January 07, 2009
Monthly Board Meeting
Held @ Terre Haute Savings Bank

Present: Paul Adams, Roy Boissy, Sheila Dinkel, Dawn Forsman, Aaron Garafolo, Susan
Gresham, John Mace, Kim Miller, Mike Morris, Dave Myers, Lisa Pepperworth, Jean Prather,
Karen Sheeley, Venita Stallings, Carole Yaw,

The Board Meeting was called to order by Jean Prather @ 12:00 pm.

The Treasurer’s Report dated December 31, showing account balances of $22,512.23, and
the Secretary’s Report for December 3 were approved. (Motions: Morris, Forsman; Adams,

The Audit for 2008 has been completed with no exceptions noted. Motion made Kim Miller,
second, Carole Yaw, to move money from the general fund and purchase a $10,000
Certificate of Deposit. (On January 8, purchased 13 month Certificate, due February 8,
2010, @3.70%, interest to compound quarterly.) New signature cards were signed by Kim
Miller and Dave Myers.

Applications for Membership:
For Professional Membership:
Carroll Graham, ISU Ass’t Professor, SHRM Member;
Barbara Eversole, ISU Ass’t Professor;
Treshel Washington, Kellogg Company, HR Manager;
Cassie Hoggatt, Staples, Inc. HR Supervisor;
Tina Rodriguez, Res Care (Normal Life) HR Director, SHRM Member.
Motion to accept: Karen Sheeley; second, Lisa Pepperworth. Motion approved.


Communication Roy Boissy reported the web site has been updated with Jean’s new
President’s letter and the new Board Members.

After discussion, a decision was made regarding resume’ posting – it will be for members
only, plus students. The section will be titled “People Seeking Jobs”. The resume’ will be
available by clicking on an individual’s name. They will remain available for six months or
until we are notified to remove them. Resumes’ will first go to Roy, who will verify
membership. Susan Gresham and Mike Williamson will review resumes’ before being posted.
Student resumes’ will be only be posted with two months of graduation.

Job Postings will be posted on the web site for 30, 45 or 60 days.

Roy may send an email blast upon receipt of resumes’ and job postings.
Legislative Carole shared a handout from the SHRM News regarding the Ledbetter Fair Pay
Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act. Use the web site listed to enter your opposition to
these bills. It is quick and easy to use.

Collegiate Relations Susan has been trying to contact Cindy for transition.

Community Relations Fredia sent a written report. Her goal for this year is to promote the
Association through the Chamber of Commerce, community service and press releases of
our activities.

Diversity Venita presented a schedule of the MLK activities in the community including the
Brown Bag luncheon at the Library, program at the First Congregation Church, the Youth
Summit at the Booker T. Washington Community Center and the Annual Dinner at Hulman

Foundation Mike will have five minutes at both the April and October meetings to explain
the Foundation and ask for individual donations. Our goal will be to raise an additional $500
in addition to the annual contribution made by the chapter.

HRCI Certification Karen Sheeley reported study dates are set for Wednesday, January 7,
14, 21 and 28, from 6-9 pm, at the Coffee Grounds in preparation for the Certification
Exam. She is asking that at least three certified people be there to help answer questions.

The New Certification Class will be each Thursday, January 15 thru March 19.

Program Sheila distributed a updated handout for 2009 of Topics, Speakers, Sponsors and
Locations for future Chapter Meetings. January: Wellness, Nicole Fallowfield, Gibson
Insurance. February: EEOC Mock Trial, Matt Effland, Ogletree Deakins. March: Student
Chapter. April: E-Verify, Michael Pollard, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. May:
Diversity? June: Safety and 50th Anniversary Celebration. No meetings in July and August.
September: Mini-Seminar. October: Legislative? November: Open. December: Holiday

The January Meeting will be held at Rose-Hulman. February thru June, meetings will be
held at Regional Hospital, Class Rooms 1 & 2. September thru December meetings are to be
held at Rose-Hulman Kahn Room. (Note that the December meeting ONLY will be held on
the THIRD WEDNESDAY, December 16.) Confirmed sponsors include: Manpower, Terre
Haute Medical Lab, Forrest Sherer Insurance, Saint Mary of the Woods College, Citizens
National Bank, Union Hospital and Recognition Plus.

Volunteers are needed for the mock trial at the February meeting. Will do a phone tree
again before each meeting.
Professional Development A planning meeting is scheduled February 16 for September’s

School to Work The program now has seven students. Volunteers are needed for teaching.
Meeting night is the third Wednesday each month, 6-9 p.m., @ the Center for Workforce
Development. Sponsors need to sign agreements.

Thanks to Lisa for providing a gift certificate from Clabber Girl for the drawing at the
January meeting. Members who paid their dues before year end are eligible.

Jennifer Triumph from the Student Chapter will prepare the Chapter Newsletter. Do we
want it be bi-monthly or quarterly? Carole asks that every Board Member submit an article
before March 1. Lisa will look for pictures to go in the newsletter (and on the website).
Jennifer will compile the articles, Jean will edit, and Roy will post it on-line.


Jean indicated that she had received a suggestion to rotate the time of day of our
meetings. Consensus was that rotating time and location in 2008 (at members’ requests)
resulted in lower attendance. We will keep meeting times at noon and just rotate between
Rose-Hulman and Regional Hospital.

Jean reported on the information she gathered in talking with the Light House Mission and
the Connor Center. She would like for the Chapter to become involved to help residents
with mock interviews and resumes’. She will arrange some times and ask for volunteers.

All Board Meetings will continue to be held at Terre Haute Savings Bank.

Register on-line if you plan to attend the State Leadership Conference Friday, February 6.
There is no charge, but you must register. It will be held at IUPUI in downtown
Indianapolis. We have three volunteers for the HR Games. Car pooling is available and will
leave from the Maryland Community Church parking lot.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 p.m.

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