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                                                                                             Meeting Agenda
Bruce Stotler *                                                                               Something New This Month!
Phil Talmadge *
Tom Weeks              Chair Report                                                         Our First Issues Fair
Sponsor                February has been a busy month in the 34th District, and the
Daniel Burnstein       year is young.                                                                 March 9, 2005
John P Constantine *                                                                               6:30 Social, 7:00 Meeting
Lois Constantine
Christos Dagadakis     Thursday, February 17 was Health Care Responsibility Act                      The Hall at Fauntleroy
Fred Dau                                                                                           9131 California Ave S.W.
Marge Dau              (HCRA) Lobbying Day in Olympia, and several of us were
Enid Dolstad           there lobbying for this and other legislation.
Judy Eakin                                                                                  7:00 p.m. Call to Order
Ronald Forest *
Linda Forest           The Health Care Responsibility Act, SB 5637 and HB 1702,
Walter Hanson *
                       would require employers of 50 or more people in Washington           Issues Fair (See Enclosed Flyer)
Leslie Harris *
Sharon Henderson       state to take responsibility for providing basic, affordable
Jenny Holladay
                       health insurance to their employees. They would have a               8:30 p.m. Business Meeting
Clarissa Holm
Sharon Huling          choice: they could purchase basic coverage on their own for
Lara-Anne Jordan *
                       employees who work more than 86 hours per month, or pay a            New Business
Shaukat Karjeker
Michael Mann *         fee to help expand the state’s Basic Health Plan (BHP) for the       • PCO Appointments
Ann Martin *           uninsured. Employers would not be required to cover                  • Bylaws Amendment (Page 7)
Jane Newbauer
Terri Robison          dependents, and employees would be expected to pay a                 • 2005 Budget
Walter Sive *          portion of their monthly premiums.                                   •
Gerald A Smith *
Alexandra Thompson                                                                          Good of the Order
Alan Thompson          Both the Senate and House Health Care Committees heard
Peggy Tlapak *
Bill Tracy *           testimony on this bill Thursday, starting at 8 AM in the House,      9:00 p.m. Adjourn
Harry Vye *            where Eileen Cody is the Committee Chair. At 8 AM the
Ivan Weiss
Lori Whittaker         hearing room was jammed, with not a seat available, and
                       another room, with TV screens, was needed to handle the                   New Meeting Time
Kathryn Akeah *        overflow.                                                       Beginning this month with the
Martha Auvill                                                                          Issues Fair, the meetings will be
Shannon Braddock
Sally Brotman          Union members and other supporters were out in force, most      starting a half hour earlier, at 7:00
James Burrows          notably the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)           with our social time at 6:30. Heather
Greg Doss *
Brian Earl *           and Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Randy         Woodruff had been providing us
Sarah Earl             Decker and I represented the 34th District. Randy was there for with munchies before the meeting
Nels Ekroth
Donna Elliott          SEIU Local 775 as well.                                         but she is no longer able to this
Ed Esbeck                                                                              because of job, her son, etc. So
John Evans
Miles Ewing            Wal-Mart representatives, of course, were there to testify      instead we’re asking people to bring
Jerry Fair             against the bill, along with the usual lobbyists from the usual finger food so that this job is shared
Melissa Fenno
Dolores Frichberg      business groups, the Association of Washington Business         among the members. We will still
May Gerstle            (AWB), National Federation of Independent Businessmen           provide the beer and wine.
Joe Grande *           (NFIB), Farm Bureau Federation, and the Restaurant
Jeff Gringer *
Frank Hart             Association.
Jennie Hodgson *
John P Kennedy *                                                                               In This Issue
David Kerlick          The situation was much the same in the Senate      Presidents Day in Olympia ..................... Page 2
Beverly Kershaw        hearing, and so was the testimony. Erik Poulsen
Ray Konrad *                                                              34th District Bulletin Board ..................... Page 3
Lucy Krakowiak         sits on the Senate Health Care Committee.          Legislative Report ................................... Page 4
Lee Kramer             HCRA should pass the House, as it did last
Patricia Longhi                                                           KCDCC Report ....................................... Page 4
Tony Martin            session; passage in the Senate is less likely,     Proposed 2005 Budget........................... Page 5
Vivian McLean          and it could come down to a vote or two. Watch
Katherine Minsch *                                                        Minutes of February Meeting.................. Page 6
Viveca Monahan         this one closely.                                  Proposed Bylaws Change ...................... Page 7
Michael Nagan *                                Continued on Page 7
Jan Noorda
Page 2
    Executive Board
Ivan Weiss
                              Presidents Day in Olympia
                              First King County Democrats State Legislative Action Day
                              Forty-five Democrats representing eight Legislative Districts in King County participated in
First Vice Chair              the First King County Democrats State Legislative Action Day by visiting the Legislature on
Lara-Ann Jordan
933-0517                                                 Presidents Day. 34th members attending were: Steve Tolliver,                                   Randy Decker, Ethel Williams, Nels Ekroth, Cherisse Luxa, Liz
Second Vice Chair                                        Giba, Robin and Arlene Hess, Toni Lysen, Jackie and Ed
Tim Nuse                                                 Dupras.
Treasurer                                                       Members of most of the districts in King County met at noon in
Sarah Earl                                                      a House Office hearing room and were visited by all three of
935-3731                                       the 34th LD legislators: Senator
                                                                Erik Poulsen and Representatives
Leesa Tucker                                                    Eileen Cody and Joe McDermott.
935-2375                                                        We also heard from House
                                                                Speaker Frank Chopp, State
State Committeewoman                                            Senators Adam Kline, Karen
Leslie Harris
206-762-7476                                                    Kaiser, and Representatives Bob                                                Hasegawa, Maralyn Chase, Shay
                               Erik Poulsen speaking to the
State Committeeman             group. Toni Lysen did a           Sual-Berke, Eric Pettigrew, and Ed
PCO Outreach                                                     Murray. Legislators offered
Bruce Stotler                  wonderful job coordinating this.
206-937-4783                                                     updates on pending legislation and        the state budget negotiations. Speaker Chopp encouraged
King County Committeewoman    Democrats to find legislative candidates for seats occupied by
Ann Martin                    Republicans. We also discussed Mental Health Parity, the
206-935-4693      California Vehicle Emissions Act HB1397, Hood Canal                       Joe McDermott in his office with
                              Cleanup, Cheaper Canadian Drugs, Civil Rights for Sexual                  Nels Ekroth in the background
King County Committeewoman
Alternate                     Minorities HB 1515, Healthy Sex Ed (not Abstinence Ed!) HB
Tanya Aguilar                 1282, Simple majority for School Levies, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Election Reform,
293-9613            Health Care for ALL Children HB 1441, Progressive Tax Reform and Revenue Generation,
                              and Renewable Energy.
King County Committeeman
Robin Hess                                                                              34th members also met separately with
206-463-1548                                                                            Representative Cody and McDermott in
                                                                                        their offices. Some members attended
King County Committeeman                                                                afternoon hearings and took tours of
Brian Earl                                                                              the newly remodeled Legislative
206-935-3731                                                                            Building.
Legislative Issues Chair
Toni Lysen                                                                               For many, this was their first trip to the
206-244-6611                                                                             State Legislature while others are
                                                                                         experienced legislative viewers and
Finance Committee Chair                                                                  lobbyists and have testified before
Walter Sive
206-933-7577                                                                             committees. All agreed it was a                                                                      worthwhile experience and many would
Outreach Chairs                                                                          like to schedule another visit before the
Sarah Earl (See Treasurer)                                                               Legislative session ends this year.
Steve Karbowski
206-935-9207                  The whole gang from the 34th District, along with a few                                                                                 Toni Lysen with Jackie Dupras
                              people who were redistricted, in Eileen Cody’s office.
Communications Director
Dorene Carrel
206-242-5956            PCO Training
Newsletter Editor             While some of our members were at the Capital, Bruce Stotler, Jeff Gringer (and Sophie),
Membership Chair              Greg Doss, Dan Fievez, and Dennis Smith attended the PCO training at St. Martin’s
Jackie Dupras
206-935-9683                  College (Which, by the way, was $10 instead of $15 thanks to Bruce’s insistence). Our very          own chair, Ivan Weiss, was one of the presenters speaking on Building a Precinct
WebMaster                     Committee. After the Training some of us went to the Crab Feed where Christine Gregoire
Bill Schrier                  spoke. Jeff’s daughter, Sophie, greeted the Governor when she walked in the door. Their
206-937-8045              picture is on the next page.
                                                                                                                                      Page 3
                       34TH DISTRICT BULLETIN BOARD
               Volunteer Opportunities, Meeting Announcements, Notices
 Volunteer Activities                                             Executive Board Meeting
                                                                  The Executive Board will meet on Wednesday, March
 Mailing Party
                                                                  16 at Ann Martin’s home. All members are welcome to
 Assuming that the bylaws amendment on Page 7 is
 approved, the mailing party will be on Sunday, April 3
 at 2:00 at Jackie Dupras’ house. Call her at 935-9683
 or if you can help.                         West Seattle Democratic Women
                                                                  The monthly meeting will be on March 24 at 11:30 at
                                                                  Merrill Gardens with a lunch buffet for $6.00. The
 Issues Fair
                                                                  meeting will be devoted to setting priorities for which
 The Issues Fair could still use a few more volunteers.
                                                                  activities they will pursue this year. Among the choices
 Contact Tim Nuse at 206-226-4849 or
                                                                  are working with high school student conscientious if you’d like to help out.
                                                                  objectors, scholarships, and a letter writing
                                                                  committee. Men are welcome to attend.
 Phone Bank
 Volunteers are needed to call people on our list to
 invite them to the Issues Fair. Call Sarah Earl - soon -         Notices
 if you can help with this. Contact her at 935-3731 or            Membership                                        The Outreach Committee has set a goal of 800 paid
                                                                  members this year. This might seem like a daunting
 Meetings                                                         task but if we all work together, we can do it. Talk to
                                                                  your friends. If they are interested, ask if they’d like
 Legislative Committee
                                                                  our newsletter. Send the name to Jackie Dupras. She
 The Legislative Committee will meet on Tuesday,
                                                                  will add them to the mailing list and send out a
 March 15 at 7:00 at Toni Lysen’s home. Call Toni at
                                                                  newsletter with along with a membership form.
 683-4114 for directions.

Sophie Gringer and the                Sign Up for E-Mail Newsletter from
Governor at the Crab Feed
                                      Eileen Cody and Joe McDermott
                                      Want to know what’s happening in the State Legislature? Sign up for
                                      Representatives Eileen Cody and Joe McDermott’s e-mail newsletter.

                                      In the last issue is a description of Senate Bill 5097, an apprentice utilization
                                      program that trains workers and puts them to work in high-skilled fields, a
                                      program that was started under former Governor Locke. It requires that no less
                                      than 15% of total labor hours on state public works projects that are estimated to
                                      cost $1 million or more be performed by apprentices. But this bill builds in some
                                      flexibility, so agencies can adjust or waive the requirement for specified reasons.
                                      Apprentice-ship programs have been a resounding success for over five years.
                                      They have been used by government entities all over the state including the city
                                      of Tacoma, the Port of Seattle, the Spokane School District, and Cowlitz County.
                                      This bill will help put people to work.

                                      There also is an update on the Prescription Drug Plan that Eileen Cody
                                      Sponsored. It’s easy to sign up. Just go to

                                                                            Editorial Policy
                                       The opinions expressed in submitted articles and letters to the editor are those of the author and
                                       not necessarily those of the 34th District Democrats or the Executive Board. All letters are
                                       subject to editing for space and content. Articles, photos and notices of upcoming events are
                                       strongly encouraged. Mail to Jackie Dupras, 1920 – 46th SW, Seattle, WA 98116 or
Page 4

Legislative Action Report                                     KCDCC Report
Election Reform                                               Congressman Jim McDermott wants us to buy a
Advocates of true voting systems reform and election          Congressman. If all the voters in a Congressional district
integrity celebrated a victory after testimony before the     give $10 to their choice for the job, that would produce
Washington House Committee on State Government                more money than what the companies are giving and the
Operations and Accountability in regards to HB 1025 on        Congressperson would be responsible only to the people
January 25. This bill was a carryover from an effort made     of the District! He handed out pledge forms and
during the previous 2004 session of the legislature which     challenged King County to proceed.
was reintroduced this session. The bill was considered to
be superficial and weak in the changes that it outlined,      County Councilmember, Larry Gossett, spoke of Black
eventually leaving the door open to more fraud-prone and      History Month.
insecure systems. Testimony against the bill was
unanimously negative except for the initial overview          Carolyn Edmonds is running for reelection to the County
presented by one of the bill’s sponsors. Voting rights        Council and Dan Becraft is running for Port Commissioner
activists from and         Position #4 (feels the Port earns enough to pay its own
were joined by Steven Tolliver from the 34th District’s       way & should not request any tax money).
LAC and Paul Lehto, an attorney from Everett, in offering
testimony against the bill. Mr. Lehto has contributed         Air America was presented by Edie Howard & we were all
significant work in presenting evidence of election           encouraged, not only to listen, but also to encourage
irregularities in regards to the paperless touch-screen       advertisers. Contact Jim Trapp @ 206-805-1090
voting machines used in the 2004 General Election in
Snohomish County. Representative Joe McDermott sits
on the House committee and has informed us that the bill      The treasury is in very good shape and the independent
will not pass out of committee.                               audit of past three years went very well.

SB 5395 was passed out of committee in the Senate on          Any volunteers for Poll Workers Coordinator? Our 34th
February 18. This bill is more sharply focused and deals      does not yet have one. Poll Workers Class April 2, 10 to
primarily with requiring that all voting systems produce      12 noon.
voter-verifiable paper ballots. The Election Reform Task
Force organized by Governor Gregoire has been holding         Paul Berendt will be inviting everyone who attended last
meetings around the state during February. David              year's precinct caucuses to attend a spring meeting to
McMurray and Steven Tolliver from the 34th LAC                discuss next steps for Democrats.
attended the meeting at highline Community College on
February 14. The last meeting is scheduled for February       Resolutions passed unanimously to support the Mental
24 at Skagit Valley College Cafeteria in Mount Vernon.        Health Parity Act, the Health Care Responsibility Act &
The Task Force is required to report to Governor Gregoire     Initiative 336 (for stricter regulation of doctors guilty of
by March 1. Information about the Task Force is available     persistent medical negligence) now before our
at                        Legislature.

                         Steven Tolliver,                     KCDCC Honors Banquet - Friday, March 18 at the
                         Legislative Action Committee         downtown Hilton Hotel with Governor Gregoire as
                                                              Speaker. $70 each. Each Legislative District is
House Passes Measure to Reduce Requirement                    encouraged to have a table of 10 @ $700.
for Passage of School District Levies
While in Olympia for Presidents’ Day some members of          March 22, Tues. KCDCC Meeting - Grassroots Festival
the group watched the House in Legislative Session            from 5:30 to 9:00 pm, with many progressive
during which time SHJB 4205 passed. This legislation          organizations presenting their programs.
reduces the requirement for passage of School District
levies from the current supermajority of 60% to a simple      April 16, Sat. Spring Cleaning Rummage Sale - 10 am to
majority of 50%, making it easier for school districts to     3 pm at the Carpenter's Hall in Renton. Donate all kinds
gain the necessary funding for operation and                  of household items except for clothing, then come and
maintenance. This measure has been proposed by Rep.           buy what you need. Renton Salvation Army will get
Shay Shual-Berke (D- 33rd) a former Highline School           anything that doesn't sell.
District School Board member in every legislative session
since she was elected. Republicans opposed it because         April 26, Tues. KCDCC Meeting - Energy Fair led by
they likened it to a tax increase and blocked the votes. In   Maria Cantwell & Jay Inslee. Although scheduled for 7
2002 it failed by one vote. This is victory for Democrats     pm, come early to see the solar house that will be set up
and we must work for Senate passage.                          on the grounds of the Renton Carpenter Hall.
                           Toni Lysen
                           LAC Chair                                                    Robin Hess
                                                                                                                           Page 5
                                                                                                               Tim Nuse *
Bush’s Budget —                                                                                                Marilyn Omey *
                                                                                                               Susan Park
                                                                                                               Hellyn Pawula
Previously untargeted programs at risk                                                                         David Pelton
                                                                                                               Henry Perrin
Of the 68 programs slated for cuts or reductions,                                                              Don Purdy
                                                                                                               Alix Pye
28 programs are within the Labor, Health and Human Services Budget                                             Adrienne Quinn
                                                                                                               Hazel Schiffer
                                                                                                               Hildie Sheftel
President Bush's budget plan calls for elimination      a $59 million media campaign to encourage              Mark Slack
                                                                                                               Victoria Smith
or reduction 68 federal programs that he has never      children ages 9 to 13 to be more physically active,    Beverly Smith
targeted before, including vocational-education         judging it redundant given similar drives by           Gayle Sommers
grants, emergency medical services for children         Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.                    Jeff Thompson
                                                                                                               Leesa Tucker
and assistance to local law enforcement agencies.                                                              Joe Weiss
                                                        Among the programs to be eliminated are $20            Rebecca Wells *
                                                                                                               Ethel Williams *
 The 68 programs are among 154 the Bush                 million in Emergency Medical Services for              Jennifer Winters
administration singled out for termination or major     Children, $31.8 million in Geriatric Programs, and     Laura Wishik
                                                                                                               John Withers
reduction to help restrain spending in the $2.57        $29.2 million in Area Health Education Centers.        Carolyn Yeager
trillion budget for fiscal 2006 he sent to Congress     For a complete list of programs to be eliminated,      Andy Zaborski *
                                                                                                               Rhe Zinnecker
on February 7. Many of the 154 were recycled            check, or we will have copies at
from previous budgets that Congress rejected            the March meeting.                                     Member
                                                                                                               Peggy Abby *
before and they are unlikely to be accepted this                                                               Tanya Aguilar
year either.                                            Edited from the Washington Post, Senate staff          Arnold Altamirano
                                                                                                               Jane Armstrong
                                                        reports                                                Michael Armstrong
 But Bush went beyond the perennial cuts to take                                                               Glen Asher
                                                                                                               Elsie Asher
aim at a range of other federal services that for the                                                          Susan Backs
first time he deemed ineffective or inessential,                    34th District Democrats                    Cheryl Banks *
                                                                                                               Frank Beebe
focusing mainly on education, health, social
services and law enforcement. The 68 new targets
                                                                            2005 Budget                        Karen Beeson
                                                                                                               David Belisle
                                                                                                               Betsy Bell
will help shape the contours of the budget battle                                                              Donna Bergman
set to begin on Capitol Hill as lawmakers from both      Revenue                                               Doug Bergman
                                                         Member Contributions                      $ 14,000    Rosemary Bolstad
parties prepare to pick apart the Bush plan and                                                                Ralph Bolstad
rally behind favored programs.                           Garden Party                                 4,000    Barry Brinkman
                                                         Merchandise Sales                            2,000    Julie Brinkmann *
                                                                                                               Calvalita Browning
 The list of targeted programs is part of a 233-page     Legislators’ Contributions                   1,000    Beryl Bucklin
report that also discusses savings in mandatory          Other                                                 Bill Buehl
                                                                                                               William T Buffington
social programs such as Medicare and Medicaid,                                                      $21,000    Maroulitsa Buffington
military restructuring and new user fees. Much                                                                 Charles Burgess
attention has focused on the program cuts                Expenses                                              Patti Burgess
because they fall within the discretionary portion of    Contributions—Campaigns                    $ 2,000    Kimiko
                                                                                                               Hazel Calhoun
the budget that the White House and Congress             Food and Beverage                            1,620    Val Cantu
control, and the report attempts to provide detailed     Fundraising                                    300    Eddie Cantu
                                                                                                               David Capps
justifications for each cut.                             KCDCC                                          600    Monika Capps
                                                         Merchandise                                  2,000    Marci Carpenter *
                                                                                                               Marge Christianson
All told, Bush wants to eliminate 99 programs,           Miscellaneous                                  250    Michael Clay
reduce 55, and restructure 16, for a total               Newsletter                                   2,500    Dow Constantine
                                                                                                               Charles Cox
annual savings of $20 billion. After the cost of         Office Supplies                                100    Walt Creekmore
revisions, the net savings would be $17.2 billion,       Organizational Contributions                   200    Sara Davies
                                                                                                               Elizabeth Davisson
according to the report.                                 Outreach, GOTV, Voter Registration             800    Roderick Dimoff
                                                         PO Box                                         200    Elizabeth Dinan-
The target list stemmed from an administration           Postage                                      5,952    Wanda Dray
evaluation of more than 600 programs, of which 33        Printing and Copies                            800    Anna Maria Drexler
                                                                                                               Jackie Dupras *
percent were determined to be ineffective or to          Rental (Meeting and Holiday Party)           1,670    Ed Dupras
have undemonstrated results.                                                                                   Louisa Eastman
                                                                                                               Lois Elenich
                                                         Net Income                                 $18,992    Cheryl Ellsworth
Health and Human Services programs would face                                                                  Claire Englander
significant cuts. The Bush plan would cut seven                                                                Jared Erickson
                                                         Cash Flow                                             Vince Ferriols
Health Resources and Services Administration             Beginning Balance                          $ 4,233    Judi Finney
(HRSA) programs that earmark money for                                                                         Charles Finney
                                                         Net Income                                   2,008    Robert Fleisher
emergency medical services for children, hospital        Prepaid Contributions                         (805)   Mina Fleisher
construction, traumatic brain injury and newborn                                                               Tom K Foley *
                                                         Accounts Payable (Prior Year)               (1,083)   Gerald Foley
hearing screening. Despite the national rise in          Ending Balance                             $ 4,353    Maryanne Foucault
child obesity, the White House wants to eliminate                                                              Kermit Franks *
                                                                                                               Faye Franks
Page 6

Minutes of February 9 Meeting— 34th District Democrats
Call to Order: 7:30 PM                                                   • Developed a Northgate Plan for the monorail.
Flag Salute led by City Council Member Tom Rasmussen                     • Appointed a new superintendent for Seattle City Light
                                                                         • Added 3 new council members this year.
Featured Speaker— City Council Member Tom Rasmussen                      Re-election speech
Accomplishments for 2004                                                 • Kerry Delegate
• Re-established mobile for seniors and children.                        • Believes in the core issues for Democrats which are mass transit
• Working on the problem of elder abuse.                                     and transportation issues.
• Chair of Housing Committee—working with community to                   • Co-chair of the monorail committee
   understand implications to cuts in Section 8 housing by the Bush      • Wants to create jobs utilizing development of bio-tech industry.
   administration.                                                       • Would like this city to be friendly to both affluent as well as low-
• Worked on transportation solutions for monorail.                           income citizens.
• Worked on viable options for the replacement of the Alaskan Way
   viaduct.                                                              City Council Member Nick Licata:
• Established newsletter                       Re-election speech
Brief Discussion –Tunnel vs. Viaduct: Rasmussen supports the tunnel      • Sponsored legislation with SEIU to provide training and fair wages
option vs. the viaduct for the following reasons:                             for Security Guards.
• Tunnel provides the opportunity for people to access the waterfront.   • Doesn’t support a tunnel as a viable option for replacing the
• Even though it is more expensive, in the long-run a tunnel is the           viaduct. Will cost $1.2B to fix viaduct as opposed to $2.5B if we
   better option.                                                             build a tunnel. Federal government will not fund this project; the
• A tunnel is more safe in an earthquake that a bridge.                       only way to raise the funds will be to raise property taxes and/or
• Homeless Service Center—3.2M in funding has been appointed to               sales tax.
   establish a Homeless Service Center at 3rd & Yesler. This service
   center would provide laundry, showers, as well as other vital         Casey Corr running for Seattle City Council – Position 2
   services to help the homeless in Seattle.                             Election Speech
                                                                         • Wants to strengthen basic services such as police, libraries, and
Agenda Approved                                                               public education.
                                                                         • Cited his experience with working for Mayor Nickels.
Chair Report                                                             • Believes he will be a stronger decision maker than the current city
Chair attended the Washington State Democrat Reorganization                   council member in Position 2.
Meeting in Olympia.
• Paul Berendt was re-elected to be the Washington State Chair.          Dow Constantine-King County Council
• Howard Dean was nominated by the Washington State delegates to         Made quick announcement reminding 34th members about the
  be the National Chair.                                                 redistricting of the King County Council and that he will be running for
Announcements:                                                           re-election this year.
• Washington State Democratic Party is looking for a new technical
    director.                                                            New Business
• WSLC is introducing a bill on Heath Care Responsibility. This          Two PCO’s were approved: Michael Mann, Acting in SEA 34-1504 and
    would require all employers of 50 or more people to either provide   Evelyn Norsen was appointed to SEA 34-1528.
    health benefits for them, or reimburse the state’s Basic Health
    Plan for any benefits their employees receive from BHP.              A bylaws amendment was approved that allows for non-registered
• PCO Training in Olympia Monday, February 21, followed by the           voters who are legal residents to be members of the 34th District
    annual Crab Feed.                                                    Democrats. An additional bylaws amendment was approved changing
Special Guest: Chelsea Waliser—Working on Congressman Adam               the household membership from $25, to $15 plus $10 each additional
Smith’s re-election campaign.                                            member.
• Adam Smith has been appointed to the Judiciary Committee
• Congressman Smith will be visiting the 34th District at a future       Adjourn 9:00 PM
                                                                                 Respectfully submitted by Leesa Tucker, Secretary
LAC Committee Report
• The LAC has written a letter to Senator Murray about her vote to
    oppose the nomination of Condoleezza Rice.
• Reminder about Legislative Day in Olympia on February 21.

City Council Member Jan Drago                                                                  Treasurer’s Report
State of the Council (some highlights):                                       Balance as of January 31                             $5,723
• Council members worked hard on issues concerning the monorail.              Revenue in February                                   2,832
• Meetings were held all over the city to listen to constituencies            Expenses in February                                    376
     about their concerns regarding the monorail.                             Balance as of February 21                            $8,179
                                                                                                                           Page 7
                                                                                                              John Gabler
Proposed Bylaws Amendment                                Chair Report (Continued from Page 1)                 Lois Garcia
Our present bylaws require that our newsletter, which    There was other action in the Legislature, of        Elizabeth Giba-
                                                                                                              Knowles *
is the official call for meetings, be mailed ten days    course, which drew its share of citizen              Ann Gilbert
prior to the meeting. This day happens to be a           lobbyists. 34th District members who lobbied         Beth Gray
                                                                                                              Douglas Gray
Sunday when, of course, the post office is closed.       that day, in addition to Randy and me, were          Tracy Greenwood
We have been mailing it on Saturday, but the post        Walt Creekmore, Tim Nuse, Robin Hess,                Elizabeth Grieser
                                                         Laurie Rechholtz, Keith Hutchings, David             Janet Had
office closes at 4:00 and as anybody who has helped                                                           Mary Hagan
mail the newsletter can tell you, this can make for a    Kerlick, and Teresa Toole. Apologies if I have       Leslie Hartman
                                                         omitted anyone.                                      Enid Havens
mad dash to the post office, sometimes with the                                                               Andrea Hayford
                                                                                                              Eric Hayford
driver of the car frantically slapping on labels while                                                        Gail Heinisch
waiting at red lights. Yes, this has happened.           February 21, Presidents’ Day, of course was          Mike Heinisch
                                                         lobbying day for the King County Democratic          Steve Herndon
                                                         Central Committee. I couldn’t be in two              Robin Hess
Another problem is that Costco isn’t always able to                                                           Arlene Hess
get the newsletter printed when we need it. The guys     places at once; I was a presenter at the State       Mary Sue Hildebrandt
                                                         Democrats’ Precinct Committee Officer                Nguyet Huynh
in the print shop have been extremely helpful and                                                             Bronwyn Jackson
have even come in early so that we could meet our        training at St. Martin’s College.                    Susan Jenkins
                                                                                                              Christine Jessup
deadline when I have whined and begged, but the                                                               Linda Johnson *
newsletter editor is very tired of whining and begging   If you missed the fun at Olympia’s                   Carl Johnson
                                                         “Democracy theme park,” there’s still a lot of       Peter Junkerman
and the shop is a lot busier than it used to be.                                                              Tom Jurewicz
Sometimes they can’t make it.                            session left. Closer to home, there will be          Karen Jurewicz
                                                         plenty to come Wednesday, March 9, at the            David Kannas
                                                                                                              Delores Kannas
The Executive Board proposes that the bylaws be          34th District’s first “Issues Fair.” And in April,   Steve Karbowski
changed so that the newsletter can be mailed nine        King County Executive Ron Sims will be our           Susan Kay
                                                                                                              R Khanna
days before the meeting. If the newsletter can be        principal speaker.                                   Fred Kirkes
                                                                                                              Conrad Knudtson *
mailed on Monday, we can have a leisurely mailing                                                             Dave Knutson
party on Sunday and mail it Monday morning. If           We’re the 34th District Democrats, and we            Jean Lagrou
things don’t work out with the printer, we can still     have all the democracy you can handle. See           Eleanor Laxdall
                                                         you.                                                 Dan Laxdall
have a mailing party on Monday and get it to the post                                                         Edward Laymon
office with little problem.                                               Ivan Weiss                          Cherisse Luxa
                                                                                                              Margaret Mackey
                                                                                                              Melvin Mackey
                                                                                                              Josephine Mahon
                                                                                                              William Mahon
                  JOIN THE 34TH DISTRICT DEMOCRATS!                                                           Howard Martin
                                                                                                              R E Mason
                                                                                                              Jim Maynard *
                                                                                                              Rita Maynard
   Sign up now by filling out this form and mailing it with a check made payable to the 34th                  Sarah McCaghren
   District Democrats, to Treasurer, 34th District Democrats, 6523 California Ave SW, Box                     Terri McDermott
                                                                                                              James McDermott
   183, Seattle, WA 98136-1879                                                                                Philip McEachern *
                                                                                                              Mary McEchearn
                                                                                                              David McMurray *
   Name____________________________________________________________ Precinct_____________________             Nancy Morrison
                                                                                                              Joan Natoli
                                                                                                              Paul Nelson
   Address ___________________________________________________________ Zip_______________________             Colleen Nohl
                                                                                                              Robert Nohl
                                                                                                              Marquita Nolan
   Telephone____________________________ E-Mail__________________________________________________             Evelyn Norsen *
                                                                                                              Elizabeth O'Brien
                                                                                                              Dwan Oliver
   Occupation___________________________________ Employer______________________________________               Michael O'Neil
   *Required by voter approved Public Disclosure Act.                                                         Ann Owchar
                                                                                                              Alicia Palacio
   Contributions are not tax deductible.                                                                      David Petronic
                                                                                                              Brian Peyton *
                                                                                                              Margaret Peyton
   Contribution Level Per Person Per Calendar Year (January –December):                                       Maria Ramirez
                                                                                                              Dale Randles
   _____ $15 Basic Dues           _____ $3 Low Income/Senior           _____ $25 Friend                       Christine Raver
                                                                                                              Maurice Regnier
   _____ $50 Sponsor              _____ $100 Benefactor                _____ $500 Underwriter                 Wally Ross
                                                                                                              Cathy Rouyer
                                                                                                              Al Rouyer
   _____Household - $15 plus $10 per each additional person at same address (list below)                      Sarel Rowe
                                                                                                              Lois Ruff
        Name(s) _____________________________________________________________________________                 Bruce Saffery
                                                                                                              Jacob Saldana
                                                                                                              Norene Saldana
   Periodically we release our member list to candidates or progressive organizations. If you                 Marianne Schneeman
   do not wish your information released, check the appropriate box or boxes.                                 John Schneeman
                                                                                                              Dick Schubert
                                                                                                              Pamela Schubert
   Do not release my:                E-mail                    Phone                        Address           Susan Schumaker
                                                                                                              Julienne Sears
                                                                                                              Joseph Sears
Margaret Shields
Dennis L Smith *
Gary Smith *
Tyler Smith
Kerry Smith
Mary Smith
Wendell Sprigg *
Kathryn Sprigg            Sunday, March 6, 7:30 p.m.                                Friday, March 18, 6:00
Martin Stallings
Ty Stallings              Foolproof Presents Howard Dean in Now What? The           KCDCC Honors Banquet and Silent Auction
Linda Steimle             First Annual Benefit for American Voices                  Seattle Hilton Hotel
Theresa Stephens
Mary Stephens             Special guests Sherman Alexie and Jim McDermott           Saturday, March 19, 5:00
Dan Stroh                 Paramount Theatre, $25 - $75                              Vashon Democracy for America Meetup
Florence Studer                                                                     Land Trust Building
Margaret Swan
James Theofelis *         Wednesday, March 9, 6:30 Soial, 7:00
Catherine Tlapak          34th District Meeting—Issues Fair                         Saturday, March 19, 6:00
Steven Tolliver
Lorraine Toly             The Hall at Fauntleroy                                    Vashon Island Democrats
Javier Valdez                                                                       Land Trust Building
Jimi Vernie
Rudy Vernie               Saturday, March 12, 5:00 social, 6:00 Dinner
Jon Whalen                Pacific County Crab Feed in South Bend                    Thursday, March 24, 11:30
Joyce White
Judith Whitney            Call 360-665-0552 for information                         West Seattle Democratic Women
Dorothy Wicklund                                                                    Merrill Gardens
Patrick Wicklund
Heather Woodruff *        Sunday, March 13, 2-4 p.m.
Stuart Yarfitz *          West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice Present      Thursday, March 31 12:00 noon
Jean Young *
*PCO                      “The Yes Men”                                             Women Leading the Way Luncheon
                          A 2003 award-winning documentary in which two activists   Benefit for Senator Maria Cantwell
PCO (not included
above)                    fool the public with a fictional WTO Spokesperson         With Senators Barbara Boxer, Mary Landrieu, Blanche
Patricia Agostino         West Seattle Library, 2306—42nd Ave SW                    Lincoln, Patty Murray, Barbara Mikulski, Debbie Stabenow
Justin Anderson
Christopher Arkills                                                                 Westin Hotel
Brenda Barnes             Wednesday, March 16, 7:00
Richard Bartlett          Executive Board Meeting
Marianne Blake
Russ Brubaker             Ann Martin’s Home
Shirley Carlson
Ruth Carpenter
Dorene Carrel
Eileen Cody
Bruce Davis
Ken Davis
Randy Decker
Kathleen Dellplain
Stephen Dzielek
Beverly Eckley
Karen Farnsworth
Mitchell Feller                                                                                                       PRSRT STD
Dan Fievez                                                                                                           US POSTAGE
Marian Fitch
Brian Foley                                                                                                              PAID
Anne Eudoxie Francisse                                                                                               SEATTLE WA
Roger Fulton                                  W             B
                               REPR ES EN T IN G T S T T ,L EU R
                                               ES EA
Amanda Goss                                                                                                        PERMIT NO 12504
Joseph Hall
Emma Taylor Harman           34th DISTRICT DEMOCRATS
Anne Herfindahl              Newsletter Editor
Jake Jacobovitch             1920—46th Ave SW
Chris Jansen
Nancy Jayne                  Seattle WA 98116-1917
Dina Johnson
Flora Belle Key
Marie Marchand               Return Service Requested
Jeanette McArdle
Joe McDermott
Kelly Merta
Sue Mitchell
Cathy Moore
Allan Munro
Eileen Norton
Shannon Payne
Ted Pederson
Sharon Price
John M Repp
Mary Robinson
Deborah Rosen
Moses Roth
Mark Russell
Barbara Schaad-Lamphere
Dan Schueler
Bear Silverstein
Ron Sterling
Tito Titus
Sandra Trent
David Vogel
Don Webb

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