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					                          Samoyed Update
Published Quarterly by the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club
Volume 13, Issue 1                                                                                Winter 2011

Meetings:                                                Events:
The Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club meets at 7:00 pm    Monday, February 14, 2011, 7:00 pm
on the 2 Monday of each month, except for January,       Our regularly scheduled Club meeting, to be held at
July, August and December because of special events.     Airedale Antics, 7316 Manchester, Maplewood, MO
The club meetings are held at Airedale Antics (dogs      Sunday, March 13, 2011, 1:00-4:00 pm
welcome!), 7316 Manchester Ave., Maplewood, MO           Dog of the Week presentation and SCARF DNA
63143 ( unless otherwise          collection at the AKC Museum of the Dog, 1721 South
noted.                                                   Mason Rd., St. Louis, MO
Officers:                                                Monday, March 14, 2011, 7:00 pm
     President:         Paul DeMerath                    Our regularly scheduled Club meeting, to be held at
     Vice President:    Sue Schulze                      Airedale Antics, 7316 Manchester, Maplewood, MO
     Secretary:         Marta DeMerath
     Treasurer:         Teresa Carl
Board Members:
    Monica Brzezinski
    Sarah Dashner
    Suzanne Devaney
    Stan Niemann
    Bill Szalkowski
Web Site:
                                                                         Club Birthdays
Samoyed Update Editors: Paul and Marta DeMerath          February
                                                         2/1-Tony Phipps
                                                         2/1/05-Zombie Niemann
                                                         2/11-Suzanne Devaney
                                                         2/11-Diane Colvin
                                                         2/14-Isis Dashner-Miller
                                                         3/5-Nichole Worachek
                                                         3/6/98-Maggie Brzezinski-Scott
                                                         3/16-Doug Daggett
                                                         3/23-Cortland Roseman
                                                         3/23/06-Mr. Beaujangles Colvin
                                                         3/31/09-Int Ch Barron’s Badda Boom Badda Bing
                                                         4/1-Sue Kabler
                                                         4/2/96-Lexi Granger
                                                         4/13/00-Ariann Kennedy (Great Pyrenees)
                                                         4/20/01-Am/Int Ch Rexann’s Warrior King Macbeth
                                                         4/21-Lori Roseman
                                                         4/22-Lois Kennedy
             Holly Pech’s First Day at Home              4/29/10-Jersey Pech

                                               Samoyed Update 1
                                                                         themselves and we owe Monica and Kevin much
2010 Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club                                    gratitude for opening their home to our Club
     Annual President’s Report                                     September:
                                                                       - We continued our preparation for the 14 Annual Spirit
Another year has passed and I’m very proud to look back                  of St. Louis Canine Games
and highlight some of our Club’s accomplishments in 2010.          October:
                                                                       - We held the 14th Annual Spirit of St. Louis Canine
January:                                                                 Games at Purina Farms. The Games saw 1063 entries
    - We held the Annual Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club                from 312 dogs and our Club netted approx. $1000.00
       Awards Banquet and Auction at the AKC Museum of                   from our efforts. Many thanks to Carl Herkstroeter for
       the Dog                                                           serving once again as Chairman and to all of the
    - Many of our member’s dogs were recognized for their                Steering Committee members and Games day
       achievements in 2009                                              volunteers! Antler sales at the Games were a success
    - The Live and Silent Auctions netted over $900 for St.              as we profited close to $250.00
       Louis Samoyed Rescue                                            - We displayed our Club banner and had great Club
    - I’m sincerely appreciative of all who donated items for            member representation in most all events at the 2010
       the Live and Silent auctions and to those who provided            SCA National Specialty in Pigeon Forge, TN
       the main dishes for the Banquet                                 - We were happy to welcome back Doug Daggett to our
February:                                                                Club
    - We decided to reschedule our meeting because of a            November:
       winter storm                                                    - The Club sponsored awards (embroidered towels) at
    - We secured new Club liability insurance at a cost                  the Edwardsville Kennel Club Dog shows
       savings of over 50%                                             - Club members wrapped gifts at several locations to
March:                                                                   benefit St. Louis Samoyed Rescue
    - Once again, the “Safety Sams” and the Dog Bite                   - Our Club paid to sponsor a conformation award and a
       Prevention Program made an appearance at a local                  weight pull award for the 2011 SCA National Specialty
       school’s Science Festival Day. Carl and Carolyn                   in Utah
       Herkstroeter did an excellent job instructing students in       - The Club enacted a new Event Guest Policy
       how to avoid dog bites                                          - Once again, we had an excellent representation of
    - 18 people, 16 Samoyeds and a Siberian Husky                        Club members and their Samoyeds who marched in
       participated in the Dog of the Week program at the                the 2010 St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade
       AKC Museum of the Dog                                           - Club members and guests marched in the 2010
    - The Club sponsored awards (embroidered towels) at                  Ferguson (MO) Northern Lights Parade on
       the Belle-City Kennel Club Dog Shows                              Thanksgiving weekend (Sunday Evening). The dogs
    - We were happy to welcome back Karen Granger to our                 wore lights for the journey along the parade route and
       Club                                                              we won the parade’s award for Best Marching Unit
    - We were finally able to set a date for the 14th Annual       Obviously, it’s been a remarkably productive year. Above,
       Spirit of St. Louis Canine Games                            I’ve highlighted specific Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club
    - We held a Club Agility Day at Happy Dog Spot                 accomplishments, but our members accomplish so much
    - We were happy to welcome back Lloyd and Jeanne               more during the course of the year. I thank all of you for
       Rupp to our Club                                            being such outstanding ambassadors of our Club, and
May:                                                               ultimately, for our beautiful breed.
    - Sue Schulze presented an excellent Dog Training
       Program at our monthly Club Meeting                         As President of the Club, it is my responsibility to be a
    - We held a Herding Day at Whiskey Creek Farm                  guardian of our Member’s dues and the benefits of those
June:                                                              dues. It is also my duty to assess our compliance with the
    - We voted in our Officers and Board members for 2010-         Club’s purposes and goals, and to direct its efforts
       2011 (see page 1 for current Officers/Board Members).       accordingly. Our Club provides a great service to all area
       Many thanks to the following outgoing Officers/Board        Samoyed owners, Club members and non-members alike.
       Members for their service this past year: Bill              We have given all of these owners a positive reputation
       Szalkowski (Past President), Carolyn Herkstroeter
                                                                   throughout the Greater St. Louis Community of being
       (Past Vice-President), Kelly Thuet, and Jarrod Jones
                                                                   engaged and responsible through our considerable events
       (Retiring Board Members)
    - We hosted Temperament Testing (ATTS) at Purina               and programs. I’m also proud to say that we have become
       Farms. We had the best of both worlds; pouring rain         a recognized voice nationally; specifically within the
       during set-up and blistering heat during the test! 17       Samoyed Club of America. If you know of Samoyed
       dogs withstood the elements and passed the test             owners who do not belong to our Club, please remind
    - Officers and Board members approved donations to             them what we do for them, and please persuade them to
       SCARF, NAIA, the AKC Museum of the Dog, Don                 join the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club.
       Duncan’s “Serum Run” Dog Sled Team, and Airedale
       Rescue (in honor of Tony & Sheri Phipps)                    I look forward to a productive new year for our Club and
    - We were happy to welcome Jeff and Deb Pech as new            wish each and every one of you a healthy and prosperous
       members of our Club                                         2011!
    - We held the Annual Club BBQ at Monica Bzrezinski             Paul A. DeMerath
       and Kevin Scott’s house. Everyone seemed to enjoy           President
                                                         Samoyed Update 2
       2010 SCA National Specialty                              the written standard of the breed. Each judge comes to
                                                                the competition with their own interpretation of what the
          Conformation Results                                  correct dog should look like. Sometimes you win,
                     By Marta DeMerath                          sometimes you lose and no matter what, it’s only one
Watching the Conformation ring at the Nationals is              person’s opinion of a few minutes time in the ring. No
always a treat! So many lovely dogs and bitches to              matter what the outcome, we still love our “babies” and
choose from! Ms. Annella Cooper judged dogs this                are proud of them!
year and her selection for Winner’s Dog was Silverado’s
Solstice Shaman from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class.                        2010 SCA Novice Weight Pull
Reserve Winners Dog went to Double Helix Tractor                                     By Zombie Niemann
Tipping, also from the Bred-By class. In a side note,
                                                                We got to the weight pull site and Mommy and Daddy
Windy’s litter brother, Ranger, won the Open class and
                                                                set up their purple chairs, popped open their sodas and
another brother, Elvis, finished third in Open Dogs.
                                                                waited for the event to start. After the setup was
Mrs. Celinda Cheskawich judged bitches on Friday,               complete, the weigh-in started. I think that took about
October 29 . Her choice for Winner’s Bitch was                  an hour by itself. There were sixty dogs entered! Spirit
Celticfrost’s Holiday Girl (Windy’s litter sister). Ryder       and I were put into different weight classes.
won the Bred-By-Exhibitor class with Pat Schuler’s              After the weigh-in, the Chief Judge Bob Sencenbaugh
Autumn (River City’s Autumn Sky) following in second            gave a short talk about how to fit the harness and that
place. Reserve Winner’s Bitch went to the Open class            we had to complete a pull of sixteen feet in sixty
winner, Braveheart’s Mountain Meadowlark.                       seconds or less. Then he took questions from the
                                                                crowd. The only thing that wasn't covered was the fact
                                                                that we were having the pull in the middle of the Pigeon
                                                                Forge monsoon season! To paraphrase a song by
                                                                Garth Brooks, "And the rains came down. And the
                                                                lightning flashed. . ." It was a good thing there was a
                                                                canopy overhead, although Mommy was afraid it
                                                                wouldn't be strong enough to stand up to the storm and
                                                                it would collapse on everyone. But not only did the
                                                                canopy hold, it kept most of the rain off us.
                                                                I usually bark at lightning and try to chase it away, but I
                                                                didn't let it bother me that night. There was a job to do
                                                                and nothing was going to stop me from doing it. So, I
                                                                put my head down, dug in and pulled. After three pulls,
          Joe Deleo with Celticfrost’s Holiday Girl             the weight was up to 390 pounds and that was all I
Best of Breed competition was judged by Ms. Mardee
Ward. In addition to her selection of Ch. Cabaka’s              The next day, we checked the results and found out
Gabe of Rock Star (bitch), she awarded Best of                  Spirit didn't place in her weight class. She said she had
Opposite Sex to GCh. Elfenbein Sun Dancer and Best              her time in Topeka two years ago when she placed
of Winners to the Winner’s Dog, Silverado’s Solstice            second and she thought it was somebody else's time
Shaman. Ms. Ward presented 14 Awards of Merit to                this year. We checked my weight class and found out I
many of the dogs that remained after three rounds of            placed first! Mommy and Daddy were really proud of
cuts.                                                           me. They even said I was in a class by myself!

                     Marta with Windy
The point of any dog show is to evaluate breeding stock
and compare the dogs/bitches presented to the judge to                         Stan and Donna with Zombie

                                                      Samoyed Update 3
 We Showed Our “Spirit” at the 2010                                     Letter to the Editor
      SCA National Specialty                                     “Thoughts from a Long Time Member”
                    By Marta DeMerath
                                                               While at the Dog Museum this past Saturday evening, I
The Samoyed Club of America National Specialty was             picked up a copy of their publication, Sirius. I was
held in Pigeon Forge, TN on October 24th to 30th. A            thrilled to see a photo of our own Sue Schulze and her
large group of Club members attended this year’s               rescue Sammy, Bert. I was also pleased to see the
specialty. Traveling to Pigeon Forge were Carl and             Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club listed under
Carolyn Herkstroeter, Stan and Donna Niemann, Paul             contributors. We were one of only two local clubs listed.
and Marta DeMerath, Pat Schuler, Jackie Parchman               I am proud to see us represented and I was reminded of
and Doug Daggett.                                              all the things we do.

                                                               I am proud that the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club
                                                               goes beyond the confines of our breed and supports
                                                               community causes that benefit dogs of all kinds. I am
                                                               extremely proud that a little Club like ours can pull off a
                                                               huge event like the Canine Games, giving back to the
                                                               community through this venue. I am also proud that we
                                                               support Samoyed Rescue and that we offer educational
                                                               programs for every aspect of dog ownership.

                                                               I am thrilled that our wonderful breed is represented
                                                               through our “Safety Sam” Dog Bite Prevention program
                                                               and our Therapy Dog International dogs. The Spirit of
                                                               St. Louis Samoyed Club members claim dogs with local
                                                               and national titles in obedience, conformation, agility,
                                                               tracking, weight pulling and herding. I am proud of our
         Spirit Club members at the 2010 Nationals             members who have entered artwork at National shows,
                    Photo by Pete Burkart                      served on Samoyed Club of America and National
                                                               Samoyed Rescue committees, and I am proud of our
Our Club was very well represented in just about every         Club when we march in parades with our beautiful
aspect of this year’s National Specialty Show. Jackie          banner. I am so pleased with our outstanding
put in numerous hours working at the Samoyed Rescue            newsletter, Samoyed Update, and of our representation
booth. In addition to selling a variety of Samoyed items,      in the Samoyed Club of America Bulletin local color
Samoyed Rescue also sponsored a large silent auction.          reports. I am pleased that Samoyeds are represented
Stan and Donna brought Jake, Spirit and Zombie to the          during the Guest Dog of the Week presentations at the
Specialty Show. Spirit and Zombie competed in the              AKC Museum of the Dog.
Novice weight pull with Zombie earning a first place
rosette in the 77+ lbs. weight class. Carl and Carolyn         At the 2010 SCA National Specialty, Carl and I attended
entered Mindy and Margo in Rally on Tuesday. Both              the annual meeting and heard our AKC representative,
girls earned qualifying scores and got a leg on their          John Ronald, stress the importance of breed clubs in
Rally titles. Margo’s score was high enough to place           preserving breeds and how breed club membership is
third in Advanced Class A competition. (Ed. Note: See          dwindling. We have been members of the Spirit Club
the Brags article for more information.) Margo then            since the early 1980's -- almost since the beginning. It
competed in traditional Obedience on Wednesday and             has been both an educational and fun experience for
took third in Novice B. On Thursday, Pat took Luke in          us, through which we learned about Samoyeds and
the ring in Open Dogs and made the cut. Friday was             made lifetime friendships. We support the Spirit of St.
given over to the ladies and our Club girls did a great        Louis Samoyed Club and commend its leadership
job. Marta and Windy made the second cut and just              through the years. We are that rare breed club that
missed a placement in the 12-18 mo. class, while Pat           includes show people, pet people, and rescue people.
and Stella made the cut in Open bitches. Even better,          Our Club is like our dogs, happy and friendly.
Pat and Autumn took second place in a large and highly
competitive Bred-By-Exhibitor Class!                           As I reminisced and recalled all the things the Spirit of
                                                               St. Louis Samoyed Club represents and all the things
In addition to those activities, Paul entered three photos     we do -- all the things that we can do, I am proud to be
in the Art Show, and many of our members attended the          a member of the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club.
Auction and the Awards Banquets. It was an exciting
and tiring week, as I’m sure all the participants would        Carolyn Herkstroeter
attest to!

                                                     Samoyed Update 4
              Meet The Members
        Submitted by Marta DeMerath, Membership chair

Pat Schuler is a prominent member of the St. Louis
Samoyed community and an invaluable resource in the
areas of conformation and breeding. She is also a
Past-President of the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club
and long time member. Thank you Pat for taking the
time to answer our questions.
Are you from this area?
I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. I moved to
the St. Louis area with my parents when I was thirteen.
I resided in Florissant, Mo until 1990 and then moved
into the Lincoln County area.
What do you do for a living?
I am a retired Sales and Tech Supervisor (cable, data,
and telephone) for Verizon Communications.
How did you first become involved with Samoyeds?
I first became involved in the Samoyed breed when I                        Am/Int Ch. Eaglewing’s Diamond in T'Sky (Lucy)
purchased a show quality Samoyed. My first Samoyed
had passed away and I wanted another. In order to                 Are there any activities that you’d like to try?
purchase this new Samoyed, showing this puppy in                  New items that I would like to try are agility and
conformation was required.                                        sledding.
                                                                  What’s your favorite club event/activity so far?
                                                                  Favorite club events are herding day and Christmas
                                                                  What is your favorite food?
                                                                  Your dog’s favorite food?
                                                                  My favorite food would be just about any kind of pasta.
                                                                  I would say my dog’s favorite food would have to be
                                                                  “Fat Burgers”.
                                                                  Please feel free to share any other stories.
                                                                  I have had great fun, pleasure, traveled much and made
                                                                  lifetime friends through my activities with my dogs. My
                                                                  life has been better for it.

Pat & Amber (Ch. Wolf River's Earth, Wind, & Fire, TDI, HCT)

What drew you to the breed?
I was drawn to this breed by their beauty and working

How did you hear about the Spirit of St. Louis
Samoyed Club?
I heard and knew about the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed
Club as I was a founder of the other local Samoyed
Club at that time (Samoyed Fanciers of Greater St.
Louis). At the time of founding Samoyed Fanciers of
Greater St. Louis, the Spirit Club was a joint club with
the local Siberian Husky Club.
What activities do you like to do with your dogs?
Activities that I like to do with my Sammies are
conformation, herding, therapy dog work, weight pulling
and back packing.                                                      Pat & Jada (Pat’s 13½ year old Rescue Samoyed)

                                                        Samoyed Update 5
                 Parade Report                                  Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club
                    By Marta DeMerath
                                                                Annual Banquet/Auction Report
The Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club participated in two                         By Marta DeMerath
parades over the Thanksgiving holiday. Our first
                                                            On Sat. Jan. 8, 2011 we found out that even the most
parade was the Christmas in St. Louis Parade through
                                                            “well-oiled machine” can still have a breakdown! The
downtown. The weather was dicey, but the rain held off
                                                            Banquet has run seamlessly for many years so I guess
until we were done and in our cars heading home. Our
                                                            we were due for a glitch or two . . . and we got ‘em!
pups were decked out in assorted holiday neckwear,
Club members wore their jackets, and Bill looked            It began at 5:30 when many Club members arrived to
dazzling in his jester hat.                                 help set up tables and chairs. (A big thanks to everyone
                                                            that arrived early and helped!) We found out that all the
Club members that took part in the Thanksgiving Day
                                                            extra tables we previously had access to, had been
parade were the Herkstroeters (Margo, Mindy and
                                                            removed from the Dog Museum by the Parks and Rec.
Sammy D), the DeMeraths (Mac, Nicky and Windy), the
                                                            Dept. Luckily, some of our members heeded the call to
Dashner/Millers (Isis), the Pechs (Jersey), Sue Schulze
                                                            bring extra tables for the auction items and we used
(Bert), Bill Szalkowski (Ziggy) and Lee Busch (Bing).
                                                            them for dining tables.
                                                            The next obstacle we encountered was no soda or
                                                            bottled water. This wasn’t an insurmountable problem
                                                            as the Dog Museum had a soda machine available to
                                                            those that didn’t carry in. Since I had my trusty Point
                                                            Beer in hand, I didn’t see this as a major problem.
                                                            However, the fact that we didn’t have any papers goods
                                                            (forks, spoons, plates, cups, or napkins) did become an
                                                            issue. Paul and Jeff rode to the rescue to purchase
                                                            said items so we could actually eat the goodies that
                                                            were brought to the potluck. After traversing the
                                                            country-side and finally locating a grocery store, they
                                                            returned with what they thought said “24 (of each)
                                                            knives, forks and spoons.” Nope, it was 24 total, a total
                                                            that we ran through pretty quickly. Bill then rode off into
Our second parade of the weekend was the Ferguson           the night to purchase more paper products, soft drinks,
Northern Lights Parade. All parade units need to be lit     and water. The members and their guests handled the
(I’m thinking of packing some liquid refreshment next       situation with patience.
year so I qualify). We had an assortment of light-up
                                                            After everyone finished eating (maybe we’ll just do
leashes and packs trimmed with Christmas lights. We
                                                            finger foods next year) Paul, Carl and Carolyn took
completed the mile long parade in record time – quite
                                                            turns recognizing the achievements of Spirit Club
the cardio workout allowing the dogs to be petted and
                                                            members and their dogs. Recognition included our
then running to catch-up with the rest of the group!
                                                            award from the Ferguson Northern Lights Parade,
The following Club members took part in helping win the     service of the Club Officers and Board members,
“Best Marching Unit” Award: Bill with Ziggy, Lee with       volunteers who helped at the Canine Games and the
Bing, Sue with Bert (pictured below), Stan and Donna        Temperament Test, and dogs that either earned titles in
with Spirit and Zombie, Carl and Carolyn with Sammy         the previous year or had an achievement of merit.
D, Margo and Mindy and Paul and Marta with Mac and
                                                            Bill called an end to the Silent Auction and Carl tallied
                                                            up what everyone owed. Bill and Kelly worked hard to
                                                            move some items and on others, the bidding was fast
                                                            and furious. In the end, a total of $635.75 was given to
                                                            St. Louis Samoyed Rescue from the proceeds of the
                                                            auctions, donations, book sales, the sale of blankets
                                                            and Samoyed wool snowflakes. St. Louis Samoyed
                                                            Rescue thanks everyone in attendance for their
                                                            generosity; they’ve used the money to pay vet and
                                                            kennel bills.
                                                            The Officers and Board members of the Spirit of St.
                                                            Louis Samoyed Club hope everyone had an enjoyable
                                                            evening out at the Dog Museum and we look forward to
                                                            acknowledging the achievements of Spirit of St. Louis
                                                            Samoyed Club members and their dogs in 2012.
                                                  Samoyed Update 6
             Brags - Winter 2011                                        Welcome to the Family
BISS GCH Cot’nPic’n PolarMist’s Rising Son (Doug
Daggett, owner) won eight BOB’s, two BOS’s, and two
Select Dog awards from Oct. 15, 2010-Jan.15, 2011.
He also earned an invitation to the 2010 AKC/Eukanuba
Championship, as well as the 2011 Westminster Kennel
Club dog show. Shiloh finished 2010 as the #3
Samoyed in Breed standings. Shiloh was also the #1
owner handled Samoyed for the past year.
Mindy (Carl and Carolyn Herkstroeter, owners) earned
a qualifying score of 92 in Rally Novice Class B at the
SCA National Specialty on Oct. 26, 2010.
Margo (Carl and Carolyn Herkstroeter, owners) earned
third place in Rally Advanced Class A with a score of 84
at the SCA National Specialty on Oct. 26, 2010.
Zombie (Stan and Donna Niemann, owners) won 1st              The Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club would like to
place in the 77 lbs+ class in the Novice Weight Pull at      welcome Sacha Sutcliffe and Holly Pech to the pack.
the SCA national Specialty on Oct. 26, 2010.                 Sacha comes to the Sutcliffe’s household from Polar
                                                             Mist kennels. She is pictured with Grenville during her
Margo (Carl and Carolyn Herkstroeter, owners) earned
                                                             first day “on the job” at Husky Corp. Holly Pech,
third place in Novice B Obedience with a score of 187 at
the SCA National Specialty on Oct. 27, 2010.                 recently arrived from McMagic kennel. “Big brother,”
                                                             Jersey, is going to be busy teaching her all of his tricks.
River City’s Autumn Sky (Pat Schuler, breeder/owner)
earned 2 place in the Bred-By Exhibitor bitch class at
the SCA National Specialty on Oct. 29, 2010.
River City’s In The Nick Of Time (Pat Schuler, Breeder)
finished his Ch. on Nov. 5, 2010 at the Sturgis KC show
with a 3 pt. major.
Barron’s Badda Boom Badda Bing (Lee and Phyllis
Busch, owners) earned his International Championship
at Purina Farms on Nov. 21, 2010
Northface’s Skywalker (Pat Schuler/Peter and Cheryl
Burkart owners) was awarded Best of Winners at the
Kankakee River Valley KC show on Dec. 4 & 5, 2010.
(3 pt. Majors)
Ch. River City’s Moonlight Frost was awarded Best of
                                                                                  In Memory
Opposite Sex at the Kankakee River Valley KC show on
Dec. 4th.
Ch. River City’s In The Nick Of Time (Pat Schuler,
Breeder) earned Select Dog at the Kankakee River
Valley KC show on Dec. 5th.
Maggie (Monica Brzezinski and Kevin Scott, owners)
was one of 12 winners chosen in the Yuppy Puppy
calendar photo contest. The winning photo was the
“Muddy Maggie” photo from our Spring 2009 newsletter.
Winners received their own month in the calendar, a          The Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club would like to offer
free day at the spa, and a free copy of the calendar         Grenville and Dianne Sutcliffe our heartfelt sympathy on
(overall about a $75 prize!).                                the loss of their Sammy, Graff. Our condolences also
River City’s Autumn Sky (Pat Schuler, breeder/owner)         go out to Barb Cole on the loss of her Schipperke,
took Winners Bitch for a 4 pt. major at the Clearwater       Nonie, to the Roseman’s on the passing of Cleo, their
Kennel Club show in Brooksville, FL on Jan.14, 2011.         Border Collie and to Mark and Lisa Heatherly on the
                                                             death of their Sammy, Bear.
                                                   Samoyed Update 7
           Area All-Breed Dog Shows                                 Double Exposure Moves to the Spring
                                                                                         By Marta DeMerath
Feb 5-6         St. Joseph KC               St. Joseph, MO
                                                                    The Double Exposure specialty has always been a
Feb 10-13*      Winter Classic              Indianapolis, IN        large regional specialty, despite being held in Fond du
                (Roy Jones)                                         Lac, Wisconsin in February. As someone who used to
Feb 24-27*      P Shore/BlkHwk/Int KC       Chicago, IL
                                                                    live and teach in the area, I know that the roads in the
                                                                    winter can get downright ugly and Highway 41 can
March 5-6       Belle-City KC               Purina Farms            become little more than a glorified ice skating rink. With
                (Foy Trent)                                         winter travel (or lack there of) in mind, the host clubs,
                                                                    the Samoyed Association of Madison and the Greater
March 13-14*    Columbia, MO KC             Columbia, MO            Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers, decided to move the
March 17-20*    Mid KY/L’ville/E’ville KC   Louisville, KY
                                                                    date of the show to the weekend of April 30/May 1.
                                                                    To kick off their new springtime show weekend, the
March 17-20     Leavenworth/HOA KC          Kansas City, MO
                                                                    Greater Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers are “importing”
March 18-19     HOASC Specialties           Kansas City, MO         judge Hazel Fitzgibbon from the United Kingdom.
                                                                    Hazel will judge classes that are common in the UK, but
April 9-10+     Yorkville KC                DeKalb, IL              normally not seen in the US. These specialized classes
                (Roy Jones)                                         will include Best Head (male/female), Best Coat
                                                                    (male/female), Best Feet, Best Tail, Best Front, Best
April 16-17+    Steel City KC               Crown Point, IN
                (Roy Jones)
                                                                    Rear, Best Side Gait, and Best Smile. Entry in these
                                                                    classes is an additional $7 and you can enter as many
April 22 & 24+ Bloomington KC               Terre Haute, IN         as you’d like. Carol Montgomery will be the
               (Roy Jones)                                          Sweepstakes judge at the Greater Milwaukee Samoyed
                                                                    Fanciers show. Mark Milligan will be judging
April 28-30     Progress City Cluster       Decatur, IL             Sweepstakes while Cindy Meyer will be judging the
                (Roy Jones)                                         regular classes at the Samoyed Association of Madison
April 30/May 1 Dbl. Exposure Specialty Fond du Lac, WI              show.
               (Cindy O’Hare/Fred Stohl, Event Sec. 8221            I can almost taste the fish fry at a number of local “adult
               Griffith Ave. NW Maple Lake, MN 55358)
                                                                    beverage” establishments and the dessert at Schreiners
              *-Obedience and Rally offered                         Restaurant. Springtime, Samoyeds, and East Central
              +-Obedience offered                                   Wisconsin - a winning combination!
Unless otherwise noted, Onofrio is the Superintendent
                                                                             Wisconsin Samoyed Kennels
               Area Obedience Trials                                R    Y    K     I   P    P    E     R    I    C    B    T

Feb 13-14       Evansville OC               Evansville, IN          T    E    T    D    E    Y    K     Z    S    R    W    S
                (Mrs. Mimi Nicholson, Trial Sec. 7939
                                                                    B    W    O    E    A    D    X     U    A    J    R    E
                Washington Ave. Evansville, IN 47715)
                                                                    A    B     I   W    K    A    S     M    Y    E    T    U
March 18-20*    Mound City OTC             Purina Farms
                (Carolyn Hesser, Trial Sec. 1557 Kraft St.          R    N    K    N    D    C    B     A    V    G    M    Q
                St. Louis, MO 63139)
                                                                    A    C    A    D    D    L     I    I    X    I    B    M
April 2*        Capitol CTC               Springfield, IL
                (Toni Aden, Trial Sec. 24414 Burr Oaks Ln           N    I    U    D    E    S    R     N    T    W    F    A
                Athens, IL 62613)                                   O    D    J    W    R    F    O     H    S    B    O    E
April 3*        Decatur OTC                Springfield, IL          F    R    O    U    L    A    R     N    Q    R    L    R
                (Susan Zientara, Trial Sec. 2708 Casner Rd.
                Oakley, IL 62501)                                   C    O    J    O    M     I   T     K    G    C    E    D

April 9-10*     Paducah KC                Paducah, KY               D    N    W    X    L    Q    Y     S    U    K    P    P
                (Dee Felts, Trial Sec. PO Box 15816
                                                                    R    E    T    H    G     I   L     N    O    O    M    A
                Evansville, IN 47716)

April 23-24*    Car-Dun-Al ODTC            Huntley, IL
                (Heidi Nelson, Trial Sec. 9443 Rainsford Rd.        BARANOF             BRAMBLEWOOD          DREAMQUEST
                Huntley, IL 60142)                                  KIPPERIC            KWAY                 MITHRIL
                                                                    MOONLIGHTER         NORDIC               PERSNICKETY
                *-Rally offered                                     STARDAN             WINDSONG             WOLFRIVER

                                                          Samoyed Update 8
       Jake in the Sammy Spotlight                                               Rescue Report
                                                                                      By Sue Kabler

                                                               Barrow is still with us, but he has a new foster home
                                                               with Dan White. He’s doing very well and now has two
                                                               basset hounds to play with. Dan feels that he would be
                                                               fine in a home with a dog the same size or larger.

Hi Everyone. My name is Jake. I used to be Jake
Miller when I lived with my first Mommy several years
ago. Her name was Kim and she was a Club member
herself. Mommy Kim crossed The Bridge early in 2003
and that's how I came to St. Louis Samoyed Rescue.
                                                               Weiss is now being fostered by Kim Singer in Belleville,
It was on a very foggy, cold, and rainy Valentine's night      IL. He’s made himself very comfortable there with her
that I met my new Mommy and Daddy. They drove out              two “mature” Sams, Lady and Duke. Weiss would love
to Marilyn Petzold's house. She’s a very nice lady and         a permanent home where he could give his special
a Club member who was fostering me at the time.                Sammy love and be cared for. He is 9 years old and in
Anyway, they came in, and when they sat on Marilyn's           good health.
couch, I just walked right over and put my head on both
of their laps. Mommy and Daddy like to say that I
adopted them! Shortly after that, I got a new name
because Mommy and Daddy always give their doggies
middle names. So, I am now Jake Wolfgang Niemann.
I've earned my TT, CGC, and TDI titles and I used to
visit Alzheimer's patients in nursing homes. I love to go
for walks with Mommy, Daddy, Spirit and Zombie
because we usually get to meet a lot of the
neighborhood kids. We've even had cars stop to talk
about us, but stopping along Hwy K really isn't a smart
idea! Two things that I really enjoy -- going to Old St.
Charles in summer for the Festival of the Little Hills and
                                                               Sumo has been adopted by a family in St. Peters. He
again in winter for their Christmas Traditions Festival.
                                                               now has a “sister” to play with and will have all the love
We always draw crowds of people wanting to pet us
                                                               he can handle.
and ask questions. I don't like the Snow Queen though;
she always wants to take us home with her!
I hope all my friends, furry and non-furry, have a
wonderful 2011!

                                                               Bianca is being fostered in Lawrence, KS by Mary
                                                               Riggs daughter, Catherine, and granddaughter, Zoe.
            Calling all Samoyeds!                              She recently was taken from a puppy mill in KS and
                                                               fortunately, is in good shape, mentally and physically.
             SCARF DNA Collection                              She’s somewhere between 6 and 8 yrs, weighs about
         Sunday, March 13th 1:30 - 4:00 pm                     45 lbs, is spayed and heart worm negative. We’ll bring
             AKC Museum of the Dog                             her here as soon as we have a foster or permanent
     Watch your e-mail inbox for more information              home for her.

                                                     Samoyed Update 9
Samoyed Update Information:
The deadline for submissions to the Samoyed Update Spring
issue is April 15, 2011! Please e-mail your brags, reports,
articles, pictures etc. to:
Subscription to the Samoyed Update is included with
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Please visit our web site at:
For additional membership information please contact
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Non-members may subscribe at the cost of $6 per year
(4 issues). Please contact Paul at:

                                                                Mindy (Herkstroeter) at work as an after-school Reading Tutor

                                                               Club Meetings
                                                               Monday, February 14th, March 14th, and April 11th at 7:00 pm
                                                               at Airedale Antics
                                                               Dog of the Week/SCARF DNA Collection
     The Herkstroeters with Mindy, Margo, and Sammy D.
                                                               Sunday, March 13th 1:30-4:00 pm at the AKC Museum of the
     Read more about the SCA Nationals on pages 3 & 4          Dog

                     Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club
                     Paul and Marta DeMerath, Editors
                     3704 Rhett’s Landing
                     Belleville, IL 62221-0414

                                                   Samoyed Update 10

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