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Volume 21 Issue 9                                                      September 2007

                        Hello Everyone,                      pay at the door we would
      Commodore                                              appreciate it if you let a bridge
     Dave Passmore               Carol and I had a great     member know beforehand.
                        time at the Algonac rendezvous;
    Vice Commodore      Their Marina had plenty of                   RVYC’s October
        Joe Bacile      activities all weekend; Boats        meeting is very important! So
      248-471-5002      decorated in a Halloween theme,      please take time out of your busy
                        cardboard boat races for the kids,   schedule to attend. As in every
    Rear Commodore
                        Volley Ball, Tug of War, Art         October meeting we will have
       Ed Pritchard
      734-455-3391      Fair, hot sunny weather and we       Nominations and a Bake
                        even went with the Binkley’s on      Sale/Auction. If you plan to run
       Treasurer        a motorcycle ride to Harsens’s       for a position on RVYC’s board
      Ron Sherman       Island. This was the first time in   and cannot attend this meeting,
      313-969-2245      recent history RVYC planned          please let a Bridge member
                        and attended a Labor Day             know. Our 2008 Bridge will be;
       Carol Bacile     rendezvous outside of Chatham        Joe Bacile as Commodore and
       248-471-5002     and with 8 boats showing; it         Edward Pritchard as Vice
                        proved to be very successful.        Commodore. Rear Commodore,
    Past Commodore                                           Secretary, treasurer and directors
       Herb Alfaro
                                October 26th @ 8:00pm        all need to be elected. Fleet
                        will be our Square Dance. Once       Captain, Newsletter Editor and
        Director        again it will be held at Lazy J      Sunshine person are voluntary.
      P/C Jim Baran     Ranch in Milford and again Jon       So once again please take the
      313-584-5016      & Pat Jordan will be supplying       time for this meeting and don’t
                        the Sloppy Joes, if possible bring   forget extra cash, baked goods,
     P/C Joe Clapper
                        a small dish to pass, admission      food, snacks, a bottle of Classic,
      734-718-6759      fee is $20.00 per person and we      or any consumable that can be
                        need everyone we can get, so         auctioned for “Fun’s Sake”.
      Fleet Captain     bring all of your friends and a
        Herb Alfaro     few other people’s friends too.      Commodore,
                        We ask that you pay prior to the     Dave Passmore
     Sunshine Lady      event so that we can have an
     Carolyn Stoehr     accurate head count. In order to
      248-348-3787      make your payments you can (1)
                        mail a check to RVYC’s
    Newsletter Editor   treasurer and P/C Ron Sherman,
       Lynn Koleski
                        (2) give your money to any
                        bridge member, (3) Jon Jordan
        Web Site        will come to your house and pick      up the money or (4) pay at the
                        door. If you plan to
From the Vice,                       From the Rear                         Baptiste Laforest. Apparently
                                                                           they shared the island with a
        September is here                     Peche Island – gateway to    group of local natives who ran a
already, what a fast summer! The     Windsor? St. Clair? Nowhere?          distillery on the western portion,
Algonac rendezvous turned out        This little island lies in Canada     keeping the eastern side for
great. The marina had a              just off shore in the Detroit River   themselves. According to
Halloween party going on and it      east of Belle Isle. It is best        Laforest family legend, Jean
was fun to see the little kids and   known as a no wake area forcing       bartered with the natives to gain
decorations all over the place.      hundreds of unsuspecting boaters      ownership of the island, closing
We were behind Goldilocks who        to pay fines based on Ontario         the deal with the exchange of
was dressed by Fredrick’s of         archaic and confusing laws            some livestock. The Laforest
Hollywood and that was fun also.     surrounding customs check-in,         family lived on the island
                                     liquor display and consumption        confident of their ownership for
        This month is the            and head requirements. Possibly       almost 100 years.
Progressive Dinner at Belle          you’ve noticed it as you come up      Hearing of the island’s
River. We have an entrée to          on plane, trying to avoid anglers     experience with malt liquor,
prepare and the next morning, a      bent on trolling in the shipping      Hiram Walker’s sons purchased
group breakfast featuring boiled     channel, on your way to Belle         the property as a storage facility
omelets. Everyone is                 River, The Cove and other exotic      for a newly formulated whisky
contributing to the breakfast and    Canadian ports, and wondered          they planned to age for 12 years.
I hope the eggs are not too runny.   what’s over there? Nothing.           LaForest descendents challenged
                                     Older readers may remember            the deal. The Supreme Court of
       October starts out with       when the island was supposed to       Canada gave the Laforest a one-
the nominations of officers and      be developed into everything          third share of the $7000 that
bake sale at the Friday meeting      from a swanky housing                 Walker’s sons paid the estate.
on October 5th. The next day is      development to an amusement           When the senior Laforest died in
the Haul Out Party at 4PM.           park and wonder why all these         September of that year a group of
Bring a dish to pass as usual.       plans fell through.                   Walker’s men forced their way
                                     According to descendants of the       into Rosalie’s home and made
       Bowling starts on             French family, which once             her and the oldest boys sign the
October 13th. Call fleet captain     settled the island for almost 100     deed over to the Walkers. “They
Herb for details.                    years, there is a good reason why     [Walker’s men] threw $300 on
                                     Peche, or Peach Island, remains a     the table and told Rosalie to be
        The annual Square Dance      virtual wilderness in the middle      out by spring.”
is on October 20th at the Lazy J     of an urban metropolis: it has a      When it was time to leave,
Ranch in Milford. BYOB and a         curse on it.                          Rosalie got down on her knees
dish to pass. This event starts at   A treaty with the Indians was         and cursed the Walkers and the
7PM and is always a hoot.            accomplished in 1790 for lands        island. “The 12 year old whisky
                                     in the western Ontario peninsula,     will be a big hit but no one will
         Coming up in November       but it excluded Peche Island          ever do anything with the
is the election on the 2nd and the   possibly because the Ottawa's,        island!” were her apparent
Northville Downs race and            Chippewa's, Pottawatomie and          words.
dinner on the 17th. Hope to see      Hurons who signed the treaty          Walker built what has been
all of you at these events           wished to retain the island for a     described as a 54-room mansion.
                                     potential gambling casino.            He buried hundreds of whisky
                                     The first permanent residents of      barrels, put in an orchard, and
Vice Commodore Joe Bacile            the island, unaware of the casino     built a green house to cultivate
                                     development plans, was a French       flowers. He also put in a golf
                                     Canadian family named Jean
course, stables, a carriage house    Sirrah declared bankruptcy in        Also remember the annual
and he installed a generator for     1969 also losing the 50-acre         square dance on October 26,
electric lights.                     Greyhaven estate in Detroit.         2007 at the LAZY J RANCH in
Hiram was quite ill while he         R. C. Pruefer of Riverside           Milford, Mi. Calling begins at
worked on his Peche Island           Construction purchased the           8:00pm sharp. Bring your friends
project, suffering a minor stroke    island around that time with the     and relatives .The more the
and died before completion.          view of developing it into a         merrier out on that dance floor.
Willis Walker, a lawyer who had      residential area or commercial       The Jordan’s will be providing
handled the purchase of the          recreation park that would have      sloppy joe makings. Side dishes
island, died soon afterwards at      included a marina but due to         and hors d’ouvres will be
the tender age of 28.                financial restrictions and other     welcomed.
Elizabeth Buhl Walker sold the       commitments, was forced to sell
island to the Detroit and Windsor    the island.                          I’ll end this with a quote from
Ferry Company in 1907. At that       Currently the island is a Windsor    W. C. Fields:” If at first you
time, the president of the           municipal park, and the city has     don’t succeed, try again. Then
company, Walter E. Campbell          no immediate plans to develop it,    quit. No use being a damn fool
stated that the island would be      apart from bathroom facilities.      about it.”
made into “one of the finest         Other than part of the foundation
island summer resorts in             of Hiram Walker’s home, a            FC Herb Alfaro
America. Mr. Campbell                bridge, some dried up canals and
apparently died in the home on       piles of old whisky barrels here
the island that same year.           and there, it is pretty much the     October Birthdays
Needless to say, nothing ever        way it was before the Laforets
came of Campbell’s plans to          were forced off the island. Did
create a park on the island.         Rosalie’s curse come true?           Dave Hall – 7
Although the island still legally                                         Mary Gavin – 9
belonged to the Detroit, Belle       R.C. Pritchard                       Jack Kingston – 10
Isle and Windsor Ferry Company                                            Ed Murphy – 16
and after 1939, to its successor                                          Mary Lou Payette – 20
the Bob-Lo Excursion Company,        From The Fleet Captain:              Ray Brown – 27
the island remained deserted                                              Ken Armstrong – 30
except for American boaters          We are nearly into the fall season   Gracie Spicer – 31
beaching their boats on the south    of 2007. Does anyone know
side.                                where summer went? I was just
Other proposals for the island       warming up to the idea of
followed quickly but nothing         boating things to do when the        October Anniversaries
concrete happened until 1962,        temperature(s) dropped like a
when Detroit lawyer E. J. Harris     rock. I guess that’s life in the     Dan & Jill Martyka – 2
purchased it. His plan included      mid-west. I really love this time    Jeff & Beverly Niermann – 10
dredging the canals and creating     of year. Autumn boating at it’s
a ski hill and protective islands.   finest in Michigan.
A few years later, Sirrah Ltd.
purchased the island and its         As for those of you who will be
water lot. Sirrah planned and        hauling out your boat, don’t
actually began work on an            forget to polish up the ole’
extremely elaborate park area for    bowling ball. The regular season
the island. He constructed           begins on October 13, 2007 at
several buildings and sewage,        Hartfield Lanes located on 12
electricity, water and telephone     mile road in Berkley, Mi. The
were connected to the mainland.      practice time begins at 5:30pm
                                     and bowling for score starts at

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