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 Networking        Thing I Wish I
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 The Power of     Extending Your
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Networking for Profit                                                                       1
The Interview Suit                                                                         2
Forget “Comfortable” Go For “RICH”                                                         3
The Three “R’s” to Sucess in Business                                                      4
Networking in Reverse Offers Many Rewards!                                                 5
The Power of a Business Card                                                               6
Things I Wish I Knew as a New Entrepreneur                                                 8
About LeTip International, Inc.                                                            9
Turn an Exit into an Entrance                                                             12
Don’t Turn Your Backups in Main Storage                                                   13
Make Sure Your Summer Pedicure Doesn’t Include a Hidden Hazard                            14
Fueled Foods for Fast Track Executives!                                                   15
Extending Your Home Office is Easier Than You Think                                        16
Health, Organization, Money & Environment                                                 17
Five Reasons to NOT Use ‘Click Here’ On Your Website                                      18
MONSTROUS Small Business Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them                         20
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 Networking for Profit                            The AFV Network Canada
                                                    Appointment Announcement
Dare I even use those two words in the                   Jeannie Combden
same sentence, let alone as the title? I am         Provincial Director, Ontario
so going to get it from the ‘business rela-
tionship’ experts out there for this opinion    The AFV Network Canada proudly announces
but I feel it needs to be said.                 the appointment of Jeannie Combden as
                                                Sponsor and the Provincial Director for
Though I do agree that business relation-       Ontario.
ships are fantastic for business growth,        Jeannie will assume the responsibilities of
I also know that you must first have the         territory development, regional sponsor
tools to create and utilize these relation-     appointments and membership sales. She
ships for your business to ever reap and        will act in the capacity of liaison for both
benefits.                                        members and event directors with The AFV
                                                Network Canada.
In a perfect utopian world you would            Ronnie Hannesen, founder and president
only have to open your business and ‘they       of The AFV Network and The AFV Network
shall come’ or you would only have to,          Canada will focus on the continued expansion
repeatedly, post your business on free sites    across Canada.
like Facebook and thousands of dollars
would find their way into your pocket.          hundreds and a subscribership of thou-
Or, perhaps you are putting your faith         sands within one year. I did it through
into ‘word of mouth’ hoping beyond hope        networking. I however, never allowed
that people have only you on their minds       myself to believe that just attending events
and not their own business (or job, family,    and doing my 30 second pitch was going
mortgage, bills, etc…) so as to spend their    to get me a sale. I had and still have to
days referring you to others. But alas, such   work a room, not sit with the same four
worlds do not yet exist and we must go         people each time (the kiss of death with
back to the basics of salesmanship to make     any networking function). I took every-
networking work.                               one’s cards and gave them mine in return
As the head of a networking group, I find       (how would they ever find me without it)
it frustrating when someone tells me that      and I followed up a few days later with
networking ‘does not work’, it is ‘a waste     a call or an email asking if they had ten
of time’ etc... So, I decided to make it my    minutes to chat.
mission to find what it is they are looking     My goal was to find out:
for regarding promotion because network-       1. If there was potential sale;
ing, when done correctly is the fastest way    2. If there was potential for a purchase;
to get a sale.                                 3. If there was potential for an alliance.
What I found out was it’s not that the         These are the three most important
medium didn’t work but those who could         reasons to attend a networking event and
not make networking profitable were             the beginning of the ‘relationship’. Most
fundamentally looking for a passive way        importantly these are the three reasons
to generate sales. Attend a meeting and        that are going to make networking profit-
poof someone will hand you over cash.          able for you.
They also tend to be the same entrepre-
neurs that poorly utilize Facebook, emails,    Ronnie Hannesen, an expert in networking
word of mouth etc. But when has ‘passive’      for profit. She is currently designing work-
worked for any one in business?                shops to help entrepreneurs learn the tools
I’ve built my network to six chapters (and     necessary to utilizing networking to effective-
still growing) and a membership base of        ly increase their bottom line. or

                              The Canadian Networker                                           1
      The Interview Suit
First impressions do count! Employers look
for candidates to represent their company that
portray reliability, honesty, intelligence and
enthusiasm. They also look for a certain amount
of physical attractiveness in attire. Whether it is
a corporate or other position you are after, your
appearance will probably tip the scale in your
favour if you have the correct clothing on. A
famous survey a while back discovered a jacket
in a basic shade such as navy, brown, grey or
black combined with pants/skirt gained the most
positive attention from prospective employers.
Therefore let us not argue with the experts and
proceed to a successful interview look for you.
When choosing a jacket to start with, select a
simple style, well cut and flattering to your upper
body shape. Keep it simple and void of extra
trim such as studs, pleats and other adornments.
Select a colour from the basics mentioned that
best enhance you. If you are not sure about this
decision, take a friend along that has good taste
and collaborate with them. The same advice
goes for selecting the pants/skirt. Do not
select a short skirt, rather one that stops at
the knee and pants should be long enough
to touch the front of your shoe when you
stand up. Keep the look of your suit to a
minimum so as not to detract from you.
White shirts/blouses seem to gain the most
positive response sending out a message of
crisp, clean and confident. Jewelry should
be kept to a minimum. Makeup should
appear natural and soft, the same applies
to your hair style. Keep the more dramatic
colours and styles for eyes, lips and hair
for off job occasions. Shoes and handbags
should be in good order, polished and
simple. The overall appearance should be
a wholesome, pleasant credible employee,
who can and will handle anything they
have to do. Now you have all this impor-
tant insight, go ahead and suit yourself; get
the job you desired and look great!
Beverley Kelly’s career in ladies’ fashion has
spanned more than twenty years. Instructor,
designer, show coordinator and retailer. Au-
thor of Looking Great: A Wardrobe Plan That
Works. Email Beverley:

2                              The Canadian Networker
    Forget “Comfortable”
       Go For “RICH”
“If your goal is to be comfortable, chances
are you’ll never be rich. But if your goal
is to be rich, chances are you’ll end up
mighty comfortable.” T. Harv Ekker
So what is stopping you from living your
dreams or becoming wealthy? I can
already hear some of the responses:
“I’d like to be rich but.....
• I don’t have enough time to work more.”
• I don’t know how.”
• I don’t have the education.”
• the recession is killing my business.”
BUT what if you had solid support,
knowledge and referral networks to help
you achieve your dreams? What if you
started asking your networks to support        1) Never “sell” anything at an event or first
you? Would you go for it? It all starts        time you meet someone.
with “you”, and “who you know”!
                                               2) Build relationships based on integrity
If you own a business, there’s no reason       and honest.
for you to hold back and not achieve the
life of your dreams. No excuses! There         3) Do your homework. Do what you say
is a way to reach your goals and it’s easier   you will do; when you say you will do it.
than you think to grow your business to
                                               4) Understand that networking is about
support the lifestyle you want.
                                               relationships and helping others. Remem-
What could be so easy that it would help       ber “The Law of Reciprocity” ~ “what goes
me grow my business during this econo-         around comes around.”
my? Two things: a plan for self-market-
                                               5) Always have a goal and a plan when
ing paired with effective networking.
                                               attending any networking event.
Develop a smart Self-Marketing Plan™
                                               Armed with a self-marketing and ef-
and learn how to become an effective
                                               fective networking skills you will be well
networker and you will be on your way to
                                               on your way to learning how to Forget
developing a strong business foundation
                                               “comfortable” and go for “rich” because
and business relationships that will take
                                               with your well built support, knowledge
you to the riches and lifestyle you deserve.
                                               and referral networks, you will be well on
Take these two steps and pave your way:
                                               your way to riches.
1. Take action on your self-market-
                                               Cindy is the Managing Director with BNI
ing. This is part of your regular business
                                               Toronto. For more information on Self-Mar-
marketing plan/strategy but the focus is
                                               keting Plans™www.marketingbyreferral.
on “you”. It’s about developing the action
                                               com Cindy R. Mount’s speaking, coaching
plan to increase your visibility and cred-
                                               and training has helped numerous corpora-
ibility, leading to increased marketing and
                                               tions, institutions, non-profits and entre-
sales of your product or service.
                                               preneurial businesses across North America
 2. Develop these five key characteristics      become better networkers.
of effective networkers:              

                               The Canadian Networker                                       3
The Three “R’s” to Success in Business
My experience in customer service over the
last twenty years has taught me many lessons,
but the ones that consistently hold true when
building business are my own personal set of
the “3 R’s”: Relationship, Referral and Repeti-
Building relationships begins with the first
contact. If it is not me, I am confident in
knowing that my virtual assistant already has
an interest in learning about the new potential
customer. She builds a rapport with the cus-
tomer, learns the basic details about them, and
what their needs are. By the time the customer
and I connect, they are prepared for my call,
and I understand their own set of the “5 W’s”
right from the start.
Closing the sale is rarely about the nitty gritty
details of the project, it’s about the potential
customer getting to know you. To borrow the
phrase from Marketing Guru, John Jantsch,
“Get them to know, like, and trust you”. Once
you have accomplished that, you are on your
way to closing that sale!
There is a common belief that referrals can be
considered a closed sale, and in my experi-
ence, this has been true in most cases. It is the
opportunity to continue from one successful
experience to another, with very little effort.
The potential customer already trusts you, and
they are looking to build a positive relationship
with you, just like the one their friend had with
you. It’s a win-win, all you have to do is show
up, and learn what you can do for them.
Another great measure of success in busi-
ness is repetition, and understanding why the
customer keeps coming back to you. Odds
are it wasn’t the specific job you did, but the
experience you gave them. We have customers
calling us back three years later, either to work
on another area of their property, or to design
their new one.
I highly recommend keeping track of why cus-
tomers choose you, refer you, and keep coming
back to you. It will cut out the guessing, and
keep you focused on doing what you do well!!
Michelle Wheeler in the President & Founder of
EcoScapers; a landscape design, creation and care
company in existence since 2005. 1 877 695 6658

4                                 The Canadian Networker
                  Networking in Reverse Offers Many Rewards!
Success is a journey, the stairs are steep with much opportunity to turn, sit down and reflect on the
lessons learned… Once you step outside yourself, all your preconceived ideas of who you are and
what you should be doing, you can truly learn from those lessons and use them as strength to take
the next step up towards your ultimate goal.
You are the keeper of your dreams, your goals, your ultimate success and the reason why you reach
those heights or you don’t. Along the way you may meet others that offer opinions, jealousies or
stumbling blocks however it is up to you to determine where they fit in your journey not theirs!
Taking control of your destiny, living
your passion and offering the world
your purpose is the key to personal
freedom and the key to a successful
life. It is also the foundation that
allows you to build upon to create a
successful business.
Getting out of our own way and truly
understanding the keys to unlock-
ing your true potential and making
your vision a reality is the funda-
mental starting line. Capitalizing on your strengths and using them to move yourself forward is
the mighty force that will aid you in your quest for success. At the same time, being very aware of
your weaknesses and owning them will give you the freedom to do the things you are good at and
not spend too much energy learning and overcompensating for them. Spending time trying to be
better at your weaknesses keeps you in a negative space of “have not” instead of expending positive
energy that will move you forward.
Networking to grow your business is the best way to build a solid referral source today. Projecting
a positive energy will attract more of the same. Below are some insights to keep in your mind to
help you expand your circle with positive productive like minded people:
1. Be aware of the energy you are radiating before you even leave your door. People will intuitively
know whether you are someone who reciprocates or there to take. When you are meeting some-
one, how you feel is about you, not them….being aware of your energy is imperative. People will
match you and give you back what you are giving. Are you offering the best of yourself – listening
to their needs and freely offering suggestions to help them in their quest?
2. Go into a networking situation with the best of intentions, set them ahead of time – before you
determine what your goal is for the event, ask yourself – how many people you will be able to fol-
low up with and get to know, remember it is about the starting of a relationship – if you can’t logi-
cally fit 20 new coffee dates or meetings into your schedule then limit the number of new contacts
to the amount you can create a relationship with right now. Always remember it is quality of your
connections that will bring back referrals to you! Plan to offer support, ideas and connections for
others first.
3. After you ask what you can do for others remember it is ok for you to ask as well……Be grateful
for suggestions and connections from your contacts, sending a thank you card is a small sentiment
however it shows others that they too have so much to give…. It is an appreciation that will set
you apart from others and ensure your relationships have a good solid starting place.
The Power of Women Exchange is built upon these principals and offers women the support to
help them grow personally and the tools to help them grow professionally! Feel the energy and
take away the positive inspiration to live your dreams. Make Today a POWErful Day!
Tina L. Dezsi is the CEO/Founder of The Power of Women Exchange - or call 905.668.2352

                                 The Canadian Networker                                               5
    The Power of a Business Card
Your business card will leave a lasting
impression of your personality and profes-
sionalism to whoever receives it. Your card
is your introduction to your client, and your
                                                   Find Love Today!
prospective clients can help you increase
your business’ success. That’s why it’s best
to follow these tips in creating a business
card that will portray your business in the
                                                       Create a
best way possible.
Firstly, your business card should be no
larger than the traditional size of 3.5 inches
                                                     FREE Profile!
by 2 inches. Otherwise, it won’t fit in a wal-
let or business card holder and it will most
likely get tossed in the garbage as a result.
It’s also important for your card to have
strong paper quality where the edges don’t
turn up easily because cheap cards don’t get
taken seriously by prospective clients.
                                                             The place where
Now comes the fun part! Designing your
business card is an exciting and creative                  open-minded singles
process. Your card should clearly tell people
what you do and offer a meaningful benefit.
                                                            meet and mingle.
Try to keep the font size large enough to
read but not too large that there isn’t room
                                                 establish the brand in your client’s mind.
for more information. If you have more to
                                                 Just be careful not to use more than 3
say, add it to the back of the business card.
                                                 colours unless it is a photograph because
White space on a card will make it easier
                                                 too much colour on your card is detracting.
to absorb the message. Try to remember
                                                 Since your card is such an important tool
that sometimes, less is more. While it’s
                                                 to building your business, be sure to make
important to include the most important
                                                 use of these tips to attract and maintain the
information, too much text on a card won’t
                                                 clients you need.
leave a client wanting for more. You want
to encourage clients to have confidence in        Akua Hinds,
what your business can provide and contact       Consultant, Media Specialist, and Teacher
you for more information. The most impor- or,
tant information such                            416-737-8841
as your name, phone
number, fax number,
email, website and
slogan should all be
included on your card.
Black and white busi-
ness cards are still
acceptable to use, but
colourful cards add
more to your profes-
sional image. It’s a
good idea to put your
company colours on
your business card to

6                              The Canadian Networker
     The AFV Network
If you are a business looking for clients,
    we’re a concept looking for you!
 •    Online ad with link – 7000 hits monthly (currently and climbing)
 •    Submission of ads, articles and advertorials in all of our
      newsletters (12 per year now … going to 24 - 5000 readers
      hardcopy & by email)
 •    Article Submission in our magazine – 2 times a year
 •    Hand out of all promotional items related to member businesses
      in all territories – giving a wide reach to members
 •    Speaker opportunities in all territories
 •    Discount on tickets to all AFV events.

                             1 year Membership - $365.00

                          Our whole concept is about the promotion of
                          our members through traditional networking
                          - speaking opportunities - member focused
                          newsletters (5000 readers) - member directory
                          - strong online presence - bulletin boards- and
                          the hand out of member promotional materials
                          insuring a huge market reach.
 AFV Network Newsletter

The really amazing part of being
a member is that we hand out
your promotional information at
all our events, in all territories
so you can attend one or two
a month or none at all…..BUT
you are sure to have your info
handed out all over…. giving
you a large market reach.             The AFV Network Website -

Each event / territory brings new                Please contact
networking opportunities (fresh
Blood): York Region East, York
Region West, Toronto East,                  or call 1-866-535-1336
Toronto North,Toronto South                    to sign up today!
and Mississauga.                         

                      The Canadian Networker                                 7
 Things I Wish I Knew as a New
 Entrepreneur About Finances                    Chocolate is the Answer!
                                                      Who cares what the question is!
As I begin my third year of entrepreneur-
ship, I reflect back on the many lessons
in money and finance that I have experi-
enced over the past few years. I actually
thought I knew a thing or two about
managing money. After all, I had owned
homes, completed an MBA and managed
sales teams for some of North America’s
most profitable companies. Today, I can
honestly say that the best training on
managing money is to become an entre-
When you are responsible for generating                         Belgian Chocolates
your own income, you quickly realize that
your first priority is to become an excellent
money manager. Sounds simple enough                         (905) 640-8089
but it doesn’t happen overnight. It took                    1-877-681-4770
me about 2 years to acquire the knowledge        
and experience to really get a handle on
my finances and once I did, profits begin             14811 - 9th Line Stouffville Ontario
to rise! For my fellow entrepreneurs, here
are my top 10 ‘things I wish I knew’ about
finances and money when I first started
my business:                                   9.     Love Leverage. Learn to leverage
                                                      money and people. Work smarter not
1.   Read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by
     Napolean Hill;
                                               A few other tips I have is to learn to
2.   Hire a great bookkeeper (before you
                                               add multiple streams of income to your
     need one so you are in great shape
                                               business. Some ideas that are helpful in
     from day one;
                                               generating cash flow and sharing your
3.   Educate yourself on the great tax         expertise include writing e-books, speak-
     benefits of a home-based business;         ing at events and leading a seminar series.
                                               There is great wealth in knowledge and if
4.   Profits are better than wages;             you have acquired skills that other people
5.   Keep your personal and business           can benefit from, it’s a win-win situation.
     expenses separate from day one;           Enjoy the journey but remember that
6.   Find a millionaire mentor;                you are of no value to anyone if you don’t
     Learn the difference between linear        get yourself into great financial health to
     and residual income;                      begin with.
7.   Cash Flow is the secret. Without          Leanne Grechulk is the founder of Healthy-
     cash, you won’t get very far and you’ll   GirlTM. Leanne has her B.Sc. in Biomedical
     rely on debt;                             Toxicology and her MBA. Leanne is also a
                                               certified pilates instructor, 8 time marathon
8.   Set annual, monthly and weekly            runner and is currently training for her first
     financial goals. I set an income goal      half-ironman.
     weekly; and                     

8                             The Canadian Networker
 About LeTip International, Inc.
LeTip International is the world’s largest,
privately owned, professional business leads
organization. Since 1978, LeTip programs
have helped over 50,000 members, throughout
the United States and Canada, build business
success through personal referrals.
LeTip International’s structure set the standard
in the word-of-mouth referral industry.
Members are known for their professionalism,
dedication, and loyalty to one another, and to
the LeTip Program.
LeTip Chapters meet weekly to exchange
qualified leads, build solid business relationships,
develop strong presentation skills and become
proficient networkers. Only one representative
of any given profession is accepted into a
chapter, and members are chosen for their
occupational expertise.
5 reasons to join LeTip:
1. LeTip membership puts “Dollars in your
pocket”.                                              qualified referral every week.
2. LeTip members learn to be better public            3. You are expected to be ethical,
speakers.                                             professional and experienced in your
3. LeTip is a family and members are loyal to         line of work.
one another.                                          4. You must be working full-time in
4. LeTip members have a reliable source of            your category.
business professionals to recommend to clients,       5. You are required to sponsor one
family and friends.                                   new member within your first year.
5. LeTip stimulates the “Feel Good Factor” we
get in our hearts when we help another towards        To avoid a conflict of interest,
success.                                              each chapter accepts only one
                                                      representative in any given category.
                                                      If you would like to find out if your
                                                      category is open in a chapter, please
                                                      contact Regional Director Stanley
                                                      Lupka at or at the
                                                      numbers below.
                                                      LeTip International, Inc.; Since
                                                      1978, The Premier Professional
                                                      Business Leads Exchange.
                                                      Stanley Lupka
           Le Tip - Etobicoke Chapter                 Regional Director (Ontario Region)
5 requirements of LeTip:                              LeTip International Inc.

1. You must attend meetings.                          905-761-7425 / 1-866-515-3847
2. You are required to pass, on average, one

                              The Canadian Networker                                      9
Canadian Networker

                                   It’s who you know...

  See these and all      September 22
 other businesses in   4:00pm to 9:00pm
    The Canadian       Premier Ballroom &
Networker Magazine     Conference Center
   at the Ultimate       9019 Leslie St.,
 Networking Event        Richmond Hill
    Turn an Exit into an Entrance
How do you want others to see you?
It’s an interesting and thought provok-
ing question. Another equally interest-
ing but much scarier one is “How Do
They See you?”
When it comes to networking, first
impressions truly matter and we
must recognize that our behavior and
outward appearance do have an impact
on our results. In our “instant” world
we all make snap judgments based on
first glance appeal and gut feelings.
The real stuff you are made of often
lies hidden just below the surface.
Your first encounter with a perspective
client is not about closing the sale of
your product or service; it’s about sell-
ing you as a brand. In reality, we are all
merchandise that people make judg-           personal hygiene.
ments on whether or not they want to
“buy” us to be friends with, or to do        Attitude is Everything: smile and speak confi-
business with. Selling you as a brand        dently about who you are. Sit, stand, and walk
is not about beauty, age, size, wealth or    tall, carry yourself with confidence and grace.
even fashion, it’s about knowing and         Develop a winning attitude and give others a
respecting yourself for who you are          pleasant experience of you. Etiquette and good
and having the confidence to discover         manners is after all about putting the other
and project your unique allure in a          person at ease, not yourself.
consistent and confident manner.              Success is driven by self-expression and what
Albert Mehrabian noted in his famous         you put out there directly influences what you
study that the impression you make on        get. Consider how you want to be perceived. If
others comprises:                            we tell people one thing, and present and in-
                                             consistent image, we will sabotage our efforts,
•     55% Visual Presentation - dress,       especially while networking. Life is too short
      grooming, body language, facial        to wait for a special occasion to bring out your
      expressions;                           finery, your assets, your brilliance and the best
•     38% Tone of Voice - the way            you. Creating a strong presence and making it
      in which things are said (the          memorable, is your secret weapon to turning an
      perceived meaning behind the           exit into an entrance.
      words); and                            “Your Image Speaks Before You Do!”
•     7% What is said - the words we         Amanda Willet is the founder and CEO of BD
      use.                                   IMAGE Services. Amanda aims to teach women
                                             how to accept, embrace and present their match-
Dress for Success: dress for your age,
                                             less beauty to the world. As an image profes-
your body-type, profession, the oc-
casion, others and the location. Wear        sional, Amanda provides services for individuals
colors that compliment your skin-tone        and corporations through coaching, personal-
and figure. Maintain a consistent and         ized consultations, presentations, seminars and
minimum standard of grooming and             workshops.

12                             The Canadian Networker
   Don’t Turn Your Backups into Main Storage
Don’t put all your eggs in one storage         data it is supposed to backup.
basket. Although it is always recommend
having a backup, some people seem to           As the RAID system became a depend-
think that backup devices are infallible       able place for storage over the years, we’ve
and hence start doing things like delet-       seen people get complacent and delete
ing original files from their limited space     original data off their smaller capacity
computers.                                     computers and depend solely on a single
                                               source of storage.
Backups fail too! The best practice is to
always have two copies of your data at any     Cloud Computing: Storing on a cloud
given time and on a weekly basis, create a     system is again another great way to
third backup at an offsite location. This is    backup data. However, be cautioned
in case your premises                          against using a cloud location as pri-
get robbed or a major
fire takes out all your
RAID failures: RAID
stands for “Redundant
Array of Inexpensive
Disks”. RAIDs are               Data Recovery · IT Consulting · Technology Optimization
great as they have built
in redundancy. The                
idea is that a RAID
is never supposed to              
fail. In theory, it works                              416 433 3627
out quite nicely but as
someone who works in
the data recovery business, I can tell you        mary data storage. Consider the case of
that we’ve been asked more than once to           Carbonite who’s data storage system failed
recover RAIDs.                                    causing the permanent loss of many of
                                                  their customer’s data. Carbonate is suing
Consider this scenario. A RAID array              its hardware provider for what they claim
is arranged with a “hot swappable” disk.          is defective firmware. Wherever the fault
This means that should one fail, the “hot         lies, the data was still lost.
disk” simply kicks in while the dead drive
is getting replaced. As the part is get-          Backups are just that... backups.
ting ordered, the RAID is functioning for
several days or even a week or two in high        You should always maintain a primary
gear as there is one drive down. In all           source of data somewhere in case back-
likelihood, when the RAID was installed,          ups fails. The likelihood of a backup unit
all the drives were sourced from the same         failing is about as high as your primary
place and are all on its last legs. Should a      unit failing. The likelihood of both going
second drive fail while the first one is still     down at the same time is infinitesimally
on order, all the data stored in it will be       small. Always keep at least 2 copies of
gone.                                             important data and don’t get complacent!

Can’t happen? Think again. This scenario          Terri Chu, Data Technology Consultant
isn’t made up. Even if the RAID goes              Revival Technologies 416 433 3627
down, in theory, it shouldn’t matter if indi-
vidual computers still carried copies of the

                              The Canadian Networker                                     13
 Make Sure Your Summer Pedicure Doesn’t Include a Hidden Hazard
The warm weather has finally arrived and that means off with those clunky winter boots
and on with those sexy sandals.
And once we have our toes exposed to the sunlight, what’s better than a relaxing pedi-
cure to get into a summer state of mind? But how to you know a pedicure is all you’re
going to get? Choosing a salon can be tough. If it doesn’t follow strict hygiene proce-
dures, you could end up with an infection or a fungus passed on from another client.
And no one wants to
deal with that!
Your pedicure begins
when you sink your
feet into warm,
soothing water for a
good relaxing soak.
But before you even
dip your first toe in,
consider the basin.
How was it cleaned
and disinfected after
the last client used
it? There are differ-
ent methods used
to sterilize equipment in a salon. For basins, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned
with a disinfecting solution. Washing in hot water is a good start, but it’s not enough to
eliminate all the bacteria. Spa tools such as clippers are made of stainless steel and must
be sterilized between uses. Just confirm that this was done before your pedicure begins.
Emery board and other tools made from wood should never be reused. You should make
sure that only a new one is used for your treatment. And if you are one of those who still
use a razor blade to remove callouses, be sure that the blade is new. And make sure the
person using it is very experienced. It’s hard to judge the pressure to use and easy to take
off healthy skin as well as the callous. In fact, why not use a lotion instead? There are
scrubbers that are just as effective, are gentle and remove just the dead skin.
We go to a salon to relax, so the last thing we want is to bring home more stress. Ask
some questions, make an informed decision and you’ll enjoy a beautiful – and healthy
                                                                      Pink Lady Mobile
                                                                     Spa brings a full range
                                                                     of spa services right to
                                                                     your door. Serving the
                                                                     GTA and surrounding
                                                                     areas, we also offer cus-
                                                                     tomized spa packages
                                                                     and parties. Contact us
                                                                     at 647-808-4808 or

14                            The Canadian Networker
         Fueled Foods for Fast Track Executives!
Executives are like athletes, performing to the “top” of their game, seeking new clients,
developing relationships, and marketing their brand, doing their best to reach their
goals! So why do we invest in our businesses but not in our health? Choose the RIGHT
foods for fuel so that you can have mental clarity and optimum energy! Poor food
choices slows you down, leaving you tired and foggy.
Tips for success when attending an event that has food:
- Eat a healthy meal at home before attending the event.
- Box half of your meal prior to eating at the event.
- Be aware of the fruit salad! It is usually from a can and saturated with syrup!
- Choose an egg-white omelet and ask for veggies.
- Replace your coffee with green tea
- Watch the veggies! If they are “shiny” they may be cooked in butter! Ask for steamed
  ones instead!
- Decline the bread basket
- Choose a low-fat dressing for your salad
Keep healthy snacks in your car, such as, almonds (serving size in no more than 20), dark
chocolate (in moderation), protein bars (check the labels! My favorite is from Usana),
cheese sticks, apples, or Wasa Crackers. A healthy body will provide you with the energy
needed for success!
Jennifer Ettinger
Register for our FREE Lifestyle Newsletter, embracing body, beauty, mind and spirit.

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                                                  FASHION l COSTUME l DESIGN
                                                  IMAGE & WARDROBE CONSULTANT
                                                  EVENTS COORDINATOR
                                                  NETWORKING AMBASSADOR
                                                  FASHION & ARTS INSTRUCTOR
                                                  PORTFOLIO ADVISOR

                              The Canadian Networker                                   15
       Extending Your Home Office
         is Easier Than You Think
Keeping up with Gord Ahl, owner of Ahl-Star Con-
sulting, is a challenge at the best of times.
It’s 9:00am on a Wednesday, and he has already been
on the phone for 2 hours and is preparing to rush out
the door to meet with a new client. “I work out of my
home office and on days like this, I wish I had access
to some proper meeting space,” says Mr. Ahl. “Work-
ing from home gives me a lot of flexibility but it can be
quite distracting sometimes.”
Until recently, Claudia Ferryman, president of
Technology Mentors, was operating her technology
services company out of her home office. “The reason
I’m in business is because my clients like the personal
attention that I give them. Whenever, they wanted to
meet at my ‘office’, it presented a challenge,” says Ms.
“Being able to use a proper office or boardroom for the
occasional meeting became a real necessity. Especially
with new clients.” Like many SOHO’s, Mr. Ahl and
Ms. Ferryman have had to deal with the reality of pre-
senting a professional business image while enjoying       us,” laughs Ms. Ferryman. “I don’t have
the benefits of working from home.                          to worry about missed calls or faxes, and
                                                           I have access to a boardroom whenever
Productivity becomes an issue when the small busi-         I need it.” She continues, “Even little
ness owner expends time and energy running around          things like access to a photocopier makes
to meetings at restaurants or coffee shops to avoid a       me more productive because I used to
meeting at the home office.                                  drive to Business Depot to make a copy,
At a Markham Board of Trade breakfast networking           whereas now I just walk down the hall.”
event last year, Ms. Ferryman heard about the business     Many small businesses feel their only
centre concept, also known as shared office space.           options are either to continue working
Compared to traditional office space, locating in a          out of a home office or to acquire their
business centre seemed to offer tremendous flexibility       own leased space. Using the services of
in addition to being cost efficient.                         a business centre may be a more logical
Business centres are becoming a viable option for          progression from working at home.
many small businesses. Typical services include a main     Across town, Mr. Ahl has finished his
reception with personalized telephone answering,           meeting and wonders if there isn’t a more
meeting rooms, word processing, desktop publish-           efficient way to spend his time. Ms. Fer-
ing, mail and courier handling, photocopier and fax        ryman would probably advise, “Consider
services etc.                                              using a business centre as one of your
“A colleague told me that using a business centre was      options.”
a great option,” recalls Ms. Ferryman. As it turned out,   Elizabeth Dawson is Manager of Markham
it was just the impetus that she needed to expand her      Executive Suites. She can be reached at
business. Technology Mentors now occupies an office          (905) 946-8858. In support of all home
at a local business centre in Markham.                     office workers, Markham Executive Suites
“By having a real live receptionist answer our phones,     is offering 2 hours FREE BOARDROOM
it has made a big difference to how our clients perceive    time during the month of August.

16                                The Canadian Networker
      Health, Organization,
      Money & Environment
Health, organization, money and environment;
these are four concerns that have the greatest
influence on the decisions we make - in what we
eat, what we buy and how we live.
Close your eyes and imagine the most challenging
part of your kitchen. Is it your fridge, freezer or
pantry? Do you need safe products to cook and
reheat your foods in the microwave - products
that do not leach chemicals into the foods you
have prepared?
Are you looking for modern, sleek and sophisti-
cated entertaining products, combining the look
of fine crystal with practical durability? If your
answer is YES to all or any of these areas you need
products that provide smart and simple solutions
that save you time, waste, space and money.
Did you know that the average consumer wastes a
pound of food a day? Storing your produce in an
innovative vented container, optimizing summer’s
bountiful fruits and vegetables by keeping them
fresh 25% longer by allowing them to breathe, not      with your family, be recognized for
only helps the environment by eliminating food         the work you do, enjoy traveling and
waste but also is very healthy to your wallet.         receiving awards, then we invite you
                                                       to try attending or hosting a home
Utilising stackable containers that are lightweight,   party.
scratch and stain resistant and virtually airtight
will keep your food fresh up to 1 year and opti-       Ingrid Folkers and Aniheeta Cooper
mizes space.                                           have been leaders in Tupperware
                                                       Canada with a combined knowledge
The recession has forced people to change their        and experience of over 35 years. http://
spending habits and as a result, the return to
simple pleasures and entertaining at home is a         enStore or http://my.tupperware.
growing trend. Home parties are a great way to         ca/starlightexpress
network, to reconnect
with family and make
new friends. You will
not only socialize, but
also see good value for
your time. Did you
know that a home party
takes place somewhere
in the world at least
every 2.5 seconds and
has been going on for
over 60 years! If you
are also looking for a
way to enhance your
income, have more time

                              The Canadian Networker                                         17
                Five Reasons to NOT Use
              ‘Click Here’ On Your Website
            It has been there since the birth of the Internet.
            “Click Here” to download a file. “Click Here”
            to see our products and services. These are two
            words that you want to banish entirely from
            your website and we’ve got five good reasons
            why you should do so.
            Reason #1 - Misplaced Emphasis
            Emphasis should be placed on your content not
            the fact that you Click Here to get it. Compare
            the emphasis of these two sentences:
            Download the Product Specifications PDF
            Click Here to download the product
            specifications PDF
            Now imagine two pages full of links, one using
            the Click Here technique and one using the
            contextual linking technique. Which technique
            would aid the reader in quickly scanning a page
            for content clues? Contextual linking keeps the
            emphasis where it belongs.
            Reason #2 - Search Engines
            Search engines weigh linked text as more
            significant than plain text. If a page is linked
            just by the meaningless words Click Here, you
            will lose out on a higher ranking for the page.
            Place good keywords in your link text wherever
            Wrong: To get more information about this
            year’s Baby Time show, click here.
            Right: Get more information about this year’s
            Baby Time Show!
            Reason #3 - Too Many Words
            The Click Here statement adds at least two
            words to the message. Often space is at a
            premium and a shorter message would fit better
            in the limited space. When it comes to making
            your point on a web page, you have a very short
            time span in which your visitor reads text.
            Reason #4 - Let Your Menu Do the Talking
            The Click Here technique is used most often

18   The Canadian Networker
when imbedding
links in the text of a
site. However, links
to other pages in
your site should be
on your navigation
bar (menu) not
scattered through
your text. By placing
navigational links
throughout your text
instead of your menu,
you are forcing
visitors to read all of
your text to find the
links to the content
they really want. You
improve the user
friendliness of your
web site by letting
your menu be the
Reason #5 - Give
Your Customers
Back in 1996, the
Click Here term was
born from a need
to indicate a spot
that people needed
to click on to get
somewhere else. In
the early days of
the Internet, this
was necessary since
most people did not
understand that text
with an underline
meant inherently
that an item was a
Now that we are in
the 21st century, even your elderly relative is likely to recognize a hyperlink when she
sees it. Your customers also know a hyperlink when they see it. It is not necessary to
point out that you must Click Here any more.
To learn more about improving your web site Click Here! Just kidding...
Candace Carter, Back2Front-The Web Site People, 2009 is full of tips to help you get more value from your web site.

                               The Canadian Networker                                  19
MONSTROUS Small Business Marketing
Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them                 Let’s have a SPA
If you want to increase your profit potential, you                    REFRESH
must be able to identify and avoid making these                       RENEW
MONSTROUS marketing mistakes:
Sinking a Fortune into an Unproven Product
- Is your business concept based on a hunch
or solid market research? Entrepreneurs often
romanticize their products or services before de-
termining whether there’s a real market for them,
then throw fistfuls of money into this venture.
Having your spouse, uncle and neighbor support         Gather your girlfriends and prepare to be
your business idea is not enough qualified input        pampered! BeautiControl brings you the spa
to drain your savings account! So remember to          experience without the spa expense.
do your detective work (research) and test your               Book your complimentary
business concept with your real marketplace.                   BeautiControl Spa with
Believing That “If You Build It, They Will                Mary Ann Monroe, Spa Consultant
Come” - Think you have a product or service                       905-509-2712
that will practically sell itself? There’s a mis-                      or
conception among small business owners that,    
with the right product or service, your custom-
ers will simply “find” you. Whether you have a
visible storefront on a corner lot in the busiest
part of town, or one that is graphically pleasing     with your marketing efforts. It’s easy
online – without offering easy access to your hot      to get caught up in the innovation
products and services, your customers will not        process and forget that the REAL
find you if you do not market to them. The day         focus should be on results. Avoid
you decide to start your business, is the moment      making this marketing mistake by
your “marketer’s hat” get puts on and it never        emulating success instead of trying
comes off. You must consistently move product,         to create something completely new.
or schedule service time. To stay in business you     I’m not saying “copy” what oth-
must profit. To profit you must sell. And to            ers are doing. Rather look at the
sell you must market. With a strong marketing         basic structure of a tactic, campaign,
strategy in place, you take the control out of your   advertisement, or event that works
potential customers’ hands and place it in your       and use the same formula for your
own. If you have a product that will “practically     own tactics. Also realize that great
sell itself,” then your marketing job will be easy.   marketing ideas are used over and
Either way, the job must get done.                    over again with just the right twist
                                                      to make them fit a specific busi-
Defining your niche market and USP (Unique             ness. Focus on results, and choose
Selling Proposition) – or what differentiates you      imitation over innovation to create
from your competition and developing a step-by-       your own twist on a proven, winning
step marketing action plan to reach your niche        technique.
market and clearly conveys your USP message,
will help you to avoid making this mistake.           Janette Burke is a marketing/PR
                                                      coach, consultant, trainer, speaker and
Trying to Reinvent the Wheel - Marketing is an        columnist. To discuss how she can take
age-old practice with some very basic principles.     your business to the next level, call
Yet, I’m sure you’ve read marketing information       Janette at 905.882.6893
that stresses the importance of being creative

20                            The Canadian Networker
    Networking for Profit Workshop
When done correctly, using networking as a sales tool, it becomes the best way to
generate revenue fast.
Facilitated by Ronnie Hannesen, an expert in Networking for Profit. Ronnie
increased her 2008 revenues by $84,000.00 through effective Networking.

Format                                        Included
    • Lecture / Classroom                         • Workbook
    • Demonstrations, roll playing                • Light lunch
    • Worksheets                                  • Certificate of completion
                      July 27th 2009 & August 24th 2009
                      $75.00 + gst Check or Credit Card
       To register: workshops@thecanadiannetworker or 416 433 8759
      Markham Executive Offices - 3601 Highway 7 East suite 400 - Markham

                                  NEED YOUR OWN
                                   OFFICE SPACE?
                         With two prime Markham locations, you can choose from a
                         shared work area, private office, team room or multi-office
                         suites to suit your office needs. We offer flexible lease terms
                         to tailor your current and future business requirements.

    Markham Executive Offices                         Markham Executive Suites
                                                     7030 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 500
    Markham, Ontario L3R 0M3                         Markham, Ontario L3R 6G2

             Call Today: 905.946.8858                   1.866.663.7271

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                                                                   It’s who you know...

     The Ultimate Networking Event
                              It Is Who You Know!

                          Tuesday September 22
                             4:00pm to 9:00pm
                  Premier Ballroom and Conference Center
                               9019 Leslie St
                               Richmond Hill

                               In alliance with
 BNI Canada - POWE - The AFV Network - Ewomen Network - Ladies Who Launch
         Le Tip - Business Connection Exchange - Benefits for Women

     Network with the 500+ guests from the Corporate Professionals,
          to Rising Entrepreneurs and Local Political Leaders

Visit our Trade Show and meet the Directors from the top GTA Networking
Groups. It is the event to learn how to effectively utilize Networking in today’s
market place

       Light Dinner included, enhancing and encouraging networking!

                              $35.00 Advance
                            $55.00 at the Door
                  University and College Students $20.00

                            Tickets on sale now!
      For tickets 416 433 8759 or
                or online at

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