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					Established in 1993, Capital Airlines is a Kenyan registered company
that is licensed, by the Civil Aviation Board of Kenya, to operate non-
scheduled air services within and out of Kenya based at Wilson Airport,

We have a dedicated staff with a wealth of experience when it comes
to flying in Sub-Saharan Africa.

All aircraft maintenance at Capital
Airlines is accomplished by associ-
ate company Phoenix Aviation Ltd.
specializing in piston, turbo-prop and
biz jet maintenance.
  We specialize in customized Regional and International Air Charters

Humanitarian Relief Flights
The main focus of Capital Airlines' current
operation. Whatever the crisis, when time
is of the essence and your organisation
requires emergency relief transportation,
call us at any time. We operate a fast
round-the-clock operation with dedicated
personnel, 24 hours a day 365 days a
year. We have provided services and expertise for ECHO Flight, UN-
CAS, ICRC, CARE Int., International Medical Corp, UNICEF and AM-
REF to name a few.

                          Medivac & Air Ambulance Services
                          We can provide custom built Medivac aircraft
                          for all types of air ambulance missions to any-
                          where in Africa, Europe and the Middle East
                          to ensure that patients are transferred as
                          smoothly as possible.

Air Cargo
Moving cargo around Sub-Saharan Africa is a complex af-
fair, we can arrange freight aircraft of varying sizes to meet
your load requirements.

            The ultimate utility aircraft for almost any use.
                        Seating capacity - 12
                  Typical cruising speed - 340 Km/h
                       Typical range - 1900 Km

            If you're in a hurry, this jet can get you where
             you need to be fast and in supreme comfort.
                           Seating capacity - 7
                  Typical cruising speed - 650 Km/h
                        Typical range - 2500 Km

           With three King Airs at our disposal, we can con-
            figure the aircraft to meet your exact require-
             Seating capacity - 7 executive/10 commuter
                  Typical cruising speed - 485 Km/h
                       Typical range - 2200 Km

               Small and light twin ideal for short hops.
                         Seating capacity - 5
                 Typical cruising speed - 290 Km/h
                      Typical range - 1600 Km
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any
questions or if you would like a quote for your upcom-
ing charter.

You can reach us by phone, fax, mail or by email. If
you would like to visit us, our offices are located at Wil-
son Airport - once in the main gate, turn right and fol-
low the signs.

       General Info                       
       Charter Flights                    
       Air Cargo                          
       Humanitarian & Relief              
       Medivac & Medical                  

Tel:                                                (+254) 20 603357
                                                    (+254) 20 602984
                                                    (+254) 20 602985
Mobile:                                             (+254) 722-823954

Fax:                                                (+254) 20 607902
                                                    (+254) 20 245023

Postal Address:                                     Capital Airlines Ltd.
                                                    PO Box 49232
                                                    00100 Nairobi

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