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Westlaw for the Practitioner - Complete Show


									West’s Instructional Aids Series

                     A Law Student’s Look at
                    Westlaw® for the Practitioner
• Introduction
• Legal Forms
• Practice Guides and Aids
• Litigation Databases
   – Jury Instructions
   – Jury Verdicts and Settlements
   – Expert Witnesses
• News Databases1
• Company and Securities Information Databases2
• Public Records Databases3
    1A  few news databases are not available to law students.
    2 Some corporate and security databases are not available to law students.
    3 Most public records databases are not available to law students.


      • As a law student, you have been trained to perform pure legal
        research. Most of your research has been in case law,
        statutes, or secondary sources.

      • As a lawyer, you will conduct many sorts of non-legal or
        quasi-legal research every day.

      • You will need to know how to do such things as
         – track down potential witnesses
         – find a company’s registered agent for service
         – draft an eviction notice
         – assess the financial strength of a company or an individual
         – evaluate a proposed stock offering
         – conduct a “due diligence” review

      • Westlaw contains more than 17,000 databases, many of
        which are unfamiliar to law students. Most of these
        databases can be of enormous help to the practicing

      • A few of the databases introduced in this tour of Westlaw
        are not available to law students due to West’s contracts
        with third-party publishers.

      • This tour is intended to give you an overview of what
        materials and services you can expect from Westlaw as a
        practicing attorney. It is not intended to be Westlaw

        My Westlaw Tab Pages for Practitioners

         • Forty two topical tab pages include:
               Bankruptcy, Due Diligence,
               Environmental, Health,
               Homeland Security,
               Immigration, Intellectual
               Property, Maritime Law,
               Military, Products
               Liability, Social Security
         • Litigation page                        You can select up to six
                                                  tabbed pages by clicking
         • Investigation page                     My Westlaw on toolbar
         • Public Records page                    and checking the
                                                  selections you want.

            Tax Tab Page: an Example of a Topical
                          Tab Page


                                            1, 2 , 3 Quick Search

                                                 Tax Databases
           Legal Forms


                              Legal Forms
        • There are more than 400 databases that contain forms on
        • Many of the forms can be copied and pasted into a word
          processing document.
        • The forms multibase is Forms-All ( FORMS-ALL).
        • National forms databases include
           – American Jurisprudence Pleading and
             Practice Forms (AMJUR-PP)
           – Federal Procedural Forms (FEDPROF)
           – National Pleading and Practice Forms
           – West’s Legal Forms, which contains the full text
             of the print publication that has long been a favorite

                  Legal Forms Database
   • Many of the forms databases are state-specific.
      – Arizona Legal Forms (AZ-LF)
      – California Civil Practice–Combined (CCP-ALL)
      – Colorado Forms (CO-FORMS)
      – Personal Injury Forms:Illinois (PIFRM-IL)
   • Many of the forms are specific to an area of the law, such as
     bankruptcy, arbitration, or patent law.
      – Alternative Dispute Resolution with Forms (ADR)
      – Complete Manual of Criminal Forms (CMCRF)
      – Doing Business on the Internet: Forms and Analysis
      – Uniform Commercial Code Official National Forms


                Treatises, CLEs, Practice Guides


                                   Treatises, CLEs, Practice Guides

                                     This is a partial list of the forms databases
                                     on Westlaw. They are sprinkled throughout
                                     the Treatises, CLEs, and Practice Guides
                                     and the Litigation sections of the Westlaw
                                     Directory. Many of the other practice
                                     materials databases also include forms.
        Field Searches in Forms Databases
• Database: FORMS-ALL
• Structured Search: power of attorney health-care
  Title: Power of Attorney
  for Health Care                               Title: Alphabetical
                                                List of Titles

 Database: AMJUR-PP
 Search: ti(“list of titles”)
                                                     Title: Annuities
 Search: ci(outline & annuity)                       Outline

               Natural Language Searches in Forms
        • Database: AMJUR-PP           Database: WEST-LF
        • Search: Deed of land for     Search: unlawful detainer
          park purposes                for failure to pay rent
                                            Title: Complaint for Unlawful
                                            Detainer and Rent

 Title: Complaint, Petition, or
 Declaration to Enjoin the Diversion
 of Park Property to Nonpark Use
           Practice Guides and Aids

Practice Guides

                   Practice Guides and Aids
       • A wide variety of practice guides and materials are
         available on Westlaw.
       • Some practice databases are state-specific, some are
         topical, and some are general in nature.
       • Practice aids include texts, treatises, forms, practice guides,
         CLE course materials, and other materials. Often several
         types of practice materials are included in a database.
       • The Legal Practice (LAWPRAC) database contains
         documents from periodicals focusing on the practical
         aspects of lawyering: advocacy and lawyering skills,
         law office management, law office automation, lawyer
         hiring and training, court automation, judicial
         management and selection, and the general practice
         of the law.
Practice Guides

       General and Topical Practice Materials

   •   American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts (AMJUR-POF)
   •   Practising Law Institute (PLI)
   •   RIA® Estate Planners Alert (RIA-ESTPA)
   •   Health Law Practice Guide (HTHLPG)
   •   Glasser LegalWorks Seminars (GLASS-CLE)
   •   Wage and Hour Law: Compliance and Practice (WHLCP)
   •   Federal Practice and Procedure® (Wright & Miller) (FPP)
   •   Patent Applications Handbook (PATAPP)
   •   Attorneys Medical Advisor (MEDADV)
Practice Guides

              State Practice Materials Database
       •   Texas Practice Guide Multibase (TXPG-ALL)
       •   Georgia Analytical Practice Library (GAPRACLIB)
       •   The Rutter Group in California Practice Guides (TRG-CA)
       •   The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education
           Materials (FL-CLE)
       •   Illinois Law and Practice (IL-LP)
       •   New York Jurisprudence (NYJUR)
       •   Baldwin’s Ohio Practice Series (OHPRAC)
       •   Kentucky Practice Series Multibase (KYPRAC)
       •   New Jersey Practice Series (NJPRAC)
       •   Michigan Personal Injury Texts & Legal Forms (MIPI-TLF)
Practice Guides

                  Treatises, CLEs, and Practice Guides

                                            This is a partial list of the practice
                                            materials databases on Westlaw. They
                                            are in the Treatises, CLEs, and
                                            Practice Guides section of the
Practice Guides

                                Sample Search
       • Database: LAWPRAC
       • Natural Language search: guide for counsel in cases to be
         argued before the supreme court
       • Result:

   Title: Guide for Counsel in Cases to Be Argued
   Before the Supreme Court of the United States
           Litigation Databases


       Litigation Tab Page Aids the Practitioner
        from Case Evaluation to Case Closure


             More Litigation databases
             are under the Topical
             Materials by Area of
             Practice section of the
             Westlaw Directory. Several
             of the entries, such as
             Lawsuits Filed and
             Litigation Preparation
             Records, are Westlaw public
             records databases. Some of
             these materials can also be
             found on the Litigation tab.
             Jury Verdicts and Settlements

                               Jury verdicts and
                               settlements documents give
                               the names of parties,
                               lawyers, and expert
                               witnesses; the type and
                               extent of injury; the age
                               and occupation of the
                               injured; the nature of the
                               negotiations; and the final
                               award (if any) by either
                               jury verdict or settlement
                               to help evaluate the value
                               of a case.
             Jury Instructions Databases

                               Jury Instruction databases
                               can be found in the
                               Directory under Litigation
                               in the topical section or
                               on the Litigation tab page.
                               Listed to the left are some
                               of the jury instructions
                               databases on Westlaw.

     • Database: FL-JV
     • Natural Language search: 25 year old male truck driver
       burned when radiator overheated after repair
     • Result: At least one document with similarities to the fact
       pattern embedded in the search; see above.
               Jury Verdicts and Settlements

                Fields in JV-ALL
                                     Carpal Tunnel

                            Defendant’s verdict

      • Database: JV-ALL
      • Jury verdict databases have unique fields. To see fields,
        click Fields on the Terms and Connectors search page.
      • Search: “carpal tunnel” in the Summary field and val0
        (value 0) in the Range field.
      • The Range field (ra) allows you to search for documents in
        which the awards fall within a certain dollar range.
             Expert Witness Databases
                      Several databases are designed to help
                      you locate expert witnesses in
                      specialized areas.
                         – Expert Witness Résumés
                         (EXPTRESUME) gives the
                         education, past expert witness
                         experience, results obtained, and
                         fees and rates of expert witnesses.
                         – ExpertNet (EXPNET) gives
                         biographic information on medical
                         malpractice and personal injury
                         experts. There is a $200 referral fee.
                         – Forensic Services Directory
                         (FSD) gives names and biographic
                         data on scientific, medical, and
                         technical experts.

                       Expert Witness Searches
             Expert Witness field searches in the Jury Verdict and
             Settlements databases can also be used to to determine the
             effectiveness of a specific expert witness in past litigation
             or to locate expert witnesses in an area of expertise.
              – Database: JV-ALL
              – Search: ew(john /2 anders*n)
              – Search: ew(“vocational rehab!”) & st(mn wi ia)

                                                             Polk County, Iowa

                                                         Vocational Rehabilitationist

             Andrew’s Litigation Reporter databases

                                        Andrew’s Litigation
                                       Reporters contain short
                                   newsletter style articles on the
                                       latest developments in
                                     specific areas of litigation.
                                     They are in the Directory,
                                       under Litigation, under
                  Other Litigation Materials
       • WestDockets® (court docket information) databases tap into
         courts’ docketing systems so you can determine what
         documents have been filed, the schedule of proceedings and
         appearances. The general format for the identifiers of these
         databases is DOC-XX-DCT, where XX is the state’s postal
         abbreviation. Check the directory for the exact identifier.

       • Litigation Preparation (LITPREP-XX) databases contain
         information about all business names, the type of business
         entity, whether the business is registered with the state and is
         in good standing, and the person to receive process.

       • Lawsuit Filings (LS-XX) databases contain records of civil
         lawsuits filed in 500 counties of 44 states. These databases
         indicate basic information concerning the lawsuit. Most of
         these databases cover only business civil filings.

                  Other Litigation Materials
      • National Directory of Process Servers (NDPS) database
        lists process servers by state, city, and county.

      • Personal Injury Damages materials consist of more than a
        dozen databases covering the practical aspects of litigating
        various types of personal injury suits.

      • Alternative Dispute Resolution materials contain forms,
        checklists, and texts that contribute to successful
        negotiation and arbitration skills.

      • Civil Procedure and Evidence materials include federal and
        state rules and orders databases, as well as the Daubert
        Citator, Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, and
        McCormick on Evidence.
           News Databases



       West News databases are found under the
       Westnews News & Business section of the West Directory.


                         News & Business

       My Westlaw contains both Westnews and News and
       Business tab pages of frequently accessed news and
       business databases and services.

          Current News Databases on Westlaw

       • More than 7,200 business financial, and news sources are
         provided by the Dow Jones Interactive® service.
       • There is up-to-date, full-text coverage of 48 of the top 50
         U.S. daily newspapers.
       • Today’s news stories are contained in the Today’s News
         (TODAYSNEWS) database, which includes news from the
         Dow Jones News Service, The Wall Street Journal, The
         Los Angeles Times, the New York Times News Service,
         and The Washington Post.
       • Newswires (WIRES) databases track breaking news

        Frequently Used Newspaper Databases
       • More than 600 United States newspapers are available on
       • Most newspapers are available in multibases and in
         individual databases. State, regional, and comprehensive
         databases contain multiple individual databases.
       • XXNEWS (where XX is the state’s two-letter postal
         abbreviation) contains a state’s newspapers and articles of
         interest in the state.
       • Major Newspapers (PAPERSMJ) contains 15 of the major
         U.S. newspapers.
       • All News (ALLNEWS) contains more than 5,800
         newspaper, magazine, transcript, newsletter, and journal
       • ALLNEWSPLUS contains ALLNEWS databases, plus
         wire service databases.

             Newspaper Databases Examples
       • Widely known newspapers
         – The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) available online
           exclusively on Westlaw
         – Washington Post (WP)
         – Los Angeles Times (LAT)

       • Lesser known newspapers
          – Contra Costa Papers (CONTRA-PPRS)
          – The Age (THEAGE)
          – Rocky Mountain News (RM-NEWS)
          – Daily Camera (BLDRCAM)
          – Village Voice (VILVC)

       Examples of international newspapers (English or English
        – Times of London (TMS-LONDON)
        – The Wall Street Journal Europe (WSJ-EURO)
        – Yomiuri Simbun (DYYSHIM)
        – Zimbabwe Independent (ZIMBINDPT)
        – Moscow News (MOSCOWNWS)
        – Turkish Daily News (TURKDLYN)
        – Asian Wall Street Journal (WSJ-ASIA)
        – Other newspapers from countries and cities such as,
           Brazil, Bangkok, Canada, China, Egypt, Estonia,
           Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, and Korea

       Sample Searches in Newspaper Databases
       • Use Terms & Connectors searches when you know the
         terms that must be present in relevant documents.
          – To find a person in the news
             • sam! +3 tayl*r
          – To find a company in the news
             • “state farm insurance” /p flood /4 insur!
             • a.m.a. “american medical association” /p patient
                /4 right
       • Use field searches for even more precise searches
          – Title field: ti(tobacco cigarette & s****holder)
          – Author field: au(tony anthony /3 mauro)
          – Index field: in(“international monetary fund” i.m.f.)
            & protest!
                                               Title: The fall of Enron/Lay sold
                                               off Enron stock to pay loans

       • If you are unsure of the terms that might be used in
         discussing your subject, use a Natural Language search in
         a news database.
       • Database: ALLNEWS
       • Natural Language search: “ken lay” sale of enron stock
         “line of credit”
       • Very few subjects haven’t been written about in an article
         in some newspaper.
       Types and Examples of Other News Databases

       • Wire services (WIRES)
          – Associated Press (AP)
          – Reuters (RTRENGNS)
       • Legal newspapers (LEGALNP)
          – American Lawyer (AMLAW)
          – National Law Journal (NLJ)
       • Magazines (MAGAZINE)
          – Barron’s (BARRONS)
          – Business Week (BUSWK)
          – Forbes (FORBES)
          – Money (MONEY)
          – U.S. News and World Report (USNWR)
          – Mother Jones (MJONES)

       Types and Examples of News Databases (continued)

       • Newsletters (NEWSLETTERS)
       • Trade magazines (TRD&IND)
          – Construction Industry News (WNS-CN)
          – Pig Farming (PGFR)
       • Radio and television transcripts (TRANSCRIPTS)
          – 48 Hours (48HOURS)
          – 60 Minutes (60MIN)
          – Oprah Winfrey Show (OPRAHWINFREY)
       • Notable trials (TRIALS)
          – O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial (OJ-TRANS)
          – O.J. Simpson Civil Trial (OJCIV-TRANS)

           • Use the WestClip service to monitor and quickly retrieve
             current news developments on a specific topic(s).
           • Monitor the media for references to your clients.
           • There is no charge for using WestClip unless continuous
             monitoring is selected.

               Result Options

                                                          You can also access
 Add Search to WestClip option under                      WestClip using the
 the Results Options link, in the left                    drop-down list on the
 frame of the Result List, can be used                    toolbar and create an
 to add the current search to WestClip.                   entry within WestClip.


       There are default settings for how often you want your search to
       run, whether you want to be notified if there are no results, the
       destination where you will receive results, the maximum number
       of documents per result, the document format, e.g., a citations list
       or term mode pages, and more. There is an Edit link to change
       these default options.

       WestClip Directory

       • Your WestClip entry is stored in the WestClip Directory
         along with previously created entries.
       • Entries can be run, changed, or deleted at any time by
         accessing the WestClip Directory from the More pull-
         down list on the toolbar.
       • WestClip entries must be in Terms and Connectors format.
       • As many as 99 entries can be stored in your WestClip
           Company Information and Securities
                Information Databases

                There is considerable overlap of company
             information and securities information databases
                 with news and public records databases.

Company and Securities Information


                  Company Information

      • Tabbed custom pages can be set up for both company
        information and securities materials.
      • These pages streamline access to the most relevant
        databases and services.
      • The tabbed pages can be edited to display the databases
        and services that are of specific interest to you.
Company and Securities Information

           Company and Securities Information

      • There are many databases that contain information on
        businesses and securities transactions.

      • Some are directory listings that may include the local gas
        station as well as the giant conglomerate.

      • Others contain sophisticated financial information derived
        from registration with a state’s Secretary of State or filings
        with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Company and Securities Information

               Company Information Database

     • Dun & Bradstreet Business Records Plus (DUNBR) contains
       information on the history, day-to-day operations, finances, and
       corporate affiliations of more than 59.4 million companies
       throughout the world.
     • Company Profiles (CO-PROFILE) lists key people,
       number of employees, annual sales, company divisions,
       and subsidiaries.
     • The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) contains business articles.
     • Daily Report for Executives (BNA-DER)
     • Directory of Corporate Counsel (CORP-DIR)
Company and Securities Information
       Corporate and Other Business Directories
           There are approximately 35 business directories on
           Westlaw. They give such information as name and
           doing-business-as name, addresses, telephone
           numbers, executives, type of business, branch offices,
           and much more, depending on the directory.

Directories and Reference Materials                     Business Directories

                                             AM-BUS-DIR, COMPANY,
                                             and CO-INTELL are popular
                                             business directories
Company and Securities Information

           Company Public Records Database
   • Corporate Records and Business Registration–Combined
     (CORP-ALL) contains registration and status information from
     state secretaries of state. It gives name of registered agent and
     good standing status. (CORP-XX is the single state equivalent.)
   • Business Tracker (BUS-TRACK) conveys basic information
     about a company, such as the company name, address, telephone
     number, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) number, D&B
     number, federal employer identification number, trade names, or
     fictitious names.
   • Business Finder Records–U.S. and Canada (BUSFIND-ALL)
   • Fictitious Business Name Records–Combined (FBN-ALL)
   • Name Availability Records (NA-ALL) tells whether the name
     used is trade, doing-business-as, assumed, or former name.
   • Executive Affiliation Records (EA-ALL)
Company and Securities Information

     • Database: CORP-MN
     • Search: joe /4 bar
     • Result: 7 documents. A portion of one document is
       displayed showing some of the Secretary of State
       information available in this database.
Company and Securities Information

               Securities Information Database

      • Investext (INVSTXT-PDF) contains analysts’ stock
        reports as originally published, including charts, graphs,
        and tables.

      • EDGAR–SEC Filings (EDGAR) contains annual reports,
        proxy statements, 10-K and 10-Q reports.

      • SEC Electronic Filings (SECNOW) contains the
        documents in EDGAR as well as tender offers, registration
        statements, and prospectuses. Documents are generally
        available on Westlaw within 60 minutes of receipt by the
Company and Securities Information

              Securities Information Database

      • Securities and Exchange Commission Corporate Filings
        (SEC-ONLINE) contains NASDAQ filings.

      • Dow Jones Corporate Filings Alert (FEDFILE)

      • Insider Stock Transactions (STOCK)

      • Due Diligence in Security Transactions
Company and Securities Information


                                                   The Company Record
                                                   Link in a Edgar
                                                   document gives basic
                                                   information about the
    • Database: EDGAR
    • Structured Search: enron in Company Name box, 2001 in
      Filing Date box, and a check by Prospectus
    • Result: 22 prospectuses filed by Enron with the SEC in
Company and Securities Information

      • Database: STOCK
      • Structured Search: martha stewart in the Owner Name box
      • Result: 68 documents reflecting insider standing as an officer,
        director, or policy maker or as a beneficial owner of more
        than 10 percent of company stock
      • The above document gives the nature of the relationship, the
        value of the stock, the name of the broker, the proposed sale
        date, and more.
                Public Records Databases

                Some public records databases have been
             discussed in the Litigation, News, or Company
           Information and Securities Information Databases

Public Records

                 Public Records Tabbed Page

                            This tab page includes links to Assets,
                            Adverse Filings, Court Records, Corporate
                            Information, People Locators, and Licensing
                            Information, and much more. Not all public
                            record databases can be accessed using a law
                            student password.
Public Records

                 Public Records Databases
     • Westlaw provides legal professionals with a comprehensive
       collection of databases containing public, publicly available,
       and proprietary information on individuals and businesses.
     • These records
        – help identify assets and determine ownership of real
           property, motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, and
           corporate stock
        – help locate individuals
        – help identify encumbrances and adverse filings, such as
           bankruptcy filings, liens, judgments, and UCC filings
     • These databases also contain valuable information to assist
       in preparing for litigation, such as the status of an existing
       action or the name of a registered agent.
Public Records

                  Public Record Databases
      • West complies with all applicable federal, state, and local
        laws in the way Westlaw public record databases are
        created and made available to the public. The databases
        provide high-quality information to legal professionals for
        use in investigations, due diligence reviews, and people
      • Some databases require that you indicate the purpose of the
        search before running the search.
      • Most searches can be limited to a specific state(s) by use of
        a state-specific database, i.e, PEOPLE-XX (where XX is
        the state’s two-letter postal abbreviation) or by a state(s)
        selection option on the database Search page.
Public Records

 Search Methods

   • A Structured Search (fill-in-the-blank) method of searching is
     the default method in many of the public records databases.
   • The public records databases can also be searched using the
     Terms and Connectors search method.
   • Natural Language searching is usually not available in these
Public Records


                        Partially expanded portions of the
                        Westlaw Directory’s listing of
                        public records databases
Public Records

                       Assets Databases
     • Asset Locator (ASSET-ALL) searches all assets in 47 states.
       (XX-ASSET), where XX is a state’s two-letter postal
       abbreviation) searches for assets in an individual state.
     • Aircraft Records (AIRCRAFT) lists information upon
       registration by the Federal Aviation Administration.
     • Motor Vehicle Records–Combined (DMV-ALL) indicates
       owner associated with vehicle’s license plate number.
     • Stock (STOCK) contains current information on stock
       holding and transactions involving at least 10 percent of
       stock in public companies.
     • Watercraft Records (WATERCRAFT) lists U.S. Coast
       Guard records for both recreational and merchant vessels.
     • Real Property Tax Assessors and Transaction Records–
       Combined (RP-ALL, RPALL-XX) contains abstracts of real
       property records maintained by local tax assessors and
       transactions derived from local registrars of deeds.
Public Records

   • Database: CA-RP
   • Structured Search:
     maria shriver
   • Result: 1 document
   • Total Value: $10,474,300.
   • Tax Amount: $122.235.
Public Records

                   People Finder Database

      • Death Records (DEATH) lists deceased individuals whose
        deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration.
      • Person Profile Search (P-PROFILE) lists person’s name
        and potential aliases; addresses; telephone number; motor
        vehicle and driver’s license information; names of
        individuals that may live or had lived at the person’s
        addresses; and adverse filings, such as bankruptcy, liens,
        and judgments.
      • People Finder Credit Header Name and Address Tracker
      • People Finder Credit Header Social Security Number
        Tracker (PEOPLE-CHSSN)
Public Records

                  People Finder Database

      • People Finder Social Security Number Alert (SSN-ALERT)
        warns of Social Securities numbers that were never issued by
        the Social Security Administration.
      • People Finder Telephone Tracker (PEOPLE-PHONE)
      • People Finder Name Tracker (PEOPLE-NAME) and People
        Finder for individual states (PEOPLE-XX), where XX is a
        state’s two-letter postal abbreviation)
      • People Finder Skip Tracer (PEOPLE-TRACK) tracks
        previous addresses.
Public Records
                 Adverse Filings Databases
      • Adverse Filings–Combined (ADVERSE-ALL) contains all
        “adverse” filings against individuals or businesses in all 50
        states and the District of Columbia. Includes bankruptcy,
        UCC, liens, and lawsuit filings. XX-ADVERSE contains
        all state filings, where XX is the state’s two-letter postal
      • Bankruptcy Records–Combined (BKR-ALL) filings and
        filings for individual states (XX-BKR)
      • Liens and Civil Judgments–Combined (LJ-ALL) filings
        and fillings for individual states (LJ-XX)
      • Uniform Commercial Code–Combined (UCC-ALL) filings
        and filings for individual states (UCC-XX)
      • Lawsuit Records–Combined (LS-ALL) filings and filings
        for for individual states (XX-LS)
Public Records

                 Other Public Records Databases

      • Professional Licenses–Combined (LICENSE-ALL) and for
        individual states, XX-LICENSE, where XX is a state’s
        two-letter postal abbreviation)
      • Professional Licenses–FAA (FAA) contains information
        on those registered to pilot an airplane in the United States,
        including those living abroad.
      • Professional Licenses–DEA (DEA) contains information
        on individuals and business who are registered with the
        Drug Enforcement Administration authorizing them to
        prescribe and handle controlled substances.
• Westlaw contains more than 17,000 databases, many of
  which are unfamiliar to law students.

• Many of these databases are extremely useful to the
  practicing attorney.

• West Reference Attorneys are always available to help
  practicing attorneys, as well as law students, find the
  correct databases and help construct effective searches.


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