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                      Mike O’Brien
                    Susquehanna River
          Thursday March 19, 2009         Salisbury Country Club
                Cocktails: 6:30PM         Dinner: 7:00PM
Mike O'Brien grew up in North Central Pennsyl-
vania and began fly-fishing for trout and bass at
an early age. He has been involved with the sport
of fly fishing his entire life in such capacities as
manufacturers' sales rep, retail business, custom
fly tier, and served as an Orvis Fly Fishing
School instructor for 5 years. Mike has been a
fishing guide since 1974 and currently guides
fishermen on the Susquehanna River for bass
and carp, and on area streams for trout. He offers
fly-casting, knot tying seminars, fly tying les-
sons and demonstrations. His slide presentations
cover various fly-fishing topics. O'Brien was featured on the Virtual Fly Ty-
ing CD Vol. 2- "Terrestrials and Attractors" and has been the editor of the
Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide magazine for the past 17 years. He enjoys
photography and writing and has published articles in Fly Fisherman and
Eastern Fly Fishing, among others. Mike writes a weekly fishing column for
Webb Weekly, a newspaper based in Williamsport, Pa. where he lives.
              NEXT MEETING: MAY 21, 2009 BRIAN & COLBY TROW

                            VOL XXVII No 2 MARCH 2009
                                            The Singing Reel

                               Letter from the President
            Years ago I saw in the Richmond Times-Dispatch a rather odd photo of a fly-
    fisherman. Turns out it was then FFV President David Bagby. The accompanying arti-
    cle concerned the upcoming 10th anniversary celebration of the club with guest speaker
    Lefty Kreh. So I called the number listed and got myself an invitation. Even though I
    didn’t know a soul there it was a great evening highlighted by Lefty being Lefty. Well
    I got myself a membership application and the next thing I know is Nat Burgwyn
    knocking on my door to do an interview. I must have had the right answers because a
    little while later a package arrived saying I was a bonafide member of the Fly Fishers
    of Virginia with a patch and a pin to prove it. Soon I took my first club trip—H. W.’s
    annual breakfast orgy at Graves Mountain Lodge followed by some Brook Trout fish-
    ing in the nearby streams. On that trip I met 2 people who have since been a big part
    of my life—Rusty Jeter who quickly became an intimate friend and willing participant
    in all the crazy fishing trips I could come up with----and Billy Pearsall who got me in-
    volved in all the other things the club had to offer from fly tying classes to the Board of
    Directors. I must also mention fellow club members Russ Cress, Winn Will, and Brit-
    tan Quinn whom I have drug far and wide in search of new adventures. And a big
    “Thank You” to Harry Robertson for providing me the opportunity to experience
    many exotic locations that I never done without his knowledge and expertise.
            The FFV is in a state of change, hopefully all for the good. For one we have
    gone to electronic communication which allows the dissemination of information in a
    much more timely fashion. We are trying to make the club more “User Friendly” and
    get the general membership more involved in club activities and out fishing more.
    Look for new programs like the “Guide for a Day” one announced on page 11 of this
    Singing Reel. If you have any ideas on making the club better please pass them on to
    me or another Board member. And we are always looking for Trip Leaders, Instruc-
    tors, and “New Blood” on the board. Right now we need an Assistant Vice President
    for Saltwater---anyone interested?
            Many moons ago when I was just cutting my teeth on the Board, Nat Burgwyn
    told me that one day he hoped that I might become president of the FFV. Well that
    day has arrived and Nat, even though you are not here to see it, I promise I will do my
    best to make you proud.

2                                 THE FLY FISHERS OF VIRGINIA IS DEDICATED TO THE
                                    PROMOTION OF FLY FISHING, SPORTSMANSHIP,
                                  CONSERVATION, AND THE ENJOYMENT OF ANGLING.

                            “The Singing Reel” is produced by the Fly Fishers of Virginia for its members
                            and friends of the organization. “The Singing Reel” welcomes articles, news
                            items, photos, and other items that may be of interest to club members. Items
                            may be sent by email to or they may be mailed to:
                            Editor, “The Singing Reel,” P.O. Box 9311, Richmond, VA 23227.
                               The Singing Reel

                     2009 Meetings
     March 19        Mike O’Brien Susquehanna River
            May 21 Brian & Colby Trow Virginia Trout & Muskie

                   July 16 Dave Compton Chesapeake Bay

                             September 17 Open

                  November 19 Bob Duncan          Conservation

      2010 Annual Banquet Flip Pallot
      If there is a Speaker that you would like to have at a meeting
         please just let someone on the Board of Directors know.

           Freshwater: Ken Eastwood (804) 741-5414
             Saltwater: Dave Burnley (804) 777-9217

3   The trips for the upcoming 2009 fishing season are in the scheduling
    stage. We are always looking for new adventures to pursue and differ-
    ent places to explore. If you have a trip you would like to lead please
    contact the appropriate Vice President. Get more involved with the
    FFV and go fishing more often.
                                     The Singing Reel

       Expeditions & Outings       (In the Planning Stages)
                  South River Trout March 15 Brittan Quinn (804) 527-1698
              River Bend Farm March 21 Ken Eastwood Trip Closed—At Capacity
              River Bend Farm March 28 Ken Eastwood Trip Closed—At Capacity
                        Shad on the James Dave Burnley (804) 777-9217
    Brook Trout with Breakfast at Graves Mountain Lodge May 3 H. W. Leathers (804) 360-1577
                 Southwest Virginia Trout May 24-30 Dan Genest (804) 378-8262
                                       Only 2 Opening Left
                 Bass and Bream at Cohoke Mill Pond Winn Will (804) 908-5966
             Smallmouth on the James with Free Cookout Bill Pearsall (804) 513-1586
                             Mossy Creek Trout— BBQ & Camping
                                  Dan Genest (804) 378-8262
                                    See write-up on page 5

                  Smallmouth on the Shenandoah **Looking for Trip Leader**

                   Trout on the Jackson River Jay Armstrong (804) 779-3870

                Bonefish Acklins Islands Bahamas Dave Burnley (804) 777-9217

4     We want to offer many more trips. Please volunteer to be a Trip Leader
            Contact Ken: (804) 741-5414 or Dave: (804) 777-9217
                            The Singing Reel

                 Mossy Creek Trip
    Saturday, July 11
    Browns and BBQ
    Dusk and the sulfur spinners are falling. This is the magic hour
    on Mossy Creek — the stream with the rep for being tougher
    to fish than it is to catch a mountain lion by hand. Not many
    anglers witness the event. Long before the sun begins to set
    most of us have given up and gone home. But this year, the
    Fly Fishers of Virginia are going to stay late and play with the
    browns. The trip is scheduled for Saturday, July 11 and will be
    an overnight camping trip. After fishing, club members will
    wander over to Brian Trow’s home on Mossy Creek for a
    smoked steak dinner. (There will be a charge for the dinner.
    Amount to be determined.) After the meal, a few cold bever-
    ages and some lies, then camp on the banks of Mossy Creek in
    Brian's yard. In the morning, you can either break camp and go
    home or fish again. Breakfast will be on your own.
    So bring a tent, a sleeping bag, some beverages, some sulfur
    patterns and floatant and have a great time.
    Trip is limited to the first 12 members or guests to sign up.
                Dan Genest, 804-771-3844
5              Ken Eastwood, 804-741-5414
          See Photo of a Mossy Creek Brown on Page 16
                                    The Singing Reel

            Mossy Creek / Cabin Fever Trip Report
    On February 15, under the capable leadership of Dan Genest, 12 of our
    members, including Brian and Colby Trow, set off for Mossy Creek to catch
    the big browns and rainbows that make their home there. Brian and Colby,
    owners of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, are guides on Mossy Creek and both
    made themselves available to our group giving helpful pointers on fishing
    techniques specific to Mossy Creek as well as advice on fish holding spots,
    flies to use, etc. If you plan to be in the area, call them at their shop (540-
    534-2444) in Harrisonburg. They will let you know where the fish are bit-
    ing and their shop is a great equipment and fly source. Brian and Colby will
    be making the presentation at our May 21 dinner meeting so be sure to make
    your reservation when you see it in a future Singing Reel.

    Mossy Creek trip participants were further treated to a delicious hot lunch
    served up by Dan and Bill Pearsall. All had stew, cornbread, and apple pie.
    After lunch Suzanne Trow drew the name of one of the trip participants out
    of a hat and this lucky person went with Brian to fish a section of Mossy
    Creek that is privately owned and holds large hungry trout that are eager to
    take a fly.

    Thanks to you Dan, Bill, Brian, and Colby for your support of club events.

6        Lefty receiving the
        Nat Burgwyn Award
      Margo and John Burgwyn
                                       The Singing Reel

                         VIRGINIA JUNGLE COCK
       I know it seems early to think about taking a child fishing, but despite the cold
    and the snow, it really isn’t too early! The date of the 2009 Virginia Jungle Cock
    Campfire is just around the corner.

       The Fly Fishers of Virginia youth project is to help the Virginia Chapter of the
    Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock with their annual campfire. This program is a
    one day event that has fly tying, fly fishing, bait fishing, lure and fly identifica-
    tion, a conservation program and free fishing time. At the end of the day, we have
    a small ceremony, a dinner, and a raffle to complete the program.

      It is an excellent way to introduce a child to fishing. Think of your children or
    your grandchildren or the child on your block or at your church that wants that
    opportunity to learn to fish.

       The nice part of this program is that you don’t have to do it all alone. You will
    have instructors to help and the companionship of other adults to get you through
    the day.

       It will put a smile on your face to see the child you brought excited about fish-
    ing. Mark your calendar. The date is May 9th, 2009 at Camp Brady Saunders.

                        Contact Bill Pearsall at 804-358-5696
       Come join us for the fun.
    or Ken Barnes at 804-270-1727.

          There will be a special pre-dinner afternoon Knot
          Tying demo by Mike O'Brien. This session will
7         take place at Salisbury Country Club from 5 PM
          till 6:15 PM. The session is free and is open to all
          FFV members and guests!
                                 The Singing Reel

    More and more of our streams are falling victim to invasive species
    like Whirling Disease and Didymo. Studies indicate that the spread
    of such problems can be reduced with proper care of our fishing
    equipment. Felt soled wading shoes if not properly cleaned and
    maintained are believed to be one way spores are carried from one
    stream to another spreading these problems. Manufacturers have got-
    ten on board as well and over the last few years there has been a great
    deal of improvement in rubber soled wading shoes and boots by the
    major manufacturers. Softer compounds, new cleat design and over-
    all better quality are found in many of today's name brand waders and
    boots making them a viable option for those of us that demand sure
    footing when fishing on rocky mountain stream. If you are in the
    market this year for a new pair of wading boots or just want to do
    your part in reducing the spread of invasive species, consider one of
    the new rubber soled options being offered.

                    Lefty and the PHW Warriors

          The Singing Reel

    2009 Annual Banquet

                                        The Singing Reel

               Awards and Presentations
                                                   Outgoing President Larry Cortright
                                                   receiving a “Lefty Kreh Signature
                                                   Rod” from the man himself.

     Jeff Turner was the recipient of the
     Taylor Turner Conservation Award

                                                  George Pearson was the proud
                                                  recipient of the Brent Golladay
                                                  Memorial Award.

     Lefty Kreh was honored with the Nat
     Burgwyn Lifetime Achievement Award
     presented by Margo Burgwyn.

                                                      Billy Pearsall was the lucky winner
                                                      of the Orvis Helios Rod.
                                        The Singing Reel

                      Be a Guide for a Day
     This is a little bit of a misnomer as it is more of a take a fellow FFV member fishing
     for a day but I thought that being a “guide” sounded more glamorous. I would like
     every member to donate a fishing trip to be used in a special raffle. The trip could be
     whole day, half day, morning, afternoon, evening, whatever and could be on any water,
     fresh or salt, for any species and not necessarily limited to flyfishing. The whole idea is
     to just get out and go fishing. Tickets will be $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00. Tickets will
     put in a bucket and each trip drawn for separately except the first winner would have
     their choice of which trip they would like. If someone happened to win their own trip
     we can make arrangements for another trip. Hopefully we will have multiple trips in
     reserve. I know that we will have a number of members who would feel that they don’t
     have the skill to be “guiding” a trip but if it is a type fishing that you like to do then an-
     other member would like to try it also. As an added incentive to both donate a trip and
     to buy tickets, both the “Guide” and the “Sport” will be given a selection of flies and
     maybe leader/tippet appropriate to the fishing. My goal is to have at least 5 trips a
     meeting to raffle off. That is only 30 trips a year which should be easily doable. We
     could always do more if it really takes off. So please contact me to donate your trip.
     Phone: (804) 266-5458                                 email:

                                  Trips for the March 19 Meeting

                  Larry Baron Half Day Shad on James River—Weekday only
                                          See Photo on Page 16

                         Dan Genest Redfish at the Yorktown Power Plant
                                          See Photo on Page 16

                     Mike Hatfield Trout Fishing on the Rapidan or Conway

                        Dave Burnley Kayak/Wading Trip to Mobjack Bay

11                      Phil Johnson Half Day Shad Trip—Weekday only
                                            See Photo Page 16

                                            Reserve Trips

                 Richard Roadcap Summer Wade Trip on the Appomattox River

                            Winn Will Cohoke Pond Bass and Bream
                        The Singing Reel

                     HIGH STICK

     “The Singing Reel” is always looking for photos of
     members with their catch. Deliver photos to:
          MAIL: PO Box 29477, Richmond, Va. 23242
                       The Singing Reel

           Chesapeake Stripers

     Paul Timmreck
                     Rob Thomas

                     Sam Coleman

       The Singing Reel

     Belize 2009

                     The Singing Reel

     Night fishing
        in the
                                        Brian & Colby

                                      The Singing Reel

                                       Guide for a Day Trips
                        Be sure and buy lots of tickets at the March meeting and you
                        could be the lucky angler fighting a Redfish at the Yorktown
                        Power Plant just like this beauty caught by Dan Genest.

                                   See Full Details on Page 11

                                   22in Mossy Creek Brown on a Beetle
                                         You could be in this Photo
                                          Sign up for the July Trip
                                                 Details on Page 5

                                       For Sale
     Several recently built fly rods on Sage blanks (8, 9, & 10wts) to be sold at cost
                                     Killer Shad Flies
                      George Crosby             (804) 795-1759

                                Spring is almost here and so are the Shad. The James River will
                                soon be full of these wonderful fish and their great aerial dis-
                                plays. Both American and Hickory Shad will flood the river on
                                their annual spawning ritual. As an added bonus Striped Bass
                                and White Perch will also be retuning. So dig out your 6wt and
                                load your reel with a Teeny type line and go have a ball.
                                For those of you who desire here is a list of local guides who can
                                really put you on the fish. They can provide equipment if needed.

16   Capt. Russ Cress
     Capt. Mike Ostrander
     Capt. Ronnie Sides            276-5985     
     Capt. Glenn Sides             358-8642     
     Capt. Phil Hughes             747-9338     
                                The Singing Reel

         A Mid South Region Event -February 24, 200
     Fifteen hardy souls braved temperatures in the teens to pursue Rain-
     bow trout on the Thomas Jefferson Trout Unlimited Special Regulation
     section of the Moormans River west of Charlottesville, VA. The TJTU
     chapter waived the normal day rod fee and allowed the Warriors free
     access to this privately stocked water.
     The Warriors from Ft Lee, VA- War-
     rior Transition Unit were supported
     by guides from Fly Fishers of Vir-
     ginia. All Warriors were introduced
     to fly fishing nymph rigs in moving
     For a few Warriors this was their first
     time trout fly fishing and under less
     than ideal conditions.
     The majority of Warriors were able to land Rainbows. Catch and Re-
     lease was followed to assure the fish would be available to enjoy an-
     other day.
                                      At the noon break hot coffee and great
                                      chicken soup was a welcome addition
                                      to deli sandwiches. All agreed the food
                                      hit the spot.
                                       The Fly Fishers of Virginia veterans,
                                      who guided the Warriors have many
                                      years of experience in fly fishing .
                                      To a man they all enjoy sharing their
17                                    knowledge with our Warriors.
     The FFV members who took part in the event: Jay Armstrong, Alan
     Hoover, Phil Johnson, Steve Klein, Vin Lacovara, Steve Lewis, & Bill
                                       The Singing Reel

      2009 Annual Banquet Huge Success
 By all accounts, the 2009Annual Banquet was the best in the history of the
 FFV. Over 160 enthusiastic Club members, spouses, and guest were in atten-
 dance and their generosity fueled the most successful raffles and silent auc-
 tion ever. We were able to fully fund our youth project—The Virginia Coun-
 cil of The Brotherhood of the Junglecock (See article on Page 7)— as well
 as make contributions to a number of local conservation organizations. So if
 you bought some raffle tickets, give yourself a pat on the back for helping to
 insure the future of our wonderful sport. And while you are in the mood,
 please give a huge “Thank You” to the members of the Banquet Committee.
 They worked long and hard to make sure every detail was addressed. The
 committee consisted of Larry Baron, Dale Huggins, JoAnn Lindstrom-Clark,
 Brittan Quinn, Mark Sargent, Rob Thomas, Doug Walden, and was led by
 Ken Eastwood and David Bagby. Although the 2010 is still about 10 months
 in the future we will start making plans before too long and we will be look-
 ing for some “New Blood” to join the committee. There are lots of little jobs
 that need to be done and we are always open to new ideas. So get involved.
 The more you do for the FFV, the more it will be able to do for you. To vol-
 unteer for the Annual Banquet Committee please contact Rob Thomas at
 (804) 266-5458 or (804) 262-9218 or

                       Email Address Wanted
     If you are one of the few members that still receive The Singing Reel in paper
     form, you are missing out. You would have gotten this issue 3 to 5 days sooner

18   and it would be in living color. Plus you would be able to get emails that I send
     out that are of a time sensitive nature that come my way, but are out of date
     when it comes time to publish this newsletter. So if you have an email address,
     please give it to so you can keep up with all the
     latest. I promise that it is for club use only and will not be shared with anyone.
                                           The Singing Reel

               Menu for March Meeting

         Black Angus Prime Rib
          Buffalo Fried Shrimp
     Parmesan-Garlic Mashed Potatoes
           Fresh Green Beans
     German Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

     THURSDAY MARCH 19, 2009

     Member’s Name:________________________ ________________                       $      25.00

     Guest Name:_____________________________________________                          ________

     Guest Name:_____________________________________________                          ________
                                                              Total       =            $ ________

19   Please make the following reservations for me for the Fly Fishers of Virginia Dinner Meeting at the Salis-
     bury Country Club. We must receive your reservation and check by MONDAY, MARCH 16,
     2009 to insure that you have a reservation.

                  Mail to Fly Fishers of Virginia, P.O. Box 29477, Richmond, Virginia 23242.
                                                        The Singing Reel

                         Fly Fishers of Virginia
                         P.O. Box 29477
                         Richmond,Virginia 23242

                                                                                                              First Class

           FFV OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS FOR 2009                                      FFV FOUNDERS
     PRESIDENT: Robert Thomas                                         Nat T. R. Burgwyn       George D. Crosby, Jr.
     First VP: Dale Huggins                                           Kenny A. Grandstaff, II Beverly R. Tucker, III
     VP Freshwater Activities: Ken Eastwood
     VP Saltwater Activities: Dave Burnley                                     The Fly Fishers of Virginia (FFV)
     VP Conservation Activates: Jay Armstrong                        was established in 1982 to promote the art of fly rod
     VP Special Events and Education: Dale Huggins                   fishing; to foster good sportsmanship; and to promote
     VP New Member Services: Steve Lewis                             conservation of the nation’s natural resources.
     Secretary: Ken Barnes                                                 During the year, six dinner meetings are occasions
     Treasurer: JoAnn Lindstrom-Clark                                for informational programs pertaining to the many
     Director at Large: Brittan Quinn                                aspects of fly fishing and conservation activities.
     Director at Large: Phil Johnson                                 Programs are presented by international and local
     Director at Large: Larry Baron                                  experts and celebrities in the fly fishing world, as well
     Director at Large: Mark Sargent                                 as knowledgeable FFV members.
     Assistant VP Freshwater: Vin Lacovara                               Fishing trips are scheduled each year for cold
     Assistant VP Special Events: Russ Cress                         water, warm water, and saltwater species.
     Assistant VP Saltwater: Volunteer Needed
                                                                          Educational programs for members and the public,
     Assistant VP Conservation: Ed Landry                            as well as seminars and workshops are scheduled
     Assistant Director at Large: Winn Will                          periodically.
     Assistant Director at Large: Mike Hatfield
     Webmeister: Doug Walden                                             Fly tying classes are offered each winter:
                                                                     Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced, depending on
                  FFV PAST PRESIDENTS                                demand. Casting clinics are also available.
                      Larry Cortright—2007,2008
                        Dan Genest-- 2005, 2006                           The club gives financial support to several

                     Richard Roadcap– 2003, 2004                     conservation and fly fishing related organizations,
                      Doug Walden– 2001, 2002                        including: James River Association; Wildlife Founda-
                      H.W. Leathers - 1999, 2000
                                                                     tion of Virginia and special projects of the VDGIF; The
                       Bill Pearsall - 1997, 1998
                      Carl R. Fischer - 1995, 1996                   Chesapeake Bay Foundation; Coastal Conservation
                    Sam Goodpasture - 1993, 1994                     Association, and the Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock.
                   David E. Bagby, Jr. - 1991, 1992
                      Charles I. Ellis - 1989, 1990
                      Taylor Turner - 1987, 1988
                  George D. Crosby, Jr. - 1985, 1986
                 Nat T. R. Burgwyn - 1982, 1983, 1984

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