Spring 2012 Newsletter 2 by NCCARVA


									                                                                              Please note that a
   201 2 Calendar of Events                                                   refrigerator  magnet
                                                                              with important   contact
                                                                              numbers for the City of
March 10th - 9:30 am General Membership           Meeting                     Richmond will be
March 24th - Neighborhood          Clean Up - Meet at                         delivered with your
                                                                              newsletter.  If you do
8 am North Central Park.
                                                                              not receive this item,
May 12th - 9:30 am General Membership           Meeting
                                                                              please contact a
June 16th - Annual NCCA Picnic 12-6pm           North                         member of the NCCA.
Central   Park
November     10th - 9:30am     General   Membership              Condolences and Notices
Meeting                                                          Please contact a member of the NCCA to report the
December     3rd   -7th or 10th - 14th                           death of a loved one, a birth, or any news that you
Tacky Lights Tour (exact date to be announced)                   would like to share with your neighbors. We want to
December 10th - 5:30 pm Christmas Round Robin,                   help you spread the word and keep in touch with
(Locations   to be announced)                                    neighbors.      The       NCCA      will    send     an
December     17th - Christmas Caroling                           aCknowledgement       to the family after receiving your
August    7th - National   Night Out - Begins at dusk,           request.
North Central      Park

   Neighborhood Spotlight- Dgportunities and Updates
   Some of you will remember that at our last meeting,           Anyone interested in day or overnight trips to places
   Chris Hilbert proposed changing our polling place             such as Surrey County, Smithfield or various Virginia
   before the next Presidential Election. Thanks to those in     locations ? If so, please contact a member of the
   attendance at the meeting who strongly opposed this           NCCA We are looking for opportunities to bring
   decision. Mr. Hilbert has withdrawn this proposal until       neighbors together for fun and fellowship. If you
   after voting for the Presidential Election, so for those of   have any suggestions about places that might be fun
   you who vote at JEB Stuart, the polling place will not        to visit, please feel free to share them with us.
   change until after the next Presidential Election.
                                                                 The Elderly and Disabled Real Estate Tax Relief
   The Northside branch of the post office is being              assistance program is available for city residents
   considered for closure. Area residents were sent              that qualify. For more information, please call 311 or
   surveys to complete and a community meeting was held          646-5700.
   at the North Ave branch library about two months ago.
   As of this writing a formal decision has not been made        Anyone interested in running for an officers position
   as to whether or not it will close.                           on the NCCA leadership team please call Deidre
                                                                 Bryant at 228-3735. The current board members are
   After a letter writing campaign, R&S Grocery store has        serving the last year of their first term, and we are
   decided to close their doors for good. A special thanks       looking for neighbors that are interested in serving in
   to Battery Park, NCCA,and the Ginter Park Terrace,            various positions.
   civic associations and the Richmond Police Department
   for their work in making their objections known to the        Smoke Detectors are free and available to residents
   Virginia Department of ABC.                                   that are in need of them. For more information
                                                                 please call Arthur Jones, Richmond Fire Dept. at
   Interested in starting a community garden ? Then              646-2502.
   please contact a member of the NCCA for more
   information as we make plans to explore this option.          Remember to email questions/concerns, updates to
                                                                 northcentralcivic@gmaiLcom        or check us out on the
                                                                 web at http://northcentralcivicrva.blogspot.com/

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