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             SOCIAL SCIENCES

                  DEGREES OFFERED                                                            Website:

                   Title                                                              Abbreviation to be used               JUPAS Code
                                                                                      in the application form

                   Bachelor of Social Sciences                                        BSS                                   6717

                   Bachelor of Social Work                                            BSW                                   6731

                   Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws)                  BSS(GL)                               6810

                   Bachelor of Journalism                                             BJ                                    6822

                   Number of first-year places:                                       BSS                                     190
                                                                                      BSW                                      40
                                                                                      BSS(GL)                                  50
                                                                                      BJ                                       29

                   Dean: Professor J.P. Burns, BA, MA, MPhil, PhD                     Faculty Secretary: Mrs A.W.C. Tsang, BSc, MSc
                                                                                                         Senior Assistant Registrar

                  The Faculty of Social Sciences was established         Environment and Resources, Tourism and Leisure,
                  in 1967 and has since undergone rapid expansion        and Urban and Transport. Majoring in Geography
                  and significant transformation. The Faculty            enables students to have an edge in the pursuit
                  comprises the Departments of Geography, Politics       of careers in urban planning, transport logistics,
                  and Public Administration, Psychology, Social          environmental impact assessment, tourism,

                  Work and Social Administration, and Sociology.         international trade, and public policy making.
                  It also has nine multidisciplinary research centres
                  that provide a platform for research interaction and
                  collaboration among colleagues on campus and in        Politics and Public Administration
                  the wider world.                                       A broad-based view on the study of politics is
                                                                         taken in the Department of Politics and Public
                  The Faculty offers four full-time and two part-time    Administration. Students are exposed to basic
                  degree programmes with a total enrolment of more       concepts and general features of political systems,
                  than 1,200 students. The Faculty endeavours to         as well as the organisation and functions of
                  nurture caring leaders with global vision. We are      government. The specialist streams include
                  committed to integrating the twin concepts of          comparative politics, international politics, political
                  social innovation and global citizenship into all of   theory and public administration.
                  our teaching and research programmes. Our ideal
                  graduates are expected to be creative, flexible,
                  inquisitive, critical and independent.                 Psychology
                                                                         The current popularity of Psychology arises from
                                                                         the fact that it is all about us, and involves how we
                  Geography                                              think and behave, together with how we interact
                  Geography provides useful knowledge to                 with others at a social level. Courses in psychology
                  understand the interaction between the natural         therefore cover areas such as memory, learning,
                  environment and human society. It offers important     intelligence, language, perception, personality,
                  insights about how and why human beings                and emotions, as well as more applied areas
                  think and behave differently in different natural      such as clinical and educational psychology. An
                  environments, how human society and culture are        undergraduate degree with a major in Psychology is
                  developed in different places, and what policies       essential for students wishing to pursue a career in
                  and decisions can best utilise locational advantages   clinical or educational psychology.
                  and natural resources for the mutual benefit of
                  both the human population and their environment.
                  Students are offered a wide range of stimulating
                  and well-structured courses that are grouped
                  under four main themes, China and the Pacific Rim,
Social Work and Social Administration                   PROGRAMME AIMS AND FEATURES
The Department offers two programmes of study.
One leads to the degree of BSW, an internationally        educational breadth and depth and engages
recognised professional qualification for social work     them in active learning through integrating
practice, while the other leads to the degree of          classroom teaching and field and laboratory
BSocSc, and is aimed at students already reading          work with non-academic activities. It also
for the degree but with an interest in social policy      encourages students to apply their knowledge
and social administration. This programme allows          to the study of concrete issues facing Hong
students to tailor their own interests according          Kong and the region.
to four areas of concentration: (1) Policy and
Planning, (2) Social Services, (3) Management and
Administration, and (4) Social Research. Students         arts or science background. A distinct feature is
may also choose any combination of courses within         that students are free to decide the discipline(s)
the curriculum.                                           in which they wish to specialise after the first
                                                          year of study. Given the limited exposure of
                                                          secondary school students to the field of
Sociology                                                 humanities, this arrangement is exceptionally
Sociology studies the changing trends of cultures         welcomed by students, as it gives them ample
and societies in a globalising world, although our        time to explore their potential and interests
own courses naturally place a strong emphasis             before making a decision.
on Hong Kong and China. Courses offered are
grouped under three main streams: (1) Asian
societies and globalization; (2) Criminology; and (3)     minimum of 180 credits (i.e. a total of 30 6-credit
Media, culture and heritages. To all three streams        courses or its equivalent) over six semesters
the Department brings its specialist expertise in         or three academic years of study. In the first
social structural analysis, anthropological expertise     two semesters, all BSocSc students will follow
and criminological research. The Department               a broadly-based programme which provides
offers a curriculum which draws from the latest           them with a grounding in each of the five social
developments of the discipline, while underpinning        sciences disciplines.
them with a local and regional empirical focus.
The Department also offers multidisciplinary major
programmes in Criminology, Culture, Heritage and          off-campus learning under the twin theme Social

                                                                                                                SOCIAL SCIENCES
Tourism; and Media and Cultural Studies under the         Innovation and Global Citizenship as a condition
BSocSc degree, and offers a part-time Bachelor of         of graduation.
Criminal Justice degree. Additional information on
this Bachelor degree programme can be obtained
from the Department.                                      in any   one of the following core disciplines:
                                                              -     geography
                                                              -     politics and public administration
                                                              -     psychology

    6717                                                      -
                                                                    social work and social administration
       BACHELOR OF SOCIAL                               Students are also allowed to opt for a second
       SCIENCES                                         major offered by most of the departments in the
                                                        University, in particular the above mentioned core
                                                        disciplines and the following multidisciplinary
 ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                                  majors offered by the Faculty:
                                                               - cognitive science
   than the University entrance requirements
                                                               - counselling
   stated on page 107.
                                                               - criminology
                                                               - culture, heritage and tourism
                                                               - global studies
   in their AL/AS subjects obtained in one
                                                               - media and cultural studies
   examination and have strong language and
                                                               - social policy and community building
   analytical skills.
                                                               - urban governance

                                                        In addition to the major(s), students may take a
   admission if they list BSocSc as their choice
                                                        minor or double minor. Minors may be chosen from
   in Band A, but other applications will not be
                                                        most of the departments in the University. The
   excluded if there are vacant places.
                                                        Faculty also offers the following multidisciplinary

                              applied child development
                              cognitive science
                        -     counselling                                       BACHELOR OF SOCIAL
                              culture, heritage and tourism
                        -     family and child studies
                        -     global studies
                                                                          ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
                        -     human resource management
                        -     media and cultural studies
                                                                            than the University entrance requirements
                        -     social policy and community building
                                                                            stated on page 107.
                        -     urban governance

                                                                            admission if they list BSW as their choice in
                  CAREER PROSPECTS                                          Band A and if they have volunteer experience.
                  The BSocSc programme aims to train its students
                                                                            But other applicants will not be excluded if
                  to achieve academic excellence and other personal
                                                                            there are vacant places.
                  attributes valued by employers. The off-campus
                  learning under the social innovation and global
                  citizenship heading prepares them for employment
                                                                            group interviews.
                  through gaining first-hand practical experience
                  in internship, and broadening their horizon with
                  overseas exposure. Graduates are well equipped
                                                                            and mature students, will also be considered.
                  to pursue careers in government, politics, public
                  corporation, community organisations, media and
                  private sector. Career prospects are promising          PROGRAMME AIMS AND FEATURES
                  for new graduates, and this is fully reflected in
                  the outstanding achievements of our alumni               a professionally recognised qualification in
                  in various sectors of society. Graduates who             social work practice. The curriculum covers
                  choose to further their studies are often accepted,      a number of areas, including welfare policy
                  with scholarships, by distinguished universities         and services, social work theory and practice,
                  worldwide.                                               human behaviour and social environment, social
                                                                           research, and subjects in psychology, sociology,

                                                                           and social administration.

                  Examinations are normally held in December for the       work skills laboratory course and, subsequently,
                  first semester courses and in May for the second         undertake two fieldwork placements in local or
                  semester and full-year courses. Apart from written       overseas social work agencies.
                  examinations, students are also assessed by their
                  performance in tutorials, practical work, and project
                  reports during their courses.                            please visit our departmental website at: www.

                   Email:                              CAREER PROSPECTS
                                                                           Registered Social Workers with the Social Workers
                                                                           Registration Board and can take on professional
                                                                           social work posts in the Social Welfare Department
                                                                           or non-government organisations in Hong Kong.

                                                                           other careers that require good sensitivity in relating
                                                                           with people.

                                                                          CONTACTS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
                                                                          Tel:        2859-2094

    6810                                                   CONTACTS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
       BACHELOR OF SOCIAL                                  Website:
       AND LAWS)

 The programme is open to students from all                      BACHELOR OF
 backgrounds, including students studying
 arts, science and commerce. Students will
 be given preference for admission if they list
 BSocSc(Govt&Laws) as their choice in Band
                                                           ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
 A, but other applications will not be excluded if
 there are vacant places.                                     than the University entrance requirements
                                                              stated on page 107. Extra credits will be
                                                              given to applicants who score Grade C or
                                                              above in AS Use of English and AS Chinese
The Department of Politics and Public
                                                              Language and Culture.
Administration (PPA) and the Department of Law
have jointly offered this degree programme since
1999-2000. The programme enables students
                                                              of school principals, records of extra-
to earn two degrees upon completion. The
                                                              curricular activities and campus journalism
programme consists of a combination of Social
                                                              experience may be considered.
Sciences and Law courses, the former involving
courses mainly from the Department of Politics
and Public Administration. In addition, courses
                                                              list BJ as their choice in Band A. Shortlisted
in language, common core and information
                                                              applicants may be invited to attend an
technology will be required.

Satisfactory completion of the first three years in

                                                                                                                        SOCIAL SCIENCES
the programme leads to the award of the degree
                                                          PROGRAMME AIMS AND FEATURES
of Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and
Laws). Students may then decide whether to                  professional skill courses, media studies and
undertake two years of additional studies in Law,           courses in liberal arts and the social sciences
leading to the award of a Bachelor of Laws (LLB)            (e.g. economics, politics, sociology, psychology,
degree.                                                     English, statistics). Students will pursue
                                                            a second major in the Faculties of Social
                                                            Sciences, Arts, Business and Economics,
Fees implication                                            Science or Engineering.
Students who decide to undertake additional
studies in Law to obtain the Bachelor of Laws
(LLB) degree should note that this portion of the           training in print, broadcast and online media.
programme is offered on a self-funded basis, and
that the tuition fees will be higher than the standard
fees charged for Government-funded programmes.              places students in media and journalism jobs in
                                                            Hong Kong and overseas media. Students are
                                                            required to spend at least two or three months
CAREER PROSPECTS                                            over one or two summers working in media
Graduates will be well equipped to pursue careers in        internships.
government, politics, public corporations, community
organisations, journalism, and the private sector.
Alternatively, they can undertake postgraduate studies      or two semesters at leading overseas journalism
in Politics and Public Administration or Law. Graduates     schools, including the University of Missouri and
with the LLB degree may also, if they wish, apply for       the University of Maryland in the United States,
admission to the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws           the Danish School of Media and Journalism in
(PCLL) programme, designed for law graduates                Denmark, and the Sciences Po in Paris.
who intend to practise as lawyers in Hong Kong,
provided that they have taken and passed the required
                                                          CAREER PROSPECTS
                                                          Students in journalism will be highly qualified for careers
                                                          in journalism, media-related jobs, and a wide range
                  of professional jobs. The strong English component         programme, except that students will be exempted
                  of the programme will also prepare students for many       from 51 credits due to their previous training. The
                  different career opportunities by emphasizing analytical   curriculum includes the knowledge, values, and
                  and communication skills that employers in all fields      skills that are essential for generic social work
                  value.                                                     practice.

                                                                              CONTACTS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
                  EXAMINATIONS/ASSESSMENTS                                   Tel:       2219-4979
                  Examinations are normally held in December for the         Website:
                  first semester courses and in May for the second
                  semester and full-year courses. Apart from written
                  examinations, students are also assessed by their
                  performance in tutorials, practical work, and project
                  reports during their courses.


                  BACHELOR OF CRIMINAL
                  JUSTICE (PART-TIME)
                  The Bachelor of Criminal Justice is a self-funded
                  four-year part-time degree programme organised
                  by the Department of Sociology. The programme
                  caters for both the experienced practitioners
                  and those seeking a career in the field of criminal

                  justice or related fields. For practitioners it
                  offers the benefit of tertiary level training and an
                  opportunity to develop a broader knowledge of the
                  core disciplines in criminal justice. It also prepares
                  students for entry to criminal justice careers or
                  postgraduate work by providing a comprehensive
                  understanding of the social, legal, and scientific
                  aspects of the administration of criminal justice.

                   Tel:        2219-4801
                               prog bcj.html

                  BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK
                  The Department of Social Work and Social
                  Administration offers a self-funded three-year part-
                  time undergraduate programme of professional
                  studies in social work, leading to the Degree of
                  Bachelor of Social Work. It is a top-up programme
                  aiming to upgrade the professional qualifications of
                  registered social workers already holding a higher
                  diploma/associate degree in social work. The
                  curriculum is the same as that of the full-time BSW

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