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									                                                           Boosterthon Fun Run is Back.
                      NBE will be hosting its second Boostherthon Fun Run on Friday, May 18th. The fun run
                      helps us raise funds to purchase technology and classroom materials. The activity is
                      more than the fund raiser. It helps to promote fitness, character education, and
                      leadership. The theme this year is Epic Adventure. More info to come!

           Congratulations to Charlotte
                                                                                        Timing is Everything Campaign
Congratulations to Charlotte Chufo, a New Berlin Elementary 4th
grader who was named "Student of the Week" by Duval County                 NBE is launching the "Timing is Everything Campaign" to promote
Public Schools and whose story was featured on First Coast News in         regular school attendance and to decrease tardies and early check
February. Her teacher, Ms. David, says Charlotte loves school and          outs. Classes that have perfect attendance for the week will receive
meeting new people and calls her a class leader, adding, "I can            the "Champ Traveling Perfect Attendance Trophy." That class will get
depend on Charlotte to encourage and mentor the other students"            to keep it for a full week to recognize the class' accomplishment. At
when new students join the classroom. Charlotte's favorite subject         the end of each month, the class with the best attendance record will
is Reading but her least favorite is Math. However, that is not            received an ice-cream or pizza party. We thank you parents for your
stopping her from her dream to one day be a teacher... or a                help in making sure your child's class WINS!
dolphin trainer!

                                                                            PTA is now accepting nominations for the 2012-2013
                                                                            Board. All Board positions are open. If you are
                                                                            interested in severing on the Board or nominating
                                                                            someone, a box will be located in the front office to
                                                                            place your nominations. For more information, please
        Read Across America – March 2nd                                     contact Beth Salter, PTA President.
       NBE Celebrates Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
NBE Pre-K students celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday in March with some
special "Cat in the Hat" activities. Teacher Debra Hannah surprised with
                                                                               MVP- Most Valuable Player of the Month
                                                                           Principal Reese has started a new program to recognize students who
these adorable shirts that she had made, and the students wore blue
                                                                           promote teamwork at the school. The Most Valuable Player of the
hair they made from construction paper. They listened to a reading of
                                                                           Month ties in with this year's school theme, Team New Berlin—Together
The Cat in the Hat and finished their day by watching The Cat in the
                                                                           Everyone Achieves More. The MVPs are selected by their fellow
Hat Comes Back and eating a crazy Thing 1 and Thing 2 cakes made by
                                                                           students for being respectful, putting forth their best effort, working
Mrs. Hannah. The best part of the day was the students making “Thing”
                                                                           well with others, and how they value their school work by being a
hand prints with red and blue paint and googly eyes on white paper. All
                                                                           dependable student who is prepared for school.
the creative works from the students were displayed on the bulletin in
the hallway.                                                               New Berlin congratulates the following students for being chosen for
                                                                           the Most Valuable Players for February: Cierra M., Tyler G., Alyssa E.,
                                                                           Trey H., Annelisa O., and Daniel A. These students won a trip with the
                                                                           administration to the Jacksonville Zoo to read their favorite book to
                                                                           the animals. Huge thanks to our friends at the Jacksonville Zoo for
                                                                           sponsoring this activity.

                                                                                                Awards Ceremonies
                                                                             Due to FCAT testing, report cards will not go home until April 20.
                                                                             Therefore, awards ceremonies will take place prior to report cards
                                                                             being distributed. Otherwise, it would be the first week in May. The
                                                                             staff felt; this was too late into the fourth nine weeks to present
                                                                             awards. Below are the dates.

                                                                             April 10          9:00 Kindergarten
            2011-2012 Yearbooks                                                                  9:30 1st Grade
     The deadline to preorder yearbooks                                      April 11            9:00 4th Grade
     was March 14. However, there will                                                           9:30 5th Grade
     be extra purchased for those                                            April 12            9:00 3rd Grade
     students who would like to purchase                                                         9:30 2nd Grade
     one. The cost is $25.00. Yearbooks                                                     Please join us as recognize your children
     will be delivered in May.                                                                     for their accomplishments!

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