like “Murders in the Rue       and more, was – to quote
    under the auspices of the City of Los Angeles Dept. of                        students were suspended           Morgue”, “The Pit and the      The Raven – “Nevermore”.
 Recreation and Parks. He is currently writing a new book                         for high-stakes wagering.         Pendulum”, and “Fall of
     on Rules & Strategies for WINNING at Texas Hold’em.                          Cheating was thought to be        the House of Usher” estab-     e-mail:
   George can be reached by e-mail:
30    P O K E R P L AY E R     O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5     w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
Time . Some events Wk ..............Week H ...... Hold’em 7. 7-Card Stud Pi........ Pineapple S........... Stud DC Dealer’s Choice Sp ............ Spread Z......... Freezeout #M # of players max DAILY TOURNAMENTS
start after the hour & . Add’l gametimes L ................. Limit O .......Omaha Po.........Pot Limit 5 Five Card Stud HH ... Headhunter Al ...... Alternates Q .............Qualify RB ......... Re-buys              (CONT’D FROM PAGE 29)
A, P ........ AM, PM      on this day. Call N ...........No Limit H/L High/Low Split Pn.......Panginque Mx ..Mexican Poker B .......... Bounties F .............Freeroll Sh .........Shootout AO ......... Add Ons Cz .............. Crazy E....... Elimination

● Denotes Advertiser                           MONDAY                                   TUESDAY                          WEDNESDAY                                   THURSDAY                          FRIDAY                             SATURDAY                           SUNDAY
        REGION/Cardroom(Ad Pg.)        Time Games                  Buy-in Time Games                        Buy-in Time Games                     Buy-in Time Games                    Buy-in Time Games                  Buy-in Time Games                  Buy-in Time Games                Buy-in
 AZ •Apache Gold (p18)                                                                                                   6P       H            $25RB$15 7P            O H/L               $20                                                                      3P           H          $20RB$10
    Blue Water Casino                                                                                                                                   7P             HB                 $25                                                                      2P         O H/L             $25
    Bucky’s Casino                                                                12P     H         $25RB$5AO$25                                                                                                                    12P      H       $25RB$10AO$30 1P          7F
        •Casino Arizona-Scottsdale (p39) 11A    NH                    $60 7P              NH                 $130 7P   NH                          $130 11A           NH                 $60 11A       NH                    $60 4thWk10AN H                   $150
        Casino Del Sol                   10A     HZ               $10RB$5 10A           O H/L Z           $10RB$5 10A Cz Pi Z                   $10RB$5 10A           NHZ            $10RB$5 10A        Pi               $10RB$5
        Cliff Castle                     6P&    S Sh                   $15 11A           H Sh                 $15 6P& O H/L                         $30 11A           H Sh                $15 11A      H Sh                   $15                                      11A    H Sh               $15
        Fort McDowell                  12P&     NH          $13RB$10AO$20 12P&           NH         $13RB$10AO$20 12P&           NH       $13RB$10AO$20 12P& N H          $13RB$10AO$20 12P&            NH        $13RB$10AO$20 12P&        NH       $13RB$10AO$20 12P&        NH     $13RB$10AO$20
        Gila River/Wild Horse Pass     12P      NH               $25RB$20                                                                                12P Men H/N A I$25RB$10AO(1)$20                                        12P
        Gila River-Vee Quiva           11A      7B                    $20 11A            HB                 $15+$5 11A           HB               $15+$5 11A    HB                $15+$5                                                                               11A     HB             $15+$5
        Harrah’s Ak Chin               4P       NH               $30RB$10 4P             NH              $30RB$10 4P&            NH            $30RB$20 12P&           NH           $30RB$20 12P        NH             $30RB$20 12P         NH                  $60 12P        NH                $60
        Hon-Dah Casino                 6P       Flop                  $10 6P            H Sh F                  F 6P              H                 $10 6P            O H/L              $25                                    3P           H                  $10
        Paradise Casino                                                                                                                                                                                                         1P         O H/L                 $13 1P         H                $13
  CO Midnight Rose                                                                7P     NH                    $45 7P            NH                  $35 7P            NH                 $110 2P                              F                                       12P                       $55
     Ute Mountain                      6P        H              $20RB$20                                                                                                                                                                                               12P      7                $15
  CT Foxwoods                          8A&      NH                      $60 8A&          NH                    $60 8A            NH                 $100 8A            NH                 $60 8A        NH                  $100
  FL Dania Jai-Alai                                                               6P     NH                    $45 3P            NH                  $45 6P     NH                        $45 3P        NH                   $45 5P         NH                  $45 5P         NH                $45
                                                                                                                   6P            NH                  $45                                      7P        NH                   $45                                    12P        NH                $45
        Derby Lane                     1P       NH                      $45 6P          LO H/L                 $45 1P            NH                  $45 6P     NH                        $45 1P        NH                   $45 1P         NH                  $45 1P         NH                $45
        Palm Beach Kennel Club         12P      NH                      $45 6P           NH                    $45 12P           NH                  $45 Varies N H                       $45                                                                       Varies     NH                $45
        Palm Beach Princess            6P        H                      $55 6P            H                  $55 6P               H                 $55
        Pompano Park Casino                                                                                      12P            N H Sh              $45                                       12P      N H Sh              $45                                      12P& N H Sh                 $45
        Seminole Hollywood Casino      12P& N H                      $75 6P             O H/L B    $75RB$10AO$20 6P              NH       $65RB$10AO$20 12P&           NH                 $65 6P        NH                 $65 12P&          7                  $45 12P& N H              $130RB$20
        St Tropez Cruise               8P   O H/L          $70RB$30AO$50                                                                                                                      8P       L/N H     $70RB$30AO$50
  IA Catfish Bend                      7P       NH         $20RB$20(24M)                                                 7P      NH       $20RB$20(24M)                                                                             10A              $20RB$20(24M)
     Isle of Capri                     10A      DC               $10RB$10 6P             NH          $15RB$5AO$10
     Winn-A-Vegas                                                                                                        7P     N H/O      $10RB$10AO$10                                                                                                               2P     N H/O   $10RB$10AO$10
   IL Hollywood Casino-Aurora                                                                                            1P      NH                 $150
  IN Trump Indiana                     7P       NH        $100RB$40AO$60                                                 1P      NH      $100RB$40AO$60
  KS Harrah’s Prarie Band              6P&      NH             $25RB$5AO 6P&             NH                    $40 12P           NH          $10RB$10AO 7P&            NH         $40RB$20AO 12P        NH                  $100 10A        NH             $10RB$10 10A        NH           $10RB$10
  LA Grand Coushatta                                                              6P      H       F RB$15AO$15/$30                                                                                                                  12P    Varies            Varies
      Horseshoe Casino-Shreveport      6P       NH         $75RB$40AO$40                                                 11A     NH       $75RB$40AO$40
  MI Chip-In's Island                                                                                             6P       Pi                   $10RB$5 6P             NH            $30RB$20 6P        NH             $40RB$20 1P          NH            $25RB$10 3P          NH          $25RB$10
      Gold Strike Casino Resort        4A,6P& LH           $35RB$15AO$25 4A,6P& NH                  $35RB$15AO$25 4A,6P& LH/NH            $35RB$15AO$25 11A           LH/NH     $35RB$15AO$25 11A      LH/NH      $35RB$15AO$25 11A        LH/NH     $35RB$15AO$25 2P          LH     $35RB$15AO$25
 MN •Canterbury Park (p36) 10A                   7       $20RB$10AO(1)$10                                                7P     Varies            Varies                                                                                                               10A     H Sh              $12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       12P Wk1 N H              $120
        Fortune Bay Casino             6P       NH            $55AO$(1)$5 6P             NH           $25AO$(1)$5 6P             NH         $25AO$(1)$5                                                                             5PWk4LadiesN H      $25AO(1)$5
        Northern Light Casino Hotel                                                                                                                                                           12P       LH       F$5RB(2)$5AO$5 12P         NH       $10RB$10AO$10 12P          7     $10RB(3)$5AO$5
        Shooting Star Casino           12P      NH                      $25 12P          NHZ                   $25 12P           NH                  $25 12P          NHZ                 $25 2P       NHZ                  $25 12P         NH       $50RB$10AO$10 12P                 $30RB$10AO$10
 MO Harrah’s St Louis                  1P       NH              $100 30M 1P              NH              $100 30M 1P            NH             $100 30M
    Isle of Capri                      9A&      NHZ                   $30 9A&            NHZ                   $30 9A&          NHZ                  $30 9A&          NHZ                 $30 9A&      NHZ                   $30 9A&        NHZ                 $30 9A&       NHZ                $30
 MS Copa Casino                                                                   5P      7                   $25Z 4P             Pi                $25Z 5P             H                $50Z
    Grand Casino(Biloxi)                                                                                                                                                                         11A    NH                   $95
    Grand Casino(Gulfport)             12P      H/O              $15RB$10                                                12P      H             $5RB$15 12P            HB            $15RB$15                                                                          1P       S           $15RB$10
        Grand Casino(Tunica)           1P       NH           $80 50M 1P                  NH           $80 50M 7P                 NH      $130RB$100 70M 1P             NH           $100 50M 4P         NH             $120 70M 2P          NH           $230 70M 2P           NH          $100 50M
        Pearl River Resort             7P       N H $20RB$15AO$25/$50 7P                 N H $20RB$15AO$25/$50                                                                               2P        N H Sh                $35
 NE Rosebud Casino                     7P       NH         $30RB$10AO$10                                                                                                                         7P     NH        $30RB$10AO$10 7P          NH       $30RB$10AO$10
 NJ Harrah’s Atlantic City             7P       NH                   $150 12P            NH                   $120                                                                            8P        NH                 $340 12P         NH                $560
    Tropicana                          7P       NH               $30RBAO 7P               7               $30RBAO 7P             NH             $40RBAO 7P             LH            $30RBAO 4P         NH              $60RBAO 12P         NH             $65RBAO 12P         NH           $55RBAO
    Trump Taj Mahal                    6P       NH                   $120 6P             NH                    $65 6P            NH                 $65 6P             NH                $120 6P        NH                 $225 6P&         NH                $340 6P          NH               $120
 NM Cities of Gold             6P                         F RB(1)$15AO$100 6P            Cz Pi         $20RB(1)$10 6P             H                  $25 6P           O H/L $20RB(1)$10AO$50 6P          H $30RB(1)$20AO$200 5P              H             $20RB$10 5P       O H/L       $20RB(1)$10
        Isleta Casino & Resort 7P&              NH               $20RB$20 2P              H             $15RB(1)$15 7P&          NH          $20RB(1)$20 2P             H         $15RB(1)$15 7P&       N H $50RB(2)$25AO(1)$35 2P           H           $15RB(1)$15 2P        H          $15RB(1)$15
        Route 66 Casino        11A              NH                $25 30M 11A            NH               $25 30M 11A            NH             $25 30M 11A            NH            $25 30M 11A        NH             $25 30M 7P           NH              $18 30M 11A       NH            $25 30M
        •Sandia Casino (p34)                                               7P           Varies                 $35                                                                                                                                                   12P     Varies              $35
 NY •Akwesasne Mohawk                  7P      NHZ                   $67 7P             NHZ                   $57 7P             NH        $27RB$5AO$10 7P            NHZ                 $57 7P        NH       $37RB$50AO$50 12P         NHZ                  $87 7P         NH                $58
        •Seneca Allegany               10A     NH          $35RB$30AO$30 10A            NH               $60RB$50 10A            NH            $60RB$50
                                       7P        NH               $35RB$30AO$30   7P      NH                  $60RB$50   7P       NH                 $35RB10

        •Seneca Irving                 7P       NH                      $60                                              7P      NH            $25RB$10 7P             NH                 $60 7P        NH                   $60 12P        NH             $20RB$5 7P          NH                $60
        •Seneca Niagara                10A      N H $35RB(1)$30AO(1)$30 10A             NLH                   $120 10A           NH            $35RB$10
        Turning Stone                  12P      LH                  $60 7P              NHB            $50AO(1)$25 7P            NH          $85AO(1)$40 12P          N H Sh              $50                                       11A     NH                  $85 11A        NH               $120
 ND 4 Bears Casino                                                                                                7P              7             $10RB$5 7P            O H/L          $10RB$5 7P         H                $10RB$5 2P          H            $20RB$10
    Dakota Magic                       7P        S                F RB$10 7P             NH              $30RB$10 7P            S H/L            F RB$10 7P          H/L Sp Z            $25 7P         NH                       2P         NH            $30RB$10 3P           H            F RB$10
 OK •Cherokee-Cartoosa (p4)            10A      NH          $20RB$10AO$10 10A&    O     $20RB$10AO$10 10A&                       NH       $20RB$10AO$10 10A&          Cz Pi     $20RB$10AO$10 10A       NH        $20RB$10AO$10
    •Cherokee-W. Siloam                10A      NH          $20RB$10AO$10 7P Ladies N H $20RB$10AO$10 10A&                       NH       $20RB$10AO$10
    •Cherokee-Roland                   10A&     NH          $20RB$10AO$10 10A&    O     $20RB$10AO$10 10A&                       NH       $20RB$10AO$10 10A&          Cz Pi     $20RB$10AO$10 10A&      NH        $20RB$10AO$10
    Comanche Red River Casino          10A      NH               F(100M)                                                                                                                      9A        NH           $45RB(1)$10 9A         NH          $45RB(1)$10 9A         NH        $45RB(1)$10
 OR Chinook Winds Casino               4P        H       $25RB(1)$5AO(1)$5 4P           O H/L $25RB(1)$5AO(1)$5 4P               NH        $25RB$5AO$10 4P Tahoe H/L $25RB(1)$5AO(1)$5 4P                H      $25RB(1)$5AO(1)$5                                      4P      NH     $25RB$5AO$50
        Wildhorse Casino Resort                                            6P             H            $18RB$10                                         6P    N H $33RB(2)$15AO$15                                                                                     1P       H          $18RB$10
  SD Dakota Sioux                      6P       S H/L             $10RB$5                                                                                                                        6P    S H/L             $10RB$5 4P        O H/L           $10RB$5 4P           V          $20RB$10
    Gold Dust Casino, Deadwood                                                    7P      H                    $35 7P(1st Wk) H                      $110 7P            H                 $50                                                                       2P          H               $40
    Rosebud Casino                     7P        NH        $30RB$10AO$10                                                                                                                                                          7P         NH      $30RB$10AO$10 6P          NH     $30RB$10AO$10
 WA Blue Mountain Casino               1P      N O H/L        $20RB(1)$10 1P             NH            $20RB(1)$10 1P            NH          $20RB(1)$10 1P          N O H/L       $20RB(1)$10 1P       NH            $20RB(1)$10 1P       N O H/L      $20RB(1)$10 1P         NH        $20RB(1)$10
    Chips Bremerton                    9A        NH                  $20 9A              NH                   $20 9A             NH                 $20 9A             NH                 $20 9A        NH                   $20 9A          NH                $20 9A          NH               $20
    Chips La Center                    12P       NH                  $20 12P             NH                   $20 12P            NH                 $20 12P            NH                 $20 12P       NH                   $20 12P         NH                $20 12P         NH               $20
        Chips Lakewood                 9A       NH                    $20         9A     NH                    $20       9A      NH                  $20       9A      NH                 $20    9A     NH                   $20    9A      NH                  $20    9A      NH               $20
        Chips Tukwila                  4P       NH                    $20         4P     NH                    $20       4P      NH                  $20       4P      NH                 $20    4P     NH                   $20    4P      NH                  $20    4P      NH               $20
        •Drift-On-Inn (p18)            11A       H                     $35        11A    H                      $35      11A     H                    $35      11A      H                  $35   11A    H                     $35   11A      H                   $35   11A      H                $35
        Goldie’s                       11A      NH             $13RB(1)$10        11A    NH             $13RB(1)$10      11A     NH           $13RB(1)$10      11A     NH          $13RB(1)$10   11A    NH            $13RB(1)$10   11A     NH           $13RB(1)$10   11A     NH        $28RB(2)$10
        Little Creek Casino            7P       LO            $15RB(2)$10 7P            L/N H                   $25                                      7P            NH                $45                                        5P      NB                  $35
        Muckleshoot Casino             7P       NH              $45RB$20 7P              NH           $110RB(1)$100 7P Wk2 N H B              $135RB$20 7P             NH           $45RB$20
        Northern Quest                 10A      NH            $25RB(2)$10 10A            NH            $25RB(2)$10 10A      NH               $25RB(2)$10 10A           NH         $25RB(2)$10 10A       NH            $15RB(2)$10 10A&      NH           F RB(2)$15 10A        NH        $25RB(2)$10
        Suquamash Clearwater Cas       11A      NH                    $20 11A            NH                    $20 11A           NH                  $20 11A           NH                 $20 11A       NH                   $20 11A        NH                 $20
        Wild Grizzly                   5P       NH               $13RB$10 5P             NH               $13RB$10 5P            NH             $13RB$10 5P            NH            $13RB$10                                    2P         NH            $25RB$20
CAN Casino Regina                                                                 8P      V        $25RB$20AO$20

Debbie Burkhead interviews Barbara Prather                                                                                                                                                 MP: Live poker players                                    DB: Does the Tuscany offer
                                                                                                                               (Continued from page 16)                                    earn $1.00 per hour of play                               special room rates for poker
DB: What promotions does                                   live game during the week.                                           roll over. Any player who                                  with no daily maximum.                                    players?
the Tuscany offer their                                    Sunday and Monday we                                                 gets beat with pocket aces                                 The comp dollars can be                                   MP: Yes, each one of our
players?                                                   offer football pools. Players                                        between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.                                used in any of our outlets                                hotel rooms is beautiful
MP: Every Friday from 7                                    earn squares by making a                                             receives $25.                                              or the hotel. We have a                                   suite with a kitchenette.
p.m.-10:30 p.m. we are giv-                                straight or higher during the                                                                                                   Badbeat Jackpot. We are                                   Poker rates vary from $45
ing away $800 in cash draw-                                week. Each quarter and the                                           DB: What incentives does                                   currently in the process of                               to $65 depending on the
ings. Players earn a ticket                                final score pays $50. If win-                                        the Tuscany offer their                                    implementing high-hand                                    time of year and day of the
in each pot they win in a                                  ners are absent, the payouts                                         players?                                                   progressives.                                             week.
                                                                                                                                         w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m                      O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5                   P O K E R P L AY E R                 31
Perks and Picks
Near Palm Springs, California, the Agua Caliente Casino and Spa
Resort Casino are offering several new promotions in October
                                                                               Card Room Roundup
and November.
   It is out with the old and in with the new so you need new
player’s cards. Players are encouraged to come                                                    Sam’s Town                                  ered to be the place to find
                                                                                                                                              everything in southwest
                                                                                                                                              clothing and accessories.
in between now and November 15, 2005 and

The Bargain Bin                                                                  Hotel & Gambling Hall                                        Whether you need a pair
                                                                                                                                              of Levis or some alligator
                                                                                                                                              boots, Sheplers is the place.
                     By H. Scot Krause                                        5111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89122                   The Logo Shop and Ethyl
exchange their old Club Paradise card for a                                    702.456.7777             toll free 800.897.8696                M Candies are also located
new Paradise Rewards Club card. When an old                                                                       on the property.
Club Paradise card is surrendered at the player’s club, it will be         Located on the Boulder        ing brook and a dynamic                 An eighteen screen the-
entered in to a drawing for a $500 Dream Spa or Dining Package.            Strip, Sam’s Town Hotel       waterfall. Aptly named the           ater provides all the latest
On Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 7:00 p.m., each casino will               & Gambling Hall offers a      Mystic Falls Indoor Park,
draw (1) one Club Paradise card from their barrel. The winner              full compliment of games,     it is a great place to enjoy
does not have to be present to win.                                        shopping and services. The a drink or just some quiet
    Secondly, fill out a survey and win Paradise Cash Play.                off-strip signature property
Between now and November 15, 2005, Agua Caliente Casino and                belongs to Boyd Gaming         Poker Room Manager Dick
Spa Resort Casino are offering $5.00 in Paradise Cash Play to              Corporation (Boyd Gaming       Gatewood (right) welcomes
players club members who complete the Paradise Rewards Club                owns 18 properties includ-        you to visit Sam’s Town
Survey. Players club members who receive the survey in the                 ing the Borgata), and rep-      unique 19th century styled
mail can complete the survey card and return it to the Paradise            resents the first major Las       Hotel and Poker Room.
Rewards Club booth in person at either Agua Caliente Casino or             Vegas casino project to be
Spa Resort Casino. The Club representative will exchange the               directed toward the local
survey for $5.00 in Paradise Cash Play, which will be added to             Las Vegas market. Tourist
their account. Players club members may also complete the sur-             quickly found and liked
vey on the casinos’ websites at or sparesort-           Sam’s Town old style air of                                                                friendliness, so the Boulder
    Finally, in addition to 10 regular live poker tables, Agua             Highway Casino opera-
Caliente Casino now offers the World Poker Tour All-In Hold’em             tion has been expanding
table game on the casino floor. As seen on the Travel Channel,             almost continuously since
World Poker Tour All-In Hold’em offers gaming action, drama and
challenges. In Agua Caliente Casino’s version, players challenge
the dealer only. The World Poker Tour Table is open at 10:00 a.m.
and remains open as long as there is play.
    In New Mexico, the Santa Ana Star Casino is running a Tuesday
buffet special starting in November. Every Tuesday in November
they are offering all Star Reward club members the Feast Breakfast
or Lunch Buffet (9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) for only $1.99 or the Feast
Dinner Buffet (4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.) for just $3.99. You must
present your Star Card to receive the special pricing.
    In my hometown of Las Vegas, Sunset Station (actually in
Henderson) is rewarding poker players with a free dinner Monday
through Thursday at 5:00 p.m. for the first 10 players in the $3-$5
Blind-$200 minimum, $400 maximum, No-Limit game.
    And an update on the Las Vegas Hilton poker room which
opened last month. The 11 table room features four plasma in-
room screens to view daily sporting events, plus the close prox-
imity to the Sports Book allows for convenient sports betting.
Daily No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments, held at 10:30 a.m.
for a $60 buy-in, are limited to the first 60 players who register                                                                            from Hollywood in state-of-
staring at 9:30 a.m. A state-of-the-art player tracking system                                                                                the-art luxurious surround-
is in place and free poker lessons are offered Monday through                                                                                 ings with full THX certified
Thursday at 5:00 p.m. There is also a Texas Hold-em Royal Flush                                                                               digital sound systems. Live
Progressive Jackpot that starts out at $2500. Players are comped                                                                              entertainment is offered
at the rate of $1 per hour.                                                                                                                   in the Sam’s Town Live!
    Last but not least. No need for a Halloween mask. Just keep                                                                               showroom. Roxy’s saloon
your poker face on and watch for Halloween specials and deals                                                                                 offers live bands and a
at all of your favorite casino haunts during the holiday week.                                                                                dance floor. The basement
There will be lots of fun events and “spook-tacular” parties! In           it opened in 1978. The lat-         time away from the gaming.     houses the Bowling Center
addition we’ll see many casinos offering multiple bonus points             est project was the remodel         A free laser light and water   with 55 modern lanes,
out on the casino floors including double points at all Coast              of the hotel’s guest rooms.         show, Sunset Stampede,         automatic scoring, separate
Casinos (Barbary Coast, Gold Coast, Orleans and Suncoast) on               The 646 room hotel offers           begins every evening at        snack bar, cocktail lounge,
Halloween. By the way, Suncoast has announced the addition of a            oversized standard rooms            6:00 pm and goes hourly        childcare center and meeting
poker room… “coming soon!”                                                 outfitted in early 19th             until 10:00 pm.                rooms.
                                                                           century Southwest décor.               Sam’s Town includes            Restaurants offering
       H. Scot Krause is a freelance writer, gaming indus-                 Three levels of suite includ-       shops sure to please every-    steaks and seafood, tradi-
    try analyst and researcher, originally from Cleveland,                 ing a luxury apartment style        one. A full service salon      tional Mexican and Italian
 Ohio. While raising his three year-old son, Zachary, Scot                 two bedroom complete                and day spa, Jon Ric           menus provide the guest
     reports, researches, and writes about casino games,                   the accommodations. The             International, offers guests   with a choice of fine din-
     events, attractions and promotions. He is a ten-year                  hotel tower surrounds a             a range of services from a     ing. The Firelight Buffet
  resident of Las Vegas. Questions or comments are wel-                    fully enclosed, glass roofed        simple hair cut to a com-      features rotisserie special-
    comed. Card room managers are also invited to send                     atrium that features a              plete makeover. Sheplers       ties in an open, spacious
your specials and promotions to:                     live tree forest, meander-          Western Wear is consid-                 (Continued on page 33)
32   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
 Card Room                                                                                                             PART 57, Recognizing Opportunities
       (Continued from page 32)
                                  asked & answered:                  C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E         24        improving performance
dining room. Standard cof-        the five-to-eight range, that            true, though. Heads-up, a                          By TOM “TIME” LEONARD
fee shop fare is available        might help an opponent split             high-only hand can often be                 Continuing along on our journey to
twenty-four hours at the          the low side – and if two or             profitable, for instance. And               improved performance, today let’s
Fresh Harvest Cafe. A food        more are in that range, the              against many opponents                      discuss recognizing opportunity before it actually
court provides a selection        opponent will split the low              who have good chances of                    knocks. Many beginner and intermediate players
of fast food burgers, pizza       side.                                    scooping, a one-way hand is                 who have spent time working on their games by
and oriental specialties.                                                  seldom profitable.                          reading poker literature and clocking their oppo-
   The casino is full service     Q #8 ANSWER: (b). You                                                                nents’ tendencies, focus on their position and
with all of your favorite         should try to play qual-                 Q #9 ANSWER: (c). In                        starting hand values and try and play a selective
table games, bingo, keno          ity hands with an excellent              Omaha, eight-or-better, if                  aggressive game as advocated by all the pundits
and one of the world’s larg-      chance of competing for low              you begin with Ac 2d 3h 4s                  Sometimes what they are not attuned to, and
est collections of modern         and, perhaps, stumbling into             and are all-in, you will qualify            should be, as much of the profit is earned by it, is
slot machines. A player’s         a high hand. But it’s false              for low at the showdown                     recognizing opportunities. Opportunities to play
club offers frequent visitors     to say that it is even more              about half the time.                        a hand much differently than “the book” would
discounts on rooms, food          important to do so when                                                              suggest. Poker is a game of relative values. You
and merchandise. The race         there are many opponents                 Q #10 ANSWER: (d).                          don’t need monster hands to be a winner. You
and sports book is a spa-         competing, because you can               Scooping a pot with seven-                  just need the winning hand at the showdown or
cious operation offering the      sometimes make a nice prof-              way action in Omaha, eight-                 to make a well timed bet or raise which causes an
sports bettor a full range of     it against many opponents                or-better game is more than                 opponent to lay down his superior hand.
propositions.                     by winning only one side.                twice as profitable as winning                 Opportunity in its most elemental form in
   Sam’s Town Poker Room          That concept isn’t always                either the high or low end.                 Hold’em is utilizing your position. If you are on
is a comfortable, non-smok-                                                                                            the button and no one has yet entered the pot
ing nine table room located                                                                                            how often should you raise regardless of what

just outside the Race and         Diamond Jim’s Casino                                                                 cards you hold? If your answer wasn’t 85 to 90%
                                  118 20th St. West    Rosamond, California Exit A 14 Freeway
Sports Book. The poker                                                                                                 it shouldn’t be too much lower. This, of course,
operations are managed            The Best Little No-limit Tournament in Southern California                           is recognizing an opportunity An opportunity to
                                  The Last Sunday of Each Month $140 Buy-in–No Rebuys $10,000 in Tournament Chips
by Dick Gatewood. Dick                                                                                                 pressure two random hands that, when faced with
has more than twenty years        Call for more info: 661-256-1400                                                     reacting to a raise, may well fold. This is such a
in the poker industry and                                                                                              common play that the next level of “Opportunity
understands the details of the                                                                                         Recognizers”, such as the savvy small blind,
business and the needs of                                                                                              may well three bet it in an attempt to re-steal
the players. He listens and                                                                                            and get both you and the big blind to fold. This
responds to player’s wants                                                                                             is another example of knowing your opponents’
and comforts. Easy parking                                                                                             tendencies and identifying on what plateau their
and a short walk from the                                                                                              thinking lies. So, let me re-ask the question with
parking garage make access                                                                                             that qualifier in mind. If you know both blinds to
to the room very convenient.                                                                                           be weak/tight players and you are first to act on
Food comps are offered at                                                                                              the button, how often should you raise regardless
the standard Las Vegas rate                                                                                            of your hand’s value? Now, your answer should
of $1 per hour of play and                                                                                             be 90%. If you raise 100% of the time you’re in
may be used at selected food                                                                                           this position, even your weak/tight opponents
outlets. A bad beat jackpot                                                                                            will figure out you’re a thief and play back at you.
promotion is offered with                                                                                              You do need to mix up your play but you can raise
details available in the room.                                                                                         with some very marginal hands when faced with
                                                                                                                       this opportunity.
                                                                                                                          Opportunity also knocks in the form of “Orphan
                                                                                                                       Pots”. We’ve all seen hands in which post flop no
                                                                                                                       one seems willing to invest a bet. The first player
                                                                                                                       to bet many times picks up the pot. Recognize
                                                                                                                       and act on these opportunities to pick up small
                                                                                                                       pots. These small victories can pay for your
                                                                                                                       blinds and help mitigate the power of the rake to
                                                                                                                       enhance your bottom line.
                                                                                                                          Our goal for this session is twofold. First,
                                                                                                                       always be alert to evolving opportunities which
                                                                                                                       can be attacked by playing hands much differ-
                                                                                                                       ently than you normally would. Secondly, when

                                                          Fast Answers                                                 these opportunities arise don’t become one of
                                                                                                                       those weak/tight players whom you profess to
                                                                                                                       abhor who actually need strong hands to raise
                                                                 About                                                 Be aggressive and take advantage of the oppor-
                                                                                                                       tunity. After all, good cards come and go but

                                                              Anything                                                 opportunities arise constantly. See you next

                                                               POKER!                                                    No stranger to the green felt, Tom “Time” Leonard has played
                                                                                                                       poker for more than 30 years and has been a serious student of                                                                                               the game and writer on the subject since 1994. He has regularly
                                                                                                                       played the cardrooms of Atlantic City, Las Vegas and California.
                                                                                                                             His experience as a sales and marketing professional have
                                                                                                                           helped him hone his skills at “selling” a hand and “buying” a
                                                                       Get us on the web!                                          pot. Tom can be contacted at:
                                                                                 w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   P O K E R P L AY E R   33
Winning Tournaments:                                                               POKER COUNSELOR By John Carlisle
A Frame of Mind                                                                   The past two NL Hold’Em                     house to send him pack-                     be a helpful indicator in the
  STUD SENSE                                                                      tourneys I’ve played in
                                                                                  produced these two results:
                                                                                                                              ing on the bubble.. I called
                                                                                                                              and was embarrassed to get
                                                                                                                                                                          very long run, but we have
                                                                                                                                                                          to find a more accurate
                       By ASHLEY ADAMS                                            the first was a win, the                    runner-runner diamonds to                   self-evaluation for shorter
Attitude is everything in tournaments. Truly. Once                                latest was an ousting on                    complete a lucky flush to                   time spans. I’ve played
you have mastered the basics, nothing will help you                               the bubble. If I were to                    send him home. I later put                  solid poker for days and
as much as a winning attitude that keeps you focused and keeps you                measure the quality of my                   way too much money in                       weeks and still come out
from conceding or playing recklessly during the requisite hours of play.          play on results alone, I                    the pot after the turn on a                 behind. I’ve played sloppy
    I’ve played in many tournaments, stud and hold ‘em, during the past           would have to assume that                   draw. Again, I hit a lucky                  poker and pulled profits,
12 years or so that I’ve been a serious poker player. Though I’ve taken           I played better during my                   flush. My old high school                   too. This means that I must
an occasional stab at the large $1,000+ entry events, nearly all of my            winning effort. In reality,                 basketball coach would’ve                   be keenly observant on
tournaments have been in the $10-500 range. I’ve won more than my                 though, I feel that I played                have labeled the entire                     some other factors in my
share. There’s been a lot of luck involved and some skill too to be               much better during the                      tournament an ugly win.                     attempts to gauge my play.
sure. Let me share with you some observations that have helped me                 tournament in which I lost                     On the other hand, I was                    Whether you are playing
win in these tournaments. I think you’ll find the lessons I’ve learned in         on the bubble!                              completely card dead on                     cash games or tournaments,
tournaments to be applicable to ring games as well.                                                                                                                       you should be self-evalu-
    I remember reading words from a famous poker author who insisted
that his students say to themselves, out loud, that a winning force
                                                                                    Measuring Your Play                                                                   ating during play. As the
                                                                                                                                                                          dealer shuffles the next
surrounds them. It sounded corny then – and it does now too. But                     I made a couple of key                   the night I got bounced                     hand think through the last
there is something very powerful in deciding that you are a winning               mistakes in the tournament                  on the bubble. I was very                   pot. Did you maximize
player. It is especially important in tournaments when you have a                 that I won. As the bubble                   proud of my play. I stayed                  your winnings/minimize
finite amount of chips (at least after the re-buy period is over in re-           approached, several play-                   tuned-in, made some great                   your losses? Are you still
buy tournaments).                                                                 ers tightened up in order                   steals from the button and                  focused? Are you tilting?
    If you haven’t learned to be successful in tournaments, here’s what           to reach the money spots.                   small blind, and made                       Have you identified the
typically happens. You enter a tournament. You wait around a bit as the           I caught a run of good                      some tough lay-downs in                     styles of each of your table-
tournament is getting started. You are at least a little nervous about            cards just then and got little              the correct spots. As the                   mates? Are you confident?
making sure that you play your best game for the duration of the event            action, winning only small                  blinds began to raise to a                  At the end of the night,
– usually three to four hours in the relatively small events that I’m talk-       pots. When I found two                      dangerously highlevel, I                    never assume that some
ing about. Maybe you kibbutz with someone while you’re waiting.                   red Aces as my hole cards,                  pushed my stack to stay                     extra cash in your pocket
    Then you start. You play very seriously at first – playing your best          I played them slow to get                   alive much longer than I                    means that you played opti-
game. You are tight and aggressive as you know you should be – wait-              some chips into the pot.                    should’ve.                                  mally. Think through your
ing for those Premium Pairs that you know to be highly valued – and               When the flop showed 10-                       We have to remember                      play for areas that could’ve
backing down from fights on Third Street when you think you are sec-              10-8, I figured I was still in              that poker involves two                     been improved upon. It is
ond best. You consider, seriously, what your opponents are likely to be           good shape. Then a tight/                   key factors: luck and skill.                imperative that we each
holding. And you push hard when you think you have a large edge.                  aggressive player in seat 7                 I find that way too many                    find a way to measure our
    Then, typically, one of two things happens – neither of them helpful.         pushed all-in, a huge over                  players measure themselves                  play in ways other than
You win a few hands and your chip stack increases to more than aver-              bet of the pot. I thought for               and their play on one factor                profits and losses.
age. Or you lose a few contested hands and your stack sinks below                 a bit, talking myself into                  only: the money. This may                      Now go make it happen.
par. Either way, this throws you off your game somewhat. You start                an idiotic call on the prayer
                                                                                                                                                      In addition to being an avid poker enthusiast, John
to play less thoughtfully and more wildly – either pressing your per-             that he had only a pair of                                          is a certified Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania.
ceived advantage or trying to recoup your lost stack.                             8’s. Everyone at the table                                          He has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from
    Perhaps you get lucky and your stabs are fruitful and your stack              knew he had the 10. It was                                          West Virginia University, and a Bachelor's degree in
grows and you start to dominate. Sometimes this surge lasts all the               clear. He didn’t want to                                            Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Lock Haven
way until the tournament is won and you are victorious. Invariably,               leave any opportunity for                                           University. You can ask the “Poker Counselor” your
                                                                                                                                                      question at
however, your loose, wild, or otherwise careless play is punished and             me to hit a bigger set/full
you sink into oblivion.
    Here’s an alternate scenario. Start thoughtfully – from when you
first sit down. Don’t engage in distracting conversation or prattle.
Focus fully on the task at hand and resolve to play your best game
throughout. And then follow that plan. Have a piece of paper with this
affirmation on it if you want. “Play Best Game,” or something similar,
to literally remind you. When your chips sink or grow, keep reminding
yourself of that.
    Avoid thinking, “I’m too low to win – I’ll fling it in” or “I’m ready for                                                                                                   TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE
the ring games – this is a waste of time” or “I’m outgunned; it’s time                                                                                                     Sept 15- No-Limit Hold’em $300 Added
                                                                                                                                                                           Sept 22- No-Limit Hold’em $400 Added
to go for broke.” Keep telling yourself that you will play only your
                                                                                                                                                                           Sept 29- No-Limit Hold’em $500 Added
best game and nothing else.                                                                                                                                                Oct 6 - No-Limit Hold’em   $600 Added
    Sure, if your stack becomes depleted, you need to be more aggres-                                                                                                      Oct 13- No-Limit Hold’em $700 Added
sive when the ratio of the antes to your stack grows. But make it an                                                                                                       Oct 20- No-Limit Hold’em $800 Added
intentional aggression, not a wild one. Think constantly about how you                                                                                                     Oct 27- No-Limit Hold’em $900 Added
can win, not how you are bound to lose. This winning attitude, main-                                                                                                       Nov 3- No-Limit Hold’em    $1000 Added
                                                                                                                                                                           Nov 10- No-Limit Hold’em $1100 Added
tained consistently through each stage of the tournament, is the key
                                                                                                                                                                           Nov 17- No-Limit Hold’em $1200 Added
to doing well in these tournaments.
                                                                                                                                                                           Nov 24- TOO MUCH TURKEY BOUNTY
                                                                                                                                                                           TOURNAMENT - No-Limit Hold’em
      Ashley Adams is the author of Winning 7-Card Stud,                                                                                                                        September 15 thru November 17
    (Kensington Press 2003). He has been playing 7-Card                                                                                                                          $45 Buy-In plus $5 Entry Fee
                                                                                                                                                                                        November 24
 Stud for 40 years—and profitably in casinos for the past                                                                                                                        $95 Buy-In plus $5 Entry Fee
     10 years. He has played in casinos all over the world,
 including England, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Hungary,
Canada and the United States, but plays most frequently
                                                                                                        1ST TOURNAMENT ADDED PRIZE MONEY OF $300,
   at at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard Connecticut.                                               PLUS $100 ADDED EACH WEEK UP TO NOVEMBER 17TH.                        (505) 796-7737 • 1-800-526-9366
                                                                                              *Based on maximum number of entries. See Poker Room for complete details.
  Professionally, he is a union organizer and an agent for                                        Sandia Casino reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion       I-25 & Tramway • Albuquerque, NM
   broadcasters. He can be reached at:                                                                 at any time without notice.                            New Mexico’s Largest Poker Room

34    P O K E R P L AY E R      O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5      w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
  BIG Audience of Whale Watchers Growing Weekly
 Payoffs                          Now, just a few weeks since
                                  the launch of its high stakes
                                                                  the whales from the Sea of
                                                                  Cortez must have swum
                                                                                                            Bruce Parker, President
                                                                                                            of Callaway Golf Sales
                                                                                                                                                   25 percent of the world’s
                                                                                                                                                   population and the largest
     at                           “Whale Game”, webcast
                                  weekly on “Live at the
                                                                  north&because my Whale
                                                                  Game request line hasn’t
                                                                                                            Company; Ken Berg,
                                                                                                            Founder of Koo Koo Roo
                                                                                                                                                   concentration on the planet.
                                                                                                                                                   These whales will grow as
        (Continued from page 1)
                                  Bike”, “PokerBlue.Com
                                  has quickly become poker’s
                                  warm water attraction,”
                                                                  stopped ringing in a week.”
                                                                  Featuring high-stakes play-
                                                                  ers from the worlds of poker,
                                                                                                            Chicken Restaurants; John
                                                                                                            Horne, Former Manager to
                                                                                                            boxing great Mike Tyson;
                                                                                                                                                   large as 85 feet and 80 tons,
                                                                                                                                                   while blue whales in the
                                                                                                                                                   southern hemisphere may
seat worth 10-grand. With         says Yosh Nakano, a highly      sports and entertainment,                 Hasan Habib, 2nd in the past           reach 100 feet and 120 tons.
a $200 initial buy-in to the      ranked professional poker       the Whale Game brings the                 two WPT Championships;                    Weekly Internet Whale
“Big Showdown,” these             player and an Ambassador        secret world of private, high-            Loi Tran; Joseph Nguyen,               Game webcasts air live,
players come in with aspira-      to PokerBlue. “Think            limit games, live, into homes             Bicycle Casino Executive               online at,
tions of winning millions         PokerBlue&think Sea of          throughout the world via the              Host; and Yosh Nakano,                 beginning at 6:00 pm (PDT).
and gracing the covers of         Cortez-home to the world’s      Internet.                                 ranked by NBC-TV among                 An audience of more than
poker magazine through-           largest concentration of blue      The buy-in for the                     the top 64 players in the              3,500 whale watchers viewed
out the world. At the final       whales,” he says with a grin.   night’s 50/100 No-Limit                   world.                                 last Wednesday night’s
table in September’s “Big            According to Nakano,         Hold’em Whale Game will                      Scientists estimate that            Whale Game webcast. “Live
Showdown,” Matthew                the Whale Game is creat-        be $5K/$5K/ $10K/$20K.                    there are about 2,100 blue             at the Bike” is hosted by
Gilsdorf from Escondido,          ing “somewhat of a public       Featured whales will include:             whales in the Sea of Cortez            the Bicycle Casino in Bell
CA emerged victorious and         relations embarrassment         Frank Mariani, Co-Owner                   off the East coast of Mexico           Gardens, CA, and is pro-
will now try to hold his          of riches if you will. All of   of the Los Angeles Lakers;                each summer, which is about            duced by Joker Gaming.
own with the card sharks at
the WSOP in sin city. Each
month, the Pechanga Poker
Room gives players the
chance to win their way into
the WSOP. The No Limit
Hold ‘Em “Big Showdown”
is held on the Saturday of
the final full weekend of
every month.
   Two nights before
Matthew Gilsdorf found
out he was headed to Las
Vegas, local Van Rowin
Manlambus from Temecula,
CA took his chances in the
$10,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em
“Last Chance” Tournament.
Played on the last Thursday
night of every month at
6:30pm, players in first
through 30th place receive
cash winnings, but Van
Rowin said he definitely
would not have traded plac-
es with any of those other
players since he came away
with $5,405.00 in prize
money and posed excitedly

 Pechanga winners Matthew
Gilsdorf (l.) and Van Rowin (r)

for his tournament winner’s
   The next night, another
Temecula resident took
home top honors in the
$6,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em
“Last Chance” Tournament.
This monthly tournament is
played on the final Friday
of every month at 7pm. Bill
Radentz made the short
drive home with another
$970.00 in his pocket and
         (Continued on page 37)
                                                                      w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   P O K E R P L AY E R   35
                                                                           they are in concert with each other rather than cre-
More About the Seminole                                                    ate a discord. “                                              Caro’s Word:
Tribe, PART 2                                                                 “The last thing I wanted to do was have a door-

    POKer east
                                                                           man greet guests dressed as the Chief. I really felt
                                                                           the tribe deserved that we work harder with an
                                                                                                                                           CONT’D FROM PAGE 8
                                                                           appropriate use of their culture and traditions rather
of the ROCKIEs                                                             than fall back onto clichés. We really challenged             It gets back to him and he
              By DONNA BLEVINS                                             ourselves to be judicious and to make certain that            thinks, “Wow. I shouldn’t
If you missed the first part                                               as we applied those two filters, we did it with dig-          have played this garbage,
of this feature, go to our website, www.                                   nity and respect. Absence our ability to do that, we          but it’s just one more bet to Click on ‘Past Issues’                           would default to luxury.”                                     me now.” So, he calls. Now,
and select the issue dated October 3, 2005. Go to                             As we looked about our room, we also discov-               how many bets has he put
page 36, “Florida Boy Goes Five Star, part 1.”                             ered evidence of a clever and innovative sense of             in your pot? Two. And that
   When you visit the two Seminole Casinos in                              humor at work: the red “Admit One” ticket securing            magic happens only because
Hollywood, Florida, the original Classic Casino and                        the end of the toilet paper roll; the plastic laundry         he was sitting on your right
the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel across the street,                          bags with the words “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap,             and not on your left.
you’ll find lively poker action at either venue. The                       give us dirty laundry”; and the bottom drawer liner
Classic’s Poker Manager, Warren Targia, is passion-                        that said, “If you’re using this drawer, you’ve over
                                                                                                                                          They won’t interfere
ate about his 29-table room and offers one table,                          packed!”                                                      The one other seating con-
sit and go No-Limit Hold’em tournaments as well as                            Hipsh: “The guest room plant is something else             sideration we’re going to
multi-table tournaments and live action. I particular-                     I’m pleased with. Ours is a mangrove seed. The                learn today is that tight,
ly like the structure of the multi-table tournaments                       Seminole Tribe is the only unconquered Native                 unaggressive players belong
in this homey atmosphere.                                                  American tribe in the United States. They’re uncon-           on your left. They’ll still
   The Hard Rock’s Poker Manager, Mike Smith,                              quered because they retreated into the hostile                have a positional advantage
moved from his position as Poker Room Manager of                           Everglades, and they learned to live and prosper in           against you, but they won’t
the Grand in Biloxi a few months before Hurricane                          the Glades. What are the Everglades... saw grass and          profit from it very often,
Katrina swept the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Mike says                        mangrove hammocks.”                                           because they don’t play
he’s always been lucky and considers the Rock’s 48-                           “The plant in the guest room is a bow and a nod            many pots. They simply
table room a great opportunity.                                            to the tribe... paying honor to the tribe and from the        won’t interfere with your
   Regardless of which room you play, you should                           tribal culture. It thrives under the small, hot halo-         strategy as often as other
definitely stay overnight in the luxury of the                             gen lamp we appointed with stained glass. In fact, it         players, so you can afford to
Hard Rock Hotel. According to Dale Hipsh, VP of                            thrives so well and grows so vigorously, we have to           have them on your left.
Operations, the Hotel was a collaborative effort of                        change them out periodically and return the plants               So, today we’ve learned
three men: the gifted Los Angeles interior designer                        to the Everglades.”                                           two important keys about
Larry Lee, the brilliant business man and CEO of the                          “The other thing we’re really pleased with is              seating in poker. You want
Seminole Tribe, Jim Allen, and himself.                                    the scent of the resort and amenity products. We              the loosest opponents on
   Allen and Lee designed the physical aspects of                          worked hard to come up with something unique that             your right and the tightest
the guest rooms while Hipsh developed the ameni-                           smelled beautiful and also paid honor to the tribe.”          ones on your left. Of course,
ties. Dale Hipsh says, “I’m a Florida boy gone Five                           “With that in mind, we sent a boatload of the              you won’t always be able to
Star snob, and since I graduated from Florida State                        Everglades’ sweet grass, often referred to as saw             select or change seats, but
University, I’m a Seminole at heart.”                                      grass, to our amenity producer. They distilled, for           you should keep this advice
   Dale constantly entertained us with his clever and                      the first time ever, the essential oil out of the sweet       in mind and use it whenever
imaginative patter during this interview. He’s worked                      grass and made a perfume. What sweet grass smells             you can. Again. Loose play-
internationally opening and operating Five Star                            like when you distill it down alone, however, is a lot        ers belong on your right.
hotels and translated those experiences in creating                        like silly putty. How do we take that and combine it          Tight players belong on
the guest room experience at the Hard Rock.                                with other notes that speak to the tradition of the           your left.
   Hipsh: “I went through the creation of this envi-                       tribe?                                                           This is “The Mad Genius
ronment in a very detailed fashion... You can proba-                          “We came up with citrus, one of the tribal busi-           of Poker” Mike Caro and
bly diagnose me as having obsessive compulsive dis-                        nesses. We blended the essential notes of citrus...           that’s my secret today.
order. Well when people call me OCD or anal, I say,                        orange, lemon, and grapefruit... with the sweet grass.
well, thank you! I consider that a badge of honor.”                        We now have a proprietary scent with a great story            Mike Caro is widely
   “If you spent much time in our guest room, you                          line, a great product that smells wonderful, and a            regarded as the world’s
can see how we obsessed over details. Even the                             talking point for our staff. When a customer asks,            foremost authority on
selection of the light bulb imbues the room with                           “What’s this mangrove seed?” or, “This smells so              poker strategy, psychol-
a sense of residentiality. It’s the same thing when                        good, where does it come from?” then it gives the             ogy, and statistics. A
you lay your head on the pillow or slide your body                         staff an opportunity to talk about the culture, the           renowned player and
between the sheets. You understand you’re feeling                          traditions and the history of the tribe. That funda-          founder of Mike Caro
like you’re at least home or way better.”                                  mentally honors the tribe with class and respect. It          University of Poker,
   At that point, I interrupted Dale, “No, way better                      is certainly far more appropriate and dignified than          Gaming, and Life Strategy,
than home! In fact, after our first night, Greg looked                     having a doorman dressed in tribal costume greeting           he is known as “the Mad
at me and said, ‘I don’t know how we’re going to get                       the guest.”                                                   Genius of Poker,” because
this bed in our luggage!’”                                                    Staying in this kind of luxury just might improve          of his lively delivery
   Hipsh: “Working for the Seminole Tribe is a great                       your poker game! Give it a try.                               of concepts and latest
privilege for me. My goal has always been to pay                              Remember, if you can’t raise, don’t call.                  research. You can visit him
honor to the traditions and culture of the tribe. How                                                                                    at
do we take what would normally be born as a stan-                          Ed Note: Having personally spent three nights last
dard hotel product, just so there are places where                         year at the Hard Rock, I can verify all that is men-
people can sleep, and cause that to be transcended;                        tioned here, and, give my highest recommendation to
how do we incorporate and use the culture of the                           this outstanding facility.
tribe and its traditions as a filter through which we
pass the decisions we make about what we select.”                           A true entrepreneur at heart, Donna Blevins is a market-
   “Of course, not everything is going to become a                           ing consultant, professional speaker and trainer, as well
tribal imbued piece. You really struggle to find the                         as a poker journalist. She looks forward to meeting you
appropriate areas of integration. The real challenge                           at the final table. Contact Donna to advertise in Poker
for me was how do you use the iconic brand of Hard                             Player, to cover your poker tournament or with article
Rock as a secondary filter and combine the two so                                               ideas -
36   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
Cal State 7th Annual Casino of Miracles
       (Continued from page 1)
                                 The Casino of Miracles        and prizes throughout the                 money, raffle tickets, and             tunity to play Texas
championship event.              announces its 7th incred-     evening.                                  a program. Attendees                   Holdem against some the
   Ma’s many achieve-            ible year of raising            The gambling spotlight                  will also enjoy the silent             world’s top professionals.
ments include two WSOP           funds for the Phoenix         will shine on return-                     auction, 50/50 cash                    Separate Holdem tickets
bracelets and a Bellagio         Children’s Hospital. This     ing special guest, Phil                   raffle, and the oppor-                 are available for $200.
win. Finishing second            year’s event will be at the   Gordon. This poker
was “Super” Mario
Esquerra, best known
                                 Westin Kierland Resort’s
                                 Herberger Ballroom, and
                                                               champion, author,
                                                               and TV host of Bravo                       Pechanga Payoffs
for winning a best all-          will be held on Saturday,     Channel’s Celebrity Poker                                         (Continued from page 35)
around at every casino           November 5th, starting        Showdown, will reprise                    bragging rights to first               place title and $1,450.00 in
he has played at. Kasey          with a 6 pm cocktail hour.    his role as our Texas                     place.                                 winnings.
Nam, who took third, is a        The theme this year will      Holdem’s star attraction.                    Following the “Big
Korean importer/export-          be speakeasy, and patrons     Phil and new poker pros                   Showdown,” more play-
er. And local pro Daniel         are welcome to dress in       will help raise thousands                 ers took their seats for
Alaei placed fourth.             theme or cocktail attire.     of dollars for the hospital               Sunday’s September “Last
       (Continued on page 39)    Play money gamblers can       this year.                                Chance” $5,000 No Limit
                                 play blackjack, roulette,       Tickets are only $75                    Hold ‘Em Tournament.
                                 craps, and poker, and the     each ($700 per table),                    Steve Dorf beat out the’s                      night includes a sit-down     and include dinner,                       other tough contenders to                 Pechanga winners Bill
 Poker Benefits                  dinner, live entertainment,   dancing, gambling play                    come away with the first               Radentz (l.) and Steve Dorf (r)

Hurricane Victims
Top online gaming site has under-
taken several initia-
tives to aid Gulf Coast
hurricane victims. The
web site recently raised
$27,000 in several poker
and blackjack tourna-
ments for the victims of
Hurricane Katrina, with
all proceeds going to the
Red Cross. also spon-
sored the South Helping
the South benefit that
takes place Sunday,
October 2 at the chic
Sanctuary Hotel in
Miami’s trendy South
Beach. Guests were able
to bid on a
poker table as well as
play poker at the event
with all buy-ins donated
to hurricane relief. All
of the proceeds will go
to the Red Cross Disaster
Relief Fund.
   “We are deeply sad-
dened to hear of the
many victims caught
in the devastating path
of the hurricanes,” said
Calvin Ayre, Founder and
CEO of “So
many lives have been
impacted by these disas-
ters, our benefit tourna-
ments and this event
are the least we can do
to help ease the pain of
those who were affected
and displaced. Our poker
and blackjack players
have really come through
to help the victims. Their
contributions have been
significant and we are
just building upon their
                                                                   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   P O K E R P L AY E R   37
The Weak Lead:       PART 4: NLHE Small Buy-In Tournament Strategy
Strategy and Counter
Strategy, PART III
NEVER PLAY Poker with
                                                                           SMALL STAKES TOURNAMENTS
                                                                           Making Moves By                                           Jeremiah Smith
 a man CALLed “DOC”                                                        What makes a successful             leading at this board since      draw or four to a flush and
 By Dr. Scott Aigner, M.D.                                                 move in a small-stakes tour-        they will often come over        your opponent makes a stab
Another time you can just call a                                           nament? The most common             the top all-in). Another         at the pot it’s often better
weak lead is when you have a draw yourself.                                you see are the slow-play           time to slow-play is if you      to just push now instead of
In fact there is nothing sweeter than for you                              and the check-raise. By             have made your flush or          calling your chips away on
and your opponent to have the same flush                                   varying up your game, you           straight and really don’t risk   the draw. By pushing, you
draw and both of you getting there with your                               keep your opponents on              anything by letting another      give yourself an extra to
flush being the nuts. Some opponents will have                             their toes, and force them to       card come off cheaply.           chance to win the pot if the
a straight draw and still try to make it when                              make a decision. Usually,              Never slow-play a big         other player decides to fold.
the board has a flush possibility too. This also                           you need to have these fac-         hand on a coordinated            If they do call, you usually
tends to gain you additional money in the later                            tors working in your favor:         board. If you have A-K           have at least a 1 in 3 chance
betting rounds if you both get there. The bet-                             • A solid table image               and the board comes down         to win anyway.
ter players will rarely weak lead with a strong                            • An opponent who knows             Kh-10s-7s, you have to do           If you have two suited
hand like a set or a big pair when there is a                                 how to fold (many new            your best to pick up the pot     overcards to a flop where
flush draw on the board. Keep this in mind as                                 players get married easily       right there. Why? Because        your opponent hit top pair
well.                                                                         to a hand)                       your hand is vulnerable to a     and you flop a flush draw,
                                                                           • Some ability to put your          wide range of holdings on        you are actually a slight
Finally, another time to just smooth call is                                  opponent on a range of           this board. You want a call      favorite to win. If you have
when you need more information but you do                                     hands                            from the hands you have          the As-Ks, and they hold
not want to reopen the betting by raising. The                             • Some ability to read              dominated (K-Q), and force       Q-J on a board of Qs-6d-3s,
small bet in relationship to the pot still gives                              strength & weakness              out the ones that can out-       you have 15 outs and are
you the right odds to take a card off. Letting                                                                 draw you (As-9s), because        a 53% favorite to win the
your opponent think he is getting the next                                 Unless you have a great             you do not have a deep           hand, so you might as well
card cheap is just fine with me when I want to                             run of cards, it is nearly          enough stack to lay down         get all your chips in now.
see it inexpensively too. If your savvy oppo-                              impossible to win a tourna-         a good hand after the turn.         There were a few limp-
nent has a big hand he will often increase                                 ment with quickly climb-            Don’t be greedy—it’s bet-        ers to my friend sitting in
his bet on the next round. This gives you the                              ing blinds by waiting for           ter to win a little than lose    the big blind who had the
information you needed without putting in                                  a hand. When you are the            a lot.                           2c-4c. The flop was 2d-
more chips on the previous round to find out                               aggressor, you make things             The Check-Raise. I love       Qc-8c. Against any pair,
where you are at. Against the habitual weak                                happen. By incorporating            check-raising. It’s the sim-     he was actually no worse
leader you rarely want to just smooth call as                              even one or two of these            plest form of raw aggres-        than a coin-flip (nine outs
they tend to call your raises and not make a                               moves into your game,               sion in the game. A great        for the flush draw, and five
re-raise unless they have a huge hand. The                                 you put yourself that much          time for this is when you        for two pair or three of a
weaker your opponent, the more likely you will                             closer to the winner’s circle.      limp with a pocket pair but      kind), so he decided it was
gain the right information on their holding by                             This is the first of three arti-    are not sure whether or not      time for the semi-bluff all-
forcing them to a decision.                                                cles where we will examine          it helped your opponent and      in. He checked, hoping for
                                                                           various types of moves.             are the first to act. Often      a check-raise. The player
The weak lead is a very valuable tool in no                                    The Slow-Play. This             if you put a feeler bet an       who was under-the-gun
limit and pot limit poker and one that a num-                              is the most used move in            opposing player will see it      preflop led out the betting.
ber of good players have in their arsenal of                               small stakes tournaments.           for what is and raise you off    It was folded to my friend,
weapons. Using this strategy can save you                                  I should point out that it          of the better hand. Instead,     and he pushed. The initial
chips, increase your implied odds (and pot                                 is also the worst used, the         check with the intention of      bettor actually turned over
odds) decrease your volatility, trap your oppo-                            most misused, and the least         coming over the top if you       Ad-Ah and rather sheepish-
nent, win you uncontested pots, and even get                               understood play as well.            don’t think it really helped     ly the semi-bluffer showed
a call from an opponent who would have oth-                                Playing slow is usually the         them either. You will need       his 2c-4c. The turn brought
erwise folded. Although a number of players                                fastest way to exit a tour-         to vary this move up or          a club and the Ad-Ah was
don’t like this bet because it appears to be a                             nament. You slow-play in            else your table will catch       now drawing dead.
weak strategy, that is the very reason to use                              order to mis-represent the          on. Sometimes check-raise           This seems like a big
this betting pattern. Even if you still don’t use                          true strength of your hand.         with a monster, sometimes        gamble to take, but in real-
this bet often you need to understand why this                                 In my last article, I point-    check-raise with a marginal      ity, these are the kinds of
bet is utilized by your opponents and how to                               ed out the danger of slow-          holding.                         edges you have to push if
counter this play to be a successful no limit                              playing a big pair preflop             Try an experiment.            you are going to come out a
and pot limit player. I hope you consider trying                           then overplaying it after the       Watch for a player who           winner.
this play in the future and see how effective                              flop. You should only slow-         likes to bluff, then pick           The key to winning a
this strategy can be in the right situation.                               play when you either a)             a spot to blow him off a         small-stakes tournament is
                                                                           have hit a monster and risk         hand. It doesn’t matter          practicing selective aggres-
  Dr Aigner is a board certified Urologist. He has mul-                    little by letting your oppo-        what two cards you have.         sion. By making each of
 tiple final table finishes in major tournaments includ-                   nent catch up or b) have an         If you think that they will      these moves, you place the
   ing a WPO bracelet in 2001. You can contact him at                      overaggressive player to act        make a move at the pot go        burden on your opponent
                                behind who you will bet             ahead and check so they          to make the tough decision,
                                                                           your hand for you.                  commit a few more chips to       and give yourself multiple
                                                                               Only slow-play when you         your pot.                        opportunities to pick up
                                                                           have a hand like 8-8 and               The Semi-Bluff All-in.        the pot. If you are able to
                                                                           the board is A-8-9. You             This is one of the more          use these moves by pick-
                                                                           will bust A-K or A-Q if             common moves you will            ing your spots wisely, I am
                                                                           you let them do the betting         see in a tournament. If you      sure I will see you at a final
                                                                           (although sometimes I like          flop an open-ended straight      table soon.
38   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
                                                                                                                                                            CORRECTION TO LAST ISSUE’S OMAHA GURU COLUMN
Commerce Cal State                                                                                                   (Continued from page 37)               In the last issue of Poker Player, there were two charts
                                              5.   Alex Prendes . . . . . . . $3,200                     2.    Talia Khio . . . . . . . . . $27,220         to be reproduced with Sam Mudaro’s column, “Omaha
     EVENT #17      9/23/05                   6.   Travis Dang . . . . . . . . $2,800                    3.    Men Nguyen . . . . . . . $14,200             Guru.” We accidentally showed one of them, “A-5 with
 2005 CALIFORNIA STATE                        7.   Rico Rivera . . . . . . . . $2,400                    4.    Jonah Rogers . . . . . . . $8,285              a pair,” twice. Below find the correct second chart,
  POKER CHAMPIONSHIP                          8.   Eric DeMatteis . . . . . . $2,000                     5.    Marcel Sabag . . . . . . . $6,510                “A-6 with a pair.” To read the article again and
                                              9.   George Papadakalis . $1,600                           6.    Kourosh Tasadoi . . . . $5,325                  understand the chart in context, visit our website,
 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                                                                                        7.    Franco Brunetti . . . . . $4,140
   CHAMPIONSHIP                                       COMMERCE CASINO                                                                              
                                                   EVENT #15     9/20/05                                 8.    Steven King . . . . . . . . $2,960
      BUY-IN $5,000 + $100
              PLAYERS 214
                                               2005 CALIFORNIA STATE                                     9.    Young Phan . . . . . . . . $2,365                               A-6      with a Pair
      PRIZE                                     POKER CHAMPIONSHIP                                            21-Year-Old Poker                               Hand           DS        BS         HS            LS            NS
       POOL    $1,037,900                      NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                                                                                              A-6-2-2       10.55      7.08       3.78          3.54          1.27
1.   Tony Ma . . . . . . . . . $384,025             BUY-IN $2,000 + $80
                                                                                                              Player Mark Simon
                                                                                                                                                             A-6-3-3        5.88      2.66       2.15         (0.39)        (1.23)
2.   Mario Esquerra . . . $197,200                          PLAYERS 61
                                                                                                              Wins No-Limit After                            A-6-4-4        3.42      0.46       0.12         (0.80)        (1.07)
3.   Kasey Nam . . . . . . . . $98,600              PRIZE
                                                             $118,340                                           41-Hand Battle                               A-6-5-5        2.41     (0.73)     (0.80)        (1.04)        (1.19)
4.   Daniel Alaei . . . . . . . $62,275              POOL
                                                                                                         Mark Simon would seem                               A-6-7-7       (0.33)    (0.95)     (0.90)        (1.30)        (1.47)
5.   Damon Ahmadi . . . . $46,705
6.   Glenn Cozen. . . . . . . $36,325
                                                                                                         to have a promising poker                           A-6-8-8       (0.73)    (1.02)     (0.96)        (1.42)        (1.40)
7.   Mel Judah . . . . . . . . $25,950                                                                   career ahead of him. Simon,                         A-6-9-9       (1.05)    (1.33)     (1.17)        (1.46)        (1.47)
8.   Nick Salameh . . . . . . $20,760                                                                    who lives in Fargo, North                           A-6-T-T       (0.72)    (1.08)     (1.13)        (1.30)        (1.51)
9.   Mike Heintschel . . . . $16,615                                                                     Dakota, just turned 21 in                           A-6-J-J       (1.31)    (1.42)     (1.25)        (1.32)        (1.46)
                                                                                                         April, is already a full-time                       A-6-Q-Q        1.64     (1.30)     (1.20)       (14.34)        (1.57)
 Alan Myerson Knocks                                                                                     player and now has three                            A-6-K-K        7.04      3.06       3.19          0.75         (1.04)
    Out Five of Six                                                                                                       (Continued on page 41)
                                              1. John Hoang . . . . . . . $47,335
   Players for Easy,
  Four-Way Deal Win
Alan Myerson, who gave
his occupation only as
“businessman,” was all
business tonight. He
knocked out five of the six
players to be eliminated,
steadily built up his chip
count, and had a command-
ing lead when a four-way
chip count deal ended play
in event 16 of Cal State
2005, $500 limit hold’em.
   At the end, he had
75,000 of the 165,000 chips
in play. Behind him were
Ali Lari with 51,000; Ben
Arnold, 20,000; and Angie
Tran, 19,000. The pay-
outs were quickly agreed
to: $22,411 for Myerson,
$16,776 for Lari, $9,496
for Arnold, and $9,262 for
   Myerson, who has been
playing poker only two
years, won nearly $70,000
when he captured the $500
no-limit event at the Reno-
Hilton’s World Challenge
last year. He also has
several final tables at the
Bicycle Casino and one at
Hollywood Park.
   Lari, a civil engineer,
has a win in limit hold’em
at Winnin’ o’ the Green,
and a second in no-limit at
the Plaza’s Ultimate Poker
                                                          $500,000 – Largest Bad Beat Jackpot ever posted in Arizona.
        COMMERCE CASINO                                   Be part of history, play and win your share.
     EVENT #16      9/22/05
 2005 CALIFORNIA STATE                                         Monday - Friday, 2 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  POKER CHAMPIONSHIP                                           Four jacks or better beaten
        BUY-IN $500 + $40                                      Both hole cards must play
                                                                                                                                                                                           WE’VE GOT YOUR GAME
              PLAYERS 165                                      For complete rules, visit the Casino Arizona Poker Room at Talking Stick
       POOL    $80,025                                    Casino Arizona reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion.
                                                                                                                                                                                       101 & Indian Bend Adjacent to Scottsdale
1.   Alan Meyerson. . . . . $22,411                       Owned and operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. Please gamble responsibly.                                 480-850-7777
2.   Ali Lari . . . . . . . . . . . $16,776
3.   Ben Arnold . . . . . . . . . $9,496
4.   Angie Tran . . . . . . . . . $9,262
                                                                                                                 w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5     P O K E R P L AY E R        39
No More Floating Poker Games in Mississippi
Some of the hardest hit victims of                  restrictions that they supposed would
Hurricane Katrina were Gulfport and                 protect problem gamblers from them-
Biloxi’s casino barges. The real tragedy            selves.

            POKer AND
              THE LAW
                                      By I. NELSON ROSE
is that most of the damage could have               Iowa was the first
been avoided with a little common                   to launch riverboat casinos. The
sense.                                              law was sold as merely a means to
                                                    enhance the state’s tourist industry.
Nothing could stop the high winds.                  Proponents floated images of Mark
But the storm also sent a roaring wall              Twain, steamboat cruising on the
of water 30 feet high from the Gulf of              mighty Mississippi. (Riverboat gam-
Mexico smashing into the Mississippi                bling before the Civil War was actually
coast.                                              illegal and crooked, but nobody wanted
                                                    true historic accuracy.)
The floating part of Grand Casino
Biloxi was torn off its moorings and                Boats were required to cruise for four
carried half a mile, crashing onto U.S.             hours. Bet limits were set at $5 max
Highway 90. Casino Magic was pushed                 to make the industry unattractive to
even further inland. The saddest story              Nevada operators and protect players
was the Hard Rock Casino, scheduled                 from losing too much. No one asked
to open in two weeks. The giant gui-                what a gambler was supposed to do
tar sign of the $235 million project                if he lost his original stake in the first
seemed to be unscathed, but the                     half hour and was locked in a casino
rest of the building will be torn down              with nothing to do but gamble some
before it is ever used.                             more.

The largest Gulf casinos were con-                  Other states, including Mississippi,
structed on barges, rammed into the                 followed. But the original idea quickly
shore. Others were on ships, perma-                 fell apart. Riverboats can’t cruise dur-
nently docked and incapable of moving               ing storms, but casinos could remain
under their own power. Mississippi law              open. To keep the spirit of the law,
requires casinos to float. Here, they               regulators allowed “phantom cruises,”
floated on the ocean. But that ocean                locking the doors even though the
temporarily raised up and swept a                   boat remained docked.
half-mile inland.
                                                    But some patrons had emergencies
Why did Mississippi’s lawmakers                     and had to leave early. Once the doors
require that casino gaming could only               were opened to let people out, it made
be conducted on water, even when                    little sense to not let more players
the casino is connected to buildings                in. The requirement of cruises disap-
built on solid land? They had to know               peared completely. And eventually,
what would happen, as they had been                 so did the boats themselves. Missouri
through hurricanes before.                          allowed boats in moats, with river
                                                    water piped in. Mississippi allowed
Although there have been legal card                 deep pilings to lessen the recurring
clubs and poker rooms in other states,              danger of hurricanes.
Nevada had a monopoly on casinos
until Atlantic City opened 30 years                 What will happen now? Mississippi
ago. The history of gaming since then               desperately needs its Gulf Coast
has been one of laws and regulations                casinos to reopen. But it does not
that are nearly unfathomable.                       need to repeat its mistakes of the
                                                    recent past. Perhaps it is time for
The problem arises from gambling’s                  the state’s lawmakers to acknowl-
spotty history. Throughout history,                 edge that legal gaming has become
societies have usually made casinos                 an established, respectable business,
completely illegal. When exceptions                 that should not be treated like some-                       WHAT HAS YOUR POKER ROOM
were carved out, governments quickly                thing evil that has to be surrounded
                                                                                                                  DONE FOR YOU LATELY?
found they had to regulate to keep out
the bad guys.
                                                    by holy water.
                                                                                                                    Earn $599 monthly when you play 126
                                                            Professor I Nelson Rose is recognized
                                                                                                                 hours – any live game, any limit, any time.
Gaming is a morally suspect industry.                       as the world’s leading expert on gam-
                                                                                                                Earn DOUBLE HOURS from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. daily!
Until recently, a politician risked not                      bling law. A full professor at Whittier              See or call the Jokers Wild Poker Room for details.
being reelected if he voted for casinos.                    Law School in Costa Mesa, California,
                                                           Prof. Rose also works for governments
                                                                                                                             (702) 567-8474
State legislators are not social scien-                   and industry as an expert witness, con-
tists, but they sometimes think they                         sultant and public speaker. His latest
are. Legalizing gambling gave law-                      books, Gaming Law: Cases and Materials
makers the opportunity to try social                      and Internet Gaming Law, are available
experiments. With no research or stud-                                         through his website,
ies whatsoever, legislatures imposed                      
40   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5    w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
Commerce Cal State                                                                                                                                                                         (Continued from page 39)

final tables in five live tour-                           COMMERCE CASINO                      6.   Alex Aras . . . . . . . . . . $4,125    got $102,909 for Cal State’s
nament attempts, including                             EVENT #13      9/18/05                  7.   Sirous B . . . . . . . . . . . $3,300   event 12, $300 no-limit
one at Canterbury.                                 2005 CALIFORNIA STATE                       8.   Ruben Guevara . . . . . $2,475
                                                                                                                                            hold’em, 250k guaranteed.
                                                    POKER CHAMPIONSHIP                         9.   Ernest Bennett . . . . . . $1,650
   Tonight, he engaged in                                                                                                                      This is the first tourna-
a 41-hand heads-up battle                          NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                              Red Bull Manager                           ment win for Bernal, who’s
                                                          BUY-IN $500 + $40
with veteran player Steve                                                                        Felix Bernal Runs                          had a couple of other final
Margulies, who was playing                                      PLAYERS 170                                                                 tables. And he got through a
the game nine years before
                                                         POOL    $82,450                       Through Field in 250k                        field of 511 with no rebuys
Simon was born.                                                                                   No-Limit Event                                                                  1.     Felix Bernal . . . . . . $124,765
                                                                                                                                                 COMMERCE CASINO
                                                                                               After a dizzying series of                     EVENT #12      9/17/05              2.     Harvey Goldson . . . . $66,050
        COMMERCE CASINO                                                                        chip-lead changes at the                      2005 CALIFORNIA STATE                3.     An Tran . . . . . . . . . . $33,025
     EVENT #14      9/19/05                                                                                                                                                       4.     Kasey Nam . . . . . . . . $22,015
                                                                                               final table, Felix Javier                      POKER CHAMPIONSHIP
  2005 CALIFORNIA STATE                                                                        Bernal, a chain develop-                                                           5.     Bobby Firestone. . . . $16,515
   POKER CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                                                                        NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                     6.     Kevin Blakey . . . . . . $12,845
                                                                                               ment manager for Red Bull,                          BUY-IN $300 + $30
  NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                                                                             charged into an tremendous                               PLAYERS 511
                                                                                                                                                                                  7.     Stuart Krasney . . . . . $9,175
       BUY-IN $1,000 + $60                                                                                                                                                        8.     Hoang Ta . . . . . . . . . . $7,340
                                                                                               lead with a river straight.                      PRIZE
                                                                                                                                                         $366,765                 9.     Norman Cruz . . . . . . . $5,870
               PLAYERS 160                                                                                                                       POOL
                                                  1.   Gary Do . . . . . . . . . . $27,375     When the field down to
       POOL     $155,200                          2.   Hon Le . . . . . . . . . . . $15,275    three 11 hands later, he had                  POWERFUL ADVERTISING REACH—USE IT!
                                                  3.   Wannis Arzomalian . . $8,245
                                                       Sang Pham . . . . . . . . . $6,595
                                                       Rod Fani . . . . . . . . . . . $4,945
                                                                                               354,000 chips, and a chip-
                                                                                               count deal ended play. He                    poker player

1. Mark Simon . . . . . . . $58,970
2. Steve Margulies . . . . $29,490
3. David Daneshgar . . . $14,590
4. Alex Prendes . . . . . . . $9,310
5. Larry Vance . . . . . . . . $6,210
6. Andre De Montesquiou. . . . .
   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,430
7. Mihran Freeland . . . . $4,655
8. Kenna James . . . . . . . $3,880
9. Eric Shimp . . . . . . . . . $3,105

Shootout Ends in Even
 Chop, Despite Gary
  Do’s 2-1 Chip Lead
     Over Hon Le
“Chop,” declared Hon Le
just as Wannis Arzromalian
got knocked out in third
place. It was agreeable to
Gary Do, even though he
obviously had a lot more
chips. They were counted
down as a matter of record.
Do had 11,300, virtu-
ally twice as much as the
Kamikaze Kid’s 5,700,
but nonetheless the prize
money was split, with each
getting $21,325, though Do,
of course, got the title and
   Do, a resident of
Colorado, owns a janito-
rial service. This year he
won $164,500 for fourth in
a $1,000 no-limit event at
the World Series, and also
won the $1,500 no-limit
Ultimate Poker Challenge
event. Hon Le has numer-
ous cash-outs, his two
biggest being $122,500
for coming in second in a
World Poker Tour $5,000
no-limit championship,
and $93,240 for winning a
$1,000 Cal State no-limit
event last year.
                                                                                                      w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5      P O K E R P L AY E R        41
True Red Dog                                                                                                      Book reviews
                                                                                Phil Gordon’s Little              Gordon finds the way he                     especially
BacK in the saddle Again                                                        Green Book: Lessons               plays to be effective. This                 when the
   By OKLAHOMA JOHNNY HALE                                                      and Teachings in No               not only gives the audience                 overall qual-
    A few years ago, some of the casinos tried                                  Limit Texas Hold’em               insight into the style of play              ity of the mate-
to put in a variety of Red Dog as a table game.                                        by Phil Gordon             adopted by the author, but                  rial is high. I also think
They called it Red Dog but that was a misnomer as the game they                       Simon Spotlight             also provides sufficient basis              it’s unfortunate that its title
introduced actually was In Between. In Between-ers is nothing                       Entertainment, 2005           for the readers to make                     is so similar to that of an
more than just a kitchen table game.                                                ISBN: 1-4169-0367-4           informed decisions as to                    obscure book written by
    True Red Dog is a four-card poker game in which you don’t play                     192pp, $21.00              which tactics will fit in with              Walt Fong, but I expect few
against each other, you play against the money in the pot and                                                     their own overall game plan.                will be confused by this.
against the deck. So it is not a competitive game between the                 Phil Gordon is well known                                                          I don’t think I’d recom-
players.                                                                      to the viewers of televised                                                     mend this as a first book on
    Here is how true Red Dog is played—but before I tell you how              poker as a host of Bravo                                                        no-limit hold’em for begin-
it is played let me tell you that it is a game that must have been            TV’s show, “Celebrity                                                           ners, but I think it would
invented by some idiot who had more money than he knew what                   Poker”, and from his tour-                                                      be an excellent choice as a
to do with and liked gambling and walking on the edge.                        nament victory on the sec-                                                      second book on the game
    Red Dog is a game of survival of the fittest. And that is the             ond season of the World                                                         for players with at least
kind of game that my father taught me and the rest of our family              Poker Tour. Gordon is an                                                        some experience. While
to play and win so many years ago so that we could survive the                accomplished poker player                                                       advanced players will
bad beat of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression which John                 specializing in no limit                                                        doubtless find much of
Steinbeck wrote about in his book—“The Grapes of Wrath”!                      hold’em tournaments, and                                                        what the author has to say
    Red Dog is without doubt the wildest, meanest game that I                 in “Phil Gordon’s Little                                                        to be familiar, it’s likely
have ever seen played with a deck of cards. Here is how I played              Green Book” he discloses                                                        that at least a few tactics,
the game many years ago. Any number of players (up to 10) may                 the strategies he has used                                                      ideas, and ways of looking
play the game. And the deal rotates clockwise—It can be played                to succeed in these events.                                                     at situations will be novel
where only the dealer ante’s or where each player may ante—say                   Gordon organizes his                                                         enough to justify reading
$5—and each player is dealt four cards one at a time.                         book in a familiar format.             There are places in the                  this book. I found it to be
     After each player has been dealt his four cards, the deck is             He starts with some general         book where Gordon isn’t                     worth the time I spent read-
placed in the middle of the table. The first player to act is to the          poker principles, analyzes          as precise as I’d like, and a               ing it, and I recommend
left of the dealer and he may bet any amount up to the size of                each hold’em betting round,         few more where the word-                    “Phil Gordon’s Little Green
the pot—Say there are eight players and each ante $5—then he                  and then concludes with             ing made me cringe, but                     Book” to most no-limit
may bet from $5 to $40.                                                       miscellaneous topics. Some          these occasions are easy                    hold’em players.
    The player may pass—and it is now the next player’s turn in               of these topics are tells,          for the reader to overlook,                           —Nick Christenson
rotation around the table. If a player chooses to play he places              tournament considerations,
his bet in front of his cards, and the dealer turns one card—and              poker math, and psychol-             RESULTS
then turns up one card in the middle of the table.                            ogy. The book is written                                                        2. Stephen Fisher . . . . . . $2,018
    If the better has a card in his hand out of the four that he              in a very conversational                                                                                     Malibu, CA

holds that ranks higher by suit than the card turned up in the                style with the author darting
middle of the table, he wins his bet—If he cannot top the card                from one topic to the next.                                                       COMMERCE CASINO 10/2/05
turned up, then he loses and the pot is increased by the amount               The pages flow by quickly,                                                         NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
of his bet.                                                                   but the book is deceptively                                                                 BUY-IN $97
    The better only gets one action against the pot—and then it is            deep. Even though the                                                                       PLAYERS 39
                                                                                                                                                                           REBUYS 23
the next players turn to bet against the pot or pass to the next              total coverage isn’t as                                                             PRIZE
player.                                                                       thorough as in some other
                                                                                                                    COMMERCE CASINO 10/2/05
                                                                                                                                                                   POOL    $6,014
                                                                                                                     NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                         1. William Morrissey. . . $3,007
    Now let’s take a look at a hand and you decide if you wish to             books, Gordon manages                           BUY-IN $291
                                                                                                                                                                                        Santa Ana, CA
play when it is your turn to bet or pass...                                   to touch on nearly every                         PLAYERS 54
                                                                                                                                REBUYS 28                     2. Michael Leanos . . . . . $1,804
    If you hold four aces, you cannot lose—you have a natural. If             aspect of the game.
                                                                                                                      PRIZE                                                         San Lus Opbso, CA
you hold three aces and a deuce, you have a 75% chance of win-                   As the subtitle suggests,             POOL     $23,862                       3. Adam Yamauchi . . . . $1,203
ning your wager. If you hold two aces and two deuces, you have a              the book is exclusively             1. Roland Viola . . . . . . $10,739
                                                                                                                                            Chino Hills, CA                                 Goleta, CA
dead even bet 50-50.                                                          devoted to the play of no-
                                                                                                                  2. Bahman Sabahi . . . . . $5,966
    Now if you are first to act and you hold a A,K,Q,J in four different      limit hold’em. Much of                                       Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                                                                COMMERCE CASINO 10/2/05
suits, there will be only six cards in the deck that you could lose           the material in these pages         3. Steven Ross . . . . . . . . $3,577
to. Your chances are now 42 to 10 that you can top the next card              focuses on tournament
                                                                                                                                                 Irvine, CA
                                                                                                                                                                 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
                                                                                                                  4. Harold Kizzire . . . . . . $2,386                   BUY-IN $194
turned up. Or 4.2 to one that you will win any amount that you bet.           play, a logical choice since                                 Birmingham, AL
                                                                                                                                                                          PLAYERS 28
Using fourth grade math you can calculate how much to bet.                    the author states his pref-         5. Sean Yu . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,194                REBUYS 14
                                                                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA
    If you are dealt middle cards like 7-8-8-9, all of different suits,       erence for these games.                                                             PRIZE
                                                                                                                                                                   POOL    $8,148
you can calculate what percentage you have of winning the pot                 Despite this, many of the             COMMERCE CASINO 9/30/05                   1. George Youkhanna . . $4,074
and you should bet accordingly.                                               ideas are equally and in               NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                                                     Modesto, CA
    If the pot is still out there when each player has had his turn           some cases better suited                        BUY-IN $194                     2. Joshua Brody . . . . . . . $2,444
to play, the cards are picked up and reshuffled by the next dealer            toward cash games. Those                         PLAYERS 29                                                  New Jersey
and the play is started over again.                                           who don’t play in many                  PRIZE                                   3. Talia Khio . . . . . . . . . . $1,630
    Lets say the pot has $500 in it and you have a 75% chance of              tournaments are still likely             POOL     $5,626                                                          Illinois
                                                                                                                  1. Saif Ahmad. . . . . . . . . $2,813
winning the pot and you bet the $500—but one out of four times                to find this book worth-                                   Newport Coast, CA
you will lose when you can not beat the card that is turned up!               while.                              2. Abraham Barbarian . $1,688
                                                                                                                                            North Hills, CA
The pot has now has increased to $1,000.                                         The author affords us a          3. Hana Kim . . . . . . . . . . $1,125
    The pots get very large and it is a mean game to play—but if              remarkably candid view                                     N. Hollywood, CA
you like excitement, this may be your game.                                   of the way he plays, and
    Until next time, remember to STAY LUCKY!!!                                in many cases he provides             COMMERCE CASINO 9/30/05
                                                                              detailed justification for his         NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
     Editor’s Notes: You may contact OK-J at his e-mail                       strategies. Even though                         BUY-IN $194, or play poker LIVE, ONLINE                           this thoroughness fades a                        PLAYERS 26
      with Johnny, Carol and Sarah at                           bit toward the end of the                POOL     $5,044
     Johnny’s book, “The Gentleman Gambler,” is in its                        book, the reader comes              1. Douglas Brofman. . . . $3,026
                                                                                                                                          Highland Hts, OH
           third printing. Contact Johnny for your copy.                      to understand the reasons
42    P O K E R P L AY E R    O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5    w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
 Pokerstars’                                                                             ENDLESS SUMMER 9/28/05                    3. Stephan Fowler . . . . . $1,680       ENDLESS SUMMER 9/21/05
                                                                                            LIMIT HOLD’EM                            ENDLESS SUMMER 8/26/05                      LIMIT HOLD’EM
 WCOOP                                                                                         BUY-IN $20 + $15
                                                                                            PLAYERS 64
                                                                                                                                        LIMIT HOLD’EM
                                                                                                                                            BUY-IN $20 + $15
                                                                                                                                                                                   BUY-IN $20 + $15
                                                                                                                                                                                 PLAYERS 65
          (Continued from page 13)                                                         REBUYS 1222                                                                           REBUYS 142
                                                                                           ADD-ONS 107                                         PLAYERS 76                       ADD-ONS 125
                                                                                                                                               REBUYS 137
                                                                                             PRIZE POOL                                        ADD-ONS 118                        PRIZE POOL
             EVENT #14                                                                   $5,5675                                       PRIZE
 POKERSTARS WCOOP                              ENDLESS SUMMER 9/29/05                          Dick Crowell                             POOL        $6.290                       Doug Tomkins
     LIMIT HOLD’EM                             NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                         1. Dick Crowell . . . . . . . $2,225       1. Sargon Adoor . . . . . . . $2,515   1. Doug Tomkins . . . . . . $2,520
       $400,000                                        BUY-IN $20 + $15
                                                                                        2. Dmitri Sharin. . . . . . . $1,280       2. Stefano Portolese . . . . $1,445    2. Winton Lemoine . . . . $1,450
     GUARANTEED                                    PLAYERS 166                          3. Andre Cullins. . . . . . . . .$665      3. Michael Meyer . . . . . . . .$755   3. Javid Berjis . . . . . . . . . .$755
      BUY-IN $1,000 + $50                          REBUYS 496
                                                   ADD-ONS 217                            ENDLESS SUMMER 9/27/05                     ENDLESS SUMMER 8/22/05                 ENDLESS SUMMER 9/20/05
           PLAYERS 686
                                                    PRIZE POOL                           NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                            NO LIMIT HOLD’EM                      NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
     POOL      $686,000                            $16,700                                     BUY-IN $20 + $15                             BUY-IN $20 + $15                       BUY-IN $20 + $15
                                                   Daniel Dipaquo                          PLAYERS 160                                        PLAYERS 178                        PLAYERS 197
1. DietDrPoker . . . . . . $139,799                                                         REBUYS 497                                         REBUYS 519                         REBUYS 621
                           Anchorage, AK      1.   Daniel Dipaquo . . . . . $6,680         ADD-ONS 227                                        ADD-ONS 266                       ADD-ONS 308
2. sambot . . . . . . . . . . $129,799        2.   David Hoekstra . . . . . $3,340           PRIZE POOL                                                                           PRIZE POOL
                              Paris, France
                                              3.   Alvaro Lizarraga . . . . $1,670        $16,795                                       POOL        $18,295                 $21,395
3. imSMARTurDUM . . $63,112
                    Huntington Beach, CA      4.   Zachary Weiss . . . . . . $1,085                                                1. Shant Kuyumjian . . . $7,320
                                                                                           Douglas Swartz                                                                       Mark Sepulveda
4. Devin1 . . . . . . . . . . . . $47,334     5.   Robert Davis . . . . . . . . .$835                                              2. Makya McBee . . . . . . $3,660
                       Highland Lakes, NJ     6.   Rudy Salazar . . . . . . . . .$585   1. Douglas Swartz . . . . . $6,725                                                1. Mark Sepulveda . . . . $8,555
5. mcstuntz . . . . . . . . . . $37,730                                                                                            3. Brian Hamson . . . . . . $1,830
                                                                                        2. Shant Kuyumjian . . . $3,360                                                   2. Dale Lee . . . . . . . . . . . $4,280
            Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
6. tibster . . . . . . . . . . . . $30,870
                               Vienna, VA
7. Juice It Up . . . . . . . . $24,010
                             Fairfield, OH
8. ram00 . . . . . . . . . . . . $17,150
                        Salt Lake City, UT
9. jennicide . . . . . . . . . . $10,976
                          Wilmington, DE

             EVENT #13
       BUY-IN $500 + $30
           PLAYERS 720
     POOL      $360,000
1. spawng . . . . . . . . . . . $66,787
                     Kelowna, BC, Canada
2. colson10 . . . . . . . . . . $56,610
                               Seattle, WA
3. chibbles . . . . . . . . . . . $51,203
                            Greenfield, WI
4. bucksy . . . . . . . . . . . . $24,840
                Croydon, United Kingdom
5. danube . . . . . . . . . . . $19,800
                              Linz, Austria
6. 1Ires . . . . . . . . . . . . . $16,200
                          Odessa, Ukraine
7. ZZSER . . . . . . . . . . . $12,600
                             Oulu, Finland
8. bluemangroup . . . . . . $9,000
                              Houston, TX
9. omaha kid. . . . . . . . . . $5,760
                          Port Ornage, FL

             EVENT #12
       BUY-IN $500 + $30
           PLAYERS 529
     POOL      $264,500
1. Bunsen . . . . . . . . . . . $66,125
                               Tempe, AZ
2. emptyseat88 . . . . . . . $39,675
                           Henderson, NV
3. Money800 . . . . . . . . . $25,497
                             Bellevue, TN
4. yamaha r 1 . . . . . . . . $18,515
                            Park Ridge, IL
5. I_eatt2loud . . . . . . . . $14,547
                                Davis, CA
6. Clockwork . . . . . . . . $11,902
                          Los Angeles, CA
7. Consagres . . . . . . . . . . $9,257
                        Severna Park, MD
8. chuiwon . . . . . . . . . . . $6,612
                             El Cajon, CA

                                                                                             w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5     P O K E R P L AY E R       43
Entertainment RePORT                                                                                                                      Entertainment
                     By LEN BUTCHER                                                                                                             Listings
I’ve been a busy guy this past week,
and one of the things I did was to take
in the new Folies Bergere show at the                                      Poker Player Advertisers are shown in RED along with their ad’s page number
                                                                           To list your event, contact Len Butcher, Entertainment Editor at
Tropicana. I can see why this show has been running
for an unbelievable 45 years, every one of them at the                                                                                     8:30 p.m. Featuring three top comedians
Trop. The reason is simple. They keep it fresh with new                    Agua Caliente Casino                Comedy Shop
numbers, new themes, great sets and costumes and, of                                                     Arena Patio                       Joker’s Comedy Club, Karaoke Thursdays 8 p.m.
course, the entertainers.                                                  Commerce Casino               DJ / Karaoke                      Sunday-Wednesday, 9 p.m.
                                                                                                         Live Bands                        Fridays & Saturdays, 9 p.m.
    Keeping with my squeaky-clean image, I went to the
                                                                                                         Ballroom Dance Party              Thursdays 8 p.m. to Midnight, Sundays 2-6 p.m.
early </neon/showsevents/shows.html>show to avoid
                                                                           Crystal Park Casino & Hotel Cambodian Dance Party               Fridays 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
looking at all those bare breasts at the 10 p.m. offer-                    (33)                          Karaoke                           Thursday through Monday
ing. Catch it when you’re in town. You won’t be disap-                                                   El As De Oros Night Club          Presents Banda Nortina Sats 8 p.m.-3 a.m.
pointed. And while you’re there, have dinner at Pietro’s,                  Fantasy Springs Resort        Moody Blues                       Nov 17, 8 p.m.
the resort’s gourmet restaurant. It’s continental cuisine,                 Harrah’s Rincon               Peter Frampton                    Oct 20, 8 p.m.
                                                                           Hollywood Park Casino (7) Finish Line Lounge                    Live Jazz, Tues. 8 p.m.
not Italian, as the name may suggest. Try the Sole
                                                                           Pechanga Resort & Casino (28) Twelve Girls Band                 Oct 28-29, 8 p.m.
Meuniere.                                                                  CONNECTICUT
    From there it was off to see KA at the MGM Grand,                      Foxwoods Resort Casino        Jon Stewart                       Oct 29, 7 & 10 p.m.
my favorite of the four Cirque du Soleil shows in town,                    Mohegan Sun Casino            Aerosmith with Lenny Kravitz      Oct 30, 7 p.m.
although all are excellent and you won’t go wrong see-                     NEW JERSEY
ing any one of them.                                                       Taj Majal Hotel & Casino      Gordon Lightfoot                  Oct 28, 8:30 p.m.
                                                                           Tropicana Casino & Resort Engelbert Humperdinck
    It’s when you see a show like this that your realize                   (Atlantic City)
                                                                                                                                           Oct 28-30, 8 p.m..
that you are living in the most exciting city in the world.                NEW YORK
Let me try to explain the show to you, as I can’t really                   Turning Stone Casino          Jay Leno                          Oct 28, 8 p.m.
find the words to describe the incredible theater MGM                      NEVADA-LAS VEGAS
Grand built for the show.                                                  Aladdin Hotel & Casino        Magician Steve Wyrick             Ongoing, Wednesday through Monday, 7 & 10 p.m.
                                                                           Bally’s Resort & Casino       Donn Arden’s Jubilee!             Sat-Thu, 8 p.m.
    First of all, KA is pronounced just as you might think
                                                                           Bellagio Resort & Casino      O                                 Fridays through Tuesdays, 7:30 & 10:30 p.m.
-- “caw”. The title derives, says Guy Caron, Cirque’s                      Boulder Station Hotel &       John Eddie                        Oct 22, 8 p.m.
director of creation, from the Egyptian concept of                         Casino (10)
each human’s spiritual “double.” It is the root of many                    Cannery Hotel & Casino        Next Movement                     Oct 28-29, 8 p.m.
disciplines incorporated into the show, such as kabuki,                    Excalibur Hotel & Casino      Thunder From Down Under           Fridays through Wednesdays. 8:30 & 10:30 p.m.
                                                                                                         Gladys Knight                     Tuesdays through Saturdays, 7:30 p.m.
karate and the Brazilian martial art capoeira. Okay, so                                                  George Wallace                    Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 p.m.
much for the history lesson, Butcher, what the hell’s the                  Flamingo Las Vegas
                                                                                                         Bottoms Up                        Mondays through Saturdays, 2 & 4 p.m.
show about?                                                                                              The Second City                   Thursdays through Tuesdays, 8 p.m.
    I must have the most impatient readers of any colum-                   Golden Nugget Hotel &         Gordie Brown                      Fri thru Tue, 7:30 p.m.
nist, but I love you anyway (well, maybe “like” is more                    Casino                        Randy Travis                      Dec 7-10, 9:30 p.m.
accurate). The show is about the epic saga of separated                    Harrah’s Hotel & Casino       Clint Holmes                      Monday through Saturday, 7:30 p.m.
                                                                           Imperial Palace Hotel &       Legends In Concert                Mondays through Saturdays, 7 & 10 p.m.
twins -‹ a boy and a girl -- ‹who embark on a peril-                       Casino (11)
ous journey to fulfill their linked destinies. As the plot                                               Barry Manilow                     Oct 19-Nov 5, 9 p.m.
unfolds, danger lies in wait for them at every turn.                       Las Vegas Hilton              Juan Gabriel                      Oct 14-16, 9 p.m.
    This is when all hell breaks out on stage as archers                                                 David Brenner                     Nightly (dark Thursdays)
                                                                           Luxor Resort & Casino         Midnight Fantasy                  Tuesdays through Sundays, 8:30 p.m.
and spearmen hunt the twins relentlessly, taking them
                                                                                                               Mamma Mia                   7 p.m. Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays; 8 p.m.
through a succession of challenging landscapes, from                       Mandalay Bay Resort &                                           Fridays; 7 & 10:30 p.m. Saturdays, Mondays.
                                                                           Casino (8)
a mysterious seashore through menacing mountains                                                               Kottonmouth Kings           Oct 22, 6 p.m.
and foreboding forests. In keeping with Cirque du Soleil                                                       Jimmy Buffett               Oct 22 & 29, 8 p.m.
                                                                           MGM Grand
tradition, however, the story is told without dialogue. By                                                     KA.                         Fri thru Tue, 7:30& 10:30 p.m.
                                                                                                               Impressionist Danny Gans    8 p.m. (Monday thru Friday)
the way, just so you can impress your friends, did you                     The Mirage Hotel & Casino
                                                                                                               Dana Carvey                 Nov 11-12, 9 p.m.
know that in most Cirque shows, the language you hear                                                                                      Tuesdays thru Saturdays, 7pm; Tuesdays &
                                                                           Monte Carlo Resort & Casino         Magician Lance Burton
the performers speaking is made up?                                                                                                        Saturdays. 7 & 10 p.m.
    Guy (are all these Cirque guys called Guy?) Laliberte,                 The Orleans Hotel & Casino Pointer Sisters                      Oct 27-30, 8 p.m.
the company’s founder, says, “There are a lot of things                    Palace Station Hotel &       Laugh Trax comedy club             7:30 & 10 p.m. Tuesdays thru Saturdays.
                                                                           Casino (10)
here that people see that so far have been done only in                    Plaza Hotel & Casino (41)    The Comedy Zone                    9 p.m. Tuesdays thru Sundays.
movies and television with special effects. Here it is for                 Sahara Hotel & Casino
                                                                                                        The Platters, Coasters and
                                                                                                                                           8 p.m. nightly
real. Audiences will scratch their heads trying to figure                                               Drifters
                                                                           Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino RB Stone
out how it is possible to achieve such a thing.” Please                    (48)                                                            Oct 27-30, 4:30 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.
let me know if you scratch your head when you see it. I                    Silverton Hotel & Casino     Three Dog Night                    Nov 25-26, 8 p.m.
know that even though I was impressed, I didn’t scratch                    Stardust Hotel & Casino
                                                                                                        Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme       Oct 26-29, 8 p.m.
my head.                                                                                                Rick Thomas                        Ongoing, 2 & 4 p.m.
    The production combines circus acrobatics, martial                                                  Bite                               Ongoing, 10:30 p.m.
                                                                           Stratosphere Hotel &         American Superstars
                                                                           Casino (9)                                                      Ongoing, 6:30 & 8:30 p.m.
arts, puppetry, video and pyrotechnics. An important ele-                                               Viva Las Vegas                     Ongoing, 2 & 4 p.m.
ment in the show is the ambivalent power of fire to cre-                   Sunset Station (10)          Paula Poundstone                   Nov 11, 7:30 p.m.
ate and destroy. “Fire is the one thing that holds every-                  Texas Station (10)           Love Shack                         Fridays and Saturdays, 10 p.m.
thing together. It’s the storyline and the saga. It creates                Tropicana Casino & Resort Folies Bergere                        Ongoing, 7:30 p.m. & 10 p.m.
conflict and destruction as it gives life and light.”                                                   Le Reve                            Ongoing, 8 p.m.
                                                                           Wynn Las Vegas (21)
    Hey, this sounds like an exciting show. It is. Don’t miss                                           Avenue “Q”                         Ongoing, 8 p.m.
it, even though tickets are a pricey $99, $125 and $150.                                                Riverboat Ramblers Strolling
Of course, when you shell out an estimated $165 million                    Colorado Belle Hotel Casino Dixieland Jazz Band                 Fridays & Saturdays, 8 p.m.
to put it together, you gotta get your money back.                         Flamingo Hilton Hotel Casino John Secada                        Oct 8, 8 p.m.
                                                                           Ramada Express Hotel Casino Country Music USA                   Oct 29-30, 7 p.m.
                                                                           Riverside Hotel Casino       Smothers Brothers                  Oct 25-30, 7 p.m.
  Len Butcher, a 25-year resident of Las Vegas, is an
  online columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal                        Atlantis Casino Resort       The Palmores                       10 p.m.-4 a.m.
 and a former Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Sun                         Eldorado Hotel Casino        Smokey Joe’s Cafe                  Jun 9-Sep 4, 8 p.m.
and of Gaming Today. Reach him at                          Reno Hilton Hotel Casino     Bright Eyes                        Oct 26, 8 p.m.
44   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
WPX Shows Poker Instruction
on US Airways’ Flights
The World Poker                   Passengers traveling
Exchange announced re-         from 25 domestic and
cently that it is partner-     international markets
ing with US Airways to         served by US Airways--
include poker tutorial spots   including key poker-play-
on Overture, the airline’s     ing cities of New York,
award-winning in-flight        Los Angeles, Philadelphia,
entertainment program.         Washington D.C., Atlanta,
The 90-second instruction-     Pittsburgh, Baltimore
al spots are taken directly    and San Diego--will gain
from the World Poker           valuable poker game play
Exchange’s new tutorial        insight and strategies
DVD series, In the Minds       during their flights. The
of the Poker Pros.             World Poker Exchange has
   The tutorial spots will     category exclusivity with
run on all US Airways          US Airways.
video-equipped flights that       “The World Poker
are two hours in length or     Exchange is proud to be
more. US Airways offers        the first multi-player online
3,600 video entertainment-     poker company to offer
equipped flights that reach    poker fans instructional tips
400,000 passengers month-      while aloft,” commented
ly. Each spot in the series    Haden Ware, managing
of 15 will feature insight     director of World Poker
into the best minds of         Exchange. “We offer the
poker. Professionals such      most comprehensive way
as David Sklansky, Todd        to learn the game of poker
Brunson, Mike Matusow          and to hone game play
and Kathleen Watterson will    skills, via,
provide detailed analysis of   our new instructional DVD
real-life poker hands and      series or at 30,000 feet
situations, and pointers on    with US Airways,” Ware
how to play various hands.     added.

                                                               w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   P O K E R P L AY E R   45
                    By John Vorhaus
                                                                            2005-06 WORLDWIDE
                                                                            POKER TOURNAMENTS
A while back I spent a bunch of
time playing poker flat on my back. Hip replace-
ment surgery had confined me to bed, but not,
thank God, to total boredom. Courtesy of my
laptop and wireless internet access, I was able
to while away my rehab hours playing poker
online. I learned a couple of lessons through the
                                                                           NOW! Get Tournament Listings at our website:
                                                                               >Denotes Advertiser; Poker Association Events also denoted: t=World Poker Tour,
experience, and I’d like to share them with you.
                                                                                           s=World Series of Poker and e=European Poker Tour.
First, don’t imagine you’re well when you’re not.                          To list your 3-day events contact: A.R. Dyck, Assistant Publisher, at:
I thought that hip replacement surgery would                               DATE                   EVENT                                LOCATION
affect only my hip, but it didn’t. It ended up,                            >Sept 19-Oct 7 United States Poker Ch’ship                Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, NJ
really, kicking my whole entire body in the ass,                           Sept 19-Oct 18 Barcelona Open                             Casino de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
and that was not without impact on my play.                                Sept 29-Oct 10 Fall Pot of Gold                           Reno Hilton, Reno, NV
Though I was physically able to play horizontal                            >Sept 29-Oct 16 Big Poker October                         Bicycle Casino (AdPg 3), Bell Gardens, CA
poker, the quality of poker I played was, well,                            Oct 4-6         Baden Classic                             eGrand Casino, Baden Baden, Germany
flat. All the background noise in my body (they                            Oct 5-9         Canadian Poker Championship Casino Yellowhead, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
call it pain, folks) kept me from playing even                             >Oct 8-21       Fall Poker Classic                        Canterbury Park Card Club (AdPg 36), Shakopee, MN
close to my best.                                                          Oct 9-19        Russian Poker Championships Korona Casino, Moscow, Russian Federation
                                                                           Oct. 11-16      Swedish Open Poker Ch’ship                eCasino Cosmopol, Stockholm, Sweden
Second, an altered state is an altered state,                              >Oct 17-30      Nat’l Ch’ship of Poker                    Hollywood Park Casino (AdPg 7), Inglewood, CA
                                                                           >Oct 19-Nov 2 World Series Event                          sCaesars Indiana (AdPg 17) , IN
even if it’s medically approved. They gave me
                                                                           >Oct 19-Oct 30 Nat’l Ch’ship of Poker                     Hollywood Park Casino (AdPg 7), Inglewood (L.A.), CA
pain killers and I’ll say this for pain killers, they
                                                                           Oct 20-23       Bay 101 Open                              Bay 101, San Jose, CA
do their job. They kill that pain. But they also
                                                                           Oct 20-23       Autumn Tournament                         Grand Casino, Vilnius, Lithuania
impair caution, judgment, perception, and a few                            Oct 21-23       Deadwood Shootout                         Deadwood, SD
dozen other qualities upon which quality poker                             Oct 23-27       Doyle Brunson’s N. American Poker Ch’ship tBellagio, Las Vegas, NV
relies. I often found myself jumping online just                           Oct 24-27       Hitstars Poker Party                      Hit Casino, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
when the pain pills kicked in, because that’s                              Oct 26-30       Wild West Shootout                        Cash Casino, Calgary, AB, Canada
when I felt physically best. Can you imagine that                          Oct 27-30       The Irish Winter Tournament               Merrian Square Club, Dublin, Ireland
my results were not so good? Oh, I think you                               Oct 27-Nov 18   Foxwoods World Poker Finals               Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, CT
can.                                                                       >Nov 2-12       Fall Poker Roundup                        Wildhorse Resort Casino (AdPg 43), Pendleton, OR
                                                                           Nov 4-20        Holiday Bonus Tournament                  Commerce Casino, Commerce, CA
Third, don’t mix apples and ducks. My doc told                             Nov 5-12        MasterClassics of Poker                   Holland Casino, Amsterdam, Netherlands
me that my job was just to lie there and heal.                             >Nov 5-6        Scotty Nguyen Poker Challenge Cherokee Casino (AdPg 4), Tulsa, OK
I interpreted that as, “Lie there and heal, and                            >Nov 7-22       St Maartens Open                          Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, St Maarten
distract yourself with online poker, too.” I ended                         Nov. 9-22       World Series Event                        sParis/Bally’s Las Vegas, NV
up working at cross purposes to myself. Not                                Nov 13-20       The Hold’em Series                        Aviation Club de France, Paris, France
only did I play rat-part poker, I think the stress                         Nov 14-20       Northern Lights                           Grosvenor Casino, Blackpool, England
                                                                           Nov 16-20       Anniversary Tour                          Olympic Casino Latvia at Radisson SAS Hotel
of play actually slowed my recovery. Sometimes,
                                                                           Nov 21-27       Midland Masters                           Grosvenor Casino Walsall, Walsall, West Midlands, UK
“Just lie there and do nothing” is best interpret-
                                                                           Nov 23-27       Anniversary Tour                          Reval Park Hotel & Casino, Tallinn, Estonia
ed as, “Just lie there and do nothing.”
                                                                           Nov 23-27       Anniversary Tour 2005                     Olympic Casino Lietuva at Reval Hotel, Vilnius, Lithuania
                                                                           >Nov 24-Dec 11 Turkey Shoot/Ho Ho Hold’em Bicycle Casino (AdPg 3), Bell Gardens, CA
Fourth, good poker needs good rest. Though I                               Nov. 28-Dec. 9 World Series Event                         sShowboat, Atlantic City, NJ
spent all day in bed, and therefore should not                             Nov 29-Dec 18   Five Diamond World Poker Classic tBellagio, Las Vegas, NV
have been tired, I was also not sleeping well at                           Nov 30-Dec 5    Campionato Italiano di Poker              Hit Casino, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
night, because pain steals sleep, so I became                              Dec 1-4         Irish Christmas Poker Festival            Macau Sporting Club, Cork, Ireland
more and more exhausted with each passing                                  Dec 5-11        Christmas Cracker                         Grosvenor Casino Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
day. Again, not conducive to clarity of mind                               Dec 6-11        Christmas Tournament                      Astoria-Palace Club & Casino, Tallinn, Estonia
when clarity of mind is called for -- which it                             Dec 12-18       Helsinki Freezeout                        Grand Casino Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
always is in poker.                                                        Dec 16-20       Anniversary Tour 2005                     Olympic Casino Latvia @ Radison SAS Hotel, Riga, Latvia
                                                                           Dec 17-22       Heavyweight Championship of Poker Watch for venue announcement!
It’s an object lesson, friends: I had looked for-                          Jan. 5-26       World Series Event                        sGrand Casino Tunica, Robinsonville, MS
ward to this post-op period as a chance to                                 Jan. 20-22      Scandinavian Open                         eCasino Copenhagen (Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel), Denmark
really binge out on internet poker. After a while,                         Feb. 7-17       World Series Event                        sHarrah’s Atlantic City, NJ
though, I just quit altogether, because if I can’t                         Feb. 8-11       French Open                               eCasino Bairrere, Rue Edmond Blanc, Deauville, France
play the game well then I’d rather not play at all,                        March 8-11      EPT Grand Final                           eMonte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Monaco
and in this instance, the deck was stacked fully
in favor of crap-like play.

Think about this the next time you’re fighting
                                                                            POKER               World Poker Tour. Wednesdays
                                                                                                & Saturdays. (Check local listing for
                                                                                                times). Travel Channel.
                                                                                                                                                 E! Hollywood Hold’em.
                                                                                                                                                 Thursdays. 10:00 PM. E!
                                                                                                                                                 Southern California Poker
a cold, or feeling tired or grumpy, or otherwise
not entirely on your game. It’s always hard to                                ON                World Series of Poker. Tuesdays.
                                                                                                (Check local listing for times). ESPN.
                                                                                                                                                 Tour. Thursdays. 11:00 PM. KDOC.
                                                                                                                                                 Ultimate Poker Challenge.

play poker 100% well, but it’s almost impossible                                                Celebrity Poker Showdown.
when you’re not 100% well yourself.                                                                                                              Fridays & Saturdays. (check local listings
                                                                                                Oct. 5,6, 13-29, 31. (Check local listings for   for times/channels).
                                                                                                times). Bravo.
     [John Vorhaus is the author of Poker Night and                                                                                              European Poker Tour.
             the Killer Poker book series, and news                                             Poker Superstars Invitational.                   Wednesdays-Fridays. (check local list-
                 ambassador for]                                               Sundays. 8:00 PM. Fox Sports.                    ings for times). EuroSport.
46   P O K E R P L AY E R   O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m
             Play with the fish at the InterPoker Caribbean Poker Classic!
                                                         November 25th – December 4th, 2005.
                                                       Win your seat for FREE at InterPoker.
              Nine luxurious days in St. Kitts playing world-class poker for an estimated prize fund of $2,500,000!
             You can qualify for as little as $5 and could even take your seat for FREE – find out how at InterPoker!
                    Each seat package is worth $10,000 and includes your travel, hotel and tournament fees.
                               So, what are your waiting for? Play at InterPoker NOW!

                   OVER 18s ONLY.          TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS. *InterPoker will match your first deposit
                   INTERPOKER SUPPORTS     every month, dollar for dollar, from $25 up to $90 – that’s over $1000 every year!
                                                                                  Limit, 7-Card Stud, Limit      Poker challenge – a satel-       and Thursdays. Because
                                                                                   Hold ‘em, and Omaha 8 or      lite for the WSOP,” Chapin       the casino has 6 tables, the
                                                                                     Better, all with guaran-    says. “$200 entry fee with       maximum number of play-
                                                                                      teed cash prize pools of   as many people as we can         ers is 66. The entry is $5
                                                                                        $5000 to $15,000.        get. We play down to 50,         with $5 rebuys.
                                                                                             When asked          then playoff on Sunday for          “We also run a Saturday
                                                                                            “how’s business,”    the trip and divide up the       WSOP event,” Thompson
                                                                                              Don Chapin, live   rest of the money. We use        says. “Every Saturday you
                                                                                                games man-       the same structure and chip      get 1 point, then the top
                                                                                                  ager at the 4  amounts as the WSOP.”            10 is more points. In May,
                                                                                                   Bears Casino     The WSOP satellite isn’t      if you have 25 points, you
                                                                                                   & Lodge,      the only event run at the        playoff for the $25,000
                                                                                               replied “Super!   4 Bears. “Every year we          seat.”
                                                                                        Couldn’t be any better.” have a Winter Classic that          The WSOP event isn’t
                                                                                     “Of course, the biggest     lasts three days. A differ-      all the poker the Dakota
                                                                                  game is Texas Hold ‘em,        ent tournament
                                                                                  but we also offer Omaha        each day: two

       tates with a long his-           Trauman was fined $500                    Hi-Lo Split and 7-Card         Texas Hold’em
       tory of gaming, such             in late 2004 and promptly                 Stud,
       as North Dakota, once moved to Kentucky. Since
had poker rooms in the late
‘80s and early ‘90s. This
                                        then there have been very
                                        few online gambling
                                                                                  plus we
                                                                                  can deal
                                                                                             NORTH DAKOTA
                                                                                                       By Steve Horton
was before slot machines                charges throughout the U.S. games
and video poker had really              as states come to find they               – but these are the most       and one Omaha
taken hold; people went to              have little jurisdiction over             popular.” Chapin says.         Hi-Lo.” Chapin
casinos to play card games,             overseas online gambling                  “Generally, the biggest        says that the 4 Bears runs       Magic has to offer. “We
for the most part. These                operators. In fact, North                 game we have is a 10/20        a Summer Classic event as        have quarterly tournaments
poker rooms flourished in               Dakota seems to have done                 game, but we are exploring     well.                            that we hold in the conven-
those days. When electronic an about-face. The state                              other limits that the gaming      Chapin doesn’t see            tion center – the next one’s
gambling arrived, these                 house of representatives                  commission will let us try,    poker’s popularity declin-       in November,” Thompson
poker rooms shrunk or even passed legislation in March                            like a 1/2 game with a $50     ing anytime soon. “I don’t       says. “We have 20 tables
closed altogether, and it’s             2005 to legalize online                   spread.”                       think it’s going to get any      set up for that. The July
only now that the tradition             gambling. Confident that                     The twelve-year-old         less than it is now,” he says.   event was 5 days, but this
is returning. It’s almost like          the proposal would not vio- poker room at the 4 Bears                    “Coverage of poker on TV         November’s will be 4 days.
                                                                                                                 is going to keep going. It       It’s a $120 buy-in with no
  Poker Rooms in North Dakota                                                                                    might level off, but it won’t    rebuys, and $230 buy-in
  # ON                                              OPEN          # OF                          HIGH
  MAP CASINO                  CITY                 HOURS         TABLES       GAMES       NL? LIMITS S/NS HOTEL  decline at all.”                 with no rebuts on the final
                                                                                                                    Misty Thompson, poker         day.” Thompson says that
   1    Sky Dancer Hotel                      Mon-Fri 6p-2a,
                              Belcourt                              5       N,L,O,RbyR     Y 2/10s      S    Y   room manager at the Dakota       the final-day event is not a
        & Casino                                Sat-Sun 2p
   2    Dakota Magic Casino Hankinson         Mon-Thurs 4p,                                                      Magic Casino & Hotel,            qualifying event, but just
                                                                    5        N.L,RbyR      Y 5/20s NS        Y   says of the casino’s poker       has a higher buy-in.
        & Hotel                                  Fri-Sun 2p
   3    4 Bears Casino                          Tues-Fri 7p,                                                     business: “Good! It’s really        Thompson also believes
                              New Town                              4      N,L,O(HL),7     Y 10/20      S    Y
        & Lodge                                 Sat-Sun 10a                                                      picked up because of TV. A       in the future of poker.
   4    Spirit Lake Casino    St. Michael   Mon-Thurs 7p-2a,       10      N,L,O,7,RbyR    Y 25/50 S/NS Y
                                                                                                                 lot of our tournaments usu-      “They are getting younger
        & Resort                               Fri-Sun 1p-2a                                                     ally fill up.”                   compared to how it used to
        S/NS – Poker room allows smoking (S), non-smoking (NS) or both (B)                                          According to Thompson,        be,” she says. “It’ll probably
        Days open, hours of operation, games offered and tables may vary                                         the Dakota Magic runs            still keep expanding since
                                                                                                                 two No-Limit Hold’em             there are so many younger
they’re getting the band                late federal law, lawmakers               has undergone quite a few      tournaments on Tuesdays          players playing.”
back together.                          would have to amend the                   changes in the last couple of
   Legalized gambling in                state constitution as well as             years. “Before the big poker
North Dakota began earlier              get around the (possibly-                 boom, it was coasting along.
than some states: in 1981,              irrelevant) federal Wire Act              It was just there,” Chapin
the North Dakota Heritage               of 1961, which prevents                   says. He says that years ago,
Center opened and charity               sports betting by telephone. the poker room was doing
gambling was legalized.                    There are four casinos in              well, but it had been in a
Though many forms of                    North Dakota that offer live downswing until the poker
gambling would eventu-                  poker, all on different res-              explosion. “Tournaments
ally be legal in the state, its         ervations. The Spirit Lake                are full. Every day we’re
citizens voted against a state is on Devils Lake in the                           open, we have business.”
lottery in 1986, the first              northeast; the Sky Dancer                    Chapin says that the
state to do so. Voters would is way up north, close to                            demographic has changed
later change their mind in              the Canadian border; the                  as well. “We still have our
2002.                                   Dakota Magic is in the                    seasoned players, but there’s
   In 1988, gambling was                southeastern corner of the                an abundance of younger
legalized on reservations               state; and the 4 Bears is to              players,” he says. “We’re
when the Indian Gaming                  the west, by the Missouri                 seeing new players all the
Regulatory Act was passed. River.                                                 time, and they become
There are now dozens of                    The Spirit Lake Casino & regulars after awhile. We
casinos across the state.               Resort is just now kicking                have more tournaments
   North Dakota is also                 off their poker festival for              than we used to – one a day,
home to the very first per-             the 12th year in a row. The               Tuesday through Saturday.”
son charged and convicted               Dakotah Jim Dandy Poker                      The 4 Bears has also been
for online gambling. Based              Festival runs Oct. 5 to 9 and home to some special poker
on an ancient statute put on            features five days and four               events. “Twice last year,
the books in 1913, Jeffrey              different poker games: No                 we had the World Series of
48   P O K E R P L AY E R    O C TO B E R 1 7, 2 0 0 5   w w w. p o ke r p l a y e r n e w s p a p e r. c o m Says Thank You
PokerStars would like to thank the 19,727 players who competed in this
year’s World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). You have officially                 pionship of

                                                                                  d Cham
set a new record for the world’s largest online poker tournament.

                                                                                                               line Pok
In addition to being the largest online tournament ever, the $12,783,900

prize pool makes the 2005 WCOOP the 3rd largest poker event of the year,                                   er
only the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour Championship
awarded more prize money.

Congratulations to the new World Champions of Online Poker:
 CHAMPION                      EVENT                 ENTRIES     PRIZE POOL             WINNER'S SHARE*
 Snow Leopard      No-Limit Hold 'em                    3062      $1,531,000                     $306,200
 MR32              Pot-Limit Omaha (rebuys)              973       $499,600                      $102,422
 ImoneyBling       No-Limit Hold 'em Match Play         1024       $204,800                        $35,720
 luckyfire4        Pot-Limit Hold'em 6/Table            2345       $469,000                        $67,367
 genoa_st          No-Limit Hold 'em (rebuys)           2146      $1,041,200                     $187,166
 ActionJeff        Limit Hold 'em                       1781       $356,200                        $50,000
 kwil20            Pot-Limit Hold 'em                   1185       $592,500                      $114,000
 VikingVI          No-Limit Hold 'em                    1790      $1,790,000                     $316,638
 SUPERTYR          Seven Card Stud                       622       $186,600                        $35,733
 Acey-Deucey       No-Limit Hold 'em Shootout            635       $700,000                      $150,026
 musher            Limit Omaha High/Low                  735       $367,500                        $81,289
 Bunsen            Seven Card Stud High/Low              529       $264,500                        $66,125
 Spawng            Pot-Limit Omaha                       720       $360,000                        $66,787
 DietDrPoker       Limit Hold 'em                        686       $686,000                      $139,799
 Panella86         No-Limit Hold 'em                    1494      $3,735,000                     $577,342
                                                                         *Winner's share reflects final table deals, if any

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