6&$1 ,$56
                                              ((69,//(        $/(

                                                             Our Mission Statement
                  St. Francis of Assisi is a gospel faith community, baptized into the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We
        believe that our earth and all life is sacred, that all people are gifted with God’s grace and called to build God’s kingdom on earth. We
        believe that kingdom is a kingdom of justice and peace, faith and hope, love and acceptance. That kingdom belongs to the least
        among us.
                  We are one family, living in community, confronted, challenged and comforted by the Word of God, reaching out to all
        persons and their families. We are contemporary Catholic Christians, sharing the ministry which belongs to each of us in partnership
        with our Bishop. We are inspired by the simplicity of Saint Francis and his friars. We are responsible stewards of our talents and
        worldly goods.
                 We celebrate our faith by worshiping together, experiencing Christ in Word and Eucharist and one another, in natural and
        simple surroundings. We grow in knowledge of our tradition and the meaning of our oneness in Christ. We welcome with joy all those
        who come to us and invite them into the life of our community. We bear witness to those who do not know Christ, by living our faith
        and spreading the Good News. We reach out in a special way to those who hunger and thirst for human dignity: the poor, suffering
        and oppressed people in our community and in our world.

                                                                STAYING IN TOUCH
                                       Telephone             (919) 847-8205 (extensions as below)
                                       FAX                   Parish Office: 870-1790 The Franciscan School: 847-9558
                                       E-mail                staff person’s first
                                       Parish Web Site
                                       School Web Site

PASTORAL STAFF                                                         THE FRANCISCAN SCHOOL (THEA HALL)
       PARISH OFFICE (CHURCH)                                                             233       Barbara Polston, Principal
       226      Fr. Dan Kenna, OFM, Pastor                                                254       Karen Swanson, Assistant Principal
       224      Fr. Mark G. Reamer, OFM, Associate Pastor                                 255       Thea Hall Receptionist
       227      Julio De La Rosa, Finance & Administration                                252       Kathy McKinley, Staff Administration
       263      George Gorby, Facilities & Scheduling                                     253       Melissa O’Connor, Staff Administration
       230      Gene Pipas, Music Ministry                                                251       Joanne Sullivan, Health Services
       229      Pat Kowite, Parish Administration
       226      Laurette Benton, Staff Administration
       228      Toni Hammes, Staff Administration
       249      Joan Port, Staff Administration                        EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING CENTER (CLARE HALL)
                                                                                          240      Nancy Bourke, Director
        FAITH FORMATION OFFICE (THEA HALL)                                                262      Denise Rinderer, Staff Administration
        239       Maureen Leahy, Elementary Faith Formation
        242       Ann Danyluk, Junior High Faith Formation
        238       Cathy Felder, High School Faith Formation & Young Adult Ministry
        237       Gladys Whitehouse, Staff Administration


        234       Paul Amrhein, Social Concerns
        241       Jeff Holman, Pastoral Care & Family Life
        244       Chris Kitts, Evangelization
        245       Staff Administration
        222       Mary Morch, Ministry Development

               %+,5' $81'$< 2)
                      81'                                                       WHEN DOES RCIA “START”??? If you’re interested in becoming Catholic,
                                                                                please be aware that our RCIA Inquiry process about the Catholic faith is now
                                                                               available for you to begin at any time throughout the year. So, if you have
                                                                               been waiting for a fall RCIA Inquiry series to begin …… WAIT NO LONGER!
                                                                                Come to our next Inquiry Session, Wednesday, May 30, when our topic will be
                                                             “Church Unity.” Join us in The Gathering Room of Anthony Hall at 7:30 PM. For more details,
                                                             please call Chris Kitts, 847-8205 x 244. We welcome you!
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
                                                             SHARE YOUR EASTER FAITH THROUGH RCIA! The Church celebrates new life at Easter in a
I’m delighted today to share good news with                  special way when new members are joined to the Catholic Church through the Sacraments of
you. I’ve recently been informed by Fr. John                 Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. The people who are hoping to begin the RCIA process this
Felice, our Franciscan superior in New York,                 May all need a sponsor, a member of St. Francis who will agree to walk as their companion
                                                             during this special journey toward becoming Catholic. Sponsors don’t need to “teach” the faith;
that two additional friars have been                         they just need to walk along with those who are becoming Catholic. Sponsors participate in two
recommended to Bishop Gossman for                            RCIA session per month and are present when the person becomes Catholic. Please contact
assignment as Associate Pastors here at St.                  Chris Kitts for more information: 847-8205 x 244.
Francis! Michael Jones will be ordained to
the priesthood in New York on May 19. He
will begin ministering as a member of our                                    NATIONAL EVANGELIZATION CONFERENCE COMES TO RALEIGH!
pastoral staff in mid-June.             William              Speakers from across the nation will be presenters at the 17th Annual National Council for
McConville, a Professor of Theology and former               Catholic Evangelization Conference, June 6-9, at the North Raleigh Hilton. The St. Francis of
President of Siena College in Albany, New York, will be      Assisi Evangelization portfolio will pay the registration fee for up to 15 parishioners who would like
                                                             to participate in workshops scheduled for Saturday, June 9. Topics include:
joining us as well. Bill will arrive in the Fall, shortly
after Labor Day.                                             ∗ Being Catholic in the Bible Belt             * Evangelization is Everybody’s Responsibility
                                                             ∗ Welcoming New Parishioners                   * Treasuring the Church’s Social Teaching
Both Mike and Bill are very enthusiastic about serving       ∗ Witness or Wimp in the Workplace? * Stewardship & Evangelization
at St. Francis. They have each visited with us in the        ∗ Youth Culture & Evangelization               * When a Loved One Leaves the Church
past. You might remember Bill. He preached at our            ∗ Reaching Out to Those Who Are “Single or Single Again”
Liturgy of Dedication for The Franciscan School last         For details, see Call Chris Kitts, Director of Evangelization at St.
October and at our celebration of Holy Week last year.       Francis, to apply for parish reimbursement of your registration fee. Applicants should be
I’ve invited Mike for another visit the weekend of May       registered parishioners, willing to share what they’ll learn at the Conference with others.
12/13 and, while with us, to preach at all of our
Masses. I thought it would be a good opportunity for         A Message from Pastoral Care & Family Life …
our community to offer prayerful support and                 LET US BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND BRING COMFORT THOSE WHO SORROW…
encouragement to Mike as he makes final preparations
for his ordination the weekend following.
In anticipation of the growth of our friar community, I’m
also pleased to announce that our parish has received
                                                             At this weekend’s Sunday 11:30 AM liturgy, we will be commissioning Ben and Gladys
approval from the Diocese to renovate and expand our
                                                             Whitehouse to serve our community as Stephen Ministers. Ben and Gladys have answered the
friary, the house where we friars reside. The current        call to serve members of our parish who are in need of a pastoral minister to spend time walking
friary was built back in 1982, when the parish was           with them in their faith journey through life, during times of sorrow or struggle.
founded. It was relocated on the property and initially
expanded several years later. During the next several        Stephen Ministry is an important ministry within our parish. As a parish, we are in serious need of
months, three bedrooms and baths will be added as            conscientious individuals like Ben and Gladys who are willing to accept a calling to this parish
                                                             ministry. Do you have two or three hours you can spare a week? Do you have sincere belief and
well as a laundry room. The kitchen and dining room          trust in Christ’s love for us all?
will be expanded and several major repairs made. We
are fortunate to be able to cover the cost of this project   Are you a stay at home mother or father who could see someone in need for maybe an hour or so
with parish savings generated over the past three            each week, perhaps at lunchtime? Does the work you do professionally allow you time to spend
years.                                                       outside the office to meet with someone who needs your listening ear? You may be called to this
                                                             ministry. Those who accept this call receive comprehensive training in pastoral ministry at no
In order to contain the cost and speed up the project,       charge. The training occurs one evening a week during its duration, after which point you are
the decision has also been made to temporarily               commissioned to serve our community as a Stephen Minister.
relocate Mark, myself and eventually Mike to an
apartment nearby. We’ve already made the move and            If you are interested in this ministry or would like to make inquiries regarding it, please do so now.
the adjustment has not been as difficult as anticipated.     At this time, our parish is in great need of individuals willing to become Stephen Ministers. For
Our neighbors are friendly and pretty quiet and have         more information, contact Jeff in the Ministry Office at 847-8205 x 241.
gotten over the oddity of seeing us coming and going
in our habits and sandals, though I think they’re still a
bit curious. Maybe we can do some extra evangelizing                                  NEW E-MAIL ADDRESSES FOR PARISH STAFF!
on the side.                                                                                       EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY …
                                                                           The pastoral staff’s e-mail addresses have changed. The new address for reaching
So, please, join Mark and me in thanking God for the                       a staff member is now:
gift of new brothers and an expanded                                                              Staff Person’s First Name
home in which to welcome them!                                             For example: 
                                                                           Please update your e-mail address records. Thank you!
                             3$5,6+1(:6                                                 PARISH STAFF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:
                                                                                         FAITH FORMATION ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
                                                                                     There is an immediate opportunity in the Faith Formation office for an
                                                                                     administrator to support the three Directors of Faith Formation (Elementary,
                                                                                     Junior High and High School). The successful candidate will have strong
                                                                                     computer skills using Microsoft applications, desktop publishing, database
Want to be more in the loop? Join the St. Francis YAM listserv. Send email to        management and the ability to learn new programs. Applicants must possess
LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM with the following test in the body:                    an ability to work collaboratively with a large staff and volunteers, excellent
SUBSCRIBE SFYAM firstname lastname, replacing firstname lastname with your           organizational skills as well as good communication skills. This is a flexible 30
own first & last names. Send only that text; please do not include any signature     hour position. For more information, call Maureen Leahy (847-8205 x 239).
file or other text. Your subscription request will be forwarded to the list owner    Interested persons should send a resume to Maureen’s attention at the St.
and you will be added to the mailing list as soon as humanly possible.               Francis of Assisi Faith Formation Office, 11401 Leesville Road, Raleigh, NC
at Topsail is a beach retreat weekend, sponsored by the Diocese of Raleigh,                        THE NEW WOMEN’S NETWORK
when young adults, ages 18-35, have the opportunity to meet with others to                OPEN HOUSE & BUNCO PARTY, MAY 17, 6:30 PM!
explore relevant life issues in a faith perspective. For additional information,
                                                                                     The NEW Women’s Network cordially invites you to attend our
email or call 821-9744 to register.
                                                                                     OPEN HOUSE & BUNCO PARTY on Thursday, May 17, 6:30
                                                                                     PM in The Franciscan School’s Jacoba Hall. Hors d’oeuvres,
                             DIVORCECARE meets Wednesday evenings 7-9                snacks, desserts, wine, coffee & soft drinks will be served. Whether you wish
                            PM and is a special weekly seminar and support           to play Bunco or just socialize, we’ll have it all for you! Admission is free, but in
                            group for people who are separated or divorced, a        order to plan for refreshments, we ask that you RSVP to 847-8205 x 0 or sign
place where they can be around people who understand what they are feeling.          up after Masses May 6 or 13. For more information, contact Cindy Smith at
This week’s topic: Fr. Dan will present a discussion on the process of               881-9108 or email at
seeking Annulments. For more info or to register, call Jeffrey Holman at 847-
8205 x 241. Child care provided for those who request it.                                         In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells Peter again and again, “If you love
                                                                                                  me, feed my sheep.” He says the same to each of us, “If you love
                                 A brand new ministry has recently begun here                     me, use the gifts I have given you to serve your brothers and
                                 at St. Francis on behalf of those who have                       sisters.”
                                 suffered the loss of a loved one through death.
                                 GriefShare is a seminar and support group to                               CAREGIVERS OFFER ASSISTANCE
aid the bereaved in understanding the dynamics of loss within the context of         Do you know of anyone who is somewhat incapacitated due to age or illness
faith. The group will meet Tuesday evenings, 7-9 PM, in The Gathering Room           who needs help with basic tasks such as getting to the doctor’s office for
for the next few months. As Catholics we believe that, in death, life changes, it    routine appointments, grocery shopping, simple household chores, etc.? If so,
does not end. If you have lost someone you love through death, please consider       we here at St. Francis would like to extend pastoral care to these individuals.
coming to meetings of GriefShare. This week’s topic: When Your Spouse                Caregivers is a ministry of volunteers with training and sense of calling who
Dies. To register for GriefShare or to learn more about it, please call Jeff         want to help in these areas. If you or someone you know would be helped by
Holman at 847-8205 x 241.                                                            this kind of service, please call Susan at 848-0432 for more information.

                    IT’S A BABY SHOWER!                                                                 (Formerly Separated-Divorced-Single-Widowed)
From May 5th through May 13th, Catholic Parish Outreach is                           ∗    Fri., May 4: Margarita Night at Dos Taqurtes in the Creedmoor
collecting infant items, new and used. Celebrate Mothers’ Day                             Crossing’s Plaza. Contact: Carol Bistany @ 881-9479.
by helping a mother in need. Bring your items to The                                 ∗    Sat., May 19: Casino night. Contact: Carol Bistany 881-9479 or Angela
Stewardship Center before Mass or place them in the closet                                Galardo 676-32.
across from the Receptionist’s Desk. Questions? Call Charlotte (848-7010) or
Kitty (847-4275).                                                                                         WIDOW/WIDOWER SUPPORT GROUP
                                                                                     Our next support session will be Monday, May 14 from 7:30 - 9:00 PM in Room
                     EVENING PRAYER SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE                           401, Anthony Hall. We will attend the 9:30 AM Mass on May 20 and go to
                      TUESDAY, MAY 8, 7:30 PM JACOBA HALL                            breakfast after. RSVP to Doreen Hill at 847-9439.
           We can expect God’s presence to be with us as we make the difficult
                                                                                                                   MOMS, POPS & TOTS
           journey from grief to healing. It is a personal journey, but one that
                                                                                     May 2nd and May 16th are our play dates this month! Join us May 2nd at
can be eased by the presence of others. The St. Francis Ministry of Consolation
                                                                                     Rotary Club Park and May 16th at Lynn Road Park (William’s Park). We play
& Care invites you to an Evening Prayer Service in the new Jacoba Hall Chapel
                                                                                     from 10:00 AM - Noon. Bring a snack and a friend. New members are always
at The Franciscan School, to remember our loved ones who have died. Need a
                                                                                     welcome. New calendars are ready. Come get one! Call Kathryn Friedman at
ride? Please call Celesta Carlson at 788-8460.
                                                                                     847-0883 for more information.
                    JOYS & CONCERNS DINNER MEETING                                                                   QUILTERS’ GUILD
Our monthly Caregivers’ Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 1st from 6:00 to        The Quilters’ Guild will meet Wednesday, May 2, 7:30 PM. No experience
7:30 PM in Clare Hall 209-210. A light meal will be served. New volunteers are       necessary, just a desire to help unmarried mothers living at the Christian Life
always welcome. For more information, please call Susan at 848-0432.                 Home. We will be working on baby quilts for these women. Please call Vicki
                                                                                     Reno @ 870-9428 if you’re interested in learning more about this ministry.
     FRESH FLOWERS THAT WILL LAST!                                                                         VISITS & PRAYERS FOR THE ILL & HOSPITALIZED
FLOWER SALE AFTER ALL MASSES MAY 12 & 13                                                               Here at The Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi, we are
New plants include snow-on-the-mountain, portulaca, blue daze, also a variety of                       all one family of faith. As a parish, we care for one another as
sizes and prices for the usual favorites, both flowers and herbs. For children, we                     brothers and sisters in Christ. If you or a loved one is seriously
will offer “little” potted flowers and herbs. Proceeds will benefit Birthchoice, a   ill or hospitalized, and you would like someone from St. Francis of Assisi to visit
Catholic counseling service for women with problem pregnancies.                      and/or to pray for you or your loved one, please call 847-8205 x 241.
    6RMRXUQVRI«                                                                                      SPRING MUSICAL
                                                                                           TFS Music Department will present “Guys &
Deepening our understanding of our faith is a life-long pursuit, a                         Dolls” the weekend of May 11/12. Tickets
journey, a “sojourn” that we take with our sisters and brothers in faith.                  are available through the School Office in
Watch this Bulletin space for upcoming opportunities to pray, to                           Thea Hall.
study, to serve, to continue the conversion experience in our lives as
individuals and as a community.                                                           TEACHING POSITIONS AVAILABLE FOR 2001-2002
                                                                            Due to increased enrollment, we will be expanding staff for the upcoming school
                                                                            year. Applications for the following positions are currently being accepted:
&DWKRO                                                                                 Fifth Grade (self-contained) Teacher
                                                                                       Middle School Language Arts Teacher
:KDW ,W ,V 7R %H $ +XPDQ %HLQJ
                          HLQJ                                                         Art Teacher (part time)
If you buy a new appliance, it will come with a book of directions                     Resource Teacher
telling you how it works and what its purpose is. The same                             Spanish Instructor (Lower School level, part time)
holds true for any number of things in our society today. But                          Media Personnel (part time)
what about for us as human beings? What is the meaning of                              ITA Instructional Teacher’s Assistant (Kindergarten level)
life? What is our destiny? For centuries, spiritual authors and             To apply, please send your resume to Barbara Polston at The Franciscan School.
thinkers have been wrestling with these and other tremendous
questions. Beginning this afternoon, April 29th, we will explore                                        APPLICATIONS TO TFS
this subject from the basis of our faith in Christ.                         Applications are being accepted for new families and children for school years
                                                                            2001-2002, 2002-2003. Application forms are available in the Reception Area in
Sunday, April 29, 4 PM in The Gathering Room
                                                                            Thea Hall or online through our website
Humanity 101
During Week I of our study, we will focus on biblical and spiritual
traditions of the Church in order to establish exactly what a human                    ',2&(6$1&20081,7<1(:6
being is. We will examine the following questions: What was God’s
intent in making us? How should we think of Adam and Eve, given
the reality of evolution and multiple species of human beings in
existence as recently as 35,000 years ago? What are we to make of
sin? Does it really exist and have an effect on who we are? What            ∗    MDA Summer Camp Volunteers If you are 18 or older, you are invited to
effect? How exactly are we related to God anyway?                                join the MDS team as a volunteer camp counselor for one week at Camp New
                                                                                 Hope. Volunteer counselors work one on one with campers around the clock.
Sunday, May 6, 4:00 PM in The Gathering Room                                     Counselors provide the care, attention and close supervision that children
The Destiny of the Human Race                                                    with neuromuscular diseases need. Counselors will have many duties, some
During Week II, we will conclude our study as we consider the                    of which include pushing wheelchairs, carrying and lifting children and
notions of Heaven, Hell & Purgatory, the End of the World, the                   “bunking down” near your camper. Above all, the counselor will have fun with
Second Coming of Christ and Eternal Life as these ideas apply to us              the camper and will become the camper’s friend for a week and sometimes
today. As we do so, we will again consider Scriptural & spiritual                even a lifetime. Volunteers are needed at Camp New Hope in Chapel Hill for
witnesses from our history.                                                      the week of June 16-22. Applications due by May 15. For more information
                                                                                 or an Application Form, please call Jackie Adamo at 847-8205 x 245.
$QQXOPHQWV             5HPDUU\
Wednesday, May 2, 7:30 PM in The Gathering Room                             ∗    Dance to the music of the POLKA PLUS BAND, Saturday, May 5, 8:00 PM to
Presenter: Fr. Dan Kenna, O.F.M.                                                 Midnight at the Cary VFW, 522 Reedy Creek Road. For tickets or
Sadly, married couples sometimes break up. The annulment process                 information, please call parishioner Debbie Lompa at 848-9372.
is the vehicle through which divorced Catholics may remarry in the
Church. However, there are many misconceptions about what                   ∗    Catholic Parish Outreach Really, Really Needs Volunteers! Volunteers
annulments are, who gets them and even how they affect children!                 sort, pack and distribute food, greet clients and help distribute baby and
Fr. Dan will dispel those misconceptions and describe the steps                  maternity clothes. CPO is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 to 1:00,
involved in the annulment process. A copy of the brochure,                       volunteers arrive at 9:45 AM. If you are interested in volunteering, or need
“Freedom to Remarry: Procedures in the Diocese of Raleigh,” will be              more information on volunteer scheduling, please call Nan Raiter at 782-
available. If you or someone you know would benefit from current                 1233. Thank you.
information about annulments, please spread the word of this
Sojourn. Thanks!                                                                                *5$'(6	
´1RZ DQG        +RX         'HDWKµ                                                       -5+,*+)$,7+)250$7,21
Monday, May 21, 7:30 PM in The Gathering Room (or)
Tuesday, May 22, 10 AM in The Gathering Room
Presenters: Fr. Dan Kenna & Joan Port                                                   The next Faith Formation session for 7-9th graders:
In recognition of our Christian theology of death as a passage into                            Sunday, May 6th, 6:45 to 9:00 PM.
new life, this workshop will explore the benefit of planning in advance                                   See you there!
for your own funeral or for the funeral of a loved one. Many options
that surround The Liturgy of the Resurrection as celebrated here in         SPRING FLING DANCE with DJ Brian Bowders for 7-9th graders will be on Friday,
the parish will be presented. Time will also be given for sharing           May 18th from 7:30 to 10:00 PM in Jacoba Hall. Tickets are $5.00 and will be on
information about our parish cemetery and columbarium.                      sale at the May 6th Faith Formation session and at The Franciscan School the
                                                                            week of May 7th. Tell your friends!
                             35(.*5$'(6                                                  5(&/$,0,1*285%$37,60
                            )$,7+)250$7,21                                                    In the following weeks leading to Pentecost, June
                                                                                                3rd, we will hear the stories in the gospel of fear,
                                                                                                disbelief, questioning, trusting and Jesus’ presence
FAITH FORMATION CLASSES FOR GRADES PRE-K TO 6 WILL MEET THIS WEEK, APRIL 29/30.                 among his followers who ask, “What do we do
ALL CLASSES WILL MEET ON MAY 6 AND 7 WITH THE EXCEPTION OF GRADE 2.                             now?” Let us “walk” with them, considering
MAY 6TH IS THE FINAL SESSION FOR SUNDAY CLASSES AS THEY WILL NOT MEET ON MOTHER’S               whether we are ready to accept the Spirit. How do we serve our
DAY. THE FINAL SESSION FOR MONDAY CLASSES WILL BE ON MAY 14TH.                                  family, neighbors, parish, county and world? The last page in this
                                                                                                Bulletin lists our many ministries and offers opportunities to pray
        VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL SIGN UP THIS SUNDAY: APRIL 29TH                                   for God’s blessings for specific needs. Call any one of our
Sign up this weekend to register and volunteer for Vacation Bible School,                       wonderful leaders for more information about these ministries!
April 29, 8:30-12:30. VBS is scheduled for July 16-20, 9 AM to Noon, $20
per child. The theme this summer will be “Beach Trek.” Children ages 4                                         MIGRANT MINISTRY SIGNUPS TODAY!!
through rising 5th graders are welcome. Remember, lots of adult and teens volunteers are        Drivers are needed to help transport friendly, hard-working migrant
needed to make this week a success. We have a critical need for a volunteer to organize         workers from their camps to St. Bernadette’s Catholic Church in
and manage the children’s nursery and cannot run the VBS without someone in this                Fuquay-Varina for Mass and a meal. St. Francis provides drivers
position. Watch this Bulletin space for more information. Any questions, please call the        every Sunday from May through September, and meals on the
            VBS voicemail box and leave a message: 847-8205 x 567.                              second Sunday of each month, beginning in July. We welcome
                                                                                                you to sign up for as many weekends as you like. Contact Jan
                                   THE SACRAMENT OF FIRST EUCHARIST                             Dumas at 870-1380 or Jerry Foldesi at 781-0122.
            Eucharist is intimately connected with life. What we do on Sunday shapes all
                                                                                                           CONFIRMATION RECEPTION GOODIES NEEDED
            that we do throughout the week. In Eucharist we celebrate God’s own justice
                                                                                                A gentle reminder: Confirmation will be celebrated here at St.
            which is brought about when we reach out from our gathering to serve others.
                                                                                                Francis on Wednesday evening, May 16. Platters to be filled with
The children preparing for First Eucharist are about to share in the meal that commissions to
                                                                                                baked goods and fruits will be available for pick-up following the
service. Pray that they may find their Eucharistic service both a privilege and a joy. Please
                                                                                                May 12/13 weekend liturgies and during the week at the Parish
pray for the following children and their families this week:
                                                                                                Office Receptionist’s Desk. Please deliver platters to Clare
Alanna Smith                     Alexandra Smith                  Nicholas Smith                Fellowship Hall between 4-7 PM on May 16. Thank you!
Brianna Snowden                  Jonathan Sprissler               Allison Starkey
Matthew Stevens                  Joshua Stewart                   Calvin Stone                                   PARISH PICNIC COORDINATORS NEEDED
Tyler Stonefield                 Camilla Strazanac                Dylan Sweetwood                     Seeking Co-Chairs to lead a group (already in existence) of
Christina Thrower                Alexander Tobey                  Bailee Torres                       volunteers for planning the Annual Parish Picnic, August
Emily Trapani                    Michael Trefzger                 Elizabeth Unger                     19th. Please consider stepping forward to share your
Jacob Van Ollefen                Jessica Van Staalduinen          Nathan Vaughn                       leadership skills with a wonderful planning group. Lots of
Vladimir Wall                    Marinna Ward                     Justice Warner                support will be there for whoever takes on this exciting ministry.
Kelsey Weiss                     Grady John Whitsit               Katelyn Wiggenhorn            For more information or to work as one of the two chairs, please
George Williams                  Kelly Williamson                                               contact Cathy Felder ( or by calling
                                                                                                847-8205 x 238.
              +,*+6&+22/)$,7+)250$7,21                                                                         VOLUNTEER RECEPTIONISTS
                                                                                                We are known as a welcoming, hospitable community. Our
                                     TYM CALENDAR                                               Volunteer Receptionists’ pleasant welcome, patience, keen
     May 5           Annual Hunger Benefit Concert, Clare Hall                                  interest to be of assistance have served us all well. The
     May 14          Confirmation Rehearsal at 7:00 PM, with Sponsors                           position is for 1/2 day, 9 AM-12:30 or 12:30-4 PM, once a week or
     May 16          Confirmation Liturgy 7:00 PM, Reception following                          twice a month. Enjoy being the first friendly encounter in our
     May 20          Baccalaureate Mass for Seniors                                             offices. Please call Margaret Budion to arrange training: 676-
     May 25-27       Annual Catholic Youth Convention, UNCW                                     9506. Summer only spots available!
     June 5-8        St Francis Inn Trip, Philadelphia                                                                  CONSOLATION & CARE
     July 15-20      Faithful Servant Christian Leadership Training, Short Journey Center       This ministry exists to assist parishioners who suffer the hardship
31ST ANNUAL CATHOLIC YOUTH CONVENTION A waiting list for Convention has been                    of loss over the death of a loved one. Grief is a powerfully
started. If you want to come, please get in your BRIGHT GREEN FORM (found in Clare              debilitating force; members of this ministry seek to provide comfort
Hall)!!! The cost is $105 for the weekend, scholarships available for those who can’t afford    and fellowship to those who are experiencing such pain. Members
to pay full price. May 25-27, UNCW. This is SUCH a wonderful weekend and includes               work through this ministry to send sympathy cards and notes to the
workshops, a dance and a talent show with teens from all over North Carolina.                   bereaved in the months and particular occasions during the course
                                                                                                of a year after a loss. Please contact Celesta Carlson at 788-8460
BEST HUNGER BENEFIT Please note the date change . . . Due to BAND CONCERTS we are               to learn more about this ministry.
moving Hunger Benefit to Saturday, May 5th from 8:00 PM. to Midnight in the Clare Hall
Gym. Come hear local high school garage bands playing to raise money, food and                        KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY CLEANUP
awareness! Cost is $5.00 OR $3.00 & 2 canned goods. Food will go to Interfaith Food             Our K of C has stewardship of Leesville Road in the NC Adopt-A-
Shuttle and money will go to the Diocesan HAY (Hunger Action for Youth) Project.                Highway Program. They are planning their next cleanup for
                                                                                                Saturday, May 5 at 1 PM. If you would like to help, meet in the St.
YOU SHOULD BE IN PICTURES or at least in the TYM/YOUTH GROUP SCRAPBOOK. Please                  Francis parking lot, by the fountain near the red brick steps. Do
drop off pictures to be DONATED to the scrapbook committee! Get them in BEFORE May              some good for ourselves and our community. For more info,
1st. Call Ashley Sprissler for more information 870-7703. Include pictures of retreats, Just    please call Clayton Rodgers at 848-1793.
Faith outings and ski trips.                                                                                    MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE ...
NSRAK: CATHOLIC WORKER AT THE WILMINGTON STREET SHELTER St. Francis goes on the                 Eucharistic Ministers: 5:30 PM, Saturday & Sunday liturgies,
third Saturday of every month. The next available volunteer opportunity is for April. Please    7:30 & 11:30 AM liturgies. Watch for next training date. Ushers for
call Beatrice Fish at 870-1798 no later than the Thursday before, if you would like to be a     all liturgies. Childcare throughout the year: 2.5 hours, weeknights,
part of this ministry.                                                                          serving with another adult.
                                                                                                          F AITH F ORM ATION                               M olly C annon*                  870-5053
                                                                                                          C hristian Initiation of C hildren               M ary S herk                     782-1628
  O UR S ACR A MENTAL L IFE                                                                               Intergenerational F am ily FF (FIR E)            M aureen Leahy                   847-8205
                E UCHA RIST                                                                               V acation Bible S chool                          D orrie Crocco                   870-1246
                                  Weekend:    Saturday Vigil at 5:30 PM,                                  Y oung A dults
                                              Sunday 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 AM, 5:30 PM
                                  Weekday:    9 AM Monday - Friday in Jacoba Hall
                                                                                                          F INANCE                                         D avid N erz*                    870-8715
                                  Holy Day:   5:30 Vigil, 9 AM & 7:30 PM
                R ECONCILIATION
                                              By appointment & Saturdays 4:30-5:00 PM                     L ITURGY                                         C onnie Vivenzio*                881-0582
                                              (Eucharistic Chapel)                                        Liturgical M inistry M ailbox                    To change m inistry status       x 404
                B APTISM                                                                                  C antors                                         D ebbie M izerk                  866-1883
                Please first call Cheryl Stevens (847-1941) to register for a Baptism Preparation Class   C hoirs                                          V alorie D avis                  847-1123
                (2nd Friday of each month at 7 PM); then call Joan Port (847-8205 x 249) to scheduled     C hildren’s Liturgy of the W ord                 P at M cIlm oyle                 596-5493
                your child’s Baptism.                                                                     C hurch K eeping                                 P atrice S now den               786-6137
                M ARRIA GE                                                                                Cross B earers                                   M ike H oover                    847-7426
                To schedule your wedding at St. Francis and/or register for our Marriage Preparation      E nvironm ent                                    Judy B arton                     847-4138
                Program, please call Laurette Benton (847-8205 x 226) at least six months prior to your                                                    Joyce Clark                      528-4473
                anticipated date.                                                                         E ucharistic M inisters                          C arol/Rich Derrenbacher         554-2578
                A NOINTIN G OF THE S ICK                                                                  Lectors                                          M ark Fish                       870-1798
                If you would like to celebrate the Sacrament of the Sick, please call Jeff Holman (847-                                                    C huck S m all                   859-4889
                8205 x 241).                                                                              S ervers                                         M ike Vivenzio                   881-0582
                                                                                                                                                           D enise M igliaccio              846-5258
                If you have an immediate family member whose name you would like included in the
                                                                                                          Technical Services                               M ichael D udash                 847-4861
                Prayer of the Faithful at a weekend liturgy, please call Joan Port in the Parish Office
                (847-8205 x 249) by Noon on Friday.                                                       U shers                                          B ob Dietz                       787-1597
                                                                                                          W edding Directors                               C arol Ricotta                   554-8896

O UR S CH O OLS                             (Staff phone numbers on Bulletin Cover)                       P ASTORAL C ARE & F AM ILY L IFE                 S ue M athys*                    676-5648
                Early Childhood Learning Center           Ages 2-4                                        P astoral C are & Fam ily Life M ailbox          To leave an inquiry or request   x 442
                The Franciscan School                    Grades K-8                                       A bbotsw ood M inistry                           Judy G audin                     781-8916
                                                                                                          A doption M inistry                              P at & C hristine DiN ovo        783-7215
O UR P ASTOR AL C OUN CIL                                                                                 Assisi Singles                                   Fran B ayer                      870-9424
                                                                                                          C aregivers                                      S usan M iller                   848-0432
                Elizabeth Skvarla             Chair                       847-3044
                Becky Lucas                   Vice Chair                  571-7312                        C entering Prayer                                Flo H artye                      876-8935
                Debbie Braga                  At Large                    846-9381                        C onsolation & C are                             C elesta C arlson                788-8460
                Patrick McCullogh             At Large                    789-0542                        DivorceC are                                     K evin P orch                    844-6377
                                                                                                          E M ’s to the H om ebound                        M argaret Budion                 676-9506
                The other members of the Council are listed below (*) as the coordinators of their        E M ’s to R ex Hospital                          Ty S prissler                    870-7703
                respective ministry portfolios.
                                                                                                          E M ’s to S pringm oor                           Trudy P etko                     676-4835
                                                                                                          M en’s M inistry                                 M ichael K eough                 789-9517
  O UR M INISTRIES                                                                                        Prayer Line                                      Fran Ludlow                      846-7108
A DM INISTRATION                                                                                          Stephen M inistry                                M arianne W illiam s             847-2513
B ulletin Preparers                               Laurette B enton                       847-8205         Transportation to Liturgy                        K aren F ancella                 841-4863
C ollection C ounters                             P at K owite                           847-8205         W idow/W idow er Support G roup                  D oreen Hill                     847-9439
V olunteer R eceptionists                         M argaret Budion                       676-9506         W om en’s N etw ork                              Cindy S m ith                    881-9108

B UILDINGS & G ROUNDS                             S haw n S ubasic*                      845-2683         S OCIAL C ONCERNS
P arking M inistry                                R alph G uenther                       847-0438         AIDS M inistry                                   Bill R hodes                     787-5973
                                                                                                          C arolina T ask F orce on C entral A m erica     G ail P hares                    848-3936
C OM M UNICATIONS                                 G abriele M onetti*                    518-2671         C atholic P arish O utreach (834-9680)           C harlotte Jacobs                848-7010
W eb P age D evelopm ent                          Eric Sherk                             782-1628         C hildren of C hernobyl                          JoA nne C arlson                 676-3170
                                                                                                          D eath P enalty M oratorium                      Bill V etter                     783-7282
C OM M UNITY A CTIVITIES                          E m m a D em psey*                     676-1303         D uke C hildren’s H ospital                      M ary D e La R osa               870-7069
Athletics:                                                                                                Foster C hild C are— V F C                       Jam es B urke                    846-2692
  Adult B asketball                               Tim B urns                             518-1545         Inter-Faith F ood S huttle (829-0056)            Larry Petrovick                  782-3824
  Volleyball                                      D ony S heppard                        870-8664         M igrant M inistry                               Jerri F oldesi                   781-0122
  Youth B asketball                               Jerry C ucurullo                       846-2085         P assage H om e (834-0666)                       K elly Brow n                    510-8543
B abysitting C o-O p I                            Laura Triggiano                        870-0471         Prison M inistry                                 K athy Allen                     528-1130
B abysitting C o-O p II                           Linda M urray                          571-4632         Project H ealth F or Leon                        John P aar                       787-7292
B abysitting C o-O p III                          S ara H anson                          786-1035         R espect Life                                    K en Fitzgerald                  848-6929
B ook Clubs                                       Brenda F oldesi                        781-0122         Sister P arish— G uatem ala                      N orm a M arti                   541-6007
Bridge Club                                       P at B urgess                          848-7753         10,000 Villages (821-1100)                       O vies B rabson                  846-8530
C hild C are M inistry                            N ancy B ourke                         847-8205         Urban M inistries of R aleigh                    Julie Fox                        832-0820
Friends in F aith Clusters                        Jeanette D oggett                      782-7728           (Ark S helter, O pen D oor Clinic)
M om s, Pops & T ots                              K athryn F riedm an                    847-0883         W ake Interfaith H ospitality N etw ork          B eatrice Fish                   870-1798
P arish Picnic
Q uilters’ G uild                                 Vicki R eno                            870-9428         S TEW ARDSHIP                                    P aul Scruggs*                   870-0522
Y oung at H eart                                  Slavizza H endricks                    981-8960         P entecost & F east of St. Francis               M ary M orch                     847-8205

E VANGELIZATION                                   Tracy Biel*                            460-0764         W ELCOMING                                       M ike Triggiano*                 870-5045
B aptism Preparation                              C heryl Stevens                        847-1941
G ay & Lesbian M inistry                          G ary Lesinski                         250-9444         O THER M INISTRIES
M arriage Preparation Classes                     A nna/R andy F owler                   844-7228         B oy Scouts                                      P aul Koch                       676-8251
R eturning C atholics                             Lynn/T om M orse                       870-5012         C olum barium & M e m orial Plaques              Joan P ort                       847-8205
Stewardship/E vangelization                       K ate S hiring                         846-7512         C ursillo                                        G ene T roskey                   543-4086
  W itness S peakers (S E W )                                                                             Diocesan Ecum enical R epresentative             M arilyn M agers                 848-6693
Rite of C hristian Initiation of A dults          B ecky Lucas (Inquiry)                 571-7312         K nights of C olum bus                           Richard N ovacek                 848-0692
 (R CIA)                                          Francine W uensch (S ponsors)          788-0806         S ecular Franciscans                             M ary W alek                     872-9684
S m all C hurch C om m unities                    Jane M iller                           848-8793

                                                                                                                                                         WOULD YOU LIKE TO REGISTER AT ST. FRANCIS?
                                                                                                                                                              PLEASE CALL THE PARISH OFFICE
                                                                                                                                                            TO REQUEST A REGISTRATION PACKET:
                                                                                                                                                                       847-8205 X 249.
April 24, 2001

TO: Fran Swaney

FROM: Laurette Benton

Dear Fran,

Here’s our Bulletin for Sunday, April 29, The Third
Sunday of Easter. Please print 3,000 copies. I’ll
FAX a hard copy this afternoon as well.



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