New Berlin March_April Newsletter P.1 by wsreese1


									                                                                                     March/April 2012
     Team New Berlin News
                                                                                         New Berlin Elementary
                                                                                           3613 New Berlin

                                                                              Schedule of Events
Words from the Head Coach
Dear Parents,                                                            19-23    Spring Break
Our school year is moving along quickly, and March will soon             27       Stupendous Student Awards
be over. In February, our fourth graders did a phenomenal job            28       Early Release
completing FCAT Writes, and our intermediate grades are                  29       Chick-fil-A Spirit Night
getting ready to show off their knowledge. April 16-24 the
students will be taking the Florida Comprehensive                                April
Achievement Tests (FCAT).                                                2        End of 3rd Nine Weeks
                                                                         5        Planning Day No School
As you know, the Florida Department of Education has passed              6        No School Good Friday
new FCAT cut scores that will take effect this school year.              9        2nd Grade Field Trip Florida Theatre
Basically, this means the same tests will be scored more                 10       Awards
rigorously. The district is expecting a large percentage of                       9:00 Kindergarten
schools to drop a letter grade due to this change. This means,                    9:30 1st Grade
that New Berlin’s school grade could possibly drop from a                11       Early Release
current grade of “A” to a school grade of “B” or “C” for the             11       Awards
2012 school year. Please know that our students are working                       9:00 4th Grade
hard; teachers are taking their personnel time to tutor before                    9:30 5th Grade
or after school; rigorous instruction is taking place in the             12       Awards
classrooms. However, this high target set by the state will be                    9:00 3rd Grade
difficult for all schools to meet.                                                9:30 2nd Grade
                                                                         13       FCAT Pep Rally Grades 3-5
We continue to strive to make this the best school. We are               16-27    FCAT Reading, Math, Science
proud of our students, staff and school accomplishments, and             20       Report Cards Distributed
we are prepared to serve our students with the most                      24       PTA Program Kindergarten & 1st Grade
successfully education.                                                  25       Early Release

Wanda Reese
Principal                                                             Please join us for Chick-fil-A Spirit
                                                                      Night Thursday, March 29 from 5:00-
                                                                      9:00 –River City Market Place

                   Kindergarten & First Grade Performance
      The kindergarten and first-grade students will be performing for the evening PTA program on April
      24. The program will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria. PTA business will be conducted
      prior to the students performing. Mr. Nettles; our music teacher will be working with the students
      and will be getting information out to the parents soon. We hope you’ll be able to join us for this
      special evening.

                                                      Car Circle
Student drop off is not permitted in the first or second parking lot. Many students are being dropped off in the morning
for convenience and are crossing the crosswalk without adult supervision. In addition, parents are using the handicap
parking spaces for this purpose. Several parents have received $250 ticket for parking illegally. For the safety of all
students, please follow the car circle and drop your child off curb side. The first parking lot is for staff members and
handicap parking. All parents and visitors, who wish to park, should use the second parking lot. Thank you for your

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