Rangel Seeks Re-Election 2012

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					                            RANGEL SEEKS RE-ELECTION IN NY-13

"The Court has spoken. I have full confidence that those who have made the decision did
the best they could for my constituents and the people of New York to protect their voice and
representation, as guaranteed by the Voting Rights Act. I am formally announcing, again, and
after talking with my county leaders, political and community leaders, that I will seek reelection
in the new 13th congressional district.

Over the years I have been privileged to receive the broad-based support of so many friends
and neighbors in our Manhattan congressional district. I am proud of the resources that I have
been able to bring to Harlem and our community. I hope to continue representing the people I
have been honored to serve in Congress and earn the support of my new constituents in the
newly drawn district.

A little over forty years ago, I ran for Congress, because I believed I could make a difference in
our community and country. Since then, much has changed -- technology is making the world
smaller, we are competing in a global economy, and America is still in recovery, which is more
the reason why I have decided to continue using my experience and influence to help improve
the lives of people in our District and America. Whether it was securing hundreds of million
dollars for the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ) or expanding the Earned Income
Tax Credit (EITC) for millions of American families across the country I have always been
committed to fighting for the little guy.

As third most senior Member in the House and Chairman Emeritus of the powerful Ways and
Means Committee, I will be able to maintain my strong track record of passing significant
pieces of legislation: For our community, I have been able to secure millions of dollars from
the Recovery Act fund, and millions more in grants to revive the Taino Towers, 125th Street
Corridor, Harlem Pier, La Marqueta, El Museo del Barrio, Borinquen Health Care Center,
Renaissance Ballroom and Small's Paradise, Frederick Douglass Memorial Circle, East River
Plaza Mall, New York Presbyterian Hospital, The Harlem Hospital Center Modernization
Project and the Apollo Theater -- just to name a few. In addition, I spearheaded the Low
Income Housing Tax Credit that generates investments in low- and moderate-income housing
construction and rehabilitation. This permanent program is responsible for most affordable
housing construction nationwide in the last decade, including more than 5,000 apartment units
in Upper Manhattan.

I have never lost my conviction to leaving this world a better place than when I entered it, both
in life and in Congress. One of my most recent accomplishments was as a prime contributor
to the new healthcare law, in which as Chairman I was able to push the bill out of the Ways &
Means Committee. Also under my chairmanship I oversaw the increase of the federal minimum
wage as well as small business tax cuts, and authored the Haiti Economic Lift Program Act and
the Haiti Relief bill. I have always been the leading supporter of improving U.S. trade preference
programs, including the General System of Preferences (GSP), the Caribbean Basin Initiative
(CBI) programs, Andean trade preference programs and the African Growth and Opportunity
Act (AGOA).

While I am very proud of the many positive contributions I have made, there remains much
work left for me to do. In addition to helping President Obama pass his jobs bill, improve our
healthcare system, and provide affordable housing for working families, quality education for
our students, there are numerous services I would like to keep providing my constituents, such
as the Rangel Career Fair and the Social Security Fair that I recently hosted in our district. I will
stand up with President Obama to push against Republican threats to cut valuable programs
such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, not to mention unemployment insurance. I will
keep working hard to make my new constituents proud. Just as President Obama needs more
time to get our country back on track, my job in Congress is not done. I will continue to fight
hard for what's at stake -- the very fabric of our community and the future of our country."

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