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Campaign for California’s Future
May 27, 2005

LOS ANGELES – The Campaign for California’s Future, a grassroots project within the
California Democratic Party, today announced a June 2 statewide conference call between
Democratic elected leaders and a gathering of more than 1000 concerned citizens meeting at
over 100 houseparties across California in opposition to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s call
for a special election. The houseparties are co-sponsored by Contest the Vote, California for
Democracy, California Democratic Council, Democratic Women of Kern County and dozens
of other California citizen groups. Callers include Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nunez,
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Assembly Majority Whip Karen Bass and political
filmmaker Robert Greenwald (“Uncovered”, “Outfoxed”).

“We are responding to a tremendous groundswell by hard working, tax paying citizens who
do not want their tax dollars foolishly wasted on Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed $80
million, corporate sponsored special election,” said Rick Jacobs, Chair of the Campaign for
California’s Future. “The Governor has been traveling out of state for months, collecting tens
of millions of dollars in donations from corporate special interests who want to see an Enron
style economy in California. It is a self-serving power grab by the Governor, and he fully
intends to reward his corporate donors if he prevails.”

Tom Brown, a steering committee member of California for Democracy, a statewide
grassroots political group, noted that Gov. Schwarzenegger’s call for a special election is
unpopular with both Democrats and Republicans. “This is a non-partisan issue of good
governance,” Brown said. “The most recent statewide polling shows more than 62% of
Californians, and a majority of Republicans, are opposed to this wasteful mid-decade special

Helen Acosta, a Communications Professor at Bakersfield College and President of
Democratic Women of Kern County, points out that the Governor’s redistricting proposal
would add a special mid-decade redistricting requirement which would cost the state,
according to the Legislative Analysts office, “a few million dollars”. Acosta notes, “Not only
will redistricting be based on a guess of current population data, the additional costs could
drive total spending for this unmandated special election over $100 million at a time when
California’s state economy has fallen behind France in terms of annual economic output.”

All house party and conference call participants will be asked to commit to future actions
against the Governor’s special election and for good governance in California. These actions
will range from letter writing to peaceful demonstrations to neighborhood canvassing and
signature gathering.

For further information, contact Michael Meurer, Campaign for California’s Future, at the
address and phone number below.

8111 Beverly Blvd. Suite 306 Los Angeles, CA 90048 p 323-655-8154 f 655-8368 e

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