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									Why Bananas are good for health?

While many of us consider the banana to be a fruit, it is actually the produce of a herbaceous plant
in the family Musaceae-which because of its bulk and construction, is often mystified with a tree.

The banana is one of the healthiest fruits, which is also considered a happy fruit as it contains
serotonin or the substance of happiness, having an anti-stress role in the calming of nerves. It is
especially helpful in anti-fat treatments-being very dense; it offers a quick sense of tummy feeling

Bananas are fantastic sources of liveliness- apart from containing nutrients like proteins, fibers and
an company of vitamins: A, B, B6, C, and E. It is also loaded in calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and
folic acid.

Being plentiful in iron, bananas accelerate the making of hemoglobin in the blood are recommended
for those with anemia. Because of its rich potassium, but poor salt content, it is indicated for those
having troubles with major pressure.

Having a well and smooth texture, it is used in treating ulcer. The fruit is also of use against smoking,
helping the body restore after the effects of short of nicotine. For hangovers, sweetened with honey,
a milkshake can be prepared. The banana soothes the body and restores the sugar amount in the
body, while the milk soothes and hydrates the body.

Mosquito wounds can be treated if the affected area is wiped with the inner part of banana skin.
Bananas are also use in makeup for healing dried skins, floppy skin and itches. In cases of sun burns
or numbness form cold, a compressed banana can be applied on the face to soothe pain and ease

The banana must not be consumed while it is pale yellow or green in color because at such time, it
contains starch – which is hard to digest. Full-grown bananas are rich in calories; it is recommended
that those who be diagnosed with diabetes consume it fairly. It is not designated for use in a serious
anti-cholesterol diet.

Bananas don’t keep up well in temperatures lesser than 12 degrees Celsius and they should not be
held in refrigerators.

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