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            M ARYLAND                                                                                Community

            C OMMUNITY                                                                       Connections Volume 13-2

                                                                                                   December 2008
            C ONNECTION                                                                    A Not for Profit Serving Individuals
                                                                                             with Developmental Disabilities

Holiday Greetings from our Executive Director
         The holiday season      believe that by uniting par-
is now upon us and this          ticipants, employers and the
time of year our thoughts        community we can create
turn to family, remem-           successes.                                                            Inside this issue:
brances of seasons past and               Maryland Commu-
hope for the economy and                                                                               Successes                  2
                                 nity Connection’s Board of
the future. 2009 looks to be     Directors, staff and volun-                                           National Disability
an exciting year of transfor-    teers work tirelessly to in-                Here's wishing you        Employment Awareness
mation for Maryland Com-         crease opportunities for in-        and yours a joyful, healthy
                                                                                                       Food and Toy Drive         4
munity Connection.               dividuals with developmen-          holiday season and peace in
                                                                     the coming year.                  Year End Appeal            5
         We are confident        tal disabilities. Thank you
that with your support our       for all you do to help us                                             Art Showcase               6
efforts together will bring      promote the independence            Sincerely,
                                                                                                       7th Year Anniversary       7
real change and even more        of individuals with develop-
improvement in the lives of      mental disabilities of all          André Burno Coates                Winter Dance               8

individuals with develop-        ages.                                                                 New Jobs                   8
mental disabilities. We truly                                                                          TY Graduation              9
                                                                                                       SunTrust & Mystics         9

Ask Me! Project                                                                                        MACS Conference            10

                                                                                                       Welcome New Staff and
        On November 18,          are people with developmen-        their first-hand understand-                               10
                                                                                                       New Additions to Family
and 19, Maryland Commu-          tal disabilities. Annually,        ing of disabilities and ser-
                                                                                                       Birthdays                  11
nity participated in the ASK     about 1400 people are sur-         vices.
ME Project Survey.               veyed about their quality of                 We are extremely         Health Corner              12
        Ask Me! is a Con-        life and satisfaction with ser-    proud that over twenty indi-       Family Fun & Fitness Day 13
sumer Quality of Life Survey     vices. The survey issues state-    viduals participated in the        Important Dates            14
administered by The Arc of       wide findings and recom-           survey.
Maryland for the Maryland        mendations to DDA.                          A special thanks goes
Developmental Disabilities                Ask Me! is based on       to the surveyors, and Angela
Administration (DDA). All        the belief that persons with       Graham, Director of Con-
community programs li-           developmental disabilities         sumer Services for their ef-
censed by the State DDA          able to elicit more meaning-       forts to make the survey
participate in the survey. The   ful responses from those re-       process a success.
survey interviews people who     ceiving services than tradi-
receive services. Interviews     tional surveyors, as a result of

                  “Helping individuals with developmental disabilities achieve their goals”
                                Connections Volume 13-2                                                    Page 2

           How You Can Help Achieve Continued Success

       Individuals with                                                  Success in the Community
  developmental disabilities

 Success in the Workplace

                                                                              GIVE SUCCESS A CHANCE!



 Individuals with developmental disabilities are significantly limited in their capacity to
 participate fully in work, education, family, or community life because they have a                 MARYLAND
 physical, cognitive, or emotional condition that requires accommodations. Individuals               COMMUNITY
 with developmental disabilities live with restrictions. Your donation helps
 overcome these barriers. In fact, thanks to you we work diligently to ensure the
 success of individuals with developmental disabilities in our community to overcome
WWW.MARYLANDCOMMUNITYCONNECTION.ORG                                                           “Helping individuals with
                                                                                              developmental disabilities
                              301-583-0358                                                       achieve their goals”
                       Connections Volume 13-2                                              Page 3

Employers recognized for
National Disability Employment Awareness Month
       October was National               Those
Disability Employment             attending were
Awareness Month. The theme        appreciative of
for Disability Awareness Month,   the lavish
October 2008 was "America’s       breakfast
People ..America’s Talent         buffet,
...America’s Strength!"           prepared by
         In 1988, Congress        Community
enacted a law declaring October Connection
"National Disability              staff. Special
Employment Awareness              thanks goes to
Month." The recognition for the André Coates,
month enhances public             Kimblyn
awareness of those with           Snyder, and Angela
disabilities and encourages their Graham. Special
full integration into the         thanks also to Angie
workforce.                        Amey, Community
                                  Specialist, who was
                                  the waffle maker
                                   participants are
                                   looking for              Rising Generations Child Care Center
                                   employers to give
                                   them an opportunity to be
                                   productive employees and
        On Friday, October 31,     become taxpayers. If you
2008 from 7:30 am - 9:00 am,       would like more
Employers joined Maryland          information about MCC’s
Community Connection for a         Supported Employment
celebratory breakfast as we        Program or are ready to
celebrated the contributions that hire one of MCC’s
individuals with disabilities make participants, please
to the workforce and the           contact, André Burno
employers that recognize their     Coates at 301-583-0358.
efforts as valuable employees.
                                                                Helping Hands Adult Day Care Center
                      Connections Volume 13-2                                          Page 4

Food and Toy Drive 2008
       Maryland Community Connection                     Our next
needs everyone to support our Food Basket          drive will take
and Toy Drive. MCC will be issuing needy           place on
families with individuals with disabilities food   Thursday,
baskets during the Thanksgiving and                December 18,
Christmas holidays and new toys for the            2008 from 9:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.
Christmas holiday for the 5th consecutive
                                                  MCC’s Wish List
       MCC encourages our readers that are •Non-Perishable Food Items
more fortunate than others to give from their •Gift Certificates from Grocery Stores
heart. It is not uncommon to see individuals (Families to purchase perishable items)
with disabilities living below the poverty level. •New Toys (unwrapped)
We believe it is the responsibility of the        •Books, Coloring Books and Crayons
fortunate to help those in need whenever          •New unwrapped gifts for Teenagers (CDs,
possible.                                         Movie Tickets, Walkmans, Gloves, Hats, etc.)

                              Thursday, December 18, 2008
                                    9:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.
                                   6490 Landover Road
                                         Suite A-4
                               Landover, Maryland 20785
                          Contact: André Coates (301) 583-0358

                                                          MCC will also accept monetary
       MCC kicked off the Holiday Season           donations to purchase holiday gifts and food
with our Food Basket and Toy Drive where           items and we will issue receipts for all
our supporters and readers dropped off
                                                   donations for tax purposes.
donations at our Administrative Offices at
6490 Landover Road, Suite A-4, Landover,                 MCC encourages all our readers to join
Maryland on Thursday, November 13, 2008.           us on December 18, for our Food Basket and
Twenty-five families with individuals with         Toy Drive or make a tax-deductible donation
developmental disabilities were the recipients     on our web site at
of the drive held in November.           
                          Connections Volume 13-2                                                                                              Page 5

                         Giving Back to The Community
                             MCC’s Year End Appeal
         It’s that time of the year         years, we have realized many                                  contribution will go a long way
when we are preparing to file our           noteworthy accomplishments and                                towards ensuring Maryland
taxes. If you're like most people,          we remain committed to                                        Community Connection can enter
you do your major giving towards            continuing the services we provide                            2009 on positive footing. Every
the end of the year. Many are pre-          to the individuals with                                       dollar brings us closer to our
disposed to end the year by making          developmental disabilities in our                             mission of helping individuals with
a charitable gift. Now is an                community. We continue to                                     developmental disabilities achieve
excellent opportunity to contribute         provide comprehensive year-round                              their goals.
to MCC to make a difference in              services in Supported                                                  Please take a moment to
the lives of individuals with               Employment, Individual Support                                show your support of Maryland
disabilities.                               Services, and Community                                       Community Connection by making
        We have accomplished                Supported Living Arrangements                                 a donation today. You can also
much during 2008. This year has             for our program participants                                  visit us on the web at
been truly amazing for Maryland             through innovative programs                         
Community Connection and we                 including the Transitioning Youth                             and make a secure online donation.
want to continue to provide quality         Life & Employability Skills
                                                                                                                  On behalf of the Maryland
services to individuals with                Program.
                                                                                                          Community Connection program
developmental disabilities but we                   Now is your chance to let                             participants, staff, Board of
can only do that with your help.            us know if you have been inspired                             Directors and volunteers, Thank
       During the past seven                or informed by the work we do.                                You.
                                            Your year-end financial

                                                                                                 Donation Card
                                                                                         Support Maryland Community Connection
                                     Maryland Community Connection is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2001 dedicated to assisting
                                     individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve a greater degree of social and economic independence.
                                     Annually, staff and volunteers work diligently to ensure the success of this organization.

                                         Yes, I want to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and support Maryland
                                     Community Connection by donating the following:
                                                        Enclosed, is my tax-deductible donation to Maryland Community Connection for:

  CFC #81345                                              $10    $25   $50    $100    Other $ _________

                                           Phone Number:
                           A copy of the current financial statement of Maryland Community Connection is available by writing 6490 Landover Road Suite A9
        #7174              Landover, Maryland 20785 or by calling (301) 583-0358. Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitations Act are
                           also available, for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis MD 21401, (410) 974-
                       Connections Volume 13-2                                                      Page 6

MCC Participants Success at
Art Showcase
       Congratulations to                       James sat at the table
EvaMarie Anthony and James              with DDA Director, Michael
Roach who each submitted a              Chapman, and James was
piece for the Resource                  excited to introduce his MCC
Connections of Prince George’s          staff, Abey Thomas, to all.           James Roach completes the sale of his
County Art Showcase on                                                        artwork to Joyce Sims
October 25, 2008.
        Both EvaMarie and
James were given certificates of
recognition. The showcase was
a great success and James sold
his art to Joyce Sims, Program
Director of Resource
Connections. EvaMarie instead
choose to keep her art for                                                    James Roach and Bea Rodgers, Executive
                                          Abey Thomas, Michael Chapman, and
future viewings.                          James Roach.
                                                                                Director of Resource Connections of
                                                                                      Prince George’s County

Latasha Stocks
        It saddens Maryland Community
Connection to inform our readers that
Latasha Stocks (MCC’s CSLA participant)
passed away after a long fight with kidney
disease. Our prayers go out to the Stocks’
        Latasha was born December 23,
1981 in Prince George's County,
Maryland. She was the only child of Alice
Elaine and Willie Stocks Jr. She was a fine
young woman and she will truly be missed
by all.
        We want to especially thank
Shenekwa Mott (MCC’s Community
Specialist) who always was a strong
advocate for Latasha and worked to keep
Latasha’s spirits up during her time of
                          Connections Volume 13-2                                                 Page 7

Maryland Community Connection
Celebrates 7th Year Anniversary
       November 27, 2008, marks       disabilities.                       deciding
the 7th year anniversary of                                               about how to
                                             For those of us who are
Maryland Community Connection.                                            make a
                                      involved in Maryland Community
MCC is a non-profit 501(c)(3)                                             difference in the lives of others-
                                      Connection, we are extremely
organization formed in 2001 by                                            consider Maryland Community
                                      grateful. We have the opportunity
André Burno Coates and                                                    Connection.
                                      to make a difference on our jobs,
Kimblyn Snyder, who both have
                                      in our everyday lives, and in our          Maryland Community
family members with
                                      volunteer experiences. Often many   Connection will continue to focus
developmental disabilities.
                                      of us make the resolution to do     on our mission. We will continue
Maryland Community Connection
                                      something different-to make a       to strive to help individuals with
was established with the mission
                                      change in someone’s life.           developmental disabilities achieve
of assisting individuals with
                                      Maryland Community Connection       their goals.
developmental disabilities to
                                      is our chance. What we do
achieve a greater degree of social                                               Please join us on
                                      through Maryland Community
and economic independence.                                                December 5, 2008, from 7:30
                                      Connection matters!
                                                                          am—9:30 am as we celebrate
      Maryland Community
                                             We continue to be excited    our 7th year of providing
Connection provides Supported
                                      to work with a group of people      services to individuals with
Employment (SE), Family
                                      who change lives. If you are new    developmental disabilities with
Individual Support Services
                                      to the organization, welcome. If    a breakfast buffet. Breakfast is
(FISS), and Community Supported
                                      you have participated in this       free for those that drop off a
Living Arrangements (CSLA) for
                                      organization for a number of        new toy, gift or donation for
individuals with developmental
                                      years, thank you! If you are        MCC Food and Toy Drive.

“Tanks” to Staff
        On September 22, 2008,                           Maryland
all Maryland Community Connec-                           Community
tion employees received a free                           Connection is
tank of gas as a thank you for                           extremely ap-
their hard work and dedication.                          preciative for           It was a
Each tank was filled by André                            the hard work    pleasure to provide
Coates, Executive Director.                              and dedica-      this benefit to
                                                         tion that our    staff.
        Special thanks to the Shell
staff who also rewarded staff with
a free soda.
                         Connections Volume 13-2                                                Page 8

                                   Winter Dance
                        Saturday, D ecem ber 13, 2008
                                       6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
                                M arlow Com m unity Center
                                   2800 St. Clair D rive
                               M arlow H eights, M D 20748
                                    MCC Participant Dinner & Dance
                    Maryland Community Connection participants are admitted free!
           Non-Maryland Community Connection participants $15.00. Call for tickets 301-583-0358.
                          Make Check Payable to Maryland Community Connection.
                                      RSVP BY DECEMBER 5, 2008
                               No money accepted after December 5, 2008
                                  No parent or children’s room is available.

MCC Participants Recognized                                           New Jobsites
                                                                         Maryland Community Connection
for Helping Hands
                                                                      would like to congratulate the follow-
    Job Well Done! Everett Kegler and Isaiah Johnson were             ing individuals for obtaining and
recently recognized for their contributions at Helping Hands          maintaining employment in the com-
Adult Day Care Center.
                                                                                  David Anyaoha
                                                                                 Shayana Hawkins
                                                                                   Shaun Savoy
                                                                                Ann Washington
                                                                      Thanks to Dollar Tree, Ross, and
                                                                      Target for recognizing that individuals
                                   Isaiah Johnson proudly             with developmental disabilities have
Everett Kegler poses beside
                                   accepts a certificate for          valuable contributions to make to the
a tribute for his hard work.
                                   his accomplishments.               workforce.
                                Connections Volume 13-2                                                                          Page 9

 Transitioning Youth Life & Employability Skills
 Training Graduation
    Congratulations to the participants        Elizabeth Burley, Prince George’s County Public
of the Transitioning Youth Life &                                    Schools
                                               Howard Burnett, Prince George’s County / Office
Employability Skills Training Program                       of the County Executive
who were honored in a celebration on           André Coates, Maryland Community Connection
Thursday, August 21, 2008 at the John                  Jan Dethloff, Resource Connections
E. Feggans Center.                                  Desiree Griffin-Moore, Prince George's
                Graduates                                   Community Foundation
                                                   Tasha Johnson, Ardmore Enterprises Inc.
             David Anyaoha                            Sharon Julius, Maryland Division of
              Donald Boone                                   Rehabilitation Services
               Floyd Butler                    Shaun McGill, New Horizons Supported Services
             Michael Downs                     Suzie Miller, Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Three graduates who are now working in paid
                                                                     Services                    positions, Ann Washington, Shaun Savoy, and
               Cameron Joy                     Mac Ramsey, The Arc of Prince George’s County David Anyaoha.
               Artie Luckett                       E. Kim Rhim, The Training Source, Inc.
           Ademola Odeniyide                         Bea Rodgers, Resource Connections
              Chantel Queen                    Carol Haig, Maryland Division of Rehabilitation
               Shaun Savoy                       Christine Varga, The Arc of Prince George’s
            Ann Washington                        John Whittle, Developmental Disabilities
             Nikia Williams                    Administration Maryland Department of Health
                                                              & Mental Hygiene
Committee Members & Supporters                   Ron Wiles, Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute of
  Vanessa Antrum, Developmental Disabilities                  Catholic Charities
               Administration                                                                      André Coates presents awards to committee

 SunTrust makes attending Mystic Game Possible
                SunTrust Bank                  developmental disabilities and their
                generously donated             families have had the social
                tickets to their sky           environment of the school system for
                suite to see the               21 years. Upon leaving the school
 Washington Mystics play.                      system, there may not be an organized
 A special thanks goes to Holly                system for socialization and
 Shelton, Senior Vice President, Not           community providers like Maryland
 For Profit Banking Group of                   Community Connection who provide
 SunTrust Bank, for making this                opportunities for socialization and
 possible.                                     community activities.
                                                                                                  Everett Kegler, Zainab Fagge, Latasha Harper,
         Attending the game were                        Individuals sometimes must                and EvaMarie Anthony

 program participants, EvaMarie                make their own pathways for
                                                                                                  And even though the Mystics lost to
 Anthony,         Harper,
 Anthony Latasha Harper Everett                socialization, and community
                                                                                                 the Minnesota Lynx, all truly enjoyed
 Kegler and Zainab Fagge along with            inclusion is a critical goal for success.
                                                                                                 the experience of the game from the
 Kimblyn Snyder, Deputy Director.              SunTrust has been a valuable resource
                                                                                                 luxury box.
                                               for making choices and experiences
         It is important to remember           possible for individuals with
 that many individuals with                    developmental disabilities.
                      Connections Volume 13-2                                                    Page 10

2008 MACS Conference                                                         Get Well
     André Coates and                                                            Maryland Community
Kimblyn Snyder attended                                                      Connection would like to
the 2008 Maryland                                                            wish a speedy recovery to
Association of Community                                                     participants, Don Wilson and
Services (MACS) Fall                                                         Eric Gresham.
Conference on August 13-15,
2008 at the Gaylord National
Resort & Convention Center.       André Coates, Michael Chapman, and Laura
     The conference presented     Howell, Executive Director of MACS
a great opportunity for
training and networking with
our peers. Workshops
included Employment First,
Autism, The Carrot Culture, and
The Closing Plenary, was an
introduction the new Director
of DDA, Michael
                                  Kimblyn Snyder and The Carrot Culture

Welcome New Staff                                                            Welcome to
    Maryland Community                                                       the MCC
Connection new staff makes
a difference! The Maryland
Community Connection
family welcomes Felicia                                                          Maryland
Robinson, Administrative                                                     Community Connection
Assistant, Alonzo Brown,                                                     would like to welcome the
Community Specialist and                                                     following additions to the
Dianne Brown, Community                         Dianne Brown                 MCC family.
                                                                                 Congratulations to
    Maryland Community                                                       Shawnique Henderson for
Connection is pleased to                                                     birth of her daughter, Skye
welcome staff that makes a                                                   Nicole.
positive impact on the lives
of our participants.                                                            Congratulations to Julian
                                                                             Curry, for the birth of his
                                                 Felicia Robinson            daughter, Jade Aniyah.
                           Connections Volume 13-2                                        Page 11

Holiday Functions are the Perfect Time to Rent
MCC’s Frozen Drink Machine
      Maryland Community              The frozen drink machine
Connection’s Frozen Drink Ma-   is perfect for Fundraisers, Bache-
                                lor Parties, Church Gatherings,
chine rentals are a big hit in the
winter months. Holiday func-    Catered Events, Company Pic-
tions, employee appreciation    nics, School Functions, Proms
                                and Dances, Little League, Soc-
days, football games, parties and
                                                                            Rent for only $100 a day
wedding receptions are the most cer and other kids sporting
                                events, Festivals, Super Bowl
requested events for the rentals.
                                Parties, etc. The possibilities are      If you or someone you
     The machine makes perfect endless.                             know is interested in renting the
frozen drinks in many flavors                                       frozen drink machine, please
such as strawberry, frozen lem-                                     contact MCC at 301-583-0358.
onade, peach bellinis, and pina
colada and many others.

We would like to wish
the following individu-
als Happy Birthday for
December and January:

David Anyaoha
December 20
                          Mark Rattliff
                          December 8
Brian Greene
December 2
                          Shaun Savoy
                          December 11
Ebony Greenwell
January 20
                          Mark Smith
                          January 22
Henry Likambi
December 13
                          Nikia Williams
John Nealy                January 6                                          Gift Baskets
December 14                                                                    All Occasions
                          Don Wilson                                           202-412-9980
Chantell Queen            December 28
December 31
                           Connections Volume 13-2                                                                Page 12

 GoodShop with
                     Maryland              MCC does not see
                     Community          what you purchased or
                     Connection         what store you visited.
                     can earn a         GoodSearch gives MCC a                         Choose Maryland Community
 donation every time you shop on        percentage of your purchase.           1       Connection as your charity.
                                                                                         Choose Maryland Community
 the Internet thru GoodShop.                                                               Connection as your charity
                                    Go to
                                                                                   Shop Online
    Just choose Maryland         and be sure to enter Maryland
                                                                               2   Choose from more than 500 great
 Community Connection as your    Community Connection as the                          Shop
                                                                                   stores. Online
 charity on the   charity you want to support. The                2
                                                                                      Choose from more than 500 great
 website, shop online thru       more people who use this site,                       stores.
                                                                                   GoodSearch Donates!
 GoodShop and you have made a    the more money we'll earn, so                 3   Up to 30% of your purchase will go
 donation for Maryland Community please spread the word!                           to Maryland Community
 Connection. It’s that simple.                                                   3 Connection!. It's than easy!

 Health Corner focuses on Stress
   The economic issues of 2008          become a problem. We all have              practice self care if
have left an impact on this country     stress sometimes. For some                 we are going to
and the world. There are needed         people, it happens before having           continue to work
improvements to address the             to speak in public. For other              with others in
various concerns of those directly      people, it might be before a first         these times. I encourage each of
impacted by this economy. One of        date. What causes stress for you           you to consider incorporating
the outcomes of such events is          may not be stressful for someone           some form of stress relief in your
stress. Individuals with disabilities   else. Sometimes stress is helpful –        daily routine. Consider any of
are not immune from the stress.         it can encourage you to meet a             these relaxation techniques:
However, we should be able to           deadline or get things done. But
                                                                                       •     Physical Exercise
identify the elements of stress and     long-term stress can increase the
                                                                                       •     Deep Breathing Exercise
the psychological and                   risk of diseases like depression,
                                                                                       •     Massage Therapy
physiological implications of           heart disease and a variety of other
                                                                                       •     Laughter
stress.                                 problems.
                                                                                       •     Maintaining a health diet
   As we all know, stress is a part          We need to learn effective
                                                                                       •     Avoiding unhealthy habits
of life. Some stress can eventually     ways to manage our stress and
                                                                                       •     Limit alcohol

 Car Donation                                                                          Condolences
    MCC’s Vehicle Donation program offers a free and quick way for do-                       Maryland Community Connec-
 nating your used car in all 50 states. If you would like to donate your ve-           tion sends out our prayers and
 hicle to MCC please call us at 301-583-0358 or visit MCC’s website at                 thoughts to, Donald Gallimore, for
                                                                                       the recent loss of his father.
                                         Donate your vehicle to
                                         Maryland Community
                           Connections Volume 13-2                                            Page 13

Family Fun & Fitness Day                                          2008 Event Sponsors
        Maryland Community               from MCC staff but
Connection recently held “Family         community resources as
Fun & Fitness Day” on August 9,          well.
2008. Over 125 individuals with
developmental disabilities, their           Thank you to all of
families, and community members    the generous individuals,
attended. The theme of the event   organizations, staff and
was “improving health through      volunteers who support
small steps which may be of great  and believe in our work            Robert & Peggy Taylor
consequence.” Attendees were       and are actively supporting
served healthy food choices with   individuals with
an abundance of fresh fruit and    developmental disabilities                   Vendors
participated in events such as     in the community.
                                   Thanks to Delegate
basketball, arts and crafts, kickball,
line dancing, Karaoke, a health    Carolyn J. B. Howard
screening by Agape Health          who came out in support
Consulting, musical chairs, and a  of this event. Special
personal training session by       thanks to the Harry and
Yobics.                            Jeanette Weinberg
                                   Foundation for making                     Volunteers
        The response to this event this event possible.
                                                                    Joseph Alemo        Derrick Graham
was overwhelmingly positive.
Parents had an opportunity to               We deeply              Dianne Brown         Lawrence Taylor

share experiences with other       appreciate your                Adrian Coates, Jr.    Gabriel Whitaker
families in similar situations and contributions to Maryland      Alexandria Coates    Nathanial Whitaker
gather valuable resources not only Community Connection.           Andrew Coates       Tammy Whitaker
                                                                   David Graham
               M ARYLAND
               C OMMUNITY
               C ONNECTION
        Maryland Community Connection
         6490 Landover Road Suite A9
           Landover, Maryland 20785

            Phone (301) 583-0358
              Fax (301) 583-0359

      Helping individuals with disabilities
              achieve their goals.

The mission of Maryland Community Connection is pri-
marily to establish, operate, and maintain services in the
community for individuals with developmental disabilities.
Through trained, qualified, and fairly compensated staff,
MCC services will assist each person to achieve a greater
degree of social and economic independence and reduce
the need for subsidized lifestyles. MCC policy requires
that these services be provided to eligible Maryland par-
ticipants without regard to race, color, creed, national
origin, gender, or marital status. MCC is a non-profit
501(c)(3) organization in our 7th year of operation.

                                                             Important Dates
                        December 2008                                             January 2009
December 5                     7th Year Anniversary                  January 1      New Year’s Day - MCC Closed
December 13                    Winter Dance                          January 19     Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
                                                                                    - MCC closed
December 18                    Food and Toy Drive
                                                                     January 20     Inauguration Day - MCC closed
December 21                    Food and Toy Basket
December 22                    Staff Training and Holiday
                               Celebration                                         https://give.cfcnca.or

December 25                    Christmas - MCC closed


    “Helping individuals with developmental disabilities achieve their goals”

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