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					 R ESEARCH N EWS   From the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - Serving the Research Community of Wright State University

Winter/Spring 2011 Vol 42 No 2                                                                 201J University Hall     Telephone 775-2425

       Winners Announced for Research Initiation and
             Professional Development Grants
The Wright State University Research Council recently                  proposals for funds to support new lines of research,
convened to review submissions to its 2011 competition                 as well as diverse scholarly activities and profes-
for the Research Initiation and Professional Develop-                  sional renewal. The Research Council would like to
ment Grant Program. The Council received 30 quality                    extend their congratulations to the 14 new awardees:
                                                     Research Initiation
Volker Bahn (COSM)        Automated Bird Monitoring and Song Analysis                        $10,000
Rosemary Eustace (CONH)   Conducting a Needs Assessment for an International Collaboration
                          on HIV/AIDS Prevention Intervention in Tanzania                     $9,940
Allison Fernander (SOPP)  Assessment of Needs in the Pediatric Primary Care Community:
                          Toward Integrated Pediatric Primary Care                            $7,800
Chad Hammerschmidt (COSM) Phosphorus Inputs to Grand Lake Saint Mary’s, Ohio                  $9,948
Anand Jeyaraj (RSCOB)     Information Systems for Enabling Supply Chain Visibility            $9,750
David Ladle (BSOM)        The Role of Sensory Afferent Activity in the Formation of Sensory-
                          Motor Circuits of the Spinal Cord                                  $10,000
Karen Wonders (CEHS)      The Effect of a Home-Based Exercise Program on Symptoms of
                          Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Breast Cancer
                          Patients                                                            $9,532
                                               Professional Development
Detrice Barry (CONH)                    Virtual Simulations for Nursing Education and Research                                        $3,000
Hank Dahlman (COLA)                     Collegiate Chorale Video Project                                                              $3,000
Rosemary Eustace (CONH)                 A Planning Visit for the Global Health Service Learning Elective
                                        Course in Tanzania                                                                            $3,000
Greg Homan (LC)                         Global Agriculture                                                                            $3,000
Laura Leuhrman (COLA)                   Disability and Accessibility: Political, Legal, and Educational
                                        Contexts in Modern China                                                                      $3,000
Noeleen McIlvenna (COLA)                Finally Free Georgia!                                                                         $3,000
Janeece Warfield (SOPP)                 Play Therapy Certification                                                                    $2,960

                                                        What's Inside
       NOTES from the AVP                                                RSP to Transition to Electronic
         Changes in COI Policy..............................2            Routing/Submission ...................................5
       STAFF News..................................................3     NIH Funding Reductions...........................6
       PreAward NEWS including:                                          NIH Warns Against Circumvention
         NSF and Data Management ......................4                 of Page Limits...........................................6
         New F&A/Fringe Benefit Rates.................5                New External Awards....................................7
                   Notes from the AVP:
                   University Conflict of Interest
                   Policy Receives a Facelift
   In anticipation of proposed           We are pleased to report that the     the WSU disclosure process. The
changes to federal regulations         efforts of individuals on campus        threshold for disclosure has been
regarding financial conflict of        resulted in the approval of the         lowered from $10,000 to $5,000
interest, individuals in Research      document, now officially called         and it now requires disclosure for
and Sponsored Programs and the         “Research Conflict of Interest and      applications submitted for Phase
members of the Research Council        Financial Disclosure Policy,” and       I Small Business Innovation
worked closely with a consultant       noted as Policy no. 1107 in the         Research (SBIR) and Small Busi-
to revise the WSU Conflict of In-      “Wright Way Policy and Proce-           ness Technology Transfer (STTR)
terest Policy. The original policy     dures.”                                 grants. The policy establishes
was approved in 1995, and while          All “Investigators,” defined          two levels of review for finan-
good for its time, eventually lost     as “persons involved in the             cial disclosures, depending on
some relevance with a changing         design, conduct, or reporting           the complexities of the research
research environment. The driver       of research,” will be required          endeavor. When necessary, a
of these proposed changes, the         to complete a Conflict of Inter-        “Management Plan” will be cre-
Department of Health and Human         est Disclosure. A process for           ated in order to manage, reduce,
Services, noted in its announce-       instituting annual disclosures          or eliminate the conflict.
ment in the May 21, 2010 Federal       is evolving, but “transactional”          We have started to build a
Register that                          disclosures, typically done at the      website to provide information
  "the growing complexity of           time of proposal routing, will          to the WSU community, and we
  biomedical and behavioral            continue to be the norm. The            welcome you to visit it at: http://
  research; the increased inter-       familiar “Conflict of Interest The
  action among Government,             Statement,” sent with routing           site currently includes links to
  research institutions, and the       materials and printed on blue           Wright Way Policy no. 1107, the
  private sector in attaining          paper, will be replaced with an         proposed federal regulations, the
  common public health goals           unfamiliar, but still blue, “WSU        aforementioned disclosure forms,
  while meeting public expecta-        Financial Interest Disclosure” in       and a list of “Frequently Asked
  tions for research integrity;        two varieties: Form A and Form          Questions.” We anticipate com-
  as well as increased public          B. Completion of Form A will be         ments and questions as we move
  scrutiny, all have raised ques-      required of all Investigators; any      forward with compliance and will
  tions as to whether a more           affirmative responses to questions      do our utmost to make this an
  rigorous approach to Inves-          on Form A will trigger the neces-       easy transition.
  tigator disclosure, manage-          sary completion of Form B. In
  ment of financial conflicts,         keeping with the proposed federal
  and Federal oversight is             regulations, Policy 1107 incorpo-
  required."                           rates some significant updates to

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 2

                    In May,            from Ball State University, and         Science, and oversee the Research
                 Deborah Lundin        her Doctor of Education from Ball       Incentive Program. Assistant
                 joined the Pre        State University. She will be the       Director Marianne Shreck is the
                 Award staff as        Pre Award contact for all schools/      point of contact for Pre Award ser-
                 our new Asso-         colleges and non-academic depart-       vices to all departments in the Col-
                 ciate Director.       ments, except: College of Engi-         lege of Science and Mathematics,
                 She comes to          neering and Computer Science,           the College of Liberal Arts, and
                 RSP from the          Boonshoft School of Medicine,           the Boonshoft School of Medi-
                 College of Arts       College of Science and Mathemat-        cine’s Department of Community
and Sciences at the University         ics, and College of Liberal Arts.       Health (except Healthy Commu-
of North Carolina at Pembroke          Deborah replaces Brandy Foster,         nities). Assistant Director Sheila
where she served as Associate          who rejoined the College of En-         Bensman serves as the RSP Pre
Dean for Research, bringing with       gineering and Computer Science          Award contact for all departments
her over ten years of experience       as Associate Director of Technical      within the Boonshoft School of
in grants development and pre          Communications.                         Medicine, except the Department
award services. She earned her           RSP’s Pre Award Director,             of Community Health (exception
Bachelor of Arts degree in his-        Jackie Frederick, continues to          not including Healthy Communi-
tory from Millikin University, her     serve as the contact for the Col-       ties).
Master of Arts degree in history       lege of Engineering and Computer

 RSP Orientation Seminar 2011
      Are you new to Wright State University or new to the world of extramural fund-
    ing? Are you a veteran Wright State faculty or staff member re-entering the world
    of extramural funding?

      On Thursday, October 20, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
    will conduct an Orientation seminar for ALL interested faculty and cover such
    topics as guidance on locating funding for research, information regarding inter-
    nal funding programs, instructions on the WSU proposal submission process, and
    advice on compliance issues. The Research and Sponsored Programs Orientation
    seminar will be in E156A/B Student Union (Endeavor Room). Please mark your
    calendar and look for details in our fall issue of Research News.

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 3
  PreAward NEWS

 NSF and Data Sharing: Submitting A Management
 Plan With Your Proposal

  Beginning with all propos-      the Data Management Plan should           keep in mind the following caveats:
als submitted to the National     conform to the NSF policy on dis-         1. If your project’s RFP does not
Science Foundation on or          semination of research results (see           include specific instructions in
after January 18, 2011, inves-    AAG VI.D.4 for details) and may               regard to Data Management
tigators are now required to      include:                                      Plan development, default back
submit a description of how       • the types of data, samples,                 to the instructions included in
they plan to share with other         physical collections, software,           the current NSF Grant Proposal
researchers “the primary data,        curriculum materials, and other           Guide.
samples, physical collections,        materials to be produced in the       There are some NSF units (Direc-
and other supporting materi-          course of the project;                torates, Offices, etc.) that have es-
als created or gathered in the    • the standards to be                     tablished data management require-
course of work under NSF              used for data and                     ments, and they are available at:
grants.” The description, to          metadata for-               
be labeled “Data Management           mat and content                       dmp.jsp.
Plan,” should be no longer            (where exist-                         2. Collaborative proposals and
than two pages and be placed          ing standards are                         those that include subawards
in the Special Information and        absent or deemed                          are considered a single, unified
Supplementary Documentation           inadequate, this should be                project, which means that only
section of a proposal. These          documented along with any                 one combined Data Manage-
two pages do not count toward         proposed solutions or rem-                ment Plan needs to accompany
the fifteen-page limit for the        edies);                                   the proposal. Proposals for
Project Description, nor are      • policies for access and sharing             supplementary support to an
they considered an Appendix           including provisions for ap-              existing award are not required
attachment. Fastlane will not         propriate protection of privacy,          to include a Data Management
allow submission of a pro-            confidentiality, security, intel-         Plan.
posal that is missing a Data          lectual property, or other rights     3. A valid Data Management Plan
Management Plan. While                or requirements;                          may include only the statement
supplemental to the proposal,     • policies and provisions for                 that no detailed plan is needed,
note that this document will          re-use, re-distribution, and the          as long as the statement is ac-
be reviewed as integral to the        production of derivatives; and            companied by a clear justifica-
project and be reviewed as part   • plans for archiving data,                   tion. Proposers who feel that
of the project’s Intellectual         samples, and other research               the plan cannot fit within the
Merit or Broader Impacts.             products, and for preservation            supplement limit of two pages
  According to the current            of access to them.                        may use part of the fifteen-page
NSF Grant Proposal Guide            When developing a Data Man-                 Project Description for addi-
(GPG II.C.2.j, January 2011)      agement Plan for your project,                tional data management infor-

                                  Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 4
  New Rates for Fringe Benefits, F & A Costs
  As you develop your proposal            •full-time classified staff,           other rates will remain un-
budgets, keep in mind that sal-           54.2%                                  changed: off-campus organized
ary, fringe benefits, and facili-         •OPERS-covered students,               research, 26%; other on-campus
ties and administrative (F & A)           15.6%.                                 sponsored activities, 35%; and
costs will change over time,           For a comparison of rates from            other off-campus sponsored
perhaps even annually. Such            FY11, and projected rates for             activities, 26%. As a reminder,
is the case for WSU’s fringe           the next two years,                       WSU rates apply to a project’s
benefits and F & A cost rates for      visit the RSP web                         modified total direct costs, con-
FY12. Effective July 1, 2011           site page, “Proposal                      sisting of all salaries and wages,
to June 30, 2012, fringe benefit       Preparation: Salary,                      fringe benefits, materials,
rates for faculty, staff, and stu-     Fringe Benefit and                        supplies, services, travel, and
dents will change to the follow-       F&A Cost Rates.”                          subgrants/subcontracts up to the
ing rates:                               Additionally, one                       first $25,000 of each subgrant/
   •full-time faculty (51% FTE         of WSU’s federally negoti-                subcontract (regardless of the
   or more), 22.0%                     ated F & A cost rates is set to           project period). For additional
   •faculty – part-time, over-         increase by 1 percent for the             details regarding WSU’s F &
   load, summer, retirees, 11.5%       next two years. The rate for              A cost rates, visit the RSP web
   •full-time unclassified (in-        on-campus organized research              site page, “Proposal Prepara-
   cluding hourly), 30.0%              will increase from 45% to                 tion: Salary, Fringe Benefit and
   •part-time un/classified staff,     46%, effective from July 1,               F&A Cost Rates.”
   15.0%                               2011 to June 30, 2013. All

RSP Announces Licensing of
InfoEd Modules
  RSP will be moving forward           the following modules are being              •Human Studies Development
with replacing its current File-       licensed by WSU to assist with               and Management for the Insti-
maker database with a new              compliance and management of                 tutional Review Board.
integrated database solution from      animal studies, conflicts of inter-
InfoEd International. The new          est, and human studies:                     Once the contract with InfoEd
system will allow us to route                                                    has been finalized, an implemen-
our proposals internally through          •Animal Studies Develop-               tation plan will be developed in
an electronic portal (no more             ment and Management for the            phases beginning with the Grants
red folders!) and submit federal          Laboratory                             Management module. As we tran-
applications through a system-to-         •Animal Care and Use Com-              sition to the new methods, we will
system portal.                            mittee;                                keep faculty and staff alerted to
  In addition to the Grants Man-          •Expertise Management for              the changes prior to their imple-
agement module, which includes            Conflict of Interest Reporting         mentation and of training that will
Proposal Development, Proposal            and Management; and                    be made available regarding the
Tracking, and Award Tracking,                                                    new procedures.

                                     Research News   Winter/Spring 2011 Page 5

  Based on the outcome of FY11            level and may be reduced by an         FY10 award level, with future
federal appropriations, NIH re-           inflationary adjustment level set      year commitments adjusted for
search grant funding has been             by each Institute                      inflation based on the revised
reduced to 1 percent below FY10           or Center (up to                       FY11 level. Modular budgets
funding levels. What does this            the level set by                       will be reduced to 3 percent
mean for WSU investigators?               that Institute or                      below the FY10 level.
                                          Center for non-
  •Non-modular research grants            modular research                       These changes do not affect
  from all NIH Institutes and             grants).                             projects from the following
  Centers (except NCI) will be                                                 programs: Career Awards, SBIR/
  reduced to 1 percent below              •For future competing research       STTRs, and Ruth L. Kirschstein
  FY10 funding levels, and infla-         grants, in order to remain aligned National Research Service Award
  tionary adjustments for recurring       with non-competing awards,           (NRSA) Individual Fellowships
  costs on non-competing research         future inflationary adjustments      and Institutional Training Grants.
  grants in FY12 and beyond will          for recurring costs will be set at 2 To read the full text NIH notice:
  be set at 2 percent, based on the       percent.                   
  adjusted 2011 level.                                                         notice-files/NOT-OD-11-068.html
                                          •For the National Cancer Insti-      and clarification:
  •Modular grants will be reduced         tute, non-modular grants will be
  to 1 percent below the FY 2010          reduced to 3 percent below the       notice-files/NOT-OD-11-077.html

      NIH: Investigator Compliance with
      Proposal Development Guidelines Critical

         On May 27, the National Institutes of             materials inappropriate to the section in which
               Health published a reminder to all          they were placed. In other cases, investiga-
                 investigators regarding the con-          tors attempted to circumvent the page limit
                  tinued importance of compliance          by placing additional unallowable material in
                  with published proposal guide-           the Appendix. In these instances, NIH staff
                  lines, specifically regarding the        may include a note in the summary statement
                 inclusion of materials in sections        that alerts the investigator to this issue for
               that do not have a set limit to the         future submission purposes; however, NIH
       number of pages that can be submitted               may withdraw applications from review and
       along with the proposal narrative (e.g. the         funding consideration for egregious cases in
       Protection of Human Subjects and Verte-             which inappropriate material has been placed
       brate Animals sections). During recent              in a section or sections of an application with-
       submissions, NIH staff and reviewers                out page limits, or in the Appendix.
       discovered that some applications included

                                      Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 6
                   The grants and contracts on these pages were awarded from
                               September 2010 through April 2011
Boonshoft School of                  Carlson, Robert G.                      Cauley, Katherine L.
Medicine                             Falck, Russel S.                        Clasen, Carla
                                     Daniulaityte, Raminta                   WMD/Hazmat Protection Training
                                     Nahhas, Ramzi                           for Health Professionals
Bigley, Nancy J.
                                     Trajectories of Illicit                 JXT Applications, Inc.
Peptide Mimetic Modulation of
                                     Pharmaceutical Opioid Use               $22,129
Latent and Lytic HSV-1 Infection
                                     Among Young Adults in Ohio
Canadian Bureau for
                                     DHHS, National Institute on Drug        Cauley, Katherine L.
International Education
                                     Abuse                                   Sinclair Community College
                                     $563,131                                Matching Funds CY2011
                                                                             Sinclair Community College
Boivin, Gregory
                                     Carlson, Robert G.                      $16,000
Cool, David R.
                                     Falck, Russel S.
Purified Snake Venom Study
                                     Buprenorphine Post-Marketing            Clasen, Carla
Central State University
                                     Surveillance                            Southeast Weed and Seed Safe
                                     CRS Associates, LLC                     Haven Programming
                                     $7,335                                  Montgomery County Sunrise
Boivin, Gregory
Biopsy Study
                                     Carr, Carey J.                          $1,631
Devicor Medical Products, Inc.
                                     Moore, Dennis C.
                                     The Paths to Recovery Project           Cool, David R.
                                     Greater Cincinnati Behavioral           Lucot, James B.
Borchers, Jerome L.
                                     Health Services                         Brown, Thomas L.
Binder, Stephen Bruce
                                     $20,000                                 Protection Against Sarin-Induced
IPA Services: VAMC
                                                                             Neurotoxicity via an In Vivo
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
                                     Cauley, Katherine L.                    Caspase Inhibitor
                                     Simmons, Dionne M.                      DHHS, National Institute of
                                     Kinship Navigator Consortium            Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Burke, Ann E.
                                     CY2011                                  $338,238
ACR/REF/Amgen Pediatric
                                     Montgomery County Children
Rheumatology Visiting
                                     Services                                Cowan, Allison
Professorship Award
                                     $126,641                                Montgomery County Board of
American College of
                                                                             Developmental Disabilities
Rheumatology Research and
                                     Cauley, Katherine L.                    Consulting Services
Education Foundation
                                     AHEC Support                            Montgomery County Board of
                                     Ohio Board of Regents                   Mental Retardation &
                                     $111,003                                Developmental Disabilities

                                   Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 7
Dhanraj, David N.                   Ford, JoAnn                             Gentile, Julie P.
IPA Services: VAMC                  Williams, Carlton                       PROF-MR/DD-ODMRDD
Veterans Affairs Medical Center     One-Stop to Wellness                    FY2011
$5,000                              DHHS, Substance Abuse and               Ohio Department of Mental
                                    Mental Health Services                  Retardation and Developmental
Di Fulvio, Mauricio                 Administration                          Disabilities
Role of Na+-K+-2CL-                 $393,581                                $30,000
Cotransporters in Diabetic
Sensory Neuropathy                  Fraker, Susan M.                        Hamilton, Glenn C.
American Diabetes Association -     Ford, JoAnn                             Gebhart, Mark E.
National                            Technology Assisted Services for        Homeland Emergency Learning
$126,709                            Persons with Disabilities               and Preparedness Center
                                    Ohio Department of Alcohol and          DoD, Air Force, Air Force
Dodge, Robin E.                     Drug Addiction Services                 Research Laboratory
Aerospace Medicine Training         $343,627                                $179,763
for the Era of Moon, Mars, and
Beyond                              Galloway, Michael                       Hamilton, Glenn C.
National Aeronautics and Space      IPA Services: VAMC                      Regional Healthcare Preparedness
Administration                      Veterans Affairs Medical Center         Grant
$343,472                            $5,000                                  Greater Dayton Area Health
                                                                            Information Network
Dunn, Margaret M.                   Gebhart, Mark E.                        $50,000
NCI Award Under DCOP Fiscal         Kirkpatrick, Daniel
Agency Agreement                    Civilian Aeromedical Evacuation         Hamilton, Glenn C.
Dayton Clinical Oncology            Sustainment Training (CAEST)            CORF Cost Share
Program                             University of Memphis                   City of Fairborn, Ohio
$1,022,207                          $95,901                                 $0

Dunn, Margaret M.                   Gebhart, Mark E.                        Hostetler, Heather
Miscellaneous Awards Under          Homeland Response Force (HRF)           The Role of Long Chain
DCOP Fiscal Agency Agreement        Basic Training                          Acyl-CoAs in Nuclear Receptor
Dayton Clinical Oncology            USPFO for Ohio                          Regulation
Program                             $30,000                                 DHHS, National Institute of
$174,154                                                                    Diabetes and Digestive and
                                    Gentile, Julie P.                       Kidney Diseases
Falck, Russel S.                    CCOE: Dual Diagnosis MI/DD              $248,682
Carlson, Robert G.                  Ohio Developmental Disabilities
Daniulaityte, Raminta               Council                                 Kadakia, Madhavi P.
Preventing Unintentional            $75,000                                 Controlling Bioprocesses Using
Prescription Drug Poisoning                                                 Peptide-Modified Scaffolds
Public Health Dayton and            Gentile, Julie P.                       Universal Energy Systems, Inc.
Montgomery County                   Montgomery County DD Services           $14,500
$80,000                             Professorship for 2011
                                    Montgomery County Board of
                                    Mental Retardation and
                                    Developmental Disabilities

                                  Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 8
Kozak, Juliusz Ashot                   Nahhas, Ramzi                           Prayson, Michael J.
Regulation of Ca2+ Entry               Sherwood, Richard J.                    Fixation Using Alternative
Pathways by pH and PI (3,4,5)P3        Longitudinal Modeling of                Implants for the Treatment of Hip
in Human T. Lymphocyte                 Craniofacial Growth Trajectories        Fractures (FAITH)
Activation                             DHHS, National Institute of Den-        University of Minnesota
American Heart Association -           tal and Craniofacial Research           $15,240
National                               (NIDCR)
$77,000                                $145,417                                Prayson, Michael J.
                                                                               Fluid Lavage of Open Wounds
Lachecki, Carla                        Olson, James E.                         (FLOW): A Multi-Center, Blinded,
Cauley, Katherine L.                   Nanocontrast Agents Phase 2             Factorial Trial Comparing
Women's Health Week 2011               University of Dayton                    Alternative Irrigating Solutions
Ohio Department of Health              $7,254                                  and Pressures in Patients with
$7,960                                                                         Open Fractures
                                       Organisciak, Daniel T.                  Greenville Hospital System
Lehrer, Douglas S.                     Prevention of Light-Induced             $1,015
The Genomic Psychiatry Cohort          Retinal Degeneration by Natural
(GPC)                                  Substances                              Pretorius, Richard W.
University of Southern California      Alcon Laboratories, Inc.                Medical School Admission
$80,000                                $195,349                                Policies and the Family Medicine
                                                                               Pipeline: Developing Practical
Lucot, James B.                        Paliy, Oleg                             Guidance Based Analysis of
Organ Specific Perturbation of         DNA Extraction from Fecal               Student Origins
Biological Pathways and                Material: Method Optimization           Society of Teachers of Family
Processing Resulting from              Project                                 Medicine Foundation
Exposure to Organophosphorous          Procter and Gamble Company              $1,584
Agent                                  $40,019
Henry M. Jackson Foundation                                                    Putnam, Robert W.
$10,000                                Pascoe, John M.                         Time-Dependent Changes in
                                       Chumlea, W. Cameron                     Respiratory Control After Perinatal
Markey, Michael                        Forbis, Shalini G.                      Hyperoxia
Establishment of aCGH                  Spears, William D.                      Bates College
Capabilities Within the Center for     Lee, Miryoung                           $4,995
Genomics Research                      ARRA-Training in Primary Care
Dermatopathology Lab of Central        Medicine and Dentistry:                 Rapp, Richard C.
States                                 Administrative Academic Unit,           South Carolina Linkage Programs
$80,000                                Pediatrics                              for Inmates
                                       DHHS, Health Resources and              University of South Carolina
Morris, Mariana                        Services Administration (HRSA)          $40,005
PREP Scholars                          $243,660
DHHS, National Institute of                                                    Reichard, Adam C.
General Medical Sciences               Pascoe, John M.                         Bigley, Nancy J.
$317,737                               Spears, William D.                      M1/M2 Macrophage
                                       Best Practices for Study                Differentiation After HSV1
Morris, Mariana                        Recruiting in Primary Care              Corneal Infection
Translational Biomedical Training      Settings                                Sigma XI
for Underrepresented Minorities        Wayne State University                  $2,000
U.S. Department of Education           $34,345

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 9
Rich, Mark M.                         Trevino, Julian J.                       Hanby, Donna
Delivery of Therapeutic Genes in      Psoriasis Longitudinal Assessment        Teacher Performance Assessment
Motor Neuron Disease                  and Registry (PSOLAR)                    Ohio Board of Regents
Ohio State University                 Centocor, Inc.                           $74,768
$57,442                               $491
                                                                               Harris, Charlotte M.
Rich, Mark M.                         Williams, Carlton                        Dayton Regional Science,
Treating Myotonia Congenita           Wilson, Josephine F.                     Technology, Engineering, and
Muscular Dystrophy Association        Fifty-Plus Prevention Project            Mathematics School Services
$53,358                               (F3P)                                    Agreement
                                      DHHS, Substance Abuse and                Dayton Regional Science,
Rogers, Nikki L.                      Mental Health Services                   Technology, Engineering, and
Community PROMISE                     Administration                           Mathematics (STEM) School
Mt. Olive Baptist Church              $299,999                                 $481,989
                                      Williams, Carlton                        Keener, Catherine D.
Sherwood, Richard J.                  Substance, Testing, and Education        McIlvenna, Noeleen
Duren, Dana L.                        Program Using Prevention                 The Wright Intervention
Towne, Bradford                       (STEP-UP)                                U.S. Department of Education
Genetic Architecture of the Human     DHHS, Substance Abuse and                $100,000
Dentognathic Complex                  Mental Health Services
DHHS, National Institute of           Administration
Dental and Craniofacial Research      $299,955                                 College of Engineering and
                                                                               Computer Science
$659,559                              Wyatt, Christopher N.
                                      AMP-Activated Protein Kinase
Sulentic, Courtney E.W.               and Oxygen Sensing
                                                                               Chung, Soon M.
3'alpha Enhancer Regulation by        DHHS, National Heart, Lung, and
                                                                               Bangert, Austin D.
AhR and NF-kappaB/Rel Proteins        Blood Institute
                                                                               Service-Oriented Integration of
DHHS, National Institute of           $315,833
                                                                               Distributed Biomechanical
Environmental Health Sciences
                                                                               Engineering Resources
                                                                               Dayton Area Graduate Studies
$197,350                              College of Education and                 Institute
                                      Human Services                           $6,855
Towne, Bradford
Czerwinski, Stefan Aleksander
                                                                               Dong, Haibo
Choh, Audrey                          Franco, Suzanne                          Optimal Injection Setting and
Genetics of Infant Growth and         Patel, Nimisha                           Thermodynamic Analysis of DISI
Later Obesity                         Lindsey, Jill L.                         Rotary Engine
University of Minnesota               College Ready STEM                       Baker Engineering, Inc.
$115,101                              Demonstration Grant                      $30,000
                                      Ohio Board of Regents
Trevino, Julian J.                    $266,381                                 Dong, Haibo
Visiting Professor Program
                                                                               Computational Analysis of Wankel
Abbott Laboratories
                                                                               Rotary Engine Using Direct
                                                                               L.K. Industries, Inc.

                                    Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 10
Emmert, John M.                        Gallimore, Jennie J.                     Goswami, Tarun
Garber, Fred D.                        Tsang, Pamela S.                         Turbine Engine Retirement for
Kazimierczuk, Marian K.                Shingledecker, Clark                     Cause (RFC) Component
New Electronic Warfare                 Kidambi, Phani                           Implementation: Phase II
Specialists Through Advanced           Flight Deck Display and Control          Universal Technology Corporation
Research by Students                   Requirements Human Factors               $249,112
MacAulay-Brown, Inc.                   Study
$17,970                                U.S. Department of                       Goswami, Tarun
                                       Transportation, Federal Aviation         Turbine Engine Retirement for
Fendley, Mary E.                       Administration                           Cause (RFC) Component
Information Processing Model for       $632,086                                 Implementation: Phase I
Sensor Exploitation of Multiple                                                 Universal Technology Corporation
RPVs                                   Gallimore, Jennie J.                     $98,666
Science Applications International     Wireless Phone Distraction
Corporation                            Research                                 Goswami, Tarun
$22,170                                Transportation Research Center           Cervical Injury: Devices and Risk
                                       Inc.                                     Assessment
Fendley, Mary E.                       $11,471                                  Battelle Laboratories
iCAD, Inc. Engineering Support                                                  $61,795
iCAD, Inc.                             Gallimore, Jennie J.
$18,720                                Data, Information, and Decisions         Goswami, Tarun
                                       to Display Mapping                       Evaluation of Posterior Lumbar
Fendley, Mary E.                       Center for Operator Performance          Fixation Devices
Identification of Green Industries     $5,500                                   X-spine Systems, Inc.
and Their Pathways for East End                                                 $16,675
Community Services                     Garber, Fred D.
East End Community Services            Automatic Target Recognition             Goswami, Tarun
Corporation                            Center Summer Intern Program             Life and Reliability Prediction for
$9,000                                 Ohio State University                    Turbopropulsion Systems to
                                       $148,583                                 Manage Maintenance Costs
Fendley, Mary E.                                                                American Technology & Services
Gleason M&M Precision Systems          Goshtasby, A. Ardeshir                   Inc.
Engineering Support                    Camp, John L.                            $13,000
Gleason M&M Precision Systems          Browning, Fernando C.
$6,300                                 Cetnar, John S.                          Grandhi, Ramana V.
                                       Hartman, Joshua A.                       Casting Optimization
Fendley, Mary E.                       Hester, Tyler A.                         Caterpillar, Inc.
Biomedical Imaging Engineering         Science, Mathematics, and                $60,000
Services                               Research for Transformation
Nationwide Children’s Hospital         (SMART) Defense Scholarship              Grandhi, Ramana V.
$6,300                                 Program 2010/2011                        LSP for Reliable Fatigue Life
                                       American Society for Engineering         General Dynamics Information
                                       Education                                Technology, Inc.
                                       $67,896                                  $44,300

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 11
Grandhi, Ramana V.                      Huang, George                           Mawasha, P. Ruby
Collaborative Center in                 Ayyadurai, Mary S.                      Ohio Space Grant Consortium
Multidisciplinary Sciences              Young, Henry Daniel                     Scholarship/Fellowship Program
(CCMS)                                  Thomas, Scott Keith                     2010/2011
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and      Numerical/Experimental Study of         Ohio Space Grant Consortium
State University                        Functionally Graded Structures          $3,500
$40,200                                 and Exploration of Micro Air
                                        Vehicles                                Menart, James A.
Hangartner, Thomas N.                   DoD, Air Force, Air Force               Renewable and Clean Energy
Colorado Center for Childhood           Research Laboratory                     Education Initiative
Liver Disease Research                  $88,485                                 University of Dayton
Education: Etiology and                                                         $177,767
Treatment of Biliary Atresia and        Huang, Hong
INH                                     Cheekati, Sree                          Mukhopadhyay, Sharmila M.
University of Colorado                  ECS Travel Grant                        A Molecular Modeling Approach
$52,093                                 The Electrochemical Society             to Predicting Elastic and Failure
                                        $800                                    Behavior of Thermosetting
Hitzler, Pascal                                                                 Polymer
III: Small: TRON - Tractable            Klingbeil, Nathan W.                    DoD, Air Force Office of
Reasoning Ontologies                    Koenig, Kathleen                        Scientific Research
NSF, Miscellaneous                      Gateway into STEM Curricula:            $150,000
$149,166                                A Model Community College/
                                        University Partnership                  Narayanan, Sundaram
Hitzler, Pascal                         Promoting First-Year Retention          Skipper, Julie
REU Supplement: III: Small:             and 2 to 4-Year Articulation            Kidambi, Phani
TRON -Tractable Reasoning               NSF, Miscellaneous                      Bennett, Kevin B.
Ontologies                              $211,061                                He, Ping
NSF, Miscellaneous                                                              Neuroscience and Medical
$16,000                                 Liu, Meilin                             Imaging
                                        The Exploration of Memory               DoD, Air Force, Air Force
Huang, George                           Hierarchy and Parallelism for           Research Laboratory
Shang, Joseph J.S.                      Multi Core Systems                      $500,000
Menart, James A.                        NSF, Miscellaneous
A Joint WSU/AFRL Center for             $190,603                                Narayanan, Sundaram
Advanced Power and Energy                                                       Operations Support Center (OSC)
Conversion Research (CAPEC)             Liu, Yan                                of Tec^Edge
DoD, Air Force, Air Force               Parikh, Pratik                          The Wright Brothers Institute, Inc.
Research Laboratory                     Use of Exploratory Data Mining          $295,114
$145,000                                Techniques to Study Associations
                                        between Bone-Mineral Density            Narayanan, Sundaram
                                        and Relevant Clinical Parameters        Operations Support Center (OSC)
                                        Genzyme Corporation                     of Tec^Edge
                                        $51,720                                 The Wright Brothers Institute, Inc.

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 12
Narayanan, Sundaram                     Rigling, Brian D.                        Sheth, Amit
Operations Support Center (OSC)         Fogle, Orelle R.                         T040: LVC Sensors Integration for
of Tec^Edge                             Application of Range Doppler             Data Fusion in Operations and
The Wright Brothers Institute, Inc.     Processing                               Training
$201,310                                Matrix Research & Engineering            Ball Aerospace
                                        $16,000                                  $93,767
Narayanan, Sundaram
WBI: Innovation and                     Rizki, Mateen M.                         Sheth, Amit
Collaboration Rapid Prototyping         Metabolite Differentiation and           Enhancing Information Extraction
Environment to Support AFRL             Discovery Lab Development                with Linked Open Data
The Wright Brothers Institute, Inc.     Oak Ridge Institute for Science          Janya, Inc.
$157,803                                and Education                            $10,150
Narayanan, Sundaram                                                              Shingledecker, Clark
Knowledge Management for                Rizki, Mateen M.                         Vernooy, Jeffrey A.
Petro-Chemical Industry                 Fieldable Human Threat Signature         Continuing Support for an In-
Center for Operator Performance         Ohio State University                    teractive Webcast Program to
$97,564                                 $17,000                                  Prepare Students with Disabilities
                                                                                 and Parents for Transition to
Narayanan, Sundaram                     Shang, Joseph J.S.                       Postsecondary Education and
Performance Metrics for Operator        Huang, George                            Careers in STEMM
Performance                             Yan, Hong                                Ohio Rehabilitation Services
Center for Operator Performance         Cyber-Based Turbulent Hydrogen           Commission
$62,400                                 Combustion Simulation                    $144,769
                                        DoD, Air Force Office of
Ren, Saiyu                              Scientific Research                      Skipper, Julie
AF083-153 Digital Synthesizer           $89,997                                  Gallimore, Jennie J.
with Tuning Filter                                                               Development of Virtual Humans
RBS Technologies, LLC                   Shang, Joseph J.S.                       for Cultural Competence Training
$54,997                                 An Innovative Radiative Heat             Leonard Wood Institute
                                        Transfer Model of Hypersonic             $534,060
Rigling, Brian D.                       Nonequilibrium Flow
Collaborative Center for                Universal Technology                     Skipper, Julie
Surveillance Research                   Corporation                              Petkie, Douglas T.
Ohio State University                   $50,304                                  Schneider, Tamera
$110,000                                                                         Human Signature Collection and
                                        Shaw, Arnab K.                           Exploitation via Stand-Off
Rigling, Brian D.                       Sensor Shipment                          Non-Cooperative Sensing
Collaborative Center for                Gitam Technologies, Inc.                 Princeton Nanotechnology
Surveillance Research                   $2,168                                   Systems
NSF, Miscellaneous                                                               $21,000
$55,000                                 Sheth, Amit
                                        Information Operations/Cyber             Srinivasan, Raghavan
Rigling, Brian D.                       Exploitation Research (ICER)             Alloy Evaluations
Collaborative Center for                Program, City Beat                       RTI International Metals, Inc.
Surveillance Research                   Ralph Woolpert Company                   $20,000
More Than One Source of Support         $142,447

                                      Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 13
Srinivasan, Raghavan                   Zhang, Xiaodong                          Dockery, Jane L.
Titanium Alloys Sample                 Multi-Agent Health Management            RIG SWOT Analysis
Machining                              System                                   Montgomery County
RTI International Metals, Inc.         Intelligent Automation, Inc.             Department of Job and Family
$3,730                                 $40,668                                  Services
Thomas, Scott Keith                    Zhuang, Yan
Transition of Small Unmanned           MJB3 Aligner                             Dockery, Jane L.
Aerial Vehicle Research Testbed        DoD, Air Force, Air Force                Dislocated Worker Outcome
to Undergraduate Educational           Research Laboratory                      Analysis Using UI Wage Records,
Purposes                               $0                                       SCOTI, and Records of WIA
Ohio Space Grant Consortium                                                     Training Investments
$10,000                                                                         Montgomery County Department
                                       College of Liberal Arts                  of Job and Family Services
Thomas, Scott Keith                                                             $5,175
Schaab, Adrienne E.
Science, Mathematics, and              Brun, Carl F.                            Dockery, Jane L.
Research for Transformation            Stakeholders to Partners                 Philada Home Fund: A
(SMART) Defense Scholarship            Greene County Educational                Partnership with Independent You
Program - A. Schaab                    Service Center                           The Philada Home Fund
American Society for Engineering       $30,000                                  $2,485
$2,245                                 Cortes, Tess                             Dockery, Jane L.
                                       General Operating Support: Art           Long-Range Strategic Plan for the
Wischgoll, Thomas                      Galleries                                City of Delaware
Vortex Detection and Visualization     Ohio Arts Council                        City of Delaware, Ohio
for Design of Micro Air Vehicles       $2,698                                   $2,000
and Turbomachinery
High Performance Technologies,         Dockery, Jane L.                         Dockery, Jane L.
Inc.                                   Ohio Board of Regents Workforce          Greene County Regional Planning
$41,519                                Development Data Analysis -              and Coordinating Commissioners
                                       Supplement                               (RPCC) Evaluation
Wolff, J. Mitch                        Ohio Board of Regents                    Regional Planning Commission of
Intergovernmental Personnel            $237,918                                 Greene County
Agreement - M. Wolff                                                            $2,000
DoD, Air Force, Air Force              Dockery, Jane L.
Research Laboratory                    Green Industry Skills Survey             Dustin, Jack L.
$519,157                               Ohio Board of Regents                    Public and Social Service
                                       $175,000                                 Transportation Curriculum and
Zhang, Xiaodong                                                                 Internship Program
Mobile-Agent-Based Autonomous          Dockery, Jane L.                         Ohio Department of
Data Fusion for Distributed            RIG Asset Mapping                        Transportation
Sensors                                Montgomery County                        $12,000
Impact Technologies, LLC               Department of Job and Family
$57,999                                Services

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 14
Dustin, Jack L.                       Jones, Thomas Davidson                   Jones, Thomas Davidson
Revitalize the Dayton East Third      Darke County General Health              City of Kettering Citizen
Street Corridor and Southeast         District Community Health                Perception Survey and Focus
Dayton Weed and Seed Household        Assessment 2010                          Groups
Survey                                Darke County General Health              City of Kettering, Ohio
Montgomery County Sunrise             District                                 $6,200
Center                                $15,135
$2,500                                                                         Jones, Thomas Davidson
                                      Jones, Thomas Davidson                   Pickaway County General Health
Dustin, Jack L.                       Licking County: Behavioral Risk          District Community Health
We Care Arts                          Factor Surveillance System Survey        Assessment 2010
We Care Arts                          2011                                     Pickaway County General Health
$500                                  Licking County Health Depart-            District
                                      ment                                     $5,924
Hooker, Carol M.                      $9,838
Montgomery County Veterans'                                                    Jones, Thomas Davidson
Services Commission                   Jones, Thomas Davidson                   Mercer County: Alternative
Montgomery County Veteran             Ohio University Uranium                  Energy
Service Center                        Enrichment Survey                        The Strategy Team, Ltd.
$8,500                                Ohio University                          $5,727
Hooker, Carol M.                                                               Jones, Thomas Davidson
Think TV Asthma Evaluation            Jones, Thomas Davidson                   City of Trotwood Analyses of 2011
Think TV Network (Greater             Warren County Combined Health            Ballot Issues
Dayton Public Television)             District Community Health                City of Trotwood
$6,550                                Assessment 2011                          $5,590
                                      Warren County Health District
Hooker, Carol M.                      $7,968                                   Jones, Thomas Davidson
Ready To Lead in Literacy Project                                              Montgomery County Water
Evaluation                            Jones, Thomas Davidson                   Services Proposal 2010
Think TV Network (Greater             Miami Valley Regional Planning           Montgomery County Water
Dayton Public Television)             Commission Market Research               Services
$2,000                                Survey 2010                              $5,185
                                      Miami Valley Regional Planning
Jones, Thomas Davidson                Commission                               Jones, Thomas Davidson
Council on Rural Services Survey      $6,687                                   City of West Carrollton
of Stakeholders                                                                Satisfaction Survey
Council on Rural Services             Jones, Thomas Davidson                   City of West Carrollton, Ohio
$17,207                               Miami Valley Regional Planning           $5,050
                                      Commission Going Places
Jones, Thomas Davidson                Telephone Survey 2010                    Jones, Thomas Davidson
Miami County Health District          Miami Valley Regional Planning           Clinton-Massie Schools Survey
Community Health Assessment           Commission                               Clinton-Massie School District
2010                                  $6,687                                   $4,717
Miami County Health District

                                    Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 15
Jones, Thomas Davidson               Layne, Jo Ellen
                                                                              College of Science and
The Strategy Team: Survey of         Brun, Carl F.
Wadsworth's Residents                Child Welfare Workforce                  Mathematics
The Strategy Team, Ltd.              Professional Education Program
$4,011                               Ohio Department of Job and
                                     Family Services                          Agrawal, Abinash
Jones, Thomas Davidson               $123,250                                 Amon, James P.
O'Bannon Nature Trail Pre and                                                 Bioremediation of Chlorinated
Post Assessment                      Subban, Jennifer                         Ethenes in the Constructed
Clermont County, Ohio                WSU's Student Philanthropy               Wetlands at Wright-Patterson Air
$3,968                               Project 2010                             Force Base (FY10/11)
                                     Ohio Campus Compact                      Air Force Institute of Technology
Jones, Thomas Davidson               $15,500                                  $246,990
Mental Health Recovery Services
of Warren and Clinton Counties                                                Agrawal, Abinash
                                                                              Kinetics of Chlorinated
Web-Based Survey                     College of Nursing and
Mental Health Recovery Services                                               Degradation Assisted by Modified
                                     Health                                   Bimetallic Carbon and
of Warren and Clinton Counties
$2,093                                                                        Peptide Nanotubes and Transport
                                                                              of Nanosilver (nAg) in
                                     Burnell, Patricia D.                     Groundwater
Jones, Thomas Davidson               Dayton VA Medical Center IPA -
Strategy Team Focus Groups                                                    Air Force Institute of Technology
                                     Patricia Burnell                         $0
The Strategy Team, Ltd.              Veterans Affairs Medical Center
$1,380                               $2,166                                   Arasu, Krishnasany T.
Kennedy, Sandra D.                                                            Signal Designs via Combinatorial
                                     Martin, Patricia A.                      Designs
Wright State University SW Ohio      Miami Valley Hospital Operating
Center for Labor-Management                                                   DoD, Air Force Office of Scien-
                                     Agreement                                tific Research
and Workforce Development            Miami Valley Hospital
Initiative                                                                    $50,265
Ohio Department of Development
$90,000                                                                       Arasu, Krishnasany T.
                                     Smith, Sherrill Jeanne                   REU Supplement: Algebraic
                                     Barry, Detrice                           Methods in the Study of Some
Kennedy, Sandra D.                   Implementing Technology in
City of Dayton: High Impact                                                   Problems in Communication
                                     Community Health: Examining the          Engineering
Certified Contact Center Excep-      Use of High-Fidelity Simulation to
tional Customer Care                                                          NSF, Grants for Scientific
                                     Teach Home Care                          Research
City of Dayton, Miscellaneous        National League for Nursing, Inc.
$28,500                                                                       $16,000

Kennedy, Sandra D.                                                            Arlian, Larry G.
                                     Vermeersch, Patricia E.                  Morgan, Marjorie S.
Efficiently Managing Your OLOI       Whitecar, Philip S.
Project, Project Assessment, and                                              Indoor Allergen Analysis II
                                     Multi-Payer Enhanced Primary             S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
Strategic Planning                   Care Home (EPCH) Initiative
Veterans Affairs Medical Center                                               $82,829
                                     Ohio Academy of Family
$8,000                               Physicians Foundation

                                   Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 16
                                       Burgin, Amy J.                           Deibel, Jason A.
Arlian, Larry G.                       ROA Supplement: Collaborative            Surface Characterization Using
Laundry Sample Analysis                Proposal: Coupled C, N, and S            Terahertz Scattering
Procter & Gamble Company               Cycling in Coastal Plains                Measurements
$20,475                                Wetlands: How Will Climate               Battelle Laboratories
                                       Change and Salt Water Intrusion          $4,830
Brown, Elliott                         Alter Ecosystem Dynamics?
High-Resolution Sensing of DNA         NSF, Grants for Scientific               Deibel, Jason A.
Nanostructures in the THz Region       Research                                 Equipment Donation for Study of
University of California               $31,235                                  Mathematics and Science
$163,463                                                                        DoD, Air Force, Air Force
                                       Burgin, Amy J.                           Research Laboratory
Brown, Elliott                         REU Supplement: Collaborative            $0
Ultrafast Photoconductive              Proposal: Coupled C, N, and S
Characterization of GaN                Cycling in Coastal Plains                Excoffon, Katherine
Kyma Technologies, Inc.                Wetlands: How Will Climate               Isoform-Specific Regulation and
$50,000                                Change and Salt Water Intrusion          Localization of the Coxsackie and
                                       Alter Ecosystem Dynamics?                Adenovirus Receptor in Airway
Brown, Elliott                         NSF, Miscellaneous                       Epithelia
Characterization of Silicide-          $6,125                                   DHHS, National Institute of
Silicon Schottky Rectifiers in the                                              Allergy and Infectious Diseases
THz Region                             Claflin, Jr., Bruce B.                   $437,167
University of Texas                    AIRME Onsite Support
$33,000                                University of Dayton                     Feld, William A.
                                       $115,000                                 Single Ion Conducting Solid-State
Brown, Elliott                                                                  Lithium Electrochemical
Terahertz Component-Level              Deibel, Jason A.                         Technologies
Research for Sensing Applications      Petkie, Douglas T.                       University of Dayton
Air Force Institute of Technology      Electromagnetic NDE Techniques           $147,000
$0                                     for the Detection and
                                       Characterization of Damage and           Flach, John M.
Burgin, Amy J.                         Degradation in Thermal Protein           STEM Degrees and Careers for
Collaborative Proposal: Coupled        Systems (TPS)                            Ohioans with Disabilities,
C, N, and S Cycling in Coastal         Universal Technology                     Including Veterans: COF
Plains Wetlands: How Will              Corporation                              Scholarships in Support of the
Climate Change and Salt Water          $28,200                                  NSF-Funded Regional Alliance in
Intrusion Alter Ecosystem                                                       Disability
Dynamics?                              Deibel, Jason A.                         Ohio Board of Regents
NSF, Grants for Scientific             Wire Waveguide Modeling and              $351,760
Research                               Characterization
$307,051                               Mound Laser and Photonics                Flach, John M.
                                       Center, Inc.                             Gallagher, John C.
                                       $10,000                                  RDE-RAD: Collaborative
                                                                                Research: Ohio's STEM Ability
                                                                                Alliance (OSAA): STEM Degrees
                                                                                and Careers for Ohioans with
                                                                                NSF, Miscellaneous

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 17
Fossum, Eric                           Hammerschmidt, Chad R.                  Koenig, Kathleen
Poly (arylene ether)s from             Burgin, Amy J.                          Schen, Melissa S.
Activated 3,5¬Difluoro Aromatic        Nogaro, Geraldine                       Developing Scientific Reasoning
Systems: Synthesis,                    Effects of Alum Addition on             Abilities in Pre-Service Teachers
Functionalization, and                 Benthic Communities and Metal           NSF, Course, Curriculum and
Characterization                       and Nutrient Cycles in Grand            Laboratory Improvement
NSF, Grants for Scientific             Lake St. Mary's Ohio                    $124,898
Research                               Ohio State University
$100,000                               $15,443                                 Koenig, Kathleen
                                                                               Science Learning and Scientific
Fox, Jane Lee                          Hammerschmidt, Chad R.                  Reasoning
The Hydrocarbon Ion Layer in the       Mercury Analysis of                     Ohio State University
Low Altitude Ionosphere of Saturn      Environmental Samples                   $74,199
National Aeronautics and Space         More Than One Source of Support
Administration                         $14,077                                 Kozlowski, Gregory
$110,532                                                                       7th International Conference on
                                       Hauser, Ernest                          Diffusion in Solids and Liquids
Fox, Jane Lee                          Spectraseis-Dominion-WSU                European Office of Aerospace
Modeling of the Martian                Collaborative Project                   Research and Development
Thermosphere/Ionosphere in             Spectraseis, Inc.                       $10,000
Support of Volatile Evolution          $9,841
Calculations: Altitude                                                         Krane, Dan E.
Distribution of Isotopomers and        Higgins, Steven R.                      Foster, Uohna June
Ancient Atmospheres                    Kinetic Complexity of Mineral-          Persistence and Transfer of STR
National Aeronautics and Space         Water Interface Reactions               DNA Profiles
Administration                         Relevant to CO2 Sequestration:          Forensic Bioinformatics
$95,000                                Atomic-Scale Reactions to               Services, Inc.
                                       Centimeter-Scale Processes              $22,288
Fox, Jane Lee                          U.S. Department of Energy
Production Rates of Thermal,           $115,753                                Look, David C.
Energetic, and Excited Atoms in                                                Conduction in Thin Films of ZnO
the Martian Thermosphere,              Kenyon, Lisa Orvik                      for Electronic Applications
Ionosphere, and Exosphere              Supporting Scientific Practices         DoD, Air Force Office of
National Aeronautics and Space         in Elementary and Middle School         Scientific Research
Administration                         Classroom                               $149,914
$70,000                                Northwestern University
                                       $86,313                                 Look, David C.
Gilpin, Roger K.                                                               Characterization of MESFET
Measurements of Contaminants in        Klein, Helen A.                         Channel Properties and Junction
Commercial Herbicide                   Mapping the Terrain of                  Temperature Measurements
ATANOR                                 Multinational Trust                     Microsemi Corporation
$6,723                                 MacroCognition LLC                      $70,000
Gilpin, Roger K.                                                               Look, David C.
State of Ohio Sludge Program                                                   Characterization of Doped GaN
More Than One Source of Support                                                Kyma Technologies, Inc.
$1,175                                                                         $50,000

                                    Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 18
                                     Peters, Jeffrey L.                       Shebilske, Wayne L.
Look, David C.                       Lavretsky, Phillip                       Vernooy, Jeffrey A.
Characterization of Doped GaN        Genetic Introgression and                Precollege Assessment and
Kyma Technologies, Inc.              Conservation of the North                Training II
$40,000                              American Mallard Complex                 Ohio Rehabilitation Services
                                     Ducks Unlimited Canada                   Commission
Look, David C.                       $10,274                                  $182,822
Electrical Activity of the ZnO
Surface                              Petkie, Douglas T.                       Shebilske, Wayne L.
Ohio State University                Rattan, Kuldip S.                        Research and Analytical Support
$10,000                              Rigling, Brian D.                        for the 711th HPW Human
                                     Shaw, Arnab K.                           Effectiveness Directorate
Look, David C.                       Skipper, Julie                           DoD, Air Force, Air Force
Hall Effect Measurements             Xue, Kefu                                Research Laboratory
More Than One Source of Support      Academic Pipeline and Future Lab         $49,500
$4,700                               DoD, Air Force, Air Force
                                     Research Laboratory                      Slattery, William
Look, David C.                       $690,000                                 Lunsford, Suzanne K.
Hall Effect Measurements                                                      Science Teaching for Ohio's New
More Than One Source of Support      Petkie, Douglas T.                       Economy (STONE) (ITQ)
$2,650                               Skipper, Julie                           Ohio Board of Regents - Title II
                                     Schneider, Tamera                        $57,309
Lunsford, Suzanne K.                 Multimodel Human Signatures
Slattery, William                    for State Assessment and Threat          Stireman, John
Partners in Integrated Earth         Evaluation                               Collaborative Research:
Systems Science (PIES) (ITQ)         DoD, Office of Naval Research            Caterpillars and Parasitoids in the
Ohio Board of Regents - Title II     $115,000                                 Eastern Andes of Ecuador
$71,097                                                                       NSF, Grants for Scientific
                                     Petkie, Douglas T.                       Research
Miller, Corey E.                     Xue, Kefu                                $21,895
Chally Center for Scientific         Layered Sensing Construct for the
Innovation (C2SI): Statistical       CityBeat Project                         Teed, Rebecca E.
Support Fall 2010, Winter 2011,      DoD, Air Force, Air Force                Basista, Beth A.
and Spring 2011                      Research Laboratory                      Schen, Melissa S.
HR Chally                            $73,060                                  Tomlin, James H.
$16,118                                                                       Earth, Life, and Physical Science
                                     Ritzi, Jr., Robert W.                    Professional Development Project
Peters, Jeffrey L.                   Ground Water Protection Program          for Grades 5-12 Teachers (ITQ)
Cipollini, Donald F.                 2011                                     Ohio Board of Regents
Range-Wide Genetic Diversity of      Cemex                                    $193,609
Scirpus ancistrochaetus              $24,751
Kendra Cipollini
$17,111                              Rooney, Thomas
                                     Establishing a Scientific Basis
                                     for Garlic Mustard Control and
                                     Eradication on Private Lands
                                     Dairymen’s, Inc.

                                   Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 19
Tosa, Sachiko                          Wolfe, John R.                           Munch, James M.
Appova, Aina K.                        Mobile Assistive Learning                Emerging Leaders Program
Farrell, Ann M.                        Devices: The Smartphone and              Speedway SuperAmerica LLC
Lesson Study: Research on              Smartpen                                 $56,000
Teaching and Learning (ITQ)            Ohio Rehabilitation Services
Ohio Board of Regents - Title II       Commission                               Williams, Scott
$136,728                               $85,000                                  Entrepreneurial Signature
                                                                                Program (ESP)
Vadeboncoeur, Yvonne                                                            Development Projects, Inc.
RET Supplement: Collaborative          Raj Soin College of                      $130,000
Research: Consumer Control of          Business
High-Productivity/Low-Nutrient                                                  Williams, Scott
Ecosystems: Enhancement of                                                      Energy Control System Market
Primary Productivity by Grazing                                                 and Competitive Study
                                       Baumhauer, Carol A.
Fish in Lake Tanganyika                                                         Development Projects, Inc.
                                       Small Business Development
NSF, Miscellaneous                                                              $9,999
                                       Center: Amendment 1
$14,575                                Ohio Department of Development
Vadeboncoeur, Yvonne                                                            School of Professional
REU Supplement: Collaborative          Gregorich, Earl                          Psychology
Research: Consumer Control of          Small Business Development
High-Productivity/Low-Nutrient         Center
Ecosystems: Enhancement of             Ohio Department of Development           Waller, Celeste M.
Primary Productivity by Grazing        $129,000                                 2011 Domestic Violence Program
Fish in Lake Tanganyika                                                         Montgomery County Sheriff’s
NSF, Miscellaneous                     Gregorich, Earl                          Office
$9,000                                 Entrepreneurship Project Pilot           $10,800
Watts, Doyle R.                        Ohio Department of Development           Winfrey, LaPearl L.
Hauser, Ernest C.                      $80,000                                  Predoctoral Internship: Summit
Structural Characterization of the                                              Behavioral Healthcare
Dominion North Canton Storage          Jeyaraj, Anand                           Summit Behavioral Healthcare
Field (NCSF)                           New Media Innovations: Trial,            $12,000
Dominion East Ohio                     Adoption, and Usage by
$7,787                                 Individuals                              Winfrey, LaPearl L.
                                       Air Force Institute of Technology        Practicum Training: Samaritan
                                       $157,040                                 Behavioral Health 2010/2011
Lake Campus                                                                     Samaritan Behavioral Health, Inc.
                                       Lumpkin, Joan Brady                      $5,833
                                       Harmon, Matthew S.
Wolfe, John R.                         Future Jobs Internship - Matt            Yung, Betty
Mobile Assistive Learning              Harmon                                   REEP: Research and Evaluation
Devices: The Smartphone and            Clark State Community College            Enhancement Program
Smartpen (Y2)                          $516                                     Ohio Commission on Minority
Ohio Rehabilitation Services                                                    Health
Commission                                                                      $75,000

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 20
Yung, Betty                          Martinsen, Michael Q.                    Penick, Jennifer L.
Clasen, Carla                        Bulletproof Vest Partnership             PELL Grant Program 2010/2011
Michigan Department of               Ohio Department of Public Safety         U.S. Department of Education
Community Health Capacity            $2,731                                   $8,580,405
Building Program Evaluation
Southeastern Michigan Health         Martinsen, Michael Q.                    Penick, Jennifer L.
Association                          Ohio Peace Officer Training              PELL Grant Program 2009/2010
$50,801                              Ohio Office of the Attorney              U.S. Department of Education
                                     General                                  $6,829,076
Yung, Betty                          $340
Clasen, Carla                                                                 Penick, Jennifer L.
Michigan Department of               Vernooy, Jeffrey A.                      Academic Competitiveness Grant
Community Health: Capacity           Myers, Katherine L.                      2010/2011
Building Program Evaluation          Personal Assistance Station and          U.S. Department of Education
Southeastern Michigan Health         Technology Center                        $721,034
Association                          Ohio Rehabilitation Services
$49,946                              Commission                               Penick, Jennifer L.
                                     $344,018                                 Academic Competitiveness Grant
Yung, Betty                                                                   2009/2010
Evaluation of the State                                                       U.S. Department of Education
Partnership Grant for the Ohio       Universitywide                           $627,435
Commission on Minority Health
Ohio Commission on Minority                                                   Penick, Jennifer L.
Health                               Kennedy, Sandra D.                       National SMART Grant Program
$10,000                              Understand Passive-Agressive             2010/2011
                                     Behaviors in Teams and                   U.S. Department of Education
Yung, Betty                          Teamwork: Team Charters in               $500,123
Evaluation of the OMH Capacity       Effective Workplace Scenarios
Building Program for the Ohio        Veterans Affairs Medical Center          Penick, Jennifer L.
Commission on Minority Health        $1,600                                   National SMART Grant Program
Ohio Commission on Minority                                                   2009/2010
Health                               Kennedy, Sandra D.                       U.S. Department of Education
$2,000                               Constructively Defusing Conflict         $373,002
                                     Situations and Dealing with
                                     Difficult Situations and                 Penick, Jennifer L.
Student Affairs                      Personalities                            Wright State C-CAMPIS:
                                     Veterans Affairs Medical Center          Childcare Access Means Parents
                                     $1,600                                   in School Program
Cooper, Mary Maureen                                                          U.S. Department of Education
Hill, Sara Jane                      Kennedy, Sandra D.                       $89,123
Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund     Time Management, Know Your
(SAOF)                               Style: Critical Thinking and the         Penick, Jennifer L.
Horizon League                       Art of Prioritizing Yourself and         Supplemental Educational
$54,418                              Your Work                                Opportunity Grant Program
                                     Veterans Affairs Medical Center          (SEOG) 2010/2011
                                     $1,600                                   U.S. Department of Education

                                   Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 21
Ralston, Keith                         Sudkamp, Thomas A.                       Dowling, Thomas P.
Personnel Agreement - Kent             Articulation and Transfer                Born Again Textbooks
Southwestern Ohio Council for          Ohio Board of Regents                    Ohio Rehabilitation Services
Higher Education                       $1,062,246                               Commission
$4,265                                                                          $35,000
                                       Sudkamp, Thomas A.
Ulliman, Jeff                          Articulation and Transfer                Fendley, Ryan D.
Federal Stimulus Funds: Main           More Than One Source of Support          Developing the Next Generation:
Campus 2010/2011                       $273,610                                 Expanding SOCHE's Co-op,
Ohio Board of Regents                                                           Internship, and Fellowship
$9,173,762                             Sudkamp, Thomas A.                       Programs
                                       Articulation and Transfer                Southwestern Ohio Council for
Ulliman, Jeff                          Ohio Board of Regents                    Higher Education
Federal Stimulus Funds: Lake           $76,000                                  $8,000
Campus 2010/2011
Ohio Board of Regents                                                           Hsu, Andrew T.
$287,253                               Vice President for Research              Advanced Power Sources for
                                                                                Future Soldiers
                                       and Graduate Studies                     Indiana University
Vice President for                                                              $204,200
Curriculum and Instruction             Bantle, Jack A.
                                                                                Kidambi, Phani
                                       Ohio's Research Challenge:
                                                                                Web Yoga Spider Xchange
                                       2009-2011 Biennium
Dewberry, Brenda I.                                                             System Research, Development,
                                       Ohio Board of Regents
Building Successful Futures                                                     and Deployment
U.S. Department of Education                                                    Web Yoga, Inc.
$250,000                                                                        $514,400
                                       Dowling, Thomas P.
                                       Ohio Board of Regents Tech Grant
Hoffman, Christopher                                                            Kidambi, Phani
                                       Ohio Rehabilitation Services
Upward Bound Summer Lunch                                                       Support Web Yoga System
Program                                                                         Development and Deployment
Ohio Department of Education                                                    Web Yoga, Inc.
$4,998                                                                          $321,500
                                       Dowling, Thomas P.
                                       Ohio Board of Regents Tech Grant
Sayer, Cathy                                                                    Kidambi, Phani
                                       Ohio Rehabilitation Services
Civic Leaders Scholarship                                                       LexisNexis Support
Ohio Campus Compact                                                             Allegis Group Services, Inc.
$11,320                                                                         $64,480
                                       Dowling, Thomas P.
Sudkamp, Thomas A.                                                              Kidambi, Phani
                                       Born Again Textbooks
Growing the STEMM Pipeline in                                                   Social Media-Monitoring Solution
                                       Ohio Rehabilitation Services
the Dayton Region: Becoming an                                                  Thruti Information Labs Limited
International Center of Excellence                                              $50,400
for Human Effectiveness/Human
Performance                                                                     Magill, John M.
Ohio Board of Regents                                                           OhioLINK
$1,095,110                                                                      Ohio Board of Regents

                                     Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 22
                                     Miller, Aaron N.                         Wysong, Mark
Magill, John M.                      Wysong, Mark                             InfoSciTex: ATEA Task Order
Ohio's Scaffold to the Stars         Dayton Foundation Services               0004
Educause                             Support                                  InfoSciTex
$750,000                             Dayton Foundation                        $110,753
Magill, John M.                                                               Wysong, Mark
The A-DRM Consortium:                Miller, Aaron N.                         Testing and Test Assets Support
Extending the Accessibility of       Wysong, Mark                             MacAulay-Brown, Inc.
Digital Textbooks and Other          Dayton Foundation Business               $97,009
Learning Materials                   Rules Analysis
Ohio Rehabilitation Services         Dayton Foundation                        Wysong, Mark
Commission                           $17,382                                  Economic Impact Study of the
$89,500                                                                       Expeditionary Combat Support
                                     Miller, Aaron N.                         System (ECSS) on the Dayton
Miller, Aaron N.                     Illumination Works Research and          Regional Economy
Wysong, Mark                         Project Support                          Curtis Consulting
Automated Military Justice           Illumination Works LLC                   $21,659
Analysis and Management System       $15,741
(AMJAMS) Enhancement                                                          Wysong, Mark
Professional Services Support        Miller, Aaron N.                         InfoSciTex: ATEA Task Order
Illumination Works LLC               Biomedical Instrumentation and           0001
$692,329                             Electronics Engineering Support          InfoSciTex
                                     Universal Energy Systems, Inc.           $9,460
Miller, Aaron N.                     $11,025
Gebhart, Mark E.                                                              Wysong, Mark
Modular Emergency Medical            Skipper, Julie                           Foreign Air and Space
System (MEMS) Support                WearABLE Computing for                   Technologies (FAST) III
Ohio Department of Health            Students with Mild-to-Moderate           Booz Allen Hamilton
$250,000                             Cognitive Disabilities                   $0
                                     Ohio Rehabilitation Services
Miller, Aaron N.                     Commission                               Wysong, Mark
Gebhart, Mark E.                     $63,528                                  Ohio Health Information
Hamilton, Glenn C.                                                            Partnership
Warfighter Interface Readiness       Wysong, Mark                             Greater Dayton Area Health
Technology Operations (WIRTO)        InfoSciTex: ATEA Task Order              Information Network (GDAHIN)
Support                              0005                                     $0
Ball Aerospace                       InfoSciTex
$172,113                             $189,040
Miller, Aaron N.                     Wysong, Mark                                     congratulate those
Rhino Corps Research and Project     Logistics Coordination and Flight            receiving external funds
Support                              Test Support for AFRL/RYRA at                           and
Rhino Corps, LTD                     Talisman Sabre 2011
                                                                                    encourage those with
$28,350                              Intelligent Software Solutions,
                                                                                     proposals to consult
                                                                                        with us about

                                   Research News Winter/Spring 2011 Page 23
Office of Research and
Sponsored Programs
Wright State University
201J University Hall
Dayton, Ohio 45435
Voice: 937 775-2425
FAX: 937 775-3781

                                            STAFF Information
                                                            Office of the Vice President for Research and
                                                            Graduate Studies
                           Vice President for Research
                                   Jack A. Bantle, Ph.D
                   Administrative Support Coordinator
                     Research and Graduate Programs
                                        Diane Hamilton

                                                            Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
                   Assistant Vice President for Research
                                     Ellen Reinsch Friese
                                    Director, Pre Award
                                      Jackie A. Frederick
                                   Director, Post Award
                                              Glen Jones
                                     Associate Directors
                                                 Yun Wu
                                         Deborah Lundin
                                     Assistant Directors
                                       Marianne Shreck
                                       Sheila Bensman
                                   Grants Accountant 2
                                          Danielle Booth
                                    Grants Accountants
                                           Gene Florkey     gene
                                            Elaine Davis
                                             Kim Owens
                      Administrative Coordinator ( IRB)
                                      Robyn Wilks, CIM
                                  Programs Facilitators
                                        Cheryl Nickoson
                                      Christine Piekkola
                                               Jan Power
                                  Program Coordinator
                                         Jodi Blacklidge
                              Undergraduate Assistants
                                         Olivia Woodruff
                                       Andrianna Milton
                                        Jennifer Schmidt

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