Lecture 7 Allotment_ Canadian Numbered Treaties and the Dawes Act

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					        Lecture 6: Attack on “Tribalism”:
        Allotment in Canada and the USA
I. Breaking up the “tribal system”
         - Severalty and the ideological rationale
II. The Numbered Treaties
-        Robinson Treaties precedent (1850)
-        “Western” Numbered Treaties (#s 1-7)
III. Severalty in the Canadian West
         - Hayter Reed
         - Indian Act and the General Severalty Act
IV. American Dawes Act
-        Settler violence
-         Ponca Removal and humanitarian concerns
-        Allotment Act
V. Allotment: Canada v. USA
         Key terms & concepts
•   Chief Shingwaukonse
•   William B. Robinson
•   Paypom document
•   medicine chest clause
•   Certificate of occupancy
•   Sioux
            Ideological basis
•   Remove threat to settler security
•   Instill industriousness
•   Encourages patriarchy/nuclear families to
•   Pre-cursor to enfranchisement
•   Frees up land for Euro settlers
Robinson Treaties, 1850
Precedence of Robinson Treaties

- covered large tracts of land
- generated reserve lands
- annuities
- continued rights to fish and hunt
That Aboriginal people would enjoy:
 “the full and free privilege to hunt over the
territory now ceded by them, and to fish in
the waters thereof as they have heretofore
been in the habit of doing, saving and
excepting only such portions of the said
territory as may from time to time be sold or
leased to individuals, or companies of
individuals, and occupied by them with the
consent of the Provincial Government”

- 1850 Robinson Treaties
Numbered Treaties
“I am desirous of having the
Indians witness it – No sound
threshing having been given them I
think a sight of this sort would
cause them to meditate for many a

-Hayter Reed, 1885
Reed’s policy self described as a

“policy of destroying the tribal or
communist system is assailed in
 every possible way, and every
effort made to implant a spirit of
individual responsibility instead”
       Dawes Act, 1887

 “to provide for the allotment of
lands in severalty to Indians on
the various reservations, and to
   extend the protection of the
 laws of the United States and
the Territories over the Indians”

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