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									Vodaplex - 2010 Business Overview
                   Who is Vodaplex?

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA

Management team with 17 years of quality, professional
marketing and contracting services experiences in the
telco, wireless and software industries

We provide customer acquisition using our go to market
  Outside, B2B, Retail, Special Event)
                     Who is Vodaplex?
We acquire customers for the world's leading brands
The world’s leading brands in home and business services rely
  on Vodaplex Inc. to provide intelligent customer acquisition
  solutions.We generate new customers in large volumes for
  brands like:
       Mission Statement

"To help our customers build richer
relationships and networks with the
people and things that matter to them
                      Our Vision

      The future of wireless distribution is

No other company can match our capabilities and scale.
 At Vodaplex we are fully focused on being the best at
what we do. As a result our vision can be clarified in one
                  singular statement:

     We will be the global leader in 4G wireless
 distribution, creating opportunity for generations.
Vodaplex Corporate Office

       The Founder of Clearwire

Craig McCaw
• Sold 1st company, Cable Vision - $770Million
• Founded Cellular One – Sold to ATT - $11.5 Billion
• Founded Nextel Partners– Sold to Sprint - $4.5Billion
• Founded Clear Wire 2003 to develop WiMax Technology
• 2008 - Partnered with Sprint, Google, Intel, Cisco,
Motorola, & Time Warner to launch world’s first 4G
•2009 - Launched Atlanta, Las Vegas & Portland

•2010 - 80 markets by the year end
                              What is 4G?
    High speed, high capacity network providing superior performance

      4G is the next generation of                       Vodaplex 4G offering
      wireless networks                                  is capable of
                                                         delivering up to
      Provides high speed, high capacity,                10 times faster
      IP based services for video, data and              download speeds
      voice (Voice over IP)
                                                         than 3G networks
      Provides the wireline experience
      beyond the home or office

      Powered by WiMAX on an integrated
      global network based on open

      Sprint/Clear is the only
      national wireless carrier
      delivering 4G today
                                                                 4G Compared to 3G
            4G enables productivity with speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G

               Download Speeds                                                                   Upload Speeds
                10 Mbps                    Peak
                                           Up to 10 Mbps

                  8 Mbps                              Downloads up to                                                                   Uploads up to
                                                                                                  8 Mbps
                                                      10x faster                                                                        2x faster
                                                      than 3G                                                                           than 3G
                  6 Mbps
                                           Average                                                6 Mbps
                                           3-5 Mbps

                  4 Mbps
                                                                                                  4 Mbps

                  2 Mbps                              600-1400 Kbps
                                                                                                  2 Mbps                      Peak
                                                                                                                              Up to 1 Mbps*
                                                                                                                                              200-400 Kbps

                               Sprint 4G                    3G                                                    Sprint 4G                     3G

                                                                                   Download 30 MB file
Person to

               3G Experience

               4G Experience
               *Based on average speeds

             Actual speeds may vary. 4G currently available in limited areas and on select devices; check for Sprint 4G coverage/device info * Peaks up to 5 Mbps
             experienced in Baltimore.
                            4G Markets and Availability

4G is already active
in many markets,
with aggressive
expansion planned to
reach 120 million
people in 2010

 2009 Markets                                                     • Boston
     Abilene          •   Dallas/Fort Worth   •   Philadelphia     Jacksonville, Miami,
 •   Amarillo         •   Greensboro          •   Portland         Tampa, Orlando
 •   Atlanta          •   Honolulu            •   Raleigh
 •   Austin           •   Killeen-Temple      •   Salem            Wilmington, Delaware,
 •   Baltimore        •   Kitsap              •   San Antonio      and Grand Rapids,
 •   Bellingham       •   Las Vegas           •   Seattle
 •   Boise            •   Lubbock             •   Snohomish
                                                                   Michigan. New York,
 •   Charlotte        •   Maui                •   Tacoma           Los Angeles, and Boston
 •   Chicago          •   Midland-Odessa      •   Waco             later this year.
10   Corpus Christi   •   Milledgeville       •   Wichita Falls   • New York
B2B Product Offerings
                                          What is a Hosted PBX?

On Premise PBX System                               Hosted PBX System
•Purchase, install and maintain hardware            •No capital purchase, no IT Staff
•Regular upgrades and equipment swap outs           •Automatic upgrades and maintenance
•Big business functionality: auto-attendant, call   •Big business functionality: auto-attendant, call
forwarding, call queuing, answering rules, etc.     forwarding, call queuing, answering rules, etc.

 All of the big business advantages without the capital and staff costs associated
            with ownership of expensive and complicated hardware systems
                        How we help our customers

 Tailored for small business < 25 employees

Their Problem                                     Our Solution
No IT staff                                       Easy plug & play setup, admin

Cash flow                                         Monthly flat fee, no capex

Competing with big business                       “Fortune 500” feature set

Fast growing                                      Unlimited scalability

Phone is lifeblood                                Unrivaled reliability

 All of the big business advantages without the capital and staff costs associated
            with ownership of expensive and complicated hardware systems
                   Quick Small Business Bundle

All of the components of the
                                                                           Smart Phones
Voda IP PBX components can                                                 3G/4G Phones
run on 4G broadband.
                                           Cisco IP Phone
Components shown here include:             (Voda IP PBX)
1. The clear 3/4G USB stick for
   Internet access,
2. The Cradlepoint router, which
   converts the 4G signal to WIFI and
   Internet Protocol (IP)
                                                     Cradle Point       POS System
3. The Cisco IP Phone, which is                        Router
   connected through Voda IP PBX,
   and which connects to all other
   VOIP and virtual (4G wireless) lines.
4. Virtual lines, which are multi-vendor
   smart phones that can be used to
                                           3/4G USB Sticks

                                                                    IP VodaFax
Video Surveillance
                 Vodaplex Partners with Videolarm
History / General Overview

• Founded in 1976 - over 30 years of product innovation
• Build camera enclosures and systems, brackets and related
accessories for video surveillance of personnel and assets
• Lean manufacturing plant – Decatur, Georgia
• Hold several patents on leading surveillance accessories
• Large OEM business

              New Service for Video Surveillance

Deploying Remote IP Video for Surveillance and
Monitoring over WiMAX
•Not bound by wires or limited
legacy communications
•Not bound by line-of-sight &
distance restrictions of Wi-Fi
•Installation time in minutes
•True Cost Effective Rapid
Deployment System

                Highly Customizable System

•Can be fitted with a variety of
enclosures to support virtually
any fixed or ptz camera
•NEMA outdoor rated unit with
thermostatically controlled
heaters & blowers to handle
extreme temperature fluctuations
•The unit simply needs to be
mounted & powered by any 110-
220 vac power supply

Clear Mobile Internet Offering
                                   CLEAR = Choices

                                              Clear 4G USB Modem
       Clear 4G Modem
                                              Works with XP/Vista or Mac OS
                                                  Connection Manager supports both
                                                  32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows
           Self-installed – no
         software, no technician
                                              Same super fast Internet you
          Move the connection                 get at home or office
           anywhere, anytime

           Home or Office use

   Clear 4G+ Hotspot                            Clear 4G Hotspot

                                               Plug it into your Clear Modem
                                               and talk all you want
    CLEAR 4G+ USB                              One low monthly service price

                                               Unlimited calls to anywhere in
   Works on Sprint 3G Network                  the US, Canada and Puerto Rico
when you travel outside 4G coverage
                                          Family Mobile Hotspot

     The Clear Spot travels in the family vehicle giving you
     freedom to keep your laptops and other Wi-Fi devices
     connected to superfast mobile internet anywhere     TM

     Moms and Dads can:
      Share a hotspot during the daily business
      Stay productive at parks and playgrounds
       during baseball practice or play time
      Upload pictures on the road on the Family
      Connect up to eight Wi-Fi devices at the same
      Create an instant hotspot at the soccer game

     Kids can:
      Watch You Tube or Hulu in the backseat
      Surf the internet or chat with friends on Wi-Fi
       enabled gaming devices
21    Make Facebook updates on the fly
                  Current Plans 2010

     GET 2 Unlimited

          $65 (includinglease and taxes)

   Choose Home 4G + Mobile 4G
          or Clear Voice
   No Speed Cap / Unlimited Use
$10 Upgrade 4G/3G Dual Mode Card

        $82 (including lease and taxes)
                 Current Plans 2010

GET 2 Unlimited On-the-GO Clear

              $74 (includng lease and taxes)

       Choose Mobile 4G + Mobile 4G
       No Speed Cap / Unlimited Use
    $30 Upgrade 4G/3G Dual Mode Card

            $98 (including lease and taxes)
      Current Plans - 2010

        Get 3 Unlimited

            $85 ( inlcuding lease & taxes)

Get Home 4G + Home Voice + Mobile 4G
     No Speed Cap / Unlimited Use

   $10 Upgrade 4G/3G Dual Mode Card

       $92 (including lease & taxes)
DirecTV Product Offering
Vodaplex Triple Play

    Triple Play

     plus equipment lease, & taxes

4G Internet + Home Voice + Direct TV
                 Who is DirecTV?

                #1 Satellite TV Service in America
                Six satellites broadcast global signal
                Ten years rated #1 in customer
                satisfaction over cable
                All digital voice and picture
                #1 Full HD – 1080 DP Quality
                99.99% signal reliability
                #1 in HD Movies and Sports
                50 million targeted customers

Vodaplex chose DirecTV because they offer
  THE BEST VALUE for our Customers
                              The Fall Offer

CHOICE                  CHOICE                        CHOICE
$58.99/mo                XTRA                        ULTIMATE
                        $63.99/mo                      $68.99/mo

        Save $29/mo for 12 months
                 after National Offer rebate

 $29.99                  $34.99                         $39.99
PER MONTH              PER MONTH                     PER MONTH
For 12 months           For 12 months                  For 12 months
 after rebates           after rebates                  after rebates

                    Free lease upgrade to DVR, HD Receiver or HD

                         Free 2nd lease upgrade to HD Receiver
                            With Whole-Home DVR Service & HD DVR


       Free for 5 Months
With purchase of 2010 NFL SUNDAY TICKET
      in 5 monthly payments of $59.99

           Save up to $922
       $59.99 per Month
        Premiums Included
New Products Coming Soon
3G sets records
            4G breaks them…

    What can you do with 4G?
“Swiss-Army” phone

                in your pocket
Compensation Plan
    Success as an Vodaplex Independent
Representative is not guaranteed, but rather
influenced by an individual's specific efforts.

       Not all Vodaplex Independent
Representatives make a profit and no one can
   be guaranteed success as a Vodaplex
       Independent Representative.
                    Marketing Plan – Authorized Reseller

Account Executive        = Authorized Reseller

Territory Manager        = 12 Vodaplex Credits

Senior Territory Mgr      = 30 Vodaplex Credits (45 Days, Fast Track)
                       or = 50 Vodaplex Credits (Standard Program)

National Director         = 90 Team Points (60 days, Fast Track)
                       or = 150 Team Points (Standard Program)

Senior National Director = 3 ND Sales Teams
            Marketing Plan – Authorized Reseller
                      For Illustration Purpose:

(CLEAR pick 2 Mobile – 3G/4G Hot Spot and 3G/4G Mobile Pays $405)

                          Pays         Over Rides     .
Account Executive   38% = $150
                                                        +5% CAB
                       +5%           $20              $20 Frontline

Territory Manager   43% = $170               $60
                       +10%          $40           $100

Sr Territory Mgr    53% = $210
                       +10%          $40

National Director   63% = $250
                Fast Track To Senior Territory Manager

                 1st 45 Days Business Plan

                Fast Track Program for STM

•3 of your Personal AE/Clients Sign-up 3 Personal AE/Clients = 9

•Those 9 Sign-up 3 Personal AE/Clients = 27

•Those 27 + your own 3 AE/Clients = 30

    You are now Promoted to Senior Territory Manager
          Senior Territory Manager Payscale

 $50 Bonus on all AE Sales in your STM Team
If only 15 of your 50 AE’s (1 out of 3) make 12 Sales each = TM

               15 x 12 = 180 Team Sales

               180 Team Sales x $50 = $9,000

If only 8 of your 50 AE’s (1 out of 6) make 12 Sales each = TM

               8 x 12 = 96 Team Sales

               96 Team Sales x $50 = $4,800

      Total STM Bonus =$4,800 to $9,000
                  Fast Track To National Director

                     1st 60 Day Business Plan

                   Fast Track Program for ND
AE’s have 60 days to make 90 team sales to be promoted to a National Director


•In the 1st 30 days become an STM by you and your team accumulating 30 sales
•In the 2nd 30 days become an ND by you and your team accumulating 90 sales
Income After Qualifying

 as National Director
      National Director Pay Scale

$60 ND bonus, on average, for each sale in your ND team

If 75 of your 150 AE’s (1 out of 2) make their TM Promotion
                  75 x 12 = 900 sales

             900 Team Sales x $60 = $54,000

If 50 of your 150 AE’s (1 out of 3) make their TM Promotion
                 50 x 12 = 600 sales

            600 Team Sales x $60 = $36,000

If 30 of your 150 AE’s (1 out of 5) make their TM Promotion
                 30 x 12 = 360 sales

            360 Team Sales x $60 = $21,600
ND Generational Profit Sharing
     4% SND Profit Sharing Pool

As a Senior National Director you will
participate in 4% of Company wide sales
each month based on your ND Team.
                       Getting started

      Starting a business has never been easier

1) Own your own business for only $19.99/month
(website, accounting, training, business tracking, support staff, etc.)

1) Get 1 qualifying sale (demo device)
2) Scan and email W9 and IR Agreement forms

                   It’s that simple!
                          Why Now?

 “Data Revenue will increase four
times faster than voice by 2012”
                        -Ovum April 2008

                                           You are here
Data traffic will double every year through 2014 at a compound
annual growth rate of 108%.

Smart phones and portable devices such as laptops & tablets
will be the access point for 91% of all traffic by then and 66% of
that traffic will be consumed by video.

At a compound annual growth rate of 131%, “mobile video has
the highest growth rate of any of the services.”

The carrier expects many wireless subscribers to have 3 or 4
Wi-Fi-enabled devices and anticipates more than 5 billion
devices could be connecting to a mobile network by 2014.

                        Global CDMA Forum (Shanghai 7/2/2010)
So with all the information you have in hand now
& with the following benefits:

     Tax deduction;
     Helping people;
     Being early adopters of high-tech gadgets.

Can you find any reason that may prevent you from
starting building your 4G wireless referral network with
Vodaplex today?

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