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									     The Retail Orphan Initiative
   has been organized to raise awareness
and bring real solutions to help the more than
 400 Million vulnerable children worldwide.
 3 Primary Goals of the Retail Orphan Initiative
1. To raise awareness to the needs of 400 Million Vulnerable
2. To work with and encourage retailers, vendors and
   manufacturers to create internal programs to help with
   orphan/foster care
   •   Mentors, no-interest loans for adoptions, overstocks, back to school drives

3. To fund existing charities that are on the forefront of
   orphan/foster care worldwide.
   • Grants that can double or triple existing work
                RetailROI Groundwork
• Birthed out of the passion and work of Paul Singer, CIO,
• Meeting between Paul and Greg Buzek at Oracle
  OpenWorld 9/08
• Calls and Discussions 10/08
• RetailROI Formed 11/15/2008
• Press Release 12/9/2008
• First face to face meeting 1/11/2009
• First Fundraisers January 2010
               RetailROI – Board of Advisors
• Donor Trustees
   • Paul Singer – fmr CIO Target, Supervalu
   • Marc Millstein – President RetailConnections
   • Greg Buzek – President IHL Group
• Board of Advisors - Retailers
   •   Timothy Kasbe – CIO Sears Holdings
   •   Ed Collupy – VP IT The Pantry
   •   Robert Fort – VP IT Guitar Center
   •   Steve Bozzo – CIO 1-800 Flowers
   •   Vickie Cantrell – CIO/COO Tory Burch
   •   Giri Durbakhula – VP IT Charlotte Russe
   •   Steve Katsirubas – CIO Clarks Companies NA
   •   Steve Biondo – VP HR Family Christian Stores
             RetailROI – Board of Advisors
• Board of Advisors – Vendors/Analysts
  •   Verlin Youd – SVP Trading SAP
  •   Paula Paravecchio – EMEA Managing Dir. Microsoft
  •   Jeff Roster – Research VP Gartner
  •   Jeff Ketner – President Ketner Group
  •   Barry Wise – Founder Wise Retail
  •   Cathy Hotka – Cathy Hotka Associates
  •   Rose Spicer – Sr Director Retail Marketing Oracle
  •   Virginia Dickens – President Visions Advertising
  •   Cathy Marder – Assoc. Publisher Edgell Communications
  •   Ryan Sorley – VP Retail Strategies AMR Research
  •   Ravi Bagal – VP Retail and Distribution Verizon Business
  •   Kevin Sterneckert – Research Director Retail AMR Research
  •   Diana McHenry – Director Global Retail – SAS Institute Inc.
             RetailROI - Structure
• Sub-Fund under The Giving Back Fund
  • Provides 501 (c) status
  • Low administration costs ($18k for year)
  • Dormant until funds are raised
  • Provides for foundations for athletes and
    entertainers (Ben Roethlisberger, Jalen Rose, Shane
    Battier, Carlos Boozer, John Thompson, Nancy
    Kerrigan, Yao Ming)
  • Leverage relationships and experience
        Why Retail is the perfect vehicle
• US Consumer – 20% of world economy
   • Extraordinary influence around the world through
     supply chain relationships.
• Retail touches consumers every week.
• One of largest employer bases in the world
• A small portion of transactions can add up fast.
• RetailROI SuperSaturday
   • 108 attendees
   • CIOs representing 107,000 stores
• Silent Auction at Retail Insider’s Party
• Raised $115,000 ($98k net)
   • $80,000 distributed in grants
 Real Return – What Can $1,000 Do?
Rescues 1 child off the streets
– clothes, educates, feeds, provides medical care
in group home of 15 with 4 adult caregivers
   …for a year.

Help the adoption of 8 children over 20 years
– Turns into $32,000 through no-interest loans,
matching donations from family/friends
– essentially the adoption becomes a charity
                   4 stories of grants being sent so far
Adoption.                                                  Old picture here,
These kids                                                 but in conjunction
came home                                                  with this Safe
from Ethiopia                                              House, ROI funds
to US Family                                               being used to
with the help of                                           create border
a grant from                                               station to rescue
RetailROI                                                  women/children in
through                                                    trafficking in Nepal

                                                            Through Warm
Pay for 9
                                                            Blankets, ROI
children to be
                                                            funds being used
rescued from
                                                            to hire Haitian
the streets of
                                                            workers to build
Cambodia and
                                                            new orphan
placed in a
                                                            homes, thus
group home for
                                                            providing jobs and
a year.
                                                            safe housing.
Here at Home - Real Return – What Can $1,000 Do?

Save a Family and Over $1 Million Savings to Society
-   Avg. cost per child in state custody ($78,000 )
-   80% of foster kids become parents themselves by age 20
      - 2-3 children on average by 22, with no extended family support
      - 90% chance of being on public assistance for up to 20 yrs or more
-   75% of all US inmates are former foster children

-   Yet 50% sent to state custody for temporary circumstances at home
      - short term jail, surgery, temporary homelessness, drug treatments

           But what if there was a Safety Net?
Safe Families provides a partnership between stable “Safe” families
and an “at risk” family.
-   Outside of the “foster” system (but often with their support)
-   Mom or dad retains legal custody
-   Partnership or Co-Parenting (not an adoption program)
-   Safe Family gets temporary pwr of attorney for medical and education
-   Volunteer families are unpaid. $1,000 investment pays for screening.
-   Avg in-home placement is a 5 yr old for 45 days.
-   85% of children return to stronger families with safety net vs 15% in state
      - 97% kept from going into State Custody

      Long-term (safety net and mentoring relationship created)
-   Started 5 years ago in Chicago area by Lydia Home Project.
-   In last 2 years over 1,200 children placed in Chicago area alone.
-   In 2009 started in Indy, Atlanta, Southern California, and South Florida.
-   In 2010 starting in Nashville, Minneapolis, Tampa, Orlando)
-   Franchise model (no fees), run by state authorized organizations
      - Olive Crest (Southern California, Oregon, Washington)
      - 4Kids of South Florida (Miami, FLL, Palm Beach)
      - Bethany Christian Services (Nashville, ATL, Chattanooga, Orlando,
      - Lydia Home (Chicago area, Minneapolis, Indianapolis)

Our opportunity? To fund the startups across the country
RetailROI Grants thus far – 45k
- To fund start in Nashville, Minneapolis, and Miami/FLL
- To continue the work in Chicago
- The opportunity is to spread this across the country.
     -  in first 4 months in FLL, 800 families signed up to be volunteer Safe
        Families and take children in. But need funding for home studies,
        background checks, fingerprint checks, etc.
     - Child experts believe that over the next 20 years, 50% of the children
        currently going into state systems can be prevented with program.
     - Without it, numbers from 520k today to 1.7 million by 2030
RetailROI can make a HUGE difference by being seed funding to start programs
   3 Primary Goals of the Retail Orphan Initiative
1. To raise awareness to needs of 400 Million Vulnerable Children
2. To work with and encourage retailers, vendors and
   manufacturers to create internal programs to help with
   orphan/foster care
   •   Mentors, no-interest loans for adoptions, overstocks, back to school drives, adopt
       a home

3. To fund existing charities that are on the forefront of
   orphan/foster care worldwide.
   • Grants that can double or triple existing work
                Raise Awareness
• Get the stats out to people in the industry
   • PowerPoint Templates
   • Mass video email campaign using popular retail
     technology people
   • Trade events/Trade Publications
   • “the Good News in Retail”
   • Social Media (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter)
   • Buttons, cards, elevator pitch.
• Enlist famous adoptive parents or adoptees…
      Help Companies Create Internal Programs
• Mentors for Foster Kids
   • Be the one adult who doesn’t change in a child’s life.
   • Takes 4-7 hours a month
• No-interest loans/grants to employees who adopt
• Maternity benefits to adoptive/foster parents
   • Adoptive parents often need more time than birth parents to adjust to
     new child because of existing issues
• Life-skills training for foster kids/orphans
   • Financial training, how to be good employee, cooking, integrity, micro-
     businesses, how to buy a car, put on makeup, get an apartment
    Help Companies Create Internal Programs
• Back-to-school drives for orphans/foster kids
   • Supplies, clothing, and even diapers are huge needs retail can meet for
     the foster system.
• Utilize your organization’s core competencies
   • Building materials – construction/repairs for children’s homes.
     Clothing, school/office supplies, books, children’s toys, logistics,
     computers, S/W.
• Donate overstocks intelligently to help provide needs
  for orphanages/foster kids
   • RetailROI building a database of children’s charities to help streamline
     this process.
    Help Companies Create Internal Programs
• Work with suppliers in China/India to support orphan
  related causes locally
   • Over half the world’s orphans live in the countries that “supply” Retail
• Engage your local community/Brainstorm
   • This is not about building a big charity
          Support “feet on street” charities
• Provide grants to charities where real work is done
   • Focus on entrepreneurial charities
   • Hand ups, not just hand outs – provide hope via resources/training or
     safety net.
   • Where grants can double or triple the work, not just cover admin or
     advertising costs
   • Give 90% + away every year – get the money working
• Bring the “World is Flat” mentality to Orphan Care
   • Lowering the cost, broadening the global reach
                     Fundraising in 2010
•   RetailROI SuperSaturday
•   RetailROI Auction at Retail Insiders Party
•   Online Auction March 1-9th
•   Matching Donations from Companies/Foundations
•   Round-Up for Orphans at the POS
    • Allow consumers to round their transactions to the nearest $, Euro
    • Work with POS S/W groups to underwrite any software changes
    • A penny or two a transaction really adds up fast

    Financial Goal is to raise $1M this year, give $940k away
                  Where We Need Help
• Donations (personal and corporate/foundations)
   • Work to get ROI available for corporate match for donations
• Become a company advocate
   • Work to drive RoundUp or other fundraiser (TekServePOS)
   • Work with HR on Mentoring program (or Other activities within
     your company.)
• Help spread the word in the Industry
   • Twitter, Facebook, Presentations, Brochures, Ads, Buttons
• Work with RetailROI Committees
   • Events, Messaging, Corporate Donations, Branded Products,
     Hospitality, Charity Database, Website
“There is one thing stronger than
   all the armies in the world,
        and that is an idea
     whose time has come.”
             – Victor Hugo
Retail can make a HUGE Difference

  YOU can make the difference

  Will you get involved?
Thank You, Thank You

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