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                                                          BYWAY BREAKS:
                                                          Getting Financially Fit for the New Year
                                                          Need to get your businesses financial house in order
      Allied AD to come                                   for the new year? Join us Thursday January 8 at the
                                                          Majestic Cafe, where will have financial pros giving you
                                                          there best kept secrets to getting your finances straight.

                                                          When: Thursday, January 8th

                                                          Where: Majestic Café
                                                                 4140 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201

                                                          Time: 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

                                                          Cost:   Free for members,
                                                                  $15 for non-members

                                                          To RSVP, please contact Nicole Brown,
                                                          Outreach and Promotions Coordinator at

The WoodWORD is a community publication for members,
supporters, contributors and volunteers of the Woodward
Avenue Action Association.                                                                           PRSRT STD
                                                                                                   PERMIT NO.348
30947 Woodward Avenue, Suite 200                                                                   ROYAL OAK, MI
Royal Oak, MI 48073
248.288.2004 phone
248.288.2067 fax
email: admin@woodwardavenue.org

Heather Carmona
Executive Director
       The WoodWORD

   Winter 2008
                        WA3 Launches $160,000 Grant Program
                        for Woodward Improvements
                               he 2009 Woodward Design and Streetscape          • Wayfinding & Signage – Implementation of signage

                        T      Grant Program is well in the works. Funding
                               through the National Scenic Byway designation
                        offers the WA3 the opportunity to provide grants to
                                                                                  to attractions, trailblazing, or pavement markings.
                                                                                • Special Projects – Projects which repair, replace,
                                                                                  or relocate features that add unique “character” to
                        benefit the communities and encourage investment          the byway, or advance a visitor — support project
                        along the Woodward corridor. The grant program            such as public restrooms, visitor center, public
                        strives to improve the Byway and move it toward           transit components.
                        becoming more functional, aesthetic and pedestrian
                        friendly. Applications for the Streetscape Grant          WA3 encourages Woodward communities, district
                        Program will be accepted in the following categories:     groups, nonprofits, and chambers of commerce
                        • Unifying Elements – Implementation of unifying          to be creative and apply. Applications should
                          element from the Woodward Avenue Public                 be submitted no later than January 16th, 2009.
                          Spaces Design Framework Plan available at               A grant application packet is available at
                          www.woodwardavenue.org/press/publications.              http://www.woodwardavenue.org/press/news/
                        • Community/District Identity Element –                   view/?id=35
                          Implementation of identity elements from the          Grantees will be notified of award no later than
                          Design Framework Plan — such as benches,              February 23rd, 2009. If you have any questions
                          trash receptacles, entrance signage etc.              about the 2009 Streetscape Grant Program please
                        • Crosswalk Improvements – Design and                   contact WA3 Economic Development Project Manager,
                          engineering of crosswalk plans.                       Nicole Klepadlo at nklepadlo@woodwardavenue.org
                                                                                or 248.288.2004. WA 3

                        Façade Improvement Program underway
WA3 Mission:
                        along Woodward in Highland Park
                                   ith the budget now in the black, a new police department and

To enhance and
improve the visual,                a downtown development focus, the city of Highland Park is
economic, functional               getting ready for a facelift. The WA3 is working in partnership
and historic signifi-   with Wayne County, the City of Highland Park, HP Devco and a
cance of the 27-mile    number of other organizations in the development of a façade improvement
Woodward Avenue         plan that would restore 10 blocks of Woodward between Manchester
Corridor through        and Davidson Freeway to its original glory. The proposed program falls
public, private,        under the Main Street Façade Improvement Program for Wayne County
local and regional      Designated Distressed Communities. The program is to be administrated
                        by the Wayne County One-Stop Business Resource Center. The objective of the program is to improve
                        the physical appearance of independent businesses and enhance the traditional downtown area that is need
                        of exterior façade or signage improvements.

                        This program currently has the support of Wayne County, Wayne County One-Stop Business Resource
                        Center, Greater Wayne County Economic Development Corporation, Michigan State Housing Department,
                        City of Highland Park, Highland Park Development Corporation, Highland Park Tax Increment Financing
                        Authority, Highland Park Business Association and the WA3. WA 3
                                                                   WHAT’S NEW?
                       WA3                                A sense of urgency brings us all together
        2008 Board of Directors
                                                          BY HEATHER CARMONA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                  Executive Committee
Chairperson                     Vice Chairperson                  espite the economic and financial news of the last few
Harriet Saperstein
Urban Consultant
Doug Smith
Oakland County
                                Joe Valentine
                                City of Birmingham
                                Matthew Schenk
                                Wayne County
                                                          D       months, the WA3 sees many bright spots on the horizon.
                                                                  Now is the time when businesses are challenged more
                                                          than ever with decreased sales and rising costs and they’re
Tamara Harmon                   Executive Office          looking for ways to reduce costs just to stay alive. It’s in
Wayne County                    Past Chair                these times and with this sense of urgency that the WA3 is
Marja Winters                   Will Hicks
                                National City Bank        experiencing growth. Rather than just reducing costs, successful
City of Detroit
                                Dave Payne                businesses and stakeholders are using this downturn to reinvent
                                Supervisor,               and re-energize their businesses. Many member businesses
                                Bloomfield Township
                                                          realize NOW is the time to reinvest, NOW is the time to partner,
                                                                                                                              Rather than just
                   Board of Directors                     NOW is the time to work together to find creative and innovative    reducing costs,
John Bailey                     Harold Kuhn
John Bailey &                   Park Motor Sales
                                                          ways to challenge one another to deliver more value.                successful businesses
Associates Public
                                Liz Lent                  In the coming months, the WA3 will be evaluating its role           and stakeholders are
Barry Boozan                    John McQuiggin
                                                          in working with members, determining how we can better              using this downturn
Bank of Michigan                Paramount Bank            represent your needs along Woodward and how we can
Don Carney
                                                                                                                              to reinvent and
                                Sue Mosey                 continue to be innovative in using the National Scenic Byway
Mayor, City of
                                University Cultural
                                                          designation to benefit you. Our new programs like Byway             re-energize their
                                Center Association
Ralph A. Castelli               Alesya Opelt              Breaks are a great example. If you’d like to learn more about       businesses.
Mayor, City of                  ePrize
Pleasant Ridge                                            how your business can benefit, please contact Nicole Brown
                                Rodney Patrick            at Nicole@woodwardavenue.org or 248.288.2004. WA 3
Jean Chamberlain                City of Highland Park
Oakland County
                                Norm Silk
Craig Covey                     Blossoms
Mayor, City of Ferndale
                                Gerald Sniderman
Marie Doherty                   Sniderman &
Beaumont Hospital
Ronald Gillham
                                Associates                WA3 revives Shop Woodward Program
                                Michael Solaka
Mayor of                        New Center Council
                                                                he WA3 is proud to announce the re-launch of Shop Woodward!

Huntington Woods
                                Marilyn Stephan
Mark Hackshaw                   Mayor, City of Berkley          After being on hiatus for a year, the program promoting
Highland Park
Business Association            Khalfani Stephens               shopping locally is back and better than ever. Woodward’s
                                Pontiac Growth Group
John Utley                                                27 miles is more 1,000 retail and professional services providers
Mayor, City of                  Tracie Tillinger
                                Detroit Economic          and an abundance of cultural attractions and historical sites.
Bloomfield Hills
                                Growth Corp.
Tom Hoover                                                The discount and promotional program kicks off in January with a
City of Royal Oak               Linda Zabik
                                Genisys Credit Union      focus on a different theme each month. Customers will gain access
Michael King
Flagstar Bank                   Joe Zainea                to a variety of special offers via the Shop Woodward section of the
                                Majestic Theater Center
                                                          new WA3 website. On the site, there will be information on all of the
                   Advisory Members                       participating stores and a listing of special community shopping events
Paul Ajegba                     Hayes Jones               including “First Thursday’s”. There will also be a “Shopping Blog”,
Michigan Dept. of               Suburban Mobility
Transportation (MDOT)           Authority Regional        where shoppers will give their personal reviews of stores and service
- Oakland TSC                   Transportation            providers along Woodward.
Brent Bair                      (SMART)
Road Commission for             Rita Screws               “We are excited to have the opportunity to expose some of the region’s best kept shopping
Oakland County                  Michigan Dept. of
                                                          secrets that just happen to be along Woodward Avenue. By encouraging people to patronize
(RCOC)                          Transporation (MDOT)
                                - Detroit TSC             these shops and buy local we are encouraging them to support the local economy” said WA3
                                                          Outreach and Promotions Coordinator, Nicole Brown
      Heather Carmona, Executive Director
                                                          In preparation for the re-launch, the WA3 is still seeking retailers and service providers
  Debbie Schutt, Woodward Byway Coordinator
     Nicole Klepadlo, Economic Development                to participate. For more information on how your business can be included please contact
                Program Manager                           Nicole Brown at Nicole@woodwardavenue.org or 248.288.2004. WA 3
Nicole Brown, Outreach & Promotions Coordinator

                                              PROJECT UPDATE
WA3 VIP Tribute Illumination Lights Up the Night!                                                                        Project Supporters
                                                                                                                         & Donors:
                                                                                                                         Allied Printing
        n Thursday, September 18, the first Woodward

O       Tribute debuted at the VIP Illumination
        Reception where attendees were wined and
dined by local restaurants including Anita’s Kitchen,
                                                                                                                         Anita’s Kitchen
                                                                                                                         B Nektar
                                                                                                                         Beaumont Hospital
B Nektar, Cupcake Station and The Majestic Café’.
                                                                                                                         C&N Party Rental
Attendees included a virtual who’s who among
                                                                                                                         Cupcake Station
Woodward supporters including Oakland County
                                                                                                                         Deffenbaugh Foundation
Executive, L. Brooks Paterson, Wayne County
                                                                                                                         Giffels-Webster Engineers
Executive, Robert Ficano and Ferndale Mayor
                                                                                                                         Grand Central Self Storage
Craig Covey.
                                                                                                                         Hagopian World of Rugs
Hosted by WDIV anchorman and Woodward champion,                                                                          Italmoda
Devin Scillian the WA3 celebrated the unveiling of                                                                       John Bailey & Associates
                                                          From Left: Paul Ajegba from MDOT, Donna Sykes from SMART and
the Tribute by announcing the winner of a 50/50 raffle.   Alicia Suber from MDOT enjoy the reception.                    Public Relations
Mr. Bill Chapin walked away with a check for $8,350                                                                      Kirco Realty Development
                                                                                                                         McDowell & Associates
The VIP Illumination Reception was sponsored by            Opera Theater, The Whitney, Giffels-Webster
                                                                                                                         Michigan Opera Theater
SMART. Generous contributions were made by                 Engineers, John Bailey & Associates Public
Blossoms, C&N Party Rental, Italmoda, Hagopian             Relations, Kirco Realty Development and                       State of Michigan
World of Rugs, The Parade Company, The Michigan            McDowell & Associates. WA3                                    The Majestic Café
                                                                                                                         The Parade Company
                                                                                                                         The Whitney
Locations for next Woodward Tributes underway
     h where or where will the next Tribute go? The successful installation of the first
O    Woodward Tribute in Ferndale has prompted interest in locations for future tributes.
The WA3 currently has $440,000 in Federal National Scenic Byway funding for the
                                                                                                                         Newsletter printing
                                                                                                                         donated by:

development and installation of an additional three or four Tributes, in addition to a
$10,000 MotorCities grant. WA3

Collaboration underway for Woodward Welcome Center —
WA3 anticipating $700,000 in funding
   n October, the WA3 met with leaders from Detroit

I  Renaissance to discuss opportunities to partner
   in the development of Woodward Byway Welcome
Center. Detroit Renaissance is developing a Creative
Business Accelerator to foster and encourage cre-
ative sector jobs in the new economy. Discussions are
also underway for other sites in Ferndale and Detroit.

The WA3 has $700,000 pending in Federal National
Scenic Byway funding to be used for the development
of a Byway Welcome Center. Private match would
need to be raised from private or foundation sources.
Members of the advisory committee include Mike
Solaka from New Center Council, Jean Chamberlain           The complete Welcome Center plan and Needs
from Oakland County, Tamara Harmon from Wayne              Assessment is available online at http://www.wood-
County, Greg Moots from the City of Detroit and            wardavenue.org/press/publications/ WA3
Michael King from Flagstar Bank.

                                  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT NEWS
                            Development and District News
                            BLOOMFIELD HILLS                                             34952 Woodward. The development is projected
                            The WA3 is participating in the Master Planning              to be 88,395 square feet consisting of small retail
                            process with the city and has had input on improving         spaces, a drug store and onsite parking.
                            accessibility and transportation within the city. The city   ROYAL OAK
                            expects to have a draft plan in early 2009.                  Beaumont Hospital is opening a new Child Care
                            DETROIT (NEW CENTER)                                         Center in the Northwood Shopping Center, moving
                            The New Center Council was recently awarded a                the existing center on campus to make room for
                            $656,600 Economic Development Initiative (EDI)               the Proton Beam Cancer Treatment Center.
                            Grant for infrastructure improvements in New Center,
                            including railroad viaduct improvements to renovate
                                                                                         The MDOT transportation terminal and overpass
                            and light the pedestrian underpasses on Woodward,
                                                                                         on Woodward Avenue both have been demolished.
                            Cass and Second Avenues. As part of the renovation,
                                                                                         The site is currently being restored and is seeking
                            the Council plans to introduce a public art installation
                                                                                         proposals for redevelopment. WA3
                            under the railroad underpass which may include a
                            Woodward Tribute.
                            FERNDALE                                                      WA3 receives Centers for
                            The Ferndale DDA has approved a plan for the addi-
                            tion of 36 new trees to be planted along Woodward             Regional Excellence Grant
                            from Oakridge to Marshall. The trees are funded in part           he WA3 received a $15,000 grant from the
                            by Federal National Scenic Byway funds from a
                            2007 WA3 mini-grant.
                                                                                          T   State of Michigan Centers for Regional
                                                                                          Excellence (CRE). The funding will be used to
                            BIRMINGHAM                                                    develop the Woodward Economic Development
                            A 45,404 square foot, five-story mixed use develop-           Tool, a corridor-wide mapping tool to track economic
                            ment is underway by Catalyst Development and                  development programs and incentives along the
                            Greenleaf Trust for the southwest corner of Maple and         Byway. Partners include Woodward 11 communities,
                            Woodward. The former gas station and brownfield site          Oakland and Wayne counties. The tool is intended
                            will offer a main level restaurant with surrounding retail    to assist municipal and business representatives
                            and accommodate office space on the above levels.             with their economic and business development
                            A new five-story, 119 room Hampton Inn Hotel                  efforts to help attract jobs and development to
For information on
                            will occupy the former Barclay Inn located at                 Woodward Avenue. WA3
developments in
Woodward districts,
visit these Web sites:
                            WA3 assisting in development of neighborhood revitalization
www.ci.birmingham.mi.us     plan between Six to Eight Mile along Woodward
   woods.mi.us                      he WA3 is working with a group of business           the Detroit Vacant Property Campaign and LISC
                            T       owners to develop a commercial revitalization
                                    plan in the area along Woodward between
                            Six and Eight Mile roads. Participation includes
                                                                                         to provide technical support for inventorying properties
                                                                                         and obtaining accurate property information.

                                                                                         The plans key goals and priorities are: organization
www.hpdevco.org             involvement from dozens of businesses including
                                                                                         and communication, safety, code enforcement,
                            La Dolce Vita and the Bread Basket restaurants,
www.pontiac.mi.us                                                                        aesthetics and ‘green’ infrastructure. In December,
                            Park Motor Sales, Innate Healing Center, and
                                                                                         the group will finalize the plan and submit for funding
                            neighbors from the Palmer Woods Neighborhood
                                                                                         consideration to the Next Detroit Neighborhood
                            Association and University District. Participation
                                                                                         Initiative (NDNI). Additionally, the WA3 is seeking
                            also includes key stakeholder groups like the State
                                                                                         other funding sources including DNR tree planting
                            Fair, the City of Detroit Office Planning Commission
                                                                                         grants and National Scenic byway design and
                            and Mayor’s office of Community Affairs, and the
                                                                                         streetscape funds for physical improvements in
                            Wayne County One-Stop Business Resource
                                                                                         the district. A draft copy of the plan is available at
                            Center. The group is drawing upon information from
                                                           CRUISIN’ THE ORIGINAL

                                  WOODWARD BYWAY NEWS
BYWAY FEATURE: The                                Detroit Zoo – a Byway asset
worth keeping
  n August, voters in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb

I counties approved a millage increase to help support
  long-term operation and maintenance of the Detroit
Zoo. Other cities have zoos, so what makes the Detroit
Zoo so special and such an important Byway asset?

The Detroit Zoological Society is responsible for the
care and feeding of more than 1,800 vertebrates and
5,000 invertebrates representing over 270 species. The
125 acre zoo participates in numerous “Species
Survival Plans” helping preserve critically endangered
species and also has taken in abused circus animals
and drug-house wild animals.

In 2001, the nationally award winning National
Amphibian Conservation Center, or Amphibiville and            Chalmers, Denby, Rackham, Ledyard, Briggs, Follett,
the Arctic Ring of Life — the world’s largest polar bear      Burroughs, Scripps, Alger...and more planned to create
exhibit — opened to the public. The Arctic Ring of Life       a first class zoo.
exhibit is centered around a 300,000 gallon aquarium.
                                                              In 1939, sculptor Corrado Parducci created the Horace
The Zoo’s newest exhibit, Australian Outback
                                                              Rackham Memorial Fountain, popularly known as “the
Adventure, opened in spring 2006.
                                                              Bear Fountain” in honor of the Society’s first president.
The Detroit Zoological Society was founded in 1911 by         The image of the fountain is on one of the panels of
a collection of Detroiters whose names read like street       the Woodward Tribute dedicated at Woodward and
signs in Detroit — Larned, Hurlbut, Ford, Bagley, Joy,        Camborne in Ferndale in September 2008. WA3

MEMBER PROFILE:                           Mike Osbourne, Bear Creek Coffee
       here is something new brewing on Woodward              Bear Creek is available

T      and Square Lake Road. That intoxicating
       smell coming from Bloomfield Township is
Bear Creek Coffee located at 43119 Woodward.
                                                              for events and meetings.
                                                              They also are available
                                                              for your catering needs.
The newest addition to the Kingswood Shopping                 For more information on
Plaza is the result of enterprising businessman               Bear Creek please contact
Mike Osbourne.                                                them at 248.451.1500. WA3

Bear Creek Coffee is more than just a coffee shop
it is a place for communities to come together.
Doubling as a café, BCC offers baked goods, soup               Members in the News
and sandwiches for those on the go through their                    ecently Huntington Woods Mayor
unique drive thru and those looking to settle in
with a good book in a cozy nook. Bear Creek also
                                                              R     Ronald Gillham was honored by the
                                                               Municipal League of Michigan as the recipient
offers free wi-fi and a big screen TV to get your news         of the Michael A. Guido Leadership & Public
fix in the morning. They are open seven days a week,           Service Award on October 3, 2009 in recognition
Monday – Friday 6 a.m. to 8p.m., Saturday 7 a.m. to            of his passion, professionalism and leadership
5 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.                             on behalf of Michigan cities. Congrats Ron!
                                                               We are so lucky to have you! WA3

                                                                         WA3 MEMBERs
                                                   Crocker, Sandra — West Bloomfield                  Park Motor Sales — Detroit                     Chaldean Chamber of Commerce —
      $500 AND ABOVE                               Cuioca, Bianca — West Bloomfield                   Peabody's — Birmingham                              Farmington Hills
Bloomfield Township                                Dawkins, Dale — Bloomfield Hills                   People Movers — Detroit                        Christine C. Cantrell, Ph.D. — Royal Oak
Blossoms — Birmingham                              Detroit Rocks/Dempster Designs — Royal Oak         Peters-Herndez, Wendy — Ferndale               Comerica Bank — Birmingham
City of Berkley                                    Detroit Transportation Corp. / Detroit People      Pomeroy Reinhart Stration Development —        Cranbrook Educational Community —
City of Birmingham                                      Mover — Detroit                                    Bloomfield Hills                               Bloomfield Hills
City of Bloomfield Hills                           Dettloff, Jerry — Rochester Hills                  Potochick, Karen — Royal Oak                   Crane Roofing — Pontiac
City of Detroit                                    Dozmel, David — Detroit                            Pratt, Scott — Ferndale                        Credit Union One — Berkley
City of Ferndale                                   Eggleton, Cynthia — Pleasant Ridge                 Putrus, Steve — West Bloomfield                Denise Joseph, PhD & Associates — Royal Oak
City of Huntington Woods                           Eisenstein, Paul — Pleasant Ridge                  Richards, Valerie — Detroit                    Detroit Artists Market — Detroit
City of Pleasant Ridge                             Emanuel , Perrin — Highland Park                   Ries, Paul — St. Clair Shores                  Detroit Economic Growth Corp. — Detroit
City of Royal Oak                                  EmbroidMe — Birmingham                             Ringler, Scott — Rochester Hills               DOTS, Inc. — Royal Oak
Comerica Bank — Detroit                            Fenster, Matt — Birmingham                         Ross Mortgage Corporation — Royal Oak          Dunham's Sports — Royal Oak
Compuware — Detroit                                First Congregational Church of Detroit — Detroit   Royal Oak Ford — Royal Oak                     Eight Mile Boulevard Association — Detroit
Credit Union One — Ferndale                        Franklin Bank — Birmingham                         Royal Oak Kitchens & Bath — Royal Oak          Einheuser & Associates — Royal Oak
Genisys Credit Union — Bloomfield Hills            Fulkerson, Tavi — Bloomfield Hills                 Royal Rent-A-Car — Royal Oak                   Fantastic Sams — Royal Oak
Ilitch Holdings/Olympia Development — Detroit      G.J. Slagon & Associates — Orchard Lake            Safiedine Oil/Mobil on the Run — Roseville     Ferndale Chamber of Commerce
New Center Council — Detroit                       Gerald Sniderman & Associates —                                                                   Ferndale DDA
                                                                                                      Sarafa, Micheal — Novi
Oakland County — Waterford                              Huntington Woods                                                                             Firestone — Royal Oak
                                                                                                      Schenk, Jessie — Grosse Pointe Park
Pontiac DDA                                        Goldie, Gordon — Sterling Heights                                                                 Fischer, Chris & Carolyn — Royal Oak
                                                                                                      Schenk, Matt — Grosse Pointe Park
University Cultural Center Association — Detroit   Goldstein, Eric — Southfield                                                                      Four Green Fields — Royal Oak
                                                                                                      Schostak Brothers & Co. Inc. — Livonia
                                                   Grovet, James — Ann Arbor                          Scott — Warren                                 GVA Strategies Real Estate — Southfield
                                                   Gustkie, Todd — Ferndale                           Shoushanian, Martin — Dearborn                 Harrison, Bill & Laura — Royal Oak
     $250 AND ABOVE
                                                   Hackshaw, Mark — Highland Park                                                                    HFC Household Finance — Royal Oak
Bank of America — Troy                                                                                Signs by Tomorrow — Royal Oak
                                                   Haggerty, Majorie — Grand Rapids                                                                  Historic Boston Edison Association — Detroit
Consumers Energy — Pontiac                                                                            Sims, Christianne — Detroit
                                                   Hagopian World of Rugs — Novi                                                                     Howe's Bayou — Ferndale
Detroit Zoological Society — Royal Oak                                                                Sir Speedy Printing — Royal Oak
                                                   Hahne, Otto — Pontiac                                                                             Huntington Prof. Bldgs./Brodsky Investment —
DTE Energy — Detroit                                                                                  Smith, Doug — Bloomfield Hills
                                                   Hardy, Patricia — Bloomfield HIlls                                                                     Huntington Woods
Fresard Pontiac-Buick-GMC — Ferndale                                                                  Solaka, Michael — Beverly Hills
                                                   Harriet Saperstein, Urban Consultant — Detroit                                                    ICARE — Hazel Park
Grissim Metz Andriese Associates — Northville                                                         Sprague, Micheal — Dearborn
                                                   Harris, John — Detroit                                                                            Just $1 Store — Royal Oak
Highland Park Business Assoc.                                                                         Stucky & Vitale Architects — Royal Oak
                                                   Hartrick Family Dentistry — Royal Oak                                                             Kurtis Kitchen & Bath — Royal Oak
Himeloch Apartments — Detroit                                                                         Tanari, Sam — Lincoln Park
                                                   Hicks, Will — Birmingham                                                                          Larson Realty Group — Bloomfield Hills
Huntington National Bank — Troy                                                                       The Bread Basket — Detroit
                                                   Honors — Royal Oak                                                                                Leo's Coney Island — Royal Oak
MotorCities National Heritage Area — Detroit                                                          The Tennis & Golf Co. — Royal Oak
                                                   Hood, Judge Harold — Detroit                                                                      Life Uniform — Royal Oak
Paramount Bank — Paramount Bank                                                                       The Woodward Building c/o Hooberman
                                                   Hopkins, Chris — Birmingham                                                                       Lowe, Thomas J. — Pontiac
Schutt & Company — Bloomfield Twp                                                                          Management Co. — Madison Heights
                                                   HPDevco — Highland Park                                                                           Manresa Jesuit Retreat House — Bloomfield Hills
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland — Pontiac                                                                    Thomas, Nash — Ferndale
                                                   Hudden, Alice — Royal Oak                                                                         Manzo Eye Care — Royal Oak
                                                   Italmoda — Royal Oak                               Thompson, Beckie — Livonia                     McDevitts Hallmark — Royal Oak
                                                   Jenkins, Magnus, Volk & Carroll PC —               Tiffany, James — San Diego                     McDonald & Cukrowski, Drs. — Royal Oak
A.F. Jonna Development — Bloomfield Twp
                                                        Bloomfield Twp                                Tobar, Stacy — Ferndale                        McKenna Associates, Inc. — Northville
A.J. Desmond & Sons — Royal Oak
                                                   John Bailey & Associates — Troy                    Tony's Sports Bar — Ferndale                   Michigan Suburbs Alliance — Ferndale
Abbo, Jack — West Bloomfield
                                                   Johnson, Clarence P.C. — Royal Oak                 Tour Ren Cen — Detroit                         National City Bank — Royal Oak
Anderson, Kent — Northville
                                                   Johnson, Kerry — Birmingham                        Turner, Sheila — Bloomfield                    Nowak & Fraus Engineers — Pontiac
Anita's Kitchen — Ferndale
Artistic Outdoor Services — Farmington Hills       Johnston, Steve —                                  Twork, Elizabeth — Royal Oak                   Oakland Athletic Club — Birmingham
Automation Alley — Troy                            Jouppi, Edith — Westland                           Twork, Nick — Royal Oak                        Oakland County Sheriff — Pontiac
B Nektar — Ferndale                                Judeh, Jumana — Dearborn                           University of Michigan-Dearborn — Dearborn     Office Depot — Royal Oak
Bailey, John — Troy                                Kagan, Ron — Royal Oak                             Vaden-Eyden David — New York                   Olinek, Steve & Rebecca Powers — Birmingham
Baldwin, Edward — Detroit                          Kavanagh, Kevin — Detroit                          Van Stee, Dennis — Rochester                   One Hour Martinizing — Royal Oak
Bank of Michigan — Farmington Hills                Kindt, Kevin — Wixom                               Vincent, Susan & Augustin — Bloomfield Hills   Party City — Royal Oak
Barlow, Kevin — Pleasant Ridge                     Klarcheck, R.J — Chicago                           Wayne State University Press — Detroit         Pasquale's — Royal Oak
Batteries Plus — Birmingham                        Krug, Micheal — Berkley                            Webb-Stacey, Therese — West Bloomfield         Pontiac Regional Chamber of Commerce
Baum, Chris — Detroit                              Kuhn, William — Bloomfield Hills                   Weigandt, Kate — Detroit                       Preservation Wayne — Detroit
BD's Mongolian Barbeque Corporate HQ —             Last, Robert — Auburn Hills                        West, Michael — Detroit                        Rexy's Bangkok Cuisine — Royal Oak
     Ferndale                                      Laurence Wolf Properties — Ferndale                Wetmore's Inc. — Ferndale                      Sandy Horton — Beverly Hills
Bear Creek Coffee/Ozzies Brew LLC —                Lawrence Technological University — Southfield     White, Rachel — Detroit                        Saracino, Robert D.D.S. — Berkley
     Bloomfield Twp                                Leonard Bros. Data Management Inc. —               Woodward Avenue Brewers — Ferndale             Secretary of State — Royal Oak
Beaumont, Wm. Hospital — Royal Oak                      Ferndale                                      Woodward Investment Properties — Hazel Park    Senator Gilda Jacobs — Lansing
Berman Company/HEFCO Properties —                  Levin, Matt — Beverly Hills                        Ya Ya's Flame Broiled Chicken — Royal Oak      Shanbom Eye Specialist — Berkley
     West Bloomfield                               Levin, Todd — Brimingham                           Yaffa, Brain — Pleasant Ridge                  Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc. — Plymouth
Berridge & Morrison — Madison Heights              Loco Promos, Inc. — West Bloomfield                Zainea, Chef Joe — Detroit                     Susan L. Orbach, Ph.D. — Huntington Woods
Bourbeau, Brain — St. Clair Shores                 Lofton, Ernest — West Bloomfield                   Zainea, David — Detroit                        Teknicolors, Inc — Birmingham
Bowman, Maureen — Rochester                        LovioGeorge, Inc. — Detroit                        Zainea, Joe — Detroit                          The Albert Kahn Family of Companies — Detroit
Brady,Tom — Detroit                                Majestic Theater — Detroit                                                                        The Kroger Co. — Royal Oak
Brophy, Joan — Lincoln Park                        Management by Johnson — Southfield                 FRIEND OF WOODWARD —                           The Parade Company — Detroit
Bruner, Robert — Ferndale                          Mannaioni, Jill — Royal Oak                             $50 AND ABOVE                             The Taubman Companies — Auburn Hills
Bulger Jr., Harold — Detroit                       Mason, Jeff — Detroit                              Greater Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce          T-Plex: Model T Automotive
C&N Party Rental — Royal Oak                       McDuffee, Gregory — Grosse Pointe Park             ?How About Lunch — Birmingham                       Heritage Complex — Detroit
Cappola, Nancy — Dearborn                          McGregor Bay Communications, Inc. —                Able Rubber Stamp & Engraving — Royal Oak      Transportation Riders United — Detroit
Carmona, Lee & Pat — Livonia                            Bloomfield Hills                              Allied Printing Company — Ferndale             Valentine, Joe — Birmingham
Chapin, William — Grosse Pointe                    McQueen, Patrick — Bloomfield Hills                Ameenah Omar, PHD — Highland Park              Velick Properties, Inc. — Farmington Hills
Chris Miller Agency — Berkley                      Meier, Karla — Pleasant Ridge                      Audio Dimensions, Inc. — Royal Oak             Wagner, Julie — Southfield
Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats — Pontiac              Mitchell, Marilyn — Detroit                        Barrett, Jim & Lani — Troy                     Weight Watchers — Royal Oak
Colbert, Richard — White Lake                      Montague, Jacqueline — Rochester Hills             Beckett &Raeder, Inc. — Ann Arbor              Weir, Manuel, Snyder & Ranke, Inc. —
Cole, Steve — Birmingham                           Mooney, Mr. & Mrs. John Mark — Berkley             Bee Kalt Travel Service — Royal Oak                 Birmingham
Coleman, Elaine — Southfield                       Moran, Mike —                                      Berkley Chamber of Commerce                    West, Mike — Bloomfield Hills
Community of Grace Inc. — Southfield               National Shrine of the Little Flower — Royal Oak   Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce      Woodwardside GMAC Real Estate — Royal Oak
Computer Services of Michigan — Royal Oak          Newsome, Greg — Detroit                            Birmingham Principal Shopping District         Zabik, Linda — Waterford
Core3 Solutions — Birmingham                       Opelt, Alesya — Royal Oak                          Cathedral Church of St. Paul — Detroit         Zumba Mexican Grille — Royal Oak

                                                     MEMBER NEWS
WA3 Expands Member Benefits…Join Now!
       he Woodward Avenue Action Association is                    CONTRIBUTING MEMBER—$250

T      a non-profit economic development organization
       that is dedicated to the development,
preservation and appreciation of Woodward Avenue
                                                                   • Sponsorship of 1 Bright Idea’s Breakfast Town Hall Meeting
                                                                     per year & 3 tickets to event
                                                                   • Free admission to Byway Breaks Business
                                                                     Development Coffees
one of America’s Byway’s ®. We work with local
                                                                   • 3 tickets to Deals & Meals networking events
communities and businesses to ensure the future                    • Discounted admission to other WA3 events
of Woodward as a thriving roadway in metro Detroit.                • Business highlighted in member news section
If you have a business or a vested interest in the                   of monthly e-newsletter
byway, please contact us to see how a membership                   • Ability to distribute company materials in swag bags
can benefit you. All WA3 members have the opportunity                at WA3 events
to serve on various committees addressing everything               • One 1/2 page ad in one WoodWord newsletter
                                                                   • Recognition in newsletter, annual report, member
from promotions to membership, access to our
                                                                     directory and programs
member mailing list, recognition in all of our business
                                                                   • Listing and link on updated WA3 website
publications in addition to the benefits listed below.
                                                                   SPONSORING MEMBER—$100
                                                                   • 2 tickets to each Bright Idea’s Breakfast Town Hall Meeting
SUSTAINING MEMBERS—$500                                            • Free admission to Byway Breaks Business
• Sponsorship of 2 Bright Idea’s Breakfasts Town Hall                Development Coffees
  Meeting’s per year & 5 tickets to event                          • Discounted admission to other WA3 events
• Free admission to Byway Breaks Business                          • Business highlighted in member news section of
  Development Coffees                                                monthly e-newsletter
• 5 tickets to Deals & Meals networking events                     • Ability to distribute company materials in swag bags
• Discounted admission to other WA3 events                           at WA3 events
• Business highlighted in member news section                      • Discounted rate on advertising in WoodWord newsletter
  of monthly e-newsletter                                          • Recognition in newsletter, annual report,
• Discounted admission to other WA3 events                           member directory and programs
• Ability to distribute company materials in swag bags             • Listing and link of updated WA3 website
  at WA3 events
                                                                   FRIEND OF WOODWARD $100 & UNDER
• One 1/2 page ad in one WoodWord newsletter
                                                                   • 1 ticket to each Byway Breaks Business
• Recognition in newsletter, annual report,
                                                                     Development Coffees
  member directory and programs
                                                                   • 1 ticket to each Deals & Meals networking event
• Listing and link on updated WA3 website
                                                                   • Discounted admission to other WA3 events
                                                                   • Recognition in newsletter, annual report and programs

                                                     B E C O M E A WA 3 M E M B E R !
                 MAIL TO: 30947 Woodward Avenue, Suite 200, Royal Oak, MI 48073 FAX: 248.288.2067 ONLINE: www.woodwardavenue.org
                                       INQUIRIES: 248.288.2004 (phone) | email: nicole@woowardavenue.org

❑ YES! Sign me up as a member                    ❑ Send me more information                  ❑ I’m interested in serving on a committee
❑ Payment enclosed                               ❑ Please invoice me

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PAYMENT:     ❑ AMEX     ❑ MASTERCARD        ❑ VISA       ❑ CHECK
                                                          (PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE WOODWARD AVENUE ACTION ASSOCIATION)

CREDIT CARD NUMBER                               3 DIGIT SECURITY CODE                                  EXPIRATION DATE


❑ $500   SUSTAINING MEMBER       ❑ $250   CONTRIBUTING MEMBER            ❑ $100   SPONSORING MEMBER           ❑ $50   FRIEND OF WOODWARD

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