Elements in the human body by Hs49uGw


									Elements in the human body                Assigned element: _________

Date Due:

1. Recognize elements needed for a healthful life
2. Understand the role these elements play in the human body
3. Learn the effects and consequences of an incorrect intake of these

You will be assigned an element that is present in the human body and
you will have to complete the following requirements:

1. Create a poster for your element
To meet basic requirements, your poster MUST:
 Be the size of a normal piece of paper and placed on a piece of
   construction paper. (1pts)
 Include the element’s name and symbol (2 pts)
 Include a picture or drawing related to assigned element information (3
 Role in human body: describe why the element is important in our body
   (4 pts)
 Daily requirements (if not known, specify so) (3 pts)
 In which foods is it found (4 pts)
 Effect of (4pts)
       o A lower than needed intake
       o A greater than needed intake
      If there are no effects known, specify so.
 Bibliography (1 pts)
 Name (1 pts)
 Present element to class (3pts) and bring a sample of a food that is a
   source of your element (no water). Bring enough to give a small sample
   for your classmates to taste. (Bring necessary supplies to share your
   food: napkins, plastic cups, etc.) (4pts)

One point will be taken off every time you are not working on the
assignment while working in the computer lab.

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