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					                                                                                                                                                                    Ma-Amin Program

                                                                                                     Rabbi Stu Litwack and Mrs. Shirley Drelich

                                                                                                     The first half of the school year has been great. Our classroom is bursting with

                                                                (Keshet reports cont’d from p. 24)
                                                                                                     student energy. Our students have experienced everything from great literature
                                                                                                     and life skills math to learning about Jewish history and the history of our own
                                                                                                     country. They write daily, reflecting on what they have learned and broaden their
                                                                                                     horizons with hands-on projects that challenge their creativity and technological

                                                                                                     In Judaics, our students enhance their education through lively group discussions
                                                                                                     and daily one-on-one interaction with peers and staff. Our students continue to
                                                                                                     be active in Ida Crown Jewish Academy activities, such as the wrestling team,
                                                                                                     girls choir, and the school year book.

                                                                                                     We look forward with great expectations to the rest of the school year as we continue
                                                                                                     to forge ahead with our learning, both academically and spiritually.

                                                                                                        Parent's Reflection
                                                                                                         I want tell you how much fun I had at school today while video taping the
                                                                                                         Ma-Amin Class! The kids that we interviewed, Jonah, Meir, Mayer, Pia, and
                                                                                                         Mimi, were amazing. They were articulate using words like enhancing,
                                                                                                         adapting, modifying, and, my personal favorite, "para pro" to describe what
                                                                                                         goes on in the program. They also used words like great and awesome
             May you and your family be inscribed                                                        to describe how they feel. Three of the kids that I heard independently
                                                                                                         acknowledged that they are succeeding in school because of the Ma-Amin
                   in the Book of Life for a
                                                                                                         program. They all described making friends in the program and in the
               Happy and Healthy New Year
                                                                                                         regular classes and how much they are gaining from having the Ma-Amin
                            (Inside message)
                                                                                                         Program. They have a deep appreciation of Rabbi Litwack and Mrs. Drelich,
                                                                                                         as well as Moshe and Yaakov.

                 Sold in packages of 10 for $25                                                          I think Ma-Amin is a quality program providing an invaluable service to this
                                                                                                         community. Thank you all. A school, like any other institution, is only as
     Orders must be received by September 9, 2011                                                        good as the people running it.
     (Orders of 50 cards or more will receive a 10% discount)                                                             Deni, mother of Ma-Amin student, Jonah Kirshenbaum

             Keshet will do your mailing for you!
     10 cards for $36 (price includes postage & handling)
                                                                                                                    Ma-Amin is a beneficiary of
                 Call 847-205-1234 or WWW.KESHET.ORG                                                                Keshet, The Kehillah Special
                    Card is also available blank inside
                                                                                                                    Education Fund and the Rosen/
                                                                                                        Kirshenbaum Ma-Amin Scholarship Fund.
30 Spring 2011                                                                                                                                              31
Keshet Reports

A Letter of Thanks                                                                           Lakeview Food Pantry
This morning we were at the Lakeview Food Pantry and Carrie,
the director, came up to me when we walked in. She said that
she could not stop thinking of us all week and how much she
appreciates our help. Carrie explained that
she worked on the letter below all week
and wanted me to share it with the Keshet
                                       Jen Phillips
                                                                 Carrie and Jen

                                                       I’ve worked for Lakeview
            My name is Carrie McCormack and                                    in
                                        Pantry is a food pantry for those
 Pantry for eight years. Lakeview                               have two loca-
                                                                                             The shelves are empty...
                                       od of Chicago. We
 need in the Lakeview neighborho
                                                                                                                              Unloading the boxes of food.

 tions and I run our second site      which is near Ashland Avenue.
                                                       School	when	we	were	
 	          I	first	got	involved	with	Keshet	High	
                                             t was almost two years ago. It has
 asked if we needed volunteers. Tha
                                        everyone involved.
 been an amazing experience for
                                                     	come,	and,	together,	the	two	
  	         Sometimes	we	have	other	groups
                                         food together; sometimes it will be
  schools will unload and stock the
                                            from	a	corporate	office;	and	some-
  the	high	schoolers	plus	some	folks	                                             ’
                                          ents and their teachers. The kids
  times it’s just our high school stud
   faces light up as they recognize the
                                                    es,	they	know	what	they	will	
   	         Now	that	they’ve	come	a	few	tim
                                               ad the cases of groceries and
   be doing and how to do it. They unlo
                                                e a neighbor in need.
    assist the pantry so that we can serv
                                                       eaching,	but	I	can	tell	the	
    	         I	don’t	know	much	about	IEP’s	or	t                                      y.
                                                                                                          Taking a break after a job well done.
                                             ment when all the food is put awa
    students get a sense of accomplish                                                  d	
                                            ,	getting	exercise	for	their	bodies	an
    I	know	they	are	learning	new	skills                                              ns,	
                                          	They	are	using	patience,	taking	tur
    also	exercising	their	motor	skills.	                               aking	new	
                                           asking	questions	and	m
     cooperating,	following	directions,	                                            	
                                              taff)	come	to	the	pantry,	they	are
     friends.		Now	when	students	(and	s
                                               	pantry	lady	knows	who	they	are,	
     greeted	by	name	and	know	that	the
                                             ee	them.
      needs	their	help,	and	is	happy	to	s                                        n	a	
      	        Having	this	partnership  	with	Keshet	High	School	has	bee
                                              try and the school. Thank     you to the
      great experience for Lakeview Pan
                                              gh	School	and	thank	you	to	those	
      students	and	staff	of	the	Keshet	Hi                                                    Stocking the shelves.
      who support them!
                                                        Carrie McCormack                                                      ...The shelves are full!

32 Spring 2011                                                                                                                           33
Keshet Reports

The Keshet Coe-Worker
Transition Program
                                                                                         Spotlight on our Keshet
Jonathon Stack, Teacher                                                                   Grandparents Plus Group
Stocking, Stacking, and Smiling
It’s a typical Thursday morning at The Chicago
                                                                                         The Grandparents Plus Group is made upfundraising activities go caring,
                                                                                                                                     of very loving, devoted,
                                                                                         and concerned people. The proceeds of their                          toward
Chesed Fund’s Lincolnwood warehouse. In aisle                                            funding trips and activities for children who would not be able to have the
2, Jacob is arranging paper towel rolls neatly                                           experience without financial assistance.
on a shelf. In aisle 6, Mark is unloading pretzel
bags, while Huvi and Brett organize the Triscuits                                        This year’s GADOL (Giving Adults Daily Opportunities for Living) Chanukah
—Cracked Pepper on the left, and Original on the                                         party was, as always, very well attended and, as in the past, the celebration
right.                                                                                   was graciously sponsored by Keshet’s Grandparents Plus group. While most
                                                                                         of our past parties have taken place in restaurants, this year’s event was held
Jacob, Mark, Huvi, and Brett are members of                                              at a Clearbook CILA at which four of our participants reside. The evening
Keshet’s Coe-Worker Transition Program for                                               was filled with pizza, Karaoke, music, laughs and, most importantly, good
young adults with developmental disabilities. They       Brett stocks shelves at the     friends. Many parents were also on hand to help us celebrate. We all left
volunteer at the food pantry every Thursday.             Chicago Chesed Fund.            feeling that this was the start of a new tradition!
“It makes me feel good,” says Jacob, 20, who adds that he enjoys stocking shelves
the best. Julia, 19, excels at dividing products into categories. She says she likes
“making things neat” for warehouse shoppers. “I just like helping people,” adds
Huvi, 18.
                                                And as they stock shelves, unload
                                                boxes, and arrange merchandise,
                                                the kids are getting real-life skills,
                                                according to Keshet’s Vocation             Julie, Avi, and Nate enjoy
                                                                                              the wonderful Chanukah
                                                Coordinator, Karen Rohrbach.                dinner sponsored by The
                                                                                         Grandparents Plus Group for
                                                “They get work experience and                the GADOL participants.
                                                a sense of responsibility,” she
                                                explains. “They also learn that there
                                                is a certain way to behave and that

                                                                                            Annual Gift Wrapping Fundraiser
                                                there are rules to follow. And this
Huvi unloads a box of supplies.                 has a long-term impact," she adds.

The Chicago Chesed Fund’s Volunteer Coordinator, Mrs. Sora Dunst, calls the               Our Wonderful Wrappers:
kids an inspiration. “They come week after week, and even if it’s hot or cold in the       Lisa Brand             Ilene Evins       Sarane Katz         Mitzi Sommerfield
warehouse, they just get right to work. They are always eager to help,” she says.          Norma Brand            Gloria Field      Judy Kupfer         Nancy Tobin
                                                                                           Randi Carr             Susie Goldstein   Mary Lowenthal      Audrey Trotsky
                                                                                           Denise Charney         Gail Gordon       David Meyers        Phyllis Weisberg
The Keshet kids have been volunteering for The Chicago Chesed Fund for about               Kylie Charney          Norma Gordon      Jeanette Meyers     Edith Wolf
two years. Karen Rohrbach expects the kids to be lending a hand at The Chicago             Bonnie Diamond         Millie Gorelik    Dalia Ness
Chesed Fund for a long time.                                                               Marty Diamond          Donna Hersh       Loraine Patinkin
                                                                                           Sandy Dick             Betty Hoffing     Natalie Penner
                                                                                           Marilyn Domsky         Janet Jacobson    Lorraine Skolnick
"They have something to give, and this is the perfect place to give it," she says.

34 Spring 2011                                                                                                                                    35
Keshet Reports                                                                                                                                         Keshet Vocational

Keshet @ Work
Karen Rohrbach, Vocational Coordinator

Vocational Jobs
for Our Young Adults

O    ur students are having a great year. Our students are out in the community,
     using the skills they have learned in the vocation room in actual work
experiences. On any given day, our students are shelving books at Skokie Library
                                                                                    Shmuel loves cars and he is now at one of our new sites, Evanston Subaru in Skokie.
                                                                                    He works with the car porter team, washing cars and preparing cars for delivery.
or the Hillel Torah School Library; sorting products at Chesed Fund Chicago,
The ARK, Kol Touhy Grocery or Lakeview Food Pantry, helping at Rosen’s
Pharmacy or Illinois Nut and Candy; folding towels at JoAnne’s Beauty Salon                          We Applaud our
or Athletico Physical Therapy Center, or straightening the kitchens at Maya
Romanoff or NuCare.                                                                                Community Businesses
     Come rain or shine, our students intern at Elizabeth Mayer School, helping
children in their Kindergarten room, washing cars and working with porters at
Evanston Subaru in Skokie, filing and shredding at Beber Camp offices or at
ITEX, and helping set up lunch for Kosher Gourmet at the ICJA cafeteria.
                                                                                               e thank all of the employers in our Keshet
                                                                                               family of community job training sites.
                                                                                            The Ark                                  Illinois Nut & Candy
     Weekly, our students bake challah with the residents of Park Plaza
Retirement Center; we also bake and deliver challah to GlenCrest Nursing and               Athletico                                Itex
Rehabilitation Centre and Buckingham Pavilion. Several times a week, our
                                                                                           Beber Camp                               JoAnne's Hair Salon
                                                                                           Bernard Horwich JCC                      Ken's Diner
students help at Ken’s Diner cleaning tables and filling condiments. Our students          Bernard Weinger JCC                      Kirshner's Cuisine
can also be found in various offices at Northeastern Illinois University filing,           Buckingham Pavilion                      Kol Tov/Touhy
collating, and labeling documents for students.                                            Chicago Chesed Fund                       Kosher Foods
     When not in the community, our students learn and improve their work skills           Chicago Rabbinical                       Lakeview Food Pantry
in our fabulous new vocational training room; each student experiences individual           Council                                  Leaning Tower YMCA
and group training to fit their own capabilities and preferences.                          CJE Senior Life                          Meals-on-Wheels
                                                                                           Cong. Ezras Israel                       Maya Romanoff
                                                                                           Cong. Khal Chasidim                      Miesel's Property
                                                                                           Elizabeth Mayer School                   Northeastern Illinois
                                                                                           Evanger's Dog Food                        University
                                                                                           Evanston Subaru,                         NuCare Services
                                                                                            Skokie                                    Corporation
                                                                                           GlenCrest Nursing                        Park Plaza
                                                                                            Centre                                    Retirement Center
                                                                                           Hillel Torah North                       Pharmore Drugs
                                                                                            Suburban Day School/                     Rosen's Pharmacy
                                                                                            PreSchool                                The Sandwich Club
                                                                                           Hillel Torah Library                     Skokie Public Library
                                                                                           Ida Crown Jewish                         Srulie's Essen Delicatessen
                                                                                            Academy                                  Temple Jeremiah
                                                                                           IDT                                      WiFi
Huvi works at one of our newest sites,                                                Without community vocational training sites such as these, we wouldn’t have the
Athletico Physical Therapy. While there, she                                          opportunity to show everyone our capabilities. If you have work opportunities or
folds towels and cleans the therapy tables.
                                                                                      subcontract work (collating, envelope stuffing, labeling, stamping, envelope sealing,
                                                                                      etc.) for us, please contact Karen Rohrbach at (773) 508-5778 x302
36 Spring 2011
Keshet Reports                                                                                                                                    GADOL Program

        The Sidney & Lisa Glenner                                                            On Sunday, February 6, Temple Jeremiah hosted a shredding event to
                                                                                      benefit GADOL participants. The congregation has also begun a “Lunch Bunch”
                      GADOL Program                                                   program. Once each month, a number of their volunteers meet with several of
                                                                                      our participants to enjoy each other’s company.
        Giving Adults Daily Opportunities for Living                                         We’ve also been very fortunate to be the recipient of many generous
                                                                                      donations from Temple Jeremiah, including a great number of arts and crafts
                       in cooperation with Clearbrook                                 supplies for our art program. Temple Jeremiah hosted an art show on April 10
                    Debbie Harris, Program Director                                   at which we sold many of the paintings that our participants have been working
                 Laura Fine, Assistant Program Director                               on during their weekly art classes, led by our staff person, Rita.
                                                                                             The congregation has also hired two of GADOL’s experienced participants

                                                                                      to work in their building one day each week, cleaning the Hebrew School
       he theme this year at GADOL seems to be "collaboration." One of our newest
       and most successful projects has been making beautifully decorated cutlery
                                                                                             For the first time, GADOL held a Shabbaton at the Milwaukee JCC’s
       (see page 8). Our participants had the opportunity to sell their handmade
                                                                                      Daniel M. Soref Retreat Center. A large group of our adults participated in a
serving pieces at the Northbrook Park District Craft Fair and at Solomon
                                                                                      Tu B’Shevat seder led by Surie Osina, davened, played games together, went
Schechter’s Book Fair in Skokie. We’ve also sold cutlery outside of Srulie’s Deli.
                                                                                      bowling, stopped by the Sprechers Brewery, and went on hikes in the snow.
Sales have been so successful that
                                                                                      Of course, it was a highlight of our winter!
it’s been hard for us to keep up
                                                                                               In January, we opened a second GADOL-staffed KJ Café, this one at
with the demand. All profits go
                                                                                      the Bernard Horwich JCC. The hours are 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. When you’re
toward helping defray the cost
                                                                                      next in that area, or near our first Café, at the Weinger JCC in Northbrook,
of our spring trip to Las Vegas.
                                                                                      please stop by for a bite to eat and socialize with a KJ Café employee!
Cutlery sales will continue, so
                                                                                               Once again, GADOL participated in the Linkages Hollywood Extrav-
please stop by the GADOL
                                                                                      aganza—an evening of pizza, music, and talent for adults with disabilities and
office at 8180 McCormick or
                                                                                      their families. The free event took place in February at JCFS’s Knapp Center.
call us at 847-674-5711 to place
                                                                                      It was a fun evening with friends.
your order.
                                                                                               We’re so grateful to The Sandwich Club, the JCC’s, Clear-
      During Chanukah,
                                                                                      brook, Migdal Oaz, and Temple Jeremiah for these many opportunities to
many of our participants
enjoyed holiday parties
                                                     Simcha Wechsler creates
(complete with Karaoke!)                             a beautifully decorated
at Migdal Oaz (a JCFS
residence) and at Brett
                                                     serving fork.                            Keshet Opens 2nd KJ Café
Lane (a Clearbrook home). Based on the great success of this first joint venture,
we held our Purim party at Brett Lane.                                                 Keshet proudly
       As you may be aware, Temple Jeremiah in Northfield has “adopted”                opened the 2nd KJ
Keshet as its tzedakah partner for this year. As a result, GADOL has been greatly      Café at the Bernard
impacted.                                                                         
                                                                                       Horwich JCC. The
                                                                                       Café serves Kosher
Jobs needed for the glenner gadol program                                              food from The
     call for estimates–to refer someone–or for more info                             Sandwich Club and
       We staple and package goods
       We mail, copy, and collate
       We're careful and quick
       you Won't have to Wait
                                            call debbie harris
                                                                                      employs young
                                                                                       adults from Keshet’s
                                                                                       GADOL Program.                   GADOL employees: Judy Farby, Mimi
                                                                                                                        Dolnick and Director, Debbie Harris

38 Spring 2011                                                                                                                           39
Keshet Reports                                                                                                                                      Recreational Program

 Recreationally                                                                         Keshet Recreational Programs
       Speaking . . .                                                                             Reis Family-Keshet Winter Camps
                                               Heather Tratt, Director                       Jacqueline Besser Keshet Special Olympics

                                                                                                           Reis Family-Keshet Winter Camps
                          Camp is right around the corner!                             Reis Family-Keshet Winter Day

                                                                                       Camp: For our older students,
                                                                                       Keshet offers six days of daytime
            ith the cold and snow finally behind us, summer camp is right around       programming over winter break.
       the corner! Camp registration is underway for summer 2011. We have day          This year, the program was housed
       camp and overnight opportunities for campers with special needs in many         at the Mayer Kaplan JCC.
       locations. These programs are only possible due to the fantastic partnerships        Just a few of the many activities
       we have with our host camps: Camp Chi, Camp Moshava, Ramah Day                  our day campers enjoyed were a
       Camp, Camp Beber, “Z” Frank Apachi, “E” Frank Apachi, Apachi                    variety of sports, games and art
       Chicago Day Camp, Apachi Village at the Weinger JCC, Mayer Kaplan               projects. We also took field trips to
       JCC, and Bernard Horwich JCC. All of these sites not only accept our            the Coco Keys Indoor Water Park, a
       campers into their camps, but our staff and directors as well! We often         miniature golf course, the Enchanted           Yair and Jack enjoy bowling!
       say that, in order for inclusion to work, it has to work from the top down,     Castle, a bowling alley and the movies.
       and camp is the perfect way to prove this!                                           Campers enjoyed catching up with friends from summer camp and making new
                                                                                       friends, which is a “no-brainer” when you’re playing games in the gym or watching
       Camp is an important time in children’s lives! The opportunities that           movies!
       overnight and day camp provide are unparalleled by any other experience.             If this is an activity you’d be interested in for next year for your 15-to-22 year
       Camp is hard work for our campers. Yet, with the right structure and            -old, please contact us in the fall. Reis Family Winter Day Camp 2011 registration
       patience, our campers flourish. Camp provides the time for skills that have     information will be ready at the end of October.
       been practiced all school year to be generalized to the “real” world. Camp
       also provides the time to learn important new skills.                           Reis Family-Keshet Winter Overnight Camp: Snow and cold don’t scare
                                                                                       Keshet campers! This past December, Keshet Winter Campers spent three days and
       For example, the camper who is afraid of the swimming pool on the first day
                                                                                       two nights at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.
       of camp often “turns into a fish” by week eight. The camper can then use
                                                                                           Just a few of the many activities were a variety of sports, games, art projects,
       that skill outside of camp, at a park district pool, or on a family vacation.
                                                                                       snow tubing, indoor water park, indoor amusement park and bowling. Whether it was
       Swimming at camp also provides lots of time to practice the daily living
                                                                                                                                             just “hanging out” while doing
       skills of dressing and undressing.
                                                                                                                                             puzzles and playing games or
       Camp, of course, also provides time to “hang out" with friends. Where else                                                            zooming down a “mountain”
       do you get to do fun things with your friends outdoors? From friendships                                                              in a tube, everyone had a great
       that renew every June to friendships that continue throughout the school                                                              time.
       year, camp provides more opportunities for growth than anything else!                                                                 If this is an activity you’d be
                                                                                                                                             interested in for next year for
                                                                                                                                             your 9-to-14 year-old, please
                                                                                                                                             contact us in the fall. Reis
                                                  Heather Tratt                                                                              Family Winter Overnight
                                                   Program Director                                                                          Camp 2011 registration
                                                                                                                                             information will be ready at
                                                                                         We love snow tubing!                                the end of October.
40 Spring 2011                                                                                                                                 41
Keshet Reports

          Special              The Jacqueline Besser                                    Take me out to the ball game...
        Olympics             Keshet Special Olympics
           is not
                                                                                        The Joseph Family
           about                                                                        Keshet Buddy Baseball
    winning, but
                             S      ome changes have come to the Jacqueline
                                    Besser Keshet Special Olympics Program
                               this year. Special Olympics Illinois has redrawn its
                                                                                        Opening Day is Sunday, May 8, 2011
                                                                                        at Kendrigan Field in Buffalo Grove
 It is not about               boundary lines and Keshet is now a part of Area
   how fast you
                               18, along with other organizations in the northern
                               suburbs, and we are very excited to be a part of it!              magine it is a beautiful, sunny,            Every player gets to bat and every
   run, but that                      The 2010-2011 Special Olympics Program is                  70-degree day. Everyone in             player makes it to the bases. There are no
      you tried.               off to an incredible start! Over 20 athletes practice             the stands has clappers and is         outs and no scores kept, never a winning
                               on Sunday afternoons during the school year, with the    cheering on the players. The smiles on          or a losing team—just lots of fun! One

                                                                                        the players’ faces are huge! This is the        of the players sings the national anthem
       f you have a            assistance of more than 30 volunteers. Volunteers are
                                                                                        day the players wait for all week!              and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”
       child who               vital, as we couldn’t run our program without their
                                                                                             The Joseph Family Keshet Buddy             and every game ends with a big circle
  might be inter-              loyalty and dedication. We are incredibly grateful to
                                                                                        Baseball Program is an opportunity like         around Coach Dean, with everyone
  ested, please                them all!
                                                                                        no other for children with physical and         screaming, “Go Keshet!”
                                      All volunteers went through an orientation
  join us. Our goal                                                                     developmental disabilities to participate            Come and see what all the “buzz”
                               before the program began, learning about Keshet,
  is to make each                                                                       in our national pastime. On Sundays in          is about! We look forward to seeing you
                               about Special Olympics Illinois, and about working
  participant feel             with individuals with special needs.
                                                                                        the spring and early summer, with the           on the diamond!
  like the winner                                                                       encouragement of their many fans in the              We offer a very special "Todah
                                      This year, the Jacqueline Besser Keshet Special   stands, Keshet players team up for the          Rabah" to Dean, Leslie, Brooke and
  he/she is.                   Olympics offered two sessions - one in November          love of the game. The buddies/volunteers        Ben Klassman, Bobby Hanson, and
                               and December and one in March and April. During          help the players, doing everything from         Joellyn Oliff for always keeping the
  each practice, we focus on track and field events, including running/walking,         standing with them at the plate to helping      program so well organized, supplied,
  the standing long jump, and the softball throw. We have also incorporated             them field and throw.                           and staffed with “buddies."
  numerous relay races and various sports into each practice. Our athletes are
  divided into two groups—elementary/high school                                                                                                          Zoie and Michelle
                                                            Naftali practices his
  and post-high school—but, at the end, they all                                                                                                          are happy as they
                                                            softball throw.
  come together for a group cheer! This is definitely                                                                                                     make it to first
  one of the athletes’ favorite parts of the day!                                                                                                         base.
          We have many returning athletes this year
                                                                                        Dean, Howard, and
  and are hoping to have the return of our relay race
                                                                                        Karen May throw
  team, which won a gold medal at the Area Meet                                         the first pitch!
  last year!
          Save the date: Area 18’s Spring Games
  are on Sunday, May 1 at Prospect High School (a
  different location than in the past). The athletes
  who receive gold medals at the Area Games are
  eligible to participate in the Special Olympics Illinois State Games the weekend
                                                                                                                                       Winnie the
  of June 10-12 in Normal, IL.                                                                                                       Pooh, Jacob,
                                                                                                                                     and Heather
  “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”                                                                       take a
  This Special Olympics oath is also the motto for our program. Special Olympics                                                     break in the
  is about having fun and about trying your best. Good luck, athletes!                                                                  outfield!
42 Spring 2011                                                                                                                                     43
                          AdvocAcy News ANd UpdAtes                                     The Keshet Car Donation Program
                          By Ellen Bronfeld
                                                                                                          How can you help?
                         Rosa's Law                                                             By telling your friends, neighbors, and business
                                                                                         associates to donate their used car, in whatever condition,
                         The Power of Family Advocacy                                    to Keshet. Unlike other car
                                                                                         donation programs, we
                                                                                                                                new le
                       A journey that began as one Maryland
                       family’s battle for respect and acceptance
                                                                                         do not use a third
                                                                                                                         c ar a       as
       for their daughter and sister, Rosa, became a significant
                                                                                         party seller to help
                                                                                         us. Everyone


       milestone in the ongoing battle for dignity, inclusion and                        involved is

                                                                                                          Give y
       respect of all people with intellectual disabilities.                             a volunteer
                                                                                         and 100%

       In November, 2009, Senate Bill 2781 was introduced in Congress. On                of your car's
       October 5, 2010, President Obama signed Rosa’s Law (S. 2781), effectively         donation
       replacing the term "mental retardation" in Federal law with "intellectual         goes to Keshet.
       disability."                                                                      Do something
                  A family in Edgewater, Maryland provided the inspiration for the       wonderful with
       law. Nina Marcellino is the mother of four children, including Rosa, a            your
       child with Down Syndrome. In 2009, Marcellino learned that eight-year-
                                                                                         old car.
       old Rosa's elementary school changed the coding on her education plan
       from “health impaired” to “mentally retarded.” When Marcellino told
       the family, brother, Nick, and sisters, Gigi and Maddie, set out to help           Call the KESHET office at 847-205-1234
       their sister and others with developmental disabilities from being labeled
       "mentally retarded". The school principal agreed to drop the designation
       and the sisters proceeded to get petitions signed. The family enlisted the                            Cut and mail in

       support of Maryland state delegate Ted Sophocleus and ultimately changed
       the wording in the health and education code at the state level. Rosa's
                                                                                                     Join Keshet Today
       brother, Nick, became the family spokesperson, testifying at the state and,                Send in your membership dues to Keshet
       later, at the federal level.
                                                                                                     $36 for family – $18 for individual
                  What you call people is how you treat them," Nick said. "What you
       call my sister is how you will treat her. If you believe she's "retarded," it             617 Landwehr Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
       invites taunting and stigma. It invites bullying and it also invites not being
       treated with respect and dignity."                                                Being a member will ensure you receive all
                  Champions of Rosa’s Law made sure that by updating language            newsletters, invitations, and email blasts.
       in federal law, the bill would neither expand nor diminish services, rights,
       responsibilities or educational opportunities duly owed to individuals with       NAME _____________________________________________________________
       intellectual disabilities. It simply makes the federal law language consistent    ADDRESS _________________________________________________________
       with that used by the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health
       Organization, and the White House through the President's Committee for           CITY _________________________ STATE _____ ZIP CODE ___________
       People with Intellectual Disabilities. The changes will occur during routine
       revisions to laws and documents over the next several years. Since the            PhONE_________________      E-MAIL _________________________________
       alterations will be implemented gradually, the legislation is not expected
       to incur any cost.                                                                Relationship to Keshet ____________________________________________

44 Spring 2011                                                                                                                      45
                 Canning for Keshet
      K eshet thanks Wendy                                                                       A Project of the
  Farber and all the dedicated
  volunteers for making Keshet's                                                     Sidney & Lisa Glenner GADOL Program
  September Canning Day a
  huge success. Volunteers
  were out all day collecting
                                                                                             Keshet Candle Pairs
  funds and creating awareness                                               Two beautiful white
  for Keshet at locations
  throughout the north and
                                                                             candles, tied with an
  northwest suburbs.
                                  Charlie Rosen (in middle) "cans"
                                     for Keshet with his friends.
                                                                             organza ribbon
      Thank you to all the Keshet                                            perfect for any Simcha.
  families and friends who "canned" for Keshet.                              These beautiful candles
                                                                             can be included in guest
       We applaud these volunteers for raising funds and                     gift bags, used in table
            awareness on Keshet "Canning Days"
                                                                             centerpieces or giveaways,
     Laura Ashman                         Pam & Sammi Lowy
     Tori & Samantha Boorstein            Karen Meyers
                                                                             or as place cards or special
     Charney Family                       Morady Family                      notes from host to guests.
     Ellen Cole                           Dana & Jeremy Pinsel
     Linda Elbin                          Amanda & Skylar Prizant
     Pam Feinberg                         Gabby & Margo Proeh
                                                                             Orders are customized with ribbon and card attachment.
     Sheila & Angela Gutman               Wendy & Charlie Rosen              Candles are $4.00 per pair .
     Margaret Halperin                    Sara & Nancy Moss
     Susan Hans               Keshet      Cheri Rafferty
     Madison Harris                       Barrie & Michelle Rappaport        To order, call Sharon Frankel at 847.205.1234.
     Carol & Rachel Irgang                Peggy Reetz
     Kanner Family                        Jill & Lindsay Saltzberg

     Rick Kanter & Lynn Schulman          Felice Sommerfield
     Jerry Kaplan                         Hedy Wechsler                      Thank you to the following organizations and families for
     Levitt Family                        Caryn & Allan Zelinger
                                                                             sharing their Simcha with Keshet by purchasing candle pairs
  Our "canning days" are held twice a year, in late spring and early fall.   for their guests: Solomon Schechter Day School, Temple Sho-
                                                                             lom of Chicago, Jeffrey & Stephanie Gordon, Robert & Anne
                    We NEED your help!                                        Goldman, Scott & Deborah Rudin, Harold & Linda Jesser,
            To volunteer, please call Steve at 847-205-1234.                            and the Koppel and Perlmuter Families.
46 Spring 2011                                                                                                   47
     Tribute Cards                                                                    A RAinbow             of    Hope
       "Joseph & the Coat
         of Many Colors"                                                                   Happy Day
 T     ribute cards are a meaningful
       way to express your personal
 wishes. Your message will be hand-
                                                                                        MeMorial CarDs
                                                                                      Purchase cards
 calligraphied onto this beautiful
                                                                                      "In Honor Of" or
 card and sent to your recipient.
                                                                                      "In Memory Of"
     ∙ Celebrate happy occasions                   ∙ Welcome a new baby               by the dozen to
     ∙ Honor a graduate                            ∙ Send birthday, wedding, or       have at home
     ∙ Honor the memory of a friend or               anniversary greetings            when you wish to
       family member                               ∙ Offer congratulations on a new   send a thoughtful
     ∙ Send wishes for a speedy recovery             home or job promotion            message.
                     Minimum donation $18.00 per card
                                                                                      HAppy DAy/MeMoRiAl
                                                                                                                        C       ARD     oRDeR foRM
    Send Card to:
                                                                                                   $36.00 per dozen
                                                                                                   Minimum order one dozen
    City, State, Zip                                                                                          (can be mixed)
    A contribution has been made to the Children of Keshet
               In Honor of                       In Memory of                          In Honor             _____
                                                                                                                                Total     $
                                                                                       In Memory            _____
      Please print your message clearly.                                               Speedy Recovery _____
                                                                                                                                $1.75 per dozen
    Sign the Card from:                                                                Blank                _____
    Name                                                                               Total # of Cards     _____               Total     $
    City, State, Zip
 Make checks payable to Keshet or pay by credit card:                                 City, State, Zip

 ___Visa ___MC ___AmEx #_______________________________________                       Phone(s)

 $ __________            Verification Code _________ Exp. Date   _______________      Make checks payable to Keshet or pay by credit card:

 Signature _____________________________________________________                      ___ Visa ___ MC ___AmEx #________________________________

    To send a card, fill out the form and mail to: Keshet, 617 Landwehr               $ ________   Verification Code ________    Exp. Date _________________
    Road, Northbrook, IL 60062 or call (847) 205-1234 or order on-line                Signature _____________________________________________________

48 Spring 2011                                                                                                                    49
          The Kehillah Jewish
            Education Fund
                                                                       …to Keshet Staff, Charrod Saddler, on       …to Keshet Friends, Mr. & Mrs.
                                                                       the birth of a daughter.                    Sheldon Robinson, on the birth of a
 Kehillah currently has over 1,200 members who donate                                                              great-grandson.
                                                                       …to Keshet Friends, Dov & Jessica
 funds monthly for the benefit of the 9 ATT Elementary Day             Robinson, on the birth of a son.            …to Keshet Friends, Stuart &
                                                                                                                   Caryn Morginstin, on the birth of a
 Schools. The money is distributed monthly based on each               …to Keshet Staff, Michelle Miller &
                                                                       Michael Gonzalez, on the birth of a
                school’s student enrollment.
                                                                       son.                                        …to Keshet Friends, Nate Unterman
                                                                                                                   & Korah Erbacher, on the birth of a
 The Fund is a communal effort to restore the financial       Keshet Parents, Menachem &
                                                                       Dvorah Emanuel, on the birth of a
 stability of our Jewish schools. The concept is very simple:          granddaughter. Mazel Tov to Uncle           …to Keshet Friends, Dr. & Mrs. Yosef
                                                                       Shmuel.                                     Walder, on the birth of a grandson.
     Everyone in the community contributes monthly            Keshet Parents, Sidney & Lisa Keshet Parents, Scott & Debbie
          to support our children’s Jewish education.                  Glenner, on the birth of a granddaughter,   Rudin, on the Bar Mitzvah of their son.
                                                                       Aliza Fraidel. Mazel Tov to Uncle           David.
    We encourage everyone to make a donation–                          Naftali.
                                                                                                                   …to Keshet Staff, Rabbi Benyamin Herst,
        even if they don’t have any kids in day schools.               …to Keshet Trustee, Jack & Judy             on the Bar Mitzvah of his son.
                                                                       Rajchenbach, on the birth of a grandson
                                                                                                                   … to Keshet Parents, Mitchell & Lisa
                                                                       and the birth of a granddaughter.
      The funds have become critical for our schools.                                                              Whitefield, on the Bat Mitzvah of their
                                                                       …to Keshet Trustee, Avi & Batshie           daughter.
                                                                       Goldfeder, on the birth of a grandson.
 The Kehillah Fund also creates a beautiful model                                                                  …to Keshet Parents, Linda & Harold
                                                                       …to Keshet Friends, Rabbi & Mrs. Jack       Jesser, on Michael’s Bar Mitzvah, and
 of achdut (unity), as the entire community strives to support
                                                                       Frank, on the birth of a great-grand        to brother, Keshet Student, Jacob.
           Jewish education for all of our children.                   son.
                                                                                                                   …to Keshet Parents, Steve Meister and
                                                                       …to Keshet Trustee, Giti & Dr. Allan        Gail Gordon, the Bar Mitzvah of their
 Kehillah disburses the funds collected on a per student               Berk, on the birth of a granddaughter.      son, Alec. Mazel tov also to grandparents,
  basis, monthly. Your contribution is tax deductible.                 …to Keshet PLB chairman, Ami &
                                                                                                                   Norma & Lester Gordon.
                                                                       Aviva Robinson, on the birth of their       …to Keshet Parents, Moshe & Adina
                                                                       nephew.                                     Sterman, on Dovid’s Bar Mitzvah, and
 For more information, contact: Nesanel Siegal, Executive Director.                                                to sister, Keshet Student, Huvi.
     8180 McCormick Blvd. Skokie, Il 60076      (847) 745-1724         …to Keshet Staff, Sue & Chris Sieber, on
                                                                                                                   …to Keshet Parents, Michael & Wendy
            FAX: (847)745-1710                   the birth of a grandson.
                                                                                                                   Rosen, on Jack’s Bar Mitzvah.
         Online donations -                …to Keshet Friends, Mr. & Mrs. Yosef
                                                                                                                   …to Keshet Staff, Rana & Yitzy Wechsler,
 Beneficiary schools: Akiba Schechter, Arie Crown, Gesher HaTorah,     Davis, on the birth of a granddaughter.
                                                                                                                   on Tova’s Bat Mitzvah.
 Hillel Torah, Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov/Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi, Keshet,   …to Keshet Trustee, Elliot & Ronni
                                                                                                                   …to Keshet Parents, Benjamin & Sara
       P’tach, Seymour Abrams Cheder Lubavitch, Veitzener Cheder       Robinson, on the birth of a grandson.
                                                                                                                   Porush, on Dovi’s Bar Mitzvah.     
50 Spring 2011                                                                                                                51
…to Keshet Staff, Shari & Azi Feifel, on                                                and to Keshet student, Abby Brand, on Keshet Friend, Wendy Yura, on the
the engagement of their son, Tzvi.                  condolenceS                         the loss of their brother and uncle.          loss of her father, Morrie Weiss. Keshet Friends, Dennis & Joyce                                                    …to Keshet Friend, Merle Rothschild, on Keshet Staff, Lori Zisook, on the loss
Ruben, on Laura's engagement.                …to Keshet Staff, Alison Spatz, on the     the loss of her husband, Charles, and to      of her grandmother, Jean Becker.
                                             loss of her grandmother.                   Keshet Parent, Felice Sommerfield, and
…to Keshet Friends, Rabbi & Mrs. Joel                                                                                                 …to Keshet Grandparent, Harvey
Gutstein and Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brimm         …to Keshet Staff, Melissa Farmer, on the   to great-nephew, Keshet Student, Marc
                                                                                                                                      Diamond, on the loss of his brother.
on the marriage of their children, Yaakov    loss of her grandfather.                   Sommerfield.
and Sarah.                                   …to Keshet Friend, Jules Pomerantz, on                         "ohkaurhu iuhm hkhct rta lu,c of,t ojbh ouenv" Keshet Parent, Paula Myers, on the     the loss of his father, Bernard.                                     May you know of no more sorrow.
marriage of her son Yosef. Mazel Tov to      …to Keshet Friend, Henry Goldenstein,
brother, Srulie.                             on the loss of his father, Adolph.
…to Keshet Trustee, Elliot & Ronni           …to Keshet Friend, Roberta Eisenberg,
Robinson, on the marriage of their           on the loss of her husband, Marc.
daughter, Danielle.
                                             …to Keshet Parent, Linda Elbin, on the
…to Keshet Friends, Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon       loss of her mother, Dorothy Sosin.
Robinson, on the marriage of their
granddaughter, Danielle.                     …to Keshet Parents, Mark & Teresa
                                             Hellner, and Keshet student, David
…to Keshet Grandparent, Seymour              Hellner, on the loss of Robert Glatz.
Patinkin, on his Special Birthday.
                                             …to Keshet Friends, The Natkin Family,
…to Keshet Parent, Dr. Allan Zelinger,       on the loss of Lauren Natkin.
on being honored by Israel Bonds.
                                             …to Keshet Friends, David & Susie Waitz, Keshet Parents, Bill & Sue Auerbach,   on the loss of his father, Jerome.
on Ben’s being a winner in the NCSY’s
Project I.G.N.I.T.E.                         … to Keshet Friend, Marty Polin, on the
                                             loss of his wife, Alice “Onnie” Polin.                  Frieda Glenner z’l                Elyse Baumann-Krisolofsky z’l
…to Keshet Staff, Caroline & Kevin
                                             …to Keshet Friends, The Korman Family,                       1918-2010                                1946-2010
McCarthy, on their new home.
                                             on the loss of Ira Korman.                         Longtime Keshet Supporter                   Mother of Heather Tratt,

 Speedy RecoveRy
                                                                                           Mother of Keshet Trustee Sidney Glenner,         Keshet Program Director
                                             … to Keshet Friend, Ron Lavin, on the            Grandmother of Naftali Glenner
                                             loss of his mother, Norma.
…to Keshet Grandparent, Harry                …to Keshet Friend, Margalit Cohen, on
Sommerfield.                                 the loss of her mother, Esther Kriska. Keshet Volunteer and Aunt, Phyllis     …to Keshet Student, Meir Glaser, on the
Rosenthal.                                   loss of his mother, Melissa.

 Special ThankS
                                             …to Keshet Friend , Steve Hara, on the
                                             loss of his mother, Roberta.
                                             …to Keshet Parents, Carl & Peggie Karen Weiss, JoAnn Byron, Pam          Maniscalco, and Brandon on the loss of
Aliabadi, Devorie Gluck, Chayala             their mother and grandmother, Marie.                                                              Randy Zisook z’l
                                                                                                     Helen Dombrow z’l
Glenner, Daniel Glenner, Jean                                                                             1945-2010                               1963-2010
Morgenstern, and Marilyn Tentler             … to Keshet Grandparents, Norman &
                                             Nancy Tobin, on the loss of their son,            Keshet’s First Vocational Director        Husband of Lori Zisook, Keshet
for helping with the newsletter. We                                                                                                        Integration Coordinator
appreciate your assistance!                  Steven, and to Keshet Parent, Lisa Brand

52 Spring 2011                                                                                                                                    53
                        Board of Directors:
                        Board Chairman
                        Bill Auerbach
                                                                  Administrative Assistants
                                                                  JoAnn Byron
                                                                                                         Keshet Invitations
                        (847) 568-1312
                                                                  Anca Beniuc
                                                                                        For Special Occasions
                        Renee Klass                               Program Directors:
                        (847) 634-2865
                                                                  Director of Programs
                                                                  Heather Tratt, MED, CAS                 ●Bar/Bat Mitzvah
 EDITOR                 Leah Richman, J.D. LL.M
                        (847) 753-9571
                                                                  (847) 412-5773
                                                                                                           ●Holiday Cards
 Lisa Glenner
                        Treasurer                                 Assistant Program Director                ●Baby Naming
 STAFF                  Richard Gershon, Ph.D.
                        (847) 763-1165
                                                                  Joellyn Oliff
                                                                  (847) 983-1119
                                                                                                          ●Corporate Events
 Giti Berk
 Nancy Steinberg        Board Members                                           ●Anniversary
                        Stuart Charney
                        RPh.JD                 (847)   867-7744
                                                                  The Ariella Joy Frankel
                                                                  Keshet Day School K-8
 GRAPHIC DESIGNS        Margaret Berger        (312)   554-5138
                                                                  Lisa Rosenberg, MA,
                        Avi Goldfeder          (847)   679-7455
 Amy Cordell                                                      Director
                        David Hartman          (773)   866-1717
                                                                  (847) 412-5766
 Amy Cordell Designs    Tamar Heller, Ph.D.    (847)   354-8209
                                                                    Celebrate your special occasion by
 Lisa Glenner           Rabbi Moshe Katz       (773)   973-5416
                                                                                                     giving a donation to Keshet to
                        Renee Klass            (847)   634-2865   The Dr. Irving A. and Ruth
                        Carl LaMell            (847)   385-5000   Hokin Keshet High School,        receive beautifully designed, full-
                                                                  The Keshet Coe-Worker
                        Gail Metrick, C.P.A.
                        Karen Meyers
                                                       634-9459   Transition Program                  color invitations suitable for
                        Michael Pinsel         (312)   853-7103   Joellyn Oliff                    imprinting for any occasion. There
                                                                  (847) 983-1119
                        David Shorr            (847)   849-8240
                                                                       are several designs from which to
                        Office of Business and                    The Sidney & Lisa Glenner         choose. This is a wonderful way
 CONTACT KESHET         (847) 205-1234
                                                                  GADOL Program                    to give tzedakah and add a special
                                                                  Debbie Harris, Director
 Schools, & Camp        CEO/Executive Director                    (847) 674-5711                          meaning to your event!
 Office:                Abbie Weisberg, MS              
 3210 Dundee Rd.                          Laura Fine, Assistant Director     Please call Keshet for details
 Northbrook, IL         Director of Strategic Development         (847) 674-5711                          at 847-205-1234.
                        Susan Levin-Abir                
                                        The Keshet/Leventhal              Donations to Keshet are tax-deductible to the
  (847) 205-0274                                                                                              extent permitted by law.
                        Director of Finance                       Professional Development

                        Betty Sobelman                            Program
 (847) 205-1530                                                   (847) 205-0274
 Sandy & Glenda Mason                                             Keshet Sunday School
                                                                                                         he following people have made donations to Keshet
                        Finance Assistant
  Office of Business    Ira Massing                               Rana Wechsler, Director                by purchasing invitations for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah
                                          (847) 412-5764
 and Development                                                           ceremony and other celebrations. Mazel Tov to...
 617 Landwehr Rd.       Director of Corporate and
                        Foundation Relations                      Office Manager
 Northbrook, IL
                        Pamela Aliabadi                           Karen Weiss                           Gail Gordon            Steven & Marci Friedman
 60062                                                            (847) 412-5758
  (847) 205-1234
                                                                        Todd & Marcia Grayson      David & Elizabeth Kleifield
  Fax:                  Director of Special Events                Administrative Assistant                      Michael & Wendy Rosen
                        Sharon Frankel
 (847) 480-9120                                                   Dena Karzen
  E-Mail: Admin@                                                  (847) 205-0274
                        Outreach Coordinator            
                        Steve Feinberg                                                               To order invitations, call the Keshet Office at 847-205-1234.
  Website:                                                                For suggestions of centerpieces and books to donate to Keshet,
                                                                                                              please call Karen Weiss at 847-412-5758.

54 Spring 2011                                                                                                                             55
                                                    NON PROFIT ORG.
                                                     U.S.	POSTAGE
                                                    Chicago,	IL	60659
                                                     Permit	No.	2976

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