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									        Threat Management: Holistic Solutions For Techno Savvy Enterprises

Technology has changed the way organizations collaborate, communicate and share information and
data. Internet, web applications, and networking have created innovative new ways of working. Cyber
communications is constantly advancing and affordability of these through computers, networking and
hand-held devices coupled with level of information dependency have brought out issues of security and
privacy of data.

However, the expansive use of technologies also exposes organization and businesses to security risks
such as security breaches, data leaks and cyber attacks. Information security regulations and standards
such as FISMA, HIPPA, GLBA etc and IT compliance solutions provide organizations with a security
baseline and tools to strengthen its security posture. However, to achieve compliance, organizations must
implement perimeter defenses, system certifications, auditing, as well as user involvement. Non-
compliance to the security regulations will lead to penalties, which would usurp the security issues.

The diversity of businesses creates diversity in security needs. However, risk visibility, identity, and
access management tools are the most threat prone zones. Research shows that since most
organizations do not monitor security cyber attacks they loose large amounts on a global basis in
intellectual property due to cyber crime, theft of data and trade secrets. Hence business houses deploy
firewalls and information security systems as threat management measures. Leading IT security service
providers have worked out IT compliance solutions that are automated and on-demand integrated with IT

These solutions provide business houses and organizations end-to-end integration of security monitoring
with IT Governance risk management and compliance. This cloud based delivery model has a ready to-
use built-in framework support for HIPPA Compliance, and PCI Compliance and any other country
specific frameworks. However effective threat management demands that organizations must take
actions to defend themselves against ever-present and pervasive cyber-threats.

For successful threat management, providing organizations and business houses with an end-to-end
integration of advanced network monitoring and IT-GRC will enable them to get an integrated view of
operational security posture and compliance management software. Such advanced threat management
system, will provide organizations end-to-end automation of enterprise security; IT compliance, audit, and
solutions for risk management. By delivering this holistic solution, IT security service providers help
organizations both large and small with advanced threat detection, malware analysis, recognize insider
threats and solve data leakage issues.

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