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					6th Year                             January 17, 1977                             Number 3

The '77 Plans
       A complete change in policy has been announced for the 1977 season by officials of the
Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus. The show, which opens about April 7th, will play extended en-
gagements at major shopping centers in cities of over 75,000 population.
      Only two dates are to be played under a sponsorship arrangement and they are: Nur
Temple at Dover (Dela) April 29-May 1 and Lu Lu Temple at Wilmington (Dela) May 19-30.
       The show has named David Mobb, who "Hagan Wallace Sells & Gray Circus" and will
was formerly with Ringling-Barnum, the Free- open at Brooksville, Fla. on April 4th. Wilson
dom Train and Hoxie Bros., as National Mar-      Storey will return to the show, serving his 10th
keting Director and he is scheduling the season year as manager.
                                                      Both of these latter shows will play on a one
       The King Bros. Circus has been renam-    stand basis and will use a 4 pole, 3 ring top, and
ed "King Bros.-Cole Combined Circus" and        will offer a strengthened program. All their dates
will open at Apopka, Fla. on April 8th, with: will be sponsored and they will pick up the towns
B. H. "Whitey" Black returning as manager.      formerly played by the Beatty-Cole Circus.
The Sells & Gray Circus has been renamed


                                      JUDY JACOBSKAYE
                Suite 519 • 1680 North Vine Street • Hollywood. California   900.'.-
                                    Area Code 213 • 462-6001
  Page 2                                                                          January 17,1977

 Show Report
Stars appearing in the TV Special "Gala Gala"       THE BULLEN FAMILY is presenting the ani-
include:                                            mals in Australia's "The Greatest Circus On
Ringmasters — Jack Cassidy, George Hamilton,        Earth" and present an 18 male lion act, 4 young
  Jean Pierre Aumont and Bemadette Peters           elephants, 6 liberty horses and 6 Dalmations.
Circus Opening — Liza Minnelli and Totie Fields     BOBBY GIBBS and his animals will appear with
Firemen of Paris - parallel bars; Wayne Rogers,     Circus Odyssey and the Olympic Circus before
Karen Black and Mark Wilson, illusion; Ed Asner,    spending the summer at the Circus World Muse-
magic; Elephants and dancers followed by Val-       um. ROSA is improving steadily and the two
erie Perrine and a single elephant; Jack Cassidy    spent the holidays in Mexico.
and an uncaged cat; Joey Heatherton and Bob-        DAVE MERRIFIELD's helicopter trapeze act
by Van, illusion; Anny Duperrey, single trapeze;    has been booked to appear at the Jan. 31sf
Deborah Raffin and Moore's Mongrel Revue;           Evel Kneival TV special, by Paul V. Kaye.
 Mary Ann Mobley and the Parley Baer ponies;        TOBY REED, high wire performer who fell at
Charo and comedy zebra; Lynda Carter and            San Francisco's Cow Palace in November, broke
 Davth Janssen, sharp shooting and knife throw-     both legs, both elbows and both wrists. He is in
ing; Roger Owens, peanut vendor; Jack Cas-          Mary's Help Hospital, 1900 Sullivan Ave., Daly
sidy, Susan Strasberg and Mark Wilson, illus-       City, Calif. 94015, and would enjoy cards and
ions.                                               letters from show folks and fans.
Other features are: Gary Collins, attacking
tiger; Roger Owens, peanut vendor; Claire •
Motte, tight wire; Bert Convy, eggs and glasses;                 FOR SALE
Jean Stapleton, birds; Janet Leigh, Niki Dan-
tine and Mary Ann Mobley, swinging ladders;           Seasoned Dancing/Dressage American
 Peter Fonda and Claudia Cardinale, with Mark           Saddlebred Horse - Registered 5 yr.
Wilson, Zig Zag illusion; Raymond St. Jacques,         old - 16 Hands - Dark Bay
sword swallowing; Marty Allen, trained seals;         Does a complete 6 minute routine work-
Joanne Worley, clown vocalist; Jackie Vernon           ed from long lines - Sidepass, Waltz,
and a 16 bell trumpet; Clowning with Marks              Hind Leg Stand, Reverse March, Series
and Carlsson, blocks; Grier and Barty, bar bells;
Worley, balancing balls; Peter Lupus, trained          of Marches With Outstanding Extention
chimps; Marie-Christine Barrault and Guy Mar-          and more. This horse is broke and ready
chand, trapeze; Ed Asner, magic; Bert Convy            to work
and Joanne Worley, plate spinning.                                   - ALSO-
Concluding features are: Kris Kristofferson
and Rita and Casey Coolidge, with Kathy               Seasoned Trick Riding Horse - Quarter-
Batchelor, dressage horses; Peter Marshall,             horse, 12 yrs old - 15.1 Hands — Dark
Margeaux Hemingway and Bemadette Peters,                Bay
trunk escape; Bemadette Peters and Peter              This horse is ring broke and would make
Marshall, magical effects; Pat Morita, clown;          an excellent finish horse for riding act.
Lolliane Montevecchi, aerial rope act; Shields
and Yarnell, clown dance number; Rue Me                Have started High School.
Clanahan, David Doyle and Eduardo's Gypsy             ONLY reason we're selling is we have too
 Bears; Ed Asner, magic; Gary Collins and             many horses in our stable.
 Beth Nufer, aerial cradle act; Billy Barty and
eight girls, musical bells; Jane Birkin and M.            BRADD& SHEILA FRANK
Beverly, rollerskating act; Firemen of Paris,         P. O. Box 63 - Satsuma, Fla. 32089
acrobatics; Finale with all stars, followed by            Phone: (904) 649-4580
a closing speech by Joanne Woodward.
The Circus Report                                                                                      Page 3

                                        GREAT ARTURO

                                       PHILIP It 'DONALD
                                        Currently appearing in

                                                              THE WORLD'S
                                                            ; CIRCUS STARS

                       (HI             1WU JHC&l                                ill
                               14 WEEK A U S T R A L I A N TOUR

                                                     Booked By

                                   A R E A CODE 213    •   HOLLYWOOD 2 6OO1
Page 4                                                                          January 17, 1977

                  WANT                                        FOR SALE
            WANT FOR 1977 SEASON                    HAMMOND BV CONSOLE (Customized)
   Family doing 2 or more acts - No Animals        Leslie 925 outdoor/indoor speaker 140 watts
                                                   We Wells Cargo UT-8 Trailer for Organ
                    Also Want
                                                          A Package Deal at $2,000.00
         Young, Ambitious Advance Agent
                                                               - Am Retiring
                 and Booking Agent
                                                            HARRY J. JENKINS
                                                            7876 Caminito Huerta
              Rte. 1 - Box 173                              San Diego, Cal. 92122
         Amherst Junction, Wise. 54407
          Phone: 4715) 869-3563                         The Globetrotters
                                                          Jan. 22-23 Oakland, Calif.
                                                        Ken Griffin (Magic)
ROUTES                                                    Jan. 18 Oceanside, Calif.
     CIRCUS VARGAS                                             20 Tehachapi
      Jan. 19-23 Houston, Texas                         IntT Magic Show
                                                          Jan. 19-28 Milwaukee, Wise.
      Jan. 17-19 Williamsport, Pa.                      Sports Show
              20 Canton                                   Jan. 22-30 Philadelphia, Pa.
              22 Skickshinny                            Wizard of Oz Show
     POLACK BROS: CIRCUS                                  Jan. 18-23 Charlotte, N.C.
       Jan. 15-23 Flint, Mich.
       Jan. 14-16 West Palm Beach, Fla.
            18-23 Miami Beach                             An eight year old Indian elephant
           OTHER ROUTES                                   Broken for rides only - Is a good
     Johnny Cash Show                                     worker and safe to use.
       Jan. 21 Hershey, Pa.
            28 Augusta, Me.                                     REAL MONEY MAKER
                                                          Includes truck and special trailer
 Novelty Acts Wanted                                      Will sell an or part as you wish.
All types of novelty acts geared for high school                       or
school auditoriums. Week ends throughout
                                                          Will Work or Lease for Reliable
the year. New England, Western Penna., East-
ern Penna., New York State areas. Also need               Party.
act for March 25/26 in Central Florida.
     Quote Realistic Prices.                                   TONY GENTRY
 HARMES THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS                                  P.O. Box 515
                                                             Newbury Park, Ca. 91320
               Jackie Harmes
   P. O. Box 2059, Ventnor, N.J. 08406                       Phone: (805) 498-3392

                      BILLY BARTON
SANDY DOBRITCH co-ordinated the side show at-             ...that's one way to keep the "spirit" all year long!....
                                                           Ex-flyer JUNE MALKO, retired, re-married and liv-
tractions and most of the circus talent for the MGM
                                                          ing in Texas, says she finally realized a life-long ambi-
Grand Hotel's 3rd anniversay Gala Celebration. Circus
                                                          tion - to be a housewife....TOBY REED, who fell at
twrts billowed from the ceiling, clowns, gorillas and
                                                          the PAL Circus, was brought into the business by the
showgirls paraded through the audience bearing trays      STEWARTS when Toby filled in for an ailing Teddy
•f peanuts and popcorn. Talent consisted of the HAS-      on the Europorama tour.... BAR BAR A HUNTER,
SANI TROUPE, MISS KIM, aerialist; T A N Y A , baby        part of Famous Hunt's all-girl clown alley, is the
elephant; phis JACK WALLER, fire eater; ANGIE,            daughter of an old Army General, formerly in
make charmer; BOBBY REYNOLDS, iron-tongue;                charge of Southeast Asia and thus responsible for
PAMELA, frame fakir; BILL UNKS, sword swallow^            much of the action in Vietnam. He is now in Africa.
er; CHUCK FRANKLIN, knife thrower and escape
artist DON DRIVER'                                        GOING TO THE DOGS: LINDA CHANDLER has a
                                                          new act of "mixed" breed and gender which she calls
LAZSLO VIL LAMS was injured in a freak fall from
                                                          "Paulette's Peerless Pups" and TRUDY STRONG is
the three high when a curtain at the National Theatre
                                                          grooming an unusual combination of Dalmatians ana1
in Washington (DC) interrupted his "back off' and he
                                                          Appaloosa ponies for a 1978 unveiling.
landed with a thud on top of a heavily rhinestoned
juggling dub. Tht act continued in "Hellzapoppin"         I wasn't sure I heard right when JIMMY HALL called
but minus th« three high and some of the acrobatic        one of his bears HERTA, but I did!....Reports are that
routines. Lizslo is fine now and the act is back to its   newcomer BRIDGET BALLENTINE is doing a trap-
show stopping perfection at the Colonial Theatre in       eze act from a Chandelier (Ala Betty Pasco) and was
Boston.                                                   trained by, I am told, superstar LA NORMA....Every-
                                                          thing you've heard about MIAMBA's (Carmen Hal!)
Producer ED MICELY has finally set all talent for
                                                          BABOONS a true and then some. It's a fast-paced
his Circus Odyssey tour in Puerto Rico. Added to the
                                                          act, well presented, with colorful props. The fascinat-
line-up of acts are two cut acts, H A R R Y THOMAS
                                                          ing baboons do the maximum of tricks in minimum of
and his tigers and JUNIOR (the Black animal trained)
                                                          time....TURBAN, the "Prince of Magic", plays six
with the Cuneo lion act. Replacing LOUIS MURILLO
                                                          nights at the Cabaret and one night at the Royal Las
who is heading for Mexico, is VASHEK, the motor-
                                                          Vegas, plus several benefits, every week....Auditions
cycle thriller previously with Circus Vargas.
                                                          for MARRIOTTS GREAT AMERICA (jugglers, var-
 EVEL KNEIVEL was a surprise visitor to the San-
                                                          iety acts, tumblers) were held in L.A. Dec. 11-12 and
sot* Showfolks Circus....BETTY HUBER's son, Bobby
                                                          again in Sacramento on Jan. 8th;
joins his mother on Hamid-Morton as head rigger and
daughter Frrtzie joins the Production Ensemble. Betty     It's not surprising that IRVIN HALL is an accomplish-
will handle wardrobe and it's great to see her back on    ed unicyclist when one considers his father MEL HALL
                                                          had a top-rated bike act for years, and that Irv, along
the road. Betty was originally half of the SENSAT-
                                                          with his brother Jimmy and sisters Carmen and Jeanne
IONAL KAYS, a high wire act in which she did the
                                                          wheeled thru Show Biz, during those early years, as
craziest comedy cut-ups ever contrived in mid-air!
                                                          the famous Whiz Kids....Irv now does a super comedy
NEWS BRIEF: ERIK ADAMS, Sr., advises his wife,            bike act, on top of which he is a fine clown.
VIBEKE was hospitalized in Dec. for 6 days. "Noth-
ing serious," he reports, "except the bill"....The        WHEN THE ZOPPE A R A B I A N RIDERS trotted off
QUASSARS are set for the Texas dates....RAY VAL-          to Old Mexico, Joe sent the family ahead with plans
ENTINE, who had a string of dates in Texas in '76         to meet them at the border. Evidentally the airlines
will have the same dates again, lining them up be-        and Sheik Joe couldn't get together - each time he
tween the "Texas Majors." He also added a week of         started out he ended back in Dallas. I haven't learned
new dates to follow....JUNE DEWSBURY pulled a             the outcome yet, so it's questionable as to whether
musde in her leg on the Emmett Kelly, Jr. Circus          Joe is in Mexico City where he's supposed to be OR
but that didn't prevent her "clowning around",....The     ...still up-in-the-air.
gal KIM KRISTENSEN has "tucked away" in Texas             See You down the road, luvs...
b ANGEL NOEL (translation: Christmas Angel). Well
Page 6                                                                       January 17, 1977

Kelly Ok                                                          Ready now:
Emmett Kelly, Jr., who was injured in Corn-
mack, L.I., in mid-December, when he collided
with a still moving aerial apparatus, wound up
with over 100 stitches in his face, which were
expertly attended to by a plastic surgeon. Em-        Experienced show organist - Has own
mett will be unable to wear his make-up until         Equipment and sound system capable
March, otherwise (with the exception of some •        to handle any show.
slight dizziness from the concussion) he is fine.     Please Contact: Organist, c/o Circus
Emmett's wife, Nancy, took over for the injur-        Report, 525 Oak St., El Cerrito, Calif.
ed star at the Premier Theatre (Tarrytown, NY,       94530.
Dec. 26-30), making her debut as a "solo" per-
former and without rehearsal. Only when she
removed the hat, permitting her long hair to      The Kellys, who are still newlyweds and whoae
fall to her shoulders, did the audiences realize  marriage gained national attention in PEOPLE
it was not the real Emmett Kelly, Jr. She was     magazine (Aug. 2) never had time for a honey-
then introducecfas Emmett's wife. The acci-       moon. Emmett's accident has rectified that and
dent received such total coverage in the New      the couple are on an extended tour of the Wes-
York area that Emmett's absence in the show ' tern U.S. until late March when thecEmmett
was accepted without complaint. Emmett did        Kelly, Jr., Circus, produced by Leonard Green
appear, however, in the show's finale for a fin- of New York, resumes its tour in Texas.
al bow - saqs makeup.                                                           Billy Barton

                        EQUIPMENT FOR SALE
                     PRICES ARE CASH OR BEST OFFER
    One (1) 70 ft. top, with 2-30 ft.               One (1) 60 ft. top, Square End, with
     middles (Wall, Stakes and Poles                 2-20's and 1-30 ft. middle. (Wall,
     Included)                   $1,500.00           Poles and Stakes Included)
    One 21 ft. Concession Trailer, Tan-
     dem Axels, Opens 2 Leans on Front,             Also various Light Plants, Diesel or
     1 on rear. Completely Stocked with               Gasoline; Trucks; Trailers; Ring
     Equipment - 2 Floss, 2 Snos, 2 Gas              Curbs; Electric Cable; Bally Plat-
     Poppers, 1 Coke Pre-mix unit with               forms; Ticket Boxes; Bally Clothes
     16 Pre-mix tanks, 1 CO-2 Tank with              and other Circus Articles.
     Guages. Formica Cabinet, Sinks, all
     Complete           '       $3,500.00           Also have 1,200 seats - 5 high
                                        JOHN LEWIS
             4031 Kiaora St.                                 Miami, Fla. 33133
                      Phone: 665-3069 - NO COLLECT CALLS
The Circus Report                                                                            Page?

                                                               TO ALL OUR FRIENDS
 Route cards for both RBBB units were out the                    on December 19, 1976
 first week of the month. The Red Unit opened
 the earliest ever with a Dec. 30-Jan. 2 date at      The Circus was burned by persons unknown
 Venice, Fla. They will be in Florida through                CIRCORAMA ESPACIAL
 Feb. 6th, then jump into Birmingham. The Blue
 Unit opens Jan. 30-Feb. 2 at Venice, then goes              Owned by the Campa Family
 into Lakeland and moves on, both units will be
 playing dates ahead of Circus Vargas this year.       I, Fred Teurman, brother-in-law of the
                                                           family am asking for your support
 Now fans can be assured that the Beatty-Cole
 Circus will be back on the road. However, the         For Information Call: (213) 927-1201
 show will drop many towns, which will be pick-
 ed up by either the King or Sells & Gray shows.                    or write
 Charles Koehler informs this writer that he did      6612 Clara St. Bell Gardens, Ca. 90201
 Hot sell all his circus equipment to Luvas and
 Strong. He retained some cages, a calliope, the
 P. A. system and other items.
 Due to a heart attack of his mother who was         TONY AGUILAR, popular Mexican star, is re-
 visiting in Jackson, Miss., Do Do, the Clown
 had to cancel a week of December dates.             portedly helping to back an American tour for
                                                     a Mexican Circus produced by the Fuentes fam-
 A brochure received last week shows that            ily. They will use the Circo Union big top.
 "Showtime Entertainment Corp., a Division of
 McKay Corp. is presenting "This Is Hawaii" an       FRED D. PFENING writes to correct an error
                                                     in the CR of Jan. 3rd. He says that Emanuel
 ice show produced by E. J. McDaniel. It is dir-
                                                     Zacchini did not appear with RBBB until 1970
 ected by Michael McCarthy and features Pat
 Kaonoi, Hawaiian-born skater. Also associated       when he had his X-15 double cannon. For full
                                                     details about cannon acts read the Nov./Dec.
•with McDaniel is Ross W. Christina, of Los          issue of Bandwagon magazine.
 Angeles. The show is designed for "Small Town
 America" and has already been described by re-
 views as a "smashing success". The only thing       in an issue of the Shreveport (La.) Times and
 this reporter can think of is the 5 page contract   was called "A Rip Off. It concerned a visit
 is much too long.                                   to the George-Matthews Circus by a local wo-
                                                     man whose complaints seem untrue.
 An uncomplimentary letter recently appeared                                        M. L. Dupont

                    AVAILABLE FOR BOOKINGS AFTER JULY 1, 1977
                MALE AFRICAN LIONS
                    (First Time to Tour U.S.A. - Best Male Lion Act Available)
                                        JOSIP MARCAN
                         818 - 13th Avenue - Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304
                                   Phone: (414)432-5692
Page8                                                                          January 17,1977

 CIRCUS PHOTOS                                 "Clowns" a documentary film produced for the
  Full-Color Action Performance Shots, Lot     American Broadcasting Corp., and the Encyclo-
  Views, Scenics, Equipment, Band Photos.      pedia Britannica, will be televised in five major
                                               cities across the nation this month. It will be
  1976 Circus Season Photos Now Available.     screened in San Francisco on Jan. 16th, at 7:30
   Additional Photos Dating Back to 1971       p.m. on Channel 7.
   Season Also For Sale. For Details, Send     As a look at present day clowning the film fo-
   Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope To:         cuses on clowns at work:
          JAMES D. KALIVODA                    "Mesha T. Clown" romantically performs on
         1509 South Clinton Avenue             the streets of San Francisco. With a small black
           Berwyn, Illinois 60402              hat at her foet, she mimics the tourists, juggles
                                               apples from a fruit vendor and creates balloon
                                               creatures for the children. As an experienced

  BILL RICE have work for you - GLENN
                                               and accomplished mime she reveals the newest
                                               (or is it the oldest?) avenue of clown work:
                                                In a more traditional vein, "Buffo the Clown
  pleas* call, need you.                       and Mrs. Buffo" from Los Angeles entertain
          (317) 689-8916                       from their stage presentation show. The circus
                                               rehearsals and performances seen in the film
  NEED BOOKING AGENTS for mid-west             were supplied by the Wenatchee YouthcCircm.
  area for tent circus (Indiana, Ohio, Mich-
  igan and Illinois).                          The accredited clown class at San Diego State
                                               University is also included as the training
  ALSO NEED FAMILY ACTS doing 2 or             grounds for future clowns.
  3 numbers and who would be willing to
                                               The film was directed by Bob Boucher and pro-
  help with the big top. (Send photos and
                                               duced by Avatar Learning, Inc., of Los Ang-
  Salary requirements).                        eles. The film will be distributed through the
                                               school system by Encyclopedia Britannica.
          Route 5                              Order Circus Report now and be sure of having
     Peru, Indiana 46970                       your own copy each week. It.s just $12.00 for
                                               the full year.

        FOR SALE
                                                   THANK                     YOU
                                                        TORRY (Wolfgang Geburak)
                                                    Ringling Bros. - Barnum & Bailey Circus
                                                             Concession Department
   30 ft. Aluminum Poles; 6 ton Rachet;             for your Chevrolet Motorhome purchase
   Bicycle; Chair; Balance Pole; Modern
   Platforms; All in New Condition.                 "SA VE MONEY WITH JOHNNY"

                                                     JOHNNY CANGLE
               JOHN CUNEO
                                                                             7100 Sixth Avenue1
               P. O. Box 7105                   465 N.E. 102nd Street        Altoona, Pa. 16602
          Los Angeles, Calif. - 90022          .Miami Shores, Fla. 33138         (814)944-9347'
            Phone: (213)728-2396                (305) 751-0206                      or 943-0003
rh« Circvis Report                                                                                 Page 9

                  .    -

                                     LAS VEGAS

       aui lx. C&Caye..^

                                    AREA CODE 213   •   HOLLYWOOD 2-6OO1
Page 10                                                                        January 17, 1977

  Now Booking for 1977                                        WANTED
                                                  WANT CONTRACTING AGENTS. Holiday
          For Winter and Spring Dates             Hippodrome is expanding again. Can place 3
               LEE MALONEY                        qualified booking agents for year round work
                                                  Must be capable of setting phones.
            2216 Mayfield Avenue
            Joliet, Illinois - 60435                          For interview call:
                                                         Bill Garden or Lee Donoghue
       (815)725-8770 (815)725-1059

                                                  Show Visitors
DICK SPARROW drove a 48 horse team in the         Visitors to the Emmett Kelly, Jr., Circus at its
Cotton Bowl Parade at Dallas (Texas) last month   Washington (DC) and Tarrytown (NY) dates
The circus feature was sponsored by O's Gold      were: HEIDI (Gutis) and JIM GROGAN; MAR-
Seed Co.                                          SHA (Hunt) and DON JONES; COUNT NIC-
former show girls, spent the holidays visiting    ADAIR; LEOANRD GREEN; MARY WISE; .
friends in Texas.                                 the VILLAMS; and the VOLANTES.
VELMA LOWRY writes to ask whatever hap-           In Washington the Kelly Circus folks were in-
pened to Mr. Misten after he finished his tour    vited to a performance of "Hellzapoppin". At-
with the Ringling-Barnum Circus?                  tending were: the HALL Family; KENT
JACK GOBBLE plans to have a pit show and          CLAYTON: the VALENTINES; the ASHTONS;
Moon Bounce on the midway of the Roberts          JUNE DEWSBURY; BOBBY SMITH; VENO
Bros, Circus this summer.                         VENITO and STAN FREEBURG.
J. A. HOFMEISTER, also known as Chief Jos-
eph, sold on of his Appaloosa stallion liberty
horse acts to Circus Vargas. He will stay with
                                                               FOR SALE
the horses for an undetermined time.
                                                          3 COMPLETE ACTS
STU MILLER'S "Wonderful World of Magic"
appeared at the Westbury (L.I.) and Valley         Aerial Cradle Rigging - indoor and out-
Forge (Pa.) Music Fairs on Dec. 26-28 and 29-30     door equipment
VENO VENITO (sword balance and birds), the         Rolling Globe Act - 2 globes with ramp
GUTIS FAMILY (comedy) and DENNY & LEE               and other items
(Illusions) augmented the Emmett Kelly, Jr.        Chair Balancing Act - 7 aluminum chairs
Circus recently;
                                                   ALL ACTS A-l CONDITION - Ready to Use
   NOTICE                                          All props are chromed or of aluminum

  BILLY BARTON is back on the road for the                  Call or Write:
          the 1977 Season                          HANK & CINDY (Cassidy) RUMMEL
   ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO                              R. D. 1
              "CIRCUS REPORT"                        Wooster, Ohio - 44691
          Do NOT use his Private Address           Phone: (216)264-2361
The Circus Report                                                                         Page 11

        THANK YOU
        Jack Gobble, Jim Silverlake, Don Washburn, Phil Shear, Billy Sheets,
        and to your crews, including: Jean Gobble, Jeff Earl, Torchy Wilson,
        Wes Barton, Tom Gauger, and all the rest.
       Our 1977 season opens in early November, five rocket ship units and three moon
       rocket units. Anyone who is at liberty at that time of year for about five weeks
       work (Santa Glaus, hostess, driver, manager, etc.,), please contact us early.

           1130 Blue Mounds Street + Black Earth, Wis. 53515       (608)767-2653
Page 12                                                                          January 17, 1977

 The following musical score was compiled by Dr. Paul Fitzpatrick during a visit to Hoxie Bros
Circus on Oct. 11-13, 1976. The show's band leader was Joe Eddy.

    Bicentennial Spec -                                  Bradd Franks - Whips and Ropes
     Fanfare                                               El Rancho Grande
     America On Parade                                     Hello Dolly
     Stars & Stripes Forever                               Buttons and Bows
     Red, White & Blue                                     Bonanza Theme
     Yankee Doodle Dandy                                   Oklahoma
    Cat Act-                                             Circus Elephants -
     Shaft Theme                                           FJefante
     Born Free                                             Hindustan
     Love Is A Many Splendored Thing                       Baby Elephant Walk
     JungJe Queen                                          Kismet Theme
     Big Cage Galop                                        Burma Patrol
                                                           Turkey In the Straw
    Henry's Comedy Car -                                   Lady of France
     Merry Oldsmobile                                      Int'l Vaudeville March
     Take Me Home                                          Night Train
    Miss Graciello and Web Number                          Arche de Triumphe
     Grand Old Flag                                        Beautiful Lady in Blue
     Killing Me Softly                                     Rock-A-Bye Baby
     Go Galop                                              Schermick March
     Dear Heart                                            Stars & Stripes Forever
     Fascilation                                         Clown Gag -
      Dear World                                           Avant la Guilla
    The Franks - Horse Act                               Diaz Sisters - Juggling
     Its Not Unusual                                       Mombp Jambo
     Chim Chim Cheree                                      Bridge Over River Kwai
     Spinning Wheel                                        El Cumbanchero
     Strike Up The Band
                                                         Gary and Popcorn - Clowns
    Cortez Family - High Wire                            Flying Columbians • trapeze
      Almanaza                                             C'est Paree
      The Breeze and I                                     Norwegian Wood
      Mr. Lucky Theme                                      Floating Down the River
      Going For A Walk One Day                             Merry Widow Waltz
      La Palo me                                           Belle of the Ball
      Exodus Theme                                         Vienna Life
      Zingarella                                           Winter Sports Galop
    down Gag - Popcorn, the Clown                        Finale - All Show Personnel
     Telephone Gag                                         This Is My Country
    Diaz Sisters - Unicycles
     That's Entertainment                        THE CIRCUS REPORT is published by Don Martks.
     Zing Went the Strings of My Heart           525 Oak St, El Cerrito, Calif. • 94530.
     Swanee                                       SUBSCRIPTION RATE: $12.00 a year
     Somebody's Taking My Place                  A D V E R T I S I N G RATES: Minimum ad $5.00; Quar-
     Baby Face
                                                 ter Page $10.00; Half Page $15.00; Full Pap $20.00,-
                                                 each additional color $10.00 extra.
 Hie Circus Report                                                                           Page 13

                           In Memory of
                            JOHN HARTZELL, Sr.
                        WHO      LEFT     US ON J A N U A R Y 1, 1977

            John passed away in his sleep following a massive coronary attack while on a
            booking trip.
            Born on May 11,1915, he spent 48 years in the circus business. He started as
          : a bar performer and for 30 years he had his own flying act, which featured his
            family. For the past four years the family operated their own circus — Wallace
            & Rogers — playing the west coast, Canada and Alaska.
            Survivors include his wife, Helene, who he married on Jan. 9,1938; four sons
            John Jr., Mike, Ray and Boss; two daughter-in-laws, Diana and Vickie; three
            grandchildren, Christopher, Kip and James; a sister, Lois and his mother, Elizabeth.

 Mattel Says
  The following material has been copied from .       WILLIAM S. KEEZER has recently authored a
  Mattel's Report to Shareholders dated Oct. 30,      book about a small circus playing in Montana
  1976, and is presented here for the general in-     in the 1800's. It will be published by Thomas
  terest of readers.                                  Bouregy & Co., Inc., of New York.
  "...Mattel Toys division, Monogram Models, Inc      BILL WILLIAMS (Cotton Candy), along with
  and Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Combined         THE JAX MARIONETTES and LONI IRON-
  Shows, Inc., all contributed to increases in to-    BERG worked two Christmas show dates in
  tal domestic and international sales for the nine   late December for the Hal Morris and Edna
  months reported.!1                                  Muir agencies.
  " of January 31,1976, the Company mod-         ART (Doc) MILLER is planning to stay at his
  ified substantially the concept of the Ringling     Florida home this year and will not be out on
  Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Circus World, Inc. (Cir-      the road.
  cus Theme Park) and invested additional capi-
  tal of approximately $3.2 million in the Circus
  Theme Park. As of October 30, 1976, the Com-        "There is no assurance that the Company will
• pany's investments were approximately $11.6         realize its investments in Circus Theme Park as-
  million in Circus Theme Park assets and $7.4        sets and the adjacent land or that, after the ad-
  million in the adjacent land held for future use    ditional capital investment approved by the
  or sale. For the nine months ended October 30,      Board of Directors, the Circus Theme Park will
  1976, Circus Theme Park operated at a substan-      operate successfully; however, in the opinion of
  tial loss because of higher than anticipated op-    management, such investments should be recov-
  erating expenses and reopening costs. On No-        ered through future operations or disposition of
  vember 4, 1976, the Board of Directors of Mat-      the land and, accordingly, no provision for loss
  tel, Inc., approved capital expenditures of ap-     is deemed necessary at October 30, 1976."
  proximately $2 million for expansion of the         "...higher operating costs in the Circus Theme
  Circus Theme Park facilities. A long range de-      Park      related to marketing objectives that
  velopment program which may require further         were not fully achieved in the first first nine
  capital development is currently being studied      months of fiscal 1977. Such operating costs...
  by management.                                      ...consisted primarily of start up costs...."
Page 14                                                                            January 17, 1977

                        Ovc*                        MAN vs TIGER
The Freedom Train pulled into Miami (Fla),          A fight between a Karate Champion and a Ben-
just before Christmas for its last public view-     gal tiger will be held in Haiti despite protests by
ing. The red, white and blue train wound up         the World Wildlife Fund. The event, set for Feb.
its two year tour on New Years Eve.                 5th, will the tiger and man against each other in
Early this month the train went into Washing-       a sealed cage.
ton, DC, where it is being dismantled and the       The Wildlife Fund calls the event a "degrading
exhibits will be returned to their owners. How-     spectacle" and has asked that it be cancelled.
ever, the train and its equipment is to be plac-    Bengal tigers are on the Endangered Species
ed on the sale block.                               List.
Tlie Freedom Train started its 25,833 mile tour     The promoter says several countries refused to
at Washington, DC, on April 1, 1975. During         sanction the contest until Haiti ok'd it. The
its two year tour the train stopped at 138 cities   event is supposed to be televised on a world-
and some seven million people viewed its ex-        wide basis. It's purpose, the promoter says, is
hibits.                                             to prove that Japanese hand combat techniques
Peter Spurney, president of the American Free-      are superior to those of the Chinese.
dom Train Foundation, §ays he expects the non
profit foundation to break even financially, or     The HEAD BROS! Miniature Circus was featur-
maybe even in the black. The train's biggest        ed at the opening of the new Ringling Museum
crowds, he added, came out i n Anaheim (Cal)        of the Circus in Sarasota on Jan. 15th. The mo-
where the daily average was 17,846 people.          del show is built on a one inch scale.

               CARL E . C O N L E Y
                                (30 YEARS IN CIRCUS BUSINESS)


                     '77 SEASON WITH ROYAL BROS. CIRCUS

       Year Round Address:                2635 Norton Road                Kent, 6hio 44240 ;
The Circus Report                                                                     Page 15

Several special features are coming up for fu-
                                                                  NO. 1
                                                               MAGIC SHOW
ture issues of Circus Report, so don't miss a
single copy.
Jack Niblett writes a review of "The Circo
Americano" with a full report on this fine
Italian Circus.

       FOR SALE
  1926 Heritage Bros. Circus cards - dated
   Grand Junction, Aug. 14 - very tender
   but priceless $10.00 (Extra $1.00 for
   wrapping and mailing)
  N. Y. FANS ATTENTION ! - Just 5 cards
   'Couchmans Dog & Pony Circus, dated
    Herkimer, May 9, $10.00 (Extra $1.00
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  Hippo Poster designed for and used on
    most Floyd King shows            $5.00
  Famous Floyd King pink newspaper her-
    ald. Dated E. Providence for 1954. $3.50
  Beautiful Pictorial Panels designed during
    the 30'$ - Sols Liberty Shows - 2 styles
    One $8.00 or both for $15.00
  Misc. titles on posters, somewhat tattered
    or soiled. Real Bargains .. $2.00 each
  Half sheet of Performing Elephants title
    is Bailey Bros. Circus (Big Bob Stevens
    Show)                          $8.00
                                                             NOW AVAILABLE
                                                 To Established Producers on a Buy Out Basis
    Before Cetlin & Wilson (wagon show
   actually old Sheesleys) were destroyed              -   CLASS EQUIPMENT
   at Richmond, I ripped off a few por-                -   NEW ROLLING STOCK
   tions of oak bracings. These have grad-             -   FULL COLOR POSTERS
   ually started to dry rot though still bear          -   FULLY INSURED
   tell/tale show paint. I've cut these into           -   BEAUTIFUL WARDROBE
   2 inch pieces and will share them, free
   of charge, with orders placed this month,            Contact: STAN KRAMIEN
   while the supply lasts.                               18239 N. E. 182nd Ave.
             ART (Doc) MILLER                           Brush Prairie, Wash. 98606
  Rte. 3 - Box 323-C - Starke, Fla. 32091                Phone: (206) 256-6178
Page 16                                                                             January 17, 1977

 I Love It/
Don't ya love it? Don't ya just love this busi-     The reported sale of Polack Bros. Circus has
ness? It seems that every show has its fill of      apparently not been completed despite gener-
grumblers. And I have to admit I frequently         ally reliable reports last year.
find myself quilty of complaining as much as
the next guy. What traitors we are!                 One source close to the show reports the sale
                                                    did go into Escrow in the early weeks of this
I was not bom a "circus brat", I did not have       month, but no further action has been taken.
that privilege. It's in my blood just the same      In the meantime the show is playing at Flint,
as though generations of it coursed through my      Michigan, under the direction of Louis Stem.
soul.                                               Parley Baer was reportedly handling the an-
Hie sawdust ring is where my heart is. It is a      nouncing chons for this engagement.
way of life to me, but a way I have chosen and
had to work for. For that reason it is more pre-    I take a great pride in my adopted "circus fam-
cious to me.                                        ily". I am only a child in my mastery of skills,
                                                    but the spirit is there. The spirit of centuries of
I love this life: the mud, and the rain, the snow   backdoor hustle and bustle.
the heat, long drives, hard set-ups, late tear-
downs, the bad lots and worse audiences, the        I love it andl want to see the circus thrive and
lean times. These are a challenge to me. Oh sure    continue to be an immortal being. That is why
I belly ache a lot, but when I've come through      I would like to say:
it I feel a certain sense of accomplishment.        "For 1977 may we all remember the love that
When I hear my fanfare and step into the ring,      surrounds us, from the ring to the backyard
nothing else matters, only that moment of           and work to keep 'the spirit' alive! Lets keep
exquisite bliss. The pain is forgotten and I feel   our family united and strong, our business liv-
a rejuvination. This is why I stay. My soul is      ing and our pride intact. No one can defeat us
here with the sounds, sights, smells and people      if we work together."
of the circus.                                                                     .. Ruth Hill

        In The November 22nd issue of Circus Report I read your ad accusing me and my
        wife of removing a pony from the Fort Worth Shrine Circus.
          In the first place you know this pony belongs to my wife and has been hers since
          1968. We have a considerable amount of proof to this, along with evidence, in-
          cluding a Notarized Bill of Sale.
          I didn't remove the pony as you accuse me of doing! You could not have seen me
          as I was not anywhere near Fort Worth at the time. The pony was returned to my
          In the second place your word is worthless because you will not pay the reward.
          As you know exactly where we live.
                                                                VICTOR FLORES
                                                                Terrell Wells Station
                                                                San Antonio, Texas - 78221
The Circus Report                                                                           Page 17

                        WHEN IN CHICAGO
          Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
                                                             Dependable and Experienced
          On Rte. 45 -1& mi. So. of I 80
                  P. O. Box 8                                     Diesel Truck Driver
            Frankfort, 111. - 60423
                                                                      GOOD PAY
           Frank Cusimano, Owner
           Phone: (815)469-2454                                         Contact:
   SPECIAL RATES IF YOU MENTION                                  COL. LEE KEENER
           CIRCUS REPORT
                                                                Buckeye Circus Corp.
                                                                Canton, Ohio - 44707
Survey Set                                                    Phone:(216)484-5623
A census-survey of Active and Retired Circus
Personnel on the West Coast of Florida is now
underway.                                           statistics of Circus Personnel to be stored in the
The survey being conducted by Alva Johnson,         museum archives to be available to Circus His-
Jr., Sarasota President of the CFA in coopera-      torians who use the extensive research library
tion with the Ringling Museum of the Circus         of the museum. For the latter use Circus People
has a two fold purpose.                             nation-wide are urged to file a survey form
The first is to get an accurate count of circus     which can be obtained by contacting Mr. John-
people in the area for use of those interested in   son at the Ringling Museum of the Circus, P.
better Public Relations for those citizens and to   O. Box 1838, Sarasota, Fla. 33578.
achieve more favorable rulings in the Zoning        Never before has an attempt been made to mea-
Regulations that are a constant threat.             sure the many millions of dollars this unique
The second is to establish an accurate file of      industry without smoke stacks, public subsidies
                                                    or special tax breaks pours into the area's
                                                    economy each year.

  WANTED                                                          WANTED
                                                        WANT from Friends, Fans, Foes and
                                                         Fellow Workers of Tom Mix
       Contracting Agent to Set Phones
                                                          Information and Material about :
       Also want Press Agent that can                                  TOM MIX
     and will work with local committees
                                                            CYSE O'DELL where are you'
                                                               PARNELL BRENNAN
             P. O. Box 1432
             Ruskin, Fla. - 33570                                  Box 642
                                                               Hammond, Ind. 46325
 Page 18                                                                          January 17, 1977

                                                                           DIRECT FROM

                                                                           TV'S HIT SHOW
                                                                                  * THE
                                                                           in a great
                                                                           All-Star Bird Show
                                                                           (Winner of TV s Beit Animal
                                                                           Performance Award)

                                        SHILLING THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS
        P. O. BOX 281 •    HUNTINGTON, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK 11743 • 516           AR 1-2266

 OK           TOUR
  After a slow start the Harmes "All Star Revue"   BARON and MARY ANN VON UHL are par-
  had a good summer and autumn season. Out-        ents of a baby boy (Nathan Stewart Von Uhl)
  standing dates were Rehoboth Beach, Dela.,       born in Peru, Indiana on Jan. 7, 1977.
  with turn away crowds, and various towns in
'Maine, played during the summer months. Alj       JOHN HARTZELL, Jr. recently worked his
: dates are 100% sponsored and presented in
                                                   seal act on the Merv Griffin TV Show in Las
  high school auditoriums.                         Vegas. The program is expected to be aired
                                                   early this week.
Acts with the show included DeLage & Margar-
et, magic. Al DeLage received the Magician of      handled by Jacqueline Harmes and Bob Me
the Year Award in April 1976, presented by the     Farland.
Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly      Serious consideration is being given to re-estab-
No. 1, Other acts included: Bernice Dante and      lishing the Scott Bros. Circus title in conjunc-
her baby chimps; Mike Monroe, trampoline;and       tion with Scott Bros.-Hoopes & McMillian Com-
stilts; Jack Bland, novelty music; Don Bridwell,   bined Circus. Both Frank Hoopes and Jack Me
clown; Joe Smiley, magic; Denny & Lee, magic       Millian are principals in the circus scene in the
and many others.                                   South Jersey area. Harmes toured Scott Bros.,
The show staff consists of: Chet Harmes, Jr.,      as an outdoor side wall circus during the 1960
senior advisor; Jacqueline Harmes, manager;        season and also toured several years in New
Joann Drasher, office manager; with bookings       England and the south as an indoor circus.

                   INTERNATIONAL                   ANIMAL         TRAINER

                              AND LOVELY BONNIE BALE
                          - Liberty — Long Rein — High School -
                    NOW T R A I N I N G Ff)R R.B.B.B. NEW CIRCUS WORLD

           P. 0. Box 2006 - HAINES dlTY, FLA. 33844 - PHONE: (813) 424-2421
The Circus Report                                                                            Page 19
                                                      trick that failed to work until along towards
                                                      the end of the show.
The "Christmas Magic Show" produced and               Other acts included: Eric Van Duzer, with dove
promoted by Jim Swofford, of S&H Advertis-            magic; Mary Culley's Poodle-Aires; Eric with
ing, of Marysville, Calif., played a series of pre-   the Doll House (assisted by Jeff Petters and
Christmas dates in Northern California to good        Dana Nussbaum); Moz doing sword swallow-
response. In each city the show was sponsored         ing (assisted by Dewinn Brady); Cotton Candy
by the local Police Officers Association, with        the Clown (Bill Williams) clown magic; Linda
proceeds from the two Yuba City shows going           Phillips and Pipsqueek, vent; Eric and the Zig
to children of the recent school bus accident.        Zag illusion; Finale.
The tour included stops at the Yountville Vet-        Bill Williams, who worked as both Santa Claus
eran's Home (Nov. 20); Yuba City (Dec. 11);           and Cotton Candy, the Clown, opened the
Chico (Dec. 12) and Eureka (Dec. 13).                 fust show as Santa, then switched to clown
                                                      make-up for his number and closed the show
The program featured: Santa Claus (Bill Will-         as a clown. The second show was opened by
iams) who opened the show and introduced              the clown, with Santa coming on for the
Richard Boylen, Mr. Magic, who was also the           finale.
show's M.C.
Fire Eater (Moz) Moz Wright, was followed by          Thanks for reading Circus Report today. We
the M.C. who had a running gag with a magic           appreciate it very much.



                                             SHOP IS NOW OPEN

                                 ADDRESS:   CAVE JUNCTfON/OREGON - 97523
                                 PHONE:     (503) 592-266*


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