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									                                                                    Santa Ana Pueblo
NMICoA Health Committee/ Title VI Meeting                           Santa Ana Star Casino
Minutes                                                             Cedar and Cottonwood Rooms
                                                                    June 16, 2011
                                                                    9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Discussion Leader:   Dr. Ron Lujan                                   Facilitator:     Manuel Christobal

Attended:            Ron Lujan, Ray Espinosa, Rachel Rhoads, Erik Lujan, Clara Herrera, Dave Baldridge, Evelyn
                     Pena, Leonel Garza, Michael Donnelly, Eloise Smith, Joe Cherino, Collean Keane, Paige Best,
                     Barney Vallo, Randella Bluehorse, Gus Abeita, Representative Roger Madalena, Avelino Jay
                     Calabaza Bryant Furlow, Peter St Cyr, Claudia Vargas-Sitrick, Michael Martin, Merle Scott,
                     Paul Schwacje, Manuel Christobal, Rose Christobal, Seniors and Senior Center Directors from
                     Sandoval County and Middle Rio Grande Pueblos

Recorder:            Collean Keane, Erik Lujan
Agenda Item      Presentor      Summary                                                 Action Item
Introductions    Dr. Lujan      Dr. Lujan started with introducing the health           None
                                committee members present.

                                Manuel Christobal Tribal Council member of Santa
                                Ana Pueblo introduced Mr. Leonard Armijo Former
                                Governor of Santa Ana Pueblo who lead the group
                                in a prayer.

NMICoA HC        Dr. Lujan      Dr. Lujan gave a brief description of the Formation
Background                      of the Health Committee starting in 2008 at the
                                request of the NMICoA President the Late Archie

                                Dr. Lujan gave an update on recent activities           Intended to be an outreach
                                including a meeting at Route 66 Casino hosted by        and education session
                                UNM Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Mr.              focused on Questions and
                                Ken Lucero regarding the PPACA and how it will          Comments for the Federal
                                affect New Mexico’s Native American population.         government from Seniors.

NMDoH Tribal     Paige Best     Paige Best presented information from the NM DoH        Informational Handout was
Epidemiologist                  regarding Death rates relevant to Sandoval, Santa       distributed, and an
presentation                    Fe, and Valencia County Native American Elders.         electronic copy will be
                                                                                        made available attached to
                                                                                        this document.
                                Tribal members and organizations can request any        Requests for information
                                information regarding health conditions through a       should be directed to Paige
                                request from their Governors’ office. Information    at paige.best@state.nm.us
                                can be used when seeking grants and federal          or at (505) 476-1788

                                Dr. Lujan interjected that the information shows a
                                huge gap in services which the IHS does not          IHS does not have any
                                provide.                                             Specialty providers i.e.,
                                                                                     Cardiologist, neuphrologist,
                                                                                     Gerintologist. Seniors
                                                                                     should lobby their Tribal
                                                                                     leaders to make it a priority
                                                                                     for the IHS to acquire the
                                                                                     necessary specialist to care
                                                                                     for the changes in illnesses
                                                                                     affecting NA Seniors and
                                                                                     disabled members.

Medicaid         Dr. David      Dr. Quintana spoke about the State’s efforts with    The information for these
Redesign:        Quintana       Health care reform.                                  hearing dates times and
Office of        NMDoH                                                               locales is available on the
Health Care      Office of      The State will be holding public input hearings      HSD website
Reform           Rural Health   regarding the States’ Medicaid redesign plans.       www.hsd.nm.us

                                Asked that Seniors speak to Tribal leaders and the   Seniors can contact Dr.
                                DoH regarding the health needs in rural and          Quintana at the NM DoH
                                reservation communities.                             Office of Rural Health


                 Paul Swalje    Paul Swalje gave an update on the DD waiver in
                 NM DoH DD                                                           The DD waiver is still in
                                regards to the PPACA                                 the renewal process and is
                 Program                                                             being reviewed by CMS.

                                Gave a description of the services provided by the   Mr. Schwalje’s contact
                                DD Waiver program and eligibility.                   info

                                                                                     (505) 476-8971

Medicaid         Dr Lujan       Initial proposed discussions do not involve Tribal   The Letters from the
Coalition:                      Leaders, and Community members in redesign           Medicaid Coalitions and
Letters to HSD                  process.                                             Sec. Sqire’s response will
Sec. Sqire
                                                                                     be attached.
Update from        Michael        Thanked the committee and those in attendance for        All request letters,
Congressional      Lopez          the comments gave an update on the Congress             telephone calls to these NM
representatives/                  activities regarding the PPACA.                         Legislative Committees
Tribal liaisons
                                                                                          LFAC, LHSD
                                  Thanked the Committee and asked for continued
                   Antonio        involvement in the NMICoA Health Committee and
                                  communication with NM Congressional Delegation.

                   Rep. Roger     Thanked the Committee and commented that NM
                                  congressional representatives both at the state and
                                  Federal level need input regarding Health care. The
                                  NM legislative committees (Health and Human
                                  Services & Legislative Finance Committees) need
                                  input regarding Medicaid and Health care reform.

Update Title VI    Ray Espinosa   Mr. Espinosa spoke about advocating for Senior
Directors                         rights and the need for seniors to get involved and
                                  dialogue with elected officials.

                                  Talked about the Budget Cuts affecting the ALTS         The CoLTS Program is
                                  Department.                                             now soley managed by the
                                                                                          HSD and the ALTS Dept.
                                                                                          only has a
                                                                                          advisory/consultative role

                                                                                          Development will be
                                  Discussed the development of a website dedicated
                                                                                          voluntary and Mr. Espinosa
                                  to inform and educate NA Elders, Tribal Leaders,
                                  Advocacy Organizations, and State and Federal           has offered domain space.
Closing            Dr. Lujan      Dr Lujan opened the floor to other comments from        Other comments
Comments                          those in attendance.
                                                                                          Women who do not have
                                                                                          private Insurance and rely
                   Manuel         Thanked again the Santa Ana Casino and Governors        on IHS/CHS are on waiting
                   Christobal     office for Agreeing to host the Meeting                 lists to receive Preventive
                                  Gave a personal account of trying to access health
                                                                                          care like Mammograms.
                                  care Services through the IHS and CHS, and the fact
                                  that he was on a waiting list for surgery for 4 years
                                                                                          Women with no insurance
                                  and I took a letter from the Tribes Governors to get
                                  approval.                                               are not being admitted for
                                  Stressed the need for Unity of Pueblos Leadership
                                  and communities

                   Joe Baca       Spoke about Discrimination in Health care on the
                                part of the State of NM in regards to availability of
                                services Urban/Rural/Reservation

                                Native Americas denied when seeking services at
                                VA Providers and told to go to IHS and being
                                Denied by IHS and sent back to VA.

                                VA will not see patients because of income, VA and
                                IHS wants Native Americans (tribes) to fight each

                                Native Americans should have a universal MFP
                                (Money Follows the Person) so that they can be
                                seen anywhere.

                                There is No meaningful oversight on IHS BIA and
                                VA on behalf of Native Americans.

                 Randella       Commented on the National Indian Council on
                 Bluehorse      Aging continued commitment to advocate on behalf
                 Executive      of Native American Elders.
                 NICOA         Gave some details on the grant work that NICOA is
                               working on in the State of NM.
Reminder: The NMICoA Health Committee is holding Regional Meeting, the Next will be held on July 21, 2011, at
the Pueblo Acoma, 10 AM to 12 PM


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